NHL Rumor Mill – August 22, 2017

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Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak remains a subject of interest in the NHL rumor mill.

Updates on David Pastrnak, Will Butcher and Alex Kerfoot in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa suggests a bridge contract might be the best way to resolve the negotiation impasse between the Boston Bruins and restricted free agent winger David Pastrnak. The Bruins are apparently reluctant to pay Pastrnak more than $6 million per season while his agent could point to Bruins center David Krejci’s $7.25 million annual cap hit as justification for more. 

CSNNE.COM:  Joe Haggerty addresses the notion of trading Pastrnak, point out Bruins management are done “sprinkling their talent around the rest of the league.” He addressed the suggestion by two of his colleagues of shipping Pastrnak to the Carolina Hurricanes for defenseman Noah Hanifin, pointing out Hanifin hasn’t yet developed as projected. If the Bruins were to shop Pastrnak, Haggerty believes they’ll want a comparable player in return. Ultimately, the best possible solution is to re-sign Pastrnak. 

Haggerty also acknowledged the possibility the Bruins are leaving themselves at risk of Pastrnak signing an offer sheet with a rival club. Such a tactic, however, is rarely employed. Haggerty feels if the Bruins were fearful of Pastrnak getting an offer sheet, he would’ve been re-signed by now. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Pastrnak trade speculation flared to life last week when NHL analyst Brian Lawton took to Twitter saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the winger got dealt because of his contract problems. That notion was swiftly denied by Bruins general manager Don Sweeney, but the absence of real trade speculation in recent weeks and the apparent lack of progress in Pastrnak’s contract negotiations has kept his name floating in the rumor mill.

I don’t believe the Bruins have any intention of trading Pastrnak and I don’t see him getting an offer sheet from a rival club. There’s still plenty of time for the two sides to work out a new contract. Pastrnak is coming off an entry-level deal and has little leverage. He can either threaten to play in Europe (which he reportedly doesn’t want to do) or not report to training camp in hopes of either landing a favorable new contract or forcing a trade. Be it on a long-term deal or a bridge contract, I expect Pastrnak will be skating with the Bruins this season. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports a source claims the Penguins are not among the front runners to sign 2017 Hobey Baker Award winner Will Butcher. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers are among two or three clubs believed to be under consideration by former Harvard University center and Hobey Baker Award finalist Alex Kerfoot. The 23-year-old opted not to re-sign with the New Jersey Devils and became an unrestricted free agent on Aug. 16. He’s also believed mulling an offer from the Vancouver Canucks. His decision could come today. 



  1. The Butcher saga is interesting because for once (and for now), its not driven by money. So the kid goes where he thinks he can have the best chance to crack the line up. NYR have the edge I would believe. Big market, big visibility, lots of place on the d corp line up, I would bet on the Rangers for this one. Buffalo? Maybe… its an upcoming team but if I had money to put, i would pick the Rangers.

    • The “Butcher” saga is simply textbook copy of what predecessors have done before him. Justin Schultz was the first “big” prospect that went the UFA route (that I can think of). Others have since simply copied what he did; Vesey, Butcher, Kerfoot, etc.

      • Wheeler signed with Boston in 08 coming out of college after being drafted by Arz.

    • there’s a problem though with that. Kerfoot is deciding between the Rangers and Canucks to sign. I’d think the Rangers are the favorites since AK and Vesey are good friends. If Kerfoot chooses the Rangers later today, the Rangers will be at 49 contracts once they sign him. Teams don’t like to be at the 50 contract limit in case something comes up, such as a trade later on in the year, or even injuries that would lead to a free agent signing.

      that’s why I think Buffalo or NJ are the favorites for Butcher. I discount Vegas because of all the d-men they have already.

      • Teams can designate certain players in Europe or even in Jr as non roster players, there by not counting as 1 of the 50 contracts. I assume this will end up happening with Chytil & possibly Bereglazov. Bereglazov has an out clause to return to the KHL if he doesn’t make NYR & doesn’t wish to spend time in the minors making 70K until a roster spot opens up.

    • I’m not saying Butcher won’t sign in NYR but no room at the inn if he does. They don’t even have room in their starting 6 for DeAngelo, who would only be a reasonable replacement for Shattenkirk if lost to injury as still very 1 dimensional.

      Move these D around any way you like. I based it on TOI/GP last season & pairings to close out the season. Shattenkirk could well play with McDonagh but that would force McDonagh into more of a defensive role so that doesn’t make sense to me most of the time. Pairings get shuffled quite ofetn regardless.

      McDonagh, Holden.
      Stall, Shattenkirk.
      Skjei, Smith.
      Kampher, ?

      7/8 Dman aren’t usually prospects or young developing Dman as their insurance to dress on short notice when short term injuries, colds/flu’s or other hit & no need or time to get a better option up from the farm.

      Then you have Deangelo, Graves, & this summers UFA signings Bereglazov, + 2 out of college already this summer in Poink & Pedrie as well as Gilmour a UFA coming out of College last season & 2 3rd round picks, 1 in 2015 Zborovsky; 79th, & 2016 Day; 81st, coming soon.

      NYR may well be 1 of the worst landing spots for Butcher if he wants to play anytime soon, then again these types of players; College UFA’s, like signing there.

      • You forgot Lettieri

  2. Until they “fix” this loophole with NCAA players, probably a good idea to maybe steer clear of NCAA players in the draft. Why “waste” a draft pick. I know it’s not a huge problem, but maybe the team signing the NCAA player compensates the team “losing” said player in same round he was drafted. Whichever team signs Kerfoot, gives up 5th round pick to NJ, or 2nd round Rangers to Nashville on Vesey.

    • It’s not a problem, at least not from my POV. The same thing can be said for any player. If Matthews had decided the SEL (or KHL) was where he wanted to be for 3 years that would be his choice. No player is team is guaranteed anything other than the rights for ELC. If the team or player doesn’t want to sign, that is their right.

      • Damn right. This should be an aption for all drafted players. If they aren’t playing professionally and have a signed contract by age 21 they should be fa. then they get to choose which team has the best odds for them to make it. It’s best for them and the league. since money isn’t the issue its about opportunity and the better the opportunity for the players to not get buried in depth charts the more quality players that will rise to the top.

      • Why not make it like other sports, say basketball. You either declare for draft or you’re going elsewhere to play. You get drafted, your rights stay with team. You go to college, you enter draft when done.

    • Yes, it’s clearly a problem which should be addressed soon. Can you imagine the chaos if this would happen with CHL players! Teams with the money could jump into the fray and grab guys who were drafted by small market franchises. As it is, teams invest a lot of money and time developing their junior players. If certain NCAA players want to select where they play, then they should have to remove themselves from the draft process so that teams don’t waste draft selections. Those players could then come to an agreement through an agent to play for whomever they wish, once they graduate, or whenever they decide to turn pro.

  3. If Gaudreau didn’t get an offer sheet last season with his holdout going into the regular season I don’t think that Pastrnak will get an offer sheet. Not to many teams are willing to give up the number of first round picks that it would take for an offer sheet to be signed.

    • I really like Pastrnak as a player, but as a Bruins fan I am not crazy about spending $7 plus on a scoring winger. I get that elite offence is hard to find, and Pastrnak has shown he has that. So far. But I view him as offence only and he needs to free wheel to be effective. He has been allowed to do that because he plays with talented veteran centers that both play a 200′ game. Because of that I view players like Pastrnak as complimentary. Important and valuable, but not your core guys like a Bergeron that you have to pay and that you need to win.
      What do you pay those guys in today’s cap world?
      I think that the $6 the Bruins are offering seems about right.
      I would way rather have Draisaitl at $8.5 than Pastrnak at $7.5 as I know that comparable is being used.

      • Interesting, I take it if Draisaitl plays center is what your referencing. Personally I wouldn’t want either one at $8.5, but I would definitely take Pastrnak at $7.5 over the $8.5 Draisaitl is getting, that $1m in cap space is a big difference in the quality of player you could add. Goal scoring is hard to come by and Pastrnak provides that and has played with some grit last season, as well showing that he wants to play a 200ft game.
        I would like to see him do a bridge deal at 2yrs at $6.5 then go from there. This would see if his game grows, if the salary cap grows and more importantly to see if the contracts handed out by Chiarelli drives up the market or are a one off. Gamble yes but why give up $8m today when you can give it up in 2yrs.

      • I was actually wrong in my first post. I just remembered because of Gaudreau’s 2 year ELC he was not even able to receive an offer sheet.
        I think Tarasenko is a good comparable player and contract for Pastrnak at a 7.5mil cap hit. I also do understand that the Bruins don’t want to pay him more than Krejci and Bergeron.

      • I bridge all players, so as to lock them up longer & maximize my business rights, waivers, arbitration, etc.

        Why is Draisaitl worth 8.5 when Scheifele, McKinnon, Monahan, etc. all centers, signed in or around 61 year prior? What comparables for Draisaitl were used to justify this contract?

        McDavid’s contract is just starting to pull up contracts signed since he did so & it will continue. How can Draisaitl get twice as much money as Arvidsson?

        Pastrnak being a winger as opposed to C will matter very little, a mil tops. It’s going to be very hard now for any team to sign this quality of player, Pastrnak or other similiar player now McDavid is going to be paid 12.5 next season & Draisaitl 8.5 this season. The cost to sign good young players coming out of their ELC’s just jumped significantly.

        I think this may well be a contentious point in the next CBA. To much money in many cases far to quickly. Not all just many.

        Pay Pastrnak about 5 to 5.5 on a 2 year deal then sign to an 8 year deal at 7.5 if he can maintain this level of offensive production locking him up for 10 years as opposed to 8.

      • Agree Caper that the bridge is where this seems to be headed. If so I think it will be a lower number as the bruins aren’t buying UFA years. The term you used that he wants to play the 200′ game is true, but bottom line is that he isn’t very heavy and plays a lot of shifts with snow on his pants. He does keep sticking his nose in though, just can’t do what a 214 lb center can, defensively or on the cycle. Also yes based on position, because Draisaitl has proven he can be an effective center even when against Getzlaf for 6 games in the playoffs. At both ends of the ice. IMO opinion that is incredibly valuable. Top D and Top centers with good goal tending is where the $$ should be spent.

      • Agree Striker, but the market seems to be moving, so now what? What I see is the top players getting a larger share of the pie and with complimentary guys and lower level guys getting less. My comparable was strictly Draisaitl vs Pastrnak, as that is what is supposedly driving up the ask from Pastrnak’s agent. Which of course he is asking for. I would rather pay Draisaitl.
        My argument is simply that if this is the way this is going with fewer guys per team getting the big $$, than you better spend it on core guys. To me those are the most important positions on the ice – Center and D, as they have the most responsibility. If you’re highest paid guys and best players are wingers… you ain’t winning the cup. Similar to your goaltender argument, you just can’t allocate those $$ to that position in this market.

      • This goes back to Chiarelli being an idiot, and not understanding the cap. He gave Draisaitl way too much money and he gave Mcdavid too much too soon. He closed their window as it was opening. He will get this year, but then is not in a good place. This guy has now traded Seguin, Hall and Eberle for Strome and Larsson. I guess you could also include Reilly smith. The Eberle trade makes no sense. None. They have room for him this year and IF Strome ups his production and becomes a 25+/25+ guy (which he may do in EDM) he will be in the 6m range thus saving no money. Especially with the precedent he has set himself.

      • The reason for the Eberle trade was mainly a salary dump. Also getting Strome in return gives the Oilers the option now to put RNH on the wing in the top 2 lines to replace Eberle their. Also trading Hall for Larsson made the Oilers a better team which is what the GM’s job. Also for Strome getting 50+ points on the third line isn’t a bad situation at all. Also if RNH has a big season on the wing that will only raise his value and will most likely be traded next offseason which would make room to sign Strome. Which I highly doubt would be close to 6mil.
        Also FYI Chairelli didn’t Draft or sign Hall, Eberle, or RNH.
        It’s really fun being a fan of a team who has an “idiot” like Chairelli as their GM. Going from 29th place in 2015/16 to finishing 2nd in the division in 2016/17. Yeah McDavid fell into his lap but, Sekera, Talbot, Kassian, Lucic, Maroon, Puljujarvi, Benning, Caggiula, and Russell were all his moves that made this team a cup contender.

      • If you sign Pasternak for 2 years at 5.5 and he continues to improve there is no way he will sign for 7.5. It will be more like 11 after next years crop of young guys like Eichel get paid. It’s better to just give him the 7.5 now.

      • Exactly Kevjam. The Oil are competing for a cup now and will be measured by playoff success. McLellan pushed Eberle down the lineup in the post season because he doesn’t compete physically. Just over 14 min. Even when he tries to, he can’t. Can’t shoot without dusting it first, so not a one timer option on the PP and moved down to the 2nd unit. Replaced by Mark Letestu on the first unit for that exact reason, and who did surprisingly well.
        If you are a liability defensively and are paid to score, you better score more than Eberle does. PC did well to get Strome in return. Snow is hoping JT/Eberle can rekindle their past chemistry from the WJC days, and find a way to keep JT in NY.
        Skeptical after living in Edmonton for the last 6 years.

      • As a Bruins fan who now lives in Edmonton I have seen plenty of PC. Not a fan of all the moves he made in Boston, some good Kessel for the picks that turned into Seguin and Hamilton was good. Seguin to Dallas deal, brutal. Too loyal after winning cup with $$ for complimentary players.
        He is catching flak for the Draisaitl and McDavid deals. Easy to do from the sidelines.
        I obviously would have preferred less as a guy who does root for the Oil when they don’t play Boston. But for those shatting on those deals please consider this is about the next 8 years and these players, and trying to win a cup.Not past deals or signings. Go to Cap Friendly and look at the top 5 or 10 contracts/players and tell me which of those players, at their current age and contract, you would rather have for the next 8 years? As opposed to either McDavid or Draisaitl who will be 21 at the start of their deals.
        That is the comparable.

      • Elite level point producers whether C’s or W’s will always get paid. C’s & D’s nominally more than W’s simple supply & demand.

        Nor does top end players getting a greater % of the cap effect mid tiers. It really means these teams that comit large portions of their cap space to huge deals carry more leagie min players. The 650K guys that see 8 to 10 mins a game, in very limited roles.

        All studs coming out of ELC’s are going to demand more & the 50 point mid tier guys soft #1’s or decent #2’s will want 5 mil + moving forward. Most won’t get it coming out of their ELC’s but out of their 2nd contracts usually bridge deals as UFA status is then only 2 years away.

      • In No way does strome make them a better team. Eberle is a better player. Strome may end up being better, but they won’t be able to afford him if he is. Strome has been getting less productive for two years now. He is also not a center, or should I say a good one. He has a career Faceoff winning percentage of 44%. He is not very good defensively and is not phyiscal. Lucic, Sekara, Russell are absolutely horrible contracts and the reason they have this year or they are done. Still no defense, Larsson will get there, but is still probably not a legit #1. Ryan Spooner and RNH are basically the same player statistically over the last 2+ seasons, so I don’t expect a big season from him. This is all assuming Draisaitl (who I really like) is the same player centering his own line. Mcdavid helped him big time. He will still be good, but I am not sure about close to 80 pts. Kassian is awful, but will protect Mcdavid, Maroon? I just don’t see another 27 goal season. Maybe he found himself at 27 years old.just don’t buy it, dude had never had more than 12 goals. Seems like a Belesky type situation. Maroon has a 16% shooting percentage since joining edmonton. As a point of reference, Crosby had 17% and Mcdavid shot at 12%. Can he do it again, sure but… I think Puljarvi will be good, but hasn’t done a thing in the NHL (coughyakapovCough) and Caggiula has 7 NHL goals.

      • I assume Strome plays RW & will get mcDavid or Draisaitl as a C. There will be numerous ice time situations where draisaitl will end up as Mcdavid’s RW even though he’s destined to play as the #2 C. Similair to how pit sometimes put crosby & malkin out 5 on 5 together.

        I don’t see RNH playing wing. He plays as the #3 except when draisaitl moves to RW. Letestu gets bumped to the 4th line.

      • As an aside, how horrible was Arvidsson’s agent to only get $4.25M/year for 7 years. If that is all Nashville was offering, take a 2-year bridge deal and get $7M/year or more on the next deal. Poile is hands down the best GM in the league.

        Chiarelli’s huge mistake was not signing Draisaitl first. He likely could have saved $1M+ a year on that deal if he didn’t sign McDavid first. Tarasenko was the best comparable prior to McDavid at $7.5M/year. McDavid didn’t need to get signed until next summer and they didn’t save anything on that contract.

      • @ Ray Bark, i’ll give you one Mark Scheifele vs Leon Draisaitl; Scheifele signed an 8yr deal at $6.125 and at this stage he is a better player then Draisaitl granted Mark is 2.5yrs older but Scheifele is only 1 of 10 players to be better then a point per game.
        I’m not convinced that Edmonton is a Stanley Cup contender, there a playoff contender but there still isn’t enough dept on this team to win the cup and the defense isn’t elite. However Pitts showed you can win without elite defense as long as your goaltending is. The issue the oilers will run into is when the prospect improve and they’ll want their money will Edmonton be able to pay. The three that will be interesting to watch for me are Maroon, what if he has another 27 goal season, He’ll be an ufa and will want a big pay day. Then you have Benning and Nurse, what if one or both have a break out season. What will they want? Who’s the backup to Talbot who is 30 and will be a UFA in 2yrs, at present pace He’ll want $7m, This team as constructed today is not a cup contender. No sense debating it with me, you’ll just have to wait and watch it play out.

      • Hellothere, we will have to agree to disagree. Is Eberle a better player, sure, but not by much.
        Either Eberle or RNH, had to be moved, PC would have got more for RNH, but moved Eberle and it was the right move.
        You have to play the right way under McLellan, Eberle didn’t and got moved down the line up and eventually traded. He didn’t even trust him enough to play him in the top 6 down the stretch and in the playoffs which tells you everything you need to know. Strome may or may not play in the top 6 but he makes $3.5M less, which is huge. The right decision by PC.

      • All valid points Caper, Scheifele is a very good/great player on a team friendly contract. You’re right I do think they are a contender. Also I think I value Draisaitl more than most on this site. I am a believer in this kid. Works incredibly hard and is ultra competitive. Big, strong, can skate and is the best passer on the team. I think he will be elite and will wear an A soon enough. As you say time will tell.
        Maroon will have to choose between playing with McDavid or leaving Edmonton. He will not get a huge deal from the Oil. Soft hands for a big guy, but not fleet of foot. Benning is an NHL player but a long way to go before any big $$ is going his way, 4/5/6 guy. Nurse has the talent but needs more seasoning and better decision making. So a bridge, then hopefully they have a tough decision to make.
        Agree that depth is an issue so they will need to draft and develop like all the teams in their position have to so they have inexpensive younger players to compliment the core.
        I will take the McDavid and Draisaitl problem if I am the Oilers. Sure as hell beats the last 10 years in this town.

  4. just ahl player

  5. Pastrnak at 4yr/6.5 is reasonable. Pastrnak is still an RFA and under team control. They (BOS) do not invest the extra 3 yrs in case he fizzles out….and Pasternak gets over 6m for his 70 pt season (which it looks like he may live up to for the coming seasons).

    70 pt players around the league are making that type of money already…. so this bridge deal serves both sides.

  6. Hellothere, Fully agree on Chiarelli. I don’t get this guy, the Bruins are still digging out from his mess. You can almost see the issues Oilers will soon face, they better win quick. Agents must love dealing with Chiarelli.

    • His nose was out of joint when he realized he was not going to be their heir-apparent to Murray in Ottawa. They didn’t mind seeing him depart to Boston.

    • Chiarelli is going to have a hard time convincing Nurse, Puljujarvi or any other very good young player to take a bridge deal after handing over those max term deals to McDavid and Draisaitl. Talbot is going to be very pricey in the next couple years too and will want a very long contract extension when he’ll be turning 32. It looks like they’ll lose Maroon and/or RNH already, and the Lucic contract will be a problem very soon.

      • Agree. 60.8 mil designated to roster players next season with 11 UFA and RFA roster players looking for a raise at the end of the season and a goalie who will be worth at least 7 mil in 2 years. The Oilers may be looking at a revolving door supporting cast of just ok players for the next 8 to 10 years.

  7. I like Pastrnak too, but not at the money he is looking for.

    If Butcher signs in Buffalo, he will get a chance to be a regular in 1-2 years. He needs some AHL time – Housley is going to attract guys like Butcher. Not saying he is signing in Buffalo, but if Howie wasn’t there the Sabres would not have a chance.

  8. I’m going to do my best Eklund and say MTL throws one of there 3 2nd rounders this year to EDM for RNH.

  9. Phil was to the NHL from a Minnesota High School…

    Oilers will be like Chicago has been the last few years- every year. The thing they do not have though is Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook . So unlike Chicago no cups in the immediate future