Latest on the Red Wings & Golden Knights – September 27, 2017

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No progress yet on the Detroit Red Wings efforts to re-sign Andreas Athanasiou.

Updates on Andreas Athanasiou and Riley Sheahan plus the Golden Knights could shop a defenseman. The latest in your NHL rumor mill.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James recently reported there’s been “nothing but silence” since Detroit Red Wings free-agent forward Andreas Athanasiou met with management over 10 days ago.

Athansiou received a one-year, $2.5 million contract offer from KHL team AK Bars Kazan. Wings GM Ken Holland said he wouldn’t negotiate against the KHL. He’s offered Athanasiou a one-year. $1.25 million contract or two years at $1.9 million per season.

It doesn’t appear as though he’ll accept the KHL offer and St. James said it’s unclear what his next move will be. St. James suggests it’s possible he could seek a trade. Given his limited NHL resume, the Wings are unlikely to do that.

THE ATHLETIC: Prashanth Iyer examines how Detroit Red Wings center Riley Sheahan’s poor performance last season is hurting his trade value. He notes Sheahan has come up in trade speculation, notably in a rumored deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins involving defenseman Derrick Pouliot, who has limited NHL experience.

The Wings’ priority is to shed salary to free up salary-cap room to re-sign Athanasiou, but the Wings can’t be certain they’ll get fair value for Sheahan. If there’s a deal to be made with the Pens, Iyer suggests the return should be Pouliot plus a second- or third-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay the silence regarding Athanasiou could be tied to the Wings efforts to shed salary and free up sufficient cap space to re-sign him. If he was going to the KHL he would’ve done so by now.

As for the potential return for Sheahan, the Wings could find themselves in a “beggars can’t be choosers” scenario. His poor stats last season hurts his trade value and they must free up cap room to re-sign Athanasiou.

Unless Holland has another deal up his sleeve to address that issue, he could have little choice but to take whatever he can get to clear most of Sheahan’s cap hit from his books. 

SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen cites Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee saying he’s returning some calls from clubs interested in acquiring one of his 11 defensemen. Boylen suggests veteran Jason Garrison, who’s eligible next July for unrestricted free agency, could make a decent trade candidate. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For weeks there’s been anticipation McPhee could trade a blueliner so it’s unsurprising that he’s starting to talk with other clubs after evaluating his roster during training camp and preseason play. That move could occur in the coming days.

It remains to be seen, however, if it’ll involve the 32-year-old Garrison. He carries a $4.6 million cap hit and a no-trade clause, making him difficult to move. 



  1. And after “settling” for a junior goalie who may never see the light of day in the NHL – certainly not for at least 5 years – and a 2nd round pick NEXT year (another non-NHL factor for at least 3 years) for a top pairing D (Methot) making about the same as Garrison, what the hell does McPhee expect to get back for that non-entity?

    • I agree with you George. Personally, I think MacPhee did a decent job overall if his plan was to acquire picks; however, when he landed Methot “me thought” he would get much more for him than he did. I was also hoping he would have gone for the jugular and chose exposed players to be more competitive right off the hop. But, oh well.

      See what I did with the “me thought” thing? ha ha

      • Chose higher profile exposed players I meant to say.

      • I agree with you. He really acquired all his picks in 3 trades, Clb, NYI & TB. There were a few head scratchers. All in all I’m not overly impressed with McPhee so far but we will need to wait at least 5 years to grade him.

    • he settled for a prospect and a solid tradable asset in a 2nd rounder for a number 4 at best, number 5 d man who fooled people into thinking he was better by being propped up by the worlds best d man.

      • 4/5 Dman are still solid NHL commodities. Numerous teams struggle to ice 4 competent NHL Dman.

      • Whatever … at the time he was a top pairing D in Ottawa playing alongside Karlsson. I was never convinced that he was, in fact, a legitimate top 2 D and felt – and said repeatedly – that the guy they DIDN’T want to lose in the expansion draft was Claesson (who is going to surprise a lot of people this year).

        But whatever we arm-chair pundits think in these sites, Top 2 is where he played and that’s where he’ll play in Dallas.

      • and a second round pick and a prospect for a solid 4-5 guy seems reasonable. at first glance I thought “that seems low” but then I thought what else could McPhee have gotten? a first? maybe maybe at the trade deadline a cup contender trades a first… I doubt it but maybe… but then it would be even another d man in the log jam. McPhee has earned a B from me so far but a little heavy on the d men… then again he was gonna have to heavy somewhere and I think bottom pairing d men have more value then #3 goalies or bottom six wingers… not sure what else he could have done.

      • George not directed at you but on subject & I agree with you.

        Methot is a solid Dman. Is his actual ranking really that important. You can’t really look at pairing or partner if you prefer for ranking a Dman as a #1, 2 etc. TOI/GP is what determines an NHL Dman’s ranking with in a team trying to extrapolate that from team to team then becomes subjective & we are talking about apples & ornages.

        Is Seabrooke a #3 or 4 Dman as he plays on Chicago’s 2nd pairing? Teams with strong D’s balance in some cases up to 3 pairings. Winnipeg will spread out Buffy, Troba & Myers on 3 seperate pairings this season. What a nice luxury to have.

        MNethot’s ability to play with Karlsson on Ottawa’s #1 paring speaks to his abilities. His ability to do so allowed Karlsson to be better. Now he will do so with Klingberg I assume.

        Methot’s ability to do so speaks to the quality of his play, not all Dman can do this. Does that make him a #2 or a #4? Who really cares & why do we feel the need to define as such. Look at TOI/GP in all situations to determine value. Those #’s say Methot is a solid #4 who can log 1st paring minutes with a Dman more suited to driving offense with Methot playing as the safety net.

      • I agree Chrisms Methot would have been protected if they considered him a 1st pairing d-man.

      • Ott did everything they fould to try & free up a roster spot to protect Methot. Unfortunately Phaneuf & his NMC weren’t movable.

    • Top pairing? Idk about that. His boy K helped that notion in your head George

      • What?

      • Assuming “idk” stands for “I don’t know” I can’t help wondering what you do with all that free time by resorting to that jargon?

  2. Athanasiou is a very wise young man if he has accepted a two year deal worth 1.9 million per. There is really nothing else to say on that front. As for Sheahan is a buyout too expensive for the Wings? Not sure what his contract entails. Maybe Holland has the makings of a great real estate agent and can effectively sell swamp land!

    • Buyout season is over.

      Nor are they waiving Sheahan to potentially mutually agree to contract termination.

      Sheahahn is an NHL hockey player but moving him doesn’t get Det cap compliant, bot Pit & Det have waiver issues.

      The business side of hockey is in play, if this trade happens it’s unlikely to till after opening day.

      • Thanks Striker

  3. Most NHL teams are blind when it comes to the waiver wire.

    Waiver Wire is at Noon everyday.

    Notables for today are:

    Andre Benoit
    Christian Thomas
    Frank Corrado
    Jared Tinordi
    Zach Trotman
    Ty Rattie
    Mackenzie Blackwood
    Spencer Foo

    Previous Notables unclaimed:

    Rocco Grimaldi
    Viktor Svedberg
    Michael Leighton
    Chris DiDomenico
    TJ Brennan
    Kevin Porter
    Bobby Butler
    Jordan Subban
    Zach Redmond
    Antoine Bibeau
    Francois Beauchemin

    • I thought Spencer Foo was the real deal? Didn’t he sign with Calgary over Edmonton? See I am like most GMs and pay little attention to the waiver wire I guess.

      • He may well be but stepping into the NHL from College is hard. Most need development time in the AHL.

        Calgary doesn’t need to rush Foo. They have 12 forwards on their roster at present on Capfriendly. Foo wasn’t getting a spot on Calgary’s top 3 lines unless an injury hits. That coveted RW spot with Gaudreau & Monahan is Ferland’s to lose.

        Gaudreau, Monahan, Ferland.
        Tkachuk, Backlund, Frolik.
        Versteeg, Bennett, Brouwer.

        Brouwer will see time there as well. If Ferland doesn’t make the grade, Foo will be NHL ready by the All-Star break maybe.

        Point of interest. Ferland has 173 games of NHL experience. My breakthrough point for forwards under 6’2″ or 225 lbs is 200 regular season games. Ferland was a very good point producer in Major Jr his last season in Brandon he scored 47 goals & 96 points in 68 games.

        He has seen very limited offensive opportunities so far in the NHL but when he has he’s shown the ability to finish. 20 goals & 40 to 45 points is a very realistic target for Ferland this season in Cal shuffling around the line up on the top 3 lines as injuries dictate.

        His 15 goals in under 12 mins of TOI/GP & less than 30 seconds of PP TOI/GP are impressive.

        I just had my 1st fantasy draft in Penticton Monday & I drafted Ferland as I play those #’s.

      • ya for sure. the way flames fans were talking he was the second coming of Kariya. I don’t think he needs to pass through waivers though because he is on his ELC

    • look… the roster for the ahl’s waterloo waiverjunks.

      • Ha-ha! That’s good stuff.

  4. Det’s cap situation is in play with both AA & trading Sheahan. Moving Sheahan doesn’t get Det under the cap a million short & they still need to add 1 player to get to 23 as required on Oct 3rd.

    Det also has waiver issues so signing AA before Oct 4th unless the cap space to do so is a problem.

    That said trading Sheahan & putting Fransen on LTIR before Oct 3rd excepting the reduced cap recovery may provide enough wiggle room to get cap compliant to submit a 23 man roster under the cap but not with AA signed.

    Going to be curious to see what Holland is going to do. He has a week left to resolve.

    • This is what the NHL website says about a 23-man Roster.

      There may be a maximum of 23 players on each Club’s playing roster at any one time from the commencement of the NHL regular season through the trade deadline. Prior to the start of the season, each Club must submit to the NHL its “Opening Day Playing Roster” which shall be comprised of not more than 23 players. Each Club must have a roster of at least 20 players, composed of 18 skaters and two goaltenders. Players on Injured Reserve do not count in the 23-man limit.

  5. Garrison’s actually salary for this season is only 2.5. He is a decent 4/5 option at D for many teams. The problem is not many openings available at this point in the season.

    Vegas may have to juggle their D until a solution can be found unless they want to potentially risk losing a possible Dman that will have value at the trade deadline, potentially sooner if injuries hit. They will be the worst team in the league this season so no rush.

    Of the 11 Dman on LV roster currently on Capfreindly all of who have to clear waivers except for Theodore. You waive, Hunt, Stoner & Engelland. That gets you to the normal contingent of 8. If they don’t wish to lose Engelland they simply send Theodore down initially until a trade can be found or an injury opens a roster spot.

    I never understood selecting the 35 year old Engelland to begin with. Nor do I think they want to risk losing Reinhart or Merrill at present, so they need to stay up.

    I don’t like several of McPhee’s selections. He took to many Dman. He should have taken Clifford at 3 years 1.6 instead of McNabb & Brouwer, 3 years remaining at 4.5 instead of Engelland. Both would have provided a ton of grit & leadership to help aid what is going to be a very young team next season & moving forward once they unload all these players they drafted that will be UFA’s next summer.

  6. Another very solid talent evaluation by Dubas I assume in signing Miro Aaltonen. This kid appears to have some form of NHL future.

  7. “If there’s a deal to be made with the Pens, Iyer suggests the return should be Pouliot plus a second- or third-round pick.”

    Say what?

    For a guy who had zero goals for the first 80 games last year and finished with two?

    I guess they want more for him since he’s on a hot streak. A goal a game pace in his final two games.

    I’d almost rather just use Gregg McKegg and lose Pouliot for nothing than trade for Sheahan anyway. No way I’d add a quality draft pick.

    Actually, if they trade for Sheahan, they’d have to make another move to free up a roster spot. Right now, they are at 26. Once they cut McClement (or sign him to an AHL deal) and send Sestito to WBS, they are a trade or waiving of Pouliot away from being at 23.

    I could see a situation where Pouliot is waived, clears and then the trade is made after Hornqvist is put on IR. Unless Shero snags him.

    • doubt DP clears… someone will take a shot at the former 8th overall picks chance at redemption. hell… why would col pass him up?

    • You can’t define a player on 1 years play. Is Sheahan that player or the player he was in his 3 prior seasons? His shooting % dropped from a career average of almost 12% to 1.8. His icetime both in TOI/GP, down 2 minutes, PP TOI/GP cut by more than 1/2 & line-mates changed significantly as well.

      I don’t understand this shortsightedness of what happened last year. Last year is over, dead, gone, move on, let it go.

      Pouliot’s value is lower than Sheahan’s today. He is in suspect range now, drafted 6 years ago & only seen 67 NHL regular season games. His lack of NHL games so far is concerning, He should have at least been seeing sheltered minutes in the NHL in the last 2 seasons. Pit thought more of acquiring Streit then giving Pouliot a shot.

      Sheahan is 6’3″ 226 lbs with 284 games of NHL regular season experience. Detroit buries their prospects & develops them in the AHL & then generally very slowly at the NHL level. Sheahan was drafted out of college in 2010, he played 2 more years for Notre Dame, then 2 full seasons in the AHL, then split year 3 between the AHL & NHL before finally becoming an NHL regular 3 years ago. The development curve for forwards of this size is just like Dman, 5 or 6 years in the NHL or 400 regular season games.

      Sheahan also has a very cap friendly contract & will be an RFA next summer. That has value. He skates incredibly well for a player of this size & has a very bright NHL future as a 3rd line checking C with reasonable offensive upside. 15 to 20 goals & 35 to 40 points. His faceoff skills are improving he won 50.6% last season.

      Puliot’s to young to write off & he could still be a solid offensive Dman in the NHL if anyone will give him a chance. He’s not getting that in Pit with Letang & Schultz in front of him. His value in trade is incredibly limited.

      • Beau Bennett is another whose outlook when drafted was “can’t miss.” Apparently in St. Louis’ eyes he has.

  8. Sheahan is also a first round pick – they are never done and will get chance after chance traded for less and less
    Striker will Strome make Arz wil Vrana make Was and will Lias Andersson make NYR ?

  9. ” George O. on September 27, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Beau Bennett is another whose outlook when drafted was “can’t miss.” Apparently in St. Louis’ eyes he has.”

    Huh? What are you talking about? Bennett was a guy who learned to play hockey on roller blades and was playing for the mightly Penticton Vees in a low level junor league against weak competition. He was always considered a stretch and a risky pick, even at the time.

  10. Athanasiou – do not want.

    Holland is NOT going to get Pouliot and a 3rd (much less a 2nd) for Sheahan. It is more like Pouliot OR a 3rd.