NHL Rumor Mill – September 1, 2017

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Could Jarome Iginla sign with Calgary or Edmonton?

Latest on the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Detroit Red Wings in your NHL rumor mill. 

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Flames general manager Brad Treliving dismissed speculation linking his club to unrestricted free agent right wings Jaromir Jagr and Jarome Iginla. “I don’t know where all this talk comes from — we certainly never made a statement saying we’re looking at so-and-so,” he said.

Treliving acknowledged both are future Hall of Famers, as well as Iginla’s contributions during his years with the Flames. However, he said the notion his club has been in contract discussions with either player is rumor and declined to comment further. He adds his priority is to re-sign restricted free agent forward Sam Bennett. “We’re going to get Sam signed,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem for Jagr (45) and Iginla (40) is they now lack sufficient speed to be worthwhile additions to the Flames. At best, they can be power-play specialists and provide additional leadership. I know some Flames fans would love to see Iginla finish his career in Calgary but I don’t see where he or Jagr fits in as a regular contributor who can help the club improve into a Stanley Cup contender. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Oilers insider Bob Stauffer rejecting a rumor linking the club to Iginla. “I don’t believe it makes sense and I’m not getting any indications it’s going to happen at this time,” said Stauffer. He doubts Iginla would accept a professional tryout offer and wonders if he’d be comfortable accepting a lesser role. He also notes the Oilers already have depth at right wing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this summer, I suggested the Oilers as a destination for Iginla, citing his experienced leadership and his previous relationship with GM Peter Chiarelli. However, I defer to Stauffer’s insight on this matter. What I said about Iginla and the Flames can also apply to the Oilers. While he could be helpful to Edmonton’s power play, his reduced speed and declining production likely rules out any chance of his joining the Oilers. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the agent for restricted free agent winger Andreas Athanasiou said there’s a wide gap between the offers his client received from the Detroit Red Wings and those he’s getting from some KHL teams. Darren Ferris said he expected a decision by Athanasiou this week but Wings GM Ken Holland said he’s still in contact with Ferris. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Athanasiou must decide if he wants to play in the NHL this season or chase a more expensive contract in a lesser league. If he chooses the latter, the Wings will retain his NHL rights. He wouldn’t be the first Red Wings RFA to play a season in the KHL. Former Wing Jiri Hudler spent one season (2009-10) with KHL club Moscow Dynamo and returned to Detroit on a one-year contract awarded the previous summer via arbitration. 



  1. “Make sure they pay you upfront and remember to buy extra life insurance before getting on the team plane. Good luck.”

    How GM’s should respond to any North American player bluffing about going to the KHL.

    Iginla has modest value to the Leafs or Oilers and no one else.

    I think the Flames could do worse than Jagr, actually. Seems like he would be a good fit with Gaudreau and Monahan.

    • Exactly MG, Lyle and yourself said it perfectly. Doesn’t an inferior league such as KHL kinda have to offer more compensation to attract players to play there? If they paid less than the NHL I doubt they would have any players. I remember when Chris Gratton went to play in Russia. He was quoted on the radio saying that he was paid on payday with a brown paper bag full of money. Sometimes the bag was on time, other times it was late, but nonetheless it was a paper bag full of money at some point.
      Job security at it’s finest. AA have a safe journey, thanks for the reprieve on the salary cap this year, we will see you when you get back.

      • My error…. Josh Gratton.

      • It’s pathetic how no other GM would make an offer sheet for this kid. Too many prehistoric dinosaurs are still running the league…

    • Jagr couldn’t keep up with either Gaudreau or Monahan.

      • Jagr can’t keep up with Bob Probert…LOL !

      • I recently saw a picture of him keeping up with an 18-year-old woman who was, according to the accompanying news story, attempting to blackmail him, among other despicable things.

    • Maybe detroit hopes he will go to the KHL for a year. Get his contract off their books for the up coming season. They retain his rights. Thr opposition doesnt gain him. Once detroit solve their issue then sign him.


  2. Jagr and Iginla for some play off experience maybe. There should be a NHL mandatory retirement age (not 65)
    Stay in shape because I doubt they are signed early and should take off ice roles

  3. Leafs, Iginla/Jagr, pass…everyone knows we need to upgrade on D!

  4. I think Ignla would do well on the wild. They don’t need him for speed but to keep the team emotionally stable. Likewise, I could see Jagr on several teams for much the same role. These guys have tons of experience. They can be solid anchors. Jagr might do well in Tampa, San Jose, Ottawa and St. Louis. The leadership for those teams could be a significant push come crunch time. Obviously not all have the space but in theory I still see them both getting deals.

  5. It appears foot speed is the only requirement for the NHL now a days. He can’t play there he’s got no foot speed. No all he does is score goals. Last time I checked Lucic doesn’t have very good foot speed and yet he’s able to survive in the new age NHL. A player doesn’t always have to match his line mates speed, but more importantly he need to know where to go to be effective. This isn’t a Jagr statement just a statement on speed. You can have all the speed in the world but no finish. I’ll take the guy that can finish.

    • “If you’re the fastest guy on the ice, but in the wrong spot, you’re still in the wrong spot.”

      Speed is great, and I love fast teams like the Pens but skill and hockey sense are required.

      • Hahaha! Tortarellas rant about Hagelin stinking on the power play was classic! ” I don’t know why he stinks on the power play, he just does, he’s like a jitterbug out there”!

    • San Jose seems like a logical place for Jagr it is an older team, a good team, who’s emphasis is on skill and puck control, and not necessarily foot speed. maybe Vancouver 3rd line second PP…

    • Would better speed help him play better away from the puck? Are other teams worried about guys skating around him?

  6. A Ferrari stuck in 5th gear does you no good

    • That’s good.

      • Someone Sign Jagr and put bottle rockets on his skates…Problem solved!

  7. Sentiment would be the motivating factor to sign either of these guys at this point it seems. Teams and their staffs no more than we ever will. There is a reason other than age that these two seem near the completion of their careers. Age of course being the biggest contributor. Jagr and Iginla will both be Hall of Famers; why tarnish that now by hiring them to play a game that seems to have passed them by. They are human it happens to them all.

    • I wouldn’t say the game has passed Jagr by, he still capable of scoring between 16 and 20 plus goals. No he isn’t Jagr of yesteryears but can still help a team until proven he can’t.

  8. Teams and their staffs “know” more; ha ha!

  9. I saw the NHL Network do a “Can Jagr help an NHL team this season” thing the day, and based on watching what he did last year in Florida, he is a man who has reinvented his game to play effectively in the NHL today. Plus his insane workout ethic has kept him a beast among boys on the ice. He compensates for his foot speed with a stick that has grown in length by a foot, and he uses his body position with a savvy intelligence an he is a monster that no one can knock off the puck. Regardless of where he is on the ice, you better pay attention to him as his skills are as sharp as ever. He has grown his assist game and can still pass or score dangerously. The man is an unmoveable mountain. He doesn’t need foot speed, he can take as much time as he likes because no one can take the puck from him.

    I always hated Jagr, even more so than Crosby. But I have grown much respect for the man. How could anyone not?

    Most pundits think Jagr can still be effective for the right team, and I agree. The man is a chameleon. He has shown an uncanny ability to change his game and adapt to the changes the game has gone through. Unless something has changed dramatically with him, I think he’ll get signed by an NHL team.

    I never thought I would ever be so blasphemous, but if Jagr was willing to go to a non playoff contender, I would pray for the Avs to sign him. This is one over 40 player who is more than just a veteran locker room presence. He has some valuable things to teach the youngens’ on and off the ice. And he loves to teach it. What he could provide to a young team, such as the Avs, would be invaluable. This alone makes Jagr a worthwhile player to sign. Just the fact that he has a desire to teach what he knows and can still show a lot of that talent on the ice, If I were a team of young talent I would be going to great lengths to bring him on. I think Jagr is a unique star, and he is exactly what I would think of when they say “bring in a veteran for leadership”. Just because you have experience in the NHL, even if you were a stud in the league at one point, doesn’t just translate into automatic leadership. Jagr has the legendary status, but he has great charisma and a desire to teach. Not to mention his work ethic and likeability. He has a great insight into hockey on and off the ice, and isn’t a stoic lone-wolf. He is sociable and likes teaching what he knows.

    For the right team, Jagr would be a coup.

    • Sounds like all other Gm’s dont feel the same as you about Jagr

    • Good analysis.
      He’s unnatural.

    • So, if he is all that you say he is, why didn’t Florida bring him back? It’s not like they’re loaded with experienced forwards, so someone with all that savvy and experience would seem like the perfect fit. Maybe they know something (as do other GMs) that we among the great unwashed do not.

      • I bet he’s a big fat jerk.
        Great hockey player with unreal work ethic, but a real jerkface.

      • I think most on this site are focusing on Jagr speed from an offensive perspective. The lack of speed is less of an issue when your team has the puck as you have some control of the pace. It is a significant issue when you do not.
        Keeping the puck out of your own net is just as important as putting in theirs.

      • The Wings management system in its entirety should be fired. AA is going to be a bigger asset to us than Larkin. His area of focus needs to be discipline and focus.

  10. Jerkface! I love it! I use it all the time but rarely hear anyone else say it!

  11. Vanek signed with Van