NHL Rumor Mill – August 28, 2017

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Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak not on the trade block.

An update on David Pastrnak plus there could be interest in Russian forward Danis Zaripov among some NHL teams.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports the Boston Bruins have offered restricted free agent winger David Pastrnak his choice of a six- or seven-year contract worth $6 million annually. He lacks arbitration rights, leading Dupont to speculate the 21-year-old could attempt to “jiggle his average a little higher ($6.5 million?) over 5-7 years, or shoot for something slightly lower ($5.5 million) on a one- or two-year deal.”

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney insists he won’t place Pastrnak on the trade block. “We like him,” Sweeney said, emphatically. “We are not trading him.” He adds there’s plenty of time to get him under contract. If Pastrnak isn’t signed by Dec. 15, he’ll be ineligible to play the remainder of this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sweeney previously dismissed recent trade speculation about Pastrnak. Given how quiet things are in this summer’s trade rumor mill, his name still occasionally pops up. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t under contract when the season opens in October. They’ll get something worked out, either a long-term contract or a short-term deal. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports 36-year-old Russian forward Danis Zaripov is expected to become an unrestricted free agent following his appeal of a two-year doping ban by the IIHF. Zaripov maintains his innocence. Part of the reason for launching his appeal is to become eligible to play in the NHL this season. His KHL club, AK Bars Kazan, voided his contract. If Zaripov is allowed to play in the NHL, Friedman expects the Vegas Golden Knights and New York Rangers could be among the interested parties. 



  1. A 36 yo with drug problems… Teams are really hungry if they sign this guy.

    • They could just sign Mike Robeiro at least he speaks English. I don’t see why anyone would want this guy he’s definitely no Slava Fetisov.

    • if the IIHF suspended him, why wouldn’t the NHL uphold the suspension ?

      • He’s appealing the suspension. If successful, he’ll be able to play in the NHL.

  2. I can’t see Pastrnak taking 2 mil less per season than Draisaitl. Best option is to bridge him for 2 years at 5 to 6 mil & readdress down the road.

    • Agreed Striker. Bridge best option for him.

    • Pastrnak would be better off with a bridge deal IMO.

      He has really only had one break out year while Draisaitl had back to back 50+ points seasons and a good playoff run.

      If I am his agent I am looking for a 2 year bridge deal and then attempting to cash in long term.

      • A GM’s job is to assess his talent. If they feel he is the real deal; you lock him up. Pastrnak is the real deal. He is young enough that you won’t see a decline in his performance. The only reason he didn’t break out any sooner was opportunity. He finally got it and he showed what he can do. Bridge deal doesn’t accomplish anything. Does the team hope he plays poorly and then hope to sign to a lesser contract. No, they hope he excels and what is the end result. Bruins will be paying 9 mil plus. 7 mil is reasonable…he’ll they are paying krejci 7mim plus! Chiarelli hit the jackpot on that one!

      • I was speaking from the players perspective

        If Pastrnak hopes to get Draisaitl type money he is better off putting another good year under his belt and then extending when he has 1 year left on his bridge deal.

        I am sure the Bruins would love to tie him up at $6 mill for 7-8 years now.

      • True, Boston needs to realize that they will have to pay him more in the long run. They should settle at let’s say 7.25. I am sure the bruins and pastrnak could live with that.

      • I prefer bridge deals for studs so as to lock them up longer. A 2 year bridge followed by 8 year deal locks up a player like Pasternak to 31.

        I don’t think the Bruins are under pressure to win now. Sweeney was hired in May of 2015 & immediately started a rebuild on the fly. Couldn’t be completely torn down due to contract structure.

        Boston isn’t even a guaranteed playoff team as currently constructed. Youth is being added as quickly as they are able to assume starting roles. Would they like to make the playoffs & go deep? Sure who doesn’t but this roster has youth that needs to continue to develop & holes that need to be filled not the least of which is the #2 LW with Krejci & Backes.

      • No one is guaranteed a playoff spot. A lot of the deals lately have bonus structures in place mainly for the potential of a lockout, this could also be a sticking point.

      • Agree, Bruins are a bubble team again. Reasonable to expect improvement from some young guys like Carlo, some continued slight regression from older guys like Backes, Chara and Krecji. Also better hope a Chara or Krug doesn’t sustain a long term injury as they have zero depth at LD that has real NHL experience.
        Like you say Striker more youth will be playing. So plenty of rookies seeing time in Boston, which brings it’s own challenges.
        While I agree there should not be pressure on Sweeney to win now, methinks there is, at least when it comes to making the playoffs. The Jacobs family isn’t known for patience when it comes to missing the playoffs. They publicly state they expect to make the playoffs, and I don’t think it is just to appease the fans. It is to make more $$.

      • Not doubt Boston wants playoff revenue, most teams do, slightly less than a 3rd of NHL teams can turn a profit with out playoff revenue. Boston being 1 that can & does.

        I like what Sweeney has built & is building. He cut the payroll & restocked the prospect kitty in the blink of an eye.

        Boston’s future looks good. A couple of years from now they should look much better.

      • Sweeney hasn’t done a good job striker, let’s be honest some very questionable picks and signings I doubt he is back after this yr unless the bruins change dramatically

      • I agree with Striker Big Bad Bruins. He was dealt a tough hand. PC spent the last few years of his time as GM trying to win a cup again and almost did getting to to the finals again in 13/14.
        Sweeney was in cap hell and the prospect cupboard was pretty bare. So he cut salary for prospects. Seems like the logical plan.
        I think he could have got more for Hamilton, didn’t like the Backes signing, and it is too soon to judge his draft record but some promise there with Carlo, McAvoy etc. So time will tell.
        My bigger worry is that the Jacobs family lack the patience to see through a “rebuild on the fly” plan if they miss the playoffs this season, which is entirely possible and not surprising. That will be 3 out of 4.
        They don’t take well to lost playoff gates.

  3. I can see Spooner being a good 3rd line c option for the pens. They have enough cap space. Good option on the 2nd line pp on the point. Gives bruins some more cap space.

    • And pasta should hold firm for 7 million. Boston is under pressure to win and having him sit won’t help.

  4. Bruins look to re sign Pasternak; big surprise! Why the hell woukdn’t they? I feel for you Lyle what a tough summer to be a hockey writer!

    • September and training camps are right around the corner. Business will pick up soon!

  5. I’m surprised the Butcher sweepstakes’s winner didn’t get more attention today! Just kidding, NJ doesn’t really have a showing on this page… or any page….. or in the seats!

    • Butcher took the fastest track to the NHL. NJ not stocked on the backline. Wonder if he will regret the decision, like real soon?

  6. I think Sweeney is doing a fine Job being an NHL GM is not easy he came in with a salary cap mess. Boston if healthy will be a much better team it’s time to see some of there prospects get there chance. Bruins should be in the playoffs and they need to sign David at a reasonable number.