Updates on the Sabres & Red Wings – August 13, 2017

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All quiet on the Evander Kane trade front.

Another look at how the Detroit Red Wings can become salary-cap compliant plus the latest on Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane. 

FANRAG SPORTS: Chris Nichols cited TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger’s Friday appearance on Buffalo’s WGR 550. Asked if there were any new trade rumors regarding Sabres left wing Evander Kane, Dreger said there wasn’t any necessarily any trade buzz about the 26-year-old, though things usually slow down at this time of year. He said he doesn’t know if Sabres general manager Jason Botterill is getting any calls on Kane. 

Dreger said the assumption is a team in “win-now” mode would have the most interest in Kane. Those who’ve kicked the tires likely want to see how he starts this season. If he plays well, his trade value should improve. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. That will play a critical role in determining where he finishes the 2017-18 campaign. A strong effort on his part will certainly bolster his trade value but could also make the Sabres keen to retain him, depending of course on what he’s looking for in a new contract. If Kane is keen to test next summer’s free agent market and the Sabres are out of playoff contention by February, that’s when I think he’ll get dealt. 

MLIVE.COM: During a recent mailbag segment, Ansar Khan explored several options the Detroit Red Wings face to get under the $75 million salary-cap ceiling for this season. The Wings currently sit over $3.9 million above the cap ceiling. While they’ll get some cap relief by placing sidelined winger Johan Franzen ($3.95 million cap hit) on long-term injury reserve, that won’t leave enough to re-sign restricted free agent Andreas Athanasiou.

Rather than trade a roster regular such as Darren Helm, Riley Sheahan or Mike Green to clear cap space, Khan suggested they could try to waive someone. Regarding Green, he carries a $6 million annual cap hit and is eligible next summer for UFA status, Khan speculated they won’t move him until the trade deadline if they’re out of the playoff picture by then. He notes Green is their only offensive presence on the blueline.

Moving Helm and his $3.85 million cap hit over the next four seasons could mean picking up part of that cap hit, which the Wings could be less inclined to do. If Ryan Sproul hasn’t recovered from his knee injury, he could be placed on LTIR to start the season. Barring that, Khan could see the Wings either trading or waiving him.

Khan also doesn’t see the Wings trying to boost their offense by pursuing UFA right wing Jaromir Jagr. If they can clear the cap space he sees them trying to bring back winger Thomas Vanek, but doubts either guy will be playing for Detroit. He doubts the Wings will be able to woo New York Islanders center John Tavares if he hits the open market next summer, believing he’d want to join a team on the upswing.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wings GM Ken Holland is expected to wait until September before taking whatever steps he has in mind to free up some cap room. Khan makes some interesting points regarding Green, Helm and Sheahan, though I wouldn’t fully dismiss the possibility of Sheahan getting dealt if push comes to shove. It’ll be interesting to see how Holland gets out of this fix. 



  1. Does anybody know the history behind why the Penguins do not re sign Jagr? I think it would be an amazing way for him to end his career. I generally am not in favour of older players hanging on too long but at a 62 point production at 45 years of age how does he hurt this team? This would be a story for the ages seeing Jagr book end a career with Cups in Pittsburgh first with Lemieux, Francis and co and then with Crosby, Malkin and co. I mean he is still as effective as say Cullen or Bonino, not to take away anything from those two. I am sure the fans in Pittsburgh would love it! I bet he could play with Crosby or Malkin.

    • I follow Pittsburgh right now because the Canadian teams (Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Toronto specifically) are still a step or two away from providing Canadian hockey fans what we deserve; a BUNCH of Cups! Until then Crosby is the best show on ice and to see him win Cups with Lemieux’s former right-hand man would be historic! New Jagr jerseys in Pittsburgh would jump off the racks!

      • Steven as a Canadian, I personally be happy to see Montreal go thru the same drought as the leafs. Never understood the attachment to another hockey city just because it’s in Canada. I cheer for team Canada in international play, but I don’t look for the team with the most Canadiens on it when the Bruins are eliminated.

    • Likely it is because of his foot speed or lack of. With the current model of teams generating offense through four lines with speed the place for Jagr in most lineups has diminished. If he had a more defensive aspect to his game then he would have more perceived value.

      It is unfortunate because he is a beast and has many other great attributes. I feel he would still be a great asset in a bottom six role and hope he finds somewhere for at least one more season.

    • Sure its great for nostalgia and perhaps marketing purposes, but what benefit is there bringing Jagr back to Pittsburgh? They are pretty set on their top six wingers. On the right is Kessel and Hornqvist, and on the left is Guentzel and Sheary. Adding Jagr forces one of them down to a third line role, or putting Jargr himself on the third line which I’m sure we’ll all agree is not what he’d want to do with whoever he signs with. What Pittsburgh needs is a third line center.

      • Didn’t Sheary play RW with Crosby & Guentzel when that line was put together?

        I don’t sign Jagr if Pit. Jagr wants way to much money & a top 6 role. Yes he has numerous attributes but his foot speed left him about a decade ago.

      • jagr would allow them to trade horny or rust for a third line center.

        steven… the answer is that he left Pittsburgh with somewhat dubious public behavior. the team was in terrible financial straights with owners bunkrupt etc, and team wasnt able to pay to play with the big boys. fans still felt he was betraying them but would have been ok with him wanting out if he wasnt so public about it. His famous qoute that he was dying alive in pittsburgh didnt sit well… it also may have hurt the return patrick got for him though 3 top 35 picks ALL not panning out seems like bad luck. Jagr wasnt known as the friendliest man either (man made millions of dollars and only tipped a 16 year old me 1$ after delivering him his pizza…jerk). the big thing came with the return to the nhl. several stories out of europe had him wanting to return to the pens at a cheap rate, make things right, blah blah blah. Now Jagr never really was quoted saying this stuff, I blame most on his agent, Petr Svboda. So Jagr wanted paid for his services, more than the pens could or would give him (cant blame the man) and went to rival philly…. leaving a public image of egg in mario’s face (who will always be THE MAN in pittsburghers eyes) and sent the fans into a tizzy. There are still fans who wouldnt want him on the team because of who he is, not because of speed, etc. thats the long and short of it.

      • striker Jagr is quoted in the hockey news as being willing to accept middle six type minutes. no public quotes about salary though. I’d offer him 3 mil, trade horny for a center and hope cullen comes back. 1 mil for cullen would leave about 2.5 – 3 mil for another center returned for horny.

      • The Pens don’t sign Jagr because they don’t need him and have too many wingers as it is. He also doesn’t match the archetype in that they like speed on the wings. They also have 4 more wingers that weren’t NHL regulars last year that will be pushing for spots coming out of training camp. Sprong, ZAR, Archibald and Simon could easily win jobs over current guys and could make players like Hornqvist, Hagelen, Wilson, Reeves and Kuhnhackle expendable. They will trade one or likely more for a centre, maybe 2 if Rowney is not their choice for a 4C( nor should he be.) Where does Jagr pencil in on top of all of those guys and why waste the cap space when they finally have some? Hornqvist is not currently top 6 and is UFA at the end of the season and I don’t think they will re-sign him if he wants any kind of raise. I think he’s likely to be the one traded for a 3C like William Karlson from Vegas. I also believe that Daniel Sprong would already be a full time member of the team had he not spent half of last season recovering from labrum surgery. I think he makes the team out of camp because his game has improved a great deal since his 20 game NHL stint as an 18 year old. I also think the plan is to put Kessel on the third line and play it as a 2b line. It will look something like
        Sheary Crosby Guentzel
        Rust Malkin Sprong
        Hagelen 3C Kessel
        Wilson 4C Reeves
        Archibald Rowney Kuhnhackle
        ZAR Blueger Simon
        Even after trading a few of these guys where does Jagr fit in? I think they wait till the middle of training camp and see what they have and then see what they can get and what it will cost. Vegas is the perfect partner because they are looking for futures and prospects and have a lot of depth at centre with Eakin, Karlson, Lindberg, Marchessault, Shipchev, and I think they give Cody Glass every opportunity to make the team this year too. They can take a pick and Hornqvist who they can flip at the TDL for a first. I’m just guessing obviously but I can see them also getting a dman not named Garrison, Sbisa, Engelland, or Stoner in the deal too although the Pens have a ton of depth on D for next year as well.

      • None he is too old too slow, and is a jerk for the team…this team has won 2 Stanley cups in a row why put a cancer on your team…

        anywhere else great he will never wear black and gold again at least not in Pittsburgh..

      • Steven black and gold is exhibit A for the argument against jagr in pburgh. Too much ignorant bias remains. Deeee. Jagr makes sense IF they plan to trade a wing for their third line center. Only then.

    • It was 46 points over 82 games last season for jagr. Who’s spot do you think should be given up for him? Is he gonna get 4th line time?

      • Chrismis…..

        Why in the world would you trade Horny he is so valuable to the Penguins and bring on that cancer Jagr…he may say he will except middle six minutes but trust me he wont …his ego is the size of Manhattan…

        Mario will never let him play for the Penguins after he stabbed Mario in the back after agreeing to a deal and then bolting for Philadelphia in 2012.

      • You are so full of it. There are good arguments against bringing in jagr but the stab in the back crap is bs. Stop embarrassing yourself and the fan base. Jagr will go down as a top 5 player ever and you want to hold some crap against him when he was in his 20’s is bologna. And the philly thing was created by the media and his agent. You are beyond gullible if you believe that crap.

    • I do Steven i’m from Pittsburgh..

      Look Jagr is an amazing player but also a bit of an jerk..When he first left the Penguins he demanded to be traded. He heavily criticized the organization, the fans, and Mario Lemieux. He burned a lot of bridges on his way out the door..yes the Penguins were pretty much forced to trade him for many reasons…but his big mouth rubbed so many people the wrong way.

      He had a chance to right all the wrongs and come home and finish his career with the new Penguins Crosby malkin Letang etc. He gave mario his word he wanted to come home penguins offered him $1.3 million. 1 year deal All but a done deal he told Mario he wanted to come home and then midnight hour last minutes he signs with the Philadelphia Flyers for $3.2 the Penguins arch rivals…I mean there could have been no worse team to fuck the Penguins over. Mario and jim Rutherford will never let him play for the Penguins again he may get his number retired in Pittsburgh but that’s it.. he still gets booed by the news fans to Penguins they never booed Max Talbot when he signed with Philly or Mark Recchi or Brooks Orpik when they came back..

      he is done in Pittsburgh and he only needs to look in the mirror.

      Jagr had his chace in 2012 he blew it let Philadelphia retire his number… this is the truth
      i was there i lived it…

    • Steven… You asked a question about jagr i am giving you the honest truth.I grew up there lived through the whole jagr era there.

      Chrismis wants to call it bias whatever he is an idiot and stupid…Jagr eally burned bridges and the Penguins offered him a chance to come home in 2012 and offered him a contract and a chance to come home and make it right. once again he thumbed his nose at Mario and the Penguins.

      From a hockey standpoint he is too slow and old for the Penguins system period..Cullen can skate the wheels off of him. Look is there bias of course there is the organization has been burned by him so many times.
      So chrismis no offense but you know nothing about the penguins, Pittsburgh, the fans, mario, and the screws jagr has put to them.
      2012 he had the chace to come homeplay with crosby, malkin Letang Fluery etc. and he bolts last minute for pHilly.

      of course there is Bia against him Chrimis you moron that’s why he willnever play again in Pittsburgh.

      when Talbot returned cheers he signed with the Flyers (done the right way though) Orpik returned after signing with the Capitals cheered.. jagr is hated for good reason..you just don’t get it
      I also have friends who work for the pPenguins organization…there is no way jagr will ever be a Penguin

  2. Only thing I can see as an option for Holland is to work with Arizona to swap contracts.
    Take Bolland from AZ and put him on IR to free up 5.5 in cap space and offer up any of their higher cap hit players like Nielsen (5.25), Nyqvist (4.75), Ericsson (4.25), Helm (3.85), Green (6), etc……..

    Now which player swap happens is open to debate but I do not see any other team able to help Holland out, especially without Holland having to give up a high round pick.

    For Arizona I only see Green at 6m/1yr and Nyquist 4.75m/2yr as worth any value to them both in $$ and term.

    Hope Holland finds a way to free up 10 million somehow besides putting Franzen on IR bc the future of DET for the next 5 seasons looks rough from a cap flexibility perspective.

    • Sorry I’m confused by your statement.

      “the future of DET for the next 5 seasons looks rough from a cap flexibility perspective.”

      Why does Det’s cap issues look bad for the next 5 seasons?

      It’s bad today, now but easily wiggled out of with out having to buy their way out. Just trade Sheahan a player no longer required & problem solved.

      A ton of salary is coming off the books after this season & for the next 4 years. Following this season, 2017-18, Green 6 mil & potentially Mrazek an RFA at 4, Mrazek may simply not be qualified if his attitude & game doesn’t improve. That’s 6 to 10 mil in space created.

      The season following, 2018-19, Nyquist, Kronwall & Howard all come off the books, that’s almost 15 mil, Nyquist could be retained & resigned for Tatar type money, 5 & change. 2019-20, Fransen, Ericsson & Dailey 11.37 mil, 2020-21, Zetterberg, Tatar, Helm & Glendening 17.03.

      Detroit is finally starting to rebuild, not a complete tear down as the roster isn’t structured for such but younger players are starting to get to the NHL allot faster than in the past with Detroit.

      The rebuild could be accelerated significantly if Zetterberg is moved next summer. His actually salary drops to 3.35, then 1 & 1 over the last 3 seasons & he has no NTC or NMC. That will appeal to numerous teams in trade.

  3. Lyle or others.

    I know teams can carry less than 23 players once the season starts if desired or required but does the NHL demand a 23 man roster at the roster deadline the day before the season starts?

    • From the NHL Hockey Operations Guidelines:

      “Prior to the start of the season, each Club must submit to the NHL its “Opening Day Playing Roster” which shall be comprised of not more than 23 players. Each Club must have a roster of at least 20 players, composed of 18 skaters and two goaltenders. Players on Injured Reserve do not count in the 23-man limit.”


      • Thanks Lyle.

  4. JAGR to the AVS?? He can surely help Duchene

    • Jagr to North Korea…sounds good…

  5. I would like to see the Wings move Sheehan to the Leafs for prospects and/or picks. Then I would like to see the Leafs move Bozak for prospects and/or picks. Green could go earlier but I see him as a trade deadline move unless a team wants to set their defense for the year. Washington at the deadline would make sense.

    • Prospects and or picks for bozak ? You mean a prospect or a pick ? Is lupul going to force lou’s hand, he seems to want people to know he is healthy amd ready to go ?

    • You think we want Sheahan? That’s hilarious!

  6. Steven…jagr burned so many bridges when he left Pittsburgh the first time criticizing the team, the organization, the fans and Mario lemieux..He had a chance to make it all right, come home, and play with the new Penguins crosby, malkin Letand and company. told Mario i wanna come home..penguins offered him $1.3 million 1 year..out of the blue he goes and signs with Philadelphia of all teams the Penguins biggest rival for $3.2 million once again screwing Mario and the Penguins everyone still boos him he is a great player but an asshole…Lemieux and Rutherford will never let him play in Pittsburgh again..he may get his number retired that’s it…hey maybe Philly can retire his number i was there i lived the Jagr era he burned so many bridges

    no other returning penguin received the venom that Jagr does he screwed a lot of people

    • The thing I’ll never forgive Jagr for was dogging it during the 2001 playoffs.

      That was the team with a top 6 of…

      Jan Hrdina Lemieux Jagr
      Straka Lang Kovalev

      They made it to the ECF despite him not even trying, if Jagr actually played hard, they could have made the Final.

      • They had no d and were riding mooooossseeee but it was a pipe dream.

      • Chrismis you an idiot… i agree with MG jagr dogs it and is a cancer.

  7. Jagr blew it Steven in 2012 when he screwed the Penguins over for the second time and signed with Philly….

    • Oh ok thanks blackngold

  8. The Sabres are in win now mode…they’re not trading Kane.

    If anyone, it’ll be Reinhart…and the money that he was supposed to get, will go to Kane.

    Kane likes Buffalo, he’s been respected, appreciated and treated well there. Both he and his Dad have spoken about that. He wants to stay there, and he knows he’s not finding many centers to play with better than Eichel. (Plus, he and Eichel are VERY close now.)

  9. Caper,
    Hockey belongs in Canada. So to see a Canadian city win the championship makes me happy. If you don’t like what I do I really could care less!