Latest Update in Duchene Rumor Mill – September 19, 2017

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The Matt Duchene rumor mill churns on and on.

The Matt Duchene trade rumor mill chugs on. Read on for the latest.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites comments by TSN’s Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun during separate radio interviews on Monday regarding the trade status of Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene.

Dreger believes Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic still seeks a young left-shot defenseman as part of the return. He claims he’s still hearing rumblings the Columbus Blue Jackets being as likely as any team, knowing there are several keenly interested in Duchene.

Dreger suggests defenseman Ryan Murray and winger Josh Anderson, who’s currently without a contract, as possible trade chips. Dreger and colleague Bob McKenzie reports of no progress in contract talks between the Jackets and Anderson.

LeBrun, meanwhile, recalls Sakic telling him during the 2017 NHL Draft that the Avs wouldn’t trade the center “unless we get what we believe is our standard of return for what a Matt Duchene trade would look for.” He recalls Sakic saying he was prepared to wait through the summer and into training camp to find the right deal.

Like Dreger, LeBrun also believes the Blue Jackets have shown a lot of interest. He also recalls the Nashville Predators had also pursued Duchene leading up to the 2017 draft but couldn’t get a deal done. 

BSN DENVER: Adrian Dater reports Duchene said he’s just taking things a day at a time regarding his future with the Avalanche. Dater notes Duchene hasn’t let the trade rumors distract him and he’s looked good so far in training camp. He also cites sources saying things are quiet on the trade talk front since training camp opened. Interested clubs might want to see how Duchene starts the season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On the surface, nothing’s really changed. Duchene appears to want out. Sakic is apparently willing to listen to offers. There are several teams (Columbus, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Montreal, NY Islanders) thought to be interested or linked to Duchene in early-summer trade speculation. Sakic’s asking price is supposedly quite high, with a young, established top-four defenseman with a left-handed shot as the centerpiece of the return. Interested clubs probably want to see if Duchene can rebounded from a disappointing performance last season.

The only notable difference could be Anderson’s contract standoff with the Jackets. If the two sides are unable to reach an agreement, I wonder if the Jackets might package the winger with Murray and a high draft pick or a prospect. Perhaps that package might tempt Sakic? Time will tell. 



  1. Duchene for McDavid, Nurse and Talbot!!

    No, thats probably not enough for Sakic.

    • Add a first and it’s a go. Sakic will include David Warsofsky and a 3rd. Don’t worry tho, it’s likely to be a high pick.

    • Well Edm will have to cut salary soon so why not. Ha-ha!

    • Throw in Milan Lucic and maybe sackic will budge..LOL

      • Sorry Sakic….maybe he will throw himself in the deal

  2. If Sakic was to include a conditional 2019 1st round draft pick, based on the ability to extend Duchene, I believe he could get closer to his asking price. His asking price is too high because its a lot to give up for a player that may be gone after two seasons.

    • And, if Sakic persists over the next 2 seasons, Duchene will for sure be gone from Colorado at the end of his contract, in which case Sakic gets zilch. Which will only serve to prove that stubborness and stupidity are twins.

      • 2 years is a long time.

  3. Left shot Down makes no sense for the avs. Their entire system is pepperred with them. They need right shot.

    • Colorado’s D is so bad at present that a left or right handed Dman shouldn’t even really matter at this stage. Bigras, Mironov & Lindholm are all lefties, Melcoche a rightie. The quality of the D prospects after those 4 is iffy.

      • That’s a more reasonable take, for sure. Though, if they were looking for one or the other, I’m pretty sure it would be right, since it’s been known for a long time, among fans, that it’s their biggest need.

      • Agreed.

        There is certainly more emphasis being put on matching Dman left to right than in the past numerous teams still don’t.

        Not certain why it is getting more prevalent, perhaps the speed of the game isn’t allowing enough time for a Dman to take the puck on his backhand, that brief time lost is causing turnovers perhaps?

      • Colorado already has Johnson and Barry, and now Meloche is looking good, all on the Right side.

        Only Zadorov is a top 4 on the Left side.

        Bigras isn’t looking ready yet. Mironov has impressed the coaches every day.

        But Lindholm should definitely on Left D to start the season and should be established by mid season for sure, if not before.

        We need a top Left D.
        Our kitty is stocked with Righties. We need more solid Lefties.

        Hence Sakic asking for a top young D that can be a top pairing now, or the near future.

        This specific Dman is the only thing Sakic has stated, himself, that he is seeking.

        If it is just a “casual” top 4 Dman, more will probably have to be added for Sakic to bite, but I am assuming if he gets the young Dman he wants not much more will be required. But there is no negotiation beyond that specific top, young Dman. It has to include that piece, or no deal for Sakic.

      • The business side of hockey comes into play especially for a young rebuilding team like Colorado.

        Bigras is 1 year from waiver eligibility. Colorado will need to find out if he is an NHL player this season, 2 years older than Meloche & far more ready for NHL deployment, Lindholm 2 years from waiver eligibility. Bigras was forced into service in the NHL in 2015-16 seeing 31 games, far to soon really but Col had little choice.

        Meloche will be lucky to see 9 games in the NHL this season if any, probably 2 years in the AHL before even really given a sniff at the NHL level. Still more an offensive Dman needs to learn to play some semblance of D.

        Currently Colorado has 4 spots available at D 4/5 thru 8. Kids won’t stay in the NHL if not playing at least sheltered minutes regularly & playing a really young Dman; lets say 22 or under, on this team is very dangerous & far from ideal. They will get shell shocked.

        I assume Mironov & Bigras have jobs to lose. Lindholm next in line. The 7/8 guys need to be black aces. The Holzer, Clendening, Postma, Tennyson’s; that’s the 1st 4 NHL teams alphabetically, Anh, Arz, Bos, Buf’s #7/8 guys at D, of the world who are really being paid practice, insurance essentially for last minute injuries, illness or other, players who’s development isn’t being effected by sitting so much, almost never playing as they don’t really have NHL futures except to be paid at or near the league min & fill that role.

        Or at least that’s how I see it.

  4. My standard Duchene statement -” No comment”.
    This way I can just cut and paste for the next 6 months.

    • Or a year. Ha-ha!

      • Or two years!

      • Ha-ha! Yes please.

    • I thought the Penguins could offer Connor Sheary a young and talented winger, Olli Matta the young left handed shot defense man they are looking for and a first round pick.

      These two guys are young, talented and have playoff experience….

      • I’d rather keep them both, especially if Sakic wants a 1st rounder as well.
        Sheary is no Duchene but is more than serviceable. Same thing for Maatta who could be more valuable as a trade chip at the deadline if need be. But the only reason trading Maatta for anyone would make sense is if they felt that Pouliot could finally make the jump and contribute. Otherwise your solidifying a wing to create a hole on the backend hoping there are no injuries this year.

      • no chance sakic would take that

      • Pens fans need to stop with the Olli Matta for Matt talk.

        Olli Matta was just aweful in last year’s playoffs. Just aweful. He could cost the Pens their post season on several occasions all throughout last years playoffs. He was more of a liability that a benefit during that whole cup run. He just hasn’t progressed, and has actually regressed some.

        If you were to offer Olli Matta during his rookie season I would have been all over that, as probably have would have the Avs. But he just isn’t the same player.

        Just so Pens fans know, Avs fans everywhere I read aren’t having anything to do with a Olli Matta centerpiece. Most of them would rather have Ryan Murray well over Olli Matta. So it isn’t just my opinion stated here.

        And I know Olli Matta would definitely be an upgrade on the Avs D, but not for Duchene.

      • Nor need you worry as Pit isn’t goiung to offer that. I don’t get why many don’t appreciate what Maatta is going to become. Teams rarely trade this type of asset.

        A Dman that just turned 23 in August but already has over 200 NHL regular season games of experience & still 2+ years from being the player he will be.

        & many of you that keep throwing him out there are supposed to be Pit fans. Get on the local radio station & ask Rutherford or Sullivan what they think about this player. Send an email, what have you.

        This is the type of Dman almost ever team in the NHL is trying to draft or acquire & develop. 5 more years at slightly more than 4 mil per is solid value.

        He has 2 cup rings already & was an integral part of those 2 runs. Yes he’s battled injuries, but thankfully he’s dressed for 56 playoff games in his brief 4 year career.

        Pit doesn’t need Duchene, he’s not a 3rd line C & a luxury Pit can’t afford.

      • maatta is a two time cup winning d man who, yes even last year and in the playoffs, can play like a true top pairing d man. But he can also look like he is lost out there and is certainly allergic to the boards much of the time. his trade value isn’t worth what he is worth to the pens to keep. He is only disposable, as mentioned above, if DP becomes the miracle comeback player of the decade. duschene as a third line center would be ideal as the pens third line center is going to be a top 2 center at least 25% of the season between cros and malkin getting hurt. pens employ a three number 1 line system (or did… Kessel with Malkin is getting a lng look this preseason). he would get plenty of time on the ice.

      • Why do people associate value with cups? Mike Rupp had a cup, so does Carcillo? Rupp actually scored the clinching goal for a cup. Are they right up there with Ray Bourque who has one?

      • Maatta was definitely not healthy during last years playoffs but he was not a liability either. Hainsy was a liability he was awful. Maatta can do it all and when he gets some size and muscle he will be a strong player. The press is already talking about how much better his skating is this year. Most of his sluggishness comes from his thyroid issues. It takes a long time to get the right level of synthetic thyroid hormone and it takes a long time for the body to get used to it. The Avs would be lucky to get Maatta who is a much better player than Murray. And Sheary is one of 4 Penguins in the top 10 for league points per 60.

      • If the AVs would be the lucky ones…… why trade them? Why not retain that luck and roll with it? Why give up such amazing players for a 3rd line 6 million per guy?

        It looks like grasping to justify a trade here?

      • I think pens do the trade if they can replace maatta as center depth is so important. But losing sheary and maatta would be tough

      • Ny. Do we associate value with presidents trophies instead? I actually agree with you though. But history tells us gms in the league don’t.

      • I don’t hold presidents trophys, cups, or Olympic invites or snubs in high regard at all. I do see a lot of people use these to determine who’s more valuable than who, or in trade value. Some people are just fortunate enough To be at the right place at the right time. Fleury has 3 cups, 2 of which he was on the bench for….. I dare say even Pens fans don’t believe with or without Maata was a difference maker for the Pens. Is Fleury as good or better than Brodeur of Roy? I don’t think you’ll find many to go along with that idea either.

        Messier has more than Gretzky, Lemieux…. better player? I don’t think so.

      • I disagree with a couple things there. One. Maatta wasn’t replaceable in the depth chart last year. Letang was out and pens had no depth. I’d in all seriousness like to see a solid argument that streit was a better option. And maf deserves his name on all cups but 2 in particular cause pens don’t make it without him in those. Gotta get to the playoffs to earn a cup.

        Odd that statistically maf could end up 3rd in wins ever if he gets moved outta Vegas or they do crazy stuff

        When the time comes though would you rather have cheered for maf or Lund? Fans and gms will take the cups

      • It’s not really an argument. Maf Vs. Lundqvist. It’s irrelevant. Maf= right place, right time.
        Having Crosby / Malkin may help a bit?

        Again by that measure means Messier is as good as Gretzky and Lemieux combined.

  5. Nice to have box scores to start to consume. Almost meaningless, especially this early into the preason but some info to be gleaned.

  6. If NYR has an abundance of D and a need for a C, is there a reason they’re not in the running for Duchene? Salary cap or something?

    • Why trade away Stepan to acquire Duchene? It appears at least for the time being they’re comfortable going with Zibanejad, Hayes and Miller. I don’t like it, but I’d hold on to the young d-men and skip on Duchene. I don’t see him as a better option than Stepan anyway.

      With stockpiling young d-men, it looks like NY is in the middle of a heavy retool ( they won’t use the word rebuild) and getting ready for life after Lundqvist.

      • As we have discussed before NYR has been transitioning to younger players for several years now & doing so well staying incredibly competitive. Top echelon’s of the league in both regular season wins & playoff appearances.

        Gorton has done a great job since taking over from Sather.

        Interesting note. If nothing else plays out perhaps NYR signs Desjardins to play as the 4th line C until a better option can be found for Desharnais at #3?

        I would also prefer Miller at LW.

      • I agree on that, but I think they maybe taking a step back to take a few forward. For years on here I’ve argued to all that say every year like clockwork “NY’s window is closed, or closing”.

        In years past I’ve seen players move up and guys like Richards, Callahan, Anisimov, Dubinsky, etc move out. And I’ve always felt pretty comfortable with the direction of where they were going. Today, not so much. Or at least in the short term. Staal and Lundqvists contracts are problematic. If Lundqvist has another down year it should be cause for concern. Counting on Zibanejad to be a consistent #1 is a bit scary. Hayes as a #2 isn’t much more comforting. And Miller as a #3 (at least for the time being) is a double problem. His production is sure to drop, his NHL experience at center is little, and not pretty.

        I like Andersson, Pionk, Bereglazov, DeAngelo, Day, and I’ve been high on Graves for a couple of years. Minus the Mcilrath fiasco last year, I think he makes the 7th man . And I actually think he does make the jump this year. But I have to say, I don’t see a true contender like we’ve been seeing for the last 5-6 years. I see a bubble team at best.

        I hope I’m wrong, but it would take everything to go right, and one injury to Hayes or Zibanejad for the whole thing to crumble and leave them outside looking in.

  7. Vegas Golden Knights 9
    Vancouver Canucks 4

    Ottawa Senators 6
    Toronto Maple Leafs 2

    They are now playing games! Why are we still talking about Duchene when, in exhibition, the Knights look like gold and the Leafs look horrible which most on this site hope for with respect to the latter. I know I switched the conversation to the Leafs! Sorry Lyle I know you have to talk about Duchene! But when he gets traded it’s going be so “ho, hum”.

    • Why? because this is the rumour section, not the pre-season box score section. You guys need to cut Lyle some slack. I know the Duch rumour wont go away, but this is the rumour section. The headline says Latest Update in Duchene Rumor Mill – September 19, 2017. DONT CLICK IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ IT. Everybody’s got choices.. you choose to click it.

      • Thanks Preacher! Fr. Doushane! The reality is Duchene is not the only player in the League. Surely there are other stories.

  8. Jenner and Murray for Duchene is more than fair, honestly.

    The problem is Sakic isn’t looking for a fair deal, he’s holding out for a franchise altering deal when he just doesn’t have the assets to make it happen.

    • As an Avs fan, I think that would do it for me. Do we know for sure that it was offered? I’m not sure I’ve seen confirmation of it.

      • If it has – and Sakic turned it down – that confirms what I posted above.

      • If the Jackets didn’t offer that or aren’t willing to do that deal, then we should bad mouth Jarmo the way we do Sakic.

        Murray is out of their top 4 and they have too many guys like Jenner already, though they did clear Saad out.

        Duchene gives CBJ an element of skill for a team top heavy with size and grit. He and Panarin would give them a very different look.

        That’s the fair deal for both sides here.

      • I’m not certain Columbus wants to move Jenner. He’s 1 season removed from a 30 goal season. He’s not a great fit with Dubinsky & his power play deployment last season was seriously reduced from the season prior. With Saad, Gagner & Hartnell & gone only really being replaced by Panarin he may get it back this year. He had 9 PPg’s & 14 PPP’s in 2015-16 0 PPG’s & 1 PPP’s last season!

        Jenner could have a career season & he just turned 24 in June having now played 267 NHL regular season games.

      • Columbus’s old beat writer Portzline said that offer wasn’t exactly true. I don’t think they offered Jenner with Ryan Murray. I can’t remember exactly right now, but I think after Murray it devolved in prospects.

        Murray is definitely on the table, but I have heard from Dater I think that the Avs asked for Gabriel Carlesson. I don’t know in what sort of package though.

        The media has got everyone confused to the reality behind the gossip. Nobody has any solid idea because Sakic and the other GMs just haven’t said a word.

        The media just needs to sit back and take a breath and let this all play out for awhile.

    • As a Pens fan I think if CBJ get Duchene with the addition of Panarin that would make CBJ and Pens the top 2 teams in East? That would be a hell of a lineup for CBJ

  9. Games are now being played! Actual hockey games, not games related to Duchene!

    • Good point, but this is the Rumours column, the other one is the News column.

    • Good News then,

      Instead of reading about Duchene, you can watch him play against Vegas tonight at 7:00pm on the Altitude network, or catch the hour long condensed version of the game tomorrow on the NHL network!

      During practice they had him playing with Kerfoot and Yakapov. Pretty speedy! Well see how that works!?

      • Good luck playing with Yak. Hope he catches on, but am skeptical to say the least.

  10. real tired reading about duchene

  11. I do not see why many peddle & think Sakic should accept Ryan Murray for Duchene (along with some form of draft pick). Ryan Murray is no longer a top 4 D in CMB. He is injury prone. He is small. CMB did not even protect him during the draft.

    I do think Sakic is asking too much at this point but accept he must get a solid return to build upon.

    With Nashville’s depth at defense would Sakic accept a PK Subban for Duchene?


    Boston swapping Carlo and Belesky for Duchene?

    • I agree with you but Clb did pay Vgs not to select Anderson or Murray. They agreed to eat Clarkson’s insurable LTIR contract & got a 1st in 2017 & 2nd in 2019.

      I’m not taking Murray in trade either unless his value in that deal is nominal. he has had 1 healthy season in the last 6 years playing hockey in the NHL or Major Jr.

    • Not sure why Boston keeps coming up as a team kicking tires on a Duchene deal. Especially if COL needs a LD back?
      Do these reporters look at their rosters?
      Duchene is a right now deal for the next 2 years. The Bruins biggest need right now is LD?
      They have 2 NHL proven LD to start the year. If you don’t care which way they shoot they have 5 quality, proven NHL D men on their roster today with McAvoy getting a real shot and showing real promise.
      Why would they would trade for a C when it is their position of greatest depth.

  12. I could be way off here but is NYR keeping an eye on the Duchene situation? I know they are eyeing multiple players for their #3 & 4 center spot. I know it is early in the evaluation period for their younger players but with Nash off the books next year might they trade for Duchene this year to solidify their center position? They have good young Dmen, versatile Miller and other solid prospects. They do still have 3 million in cap space. $$ can be shifted around.

  13. 77 games, 41 points, -32, for $6M….. and a whiny emo little sad boy on top of it all. I just don’t understand how anyone could want something like that in their locker room. He sucks. Colorado fans are done with him and sick of his BS. Time for another team to come to the same realization.

  14. Love Brad Marchand,s answer to the new face off rules it’s an absolute joke lol exactly so many other players trying to be politically correct. Watched the Leaf Sens game last night it was hard to watch God I hope they don’t call all this crap during regular season.