NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 22, 2017

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NHL reportedly seeks second opinion on Joffrey Lupul’s medical condition.

Latest on Joffrey Lupul, injury updates and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

SPORTSNET: The NHL is reportedly going to have Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul reevaluated by an independent doctor. Lupul, who failed the team’s training-camp physical, raised eyebrows earlier this week on Instagram by insinuating the Leafs were “cheating” and claimed he was ready to play. He’s since deleted that post.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lupul later said he wouldn’t seek a second medical opinion. However, the attention his earlier remarks received gave rise to criticism over the Leafs’ handling of players on injured reserve to potentially free up salary-cap space. The league obviously wants to nip this issue in the bud before it gets out of hand. 

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: The NHL’s first preseason game in China saw the Los Angeles Kings defeat the Vancouver Canucks 5-2. However, the game drew just over 10,000 fans, prompting NHL Hall of Famer Phil Esposito to claim the league did a poor job of promotion. “You have got to promote. This game tonight – I looked in the papers… “There wasn’t a goddamn word about it. Not one word.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The fans enjoyed the speed and physical play. Perhaps the league and NHLPA will do a better job of promoting future preseason contests in that country. 

BOSTON HERALD: Bruins defenseman Torey Krug suffered a broken jaw during Tuesday’s preseason game against the Detroit Red Wings. He’ll be reevaluated in three weeks. 

TSN: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Noah Juulsen suffered a fracture foot during a preseason game against the Boston Bruins. He will be sidelined for six weeks. 

NBC SPORTS: The Chicago Blackhawks released forwards Drew Miller and John Mitchell and defenseman Mark Stuart from their professional tryout contracts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mitchell was quickly signed by the Columbus Blue Jackets to a PTO contract. 

STLTODAY.COM: The St. Louis Blues hired Hall of Famer Larry Robinson as a senior consultant to hockey operations. 

CALGARY SUN: The Flames released ads yesterday disclosing their proposal to put up $275 million toward a new Victoria Park arena. That prompted a response from several city officials disputing claims the city’s proposals would result in the team paying out 123 percent of the cost. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The dispute is becoming an issue for the upcoming municipal election. It remains to be seen if it’ll have any effect upon the outcome. 

TORONTO SUN: The United States men’s hockey team has ruled out using NHL draft-eligible prospects at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February. 



  1. Woops, better add Krug to that “group of 5” I mentioned the other day that, despite your assurances Striker, might not be back in time to open the season.

    • Assurances of what? I made no comment on Krug what so ever.

  2. Sept 20 – Me: “Torey Krug of Boston takes a puck in the face” (among 9 other names listed suffering injuries in my post suggesting that trades could pick up as a result of such injuries)

    Sept 20 – You: “These preseason injuries are often overblown. The NHL’s unwillingness to report openly & honestly is a pain. Come regular season games time most of these players with a few exceptions will play.”

    I conceded that Krug, along with 3 other “lesser” injuries likely WILL play, but that left 5 of the 9 with more serious injuries – so hardly a guarantee that “most” will be ready on opening day. Krug is an example that not all injuries are “overblown”!


    • I wasn’t referring to Krug specifically. His injury is being reported now as 3 weeks min. Timeline being reported is Oct 19th after they return from a 3 game road trip. Sooner, later?

  3. Lou to Lupul: “FYI, if you pass your physical you will be riding the buses of the ECHL. Good luck.”

    Lupul: “On second thought…”

    NHL: “Great, now we have to go through the charade of having our house doctor fail him.”

    They cheat. Everyone lets them.

    • Great insight.

      • Great insight into what?
        Can’t send an NHL contract to the ECHL without the players agreement,
        AHL is the worst that can happen and even that is unlikely to happen but you can hope.

  4. Phil Esposito is fluent in reading Chinese to know it wasnt in the papers? 🙂
    But seriously, it’s a poor turnout.

    • Its China, a communist country where media is controlled, especially in the cities. The NHL may not have been allowed to do promotions and the pool of people that has the cash to afford the tickets is smaller than you think. I do not think Esposito is right to go after the NHL on this, too many potential moving parts.

      • Yeah, yeah that’s it. The communists hate hockey and no one in China has money. Dumb Phil!

    • Unless this China expansion means that my ticket prices go down I don’t really care.
      I thought about buying some licensed NHL merchandise the other day but decided I did not want to refinance my house to buy a jersey

  5. Lupul/MacArthur

    The Lupul situation is as usual blown out of proportion.

    It’s called SARCASM.

    Lupul cannot play competitive sports anymore.

    He’s failed every medical he’s had since his last injury.

    On a related note MacArthur has Spinal Stenosis and also cannot play any competitive sports.

    They can do regular day to day activities as well as sports of a non-competitive nature.


    He’s become a senile old man and clearly demonstrates this every time he’s asked to speak.

    What Phil and most of the idiotic media, yes let me say that again IDIOTIC media, the arena was set up for 13,000. It’s max is 18,000 but it was set up for 13,000. So 10,880 out of 13,000 is good.

    Get your facts correct.

    As always…

    Your welcome!

    • So now you got a burr up your ass about old men? Senile?? I’m turning 80 and there’s eff-all “senile” about me. If you’re lucky you may eventually get to that stage of life in what? 65 years??