NHL Rumor Mill – September 13, 2017

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Center Matt Duchene’s future with the Colorado Avalanche remains uncertain.

Latest on Matt Duchene, Drew Doughty, James van Riemsdyk & more in your NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the latest trade speculation regarding Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. He believes it “seems certain” the Avalanche could make a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets “very quickly, noting it’s believed the Jackets were close to landing Duchene a couple of times.

Duchene would love to go to the Nashville Predators and Friedman said a couple of players told Friedman earlier this summer about rumors of a Duchene-for-P.K. Subban swap. While the general managers of both clubs decline to comment, Friedman doubts the Preds will move any of their elite defensemen, especially with Ryan Ellis now sidelined until December. He also thinks it’s possible the Avs inquired about Subban, Ellis, Roman Josi and Mattias Ekholm but points out asking is different than acquiring.

Friedman’s opinion is Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Noah Hanifin is the type of player the Avs could covet. While Hurricanes GM Ron Francis made it clear he doesn’t want to move assets for a player with two years left on his contract, Friedman believes he could be worth the gamble.

Friedman’s colleague Rory Boylen listed the New York Islanders, Los Angeles Kings, Columbus Blue Jackets, Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens as five potential trade destinations for Duchene.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Pierre LeBrun telling Vancouver’s TSN 1040 he expects Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin will use his $8.5 million of salary-cap space aggressively in the trade market between now and the Feb. 26, 2018 trade deadline. Talking about players Bergevin might target, LeBrun suggested Duchene could be a terrific fit with the Canadiens.

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports Duchene didn’t take part in the Avs charity golf tournament on Tuesday, fueling speculation over whether he’ll report for training camp on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets are very interested and reportedly proposed a deal earlier this summer with defenseman Ryan Murray as part of the return. However, it’s obvious Avs GM Joe Sakic wants more.

While the Preds may have been keen on Duchene earlier this summer I doubt a deal is possible if Sakic keeps insisting on a quality blueliner as part of the package. Same goes for the Isles, Kings and Canadiens. 

The Hurricanes are loaded with good young rearguards but I don’t see Francis parting with any of them for a player who could bolt via free agency in 2019. However, if Duchene’s still available next summer, maybe Francis will consider chasing him via trade if he can re-sign him after July 1. 

Friedman also reports it sounds as though the Pittsburgh Penguins have reignited their search for a center but he’s not sure about names. He’s heard rumblings about Detroit Red Wings center Riley Sheahan but not related to the Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sheahan could be an affordable addition for the Penguins, but they could have their eye on other options. 

The Vegas Golden Knights have 11 defensemen on one-way contracts. While they’re an ideal trade partner, other clubs could wait until waivers become a factor.

Friedman thinks the Arizona Coyotes is among the teams that contacted unrestricted free agent right wing Jaromir Jagr.

Friedman also isn’t convinced the Toronto Maple Leafs are keen to trade left wing James van Riemsdyk. He wonders if T.J. Oshie’s eight-year, $46 million contract might be a template for the Leafs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Leafs want to keep JVR, but the cost and its effect upon their salary cap payroll and efforts to re-sign rising stars Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander will be sticking points. The higher the cost of re-signing van Riemsdyk, the less cap space over the next two years for the Leafs to re-sign the others while leaving sufficient room for other signings and additions.

He also cites La Presse’s Richard Labbe reporting Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson saying he and GM Marc Bergevin hold discussions regarding star players including NY Islanders center John Tavares. He points out that’s a perfect illustration of the pressure the Canadiens organization feels.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Molson’s comments doesn’t mean his team is pursuing Tavares. Most team owners and their GMs undoubtedly discuss the stars on other clubs. Still, if Tavares becomes available in the trade market, expect the Habs – and almost every other club – to at least inquire into the asking price. 

NHL.COM: Lisa Dillman reports Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty clarified his recent comments suggesting he might move on once his current contract expires if the club isn’t going in the right direction. “I don’t want to go anywhere else,” Doughty said. While acknowledging that he doesn’t care where he plays, he just wants to win the Stanley Cup, Doughty adds it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to keep doing so in Los Angeles. “The bottom line is all I care about is Cups. I don’t want to win a Cup anywhere else but L.A. That’s the bottom line.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Kings continue to struggle and miss the playoffs this season, expect Doughty’s comments and his UFA status in 2019 to be resurrected in trade speculation next summer. His clarification won’t do much to stem that talk unless he re-signs a long-term extension next July. 



  1. Trade market is stagnant.
    Idk if anything big happens until the TDL. IMO the expansion draft has put a further drag on trading.

    • Yea good point about the expansion draft Gordie. Besides Vegas needing to unload a couple blue-liners eventually, doesn’t sound like much is going to happen for quite some time. But ya never know.

      • VGK will get squeezed til waivers happens IMO

      • waivers takes away teams options if they like a guy another team could take… I bet they are able to move them… but not for a whole lot

    • The trade market has been stagnant for over 10 years. We anticipated that expansion this summer would lead to numerous trades. It didn’t. Sure we see fodder moved around to some degree but true stars virtually never move. The majority of trades now happen at the trade deadline & generally all are rentals. In the summer we see a few, many solely for cap reasons.

      The business side of the NHL, the new cap world, in order to try & make it possible for all 31 teams to actually turn a profit has forever altered the game as it relates to big name players being moved.

      Trades are exciting but how many each season do you actually look at go wholly F—! 1 every couple of years. Weber for Subban, Hall for Larsson, Jones for Johansen, they are incredibly rare.

  2. 10 game mark regular season will have some action

    Oshie and JVR a very good comparable

    With 11 D for VGK. They have to unload and everyone knows it. Not getting much but late picks

    • Oshie is 2 & a 1/2 years older & plays RW as opposed to LW. There are more scoring RW’s than LW’s. Similar sure but JVR should be about 500K to 750K more per season to sign possibly more.

      Tor’s decision to sign Marleau to a 3 year deal at 6.25 before extending JvR seems very odd to me & seriously impacts Tor’s cap management over the final 2 years of that deal.

      Nylander may be pretty 1 dimensional at present; getting better & should continue to do so, but I don’t see him getting less than 7 million long term next summer unless he were to regress significantly in what really will be his sophomore season, nor am I saying that will happen. I wouldn’t have let Nylander play over 9 games; played 22, in 15-16 burning off a year of his ELC contract but not years to UFA status.

      • I disagree most shots in hockey are left.

  3. Love all the “Latest on Duchene” articles. What acwaste, the latest is there is no latest until Sakic makes or accepts a reasonable offer.

    • All just copy n paste crap for months n months.

  4. Chara getting close to retirement in perfect time for Drew to lead the Bruins D. May also need to move Krug and let one of the young prospects like Matt take over the PP point. With McAvoy and Doughty it would be like having double vision.

  5. PK for Duchene is like a joke without a punchline.

    Hanafin for Duchene straight up is even too much.

    I do wonder if Rutherford is waiting on the Duchene situation. If Carolina gets him, they would need to move Staal. Colorado could conceivably facilitate such a move by first acquiring Staal, eating a portion of his money and then flipping him to Pittsburgh.

    So, basic outline: Canes get Duchene, Pens get Staal and COL gets a package of assets from both teams, mostly from the Pens.

    I’d have no interest in paying the freight on Duchene, but Jordan Staal for less than his current price? Now we can talk about Sheary and Maatta and a pick.

    BUT…a deal with the Jackets would be so Sakic.

    He accepted a crap return for ROR because Patrick Roy (as his former coach) overvalued Grigorenko.

    Sakic then replaced Roy with an AHL coach, who continued to coach at an AHL level with AHL level players in the NHL. The Jackets have all of the guys he won a Calder Cup with, so I could see the Avs accepting a package of Lake Erie Monsters for Duchene because their former coach overvalues them.

    • $9m/year is a joke 😂

      • If I’m Nashville I do that trade every day of the week, I believe they made it to the cup final in spite of PK.

        25 giveaways in that cup final.

    • I don’t hate it but it definitely depends on the package. If it includes Guentzel, Sprong or ZAR forget it. Something like Maatta, Sheary, Lauzon and a first I could be happy with that. They could get a second from the Hurricanes too.

    • None of this is happening. A pipe dream, put down that pipe. Grigorenko was fodder in that RoR trade, the primary asset moved was Zadarov, the 2nd the 31st overall pick in 2015; later flipped to SJ for 39 in 2015 & 40 in 2016, followed by Compher. Grigorenko was a throw in most likely at Roy’s request.

      RoR had no intentions of resigning in Colorado, bad blood from his previous contract negotiations. He held out until final signing an offer sheet with Calgary in February 28th, 2013 coming out of his ELC which Colorado matched. That deal killed any future for RoR in Colorado.

      It’s really shocking to me how most of you just look at the trade not the facts & business side of deals in the NHL today. Nor can we know what Colorado got in return yet. The only player to play yet is Zadorov & he’s yet to play a full season in the NHL having just turned 22 in April.

      How many NHL Dman do you think have played 145 NHL regular season before turning 22? I would wager it’s well under 2.5%.

      Carolina isn’t moving Staal, no forward logs more TOI/GP in Carolina & if they choose to why would they eat any of his salary?. With 17 mil in cap space today, 26 next summer before the cap increase Carolina can afford any player they may want to trade for.

      Carolina has 5 young players coming up, 3 after this season, Lindholm, Hanafin & TvR. Slavin & Pesce have set the market for Hanafin, should get Slavin type monies, Lindholm will get a substantial raise 4.5ish & TvR isn’t breaking the bank, the year following Teravainen & Aho. Carolina can afford all these contracts.

      • If Sakic accepted that deal thinking that Grigorenko was a bust, that’s even worse.

        And Colorado would be the team eating Staal’s salary in the above scenario because they don’t need the cap space for that AHL dumpster fire that Sakic has built.

        Eating salary is the only way he’s going to get a decent return for his overpriced and under performing asset.

      • I disagree & time will tell. He’s not moving Duchene for fodder he will simply keep him until a latter date. With 2 years remaining there is no rush. Will Duchene force the issue by holding out? I doubt it but maybe, doing so only hurts himself. I haven’t heard Sakic, Duchene nor his agent say a word that he’s unhappy have you?

      • Agreed! Carolina won’t be trading stall,but getting Dushene+zadorov for possibly Faulk and Hanafin+,now there’s a block buster! Lol won’t happen tho! But if Dushene goes to montreal? Man their prospect cupboard will absolutely be bare after that!

      • Does Mtl even have the assets to trade for Duchene now? Other than the draft pick unless Sakic changes his wants I don’t think they do. If Sakic does there are far more teams than MTL with better picks & prospects.

      • Well Striker says it won’t happen( yes a grown man who calls himself Striker even though he’s never struck anyone or anything in his life) so there must be zero chance. I remember being told on this site by another know it all that the Penguins couldn’t get Kessel for futures about a month before it happened. This is not an unreasonable trade scenario. It probably won’t happen but the Avs won’t get much more.

      • Well I guess I could have called myself MG.

        Striker is a handle from days spent 4X4ing using CB radio’s long before cell phone’s ever existed.

        From the original Airplane. 1 of the greatest comidies made.

        Read it or not but no reason to be rude. Rarely do I speak in absolutes, I try to add never say never, etc.

        Could Mtl trade for duchene? Sure they have the cap space but what are they giving up? The currently don’t have the primary demand. A young established top 4 Dman.

        Their prospect pool isn’t great, they have little of what Col needs other than the draft picks & cap space to accomodate him.

      • And “Striker” is bad while “Deeeee” (I didn’t count the “e”s) is OK? That should be “Duhhhhh”

      • that trade as written has zero chance of happening because its … huh… nice way to put this… super silly! among the superest silliest things ever posted here.

      • Striker in my opinion you have no idea about prospects, you talk like you know more than anybody on here yet you are consistently wrong?

    • Sour much MG?

    • pens cant replace maatta internally…
      canes would have no reason to move staal. they need center depth not a possible (not even definate) upgrade to staal.

  6. Interesting that PK name was even mentioned in a trade rumour.
    No chance Duchene by himself would get Hanifin.
    It’s almost like people throwing things at a wall to see what would stick.
    Here’s mine from a bruins perspective;
    Pastrnak, Krejci, Carlo – Duchene, Landeskog 1st rnd pick

    • These types of trades aren’t happening. When did the last 1 take place? I get you can never say never but no point even discussing trades that are never going to happen.

      I’m still shocked by the Weber/Subban trade for numerous reasons. The craziest 30 minutes of hockey trades since Gretzky got traded to LA & that was almost 20 years ago.

      • LOL Striker, that’s all we do, ever day on here is talk about trades that’s never going to happen. So I guess you’re saying it isn’t going to stick

      • We discuss trades that are being bandied about as posted by Lyle, with a reasonable degree of frequency we create our won especially when nothing else to discuss but this type of trade, “Pastrnak, Krejci, Carlo – Duchene, Landeskog 1st rnd pick” is never happening.

        Not worth debating or discussing but have at her if you wish.

        I would like to see Duchene come to Boston to play LW with Krejci & Backes but not moving Pastrnak nor Carlo in any deals. If Sakic would except 1 of the prospect Dman not Carlo or McAvoy, a 1st & other assets happy to do so. If not move on, add more youth, give Vatrano a solid showing in that spot & continue the rebuild on the fly saving the cap space Duchene’s contract would eat up.

      • Your funny sometime strike you ended discussing the trade in the same post where you state you wont discuss it due to its improbability.

        I approve. Keep it up.

      • Jeff.

        I never said I wouldn’t discuss it just would prefer not to.

        “I get you can never say never but no point even discussing trades that are never going to happen.”

        Ha-ha! Interesting how people perceive text/writing. So easy to misconstrue what a person is trying to say. Would be awesome if we could just sit over beers in the pub like we do with our buddies & discuss so we can simply say shut the f— up & start laughing at each other.

      • If you don’t want to talk about it then butt out striker. No one comes to this site in search of your opinion and no one has to follow your rules. You’re a guy who incessantly comments on another, smarter guys website. No one is going to Strikerknows-everything.com. As long as it’s hockey it’s free reign.

      • I have as much right to weigh in as anyyone. I’m not forcing you to read my comments. If you can’t disscuss & debate civilly & need to be rude perhaps you woulkd be better served to type nothing?

        Have a beer you’ll feel better. Are you old enough?

      • Holy crap. Look who’s saying “no one comes to this site in search of your opinion …” – the clown who accused me of popping in “every day” with something about the Sens and when I responded with evidence of twice in 17 days while he/she had 18 Penguins comments in the same period, was conspicuous by his/her silence.

        Next time you want to wallow in your own self-importance, consider this little poem about the indispensable man:

        “Sometime when you’re feeling important;
        Sometime when your ego ‘s in bloom;
        Sometime when you take it for granted,
        You’re the best qualified in the room:
        Sometime when you feel that your going,
        Would leave an unfillable hole,
        Just follow these simple instructions,
        And see how they humble your soul.

        Take a bucket and fill it with water,
        Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
        Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining,
        Is a measure of how much you’ll be missed.
        You can splash all you wish when you enter, You may stir up the water galore,
        But stop, and you’ll find that in no time,
        It looks quite the same as before.”

      • thanks robert frost.

        striker… erat for forsburg happened. any trade could happen.

        there aint nobody on this site that hasnt said stupid poop about something somewhere so aint nobody not throwing pucks in glass igloos. seriously wtf.

  7. The NYI’s could certainly afford to move a Dman. Leddy, Boychuk, De Haan, Hickey, Pelche, Pulock, Seidenberg & Mayfield all need to clear waivers to be sent down. Which 2 players sit game to game? Some rotation of Sedenberg, Mayfield, Hickey, Pelche & Pulock? I don’t see Leddy, Boychuk or De Haan sitting unless sick, injured or for personal reasons.

    This isn’t an ideal scenario for Pulock or Pelche. Devon Toews is also very close to NHL ready but the business side of hockey will keep him buried in the AHL till an opportunity opens in the NHL. They also have several prospect D a few years away, Aho, Wotherspoon & Vande Sompel.

    Snow has drafted well but his management of this roster has been odd. Signing De Haan to a 1 year deal this summer making him a UFA after this season was incredibly odd. It kill’s his trade value & gives him a ton of leverage.

    De Haan might have appealed to Sakic as part of a deal & NYI certainly has the picks, prospects or roster players to have facilitated a deal but not know as there is no top 4 established young Dman that Sakic would accept now.

    If Sakic changes his stance on that Dman a deal could be found potentially with NYI.

    • Not happening no sense talking about it. Move on…..Next!

    • Can Joe Sakic fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run?
      Apologies, George, my bad.

  8. Sakic has to stop being stubborn and resolve the Duchesne situation. Either accept Jenner/Murray/pick from Columbus or Nelson/DeHaan/pick from the Isles and move on

    • De Haan has 1 year to UFA status now. If Carolina isn’t interested in Duchene as he’s 2 years from UFA status what team is taking De Haan unless a deal is agreed to prior to trade?

      • Not happening, no sense talking about it, move on……next!

    • Or he could simply state the Duchene is off the block.

      • I wish he would.

  9. Due to Marleau’s term and amount it is going to be tough for the Leafs to sign one of JVR or Bozak.
    JVR, Bozak, Marner, Matthews, Nylander, Gardiner, Carrick, and Komarov are all going go need new contracts between now and before Marleau’s contract is up.
    Also Marleau is a 35+ contract which means there is nothing the Leafs can do to rid themselves of the contract early except for trading it away. Even if he is injured LTIR is not an option for a 35+ contract.

    • going to need* not going go need. Sorry.

    • I don’t see Tor retaining Bozak or Komarov & I agree with you retaining JvR now due to Marleau’s contract is going to require some roster alterations & if they do find away to retain JvR they won’t have cap space for the Dman everyone seems to want them to acquire.

      I don’t know what to make of Carrick yet, he is being developed very conventionally, drafted 5 years ago, a few years in the minors, seasons split between the AHL & NHL, sheltered minutes in the NHL. Appears to have a solid NHL future as a top 6 Dman, hard to project his top end. With his contract up after this season he isn’t breaking the bank so getting him signed should be easy 2 years to UFA status so a decision on his future in Tor is soon at hand.

      His pedigree being a 5th round pick doesn’t open the door quickly to the NHL & for most drafted that late it means they never even get an NHL shot. He was a solid scoop up from Was in the Winnik trade, I assume that was Dubas’s or Hunter’s influence. Could prove to be a decent steal. You could easily argue he already has been & Tor got a 2nd in that deal as well.

    • Hey Kev do you think JVR would take a discount if this year goers well and he sees cup appearances potentially coming in the years ahead and of course would like to be a part of it.

      I would absolutely do it if I was JVR and a deal like TJ’s is more than enough money.

  10. I wonder if Pittsburgh would do Torrey Mitchell for Ian Cole?

    • I would really really hope not.

    • Cole isn’t being moved for a Torey Mitchell type player. Those types of players are added as UFA’s for free in the summer. Cole is a solid #5 Dman that can play on a teams top 4 in a defensive role & man a #1 PK unit.

      I don’t see Pit moving Cole. They may lose him as a UFA next summer as he may be to expensive to retain. Another very astute trade by Rutherford, he has fit in very well in Pittsburgh. A solid NHL Dman who should play in the NHL as a top 6 regular for along time now & with only 338 NHL regular seasons games under his belt is still getting better, 28 or not.

      • Cole for Bozak?

      • Decent proposal with solid merit but moving Cole is very hard for a team like Pittsburgh looking to 3 peat. I don’t think Pittsburgh can afford to move any Dman with Letang & Maatta’s injury history’s.

        I think Pittsburgh can find a suitable option with out giving up a player like Cole. Draft pick, prospect, some combination of such, waiver wire or salary dump for another team.

        I have suggested Sheahan numerous times as Det needs to dump salary & no room for him any longer at C.

        Rutherford will patch if none of the existing possibilities work & if just a patch find a far better option at the trade deadline for their playoff run.

      • I thought Aston Reese was a lock to be the 3C? Even though he’s exclusively a LW. I’m sure they could get Sheahan any time they want to they just don’t want him. This is actually the time to move Cole as he has some perceived value and they signed Hunwick to play 3LD. They still have Ruhwedal, still have Pouliot. Corrado and Tinordi. Plenty of bottom pairing guys. But not for Torrey Mitchell, no one trades for Torrey Mitchell, not on purpose.

      • cole has proven himself to be a top 4 d man and a great compliment to schultz. he is far more important than a number three center now. maybe that changes through the season if pouliot gets his head out his behind but pens serious d depth issues with no one worthwhile after chad.

  11. Stryker your international business career (?????)must be slow. As you are up to your old tricks and writing long winded essays. You mustn’t be travelling the globe, as you r back to the wordy responses saying no trades will ever happen.

    • I don’t travel for work in July, August or most of September for business unless absolutely necessary. Have a family, 3 kids, all teenagers, 2 hvae graduated in the last 2 years, summer is family holiday time. Days spent camping, if rVing counts as camping & at the lake.

      I start travelling again in October, I so deliberately to tie into hockey season.

      I generally only weigh in in the mornings pacific coast time. I try to get back later but difficult to do so.

      There is this thing they created called the internet. You can weigh in from any where?

      My travel schedule starts Saturday September 23rd for this year. The 1st week just for hockey drafts I attend. Ha-ha!

      • I’m not sure who’ll be happier when you start to travel more; your wife or the readers on here. JK

      • I can’t wait for your autobiography to come out.
        Come to think of it was the Dos Equis commercial inspired by you?