Latest on the Red Wings & Blackhawks – September 9, 2017

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Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green could be a popular trade candidate this season.

Trade candidates for the Detroit Red Wings and addressing the Chicago Blackhawks blueline concerns in your NHL rumor mill.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman’s Friday appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 where he talked about the Detroit Red Wings’ possible trade candidates. He thinks defenseman Mike Green, who’s an unrestricted free agent next summer, as a potentially popular trade option if he plays well this season.

Friedman also wondered if center Riley Sheahan, who struggled in 2016-17, might become a trade chip. He said he knew the Toronto Maple Leafs looked at the 25-year-old Sheahan last season because they believed he was better than his stats.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Green gets shopped to a playoff contender toward the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Sheahan, however, could be moved sooner than that if Wings management decides to free up more salary-cap room to re-sign promising winger Andreas Athanasiou, who’s threatening to sign with a KHL club for more money. The Wings reportedly offered him a two-year deal worth around $1.9 million annually, but he could get $3 million on a one-year offer from a KHL club. 

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: During a recent Q&A with Blackhawks fans, Chris Hine was asked if the club might acquire a defenseman to shore up their blueline depth. He believes they will, noting they signed free agent Cody Franson to a professional tryout offer. Hine thinks the significant moves will come once sidelined winger Marian Hossa ($5.275 million cap hit) is placed on long-term injured reserve after the season begins. He feels general manager Stan Bowman could take several weeks to evaluate his roster before making a deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Franson cracks the Blackhawks roster he’ll likely get around $1 million as Bowman will want to ensure he has sufficient cap space later in the season for a bigger move. I concur with Hine that Bowman will take time to evaluate his roster’s performance before swinging a deal. I do think that move will come closer to the trade deadline than earlier in the season, though that could change if the Hawks struggle out of the gate. 



  1. Did Franson’s skill diminish that quickly he could not be a 5th or 6th dman? At 1 mill he could be a bottom 2 guy for the Leafs third time around.

    • I always liked Franson in Toronto. I agree Motorcitysmitty. At that price he would be a bargain and provide an upgrade at the 5/6 spot in the Leafs blue line. Unless like you ask has his play diminished that much? As a Leafs fan the defence still worries me despite damn near beating Washington. Get a couple good defenders back there to help Reilly, Zaitsev, and Gardiner and the Leafs will be the contender that too many think we are now. I see Green mentioned on this page. We have plenty of forward help for Detroit if that’s what they want in exchange. I am a realist and see the need to address defence! How does Marleau help that? If Lilegren is the real deal, if that’s how you spell it, and you add Green then you five good defencemen. I would be happy with a blue line consisting of Reilly, Gardiner, Zaitsev, Lilegren, and Green. Then you have the other two that were signed from Sweden. Look what Pittsburgh has done with a rather porous defence.

    • Motorcity..i agree it seems like just a few off seasons ago everyone was battling for his free agent services…he has kind of fallen off the map…

  2. A good lesson for all leaf fans out there. Did everyone see the performance of Timothy Liljegren last night. Awful!
    There is a reason why he dropped from near the top of the draft to the LH of the 1st. He may be a prospect but he is no where near being a saviour like the Toronto media has been making out.
    He is not the steal of the draft.

    • A bit early to say if anyone was the steal of the draft yes?

      It was easy to predict the steel of the 2016 draft though… ANA got him.

      • The steal of the 2017 draft was Eeli Tolvanen. I was sickened when the Pens traded that first with him still on the board. Luckily (?) he went #30, so I could live with it.

      • TSN Overdrive had a poll asking what the #1 discussion topic on Monday will be. Overwhelming it was Timothy Liljegren rookie game performance.
        So yes 1 rookie game is too early to predict success. But the TO media hype is suggesting that.

    • A bit early to do a happy dance because the bum Leafs drafted a bum player and think he’s good. Generally speaking it takes more than one rookie camp game to write a prospect off, but carry on dancing.

      • Almost everyone here wrote Justin Schultz off as well & here he is having just turned 27 playing 344 NHL regular season games becoming 1 of the best offensive Dman in the NHL & played a decent 2 way game last season to boot.

        Or how about Gardner? He just turned 27 as well having played 407 NHL regular season games?

        I defended both these players & said way to early to write them off. When I said Gardner would score 12 to 15 goals this season & 40 to 45 points I was called some pretty nasty names & most told me I was insane. I was wrong on the goals he came up 3 short but he hit the points mark at 43 & he will be even better this season.

        It takes most Dman; around 80%, 4 to 6 years or in or around 400 NHL regular season games once they finally get to the NHL to show their true abilities & fully develop, even then most don’t make it to a semi full time role in the NHL until 22 the reason we don’t see what they really are until 25 to 27. Yes there are exceptions they fall in the other 20% give or take a few %.

        I wouldn’t be worried about an 18 year old kid that may not even see a cup of coffee in the NHL for 2 or 3 years.

      • Schultz production will be tied very closely to letang health

    • We can’t judge any player on 1 prospects game played on Sept 8th having just turned 18 years old. This type of asset may not be be fully developed at the NHL level until some where between 25 & 27.

      Who cares that he looked bad. Drew Doughty can be made to look terrible at times & by no means am I comparing an 18 year old kid to Doughty but meaningless really.

      You throw a hodgepodge of kids together who have never played together & in this case from another country & yes they are going to be problems.

      As most should know I’m not a Leafs fan but love what Shanahan & Co have built & are building. Lilegren should be a solid part of that in 4 to 6 years.

    • Speaking of prospects did anyone see Jets goalie prospect Mikhail Berdin last night. He was the only reason why the Jets only lost by 2 goalies last night against the Canucks young stars. 39 shots against and only 3 goals against (the fourth goal was an empty netter). The kids stood on his head!

    • i agree on all points, albeit 1 game. Seems to be another morgan reilly but with better offense/skills/speed.
      if gardiner can be +28 anyone can…babs will help his game…not a steal, but could be.
      will find a role as a powerplay quarter back
      I personally was hoping for Foote, but this kid has upside also. I like Marchments game…

    • Relax brother. He’s only 18. He made errors, but looked to be a pp qb, and his shot seems to always get through traffic. Don’t forget, to my recollection he mainly plays on European rinks. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall him playing on north American rinks. Give him time to develop and adjust. Not to mention, 2 of the goals he was on the ice for should’ve been saved.

  3. Lyle, pretty shocked Nyquist wasn’t mentioned as a trade asset. Wings need to trade him or Tatar as today they are similar players. If Tats gets back to his pesty style of play then there’s a case to keep both. 1 of them has to go.

  4. Whenever Jim Rutherford says something along the lines of “I could trade for a (third line) center right now, if I wanted to…” I always assume he means Riley Sheahan.

    The unfinished and unspoken part of the sentence is that he’d like to do MUCH better than that.

  5. Athansiou should split the difference with Detroit and sign a short term deal. Detroit has a few contracts would make it through waivers so the Cap should not affect his signing. Svechnikov is NHL ready and may be better than Athansiou. Detroit has Larkin, Mantha, Svechnikov and Athansiou as the future so offensive depth is not a problem. Detroit needs to make a trade for a good young defenseman and at the same time create some Cap space.

    If Detroit gets off to a bad start there will be a coaching change. The post Babcock era is starting to resemble the post Bowman era.

    • GP.

      Who are you suggesting they waive that would sneak through waivers to solve the cap issue?

      All teams need to submit their 23 man protected roster the day before the season starts. Not a single player of the 21 shown on Capfriendly are waiver exempt. In fact both Frk & Coreau aren’t even on this list currently but both have to clear waivers this season. I don’t think either would.

      Detroit will waive Witowksi for sure, replacing him with Coreau before submitting that 23 man roster but that still only has them at 21. Fransen & Sproul will both move to LTIR but Det wants the full cap relief & that can’t be accomplished until opening day the day after they have to submit their 23 man roster.

      I assume baring a trade that Detroit can’t even afford to sign AA until Oct 4th. I believe when push comes to shove if a trade isn’t made that Mrazek will be waived. That doesn’t provide much cap space 950K but it does open up a roster spot for Frk on the 23 man roster so they don’t risk losing him on waivers, at least not yet.

      Trading for a good young Dman is virtually impossible the cost usually unpalatable & neither Tatar nor Nyquist are returning 1 in trade at least not with out other assets included.

      • Striker,

        If Detroit can’t trade Helm or Erricson they could be placed on waivers. Those are contracts Detroit just needs to get out of. I’m not sure what Kronwall’s situation is but at one time there were rumors he would start the season on LTIR. He is a cap hit they can no longer afford. You may be right about Mrazek but I think he is young enough that you give him one more season to prove himself. But at 4 mill he may sneak by.

        Detroit has an offer on the table for Athanasiou so Holland has a plan to free up cap space.

        I think that Tatar or Nyquist could be traded for a good 2nd pair defenseman with upside but as you said assets could be added for better players. Detroit’s first three draft picks next year should have decent trade value.

        Bottom line is Detroit needs to start building young defensive depth in the organization and get out of bad contracts if they are going to be the consistent playoff team they once were.

  6. Vegas has dead salary in Clarke (LTIR) & Grabovski (at the moment).
    Arizona has dead salary in Bolland (LTIR).

    I am sure the owners want to have salary going to plays who will play.

    Perhaps Detroit makes a pitch to either of them to swap their LTIR contracts for a player such as Helm (4yr/3.85m), Abdelkader (6yr/4.25) or even consider Nielsen at 33 yrs of age has 5 yrs left at 5.25m. If they add some type of draft pick compensation (mid to low), will it be enough to help them clear cap sooner rather than later? Green coming off the books at the end of the season cannot be the only plan.

  7. Detroit is in for a long crash to the bottom. The disappointing part is Blashill is a good coach, who will probably be let go before Holland steps down. Despite his long run of success Holland has created a dumpster fire of bad contracts. At some point he started becoming too loyal to 1) local players & 2) homegrown players and rewarded them with undeserved overpriced contracts with no trade clauses.

    I’m not completely sold on Larkin being the future of this team quite yet because outside of his speed and heart he’s not an all star caliber player, but for the sake of argument Larkin and Mantha are the new Sevie Y/Fedorov, Datsyuk/Zetterberg but they do not have the supporting cast to give them a good team, and it is likely the 2nd/3rd line Helm/Abdelkador type over priced contracts will prohibit the Wings from keeping them around for their careers. Detroit fans are about to get a taste of what it’s been like being a Leafs fan for the past decade!