Latest Matt Duchene Rumors – September 22, 2017

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Could Kyle Turris’ contract talks affect the Ottawa Senators rumored interest in Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene?

The Matt Duchene trade rumor mill churns on. Check out the latest.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports there are some around the NHL who feel the Ottawa Senators reported interest in Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene could be a backup plan if contract extension talks with center Kyle Turris don’t go the way the Sens hope.

Turris is an unrestricted free agent at season’s end and is a key part of the Senators’ roster. Dreger’s colleague Bob McKenzie said there’s been preliminary discussions between the two sides. He suspects the Turris camp could seek a seven- or eight-year deal. 

Dreger said Senators head coach Guy Boucher is a big fan of Duchene and believes Boucher is pushing for him. However, the Avalanche’s asking price (a player, a prospect and a pick) remains high. Given recent discussions, that’s not a fit for the Senators at this stage.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited Dreger’s appearance earlier yesterday on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 talking about Duchene’s status. He said there’s nothing new right now and it remains day-to-day.

Dreger said the Senators’ interest in the Avs center has been consistent for about a year now, but doubts GM Pierre Dorion is confident of landing Duchene because of the high asking price. He also believes the Columbus Blue Jackets remain keen and thinks the Nashville Predators have circled back and thinks the Anaheim Ducks “have kind of quietly been pushing as well.”

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Dorion has shown serious interest in Duchene but indications are the Sens and Avs aren’t on the same page in trade discussions. He doesn’t expect to see Duchene in a Senators uniform anytime soon. 

NEWSDAY: Responding to a reader’s question on the New York Islanders’ rumored interest in Duchene, Arthur Staple believes Isles GM Garth Snow hasn’t been aggressive at all pursuing the Avs’ center since the NHL draft weekend in June. Unless the Avalanche lowers their price, he doesn’t see the Isles getting involved. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To summarize: Several teams are very interested in Duchene but the Avalanche’s asking price is too expensive and he won’t be moved until the Avs lower that price. In other words, same crap, different day.

The only interesting wrinkle is how Turris’ contract talks could be a factor in the Senator’s rumored interest in Duchene. Dreger and McKenzie aren’t saying the Senators will shop Turris. However, if his contract talks with the Sens fall apart, it could prompt Dorion to consider Duchene as a possible replacement. 



  1. My only hope is that this drags on for next two years and Duchene walks for nothing in return. Too bad Sakic’s GMing isn’t nearly as sharp as his wrist shot was.

    • I’m curious what Jim Benning would actually cough up for Duchene

      The thought of a
      Duchene-Boeser pairing for the next 2 years is enticing

      Would suck to give up 2018 1st

      • I agree, Boeser is playing great. That would make a good pairing.

    • Actually, playing for two years is what the avs get with that. It’s the same another team would get by trading for him.

      • But not the same insofar as team chemistry is concerned when a player wants to be somewhere else and his teammates know it.

      • Not sure why I can’t reply to you George, but there’s no reply button. Anyway though, I see your point, but it doesn’t seem to be the case so far. In training camp, he’s been smiling, kidding around with teammates and showing great chemistry with Kerfoot and Yakipov. Last nights game was no different, with him on the same line, developing many chances and scoring a goal.

      • Well, he is a pro – as are his teammates – but as the games wear on and they continue to lose more often than they win, that joviality will soon fade away.

    • I wanna first apologize as I am texting this lol.

      Is it safe to say that Sakic turned down Hamonic and a good sum from the islanders which was a fair trade deal imo … and most likely also turned down Sergechev from the Hans in a package …as Bergevin then made that deal for Droiun.

      What in the world is he looking for ….there is no way in he’ll he is getting an Hanafin or Ekblad type D man along with a first rounder and 1 A prospect ….he needs to get his head out of the thin mile high air.

      It took Subban for Weber.

      And it took Johanson out of Columbus to land an up and coming 1 A D man and that was out of positional needs on both sides …not a trade that was published ahead of time….where as every GM knows this is a shit show publicity wise.

      SAKIC has lost all leverage….and GMS who had good deals out there are now gone home.

      Most teams have a number 1 Center now….are they going to sell the farm for a second line center in the cap era who makes $ 6 plus million or equal to or more than the number 1 center who is there all ready??

      And one last thing to add….

      Who ever the GM is now who trades for Duchene …are they going to pony up and get fleeced and be ridiculed for making a terrible deal …because this will how it will look at tho stage on the GM who over pays ….ges going to take a lot of heat !!

      • Well Duchene can play left wing as well. So he doesn’t need to be you 2nd line centre. He can be your 1rst line LW. Depending on depth. It’s where I expect Ottawa to play him if they do pick him up and keep both Turris and Brassard. It is a nice luxury to have, two centres on one line.

    • I have same hope. I feel bad for Duchene, but i hope that he will play great hockey, and then he will say goodbye

  2. That’s the 1st Duchene rumour that makes sense makes sense to me. Anh could use Duchene. Kesler’s gone till Christmas, Lindholm & Vatanen until sometime in November. That’s some serious cap savings via LTIR, they have 3.3 in cap space now & certainly could move another Dman if so inclined.

    Anaheim is a cup contender but these injuries out of the gate are a concern & Duchene would allow Rackell to return to LW on the #1 line & Duchene could slid into Kelser’s spot until his return & then bump Cogliano out of that lines LW spot.

    • What could the ducks offer though? Seems they might need their young D, with other guys being injured.

      • Perhaps they move the injured Vatanen. Or this drags until early November when Vantanen & Lindholm return.

        The long term cap implications are a concern as Getzlaf, Perry & Kelser are making big money now, Silfverberg is going to be due a substantial raise soon; extended next summer with 1 year remaining? & Ritchie will be coming out of his ELC, Manson out of his 2 year bridge deal & Vermette their 3rd line C will be a UFA.

        Finding room for Duchene’s cap hit in 2018-19 might prove challenging.

        I always felt Anh would move Vatanen at some point but not certain they will now having sent Theodore to Vgs.

        I have no idea really what Anh would pay but they could certainly use him & have a significant hole that needs to be filled with Kesler missing the 1st 1/2 of the season.

      • Don’t think Vatanen would interest Colorado. Every thing seems to point to them wanting a young quality D or excellent prospect.

    • Good thing I checked in today. Almost missed the latest Duchene update :p

  3. Turis has held out before. He will demand term and dollars. Maybe send him to Colorado with other lesser assets.

    • Colorado has no interest in turris, they are going younger. That’s one of the main reasons Duchene is the one on the block vs. younger assets.

    • With Turris a UFA in 1 yr does not provide Col much value, unless an extension was worked out. Sakic would want a few more pieces.

      I agree with Striker that Ana makes a lot of sense.

      I think he will be traded in mid/late October.

    • No one wants to negotiate with turris…

      • Turris will sign a new deal with Ottawa … in the meantime this will simply resurrect the “Bobby Ryan wants to go to Philadelphia” (or anywhere else) rumours of a couple of years back.

    • Turis will remain a Sen! The guy plays hard on both ends of the ice and his recent numbers are on par with Duchene’s. The sens brass love him, the fans do too, and he has given no indication that he wants to go anywhere. Remember he has been on a steal of a contract the last few years and is due for a raise.

      • are we watching the same player

  4. Love your same crap, different day comment Lyle. I have been critical of the continuing coverage of this like others. But in your opinion is Duchene a huge upgrade over Turris? I am a hockey fan in general and may not be an expert in any way regarding grading talent but trading for Duchene to make way for cap space and so on if Turris doesn’t sign seems like a lateral move to me. I mean they may have no other choice but sticking to your assets within house might help a team to progress. I think that’s what the Leafs are trying to focus on. Maybe I am way off and Duchene is regarded within the hockey community as a serious upgrade over Turris?

    On another note, I think Boston and Ottawa could really surprise this year.

    • Maybe Dorion see Duchene as an upgrade over Brassard? Maybe he sees him as a Plan B for Turris if contract talks get rough? Maybe he wants to bolster his club’s chances for another deep playoff run? I think he’ll get Turris re-signed so it’s likely more of a depth move. Anyway, if Sakic won’t drop his asking price, Duchene won’t be coming to Ottawa.

      • Lyle.

        Any thoughts on what Ottawa might give up to acquire Duchene?

        I just can’t see the fit. Sakic isn’t taking Ryan or Phaneuf, Ottawa would be crazy to move Ceci, nor do I think they would, Colorado isn’t taking Turris in that scenario, what’s gained just keep Duchene, what’s left to trade to get him?

        I get why Ottawa would want Duchene, he can play C till Brassard returns then fill the void at LW on the 1st or 2nd line behind Hoffman.

        The other concern for me is Ottawa’s internal cap. Sure they get cap relief & collect insurance on MacArthur but Ownership is nothing if not thrifty.

        I’m in the minority, potentially the minority of 1 who thinks Zibanejad was moved for Brassard simply for actual salary savings. Cap hit is 5.5 but his actually salary for last season; 3 mil, & the next 2 only is only 3.5. Still can’t fathom why Ottawa included a 2nd round pick in this deal, NYR got the better player & 6 years younger.

        Zinabejad a 5 years for 5.35 is decent value & baring injury he pops this year. 20 to 25 goals & 60 to 65 points. He is now the #1 C for NYR.

        Would Sakic consider taking Brassard+? Colorado has their own internal cap issues, both are UFA’s in 2 years. The 1 constant in these rumors has been a young established top 4 Dman, Ottawa simply doesn’t have that to trade at present.

      • I don’t see Sakic having interest in Brassard at all. His asking price has remained consistent. A young, top-four d-man (preferably a left-handed shot), a high draft pick and a top prospect, plus perhaps a young forward. Brassard is 30 now and has only 2 years left on his contract. I don’t see him as a fit.

      • Nor do I. I just don’t see a fit with Ottawa. I certainly see the need just not what they pay to make it happen.

      • it’s too bad how Brassard worked out in Ottawa. I personally really liked the game he played and the year he had in New York before getting moved. TBH I think Ottawa got a worse player than they thought they were getting.

      • Brassard played a lot of the season and the playoffs with that injury. Let’s develop a wait-and-see attitude. Besides, it took Ryan (by his own admission) “82 games to get used the Boucher’s system …” Perhaps Brassard also had troble adjusting in addition to playing through pain.

      • I assume Brassard, once healthy & up to speed again will be far better than last season. Not sure why he & Ryan didn’t fit but enough quality wingers in Ott that Brassard should be a 15 to 20 goal 50 to 55 point player at a min.

        I just have Zibanejad being better than that ^ why give up 6 years & a 2nd round pick?

      • Seeing at least 75 games played that is.

      • What are you guys talking about? Brassard had a great year first year with the sens and just took some time getting accustomed to a new system and teammates. He didn’t put up great numbers in the season but was stellar in the playoffs as a two-way until he got injured. He is also a left-handed F/O guy which are in short supply in sens land. Like Turris, he ain’t going anywhere.

      • Guys if Ottawa meets Colorado’s asking price they could certainly negotiate Ryan or Phaneuf in the deal to bring back cheaper assets.

        Sakic may have no interest in either but if he wants his request met he will have to give somehow.

        That being said I don’t think the Sens will meet his price in any circumstance.

  5. I’d be pretty shocked if Turris and Dorion can’t work something out.
    As for Duchene, I’m assuming Sakic wants one or two of either Chabot, White, or Brown. Chabot is a no go, I wouldn’t trade White, and I’d like to see Brown develop. I’d trade Chlapik, Englund, Lajoie, Perron, Harpur, Bowers, Wolanin. The best I’d do is Ceci, Dzingel/Englund, Chlapik. Which I doubt Sakic would accept.

    • I don’t trade Ceci for Duchene. Ceci logged the 2nd most TOI/GP at D for Ottawa last season still has 2 more years to fully develop, just a kid turns 24 in Dec. Trading or developing this quality of Dman is hard & Duchene isn’t worth Ceci for me straight up it would be Duchene +.

      This is a player I really like & have been touting for years. It takes in or around 400 regular season games or 5 to 6 years to fully develop most NHL Dman. Ceci has played 4 years & 284 games. His offense will improve if ever deployed in a PP role which he really hasn’t had the opportunity to do in the NHL & may never, similiar to a player like Hamonic who has shown he can put up points if given PP time.

      Ceci was a big point producer in Jr. If Sakic wants Ceci I hang up.

      • Don’t care WHAT Ceci logged – the muttering around here is, they have the new horses to counter his loss and if that is what it takes (along with a Chlapik and a pick (NOT a # 1) then Dorion wouldn’t blink. We’ll see.

      • I think Dorion & Boucher hold Ceci in much higher regard than you do.

      • As with Methot – for public consumption and in the interest of “political correctness” – of course they do. We’ll see.

      • Ottawa with losing Methot and Karlson on the shelf to start the season they can ill afford to lose Ceci…

      • Those so called horses trot on the Left side. Ottawa would be stupid to give up a right handed D. Specially one like Ceci who has yet to reach his potential. They are already talking about having Phaneuf play the right side. Something I cringe over when thinking about. It worked so well in Toronto after all.

  6. Turris should get 5 to 6 mil per depending upon term. Lower term, higher salary. 7 years at 5.5 seems fair for a player with his skill set, 6 years at 6, 5 years at 6.5 that sort of thing.

    Having just turned 28, 5 to 7 years is doable for what is a solid lower end #1 C. This is not a player Ottawa can afford to lose at this time, Brassard may have to be allowed to walk in 2 years as a UFA but White or Brown will be NHL ready & playing key roles for Ottawa by then.

    As we discussed yesterday George, Dorion’s cap management is going to be on display starting now, as essentially the entire roster & prospect group will all be up for contract renewals in the next 3 years. The 2 longest contracts on Ottawa’s books at now are Ryan, 5 years & Phaneuf with 4 years remaining.

    Not everyone will be able to stay some players will have to be moved to stay cap compliant down the road, Brassard for sure. It will be interesting to watch Dorion lock in Ottawa’s future core.

    • Or trade Brassard at some point prior to his becoming a UFA. Lots of time to make that decision leading right up to the trade deadline of his final season depending upon whether Ottawa is a playoff bound team or not.

    • Why all the talk about Sens being involved tho. Ott didn’t even send a scout to last nite game with Col-Dal
      According to Adrian Dater scouts from

      But nobody from Ott.

      Van scout Brett Henning takes in alot of Avs games as there were rumoured interests in Barrie and Landeskog last year.

      I’m curious as to what Benning would be willing to part with to get Duchene. Not saying Matt would be the saviour but he would sure help alot with Henrik Sedin aging out. Also allows Horvat to solidify himself as a 2nd line center.
      Fans would drool over Duchene-Boeser pairing too.
      I think most fans would be ok with losing one of Tanev or Hutton but would cringe at losing 2018 1st.
      One thing we can all agree on is any team getting Duchene will get a highly motivated player that can finally concentrate on playing hockey than hear his name dragged thru rumours for another year. Ya these guys are professionals but everyone has a breaking point

      • JB has sniffed around for Barrie.
        Thats not happening.
        Maybe Landeskog is his latest & cheaper to swing a deal. Idk how Duchene enters into who has what scouts where? Do they wear Duchene jerseys to spell out who they r watching?

        Spitballing yes but its a Duchene circus

      • GMs need a scout to tell them what Duchene can do? Where have they been – on the frikken moon? If there werew that many scouts there they weren’t looking at Duchene.

  7. The Isles can do a Duchene trade and actually match up fairly well. Thye have an excellent Dman prospect in Devon Toews, and the 1st and 2nd round picks received from Calgary in the Hamonic trade. The Avs would have to take on Kulemin’s contract for this year. That said, if a solid D prospect, a number 1 and a number 2 aren’t enough for Sakic, you move on.

    • If rumors are to be believed Sakic wants a young established top 4 Dman, Toews doesn’t meet that requirement & until he has shown his abilities at the NHL level which aren’t happening anytime soon they best move on then as I don’t see Toews & 2 picks getting it done.

      NYI has 8 Dman on their roster now, all need to clear waivers. 5 of them were protected for the expansion draft. Leddy, Boychuk, Pulock, Pelch & Hamonic, then NYI paid Vgs not to select de Haan or Nelson.

      Toews is at least 1 year away from seeing more than a cup of coffee in the NHL & hard to determine his future at that level yet. No prospect site has him ranked that high. Even on NYI’s prospect list in the Future watch, published last February he is NYI’s 7th best prospect.

      I haven’t seen him play as yet so I defer to those who grade prospects for a living.

  8. Is there anyone out there who feels the statement “Riley Sheahan sucks” is wrong? If so, why?

    • No I’m definitely on board with that statement. Not worth Pouliot and not worth sacrificing the cap space we have for him. Adam Johnson, Teddy Blueger, and Carter Rowney are my picks for bottom 6 centres. With McClement and McKegg on 2 way contacts and playing if injuries make it neccessry, JS Dea too although he might have more luck if he plays the wing.

      • If all it takes is a failed prospect in DP who doesnt crack the top 6 and has to pass through waivers I say give it a shot to see if last year was an outlier. his shooting percentage was abysmally low and that aught to regress to the mean somewhat. As far as Johnson goes… does Ty Loney ring a bell? love he is having a great camp but marinating in ahl is likely best. I would take sheahan and shoot for youth over oldielocks mcclement any day. ultimately though if sheahan is the man it would have to be cheap like DP or a mid round prospect and it would have to be with the caveat that pens are still looking at the position as the season progresses. maybe johnson pulls a guentzel in the minors and can make the move up as the season goes on.

      • I’m just not ready to quit on Pouliot and if he becomes a star for my home town team the Wings that I hate as much as the Leafs, Flyers and Bruins I will not be able to go anywhere without wings fans giving me excrement for throwing him away for such a poor return. Send him to the Avs or the knights or anywhere else just not the GD wings.

    • Sheahan doesn’t suck and I’m sure isn’t Pittsburgh’s first choice but he is young, skilled, and a change of scenery could do him well. just klike Justin Schultz and others Pittsburgh may be good spot for him. Riley Sheahan Patric Hornqvist and Carl Hagelin not too shabby..

  9. I think the Bruins could put a package together for Duchene maybe spooner Carlo and a pick?

  10. Any deal between OTT & COL (Duchene) would have to start off with Chabot and a 1st round draft pick.

    • Which is why Sakic is an idiot if that’s the kind of return he expects to get, and in 2 years he’ll lose him for squat … or will have caved in and sent him packing for a LOT less than he’s been demanding.