Sunday NHL Rumor Mill – August 6, 2017

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John Tavares has yet to re-sign a contract extension with the NY Islanders.

Latest take on John Tavares’ contract status and updates on the Minnesota Wild in your Sunday NHL rumor mill.

 NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks takes another look at the contract stalemate between John Tavares and the New York Islanders. Noting Tavares’ insistence that he wants to remain an Islander, he observes Ryan Callahan said the same thing about the NY Rangers during the final season of his contract and wound up dealt to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Brooks speculates the future of the Islanders “from the standpoint of either personnel or absence of an identifiable future and permanent geographic location, if not both” could explain why the Isles captain hasn’t re-signed yet. While Tavares’ situation is being compared to that of Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos before he re-signed with the Lightning, Brooks points out the Islanders lack the recent playoff success and low state tax the Bolts enjoy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The speculation about Tavares’ future has only just begun. It will ramp up significantly if he hasn’t re-signed when training camp opens next month and will persist throughout the upcoming season. 

While it’s easy for fans and pundits to compare Tavares’ contract situation to those of comparable stars, each has their own unique issues to deal with.  As Brooks notes, the direction of the Islanders on the ice and their arena issues are probably significant factors. If so, it’s understandable why he could prefer taking a “wait-and-see” approach to next season.

In Stamkos’ case, it’s worth noting that, despite the Lightning’s 2015 run to the Stanley Cup Final and to the 2016 Eastern Conference Final and Florida’s low taxes, he still waited until almost the last minute before re-upping with the Bolts. And as Brooks pointed out regarding Callahan, the Rangers unwillingness to give him a no-trade clause was a deal breaker.

Tavares is at a key point in his career. He’s 26, in his playing prime and wants to play for a Stanley Cup champion. His next contract will be an expensive long-term deal. The Isles will undoubtedly open the vault for him so I doubt money and term are the issues here.  If he’s going to invest the next eight years in the Islanders, he probably wants to ensure they’re building toward a championship. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo recently reported Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher recently indicated he’s hopeful of having enough salary-cap space left after re-signing restricted free agent Marcus Foligno to add another player via free agency. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild currently have just over $3 million in salary-cap space. Foligno earned $2.25 million last season with the Buffalo Sabres. Re-signing him will use up most of that cap room unless Fletcher sheds some salary. Early last month, it was reported the Wild has interest in UFA center Matt Cullen but there’s been nothing new on his status since then. 



  1. Tavares will not be going to the Leafs! So let’s dispense with that talk right off the top of the morning! Thank you.

    • Not only that, but Brooks comparing the Callahan situation to Tavares and, ostensibly, their respective importance to the Islanders and Rangers,borders on ludicrous. The similarity begins – and ends – with the fact both were in a contract year and saying they want to remain with their teams. There are probably hundreds of similar cases in THAT regard over the years with just as many of them actually re-signing. The HUGE difference is, few of them are in the class of a Tavares or Stamkos.

      Callahan’s best year was 6 years ago when he scored 29 goals. Tavares has never been under 24 and more often than not has been 28 and up.

      • As for the Rangers refusal to give Callahan a NTC, that was one of the smartest moves ever made by the organization. He got one in TB and you have to think they’re second-guessing themselves.

      • Brooksie has a tendency to over value Rangers. Bozak straight up for Holden? Sure! Most GM’s aren’t as stupid as Haps trade for Gomez.

    • When Callahan was asking for 6 per for 6 years it was time to pull the plug. And as usual Brooks gets this whole story wrong again. Ny and Callahan never could see eye to eye on the dollar amount alone. So the ntc wasn’t really even the nail. Shorty before he was traded , I mean hours, it was being heavily reported that the were a few hundred thousand and a couple of years apart. Next thing reported was he was gone!

      Ny gave up WAY too much in that deal. Callahan a 1st and a conditional 2nd ( that became another 1st ) was a hefty price for a fading St. Louis. But honestly I make that trade 100 times out of a 100 times to rid myself of Dustin Brown part deux.

    • Tavares to the leafs? I can’t wait to tell my friends!

    • Did you see Toronto signing Marleau? I suspect not. If he (JT) becomes a UFA and the only cost is money and term, for one of the best players in the NHL, you are going to listen. But no they are not going to trade for him.

  2. Larry Brooks should stick speculating about his Rangers. His articles are fantasy to begin with. He has no pulse the Tavares situation.

    That being said, there is not an Islander fan out there that does not understand JTs wait and see approach. No do we fault him for it.

  3. I am thinking 8 for $10 AAV for JT . Done and done.
    Isles have 3 young guns they need to get into the line up on a regular basis. Ho Sang, Barzal and Da Colle

  4. Both Stamkos and Taveres pay CANADIAN taxes wherever they play! Tax is not an issue.

    • I think you’re confused. They pay the taxes were turned.

    • Theya also eat canadian food whereever they play… not an issue.

  5. Bruins should put together a package starting with Pasternak to try and get Tavares. I can’t see him wanting to stay there. Bees have lots of young players to possibly do something

    • ccrob…That’s true Boston could offer Pasternak + Brando Carlo and a number one pick or prospect…

      • Thats what Im thinking as well, there is a chance he wants out of Bklyn–Would be a great fit in a lot of places –why not Boston?