NHL Rumor Mill – August 10, 2017

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Hurricanes GM Ron Francis still looking at trade options.

Updates on the Carolina Hurricanes and Detroit Red Wings in your NHL rumor mill. 

NHL.COM: Among his three questions for the Carolina Hurricanes, Tom Gulitti wonders if they’ll pursue a trade for a playmaking center for their top-two forward lines. While Canes general manager Ron Francis has an impressive group of young defensemen (Noah Hanifin, Brett Pesce, Jaccob Slavin,  Justin Faulk, Haydn Fleury and Jake Bean), he’s been reluctant to shop any of them.

Gulitti also reports Francis acknowledged he’s “still kicking tires and talking to teams on things.” If he’s unable to find a suitable deal, however, he’s comfortable going into this season with his current roster. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I was among those who thought the Hurricanes could be the perfect trade partner for the Colorado Avalanche in that club’s efforts to move center Matt Duchene. In early-July, however, Francis appeared to dismiss that notion. He said he’s unwilling to part with one of his good young blueliners for someone who could depart via free agency in a couple of years.  

The Montreal Canadiens were reportedly listening to offer for Alex Galchenyuk before re-signing him to a new contract. It was assumed the Habs wanted a top-four defenseman in return for Galchenyuk. There’s an assumption among some pundits that Canadiens GM Marc Bergervin isn’t done dealing. While Galchenyuk could be attractive trade bait to a club such as the Hurricanes, dealing him for a defenseman would further deplete Montreal’s anemic offense.

The Toronto Maple Leafs blueline could use a boost. I daresay Francis would want someone such as William Nylander or Nazem Kadri in return. 

NHL.COM: took note of recent comments by Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland suggesting he could be forced to trade a player before the start of 2017-18 to become salary-cap compliant. Defenseman Mike Green ($6 million cap hit) and center Riley Sheahan ($2.075 million) could be trade candidates. Green is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency while Sheahan will be a restricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green still has value as a second-pairing defenseman. However, the Wings could be forced to pick up part of his salary-cap hit in order to move him. Sheahan is more affordable but his struggles last season could hurt his trade value. 



  1. JVR for Hanafin or Faulk, seeing as they have his brother Trevor on D already aswell. I would prefer Bozak instead of JVR, but either way. Better tha pairing Hainsey with Riley…yikes!

    • If we aren’t trading Faulk or Hanifin for Duchene, we aren’t trading one of them for JVR.

      • I don’t think you (or anyone) are trading Hanifin for JvR but there are a couple of things wrong with the faulk side of the post.

        Firstly, Colorado is asking Faulk, plus a roster player, first round pick and more.
        Secondly, i think Faulk is an ok defenseman with high quality offensive skills but he misses a lot of games for weird injuries, a game here, two games there which is cause for concern.
        He has been pushed from the first pairing to the second and his trade value might go further down once the young guys pass him on the depth chart. Its a good time to trade him so I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes straight up for a #2C plus something added.

      • Faulk logged 18 seconds less TOI/GP than Slavin last season. Your putting far to much concern into who’s #1, 2, etc. To win & win often you need to be able to roll all 3 pairings 5 on 5. What really sperates TOI/GP is specialty teams.

        I see no reason for Carolina to move any of their D anytime soon. I fabulous luxury to have. As Faulk approaches UFA status 3 years out if unable to resign perhaps you entertain moving him but why add a forward today? Carolina’s foward lines are set. Tons of developing young players & a ton more coming.

        They have the makings of a future cup contender internally. A few tweaks along the way if the right trades appear great. Neither Jvr or Bozak are those tweaks.


    • Jvr and what ? And it’s a big what not to make that happen . Agree though Reilly and Hainsey is a laughable 1-2 . I cannot believe for a second lou doesn’t add to that d before season starts.

      • Gardiner and Zaitsev will be the first pairing

      • Is that an improvement taz ? Lol . Zaitsev on a top pair , haha . Wow. With an offensive gardiner to cover his gaffs ? That’s a very bad top 4 . Very bad .

      • yep, its not ideal. Although you are thinking the Gardiner of the last few years, he was actually really good last year.
        If there is a slight further improvement then you are looking at a true first pairing defenseman

      • What team plays their top 2 dman on 1 pairing? If their d is so bad they have to that’s a problem.

        Teams balance out at least 2 pairings, a few have the luxury of spreading their top 3 out over 3 pairings.

        Methot wasn’t ottawa’s #2. He was their #4 but played with Karlsson.

        If your waiting for lou to upgrade the top 4 your going to be waiting for awhile. Tor’s top 4 was set as soon as hainsey was signed.

        A trade for a solid D will be found eventually I assume but the cost will be extreme. It might be this year at some point before the trade deadline, it might be next year or beyond.

        Trouba will be available eventually.

      • Playing with zaitsev Gardiner will be hard pressed to improve in any facet . He will be covering for a 5/6 d man in a 2 spot . Tough environment to introduce any young d man in to or have them develop playing in roles they shouldn’t be in .

      • Who said they have to play there top 2 guys on top pair striker ? Hainsey and zaitsev should not be on a top 4 with Reilly and gardiner being the two partners being discussed . Period . Problem is like last year they have no better option at this point . We seen what happened to zaitsev when against top lines , Hainsey and Reilly would be worse . They need a couple of d man who can defend to make this group work . Then maybe gardiner and Reilly can be used properly and thrive with proper partners .

      • You did Craig.

        “Reilly and Hainsey is a laughable 1-2.”

        Tor’s top 4 are those 2 with Gardner & Zaitsev.

        By TOI/GP their minutes will all be very close. Zaitsev has 1 year of NHL experience. Reilly 4.neither are yet fully developed at the NHL level. Zaitsev is years from being so. Reilly needs at least 1 more full season ideally 2 before being so. Gardner just reached the 400 regular season games played threshold & 26 the age most dman have their best years from, 26 to 32. Hainsey is a stop gap until another solution can be found.

        This is a very young, raw, inexperienced top 4 less hainsey but no harder position to fill & it takes years, 5 to 6 to fully dvelop the vast majority of NHL Dman & neither Zaitsev or reily are thier yet & gardner just got there after last season.

        The best is yet to come for all 3 of these D.

      • That must be a striker translation . Reilly and hainsey as a 1-2 pair playing against top lines is laughable . That does not read anything close to having to play there top 2 on the top pair . Either of those pairings in 1-2 roles is disaster . However pairing gardiner and Reilly has been tried unsuccessfully before and can’t do that to leave Hainsey and zaitsev paired .. and again terrible environment to introduce any rookies like Nilsson Rosen , Dermott or allow zaitsev Reilly to develop further . It was a terrible group last year and Hainsey isn’t changing that . The options are bad to terrible but I’m really not sure how you made that connection with that quote .

      • Ummm methot certainly was ottawa’s number 2.

        It certainly wasnt phaneuf or Ceci.

      • And it likely won’t be this year either Jeff with Oduya likely getting the bulk of a pairing with Karlsson – although I expect them to give Claesson a good shot especially in the early going.

      • The Leafs D is a weakness and easily in the bottom 10 or so D cores in the League, but they are essentially a good defender away from jumping into the top half or close to the middle. This won’t make them great, but if you have decent D, and elite offense and a better than average goalie, you are a contender, so I think this is a realistic goal.

        The Leafs D should be a little better just from internal growth and the fact that Hainsey is a marginal upgrade over Hunwick, but they are still swapping a guy who was unsuitable for the role he needed to play for another guy who is not really suitable for the role he will need to play, so the results aren’t likely to be ideal.

        It’s not that there is anything horribly wrong with some of the talent they have, but there just isn’t enough of it. They are realistically a bonafide top 4 guy away from having a weak D to average or so. Gardiner is an excellent value top pairing D who is and has been much better than he gets credit for. For all his supposed defensive issues, teams get less shots, goals, scoring chances against when he is on the ice versus when he isn’t and he spent a lot of last year matching up against other teams best. Rielly seems less capable of handling those minutes, as he hasn’t seemed to get better at it at all, he really seems to take advantage against 2nd and 3rd lines. There aren’t many defensemen who are so divided in how they look against different competition, but if he is used to be a 2nd pairing guy driving offense against everyone but the other teams top line, he is a decent value, even if he never figures out how to translate his game to slowing down top players. Zaitsev seems to have an ok skill set for the top 4, but he was asked to do way too much when paired with Rielly in a shutdown role. Rielly already wasn’t good at that, so Zaitsev certainly couldn’t make up the difference. Ideally you want Zaitsev to either be a 2nd pair guy with less intense match ups, or be paired with a guy that can do a lot of the heavy lifting. These 3 can be part of a very effective top 4, but that missing piece becomes apparent when you try and build pairs. Gardiner should play the shutdown role 5-5, but Hainsey is likely going to slow down his skating puck possession style. Zaitsev isn’t ideal either, as I believe he would need a dominate partner (think Karlsson-Methot dynamic) in order for that pairing to do the job very effecively, and Gardiner is good, but he isn’t on that level. That also would leave Hainsey with Rielly which might waste Rielly’s utility of going on the attack against other lines.

        Personally I think the Leafs would have been better off this summer taking the position that another puck moving type would have been a better add since they weren’t getting an ideal defender anyway. The reason being is that they aren’t going to be great in their own end with anyone that could be added, so why not try and double down on their strength and go with guys who will keep the puck in the hands of their forwards, which is their real strength.

        Franson would have been a good bargain signing for this. He wouldn’t have been ideal either, but I think it would have worked better than most would guess. Also, they should have pursued guys like TVR, Beaulieu or Colin Miller a little harder with the same thought in mind, and also because taking a shot on a younger guy who may be better than expected in an expanded role might be the most effective way to add defensive talent.

      • I agree with you Danny . How do they add a stud though and not lose nylander or Marner . If not them, gardiner would have to go when his deal is up or Reilly to make it happen .

      • The opportunity was presented last trade deadline to max return on jvr if he was not part of long term plan . They could have had one of anaheims D , or another target . Missed on anything in expansion process , now I don’t see an easy road to adding the guy they desperately need to steady the entire ship without giving up one of the rooks.

      • Craig,

        I think the issue is that I don’t think there is any good way to add a stud D, as there is no way to plan on just easily adding one. They become available on a very rare basis, and the prices when you try and pry one out of somewhere are just brutal.

        As far as the JVR trade, I agree that they should have capitalized on his trade value if he isn’t part of the long term, but I don’t know if he ever would have gotten what they needed as such.

        I think the strategy, as boring as it sounds, is to continue to buy low on a younger guys, as they become available more often, and bank on teams mis-evaluating the young D they have currently, as scouting departments, GMs, Coach’s and fans are still pretty bad at projecting D compared to forwards. So just wait for someone to make a mistake, but in the meantime, the Leafs can be a good team by just playing into their strength and maybe focusing on guys that can get the puck to their forwards more often. For the Leafs to get a stud, it’s going to take lucking out on a prospect or project type young D they traded for, which is how they got Gardiner, or by doing well with a draft pick. Luckily, the best D in most drafts aren’t the first ones selected, so if they stock up, do their homework, that would give them the best chance. Simply dangling Nylander or Marner could end up in the Leafs overpaying for an OK defensemen, or simply souring things internally and doing damage that way. I am not saying they are untouchable if the right D came along, just that I don’t think you dangle them to try and lure one out.

      • Danny ,
        Again I agree with most of your post . I don’t think they should trade nylander or Marner either , I have stated that on here a couple times before . I just don’t see a way to get the guy I believe they need now , to steady the ship , also allowing guys to slide into more suiting roles and properly develop . Waiting and developing if that is the plan is one thing , but why sign marleau and Hainsey in the meantime ? Blocking wingers who should be getting ice time , and a declining(from not very good) Hainsey . Direct impact on cap right now as brown sits unsigned and as the cap tightens . Dramatically for year 3 of marleau . Or hanging on to jvr / bozak / komarov and giving them away for nothing later . Is that a long term plan or a bad attempt to win now ? I think lou got jumpy and it will come back to bite him .

      • Colorado supposedly asked for Hanifin near season’s end, not Faulk.

      • Craig,

        I agree completely. The Leafs summer was an odd one. On one hand They got immediately better, and they didn’t sell the farm to do it. Marleau just added to the mix is an improvement, and Hainsey is an improvement over Hunwick, so as far as that goes, it wasn’t too bad. On the other hand, I think they could have been more efficient.

        I would have liked to see them go bargain shopping with guys like Hartnell and Franson. They would have taken way less of a commitment and cap hit. I also think not being more agressive going after guys like TVR, Beaulieu, maybe Colin Miller (Maybe even before the draft instead of trying to get him from Vegas) could have been wiser. Even if they were to trade JVR for one of these lesser defensemen, and then signed Jagr just to come in and add some PP offense and be a role model of how to be a good pro, the team could have done a better job of improving both now, and adding some odds to landing what they need in the long run.

        So it’s hard to hate their summer, since they did nothing to damage the roster, they did make it immediately better, and they didn’t give up any long term upside, but at the same time it does feel like a missed opportunity. Ranking them against their peers, this isn’t so bad, as more teams took a step back than forward, but still, I really think not grabbing one or two of the younger un-established D will turn out to be the best value proposition, and they didn’t do it. Maybe Liljegren ends up being the only lottery ball they need, but with D you need to play the odds and stockpile.

      • Hainsey is stop gap nothing more

      • That would make sense gordie .. only problem is he should be a stop gap for the 5/6 spot . Asking him to play top 4 minutes at his age and on the decline is crazy talk . Yes he joined the defending champions and won a cup , being force fed minutes due to injury and a lack of suitable options , not unlike zaitsev , he struggled .

      • Danny you said keep buying low on young players? The leafs had one of the worst offseason in the league, the Marleau signing was terrible at over 6 million! If you look at Lou’s track record since the cap came in it is not good, getting rid of Lou might be the best addition by subtraction

      • I get you george but the Sens are not paying Oduya 2nd D money. Though the bonuses in Oduya’s contract gives him incentive to grab as much ice time as possible.

        I suspect this year many will skate next to karlsson. That Chabot will be giving every opportunity to claim that spot. Harpur will push for it as well but in the end they will slot Cleassen there.

      • Hainsy is NOT an upgrade over Hunwick. They both are bottom pairing 6-8 guys who bring very little to the table.

      • yeah that defense almost beat the top team in the playoffs they are so bad

    • Jvr can walk after this yr francais doesn’t want that

    • Francis said he’s not looking to trade for a pending UFA, the only thing that may change this is that they can talk an extension with JvR or Bozak.

      • Regardless of extension , bozak is not even in the range to return a young d man . Jvr with extension maybe

    • If JVR wants to play with his brother he will probably have to wait until next year.

    • Carolina doesn’t need wingers. I don’t see a fit for JvR in Carolina.

    • So Canes trade a young top 4 D with HUGE career ahead if him for a player set to become UFA and bolt at the end of the year.
      You Toronto ppl really gotta stop drinking the water out of Lake Ontario.
      If you want Hanifin or Faulk, the package starts with Nylander

      • Literally one person said that and I don’t recognize him as a regular poster.
        Nylander for Hanafin anytime, we’ll sign as soon as you guys are ready.
        No thanks to Faulk for Nylander

      • Nylander on his own isn’t getting hanifan

    • Laughable…
      JVR is not a C.

  2. No one is taking on Green early. Maybe mid season or closer to the trade deadline. Unless of course a lot of salary is retained and then what is the point. The Mule goes on LTIR and move a goalie.

    • would move green and others at deadline to grab more prospects and picks for the “retool”, especially when Detroit is on the outside of the playoff picture

      • I think the issue above was ” … Holland suggesting he could be forced to trade a player before the start of 2017-18 to become salary-cap compliant.” If not Green and someone else then who?

        He’s at that stage where even a call-up from the minors could put him over the cap. Wasn’t NJ in that spot a few seasons back?

      • As things now stand he’s $3,946,212 over the cap. Even factoring in Franzen’s $3,954,145 cap hit he’s right at the limit – and he still has to sign Athanasiu, whose cap hit last season was $628,333. I don’t know how much more he’ll get but even a repeat of that can’t be absorbed.

        As for “move a goalie” – who??? Howard is $5,291,667 and Mrazek – who didn’t do much last season to instill confidence in any suitor, costs $4 mil. There aren’t a lot of teams in the market for a goalie at those prices.

      • Agree Geroge, i don’t see a single NHL team who is taking one of those goalies. The Goalie market at the moment is absolutely dead.

        This is way out there but maybe they should look into trading Zetterberg, he is 36 and has a cap hit of just over 6M but actual money drops down to 1M for the last two years.
        I don’t believe they are competing for the next few years and they might get something in return which would help down the line.
        Lots of teams need a forward who can play center, can move to LW as needed, has championship pedigree and an obvious leader.

      • Hmmmm. Zetterberg. Sure be nice to see him join fellow Swedes Karlsson, Claesson and Oduya.

      • How about Detroit starts their rebuild this season and it coincides with Colorado’s then they move the wingy’s back west, and Walla, to everyone’s delight…

        Blood Feud part II !!!

      • Green to Montreal irks good for both teams. Send back a pick and prospect. Montreal needs another puck mover and Detroit gets their cap space.

      • That could work.

  3. I wonder if there is a 3 team deal to be made. Krejci to Carolina, Duchene to Boston and pick one of the D other TVR to Colorado.

    • wait, what?

      So Carolina gives up a top 4 defenseman to help the Bruins get rid of that massive contract for a #2 center?
      Boston obtains Duchene and gets rid of Krejci?

      • Yea that doesn’t make much sense to me either Taz.

        Caper are you thinking more pieces are involved and just didn’t mention any?

      • Now I wouldn’t say gets rid of Krejci, he is a very valuable C, which Carolina could definitely use. But otherwise your pretty well spot on.

      • While I don’t think the trade is the right Value, Krejci should be worth quite a bit in a trade. He should be a similar value to Stepan. Krejci is capable of putting up #1 C production, and for him last years 54 points is a down year. He is 30 so that hurts his value comparatively, but he is signed for 4 seasons, so you have some control, but at the same time he isn’t signed past 35 so his next 4 years should be productive.

        #1 centers don’t grow on trees, and to me there are only about 22 bonafide #1 centers in the league, after that a lot of guys start falling into the very strong2/weak1 category, and they are bunched together and hard to rank them easily. This is where guys like Krejci, Stepan, Kesler, Little, etc fall for me. These guys become important when you realize that of the 22 slam dunk guys (IMO), 8 of them are spread between 4 teams. Also, a lot of those close to being a #1 guys (Kesler, Krejci, Kadri, Johnson, Little, Backlund, Carter, Thornton) Plays behind one of the #1’s. This doesn’t leave a lot of talent left to go around, so if a guy like Krejci is available, he would have value, even if he is overpaid simply because the current distribution of centers will leave a good number of teams with a big need at an important position.

      • Colorado should just hold on to Duchene until July 1st next summer and hope Duchene plays like Rambo in First Blood, a man with a vendetta.

        Then with proper value, the Avs can do a sign and trade for that top young defenseman.

        I don’t think Sakic is looking to actually break the bank beyond that top, young established defenseman. That is mostly his desire.

        I think Snow got his knickers in a twist when Hamonic and chump change didn’t get him Dutchy. {Sakic said himself that a 1st round pick was never discussed. [I think it was BSN Denver that reported that qoute.](BSN Denver has had any and all reliable, and “factual” information coming from Sakic himself.)}

        I think it was Snow who whined that Sakic wanted the moon AND the stars too. And maybe Sakic did ask him and could have, “maybe” asked that of someone else too. But that extravagant package was probably asked when the Dman offered wasn’t exactly the top, young, established defenseman he was specifically looking for.

        He was reported to want Hanifin at season’s end (no other reported additional asks), Brandon Carlo this summer (no reported additional asks), Ellis or Ekholm (no reported additional asks) and I think it was Columbus’s D prospect (Carlesson??) included in some unspecified package.

        He reportedly didn’t want, or was offered – Sergachev by himself or Murray from Columbus.

        Everything else has been thrown around by the hockey media outside Colorado, mostly the irritated and hysterical Canadian media – Tsn, Sportsnet, etc. And the media doesn’t have any inkling of knowledge about what goes on in the Avs organization. They have been a vault even to the local media over the years. Unless it is a direct quote, it is merely someone else’s speculation or rumor. Adrien Dater has been the closest to the Avs as anyone since they arrived in Denver, but he rarely has ever had any TRUE knowledge of what goes on inside the team. But he is the best at insight into the Avs doings and goings on behind, and in, the Avs organization. He has a better track record of speculating what the Avs may be up to than anyone else, ever. And he is far more reliable than any other hockey insider has ever been concerning the Avs intentions. But even he gets it right less than 3% of the time.

        So anyone listening to anyone’s take on the Colorado Avalanche inside moves should know that the hockey media, including Adrien Dater, are just placing their best guesses and trying to stir the pot concerning anything the Avs do. You can’t even safely believe what other GM’s say, as they play the media and both ends against the middle to better position themselves. So unless it is a direct qoute from the Avs organization, the truth of any speculation regarding the team is few and far between.

        I digress, a return to form for Duchene and his trade for any of Hanifin, Carlo, Ellis, or Ekholm, at least straight up 1-for-1 is an excellent trade for both teams, assuming he can be resigned by the acquiring team. The fans and teams hold their own individual values on these players, but I see no reason why a long term acquisition of a righted Duchene and a return of any one of these defensemen would not make both teams much better at the end of the day. Each of these other teams have some good D replacements on the way, and Colorado has depth at center. For me, the reason Duchene has not been traded is not because of too much ask, but because teams know the asset defensemen have become lately and are paralyzed by the possible value they possess.

        Right now those teams with excess good defensemen are asking themselves which is the most valuable-the gold or the money. Can the prospects they have hold more value and bring a bigger payday if they are left to mature a little while longer. But the catch is-if I’m thrilled with cashing in today, will I regret it tomorrow if the stock price goes up? And the stump is-will I see something I want more that I can no longer obtain after I just spent the cost?

        _Because the enemy of the best is sometimes the good.

      • Sakic should have moved matty before all this stuff happened, sakic as a gm is like Gretzky as a coach not very good. The majority of Colorado media wouldn’t know a puck from a beach ball, most of the stuff they say is so far from the truth it isn’t funny. No way the Habs offered up sergachev for matty, drouin is already better than matty with a much higher upside

      • @Tazz wait what? you say no to Krejci for Carolina but think it would be better to have Duchene for 2yrs or Zetterberg who turns 37 before the season starts and 4yrs left at a cap hit of $6m per season. That wouldn’t be a smart move for Carolina. Krejci by far be the better option, unless you can resign Duchene.

      • I know that you have no idea what you’re talking about BigBadBruins. The Colorado media are less than a handful when it concerns hockey, and they just regurgitate rumors not spread them. We don’t even have a team beat writer.

        The speculation over Sergachev came from the Canadian media.

        Everyone whines that Sakic is a bad GM because you and everyone else are pouting that Duchene still hasn’t been traded. The Canadian media has done their damndest to paint Sakic into a corner and put the pressure on him to force Duchene out of Colorado.

        It was Sakic’s mistake by letting it be known that Duchene was available so early in the season, but blame the media for any harm done to anyone in this ongoing story with Matt. Sakic made Duchene available to other teams for a top young defenseman, but anything beyond that has solely been mangled by the media mob.

        This is a commonplace trade scenerio in the NHL. Sakic makes a player available by asking GMs for a specific ask. The hysterics are coming from the media and then they riled the fans of the hockey world with sensational reporting trying to produce a story, and probably trying to give a few of thier favorite GM’s and teams a helping hand and helping them to get a bargain. And in the midst of that, GM’s are stirring the pot and antagonizing the market trying to rattle a green GM who has been dogged before. Not to mention that GM’s are probably feeding thier pet reporters around the media some meat with their scraps.

        Sakic is learning how to do his job right. And if the hockey world gets huffy because of it, so be it. And I’m sure some of the prices they find on Duchene are a big middle finger for the way Sakic has been mauled over this and his past dealings.

        Sakic doesn’t need to appease anyone. Dutchy is under contract for a couple more years, and will be motivated to stuff his own middle finger in the face of the media for his own personal reasons.

        Duchene can be available to anyone for the right price, but if he hits his stride the price will go up. And if the Avs are in a position to do a sign and trade, the price will go up even more. But, if Duchene flops again, which he won’t, Sakic will take his chances, because he will at least stood his ground and stood up for himself. Which at this point will probably be a pretty nice consolation prize for him and he’ll surely take it. You can’t treat a nice guy like Joe this way forever without finding out what made him a captain and a champion on the inside and out.

        Lastly, teams will break before Sakic does, his owner stands behind him. Said so himself. When Duchene shines even more, teams will come sheepishly with candy and flowers while avoiding direct eye contact and looking at their shoes as they apologetically ask for Duchene.

  4. Here ya go!

    To CAR JvR + Bracco + 2018 1st Rounder

    To TOR: Faulk + H.Fleury

    • Which goes back to Francis’ assertion that he’s not interested in giving up anything of consequence for a winger – of which he is overloaded – who can be a UFA after this season.

      • And with the Leafs trending upwards, that 1st becomes something down around 20 to 25.

      • It sure seems that Joe Sakic has hung Matt Duchene out to dry by making it clear months ago that Duchene was on the trading block without, for whatever reason, completing a deal. The question is – now what?
        I can’t see having Duchene on the Avalanche roster at the start of the season does any good for either the team or the player.
        Some team is going to pick up a really good player for a song, methinks, and Joe Sakic’s reputation will take another hit. It’s really a shame, especially when you consider what a great player Sakic was for his entire career.

    • That isn’t getting you faulk let alone adding Fleury. JvR is a UFA wanting 6 mil + on a new long term deal. Bracco a smurf & Carlonia doesn’t need a small forward prospect, they have 1 of the deepest & strongest prospect pools in the NHL having been rebulding for years.

      They need to start making room for their own prospects soon & if you look at their contract structure they have done just that. Injuries will allow for some to see some icetime this season & the expiring contracts over the next 2 seasons open up opportunities for them to move into NHL roles.

      • And if even one breaks out like Sebastien Aho did last season, look out!

      • no doubt, Carolina has an enviably good, young team. You give them a #1C and they are a shoe in the for playoffs. Yes, they don’t need JvR, Bracco or really anyone the leafs have to offer.
        They have a Kadri like player in Staal and Bozak isn’t getting them over the hump. Duchene, or maybe Zetterberg make the most sense.

  5. Aho, Rask, Skinner.
    Teravainen, Lindholm, Williams.
    Nordstrom, Staal, Stempniak.
    McGinn, Kruger, Ryan.
    Spare. Jooris.

    Slavin, Faulk.
    Hanafin, Pesce.
    Fleury, TvR.

    Darling, Ward.

    Baring Darling not being able to shoulder the load I think that roster is a playoff team. That is 1 of the best D’s in the entire NHL.

    • Lindholm will primarily play top 6 forward, Kruger and Ryan will battle for 3/4 center. Staal will be called the second line center but play the most minutes. Aho will get some situational minutes at center for development as the number 1 center after two more years. Not sure Stempniak is needed after Williams signing. Peters has lots of options but still lacking some grit. Someone in the offensive group will be replaced by a prospect before the season starts.

    • Skinner had like his first healthy since his rookie. Can that happen again ? I say he does down for a period of time. Williams is a playoff performer only. Their forward group is really not that deep . Lindholm is going to have a break out this year and Staal -1B solid

    • still weak down the middle

  6. Carolina to Quebec! When they move to a place that wants hockey then I will consider investing time commenting on them, which I have already just done ironically.

    • All Canadian teams should just move south. You’d all still pay to watch and we will grow the game in a market that’s actually worth something in the market. Partially tongue 👅 in cheek

      • Where? To Flint Michigan? Yeah the American economy is where it’s at. Maybe if they moved to China you statement might have some truth.

  7. Leafs offseason may not have been exciting enough for some but the management was very disciplined in sticking to the same plan that’s shown so many immediate returns, namely develop your own players. None of the additions stand in the way of a current prospect joining the awesome mix of youth they already have. In addition, under Babcock’s guidance, they’ve added veterans with experience and character to mentor the youth. Leafs management is not desperate in any sense. They have never said we need to win now.
    That comes from news outlets and internet pundits. On the contrary, they are staying the course. They know the path to success.

    • Marleau at 3 x 6.25 . Explain how that is disciplined? Paying a term and dollar no other team would . And he certainly does take minutes away from the youth . It’s not going to get easier when the rookies go from 3 million to 23 million .

      • That Marleau signing was terrible Lou made a mistake even hainsey and Moore, why would they take a young players spot with those 3 geriatrics if they aren’t in win now Mode? Like a said above Lou since the cap has been a bad gm and those signings prove it

      • Three of the 4 LW from last season are JVR, Komarov and Martin. None of whom look to have a long term future with the team. They like what Marleau brings over those guys. As an alternate centre he opens up all sorts of match-up opportunities, whether he’s with Kadri, Matthews, Bozak or riding shotgun on a line with Nylander or Marner to transition them to centre. They gave up no assets to acquire him. He is second only to Jagr on the active list for playoff goals. He’s someone Babcock wanted in the room – for the benefit of the young players. As they said, they could afford to do this. They wouldn’t have done it if it meant they couldn’t re-sign the young guys. It’s money spent from the free agent kitty – well, this is the free agent they wanted. They’re not pinning their hopes on some expensive acqisition for the defence. They’re first going to develop the Rosens, Dermotts, Borgmans, Liljegrens etc. They broke in 3 blue chip prospects last season. But don’t forget they broke in a bunch of B players/prospects as well in Zaitsev, Brown, Hyman, etc. If they can break in 2-3 more of that ilk each of the next 4 seasons they will be a contender guaranteed. They will be miles ahead of where they might be by backfilling perceived gaps in a half completed team through ambitious trades and long term free agent contracts. They get where they’re at right now. I think the fans have a tendency to get ahead of themselves. I give Lou and co credit for staying with the plan.

      • They subtracted Hunwick and Polak who both played significant minutes.
        Hainsey gives them some veteran presence on the back end. But a space has been opened on the blue line and maybe more depending upon whether Marincin and Marchenko make the team. Those two could face waivers. The door is open to at least one rookie. Also, with Hainsey his actual salary next year is $2.4M. That contract can be moved next summer if a couple of players develop quicker than expected, or he can be the 7th guy or sent to Robidas island. They needed a free agent defenseman.
        You can not find one who can play in your top 4 who would accept a one year deal. They went with the shortest term possible. Moore at $1M can be completely buried in the minors. McGoalie as well. Those two are far from guaranteed a spot. Again, they’re saying to their prospects, ‘show us what you’ve got’.

      • I love how clueless fans are when they think their mngmt is doing the right thing

      • Woah, somebody mentioned the Leafs, gotta hear from Big Bear, “Leafs suck and their fans are dumb” Thanks Big Bear!

      • Something negative but true is mentioned about the leafs and co has to sound dumb and fight a losing battle

      • The Marleau signing is a disaster!