NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 10, 2017

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NY Rangers winger Rick Nash needs a strong effort in his contract year.

Latest on Rick Nash, Chris Kelly, Alex Chiasson and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NBC SPORTS: Entering the final year of his eight-year contract, New York Rangers winger Rick Nash knows this coming season is an important one for him. With the Rangers transitioning toward a younger roster, the 33-year-old Nash’s performance in 2017-18 could determine if they’ll try to retain him and how much it might cost to do so.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash’s future with the Rangers depends upon his performance this season, While Nash isn’t the dominant winger he once was, he’s still a reliable scorer when healthy. Injuries, however, have hampered his play. After tallying 42 goals in 79 games in 2014-15, he averaged 60 games in each of the next two seasons, scoring 15 and 23 goals respectively. Another injury-shortened season could convince Rangers management to part ways with him next summer. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers signed free-agent forward Chris Kelly to a professional tryout offer.  

THE WASHINGTON POST: The Capitals bring free-agent winger Alex Chiasson to training camp on a tryout basis.

THE TENNESSEAN: The Nashville Predators have no timetable to name a new captain. Defensemen Roman Josi and Ryan Ellis are considered among the leading contenders. 

NBC SPORTS: The Pittsburgh Penguins have hired former star Kevin Stevens as a special assignment scout based in Boston. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stevens struggled with drug addiction related to painkillers following surgery in 1993 to repair serious facial injuries. In May, he was fined $10,000.00 and sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to a drug charge. Here’s hoping this job helps him get back on track.



  1. Rick Nash never scores in the playoffs he is a waste of cap space

  2. Mario helping out yet another good friend with a job. He is definitely a loyal guy. I think that family atmosphere is something that is very attractive to players as well. It’s definitely easier to play for an owner like that than a penny pinching, overbearing, maniac like in Carolina or Ottawa.

    • Here’s hoping this is in the vein of Stevens being serious about his recovery and not an ol’ boys club kind of thing. I have no idea about how sincere Stevens is, hell nobody does except Stevens, but hopefully Mario really sat down with him to try to get a feel for his drive to get himself back together. Otherwise he could be exposing a convicted drug dealer to young new players. I have a lot of faith in Mario and prefer to think he made the right decision here. In a related note drug addiction, specifically opiate addiction is a far under-reported issue in hockey as in all sports. Teams generally have the money to buy a lot of privacy in their medical treatments (it should be there anyway for anyone but you know how it goes). The problem with the teams being involved in trying to obtain treatment for players is what is their real motivation? the person? or the player? Real problems can be overlooked, minimized, delayed in the name of winning.

      • The problem with opiates is that the addiction process takes very little time. If a person uses for 4 straight days that can be enough to make that person have withdrawals if they try to go without. That sickness a person feels from withdrawals, along with the awful insomnia, can destroy a persons life as they can’t function for 4-5 days of complete agony followed by weeks of cravings and urges to use again. So the person has to keep using just to not feel sick. That gets very expensive. I don’t think Stevens was Tony Montana I just think he sold enough to support his own habit. And if he’s detoxed and been to NA like he says then there is no reason to believe he is still even around opiates. Plus the job description for what he is going to do sounds pretty lite. He gets to live in Boston and only has to scout players in the general vicinity. This is likely a way to ease him in and see how it goes. It’s not a boys club scenario, he and Mario are close friends that were at times instrumental to each others careers. I think it’s going to turn out to be a positive move for everyone concerned.

      • It takes longer than 4 days. To have what is considered withdrawal generally 2 weeks of use is the general guideline though each person is different. And cravings don’t ever fully go away. Being around hockey means being around pain pills. I do hope this is in Stevens best interest. I give kudos to Mario for trying to help him out

      • Speaking from experience it takes 4 days of use to end up with withdrawals. The longer you use it the more intense the withdrawals are. But they suck no matter what.

      • No. Not technically. Unless you were a user recently and the brain biochem hasnt “reset “. It still feels bad but is not actually withdrawal. It’s like going on a 4 day etoh bender. You feel like shit after but withdrawal isn’t the term you use… hangover is more appropriate. For the bio chemistry of the brain to shut down certain receptors because the stimulus is coming externally takes time. But putting essentially poison in your body for 4 days certainly ain’t gonna make you feel good. But it’s not dx as withdrawal at that point

    • it would only take 4 days of use if the brain was previously already subjected to having its receptors “tampered” with due to use. for anyone who has either never been chemically dependent or has significant clean time it takes more time to end up with an actual withdrawal. easy example. if you go on a etoh bender for 4 days, you will feel like crap after… or a hangover. not withdrawal… putting opiates in your body is a similar thing. In stevens case it wouldnt take long for him to return to physical dependence vs someone who hasnt been chemically dependent before.

      If you yourself are in recovery I congratulate you. It’s a hard road. sincere fist bump. go pens.

      • So you’ve never personally been through it but you are an expert huh? I guess I just imagined it. I don’t know what etoh is but there is nothing similar to opiates. If I had to choose I would take the worst hangover ever than withdrawals, at least you can sleep a hangover off. Nothing hurts more than the withdrawal feeling and it’s super intense for 4-5 days before it subsides.

      • im sorry for your suffering. It’s odd you assume I’ve never been through it. I guess you’re special.

      • Sorry. You touch a sore point. I wish you continued success in your recovery. I hope Stevens and his higher power succeed as well as you have. Once again fist bump from one to another 👊🏿

      • I guess I’m assuming that because your facts are not quite correct. I don’t really believe in all the recovery stuff. I just stay away. This is from years ago not a current issue so I don’t mind talking about it. There is a new herbal medicine called Kratom that is having some success in helping people get off. It has negative opiate agonists. It’s supposedly working wonders. If you are dealing with it you should try it before it’s illegal. But yes fist bump if you took control of your life no question.

      • My facts are not wrong. 4 days of use will not result in a dx of withdrawal… though you would certainly feel like crap. Kratom has a significant withdrawal syndrome attached to it and being unregulated can be very dangerous. Please be careful giving medical advice. Medical management of withdrawal from etoh opiates and benzodiazepines is what I do for a living.

  3. Ellis is expected to be out for up to six months to recover from off-season knee surgery, so he won’t be a captain candidate for awhile.

    • Josi will be captain no doubt about it.