Sunday NHL Rumor Mill – August 27, 2017

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The Matt Duchene summer rumor mill churns on.

Updates on Matt Duchene and Jaromir Jagr in your Sunday NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Darren Dreger recent appearance on Buffalo’s WGR 550 suggesting the trade market could soon heat up for Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. Noting Avs general manager Joe Sakic recently saying he’s listening to trade offers, Dreger believes Sakic is in a position to get something done. That doesn’t mean a trade is imminent, but with other NHL GMs returning from holiday and training camp fast approaching, things could heat up in the next week. 

Dreger noted the Nashville Predators definitely had interest in Duchene during the NHL draft weekend in June (and believes they still do), but they weren’t willing to part with the defenseman Sakic is seeking as part of the return. He believes there are teams willing to part with a young blueliner but not the established top-pairing guy or top prospect. However, that’s a need for the Avs and Dreger feels that hasn’t significantly changed. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s definite interest in Duchene. The Predators certainly could be among them, along with the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Islanders. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Pittsburgh Penguins kicked the tires earlier this summer. However, Sakic seemingly won’t budge off his rumored asking price (young top-four d-man, first-round pick, top prospect and perhaps more). Until he either finds a club willing to meet it or finally lowers it, Duchene won’t be going anywhere. 

CBS SPORTS: Cody Benjamin cites agent Petr Svoboda, who represents UFA right wing Jaromir Jagr, telling Vancouver’s News 1130’s Rick Dhaliwal he’s “working around the clock and will get something done.” Benjamin notes the Florida Panthers, Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings all reportedly have no interest in signing the 45-year-old future Hall of Famer. Svoboda declined to comment on rumors linking Jagr to the Calgary Flames. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While there’s concern over Jagr’s age, declining foot speed and how his production declines over the course of a long season, an NHL club in need of experienced depth at right wing could ink him to a one-year, bonus-laden deal. Perhaps a club in need of help on the power play, such as the San Jose Sharks, might take a chance on him. 



  1. Wow, yet another Duchene trade article. Maybe instead of reprinting the same article ad nauseum the media could wait until Sakic actually does something before rewriting the same column over and over?

    Not sure where Jagr will end up but I think he can still contribute especially on a decent powerplay.

    • Yes, I completely agree. Getting sick of it. I can’t believe the asking price though. Duchene is a good player but no way in the world is he worth that much. A top pairing defenseman maybe, a 1st round pic or a top prospect certainly, but not both.

      • The next story should be, “How long will ownership wait before firing Sakic for screwing up two big trades in a row?”
        The guy is over his head. He made a bad deal with Buffalo and now wants to make up for it with the next one.
        He’s a great hockey player, but a bad GM.

    • Darren Dreiger has been fanning this rumour for almost a year.

      Has moved from reputable broadcaster to rumour mongerer.

      • I suppose it’s tough when you’re a one-sport “authority” and are expected to come up with a topic when appearing on radio/tv in the dog-days of summer when there’s virtually NO news on any front.

      • Yes, I would rather read the poorly written biased opinions of Striker over Gus Dreger. Not.
        Dreger and McKenzie have been and continues to be the most reliable sources in the business.

      • Darren’s not in Mackenzie’s class. Bobby is the best in the business.

        Not sure why Darren has been beating this rumor so hard. It’s odd. Like he has some sort of ax to grind with Colorado, Sakic or both.

      • I suppose he has his own slant on things – much like we do – and has come to the conclusion (as have many of us among the great unwashed) that Sakic is clearly as bad a GM as he was so good as a player. He isn’t the first to show an incapability at that level (or coaching) – and likely won’t be the last. Sutter was a disaster as a GM – but much better as a coach relatively speaking. Gretzky was a complete disaster. Many greats didn’t even try (for various reasons) – the Howes, the Richards, Harvey, Beliveau, Orr, the Hulls, Lafleur, Keon, and on and on.

      • McKenzie and Dreger are NOT the most reliable sources in the business.

        Get your head out of your arse.

      • Delveccio is the main man when it comes to sources!

      • Sakic was actively shopping him so yes you will hear rumors

    • I agree. The media has been trying to force this from day one. And here is Dreger, again antagonistically stirring the pot. He has been on an agenda with this Duchene from the start and is the main culprit behind riling everyone else up. Every time Dreger opens his mouth all the other media open theirs to receive what he regurgitates.

      As far as the Avs go, Dreger has no actual inside information and largely, and maliciously attacks the organization to shake something loose and/or instigate action from Sakic.

      When it comes to the Avs, Dreger needs to shut it.

      • Completely agree about Dreger. Nobody has inside information on that club, and he comes across as bitter to me on anything Avs related.

        I’ve read many people (informed by people like Dreger apparently ) talk about the R$R trade as bad deal for Colorado, and how Duchene’s asking price is unreasonable.
        I find this laughable for a few reasons

        First, everyone conveniently leaves out the reason he was traded in the first place ,R$R and his crazy ass dad demanding 8×8 to sign in Colorado. He isn’t worth that or the 7.5 he’s getting from Buffalo.

        Second, no one watches the Avs so they don’t realize who and what Zadarov is and will be. A huge, hard hitting top 4 D , or JT Compher, a complete 200′ player that is just scratching the surface of his potential. Not to mention AJ Greer who just completed his 1st pro season and made the allstar team in the AHL or Cluran who is entering Notre Dame this season or the Russian (whose name I can’t spell from memory ) who was just named to the national jr team. I personally think Sakic got tremendous value considering that a) a trade had to be made and b)there really was only one team seriously interested

        So back to Duchene and his unreasonable price. Who was the last 26 yr old all star, Multiple Canadian medal winning, 30 goal scoring (two seasons ago) 1st line Center to be traded?

        It doesn’t matter really, Sakic is asking for something very similar for Duchene that he got for R$R. Top 4 D (Zadarov),top prospect (Compher) high end pick (the 2nd round, 32nd that they multiplied into 3 players at the draft)

        The same people who claim he was fleeced in the Buffalo deal are the one’s who claim he’s unreasonable with his Duchene price tag. Which is it? Can’t have it both ways.

  2. Boring…boring ..boring..

    Let’s talk real shop.. Leafs sign Connor Brown for only 2.1 mil /season … 3 year term !!!

    Hainsey and Marleau are here to mentor the young team , proven leaders with some fuel left in the tank ..

    Leafs still need a shutdown defense man.. is still the big “if”

    • Yeah? How is Zadorov working out? How about that Grigerenko? Lol, sakic is a terrible GM

    • JT Compher will never be a top 6 player. He’s not a natural scorer.

      • I don’t agree with never, unlikely if you’re on the cynical side. But we’ve only seen 22 games from him. There is still room for growth. He isn’t a goalscorer but his past two seasons between talented line mates were dominant in their respective leagues. He sees the ice well and can distribute the puck effectively. He has a high hockey IQ and a very determined fore and back check.

        If his ceiling is defensive 3rd line center who kills penalties,that doesn’t change anything I’ve said previously

  3. I never viewed Hainsey as a mentor, he finally made playoffs last season and was fortunate to win a Cup. It’s not like he has a drawer full of Stanley Cup rings to support his value.

    Marleau was a core player on teams that routinely underachieved in playoffs. This isn’t like signing Bourque and Messier

    • I think most rational fans would agree with that 4th Hanson Brother. But the simple fact is, with such a large fan-base (probably AMONG the biggest behind any pro sports franchise) there will always be that element who – unlike those who see potential hunks of coal for varying reasons (age, term, etc) – regard ANY acquisition by the Leafs as a disguised diamond.

      And the media goes out of its way to feed that element, not to mention the sponsors of the various shows or those that place ads in their newspapers, since they, too, are consumers.

      It’s just the nature of the beast.

      • Raises an interesting question…which North American pro team has the most fans (by total head count)?

        I would think the Yankees are #1, but after that I’d guess a pretty close race between the Knicks and Maple Leafs for #2. And most Knick fans probably wouldn’t admit to it right now, so Leafs are probably second.

      • With Boston having close to 4.8 million metro pop, and taking into account MOST of New England not to mention Atlantic Canada where Boston teams have always had huge followings, I’d say the Patriots and Red Sox rank right up there with the top bunch. LA and Chicago might also be high up on the list if they didn’t both have multiple pro sports teams – and even then the Dodgers have to be among the top.

      • Blue Jays have more fans than the Leafs. They are s true national team with support right across Canada.

      • Cowboys’ fans are everywhere. Usually not the most intelligent people in the room.

      • Dallas Cowboys by a mile. NHL teams aren’t even in shouting range.

      • And with the leafs being so popular you will always have haters that no matter what they do it will never be good in the haters eyes haha

      • And with a large fan base comes a larger hater base

      • Is Manchester United in this conversation?

      • I know I live right in Maple Leafs/ Red Wings country and I can’t stand either team and never could. The pride that maple leaf fans have in masochistically supporting such a poorly performing franchise blows my mind. How do you pay such high ticket prices for such an inferior product? Obviously they have something going the last year but that doesn’t make up for the 50 years before that. It’s only going to inflate those prices even more. Geographically the next closest NHL city is Pittsburgh and that’s been my team team for a long time now. I guess what I am trying to say is that there are a lot of hockey fans in leaf country that are not leaf fans. And the leafs deserve it.

      • Black n gold travels baby!

    • Marleau was a core player who routinely overachieved in the playoffs.

      • 4th Hanson Brother, as a lifelong Cowboys fan I would like to challenge you to an IQ test. I HATE how so many sports fans are blinded by they’re biases. To me, they’re not the most intelligent people in the room.

  4. I still think there is a chance we see a huge deal before the season if Joe Sakic can ever figure out how to tie his shoes.

    The Hurricanes are the best fit in terms of need and assets* to send back for a Duchene trade. But if they get him, they aren’t keeping Jordan Staal, too.

    And bringing back Jordan to be the 3c would be such a Rutherford move.

    *But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Columbus make a deal for Duchene. The Avs AHL coach knows many of the Jackets AHL players and the Avs GM loves to acquire AHL level talent. So, I could also see a deal where Sakic and Bednar try to rebuild the Cleveland Monsters into an NHL team and ruin the Avs for the next decade.

    • Habs and Canes need centers, Duchene would fit in either location. Hanifin would be a good piece going to Colorado. Montreal does not have the young defenseman to spare to ship to the avs.

    • Just stop. Just stop it already with this Sakic is a bad GM stuff.

      Sakic made a couple of bad trades very early in his job. (The Ryan O’Rielly trade is going to be a win for the Avs)

      But since Roy went crying all the way home, Sakic has done a pretty good job in a year. The state of the Avs this year can be squarely set on Roy’s shoulders. He ruined that team, not by the least of which he took a promising young team and sent it back to the dark ages and derailed it’s rise upward. Roy ruined these young players. That was Avs fans biggest fear. He ruined their confidence and when he bailed like he did it was the final disabling strike. Their is a reason why Roy does great in his first year behind the bench, then finds little success beyond that. And those of you who think Roy would have been a better GM might want to take a more discerning look. He doesn’t have the “cool” for it. And his ego has shown exactly what happens when people get in the way time and again. He is far too immature and childish to have the necessary long term success as a coach or GM at this level. After awhile he would push his ego to the point where other GMs, alone, would have none of it.

      Everyone who keeps touting the opinion that Sakic is a bad GM simply hasn’t actually assessed the job he has done in its entirety. Everyone is just being obstinate based on malicious beats of the same drum the media keeps playing ad nauseum and that the anticipated excitement of the trade hasn’t happened yet. Everyone who insists on joining the chorus without an educated opinion of the facts is chipping away at their own integrity and effectiveness on these sites with their peers.

      It is just plain obstinence when you won’t budge off your own ignorant statements by not looking for yourself and forming your own basis of belief on what YOU learn.

      I wouldn’t take exception to any opinion that was formed intelligently and personally. But the insistence on blindly reverberating others opinions over and over again, ad nauseum, is far more irritating than any media story loop.

      • Anyone who sticks up for sakic as a gm needs to stop, I’m a huge sakic fan as a player and professional but as a gm he is as bad as Gretzky as a coach. Some hockey guys just need to stick to the ice

  5. Wow…pretty arrogant to assume Leads are second among franchises with no mention of Habs at all. MG, your bias is showing.

    You Leaf fans crack me up. I’m surprised you haven’t petitioned the league to have the Laffs renamed: The Toronto Centre of the Universe.

    • I’m a Penguins fan from Pittsburgh.

      Go on…

      • That brings up an interesting point – being from the state, is there any feel for fan preference in Pennsylvania between the Flyers and Penguins?

        I remember when the Nordiques were around it really split fan loyalty in Quebec between them and the Habs. Toronto and the GTA would be equally split eventually if and when the GTA ever got a second franchise.

      • Pretty straight forward east/west split.

        The Pens are the “local” team for more of the map but southeast PA has way more people.

        The Pens kind of stole the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton market by putting the AHL team there.

        Regarding the Blue Jays vs. Leafs, what % of Canadians are baseball fans compared to hockey fans…I’d think the Leafs still have more fans ultimately.

      • Never did see any such % breakdown based on polls. But where the Blue Jays are concerned, for the past 3 years they have played their final 2 spring Grapefruit League games (against different opponents each year) at the Big O in Montreal, and each year have averages 50,000 fans for each game. If and when Montreal ever gets a team (rumors have Tampa Bay as a possibility to move north), and they’re renamed the Expos, you’d see a sudden surge of Canada-based fans switch allegiance in a hurry. Especially here in Ottawa where there was always a regular 2 hour trek to Montreal’s Jarry Park and then Big O before they took the team to Washington. The Jays missed the boat here when they decided not to place their Triple A team in Ottawa (the Lynx were Montreal’s AAA team for a number of years).

      • I’m simply saying to have the Knicks ahead of MTL? Are you serious? The CH is a globally recognized sports logo with an equally global fan base. I can see a legit argument for T-O. But to not even include MTL IN the discussion. Please.

      • The last poll across Canada had the Habs having more fans than the leafs

  6. Where ever the Leafs, Blue Jays or Raptors rank in NA in Canada they’re spoon fed continuously by the media always looking to garner inside favours. Speaking from that part of the country that suffers this continuous bombardment. I some times dream of equal footing in Canada but it ain’t going to happen. It ends up as a imposed divide in the country, even the CBC which is supposed to a “National” media outlet can’t get out the way of it’s own internal bias. The poster that suggested the Blue Jays was the true National team of Canada…. buddy you don’t and I suspect never will understand the division that statements such as that produce.

    • The Jays and the raps are the only candian teams in those leagues… how could they not be considerd Canada’s team … by default they are

      • Btw Lyle … been reading this site for years and years … best rumour site on the web … great convos about hockey and keep up the good work appreciate your hard work … much respect from Newfoundland ol boy hahah

      • Until the expos return 😉

    • Interesting insight here. Thanks for a perspective I hadn’t looked at. I have always found interest in societal relationships and Dynamics of any kind.

    • That seems a little little over the top Fred65. Chill dude it’s sports not national policy, and this isn’t the site for that discussion. Continuous bombardment? Don’t read it, don’t click on it, or change the channel if you are tired of it. Stop playing the victim. It is your choice.
      The Jays are the closest thing to a team embraced by our great nation for the simple reason it is the only MLB team we have.
      Man I am sick of whiners.
      Go Riders!

  7. Just maybe a blockbuster is brewing and that is why it taking so long . Duchene and Barrie

    • That would come as a shock (and a pleasant surprise to liven things up). But I ain’t holding my breath.

    • Jagr said NO to:

      New Jersey
      Los Angeles

      Teams that said NO to Jagr:

      Pittsburg (Mario said NO)

      Teams interested and negotiating:

      Calgary (Ex coach wants him)
      San Jose


      • That gave me a warm and welcome chuckle Delvecchio. I don’t know how credible you are, but I always enjoy your updates. Keep em’ commin’.

      • “Insults are the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position trying to appear confident.”

        Here’s a grammar freebie – it’s “you’re”

      • Why didn’t you break the brown signing delvecchio , you seem to think your more reliable and up to speed than Darren and Bob . Maybe try adding a source or any credible piece of information behind your pointless statements when you put them out like you are an anonymous gm .

      • I really never come to this site to see posters try and place themselves above others with insults and ideas on head placement. As an old Blackhawks fan, we used to can Alex Delvecchio, “fats’ because he looked out of shape.
        Your needless insults here seem far greater as they serve no purpose to OUR discussion.

  8. Jaromír Jágr would be awesome addition to any team as a power play player and star attraction to bring new fans.

  9. Triple A baseball didn’t work in Ottawa. The Jays were wise to stay away. It’s a gorgeous ballpark though, I was there Friday night.

    Too small of a town and too many games to go to, even when they were winning it didn’t work. Ottawa fans are fickle and cheap. Gouge us in the ECF Melnyk? Fine, we won’t go.