Updates on Duchene & Tavares – July 8, 2017

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Matt Duchene’s reduced trade value could be hurting the Colorado Avalanche’s efforts to trade him.

The latest speculation on Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene and New York Islanders captain John Tavares in your NHL rumor mill. 

BSN DENVER: In a recent mailbag segment responding to a trade suggestion  from a reader regarding Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene, Adrian Dater said the problem with the Duchene trade scenario is he isn’t a marketable enough commodity to land a true blue-chip defense prospect. He points out the 26-year-old center is coming off a lousy season, hurting his trade value.

Dater notes the Avalanche want a “proven defenseman and more” in return. While interested teams know Duchene has talent, they have questions about his work ethic, plus they wonder if he sulks if he doesn’t like the coach or system, and why it seems he needs to play with good players to succeed, rather than elevating the play of others. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin lists the Columbus Blue Jackets, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Los Angeles Kings as possible fits for Duchene. 

Larkin notes the Avs turned down the Blue Jackets offer of defenseman Ryan Murray as part of a return for Duchene. The Bruins might have to sacrifice “Brandon Carlo and/or Jakub Zboril”. They won’t part with promising young d-man Charlie McAvoy.

The Avs reportedly asked the Hurricanes for Noah Hanifin and were rebuffed. Larkin proposed the Penguins might have to part with rearguard Olli Maatta. As for the Kings, Larkin said they’re merely a suggestion on his part because Duchene’s the type of player they need. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs could ask for Seth Jones or Zach Werenski from the Jackets, and as Larkin observes, they’re not going anywhere. Columbus has depth in young forwards, but if Colorado general manager Joe Sakic insists on an established young top-four defenseman, there’s probably no deal there with Columbus. The Bruins are reportedly in the market for a winger to play alongside David Krejci, but I don’t think GM Don Sweeney is feeling pressure to swing a major deal here.

Hurricanes GM Ron Francis recently said he’s unwilling to part with assets for a player who could depart in a couple of years. That should rule out Duchene going to Carolina. Penguins GM Jim Rutherford pulled off big moves in the past (hello there, Phil Kessel) and he could have interest in Duchene, but I don’t believe he has sufficient available assets to make this move. Same goes for the Kings. 

NEWSDAY: In a recent mailbag segment, Arthur Staple replied to a reader’s question regarding the New York Islanders’ contract talks with captain John Tavares. If a deal cannot be reached, Staple feels GM Garth Snow will have little choice but to trade him as they don’t want his situation being a distraction.

If this happens close to the trade deadline, Staple believes Snow “can ask for whatever he wants”, but thinks the response would be limited with only a few weeks to go in the regular season. If a deal goes down before the start of this season, Staple guesses the Isles could get “two A-level prospects, two draft picks (including one first-rounder) and a roster forward.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Staple points out, Tavares is taking the time to examine everything before deciding if he’ll commit to a long-term extension with the Isles. He wants to be certain about the direction of the club, the stability of the front office, possible plans for a new arena and so on. Tavares wants to play on a winner and he wants that team to be the Islanders, but he doesn’t want to invest the remainder of his playing prime to a club that isn’t willing to do everything it can to become a championship contender. 




    JVR and Bozak have never been discussed in trade talks. Strong talk is them re-signing.

    3 other players discussed in trades but no teams interested.

    Main player discussed was Gauthier. No one was interested as consensus is he’s a BUST.

    The “NOT TORONTO” destination is still predominant amongst 95% of players.

    Marleau (Babcock went to Marleau’s house to convince him to sign in Toronto)
    Moore (Had no interest except Toronto)
    Hainsey (Signed in Toronto because Toronto offered the most money)
    Re-signing McElhinney
    Re-signing Greening

    Re-signing Hyman
    Re-signing Sparks for Marlies with potential of future call up
    Signing LoVerde (Why sign Hainsey when you sign LoVerde?)
    Signing Mueller (Why sign Moore and/or Greening when you sign Mueller?)

    Should Have
    Should have re-signed Griffith who wanted to stay
    Should have brought back Froese who was available and wanted to come back to Toronto

    Good Riddance
    Bibeau (Last season with Marlies a DISASTER)

    It’s 2 steps backwards every July 1st.

    The young kids will excite in the regular season but it won’t result in playoff runs.

    – Highest paid coach of all time (8 years at 6.25 per year= 50 Million)
    – 2 years in Toronto (69-69-26) 69 / 164= .421 Winning Pct. (FAILURE)

    Overall Record
    Record since 2004 Lockout is 416-409-125. 416 / 950= .438 Winning Pct. (FAILURE)

    The excuse Leafs fans use is “it’s a 5 year project”. Only the naïve believe that.

    Sadly the more things change the more they stay the same.

    • There’s nothing in today’s rumors about the Leafs in the first place yet your post is exclusively about ranting against them?

      Gauthier isn’t a bust. When he was drafted his projection was a third line centre (a waste of a 1st round pick but that’s not his fault) so he was never going to post big numbers or anything like that. He was part of the “bigger is better movement” by Brian Burke.

      I would’ve hoped Boyle would stay. He did well in the fourth line role but Dominic Moore is a good blue-collar guy who should do no worse. I remember in his better days he centered TO’s top line and demanded top dollars because of it. Instead he was traded (or let go) and never came close to receiving the dollars he asked for, nor repeating his numbers.

      In regards to Tavares I have a feeling he will want to leave the team. There are way too many question marks surrounding that team. I also think Sakic is going to have significantly lower his asking price for Duchene or else he isn’t getting traded.

    • Other fun facts:
      Waters wet, the sun is hot! And they both are about as relevant as the above Leaf facts on this page.

    • You’ve been up all night Delvecchio? Still drunk? Maybe curl up and sleep it off.

    • Who s— in your cornflakes??

    • I agree with you that the 5 year plan is just an excuse. In 08-09 Montreal had 11 free agents upcoming and when they tanked in the first round gained let them all walk (not markov and Plekanec) loaded up on free agent day then went to the semi finals the next year. The “rebuilding” is just snake oil to keep ticket sales going.

    • About the only thing you got right in there was Toronto’s past.

      The additions of Moore; a solid 4th line C, Marleau; to much money & term but a solid goal scorer, & Hainsey; can still play solid minutes in a shut down role, will help Toronto tremendously.

      Toronto is better team with these signings. Will it be good enough for Toronto to be a playoff team again in the Atlantic or as a wild card? A little early to be making playoff predictions with the start of the season still 3 months away.

      Let’s be honest though this is a vastly improved team from when Shanahan was hired on April 11th 2014. That’s a little over 3 years ago, I’d say the 5 year rebuild is right on schedule & if you don’t see Toronto improving significantly over the next 2 years I question your hockey knowledge & deductive reasoning skills.

    • seriously, WHAT?

      What would you sign Froese, or Griffith when we already have 4-5 forwards more than what we need??? Your entire comment field is absolutely a failure. My goodness

    • if everyone thought like you the leafs would forever be stuck in their old ways

    • You should comment on another sport, cause you obviously don’t have clue what your talking about

  2. Playing for the Leafs is a lot like playing for the Yankees and Cowboys. You better be able to handle the heat from the spotlight.

    • You have to be joking with comparing Leafs to Yankees

      • From a pressure standpoint

      • I don’t think it’s a joke, Leafs are center of hockey world. Yankees ateenter of baseball world. Exact same to me

  3. does Tavares hold any no trade clause?

    • M-NTC

      8 Team No Trade List

    • An 8 team list according to Capfriendly

  4. JT will demand $10m +. Going to be expensive unless he agrees to a Stamkos like deal for the right situation… and you think Duchene is tough to move for optimum value.

    • JT would sign that same discount is the Isles had an on par lineup as Tampa

      Striker seems to like them as a playoff team. I think they will miss by a few points again

      • It’s a little early to be picking playoff teams but based on how they played since Weight took over they are certainly in the discussion.

        We need to see what other things shake out between now & Oct. 4th, 2017, opening night for next season for everyone. I set my final predictions usually the weekend prior with a few messages right up to the drop of the puck.

  5. These big name franchise players never seem to move and get extended but in this case I can see Tavares not extending and this dragging into the season. Snow will continue to convince him to resign and have to make a decision at trade deadline with the Islanders in the wild card mix.

    So at trade deadline which teams would be willing to make that move for a rental of Tavares?

    Montreal (obvious reasons)
    Washington (Tavares / Backstrom as your 1-2 down the middle)
    Florida (need a deep playoff)

    Chicago (load up for a run before core gets too old)
    Nashville (johanson / Tavares down the middle plus that top 4 D)
    St. Louis (need more down the middle to be a true contender)

    I see these teams willing to roll dice on a 1 year run with Tavares, others will be interested but would likely wait until July 1 to take a run at him.

    Article suggested trade pieces if a deal goes down in preseason – 2 A level prospects, 1st Rd pick, another pick, and a roster player. So what is required at trade deadline? I would assume less… 1 A prospect, 1st Rd pick and top 6 fwd. thoughts?

    Again, play along by assuming Tavares drags feet on decision, Snow holding on as long as he can to keep Tavares in the fold, islanders in playoff mix but not in a secure position by trade deadline. What teams make sense for deadline deal? What is the price tag?

    • I’m a Habs fan, and Tavares is a perfect fit as a rental. However, Habs have virtually nothing to offer as a blue chip prospect(s), so they’d be outbid by other teams.

      But if he becomes a UFA, you can be sure they’ll be calling his agent 24/7!

    • Tavares will either sign before October or be traded before then. But teams will want a sign and trade kind of deal

  6. Does anyone really believe Tavares is moving? NYI is a good team. Capuano’s pigheadedness doomed NYI’s season. He tried to balance 4 scoring lines & it took almost 2 & a 1/2 months before he finally put Lee on a line with Tavares 5 on 5.

    Doug Weight got NYI to within 1/2 a game of a playoff spot. If not for a bad stretch from March 11th thru the end of the month they would have made it all they needed was 1 OT loss to be a win & they were in. There record from when weight was hired was 1 of the bets in the league.

    This is a good team with a very bright future, a solid prospect pipeline & stable of picks, 2 1st & 2 2nds next season. Even with the loss of Hamonic this is still 1 of the best D’s in the NHL.

    Lee, Tavares, Eberle.
    Ladd, Nelson, Bailey.
    Prince, Barzal, Kulemin.
    Chimera, Cizikas, Clutterbuck.
    Spare Quine.

    I’m not even sure Beauvillier will start the season in NYI if everyone is healthy as he is the only player who doesn’t have to clear waivers other than Barzal or Ho-Sang. NYI may have kept Beauvillier up last season as they didn’t want him returning to the QMJHL but he may need an injury to play in NYI this season. Plus you have Ho-Sang NHL ready. There only appears to be room for 1 of them to start the season between Barzal, Beauvillier & Ho-Sang unless someone is injured or another trade happens.

    Leddy, Boychuk.
    de Haan, Pulock.
    Pelech, Seidenberg.
    Hickey, Mayfield.

    With Hamonic moving & Pelech & Pulock both having to clear waivers to be sent down which shouldn’t be happening considering Snow protected both of them their D pairings are hard to figure out at present. I assume some form of rotation between Hickey & Pelech at LD & Pulock & Seidenberg at Rd until injures help clear up the pairings or like forward another trade is made.

    NYI certainly has the ability to potentially meet Colorado’s asking price should they choose to bid for Duchene pushing Nelson to the #3 C spot & allowing Barzal some development time in the minors.

    Would Sakic except de Haan played as NYI’s #4 last season & just turned 26 & needs 2 more years of development before we know what he’ll truly be at the NHL level, a forward prospect & a pick? Would Duchene help Tavares sign? This may be the best landing spot for Duchene, NYIO can afford the price & it would help elevate a log jamb at LD in NYI, Leddy, de Haan, Hickey & Peleche.

    • Agree he is likely not to move but in comparison to other big names from past
      he has higher degree of going to UFA.

      Striker – honour me if Tavares was in play at deadline was is reasonable trade package?

      • I always try to find comparables if possible but not certain there is 1. He would have the remainder of next season & 1 year remaining. I’m not sure Sakic’s demands would change even then. This is a difficult asset to trade for mid season with a cap hit of 6 mil, now of the serious cup contenders would necessarily have the space.

        That said the best 2 landing spots to me are NYI & Carolina. Although not both can give Sakic exactly what he wants. NYI could in de Haan, they also the have picks & prospects to include Sakic wants. Would Sakic consider making a similiar trade to the 1 he & Roy made to get Zadarov, Compher & the 31st pick from Buffalo? Haden Fleury, a pick or picks & a prospect? Not sure Carolina wants to take on that salary though, the only team that loses more money than Carolina is Florida & Francis has said he’s not giving up tangible assets for a player with only 2 years remaining. NYI should bid, he would be a solid 2nd line C for them.

        De Haan a 1st & Dal Colle?

    • D Weber , C de la rose, D juulsen , 2018 1rd pick 2019 1rd pick
      C Tavares and D pulock 2018 2nd Rd pick 2018 6th Rd pick ????

    • First person with a real insight for awhile. I agree with all of it, except Ho-Sang will be a top six wing, and Prince a spare part. If we go into the season with Nelson as our #2, we will miss the playoffs. Let’s go Isles!

  7. Rutherford has the assets to acquire Duchene. The only two questions are A. Will Pgh. Part with them? And B. Will Sakic accept them? So far it seems like Sakic is waiting for Duchene to change his mind and want to remain with the AV’S. Duchene seems to be Sakic’s Waterloo. The trade is a battle he can’t afford to lose; but, so is this season!

    • The season is already lost. If ANYONE thinks Colorado can climb their way back into contention this coming season – then their dreams are in living technicolor.

      • I don’t think their trying to compete. They are rebuilding & are a very short way into that rebuild.

        No team is winning anything with a D like that. The only team close to that bad is NJ & their’s got better with the acquisition of Mueller & the signing of UFA Kapla. Just kids but better than what they had.

        Dallas’s D was brutal to start last season as well but it has also gotten better. The 4 rookies will have a year & a bit for some under their belts & Methot will help.

  8. I think Pittsburgh would be willing to trade Sheary to the Avs if he is asking for alot of money/term. Just something to watch, obviously it would cost more then Sheary……

    • Pensarmy agreed Connor Sheary might be asking a lot in arbitration..plus the Penguins are loaded at wing and they have a bunch down in the minors who are a season away…… Zack anton Frezze kid hobey baker winner

      Matta / Sheary to Colorado for Matt Duchense

    • They need to get Brian Dumolin signed first a top 4 d-man

      The Pens aren’t as flush with defense man…

  9. I can easily see the penguins easily trading Maatta and Sheary for Duchene but the questions remain what else would the Avs want and what other working pieces being asked for. For example. Once Maatta and Sheary are the main pieces you might through in a lesser prospect and or lesser pick. If you talk Maata, Sheary, and first round pick or Sprong (which Sheary takes off the table) then pittsburgh better be getting more back.

    The only realistic trade I see for pittsburgh is:

    First round pick 2018 or 2019 or 2020 (lottery protected)

    Duchene (50-33% off remaining salery per year)
    Lesser known prospect

  10. I just don’t want a Duchene or Kadri and their big contracts to handcuff us in a couple of years like Chicago has problems and LA, Edmonton will have it and Tor. as well

  11. Is it a form of insanity to keep checking the NHL website thinking the Av’s have made a positive monster trade?

  12. Whatever Sakic is smoking, he needs to change dispensaries. The Avs want proven players because they have proven that their drafting and developing ability is tepid at best. In case Sakic has not noticed, teams are not paying for past performances any more. It’s prove it, or else. So he is dealing from a position of weakness, which everyone sees except him. The rejected Hamonic deal was the best he would get IMO because the market for a #2 C with a questionable mental game is just not that strong. Murray + a decent prospect and maybe a 3rd should be about the right market value. And I still think that is an overpayment, but considering Duchene can win face offs and is a C, it makes sense.