Updates on John Tavares & Thomas Vanek – August 30, 2017

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John Tavares’ future with the New York Islanders remains uncertain.

Check out the latest on New York Islanders captain John Tavares and former Detroit Red Wings forward Thomas Vanek. 

YAHOO SPORTS: Greg Wyshynski cites Newsday’s Arthur Staple claiming sources contradict a report out of Montreal claiming John Tavares rejected an eight-year, $84-million contract extension from the New York Islanders.

Staple said the two sides have barely talked numbers and money isn’t an issue. Tavares wants to see how things progress with the club, including its bid to construct a new arena on land in Belmont Park, before committing to a new deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tavares is eligible next July for unrestricted free agency. There’s still plenty of time for the two sides to get a deal done, but the Isles performance this coming season and efforts to build a new arena are obvious factors that will determine if he make a long-term commitment with them. If Tavares re-signs, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets something around eight years and $84 million. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Despite the Red Wings’ salary-cap issues, Helene St. James reports they’re “still in the possibility range for winger Thomas Vanek, according to his agent Steve Bartlett, who also said interest in his client is increasing around the league. The Wings signed Vanek last season to a one-year, $2.6 million contract and dealt him before the trade deadline to the Florida Panthers. The club still have to re-sign restricted free agent winger Andreas Athanasiou.

St. James notes several Wings who underwent offseason surgery (Tomas Tatar, Luke Glendening, Ryan Sproul) might not be ready for the start of the season and could go on long-term injury reserve, providing the Wings with some cap relief. A trade or demoting one or two younger players could also open up some cap room. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek and the Wings have been in contact since early-July. While there’s obviously mutual interest in his return to Detroit, he probably won’t wait very long. With training camps opening in two weeks and other clubs (such as the Vancouver Canucks) starting to show some interest in Vanek, the Wings won’t have much time to sort this out.



  1. I don’t believe for a second that Tavares cares enough about the Isles building a new arena to let that be an obstacle to his signing a $10-million-per-year contract. If he says that it is, he’s probably trying to politely placate his team and the public by obscuring his true feelings, which are that he’d rather play elsewhere, and for a team that has a better chance of winning the Cup during his career.

    • I dont see him resigning with the islanders…maybe I’m wrong ! I think Toronto or some hockey market that has tradition and can pay him.

      • I doubt the Leafs have heavy interest here. They don’t have unlimited money to pile on monster contracts.
        Their need is a top pairing defenseman, finding one is a whole other topic

    • I think it has some bearing on his signing there. It’s a fiasco, and the Barclays Center last year had brutal ice. Playing on bad ice sucks.it might not be a big part of it, but I bet it still does contribute

      • Last season I also heard that there are issues with their practice facility.

  2. Detroit isn’t the only team with 0 cap space left. They have 21 NHL players signed and 45 contracts at a cap hit of $78,021,212 – or $3,021,212 over. The Leafs are just ahead of them with 23 NHL players and 47 contract for a cap hit of $79,579,167 – or $4,579,167 over. Dallas is 3rd with 24 NHL players and 46 contracts for a cap hit of $75,196,355 – or over by $196,355 , while Chicago has 22 NHL players signed and 46 contracts for $75,034,795 – over by just $34,795.

    Each has, I’m sure, plans in place to rectify that but regardless of how they do it none has left themselves any appreciable wiggle room. Interest is the fact that notorious “budget” team Ottawa sits 13th in the league with 22 NHL players signed and 45 contracts with a cap hit of $70,187,500 and wiggle room of $4,812,500. Behind them to widely varying degrees in order are Philadelphia (20 NHL players – 46 contracts – wiggle room of $5,140,833), Las Vegas, Nashville, LA, Buffalo, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal (23 NHL players – 46 contracts – wiggle room of $8,462,023), San Jose, Boston, Florida, Colorado, Columbus, Carolina, New Jersey and Arizona (20 NHL players – 45 contracts – wiggle room of $19,289,620!)

    • NJ has 18 and 1 rfa and two of them will be on the ir list Zajac and Clowe freeing up anther 10,500,000 this team still need a whole line. looks like it’s going to be a tough year for NJ again.

    • Also George, not sure if you know this but Ottawa came within one goal of beating Pittsburgh. Ottawa is best

    • Wow! God forbid the guy that calls everyone else a homer lets a day go by without the Senators being mentioned somewhere on this site. They owe you a salary for your constant advertising of their products.

      • George was simply mentioning salary cap situations around the league. If someone is offering monetary compensation for team advertisement, can I sign up? I post about the Red Wings everyday.

      • Easy now. It’s hard to find topics to discuss this time of year. More power to George to try to dredge up something to talk about.

      • Coming from Deeeeeee who would bring the Pens into a conversation about football? Seriously?

    • Absolutely the General Managers will have a plan. This was a common occurrence for Stan Bowman. It usually cost him a very good young player everytime. Holland however doesn’t have much talent to dispurse to help the current situation unless Mantha or others like him leave to help him out of the proverbial between a rock and a hard place. Personally I wish Holland was stuck with Datsyuk’s contract last year, therefore being unable to sign Neilsen and having much more flexibility this season. However hindsight is 20/20.

      • Ahh Bcola, that’s ok. I now just ignore anything and everything to emanate from certain unnamed (and always gloating) Penguins fans.

      • Your ignoring powers are, I must say, absolutely studly, feel free to gloat anytime

      • LMAO. What really gets me is the statement “the guy that calls everyone else a homer lets a day go by without the Senators being mentioned somewhere on this site.”

        In the interest of accuracy the last comment I made about anything related to Ottawa – other than the above – was on Aug 25 when I made a brief reference to the death of Bryan Murray. Before that you have to go back to Aug 10 when I made a brief comment about Oduya’s potential role on the D in reference to his signing by the Sens, and one brief comment saying it would be nice to see the Sens land Zetterberg for a year. That’s it. Hardly prolific and hardly “homer.”

        In the same stretch there have been 17 references to the Pens – some mini-book length – most by the usual suspects.

        My advice to that kind of crap? Before you judge me make sure you’re perfect.

      • Holy free-time-on-hands Batman…

      • Well, Taz, when you’re pushing 80 you do tend to have a lot of “free” time. Gotta admit, I was taken aback by that “hardly a day goes by” crack since I knew damned well it wasn’t true. So I scanned back to Aug 10. Along the way to now, as NYR4Life points out, you-know-who barely let a day go by without something about the pens, often when the subject mater didn’t concern them at all! That had to be the height of hypocrisy.

      • hahaha, just messing with you George.
        I thought I would declare this as Troll-a-George day but things got busy at work. I’ll save that distinction for another time.

      • And like a hungry pike, I’ll probably bite. All good fun.

    • LTIR

      While not of ton of space, the Leafs are ok.

  3. Speaking of Holland once again…David Booth to a PTO…there goes holland again …disaster.