NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 18, 2017

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Florida Panthers ship Jason Demers to the Arizona Coyotes for Jamie McGinn.

Panthers trade Demers to Coyotes plus updates on Joffrey Lupul, Nail Yakupov & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines.

ARIZONA SPORTS/SUN-SENTINEL.COM: The Florida Panthers traded defenseman Jason Demers to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for winger Jamie McGinn. The Panthers also retain over $562K of his $4.5 million annual salary-cap hit over the remaining four seasons of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Demers was the subject of offseason trade speculation following reports he nixed a trade to the Vancouver Canucks for Erik Gudbranson. The Coyotes obviously weren’t on his eight-team no-trade list.

It’s a good move by the Coyotes, bolstering their veteran depth for the long term while addressing the short-term absence of promising Jakob Chychrun to a knee injury. McGinn, meanwhile, is expected to bring more gritty size and skill to the Panthers’ forward lines. A 22-goal scorer with the Buffalo Sabres and Anaheim Ducks in 2015-16, he hopes to rebound from a disappointing nine-goal effort last season with the Coyotes. 

Speaking of the Coyotes, they canceled their preseason opener because of poor ice conditions at the Gila River Arena.

TORONTO STAR: Sidelined Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul took to social media recently to suggest he didn’t fail his training camp physical. Responding to a comment on the subject on his Instagram account, Lupul said, ““Haha failed physical. They cheat, everyone lets them.” He later deleted the remark.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This will only stoke suspicions the Leafs are playing fast and loose with LTIR rules to free up cap space for other players. However, it appears to a murky issue, one the league apparently cannot prevent under the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Lightning defenseman Anton Stralman remains day-to-day with an undisclosed injury.

BSN DENVER: Having signed a one-year contract with the Colorado Avalanche, winger Nail Yakupov knows this is his last chance at redemption in the NHL. The first-overall selection in the 2012 NHL Draft, Yakupov has so far failed to play up to expectations as a scoring forward.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Sabres forward Zemgus Girgensons is looking forward to a fresh start under new head coach Phil Housley.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Tyler Wong tallied a hat trick as the Vegas Golden Knights downed the Vancouver Canucks 9-4, picking up their first preseason win in franchise history. 

THE PROVINCE: Ed Willes has an in-depth report on the rise of hockey in China.



  1. Lou needs his hand slapped.
    On one mind I’m thinking it’s there, so take advantage of it.
    On the other mind, I’m thinking the Leafs are being run by a bunch of sad, desperate old men, who’d do anything to win.
    It’s inspiring actually.

    • What I find ironic is that, on Friday on the Tim & Sid Show -which airs, of course, out of Toronto – the dynamic duo went on at length about the MacArthur situation. hinting broadly about some “conspiracy” – but to my knowledge they have NEVER brought up the subject of either Robidas or Lupul and how both circumvented the letter of the law insofar as NHL “rules” are concerned.

    • Lou has had his hand slapped before it has accomplished nothing.

    • Robidas Corrado Lupul Cowen all the same garbage that LL gets away with. In NJ he killed entertainment & left them with the Kovalchuk mess. Some claim he is smart but i claim he doesn’t have any interest in the well being of the NHL in mind & treats players like crap. Only a substantial fine & suspension for LL would send out a message. Its not only the players under the microscope when a GM can walk away scott free.

      Wtf would any UFA want to be a Leaf while LL is there?

  2. quite simply the league has to and must step in. You have Lupul calling out the leafs and apparently wants to play and think he is medically fine to do so. The league should have this player independently tested and if cleared to play, then he plays. There really needs to be an investigation into this type of activity.
    Same goes for MacArthur, what happened between the playoffs and now that he isn’t suitable to play.
    More so for Lupul, you also had Cowen calling out the leafs last week. Now you have two players calling this team out, something not right and the league needs to clean it up.

    • Ya Caper, it is starting to look that way. If the player wants to play and is physically able, is there not something the NHLPA can do?

      • I have been raising this issue for 2 years. It started with Robidas.

        Surely the NHLPA can file a grievance. I have asked repeatedly why they haven’t. Why aren’t other teams complaining.

        Chicago is now doing it with Hossa & his mystery skin aliment.

        I have no issues with MacArthur. This player shouldn’t have been allowed to play last season. Is he going to add his name to the class action lawsuit in the future?

        This type of stuff looks bad for the NHL, it’s a joke.

        I’m curious as to what stance the insurance underwriter is taking? They foot the disability bill; 80% of the players salary if on LTIR, for almost all players. Some can’t get insurance as their contracts come up for renewal due to injury history. Horton was uninsurable when Columbus signed him as an example.

      • Last I checked Lupul is not a doctor so if he feels good enough to play, it’s not his call. If there was a case to be made, don’t you think someone would come out and say something other than he guy who thinks he’s well enough. Like I said before, it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s failing his baseline tests which would end all discussions for him playing. We all don’t know what the real deal/details are but if loophole Lou found one then good for him and the team, he’s doing his job…it’s not like anyone else wouldnt find ways to win, shady or not.

      • Well the pens have won everything they ever did by not being shady duh…

        well there was that whole lose on purpose thing for Mario…

        but besides that nothing!

        for those goofballs that don’t know how to read sarcasm… that was sarcasm.

    • If Lupul truly wanted to play, he would have filed a grievance last year when the Leafs put him on LTIR. If he still feels that way, social media is not the answer – a formal grievance asking for a third party assessment is.
      I would like to see that happen personally but I don’t think it will.

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure that he was told by his agent that he shouldn’t both filing a grievance for fear of further damaging his career. However, social media does the same thing but it can be quickly deleted to contain some of the damage as we have seen.

        I also agree that in the next CBA, there needs to be something implemented for independent assessment of players for LTIR. Robidas was bad but the whole circumvention thing is a joke. Let’s talk about Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Pronger while we’re at it.

    • I agree with you. As a Leafs fan this is embarrassing. I would much rather prefer 1 year of Lupul than 3 years of Marleau.
      For Lupul as the person, this is devastating. If he is fit he should be playing.
      The Leafs cannot be setting such examples time after time, what UFA is going to sign with them given what’s happened the last couple of years?

  3. Good deal for Fla and Az both. RD are tougher to come by then LW and AZ has extra LW to trade. Best part of the deal, AZ wasn’t on his no trade list!!! 🙂 lol

    • Something stinks about this deal.
      A top 4 defenseman for a bottom 6 forward?
      There could be more to this going forward.

  4. They should be stripped of Matthews and Nylander, who then should be given their choice of where they want to play.
    It’s the only way Lou will notice he’s a sketchy jerk face.

  5. Hernia surgery isn’t a career ending injury.

    • That depends on where you are getting the procedure done.

    • Sorry Striker but depending on where and if for instance he had mesh used it could very well be the end.

      I had the mesh and while I can do my job which has some heavy lifting and handbombing I simply can’t pull 2000lb skids or do squats at the gym anymore.

      No way in hell I could be a professional athlete.

    • No, but it can surely have a negative effect if the surgeon is incompetent. Ask Jonathan Cheechoo.

  6. The Lupul situation is extremely weird, and I hope there is some resolution and that Lupul files a grievance. I feel like he should as it’s also about sending a message that players can and will do this in the future.

    By not filing a Greivance it opens him up to speculation as to why he wouldn’t. It also just makes the action too allowable as GMs/teams will see that even when a player is vocal about it that nothing happens.

    With Lupul, it’s always been a shady situation. He went from a vocal figure on the Leafs to being in exile. Pretty much shutting down social media accounts, and going into hiding. Kadri, and other players practiced with him and said he was looking good.

    I also think if it is found that the Leafs pushed him out there should be a stiff punishment to send a message. I believe something along the lines of a forfeited 1st, as well as a cap-recapture for any financial benefit gained spread over the same period it was gained. I think this should also use up a contract and retained earning slot to ensure it restricts their cap for a couple of seasons.

    This is the best shot of uncovering and making public that this sort of thing happens since it’s a rare case where the team and player aren’t in agreement.

    The Robidas situation never seemed out of place in the same way. The guy was probably borderline capable of playing, and he likely realized that he wasn’t making the team, so he can either press the issue and get sent to the AHL and have to report to get his salary, or admit he can’t really play and not put his body thought that. He stayed around the team, and helped run defense camps, and seems to be on amicable terms. This isn’t too big an issue based on his age.

    The Cowen thing was harsh, but straight forward and whether or not you agree with how he was treated, it went to arbitration. Everyone did what they had a right to do, a third party approved by the NHL and NHLPA made a decision, now everybody lives with that decision. Cowen’s comments may shed some light on a system that needs overhauling, but this situation was far more public.

    This Lupul situation is far worse, at least in terms of optics. He doesn’t seem to agree with the assessment, he seems to have been silenced, and the gain the Leafs have received from it is far more than any of the other two cases. I really hope this goes through some sort of process, and I really hope that Lupul comes out and tells people exactly what was said, and what has happened when it’s all said and done.

    • Here’s another angle to the Lupul situation. If he is declared fit, and he comes to camp, chances are pretty good he will be put on waivers by the Leafs. If he is claimed, which may or may not happen, mainly because of his contract, he will need to make the team that claims him. Otherwise, it’s waivers again and the possibility of playing in the minors. Not sure he would want that. the next couple of weeks should tell us a lot about the situation, and about Lupul as well.

      • lot of money to pay someone buried in minors… leafs better off including on of their many prospects as a sweetener for a jersey or arizana to take him

  7. Has any team really shaken things up more than Arizona this summer?

    They have really accomplished a lot, and I have really liked the moves Chyka has made since taking over.

    I loved taking on dead cap to essentially move up and take Chycryun, and that deal is made to look even better by how Chycryun has looked. I also like moving the 1st to address multiple needs at once. It’s just a good use of assets, and I think they did will to buy a little low on Stepan, who probably went a little under value because he is paid a little more than an ideal amount.

    Getting Demers and Hjarmlsson for a relatively small investment seems like magic as we have discussed all summer how hard it is to obtain top 4 defensemen, and they haven’t really sold any of their solid prospects, of which they have an abundance.

    I hope the Coyotes get a little luck and stay healthy so this translates to wins quickly, as I do find people will likely question everything he has done if the Coyotes start slow, but I think the moves have been pretty shrewd, and i can’t think of another team that did as much improvement through trade in a very long time (although you could make the argument for the Flames).

    If nothing else, I would like to see it rewarded to just reward a guy for making some deals, rather than just complaining it’s too hard to make deals.

    • I’m going to agree here naturally. I love what Calgary has done as well. If I am not mistaken…..Their GM used to work for Arizona….just saying, we are not all that bad. 😉
      Hoping the sole owner and Stats based GM can put the right pieces together to shore up the franchise once and for all. Sure looks like they are trying to do it right.

  8. I am so rooting for a coffee headlines to out post the rumor round up… it would be something I rarely have seen.

  9. this topic with the leafs is quite a discussion…