NHL Rumor Mill – August 4, 2017

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Could the Detroit Red Wings shed salary by moving Mike Green?

Updates on the Red Wings, Avalanche and Coyotes in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Jared Clinton recently examined the Detroit Red Wings’ limited salary cap situation, wondering how creative they’ll make to free up additional dollars.

The Wings currently sit over the $75 million cap ceiling by just over $3 million and they still have to re-sign restricted free agent winger Andreas Athanasiou, who’s in line for more than $1 million annually on his next contract. That would put the Wings’ beyond the spending limit even if (as expected) they place sidelined winger Johan Franzen ($3.9 million cap hit) on long-term injured reserve. 

The contract buyout period has now passed so the Wings cannot go that route to clear cap room. Clinton suggests going the trade route is the next option, possibly by shopping defenseman Jonathan Ericsson ($4.25 million cap hit). He also suggests blueliner Mike Green ($6 million) and winger Gustav Nyquist ($4.75 million) as trade candidates. They could also consider demoting some players to the minors, though that comes with the risk of losing them for nothing to another NHL club via waivers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: General manager Ken Holland could’ve used the buyout option with 48 hours of re-signing Tomas Tatar last month but he passed on that option.Carrying dead cap space for the upcoming season and beyond was likely the reason behind that decision.

I suspect Holland will go the trade route. I don’t see much interest in Ericsson but Green is still enough of a notable player to attract some attention in the trade market, though the Wings will likely have to pick up part of his annual cap hit for next season. Trading Green, however, could weaken an already thin blueline corps. Nyquist is a consistent 40-point winger and could be enticing for clubs in need of scoring depth. 

ESPN.COM: Josh Cooper examines why the Colorado Avalanche haven’t done more this summer to improve their roster for next season. The key, of course, is whether GM Joe Sakic can find a trade partner willing to give him a suitable return for center Matt Duchene.

A Western Conference scout tells Cooper he thinks the trade market on Duchene will tank if Sakic doesn’t move him before the start of the season, pointing out there’s a negativity surrounding the center and the Avs. However, Cooper suggests a strong bounce-back performance by Duchene with the Avs in 2017-18 will boost his trade value or perhaps make him worth retaining. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cooper also notes Duchene’s contract ($6 million annual cap hit through 2018-19) is an issue. If his play doesn’t improve that contract becomes harder to move. The biggest factor remains Sakic’s high asking price. It’s believed he wants an established top-four defenseman, a first-round pick, a top prospect and possibly more. After losing the Ryan O’Reilly trade two years ago, Sakic must get a strong return for Duchene. There are clubs interested in the 26-year-old center, but they’re willing to wait out Sakic in hopes he’ll lower his asking price. 

AZCENTRAL.COM: Sarah McLellan examines possible options for the Arizona Coyotes to possibly replace sidelined defenseman Jakob Chychrun if he’s out beyond the start of the upcoming season. They could stand pat, call up a blueliner from the minors, explore free agency or make a trade. Teams with a surplus in defenseman include the Vegas Golden Knights, Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes have over $19 million in salary-cap space. While they’re not spending up to the cap ceiling, they have sufficient room to take on a defenseman if needed. If they go the trade route, the Knights and Wings could be the best bet. They already have 10 defensemen with one-way NHL contracts, which will soon become 11 once Nate Schmidt receives a new contract. As noted above, the Wings need to shed cap space and could perhaps peddle Jonathan Ericsson or Mike Green. 



  1. And the Senators with Karlsson, Oduya, Phaneuf, Ceci, Borowiecki, Wideman, Claeson, Chabot and probably Harpur.

    • That’s in reference to the statement above that “Teams with a surplus in defenseman include the Vegas Golden Knights, Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings.”

      I daresay the Sens surplus represents a better selection than most of the teams mention.

      • The Snes have the best of everything. They’re awesome. They are the ne plus ultra of, and a template for, all other teams. It would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so fantastic.

      • I liked Mariocart!

      • Not at all G2 – but of course I recognized the very original sarcasm. Make you feel good? All I was doing is stating a fact in response to a posted article. But so as not to offend next time I’ll make sure I clear things with you first.

    • I think the low dollar amounts on many of the Sens D make the Sens comfortable with retaining all and havibg a few of the 1 million and under guys watch from the press box.

      You can never have enough D as injuries are common and often enough hit two or more players.

      However if Chbot claims a spot. I xan see the Sens willing to listen. If not axtively shopping.

  2. Green to mont makes a lot of sense. They need a puck mover and he would come fairly cheap. Detroit solves their cap issues.

    • Green has been the best D-man the past year for the Wings. I doubt they would give him away for nothing and pick up some of his salary.

      • Didn’t say pick up some salary. They need to shed salary. In a bind. Mont needs another puck mover and can afford him Get a ok pick or prospect back. Third round maybe

      • @Chrisms no way is Detroit moving Green to Montreal for a 3rd rounder we wont accept any thing less then a 1st rounder period.

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      • What!? Lyle you want to get paid!? I thought you were doing this for the love of Hockey, no matter the time or expense, what better things to you have to do.

      • The site sometimes craps out at work because of the adds but overall the adds Lyle uses haven’t caused me many issues… the few times they have I reached out to Lyle and he seemed to fix it up. Damn constant and quality work demands reimbursement!

    • He makes money off it. If this site were mine, I’d make this page look like a European hockey jersey.

      • Hahaha

    • Welcome to 2017 man, where have you been the last 10 years or so?

  4. Has Colorado lost the O’Reilly trade? They are certainly losing it today but only 2 of the 5 assets they acquired have played in the NHL so far & Zadorov for only 1 full season. I think it may be a little early to claim a winner.

    • Nothing like beating on a dead horse especially when your wrong in accusing Lyle; if you click on the links Lyle’s nice enough to include for us to read the reference articles, you come to this line in the linked article that shows his source that you have an such an issue with: “Colorado has been in a tailspin, as poor personnel moves — such as getting little return for O’Reilly in a trade and neglecting its defense”

      • I disagree Ron. How can you judge a trade when the assets acquired for the player that wouldn’t sign an extension in Colorado were & are all futures, essentially prospects. There is a reason Zadorov was taken in the 1st round 16th overall in 2013. That’s 2 days in a row that Lyle has stated the same comment, his comment from his readings. Again I disagree as the assets Colorado acquired aren’t even full time NHL players yet & only 1 has really started his NHL career. I want to see what Zadorov, Compher, Greer & Morrison are before passing judgement.

        Is Buffalo winning today? Yes but we won’t know what Colorado fully acquired in this trade for another 5 years.

        Colorado’s D has been brutal for years, at least the last 7. Edm’s was terrible for almost a decade it finally started turning the corner the year before last. Not an easy problem to fix.

        It’s called a rebuild. Colorado kind of started their’s 3 years ago when Sakic assumed the GM role from Sherman, although it’s obvious he & Roy didn’t agree, nor did Roy wish to commit to as 1 he packed up his toys & stormed off.

        Zadorov was the 1st acquisition in rebuilding Colorado’s D. Ideally in 2 to 3 years he should be a solid 2nd pairing Dman at a bare min if not better. At 6’5″ 230 lbs it will take some time for him to fully develop. My mark for most Dman is 400 NHL regular season games to fully develop at the NHL level, he’s played 145 but these monster players can take longer. Baring a serious acquisition on D assuming he signs he will play a top 4 role in Colorado next season not a role he’s really suited for or ready to perform yet but Colorado has little choice.

    • Yes. Literally the only person that thinks otherwise

      • That may well be. I said Buffalo is winning today but we won’t know who wins this trade until we see the assets Colorado acquired developed & playing in the NHL. I don’t know why all you guys live so much in the now, really the your living in the past, present at best.

        As I stated yesterday if Zadorov becomes even a #3 Dman, Compher at soft #2 or solid #3 C & Greer & Morrison both have NHL careers who wins that trade then? We won’t know that for 5 years.

      • I agree with Striker on this one. What has Buffalo won? A playoff spot? So far BOTH are losers of this trade.

      • It is because nobody actually watches Colorado, Striker. Zadorov took big strides at the end of last year before he broke his ankle. He was a menace the second half literally crushing the opposition. His offense will follow in time. And he is still 3 or 4 years from his prime without a full NHL season under his belt. Last year was his first in Colorado while spending the early part of last season in AHL.

        Compher is a stud in the making. He will be an Average full time next year as our 3rd line center. After just a handful of games played at the end of last season, Avs fans are really excited about this kid. He plays like an O’Reilly with a better offensive skill set, and has more of an edge, but plays a solid two-way game. He has better scoring instincts than O’Rielly and drives the net better. Time will tell if he has the same defensive accumen. He definitely has the offensive skill to be better than a third line center. But, just as important, He isn’t an entitled brat like Ryan O’Rielly.

        As an Avs fan, I am really liking this trade so far. Avs were in a no win situation with O’Reilly. After Calgary offer sheeted him, he finally found his way out of Colorado. He basically forced the Avs to deal him somewhere he wanted to go since he was drafted. Him and his weird dad played both ends against the middle, so to speak. O’Reilly and his just as nutty Pops didn’t just think that he should get paid like the best player in the NHL, they both seriously thought O’Rielly was already the best player in the NHL, or soon would be.
        The whole O’Rielly and his Dad thing had airs of the Eric Lindros situation as far as how entitled they think they are and want to play in a “better more media friendly market”. O’Rielly’s dad has brought Ryan up with a really delusional and semi unrealistic way of seeing himself and the world. I guess that is all a part of being raised by a professional motivated speaker and self-help guru. But, at least Lindros was actually that good. Lindros actually had the super star talent to back up his and his parents egos. But just like Lindros, O’Rielly’s dad has had more influence on Ryan’s career than what may be healthy for it. It isn’t just like Ryan finally got his wish to play in greener pastures and finally got paid like a super star and now everything is okey-dokey. Unless something changes in the foundation of his thinking, he will continue to see himself unrealistically with the help of his pop and Buffalo will be in their own battle with their egos someday soon. And Buffalo has already fed their egos by giving them everything they have asked for already. I am quite curious to see what happens when they try and pull the food bowl away from them. Because we all know entitled “super stars” want to get paid. And already over paid, does anyone think O’Rielly is a player worth over 7.5 million a year? Does anyone see him even playing like a 7.5 million a year player in his whole career?

        Just wait until Eichel earns more than O’Rielly, like Duchene did in Colorado. Then the fun should start all over again.

        There is a reason why you don’t hear many Avs fans complain about the O’Rielly trade. And from how every one of those pieces has fared so far, I am confident we got the better of that deal. And Compher very well could be a better player than O’Rielly. And as it stands now, most Avs fans would do this trade again and again and again. It’s a cliche, but O’Reilly and his dad probably did the Avs and the fans a big favor by forcing their way out of Colorado.

        “O’Really?” Is a very good player, but he is even better as a trade chip.

      • Streamfisher, great to see an AVs fan point of view on this trade. Thanks for taking the time to share your perspective

      • I with Striker here. Unless someone can post evidence that all the prospects Colorado picked up are NHL duds with little to no possibility of a NHL career how can I stake claim on a winner.

        Colorado may need to obtain quality NHL ready players in the Duchene trade as they went the long route with projects on the O’Reilly trade. But claiming its a lose may very well be premature.

        Perhaps its viewed as a loss due to expectations not realism.

      • Please keep in mind where one “Grigorenko’ is playing this year….KHL. That’s a bust to me.

  5. It’s tight but Detroit could squeeze in under the cap. Cap friendly currently shows them $3,021,212 over the cap, but has 9 D on their current roster, I assume Witokwski will be sent down freeing up 750K & when Fransen is placed on LTIR that will free up another $3,954,545 for a total of 4,702,545 giving them 1,683,333. Will Anthanasiou cost more on a 1 year bridge deal than that?

    The 2 logical players to trade now would be Sheahan at 2.075 & if able Mrazek but that may mean retaining salary, if waived & sent to the minors that would free up another 950K. Coreau has to be waived to be sent down & he might not clear waivers. Will Detroit risk trying to slip him thru early in camp?

    Numerous teams could use a #3 C & Sheahan although he had a bad year isn’t a huge cap hit, is a good skater & has OK faceoff skills.

    • I think they can find a taker for Nyquist. With about a million retained they might get an ok return back as well.
      He might be talented but much like other red wings he played anywhere from the 1st to 3rd line and I’m not convinced that he is a long term fit there. They should use what little name recognition he has left and move him.
      They shouldn’t be worried about moving green either, this team isn’t going anywhere soon.

      Detroit, NJ and Florida will probably be the worst eastern teams this year and I think Detroit wins the race to the bottom .

      • It’s a 2 horse race for me for dead last in the East with Detroit & Florida based on what we know today.

        NJ has made some solid acquisitions, signings & got a solid draft pick that will play. Boyle, Johansson, Mueller, Kapala & Hischier are all going to help a ton. The kids should all be able to contribute more as well, Zacha, Coleman, Wood & Lappin. Even Prout gives them a better depth option at the #6/7 D slot.

        NJ could be much better this year, not a playoff contender but they should hang around & have some distance between them & the other 2. Still almost 2 months to opening night so changes could still be at hand.

      • Nj in a tough division. But somehow i think they will surprise us all.

      • God I hope we do win the race to the bottom. Not sure you all noticed the Hockey News fan poll about team management. DET ranked 29th by fans. I don’t know any Wings fan who understands the modern game who thinks Blashill or Holland are doing anything well. Case in point- why on earth did he have Tats and Gus on the same line. They’re both basically scorers. Tats HAD an edge to his game but that’s gone now. Who does pick retrieval on a line with both? $5 they find a way to bring Vanek back and lose a prospect on waivers again. If they can find a taker for Abdelkader, do it. Lose that awful contract. DDK, trade him as well. Our young guys are every bit as good as DDK.

  6. IF Detroit is that tight then trade Sheahan. Take what ever. Good size and being a former first round pick
    (they are never done) he has some value. Goal scoring…not so much.

    • with the lack of roster players for the AVS I would assume Holland might offer up some of his roster to free up cap space to Sakic. I am just unsure which direction Sakic is going with so many holes to fill.

  7. AZ won’t go get anyone until they have a better idea where they stand with JC’s recovery. He is Young and may heal fast but could also take time recovering in Tucson to not rush back. Therefore it would seem likely they grab a Dman from Detroit or Vegas to fill that gap but that Dman would not generally be a long term solution so an inexpensive contract or a short term one is all they would want.
    I could see them liking Nyquist though and his production on offense. Maybe him and a bad contract for some prospect and pick … Maybe
    According to Craig Morgan he said he does not see them doing anything for a while yet.

    • Would DET take back BOLLAND and put him on IR in any type of deal for Nyqvist? That is a legitimate question to ask….in particular if it is to help DET clear cap space

      Would Nyqvist & Green for Bolland & a conditional 1st (ideally a 2nd rd pick) make sense?