NHL Rumor Mill – August 15, 2017

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Could the Boston Bruins trade winger David Pastrnak?

Updates on David Pastrnak and Will Butcher in your NHL rumor mill. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reacts to speculation from NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton suggesting contract problems between the Boston Bruins and restricted free agent David Pastrnak could result in the winger getting traded. Haggerty acknowledges both sides could be getting a little antsy because training camp is less than a month away and there’s no deal in place yet, but he rejects the notion that the Bruins will trade Pastrnak.

Haggerty notes the Bruins need Pastrnak’s speed and offensive skills, points out there’s no one comparable coming up in their organization to replace him. He also believes the Bruins would be on the losing end of a Pastrnak trade, recalling the Tyler Seguin deal four years ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m with Haggerty on this one. Yes, anything’s possible and the Bruins have a recent history of shipping out good young players (Seguin, Phil Kessel, Dougie Hamilton), especially when contract talks got difficult. But as Haggerty noted, they simply cannot afford to part with Pastrnak.

I don’t doubt the young winger’s camp is waiting to see how much RFA forward Leon Draisaitl gets from the Edmonton Oilers in hopes of using him as a comparable. But Pastrnak is coming off his entry-level contract and didn’t have arbitration rights. If necessary, the Bruins can wait him out, even if that means he refuses to report to training camp.

It’s been reported the Bruins hope to re-sign Pastrnak to a long-term deal worth slightly less per season than Brad Marchand’s $6.125 million annual cap hit. Ultimately, they could be forced to pay more than that (perhaps $6.5 million annually) but I expect they will get a deal done. 

THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Detroit Red Wings are expected to be among the suitors for former Colorado Avalanche prospect defenseman Will Butcher. The 2017 winner of the Hobey Baker Award is now an unrestricted free agent. In addition to the Wings, Kulfan reports “Pittsburgh, Chicago and Minnesota (both close to home for the Wisconsin native), Buffalo, Toronto and New Jersey have been linked to Butcher.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because of the constraints on NHL entry-level contracts, money won’t play a role in where Butcher goes. He’ll likely sign with an NHL team that can provide him what Kulfan calls “immediate playing time.” He could get that from Detroit, Buffalo or New Jersey. 



  1. It’s a gamble to offer up top playing minutes to Butcher at this point. I can see teams more likely to gamble on a forward but D’s need more development, especially coming out of NCAA which is a bit of a slower pace, less skilled players than the CHL. I hope for his sake he does well but certainly a challenge to step right into the NHL with zero professional experience.

    • Seriously, this could be Schultz all over again. He needs quality minutes in the AHL, not protected minutes in NHL. He has not proven anything to claim a NHL roster spot.

      • Agreed he needs seasoning before he is ready..perfect place for that Pittsburgh….the Penguins do a great job with college players in the minors Guentzal, Sheary, Rust, Zack Anton Freeze

        i think a lot of other teams like Chicago are in need and might just rush him too much..

      • Who the hell is Zack Anton Freeze? Sounds like a cooking show host.

    • I agree. As we all seen with hanafin and provarov. The latter ended up settling in a little better. Not to say Noah isn’t going to be a good D for hurricanes.
      That’s said I would like to see him land with the Hawks. 🙂

  2. If Sweeney trades Pastrnak he needs to be shot with a barrel of his own S@#T!

    • Agree Caper, but Sweeney isn’t trading him.
      He has stated publicly that the Bruins are done feeding the rest of the NHL with their young talent. Or something to that effect.
      Oh yeah, he traded Hamilton….
      Let’s hope he learned from that.

      • The thing is Pasternak wants more than Marchand and Bergeron and I don’t think the BRuins are going to pay him more.. Hearing he wants 7 years $ 7 million per…. he may just get traded..we will see good young player for sure

      • Hamilton forced a trade out of Bos. Simply refused to sign a deal untill moved.

        He didn’t want to be a Bruin.

        All good Sweeney did what had to be done & got a reasonable return. In about 3+ more seasons we can gauge what those assets will be in the NHL.

      • @blackandgold if some had said this about Dumoulin sometime ago your would be out here saying that no way the Pens let Dumolin go, he is worth such and such.
        I see almost no chance that Pastrnak gets traded the same way the pens woudlnt have traded BD if he went the same route

      • Ya, heard that too Striker, but Hamilton denies it. We will never know for sure.
        Another rumor is that most GM’s did not know Hamilton was available, so I am not sure he did that well for the return if true. There are plenty of teams that would take a serious look at trading for Hamilton. The offer sheet threat from EDM rumor was also out there.
        It is the same discussion we have had before, I think the B’s need to go for it while Bergeron is still in his prime and Chara can still play, or if you are gonna rebuild then do it and move key assets while they have max value.
        Agree the deal on it’s own can’t be judged for 3 plus years, that is my point. The strategy is flawed. Bergeron will be 35, Krecji same, Chara gone. in 3-4 years they will have huge holes without elite players to fill the void up the middle of the ice with the blue line looking good. Opposite of today. #1 centers are hard to find.
        I just think the rebuild on the fly is a recipe for mediocre for the B’s in their current state. He should have traded Hamilton for NHL talent on the blue line.

      • Striker it was the complete opposite Hamilton was forced out and than Sweeney made some very questionable picks even you can’t deny that

    • I guess you can never say never, but I doubt he would be willing to go down that road again. He may want to get him at less than $6M on a long term deal, but I don’t see that happening. He is one of the most exciting and talented young wingers in the game, and he is coming off a season that easily put him amoung the elite wingers in the game. I think he either gets valued as a top young winger, which means like more than $6M, or if they are worried about regression, he should get a bridge type deal, probably 2-3 years $3.5-4.5M per.

      • 3.5-4.5??? His agent would be shot! He is not getting less than 6 bridge or not. I have no idea what will happen with Pasternak, Sweeney hasn’t done anything consistent yet

      • You could be right. Bridge deals are usually much less than normal market value, but then again, they are used so seldom now for high end talent there isn’t a lot to go on. Kucherov’s in October is the only semi recent comparable. He was coming off a similarly successful season and got 4.8 for 3 years after asking for over 6 on a long term deal, so I figured something like 4.5 might make some sense for Pastranak on a 2 year, but one previous deal isn’t a lot to go on. Teams seem to be getting far more sure of young forwards in their evaluations and just signing them to appropriate deals pretty quickly on renewal rather than bridge deals, so you would think the same will happen in Boston, but Sweeney’s inconsistency is the wildcard.

    • Nashville screwed the Bruins when they gave Johansen $8M per. Pastrnak is a fairly comparable player and Boston doesn;t even want to give him $6.5M per. I think because of McDavids and Johansen deals Draisaitl will maybe get $8M per so Pastrnak isn’t out of line asking for $7M.

    • Yeah that wouldn’t be smart to trade him.
      What would be smart is to just lock him up to a longer contract and give him the 6.5-7 M
      Or you do a bidge deal and he has another two great years 77points -88points and he nails Boston next signing with 8.5-9M .
      ending up like the MTL situation with subban. Didn’t work to well for them.

  3. Again, the reason that butcher keeps getting mentioned is beyond me, he is a grade C prospect. No team is going to guarantee him a spot on their starting roster.
    For example the flyers themselves have 4 defence prospects that are rated higher and will likely have a stronger NHL career then butcher.
    Sanheim, Myers, Morin, Hague!

    • Agreed, this is a continuation of the Vesey ordeal last year.

      • Except Vesey was a legitimate top rated prospect. The hockey news in the future’s edition rank them in the top 15. Butcher is not even in the top hundred.

      • I think the Hobey Baker award is misunderstood as being an award for the most skilled or best player on the ice.
        Here is the citeria however “Criteria for the award includes: displaying outstanding skills in all phases of the game, strength of character on and off the ice, sportsmanship and scholastic achievements.”

        Vesey was a genuine talent as were past player like Johnny G and Eichel at varying levels but from what I hear Butcher isn’t elite in that sense

      • More of a Lady Byng award than a Hart or Norris

      • Of course unless Butcher signs with the Maple leafs. Then he will become a calder favourite and a norris candidate down the road. At least among their fan base.

  4. Guess these “experts” didn’t read Butcher’s agents’ comments about listening very carefully if Vancouver calls. Have to wonder if any of these guys have heard of the West Coast.

    • Of course he’ll say they’ll listen, it’s his job…but no American player is going to *choose* to go play in Canada.

      Nor would someone like Butcher leave the Avalanche for the Canucks…they’re both cellar dwelling teams.

      • Oh yeah!
        …American hockey players prefer playing in those U.S markets with less than 10k fans a night.

    • Sure they would. If they want to be a star that is recognized everywhere he goes or if he wants to be swarmed by the ladies playing THE sport in Canada then sure, why not.
      Have you been to Toronto and Montreal? There are some very good looking ladies up here

      • I agree Taz, I’m Canadian and think why wouldn’t you want to play in Canada?

    • The leafs don’t need Butcher, they already have a logjam of left shooting dmen in the system.

  5. Neither Buffalo nor Detroit have room in their top 6 to allow for Butcher to play immediately, nor does NJ really but at least plausible.

    Here are their D’s. Mix & match anyway you like but who does Butcher play ahead of?


    Scandella, Ristolainen.
    Beaulieu, Bogosian.
    McCabb, Georges.
    Antipin, Tennyson§

    Antipin can be sent down with out having to clear waivers but no 1 else.


    Dekeyser, Green.
    Eriksson, Kronwall.
    Daley, Jensen.
    Ouellet, Sproul.

    All 8 must cler waivers to be sent down.

    New Jersey.

    Greene, Severson.
    Moore, Lovejoy.
    Mueller, Kapala.

    NJ could possibly give Butcher some minutes but I don’t see Buf or Det garunteeing playing time. If these teams sign Butcher he’s heading to the AHL for development.

    • Butcher plays ahead of Gorges and Tennyson, easily…and no, Antipin can’t be sent down or else he has an out clause that allows him to immediately go back to Russia.

      Butcher and Antipin could split time as the 6th/7th defensemen in Buffalo.

      And Botterill has a track record with college UFA’s, and college players in general.

      • Georges will play a consistent role in the top 6. He’s not hitting the cap at 3.9 to be bench warmer like Tenneyson who is simply depth insurance a 7/8 guy who’s job it is to practice & play only when absolutely necessary.

        Antipin either steals someone’s job or he will be sent to the minors. If he decides to return to the KHL before a reguular roster spot opens up on Buffalo’s D he won’t be the 1st or last to have made that choice.

        Butcher isn’t NHL ready. Buffalo isn’t sitting Georges so Butcher can play & he needs to play. These types of players don’t make NHL rosters as #7/8 bench warmers.

      • Let fill you in on some info you’re clearly lacking.
        With the exception of the less than 5% of U.S college players even making the NHL,let alone becoming stars.
        Teams don’t pay much attention in scouting them. Not only Canadian teams but majority of the league. Which, BTW, is ran by Canadian G.Ms, coach’s, scouts,etc

      • Players can be drafted at 17 if 18 by I believe the end of September. Players are drafted before they even get to university.

  6. Butcher isn’t expecting to step right in. More so looking for opportunity to develop with a team that can use him sooner than later, count the Preds.

  7. I am fairly certain nothing is guaranteed by the NHL to a rookie aside from Crosby Lemieux and Mcdavid . Draisaitl was sent to Kelowna after the 30 game mark.

  8. If he does as well as Garth Butcher I would be surprised

  9. Pastrnak is the perfect young winger the Bruins need they would be crazy to trade him unless he wants out. Dougie wanted out and I am happy to see him gone he is a me player. Pastrnak should be paid close to Marchand.