Latest on Duchene and Jagr – September 20, 2017

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Ottawa Senators aggressively pursuing Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene.

The latest trade rumors on Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene plus free-agent winger Jaromir Jagr weighs his options.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports up to as many as eight teams have contacted the Colorado Avalanche about center Matt Duchene in recent days but none of those teams think they’ll get him.

Dreger said Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion has been among the more aggressive suitors but he thinks Dorion doesn’t believe he’ll get Duchene. Same for “Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, the Los Angeles Kings, the Nashville Predators, and the Columbus Blue Jackets. It’s day to day.”

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch also reports the Senators have aggressively pursue Duchene. Like Dreger, he has doubts they can acquire him, citing the high asking price set by the Avalanche. He notes the Canadiens, Predators and Carolina Hurricanes are among the clubs that had several talks with Avalanche GM Joe Sakic.

Garrioch said the Avs in the past had interest in defenseman Cody Ceci but the Sens see him as part of their building blocks on the blueline. He also suggests Duchene could be dealt sooner rather than later as he doubts the Avs want this situation dragging on into the season.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman appeared on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 discussing Duchene’s trade status. He doesn’t see the Canucks as a fit for the 26-year-old center.

If the Canucks are truly rebuilding, Friedman doesn’t believe it makes sense to pursue a player who could depart via free agency in two years unless they can either convince him to re-sign or intend to flip him to another club for a bigger return. He also said the last time he heard the Canucks and Avs linked in the rumor mill was 2015, when there was talk Colorado defenseman Tyson Barrie might be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting to see several new names added to the listed of supposed suitors for Duchene. Back in November 2015, the Sens were reportedly interested in the Avs center but that speculation quickly died down. As Dreger and Garrioch point out, just because the Senators have been aggressive doesn’t mean they’ll land Duchene. The Senators obviously don’t want to part with Ceci or promising Thomas Chabot. Unless the Avs lower their price, Ottawa is likely out of contention.

I agree with Friedman that the Canucks are a long shot, at best, to get Duchen. The Canadiens need a center like him but lack suitable assets to tempt Sakic.

I don’t believe Duchene’s a fit with the Flames. Sean Monahan and Mikael Backlund are their top-two centers while Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk are their top left wingers. Given the Avs reportedly high price, unless the Flames intend to package Sam Bennett with Dougie Hamilton, I don’t see Duchene heading to Calgary. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports free agent right wing Jaromir Jagr doesn’t intend to retire. He’s told his representatives have spoken with two or three NHL clubs in hopes of getting a new contract before the end of training camp, but that’s not a sure thing. If he doesn’t get an NHL contract, the KHL is an option.

TSN also reports KHL team HC Neftekhimik is very interested in signing Jagr.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: At least we know Jagr intends to keep playing professional hockey. The question is, “where?” 



  1. LOL. If Sakic holds out and gets exactly what he wants for Duchene from Vancouver, that would have to be some “flip to another club to get a bigger return.”

    • I wonder who the “Top 4” defenceman the Canucks are offering is.

      • I wondered the same thing. Although I don’t get why Vancouver would want Duchene. What hope could they have of convincing him to stay long term?

        That said, Tanev; is 27 turning 28 in Dec with 3 years remaining on his contract does that count as young?, Hutton, Gubranson, although his 1 year to UFA status & contract demands make him very hard to move?

      • @ Yawn Dull
        No one cares what you think fool.

      • well it’s not that we don’t care it’s just that Ron has away of getting our backs up often. Ha-ha!

    • I cannot see how my Canucks get Duchene.
      The only scenario i can envision is the Sedins will retire & JB is kicking the tires. As for who we move thats dependent on so many factors starting with if Tanev is involved. He is entering his prime & would be a very stable force on the back end for the Avs. He alone though wouldn’t get the deal done IMO. So onto the add it is. Tanev/Goldoblin/Hutton?

      If no Tanev idk maybe Sutter/Hutton/++

      Just spitballin craziness i know lol
      1/2 baked & awaiting the incoming

      Pls be kind to me 😂😂

      • Ha-ha! I hope your in the east.

      • If a team can be in a worse position than Colorado heading into this season, that would have to be Vancouver – with the possible insertion of Detroit between the two.

      • Sakic is probably asking for horvat, juolevie(however you spell his name) and 1st round pick top 5 protected. If I were a nucks fan, I wouldn’t touch the trade. Way too much, horvat could be better, juolevie potentially top 4 d-man (definitely will be a min of 4-5 d-man)and top 10 pick in a deep draft. I’d say keep our 50 point centre/winger. Personally I think duchene is a high end 2c, and not nearly worth what Sakic is expecting

    • LEAF FANS , others . Thoughts on Lupul apology ? Damage control ? Lou can’t be happy with this attention

  2. Jeff Gorton spoke last week about center depth. He stated the Rangers are still looking at possible trades but was looking ahead to training camp to see what they have internally. If he considers the Rangers as serious contenders, I would think adding Duchene, who is probably only top 6 dman available, would be an option. Experimenting with Miller at center is fine but then you lose depth at wing where he had a career year last season. I think he needs to explore maybe moving Brady Skjei. He’s due a serious raise before next season and Macdonaugh will need contract year after. If both Pionk and DeAngelo prove ready, they can move Smith to left side second pair. They still have prospects Graves, Berglazov and Day looking to move up on left side. I think it gets iffy as to what else Sakic wants, but Skjei alone is already a high price to pay. Perhaps one of their goalie prospects not named Shesterkin. If they add a 1st rd pick it would have to include Staal, who I think will be pushed out of top 6.

    • I wouldn’t move Skjei for Duchene at all. Not straight up, not if Colorado throws more in. I mentioned yesterday, why trade Stepan to go after Duchene? It’s a move that saves 1 million over 2 years. And then Duchene will want?

      Personally, the way it looks to me…. I think they’d move Mcdonagh before moving Skjei. Not saying that’s going to happen, and it’s certainly not happening for Duchene without Colorado kicking in a lot more. But overall it makes more sense money wise.

      Supposedly, any time Skjei’s name has been mentioned, NY has stopped listening.

      • Henrik last season or 2 at top level. No way the Rangers trade either of their 2 most complete defenseman for a guy that scored only 18 goals with all the PowerPlay time he had.

        Rangers need to see how steady their other young D is and then wait for a team that needs Staal to eat up minutes. Or we take Stepan back with the Coyotes eating 2 million….

      • Staal is a hard sell. They aren’t going to be able to absorb much if any of his cap hit comfortably with Girardi’s but out hit, and a bunch of players needing raises. The only way out is giving up picks and or a solid prospect.

        On Stepan, zero chance Arizona holds a dime or he’s coming back. I know you’re probably kidding but…..
        Also Stepan only scored 17 himself last year. I don’t see Duchene as anything but a lateral move.

      • If a team’s D is depleted enough Staal at a reduced salary could look appetizing..
        Total joke with Stepan.
        I would take Frans Nielson to take the 3rd pivot if Detroit ate half the salary.

        DeAngelo looking like MDZ part2 without the size. I cannot see AV unleashing him-or even dressing him. Kid on twitter too with politics.

      • Even if NY holds 1 million, that’s nearly 5 million the next 2 years for Girardi, and Staal of dead cap space. Here’s to hoping one of these youngsters take his job and they ride him on the bench until he rides off into the sunset like Klein.

        It’s sad, he’s a serviceable guy, but his cap hit sucks. And makes him almost impossible to trade without giving up a lot in the process. If he made 3.5-4 I’d be okay with him staying. Or he’d be much easier to move.

      • They signed Smith for 4 years and everyone thinks he’s top 4. Mac is better all around player than Skjei, who just finished rookie year and truthfully,is over rated..That said, we now have DeAngelo on right side who has just as much upside as Skjei. And Skjei would be the player Sakic would want. Duchene had bad year, but who didn’t in that hot mess. Overall, career wise I think he’s an upgrade over Stepan. Much better skater and more points. Put him in AV’s offense and he’ll easily put up 60

  3. On Duchene – “No comment”.

    OWA is desperate with Brassard, and now Colin White and McArthur out

    • Not THAT desperate! If the conversation starts with Sakic mentioning Chabot or Ceci, Dorion quietly says “g’night Joe.” Brassard will be back soon, and big Logan Brown or Chlapik look more than capable of playing in 1 to 10 early season games.

  4. Duchene will cost too much to aqquire so we should move on from him, Bozak is still available and at a much reduced price .

    • interesting comparison.
      Last three years, Duchene: 235 games, 155 points
      Bozak: 217 games and 139 points
      sure points isn’t everything but it was the easiest comparison I could find without digging for 30 minutes

      • Bozak in his own end can be effective. Not sure Duchene cares. And Bozak less minutes per game

      • Solid reference point. Only age, contract status & pedigree differ really.

      • to add to that Striker. Only cost of acquisition, future contract demands and attitude differ. You may question the ‘attitude’ part but hey, that’s almost as much as assumption as ‘pedigree’ at this point.

        You are in commercial sales, surely you understand the concept of value vs. risk for a buyer, right?

      • should read: that’s almost as much an assumption as ‘pedigree’ at this point.

      • In total agreement with your points Taz. It’s a solid reference point & has to make 1 seriously question Duchene’s value in relationship to Bozak’s factoring in all of those issues.

        Well done, you provided me with a perspective I hadn’t even considered here but have made similiar arguments about others in the past.

        Solid, thank you.

  5. Calgary is an interesting destination for Duchene. I could easily see the Flames offering up Bennett plus for him and Sakic asking for Gaudreau plus. Although I don’t really know what that plus would be. I don’t know if the Flames would be will to offer any draft picks as they already don’t have a pick in the first 2 rounds of the 2018 draft and already traded their 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2019. So not sure they will be wanting to trade their 1st round pick due to that. Also I don’t think the Flames would want to add Valimaki as he has looked good in the young stars tourney and in the first preseason game. The Flames are in big need of a true second line centre and Duchene would fit that bill.

    • what are you talking about man? Backlund was lights out last year. Duchene doesn’t land Gaudreau on his own, forget gaudreau+

      • I can’t see Sakic even asking for Gudreau just on common sense.

        I did see on
        Avalanche 360 last night them show some of the in room draft talks with the scouts and it shows the scouts were high on Valimaki.

        No comment from me, just giving some insight for the rumor train. And Calgary and the Avs do like to trade with one another.

        Have at it!

    • They have depth on defence . I would hate for someone like Brodie to move. One of the youngsters on the farm but not Valimaki

    • Flames are not in need of a Center. The need a RW but certainly not a center.

  6. I can’t recall the last time Duchene played a quality game. I don’t think he worth a plugged nickel. He’s a plyer that depends on his past endeavours. He’s an UFA in 2 year and with guys sense of loyalty I’d steer clear of him. Seems like his reputation is bigger than his skill

    • In fairness to Duchene, he hasn’t had many good wingers on his line when he centers. It has been misplaced wingers that don’t belong in the top 6. And he has never had consistent wingers at all. I think Duchene having a chance to play on a consistent line throughout the year would help him find better consistency himself. You have to have capable talented top 6 wingers to produce like a number one center. Something Colorado hasn’t been able to give him.

      • Duchene played in the World Championship with quality players and frankly u had to look for his number to find him. He did nothing and helped no one. There’s a time in a career where you have to make others look better rather than them spoon feed you. Frankly a second round pick is about all he’s worth. An exorbitant contract and a FA in two years for a GM to contemplate giving up Cici is madness

    • Duchene had to go thru the crapshow known as Roy & now Sakic has botched it so bad the Luongo fiasco looks eerily similar. Nobody is to blame more than the Av’s for creating this circus & Duchene regardless of anything else is caught up in something he did not create.

      In the end he will be in CBJ is my prediction.
      Winnipeg is another high possibility too.

      • It’s a real crap-shoot for sure – but I am getting this uneasy feeling that he could wind up in Ottawa in exchange for Ceci, either Brown or Chlapik and a pick, especially if Chabot, Harpur and Jaros continue to show well on D. I hope it’s just indigestion – but Dorion has already shown that he’s not afraid to pull the trigger if he sees a need filled by the right person.

  7. I find where Jagr ends up as a more interesting story than Duchene. Mainly because it’s a just a matter of will on both sides. He wants to play and somebody just needs to sign him. Funny Vancouver is mentioned here today but Jagr might be a good fit there to help with the younger players. Although, that seemed to be his role in Florida and they moved on. The reality is he can still produce at 16 goals and 30 assists last year. Why not take a chance?

    • I don’t know. I am having a hard time seeing the Sedin twins getting along with Jagr’s ego. There could be a huge personality clash there.

    • Where does Jagr fit on this roster? Move wingers around as you wish. Hard to figure out who’s playing where as numerous players have played several positions in their careers.

      Baerteschi, Horvat, Boeser.
      Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson.
      Vanek; RW, Sutter; RW, Gagner; C.
      Burmistrov; C, Granlund; LW, Dorsett.
      Spare Gaunce; inj heading to LTIR, will be replaced by Chaput.

      Everyone of these players needs to clear waivers as do Rodin, Boucher & Magna no big deal waive all of them & Chaput until Gaunce is put on LTIR on Oct 4th then Chaput comes back up unless claimed on waivers.

      Vanek’s addition pushed Goldobin to the AHL. Capfriendluy currently has Vancouvers roster at 24 carrying 15 F & 7 D, 2 forwards will be waived & sent down, Biega will be the #7/8 Dman with Wiercioch. That will give Vancouver about 2.5 in cap space, no room for Jagr on this roster.

      As odd as it sounds I think this team will surprise many this season & battle for a playoff spot coming up 4 to 6 points short at seasons end.

      • I also think that the Canucks are going to do better than what people think but, only if their goaltending is close to what it was last season. IMO that is were the Canucks season lies. They did add some nice pieces on offence and defence but Miller was a big loss in net.

      • Striker, do you really think Chaput sticks with the team over Rodin? At some point they need to give Rodin an honest shot. No one will claim Chaput off waivers, but I could see Rodin snapped up.

      • Just throwing a suggestion out there regarding Jagr. I am not an expert on Vancouver’s roster but thanks for the info. In general, though people are speaking about the Canuck’s young roster so I thought it might apply.

        I do find the Jagr thing intriguing though. I suppose he has an ego as I have never met him, but you cannot argue that he does not produce.

        The Duchene thing is just an ongoing saga to which nobody has the answer. It’s more frustrating because he could be an impact player in the right situation and a trade would definitely help two teams. Just get it done already.

        Jagr is interesting because he’s like the old trick ads you see on sites like Kijiji. Almost out of gas but still running despite the naysayers. At any rate, I am looking forward to actually watching hockey again.

      • Sorry old truck ads! Not trick! Suppose that could be a Freudian slip!

      • The Canucks are lottery bound. No chance at the playoffs. The only West team they are better than is Colorado. Vegas is better in goal and has better defencemen.

      • Bartholomew Gimble

        Rodin’s a winger, that position is full. I assume he will be returning to Europe as his new contract allows.

        Chaput was effective in the face off dot last season & is simply a stop gap as the 13th forward till Gaunce is ready to return & assume that role. Until injuries hit no room for either of those 2 on the roster accept at the #4 C position.

        If a scoring winger is lost Goldobin will be called up, a player like Dorsett or Burmistrov, then Virtanen.

      • Ron.

        I have Vancouver ahead of Colorado & Vegas for sure in the west.

        No way Vegas’s D is better than Vancouver’s.

        Edler, Stecher.
        Hutton, Tanev.
        Del Zotto, Gubranson.
        Wiercioch, Biega.

        That D is significantly better than Vegas’s D. In fact it’s quite solid. Stetcher & Hutton are just kids with significant upside & growth, Edler & Tanev are solid NHL Dman, Edler Vancouver’s #1 by default far better suited to a #2 spot. The issue is their ability to stay healthy.

        Vancouver will battle with Dallas, LA & Arz & may well finish below all of them in the standings but still be only 4 to 6 points out of a playoff spot as the 3rd worst team in the West.

        The standings are getting much tighter, parity is alive & well. Goaltending is a concern & I actually like Nilsson more than Markstrom in net but the business side of hockey gives Markstrom the job to lose. His salary & the Canuck’s investment in him have him ahead of Nilsson but Nilsson could steal his job easily & is actually 2 months younger!

      • Vegas’s D is a cluster F—. Only 2 are right handed, why did McPhee select Engelland? & only Theodore is waiver exempt.

        Shuffle the deck anyway you want & I have no idea what Vegas is going to do at D but not even close to Vancouver’s D in quality as yet. Miller, Theodore & Schmidt all have promise yet realized & are going to have some struggles learning & developing on an expansion team. The rest is fodder a bunch of 4; Garrison?, 5/6/7; Sbisa, Stoner, Merril, etc. guys or worse.

        McPhee painted himself into a corner & if he doesn’t give some of these guys away for nothing will be lost for nothing on waivers.

        Garrison, Theodore.
        McNabb, C. Miller.
        Schmidt, Engelland.
        Merril, Sbisa.
        Reinhart, Stoner.

        I assume Stoner will be waived, Thedore may have to go down temporarily as he is the only waiver exempt player until injuries or a trade can be found.

        I don’t read anything into preseason games. Vegas will be the worst team in the NHL by a significant margin, 55 points, 60 tops.

        McPhee will move out his UFA scoring wingers as required, not all will be held till the trade deadline some will move as other teams incur significant injuries & create LTIR space.

      • Strike I think you will see Virtanen holding an everyday spot on the Canucks. Green knows him well

      • Virtanen is waiver exempt & no room at the inn at present. Until a roster spot opens up via injury or trade he is Utica bound. Dorsett would have to be moved to open up a roster spot now. By the trade deadline Virtanen should be ready to fill a hole by a player shipped out.

        The business side of hockey keeps Virtanen in the minors as he’s not stealing anyone’s job yet.

        Just my opinion & by no means fact & you could be right just as easily as I but the #’s don’t work in Virtanen’s favor whether he played for Green in Utica is going to matter. Leaving Virtanen in the minors serves Vancouver well, this is his contract year coming out of his ELC & if not yet an NHL player he is getting a bridge deal for nothing next summer.

      • If u look at the Canucks roster its not very young at all with the UFA’s added. It allows our prospects to develop instead of forced into the NHL. We might show better but in goal we will wllt over the long haul. There will be some nice signs but it won’t translate into the standings without many players playing very well. The offence from the D just simply isn’t there so the pressure to score upfront will be massive once again.

      • Not saying Vancouver or Las Vegas will be involved specifically, but with the injuries piling up in camp it could trigger trades sooner rather than later, especially in St. Louis:

        Vincent Trocheck of Florida being evaluated after leaving Tuesday’s game with an upper body injury

        St. Louis loses Steen (hand) for 3 weeks, Sanford (shoulder) for 5-6 MONTHS, and Bouwmeester long-term with a fractured ankle

        Matthew Tkachuk (hip) of Calgary will not play in tonight’s game

        Torey Krug of Boston takes a puck in the face

        Brian Boyle of NJ diagnosed with a rare form of cancel

        Colin White of Ottawa out 6-8 weeks with a fractured wrist, while Clark MacArthur is likely done. Period.

      • George.

        These preseason injuries are often overblown. The NHL’s unwillingness to report openly & honestly is a pain.

        Come regular season games time most of these players with a few exceptions will play.

        That said I agree with you on numerous fronts. Significant injuries can open up trade options or players on the trade market or that would normally be held until the trade deadline.

        You would assume Ott has to do something as soon as they can. Losing White opens the door for Brown with Brassard not fit to play out of the gate but is that best for Brown? Smith will replace MacArthur yet again but Ott seems to need a #2 LW, Duchene would or could play either position but at what cost.

        I’m curious to see what plays out on the waiver wire before Oct 4th.

      • Let’s see – you say “most of those players with a few exceptions will play” – ok, so I named 9 above – and by “most” I will be generous and decipher that to mean at least 5 will play – just ovcer half – probably Trochek, Krug and Tkachuk for sure – I’ll grant you that. So it will no doubt come as some form of comfort to the other 6 – Steen, Sanford, Bouwmeester, White, MacArthur and Boyle – that their doctors and medical staff are wrong about THEIR ailments and that, come opening night, there they’ll be. But while I conceded that Steen could be there, somehow I think the other 5 are going to find it a little tough.

        You likely don’t even realize you’re doing it, but your tendency to preface your response with condescension (see, I KNOW training camp “injuries” are often overblown – I’ve been following hockey for over 60 years and it hasn’;t escaped me) is one of the things that bring down angry retorts.

        10% of conflict is due to difference in opinion and 90% is due to delivery and tone of voice.

  8. Haven’t all the rumors started with Sakic wanting a young established top 4 Dman as the starting point?

    I don’t see Calgary as a fit unless they let Backlund walk as a UFA next summer. I don’t see them moving him before the trade deadline to get something in return as Calgary is a serious playoff contender & Swede’s tend to take fair manageable contracts. I assume Backlund will get in or around 5 mil per for 5 or 6 years with Calgary.

    Nor do I see Calgary moving Bennett. Not impossible but is Duchene really an upgrade over what Bennett will eventually become? Bennett just turned 21. The problem for Bennett is if Backlund is extended he’s buried as a #3 C for many years & that is going to become a luxury Calgary may not be able to afford as he comes out of his 2 year bridge deal. Although playing 3rd line minutes & 2nd line PP will temper his offense keeping his contract demands in check.

    I assume Duchene will move to NYI, COL or a team we haven’t even discussed. He would be a great fit for either of these teams & both could provide Col with the primary asset Sakic wants a young established top 4 Dman, there are some contractual issues in play with those 2 teams, de Haan would be a nice acquisition but a UFA a year out so unless signed prior not happening. Would Col consider Pelech, just signed a 4 year deal at 1.6 per & still an RFA coming out of it? Not really an established top 4 yet but appears to possible have that ceiling, he’s also a leftie.

    Francis has said Duchene’s 2 years to UFA status is problematic for him. Do we take him at his word? I would really prefer to see Lindholm play RW than C in Carolina, acquiring Duchene would allow for this to happen & improve Carolina’s roster. Pesce or Fleury?

    Trading a 6 mil per player at this point of the season is a serious challenge. If Columbus would give up Savard I think a deal could be found for Duchene.

    Ottawa certainly could use him but if not Ceci which I wouldn’t do if I were Ott what are they giving up to get Duchene?

    It sound weird but due to cap issues few teams can absorb this player until a significant injury hits. What about Chi after they put Hossa on LTIR? Again they don’t really have the Dman to send.

    This is a bad situation & a quick solution is probably a season ending injury to a contender who’s cap opens up with LTIR.

    • Sorry should read Car not Col. “I assume Duchene will move to NYI, Car”

      I tried to make that shorter I should have broken in 2.

  9. My understanding is that as part of any deal for Duchene he is insisting on a top 4 NHL defenceman. Doesn’t that exclude the Canucks for even getting involved in any deal? Unless they can convince Sakic that Edler or Tanev is a top 4 defenceman (which they wouldn’t be in 31 othe NHL cities) then Vancouver hascnothing to offer.

    • This hate for Vancouver is very odd.

      Edler & Tanev are top 4 Dman on almost any team in the NHL with a few minor exceptions.

      • In all fairness, I’ve never seen him say anything positive about any coach, player, prospect, team, Gm, fan, equipment personnel, hot dog guy ….. And that’s going back years.

      • It’s weird. A few others here rarely post anything even remotely positive. If you so jaded why watch or participate in anything hockey related?

        Not you NYr4Life but Ron & others. Ron actually had me laughing openly at my computer the other morning.

      • Honestly I’m not sure who he’s a fan of? Vancouver I think? I’m not slighting the guy, but I literally don’t think I’ve seen him say anything positive about a player, signing or trade.

      • some of us dont actually watch hockey or participate in anything hockey related.

        So I have been told on good authority.

      • You definitely watch hockey, but only follow your team. But happy to have you throw your 2 cents in anyway. I mean, it’s almost like you can’t help yourself when I post?

      • I was responding to Striker’s comment but you are a lot of fun most of the time too. #Pizzawithfriesontopbrolove

      • That reminds me, did I tip u okay for that Pizza Hut delivery?

  10. No talk of Jagr in Vegas?
    Throw him on the 3rd line and 2nd PP unit.

    Sell more tickets

    • Vegas has it’s on cap & roster issues, Grabovsky is claiming he’s fit to play, I don’t think McPhee expected that; I assume he’s heading to Robidas Island to join Lupul. No room for Jagr prior to opening night, Vegas has a ton of waiver issues to resolve not only at D but at forward, no point making that problem worse.

      Neal & Smith are Vegas’s top 2 RW’s & Perron can play RW as well although I assume he & Marchesseault are the top 2 LW’s.

      Marchesseault, Shipachov, Neal.
      Perron; RW, Eakin; RW, Smith.
      Haula; C, Karlsson, Lindberg; C.
      Nosek, Bellemere, Pulkinen; LW.
      Carrier & Leipsic.

      All 14 of these players need to clear waivers & that doesn’t include Grabovsky’s situation.

      • Grabovsky! that creates quite a mess

      • I haven’t heard if he passed his physical.

      • Striker, are you targetting any Vegas player on fantasy this year. Keep in mind that I am in a 12 man league with 16 man squads which is a total of 192 picks.
        I am targeting guys like Keller, povorov and leddy as late picks, i think lots of knights will be available late as well.

      • I participate in 9 pools now. Down to 2 fantasy H2H leagues, 3 draft pools & 4 box pools. Our fantasy leagues are deep, 240 protectors in 1, 240 players drafted; 20 teams 24 man rosters dress 14, 144 protectors in the other 240 players drafted, 16 teams 24 man rosters dress 14. The draft leagues 15+ teams 17+ players. We are drafting players most normal humans have never heard of.

      • Any player with a pulse will be gone with a few exceptions regardless of teams including Vegas. 3 the 2 fantasy leagues I participate in & the 1 draft league have been running for years. These are smart guys for the most part & they miss little. These aren’t hockey pools for the vast majority of participants but their favorite hobby. A bunch of hockey freaks.

        Theodore is being protected in both fantasy leagues as is Neal & Smith, Perron is in the 12 keeper 20 team league as well but not the 16 team 9 keeper league, he will be drafted as a LW by mid 2nd round.