Matt Duchene Rumor Roundup – September 3, 2017

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As training camp approaches, the Matt Duchene rumor mill churns on.

As training camp nears, the Matt Duchene trade speculation churns on. Check out the latest in your NHL rumors. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited TSN’s Darren Dreger’s Friday appearance on Buffalo’s WGR 550 discussing the seemingly never-ending Matt Duchene trade speculation. He said Duchene wanted this situation remedied a long time and remains hopeful that something can be done before training camp opens.

Dreger said there’s no indication from either side that the 26-year-old center won’t report to camp if the Avs don’t move him. While confident the Duchene camp (led by agent Pat Brisson) haven’t made that threat to GM Joe Sakic, Dreger wonders if they could go in that direction if Sakic hasn’t worked out a trade by then. 

Dreger believes the reason it’s taken so long is Sakic has a level of expectation that’s higher than Duchene’s performance last season. For the teams interested in Duchene, they want to make a deal based on the center’s play in 2016-17. He said the Avs sought a “left-shot, top defenseman” as part of the package leading up to this year’s draft. “There’s got to be a Top 4 or 5 guy that maybe Nashville or another team with interest is willing to part with,” said Dreger. 

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault pondered what Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has in store for his $8 million in salary-cap space heading into this season. Citing the Habs need for depth at center, he wonders if they’ve targeted Duchene, Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or another player and what they might offer up in return. He advises against moving forward Alex Galchenyuk. 

BSN DENVER’s Adrian Dater recently took to Twitter to agree with USA Today’s Kevin Allen listing Columbus, Carolina and Montreal as the top-three potential trade destinations for Duchene. He also adds Nashville and Boston to that list. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve previously offered up my take on those possible trade partners here and in my recent column for The Hockey News. I would also add the New York Islanders, as GM Garth Snow attempted to acquire Duchene by offering up defenseman Travis Hamonic and a first round pick prior to shipping Hamonic to Calgary.

I don’t believe the Bruins will pursue Duchene. Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci are their top two centers. Brad Marchand is their first-line left wing and I think they’ll pencil in Frankie Vatrano as their second-line left winger. 

I’ll be very surprised if Duchene doesn’t report to training camp. It’s in his best interest to have a strong start to this season. Refusing to report to camp could adversely affect his trade value, making it harder for Sakic to move him. Interested teams will undoubtedly monitor his training camp and preseason performance. 

Unless Sakic lowers his asking price or a rival club gets desperate for help at center (which could be what the Avs GM is hoping for), I don’t see Duchene getting traded before training camp. In fact, I can see this situation dragging on into the start of the season. 



  1. Sakic obviously thinks Duchene is better than last year’s stats would indicate and therefore equally obviously wants more in return than teams have offered so far. So the big gamble for Sakic is to hang onto him for the start of the season at least, hope he gets off to a good start, and await the inevitable injuries that are sure to occur around the league. A good start by Duchene coupled with an injury to a C on a team expected to be a top contender MIGHT get him what he wants. The problem is, wishful thinking is not sound management, and to pin your hopes on that exact scenario is evidence of incompetence. No other team will nibble even if an injury crops up simply because, why would an also-ran give up what he wants for someone who is not going to vault them into contention on his own and who could bolt THEIR organization at the first opportunity?

    • Sakic is the problem here, with the Duchene trade talks always going on. Nobody is saying what horrible job he is doing with putting a quality team on the ice. Maybe he should focus on his team instead of looking for a quick fix trade that he will screw up anyway. Move over Mr Snow as you have company as the league worst GM.

      • I wonder if Sakic is also getting pressure from ownership. The Avs got basically nothing for O’Reilly from BUF, so Sakic has to make up for that bad trade by winning the Duchesne deal

    • Giving away a 26 yr old 1st line Center with two years left on a good contract would be incompetence

      • Who said “give him away?” No one suggested that. Just that he is NOT worth what Sakic allegedly is demanding. Big difference.

  2. Horrible way to treat a core player. Others Avs should be taking note of the treatment. Also – haggling with Zadorov over $500k.

    • No it isn’t. Duchene is under contract and a professional. Many players have been on the verge of being traded. There is nothing new about this situation.

      There is nothing wrong with Sakic wanting to make a good deal. He’s learned from the past and can’t afford another O’Reilly fiasco. The sympathy, if any, should be with Sackic, not Duchene. The poor guy is suffering terribly with his $6 million. Boo hoo.

      • That snarky attitude and approach to management has sunk far better organizations in pro sports than the Avalanche. Besides, no one is “feeling sorry” for Duchene. least of all Duchene himself who said last January ““I’m open to [a trade]. When I say open to it, I know it’s part of the business, and it’s something that might happen. I’m not hiding from it. I’m not running away. I’m not banging my head. I understand it’s part of what we deal with as pro athletes.”

        The cynical “boo hoo” could also be applied to Ovechkin who signed a contract – and is being paid $10 mil per – to play for the Washington Capitals – not Mother Russia.

      • The jury is out on the O’Reilly trade… not. Put it context, shortly before O’Reilly came Start by. He got away for nothing.

        O’Reilly was in the last year of his contract when Sakic dealt him. He was not about to let him get away like Start by did. He was not about to pay him 8 million a year. So he manned up and traded him.

        He got Zadorov, Greer, Compher and more. Moreover, he had no leverage. So… He did ok.

      • You are missing the point guys – it’s not good when the focal point of your team for six mos+ is the “any day now” trade of one of your core players. It’s not a matter of feeling sorry for him, I never said that. Get it done with so the team and the fans can move on.
        No wonder he is open to a trade – I would be too.

    • Mike, how do you look at that return for R$R and call it nothing? Laughable. Then bash Sakic for asking for essentially the same thing and seeing it as overvalued? That is your point correct, lost the Buff deal wants to win the Duchene deal?

      Some of you read too much bs and react like sheep following you’re Sheppard Dreger

      • Once again, you’re misinterpreting what others are saying. He SHOULD get a good return for him – just not what some suggest he is seeking. Get off your high horse.

  3. Given the Habs need for an offensive centre and the Oilers need next year to shed salary, would it make sense for both teams to discuss a deal for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins? He’s signed for four years at 6 million per which the Habs could absorb. What about Plekanec who only has one year left at 6 million. Gives Edmonton a solid two way third line centre. Obviously there would have to be more from the Habs. Draft picks? Any thoughts?

    • agree with george… mostly. wouldnt take much besides plec to make it a fair trade. its all about saving money. I think a pick or b prospect from mont would even it out.

      • Edm isn’t moving RNH in a salary dump, at least not until absolutely necessary. Next summerI assume. I don’t see how Edm can possibly afford to keep him.

        At today’s cap ceiling they have 14 mil to sign 10 players next season. Assuming the cap rises it’s usual 2 to 3 mil with Strome, Caggiula, Nurse, Benning & Brossolt all RFA’s & UFA’s Letestu, Maroon & Jokinen needing to be replaced or resigned something has to give.

      • Yeah that’s nuts. Implying that all it would take is a b level prospect and plek is ridiculous. RNH would easily fall into the number 1spot in mtl.
        If you add plek to that deal you likely have to add a first and one of montreal’s top prospects. It becomes also a salary dump by adding plek. Not happening

      • RNH gets dealt, at the very earliest, at the deadline and only if the Oil are not going to the playoffs. The only way that happens is with injuries. The Mtl suggestion for Pleks only makes sense for Edm if Pleks has a stellar year compared to last. Chances are other teams at the deadline will be able to make better offers in any case. The best offer Mtl could make is Pleks, Gallgeher, Montoya and a 1st….but as I said, others could make better offers, especially as a Habs team with RNH would mean their 1st would be a high pick….

    • Thomas is almost impossible to move with 6 mil on the books. Plus a poor season and a limited no trade. I think Bergevin and Julien want to see what they get out of plekanec and hemsky together.

      If they want RNH it’ll be lindgren and or a 2nd. Gives them a 2nd line guy between Galchenyuk and Gallagher.

  4. Given that the Oilers are paying out $6 mil for what amounts to a 3rd line C for the next 4 years I’m not so sure the Habs would need to give up anything more than Plekanec.

    • You guys must not stay up late enough to watch oiler games. that proposal is laughable and makes no sense on any front for the oilers short or long Term.

      • it makes sense long term and the way they are playing its about equal short term as well. 6 mil for a third line center isnt feasible with the new contracts. plec would be off the books… its gonna be a rel hard sell to someone to take on rnh even if they think he could be a solid number 2… and the jury is still out on that one.

      • Agree Craig that would be a terrible deal for Edmonton.

      • Habs fans try and throw Plecanec into every trade and they don’t understand that no one wants him on their team let alone will they give up something good for him. If Plecanec can get RNH then so can Hornqvist who is UFA after this season and could help them in the meantime. Hornqvist and Ian Cole for RNH.

      • Edm isn’t moving RNH to Mtl in a deal for Plekanec. At 24 the only problem with RNH is he is a soft #2 C or solid #3 & that has him making about 1.5 to much.

        I have no doubt RNH will eventually be moved just not now & certainly not in a trade for Plekanec. Mtl’s trade cupboard is virtually bare except for draft picks.

        I assume Edm will most likely have to eat some salary or take a shorter term cap hit back i some form of deal to move RNH eventually but it will be a hocket trade not a salary dump & something solid will be coming back to Edm in picks or prospects.

        RNH is a good hockey player, he’s just never going to be the player most assumed he would be when drafted. His only issue is salary & term, eat a mil to mil 5 & there will be numerous potential trade partners.

      • The oilers have no reason to trade RNH now . Next summer decisions will have to be made , this is a huge season for him both in how he is deployed and how he plays in those roles . If he can run with a top 6 winger role beside Mcdavid or Leon and also slide into 2C / 3C roles at times , he will become a very valuable piece for the oilers and worth the 6 million . may cost a chance to re sign maroon and younger guys getting a chance will be required . If chilly wants to go the trade route with RNH then his trade value would be better in this scenario . IF Nuge has another average(some call bad) year and plays only 3 C role and produces similar numbers to last year he will then be moved and his trade value would be roughly the same with the team after having to commit to 1 less season at 6 M to get him . Makes zero sense to trade RNH now unless it’s a crazy return that is younger / cheaper and part of the future . Just like I said plecanec was crazy I don’t think RNH is returning that right now . Every reason in the world for RNH to be an oiler this season

      • I wouldn’t give Cole straight up for rnh.

      • That’s great chisms but Rutherford would in a heart beat if given the chance all day everyday

      • I don’t think the Oilers will have a choice in the matter. I think they’ll have to take what they can get for RNH. having 11 UFA and RFA main roster players going into next season all looking for a raise with 60 mil of cap space already designated is going to be tough for them. If a guy like Maroon gets spoon fed another 27+ goals by Mcdavid this season he’s going to think he’s worth way more than he is. Talbot is going to want to be upgraded to 7 mil per at some point between now and next season. I think teams know what kind of cap hell Edmonton is headed for and no one will be offering what RNH is worth.

      • yeah craig… if gmjr got the oil to hold half his salary. rnh has minimal trade value right now. almost negative value due to his contract.

      • Christms your hilarious . Negative value for a 24 year old 2 way center coming off a season in which he outproduced duchene from his 3rd line role , no pp time and no time with Leon or Mcdavid . Yes duchene played on a bad team but to imply RNH is worth negative value when sakic is at least having conversations , with-his asking price being the moon , is crazy talk . RNH won’t be moved before season so we will never see , but his value being the same as duchenes is closer to the truth than negative value .

  5. Can’t see the Bruins being interested in Matt but could see them being interested in Landeskog . Carlo Spooner and Belesky for Gabriel than one of the Bruins other young D men would have to step up. That’s a lot to pay but it would take atleast that much to pry him away .

    • Carlo , Spooner and Beleskey 😂😂😂…try Spooner and a pick/prospect for Landeskog

    • I don’t want to see Boston give up any of their young dman, stay the course. Vatrano had 10g in 44g, lets see what he can do with a full season. Carlo is a cornerstone for the future along with McAvoy. The bruins already gave away a good young dman in C.Miller. I also don’t want them to trade Zboril, this kid has a ton of talent and recently spoke about the perceived notion that he only shows up when he feel like it and wants to change that perception.

    • Carlo isn’t going any where.

      • Carlo is a soft 4 good 5th dman he isn’t as gonna be as good as the majority of bruins fans think. We have draft picks to trade but beyond that the prospect cupboards are virtually bare

      • Ha-ha! Yeah sure.

      • It’s funny how conceded you are striker by how much you’ve been wrong on here! Give it a rest!

    • Obe
      Makes sense to me.
      Belesky is basically a salary dump and Spooner isn’t sticking around long term.
      Basically you’re talking Carlo who is from Colorado.
      I think Boston could live without him with Mcavoy,Miller and Maquaid on the right side. He had a great first year but I’m not sure if he really is a top pairing guy.
      Chara,Krug, and Zboril could handle the left side with more defenseman in the pipeline.

      • Dave don’t say that about Carlo striker will laugh at you and mock your opinion! I’m with you I don’t believe Carlo is a first pair either

  6. Bruins would need to get rid of some salary taking Belesky would be a favor and unless the prospects are Debrusk and Zboril it wouldn’t get done.

  7. RNH has to go for the 2018-19 season. It is unfortunate but that happens when two forwards consume $21m. The return is debatable but not much salary coming back. Kind of like the Strome-Eberle deal

    • Strome is an RFA next summer & 2 years from UFA status, his salary next season is rising significantly.

      • Based on what striker ? Has he earned a significant raise yet ?, you will have to explain that one to me . Even if he has a good season what monies and term do you think is coming ? I don’t see it being a scary number or term

      • I’m guessing based on the “stud” tag we’re about to see.

      • Strome will play as the #1 or 2 RW in Edm next season scoring 20 to 25 goals & 55 to 60 points. With 2 years to UFA status that will get him 4.5 mil + depending upon term.

        He will have arbitration rights & significant leverage.

      • Based on your projections? Where do you get these numbers? Not one single winger in Edmonton put up 60 points last year. (Aside from Draisatl) but Strome will without playing a single game for Edmonton?

      • Hahaha . You do realize striker this isn’t a virtual world lol ? That is far from a sure thing as you seem to think . That would be best case scenario for him and following seasons of 28/30 pts he won’t have substantial leverage . If he is such a sure thing for 25/60 though I’m fine with signing him to 4.5 and moving RNH .

      • not $6m significantly

  8. Bottom line is Sakic has done nothing to improve the Avs in his almost 3 years as GM.

    The team has not been the same since ROR was traded. The defense is terrible. The goaltender is inconsistent just like the group of ‘young’ talented forwards.

    • Sakic did the actual number one thing that needed to happen, which was fire Rick Pracey. Ever since then drafting has been so much better, which is how you build a team. The O’Reilly trade was decent as well. Zadorov is coming into his own. Compher has been a great surprise and Greer is looking pretty good in the minors. Grigorinko was nothing but throw in that didn’t stand much of a chance anyway. It’s still far too early to judge 100%, but I like it so far. Only one of Zadorov, Compher or Greer needs to work out. And the odds of them doing it are getting better and better.

  9. Sakic is a terrible GM because he won’t trade Duchene for less then he wants for him? ok then.

    • No it is because he has not improved his team since he has become GM. And his top players have regressed

  10. When the Rangers traded Stepan, it seemed like a good move getting a young, offensively gifted right shot d man and the 7th pick overall in draft. They were in need of rebuilding D. They previously added Pionk and Berglazov to prospect list. Then they resigned Brendan Smith. I still think these moves where made thinking Shattenkirk was a long shot. When they where able to get Shatty on 4 year contract, they’ve added the top available FA. But now what to do about hole at center? With the sudden depth on defense,would Sakic be interested in Smith? How about one of the young left handed D prospects?.. Day, Graves, or Berglazov ? I commented yesterday that maybe we could trade Nash to SJ… could there be someone there that Sakic is interested in? Rangers should be able to piece something together without giving up core players. Nash is on expiring contract.

    • If everything they say is true, Sakic would be looking for Skjei +, +. Which should be off the table. I like Duchene, but is he at all different from Stepan from a production standpoint? They could have just kept Stepan at that rate.

      • Exactly.

      • They didn’t keep Step and no, I wouldn’t do trade if he wanted Skjei.. I think Duchene with Rangers would put up more points than Stepan did.

      • History says different. They are both low to mid 50s point guys. Maybe Duchene becomes a 60-65 point guy in Ny. But certainly not playing Stepans role every night.

  11. Dreger has been been fanning the flames of this Duchene rumor for more than 1/2 a year now. Let it go already.

    Sakic isn’t giving Duchene away for nothing nor does he have to trade him. At only 26 with 2 years remaining on his deal there is no rush.

    Colorado is rebuilding, they have been for 2 or 3 years depending upon your perception of when it started.

    I will judge Sakic’s performance in 2 to 3 years.

    As for the O’Reilly trade I will say what I say everytime. O’reilly had no intentions of returning to Colorado when his 1 year remaining on his deal was up. Bad blood over his previous contract, signed to it by accepting an offer seet from Calgary killed any hopes of reconcillation nor did he want to continue playing for Roy.

    O’reilly was moved for futures, prospects & a pick later flipped into 2 picks. We won’t know what those players will be for 5 more years.

    The 2 headed monster ownership put in place with Sakic & Roy was a disaster. Sakic apparently won the battle as Roy quit, so you could argue Sakic has only had full control now for 1 season.

    If the general concensus seems to be a rebuild takes at least 5 years, for most teams longer, why is Sakic being judged after 2 or 3?

    This teams prospect pool is solid, not exceptional as they haven’t had repeated top 3 picks, factor in the dual headed monster & how can we know sakic was the problem, perhaps Roy was the problem.

    I know Duchene had to love for Roy. Nor do we know if the rumor of Hamonic & a 1st that keeps getting banded about is true, Sakic came out & said he never received such an offer.

    • Just like you constantly defending sakic inability to be a good gm or for that matter Sweeneys. Some players just need to stay on the ice the front office isn’t the place for them, sakic and Sweeney have only made questionable moves that look bad and done nothing for improvement

      • You’ve been wrong twice today.
        The Bruins prospect cupboard is far from bare, and Sweeney has done a pretty good job of stacking it.

      • I haven’t said he’s a good GM what I have repeated everytime this issue is raised is that the jury is out as he hasn’t been in place long enough & Roy had as much say in pkayer personal decissions as Sakic.

        I’ll wait 3 years to judge Sakic’s ability as a GM & 5 to see what Zadarov, Compher, Greer & Morrison are before grading the O’Reilly trade.

        I do ‘t live in past like the vast majority of you.

        Do you ever have anything positive to say about anything. It’s always negative.

      • Lol. You sure don’t live in the past like the “vast majority of us” you live in the future and unknown. “Stud in the making” (about 20 times a week) “he’ll score 27 goals and 67 points” “they’ll finish 4th in the east” …..

        Does patting yourself on the back while slapping anyone who has a different opinion ever get old? You’re not right nearly right as much as you’d like to believe. Jesus… give it a rest!

      • It’s funny striker you seem to forget how wrong your predictions are yet continually bash other ppls opinion? Maybe watch some more actual hockey game and don’t just google the stats. Shorepark have you watched the prospects much? The cupboards are bare and Sweeney is a bad gm

      • I loved how you took striker to task for bashing people’s opinions then wrapped up the post bashing another poster so opinions. Don’t pretend you are any better. If everyone agreed this would be a damn boring site.

      • BBB I am quite in tune with the Bruins prospects, as I follow the team, and have for about 37 seasons.
        My opinions vary from others. That doesn’t make them wrong, until proven wrong.
        Just like yours and Strikers.
        I think Striker has strong and varying opinions as well.
        He’s also very confident in his beliefs, and believes what he writes to be true.
        That doesn’t make him wrong either.
        It’s ok to disagree.
        In fact, it’s fun to banter and share views with others.
        You fellas should lighten up a little.
        All is well.
        Also BBB…. I think it’s too early to judge Sweeneys body of work just yet.
        However, I don’t like him as a GM and never would have picked him, but he has done a fair job in shedding $ and drafting some real solid prospects.
        I’ll reserve calling for his head for now.

      • I didn’t bash his opinion just asked how much he has watched the prospects, and said my opinion again

      • Shore you say that ppl aren’t wrong yet earlier you said I’ve been wrong twice today? Just saying……….

      • BBB Yes. You have proven to be wrong today x 2. (My opnion)
        The Bruins Cupboard isn’t bare.
        It’s well stacked in fact.
        Don Sweeney isn’t a terrible GM.
        He’s very green, like many others, but his record has shown he is willing to overpay for grit and leadership.
        As well as gambling on the draft floor when things didn’t go his way via trade.
        Again, I don’t care for him, but he hasn’t been terrible by a fair stretch.
        In case you missed the point, and you clearly have so far,
        Disagree, but you don’t have to be so aggressive about attacking someone else’s point of view.
        Be nice to others!

      • Nice post Chrism…Good job!

      • Ok shore imo you are wrong about Sweeney and the bruins prospects

    • Sakic and Duchene have made enough public comments to lead all to believe a trade is inevitable

    • Finally someone who doesn’t drink the Dreger kool-aid!

      Roy did alot of damage in 2 years,they went from one of the youngest teams to one of the oldest for Roy’s ego and win now mentality. He took any and all players out of the Q because he’d seen them play in jr. He tool MacKinnon over Jones because he tore up the Q (even though he already had Duchene, Stastny and O’Rielly up the middle and only Barrie coming)and D take too long to develop
      They traded futures and prospects for role players and “veterans”. He abandoned puck movers and speed for shot blockers and big bodies.

      Essentially he tried building a team to beat the 1999 stars.

      The biggest problem with any of this is the state of the organization when they took over. They had nothing in the minors, missed out on entire draft classes (2015?) and largely missed in others.They’ve had to overpay UFA’S to fill positions that should have been filled internally. Bottom line for anyone actually paying attention was they needed to turn 1 asset into two moving forward but instead did the opposite. And are paying dearly for it. There is no quick fix.

      For all the people saying Sakic hasn’t done anything to the team that finished with 48 pts, I say you don’t pay attention and only want to spew negativity. 9 players from last year’s starting lineup are gone plus Mitchell who ate nachos that night. If you bothered to watch any games or checked any of their stats you would know what last season biggest problems were. The bottom 6 and Beauchemin, Tyutin, Gelinas and Wiercioch

      • And with just 4 NHL D under contract plus a PTO to Jared Cowen – that’s Jared Cowen who hasn’t played a meaningful game in over 2 years – it’s going to be better???

  12. @nyr4life what gives? You’ve seem to be going after Striker quite a bit lately, sound bitter. Usually I enjoy your comments, but not the personal attacks.

    • Yeah people really like to pile on poor striker . I am not going to do that but I do disagree with him in this case . Maybe just try to make your points without making them sound set in stone striker , a lot of times I get what your saying but others tend to take issue with how you leave no room for any other possibility . Just a thought , I enjoy your views for the most part although I don’t always agree

    • You forgot to add lol or lmfao. Classic ny syntax.

      • Maybe I need to belt out a tune, call “firsies” or add some terrible jokes to appeal more to you Chism?

      • That would be a nice start. Jazz the place up a bit.

        “It was the heat of the moment…” your turn.

    • “Like the vast majority of people here”….. what does that say to you?

      • @nyr4life, I agree with you on Stoner, but one hockey magazine (forecaster) has him projected for 30g and 72pts. Which I find far fetched based on what he been able to do so far.

      • Caper…. again how condescending is “I don’t live in past like the vast majority of you.”?

        This ass is basically slapping the “majority ” of people in this board … while hoisting himself up and basking in his own glory!…. which by far is a joke! I won’t even go into the dozens on NYR misses by striker! I’ll go to the ” Weber , Hall, Subban will never be traded” and his god awful standings predictions from last year…. his never ending “stud predictions ” are a joke!

        His own narcissistic ways pretty much make him completely annoying and unbearable to read…….and a fair target for criticism. If you don’t feel the same…. you’re just the “vast majority ” that’s just wrong to strikers awesome never ending amazing opinion !

  13. You must be loving this, Lyle, a one-player Rumours section generating so much comment. Personally I would like to see the Avalanche with a really good coach behind the bench. The slide began with Patrick Roy as Head Coach – it will take a Mike Babcock type of guy to straighten things out there.

    • Well, I’ll admit I’m surprised to see so many comments in the middle of a Labor Day long weekend. But Duchene remains a hot topic, especially with training camps starting up next week.

  14. Reading today’s comments on Matt Duchene and RNH has me questioning my aptitude for player evaluation as well as my reasoning ability.

    Duchene put up 18 goals and 23 assists for 41 points last season. His cap hit is $6,000,000, and he can skip town after next season. I would categorize him as more soft than gritty The asking price for Duchene is a first-rounder, quality young defenseman, proven NHLer and top prospect.

    RNH had 18 goals and 25 assists for 43 points last season. His cap hit is $6,000,000 and he is locked up for 4 years. He is more soft than gritty. The asking price for him should be Plekanec and change?

    I don’t get it. The numbers indicate RNH, relatively, would be the better deal. Is Duchene so much better than RNH that a team should give up so much more to get him, maybe for only a year? Why would teams be hot after Duchene while the Oilers would be hard-pressed to find a taker for RNH next year?

    • I think Duchene has proven to be a better player. Rumors around RNH about off ice issues. Also, Edmonton will have cap issues next year and RNH IS 6 million dollar 3rd line center for them. Barganing power weakened when you have to get rid of him. Honestly, if and when they are both dealt, the return will probably be about the same

      • I wasn’t aware of RNH’s off-ice problems, but what you say makes sense. But one often cited player comparable that you mentioned perplexes me every time I read it: that is, RNH is a $6,000,000/yr third-line center. Might a center who scores 43 points on a third line be a very good player and a better value than one who scores 41 points on a first line and makes the same amount of money? I wonder if his bad playoff performance hasn’t caused RNH to be underrated.

    • I think you’re making a mistake by judging any player on a single season, especially when his team finished dead last. GM’s know this is a bad idea, but they won’t admit it now because they’ll try to use anything as leverage, which I can’t blame. Anyone playing fantasy would be wise to take a mid-round flyer on Duchene. He’s going to have many good years in front of him and I bet this year will be a bounce-back, playing for Colorado or other. Sakic is being wise to hang on. This is no time to make a panic trade, because it won’t turn Colorado into an instant competitor.

  15. Please sign bo horvat,and who isnt signed better sign now,

    • RNH is still young, and has upside. He’s not a 3rd liner on any other team. For Edmonton he’s a guy they can afford to let go to save cap space. As already stated,I don’t think they’ll trade him this season .. Duchene I think needs to be moved and of course Sakic going to ask for the moon.