NHL Rumor Mill – September 14, 2017

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As contract talks continue, Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak will miss the start of training camp .

 Updates on David Pastrnak, Matt Duchene, Jarome Iginla & Riley Sheahan in your NHL rumor mill. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak will miss the start of the club’s training camp as his agent J.P. Barry and Bruins general manager Don Sweeney continue their contract discussions. He will remain in the Czech Republic until a contract is agreed upon. Barry said he’s spoken with Sweeney several times, “but no breakthrough yet.”

Haggerty also reports the gap between the two sides appears to have narrowed a bit. The Bruins are currently unwilling to go much past the $6.75 million per season the Calgary Flames gave to winger Johnny Gaudreau, while the Pastrnak camp could be convinced to accept $7.5 million annually, similar to the annual cap hit of St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko. Haggarty suggests that leaves room for agreement on around $7 million annually on a long-term deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While there’s concern Pastrnak’s negotiations could drag on throughout this month, it’s possible it could be resolved quickly. The fact Barry and Sweeney continue to talk is a good sign.

There’s also talk that there are KHL teams interested in signing Pastrnak, I doubt he’s interested. Those offers are likely being used solely as leverage by his agent in those discussions with the Bruins. If negotiations stall it could give rise to trade speculation but I don’t believe the Bruins have any intention of shopping him. 

UPDATE: The Bruins announced this morning they’ve agreed to a six-year, $40-million contract with Pastrnak. The average annual salary is $6.67 million. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien cites a report by The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline saying the Columbus Blue Jackets haven’t offered up forward Boone Jenner and defenseman Ryan Murray to the Colorado Avalanche for center Matt Duchene. However, Portzline believes that package could address the Avalanche’s needs. O’Brien suggests that seems like a great deal for the Blue Jackets and could make some sense for the Avs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: O’Brien takes a deeper dive into this issue and it’s worth the read. I think the Jackets are comfortable parting with Murray but not so much with Jenner. The Avs could be interested in both players as part of the return, though I suspect they’d also want a top prospect and/or a first-round pick included in the package.

If there’s no better offers out there for Duchene, perhaps Avs GM Joe Sakic might be willing to consider such a deal, especially if he decides he doesn’t want uncertainty over the center’s future hanging over his club’s season. Of course, if the Jackets aren’t willing to part with Jenner or another young forward, Sakic probably wouldn’t be interested. 

CALGARY SUN: Michael Traikos reports the agent for unrestricted free agent winger Jarome Iginla said his client is being selective in his search for a new team. Traikos speculates the 40-year-old Iginla could prefer “playing meaningful minutes on a Stanley Cup-contending team, in a city that makes sense for his family,” suggesting Edmonton, Calgary or Pittsburgh as possible options. However, those teams might their young players first before taking a chance on a past-his-prime veteran. Agent Don Meehan said his client isn’t interested in going the professional tryout offer route. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla remains a widely-respected veteran but I believe there are concerns among NHL GMs over the decline in his speed and production in recent years. A contender could still give Iginla a shot on a bonus-laden one-year deal but that might not come until later this month or perhaps before the start of the season. Same goes for Jaromir Jagr, who’s also waiting for a contract offer.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports various sources claim the Pittsburgh Penguins are among the clubs expressing interest in Detroit Red Wings center Riley Sheahan. Mackey believes Sheahan could be a good fit with the Penguins but it’s tougher to say if a deal is imminent, though he doesn’t expect it would take much to get it done. Sheahan’s $2.075 million annual cap hit would fit into the Penguins’ remaining cap space. The cap-strapped Wings are looking to shed salary and to acquire young defensemen, prompting Mackey to suggest Pens blueliner Derrick Pouliot could benefit from a change of scenery. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sheahan could benefit from playing for coach Mike Sullivan as defenseman Justin Schultz did when he joined the Pens in a midseason trade in 2016. Pouliot’s struggled to crack the Penguins roster and would probably stand a better chance with the rebuilding Red Wings. He also carries an affordable $800K cap hit for this season.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the Pens pull this off. GM Jim Rutherford could wait to evaluate his roster through training camp before deciding if he needs to bring in help at center. 



  1. I think Sweeney has hit the mark at $6.75 with Pastrnak. The middle ground is $7.25 that’s too high imo. I know there opinions that Bruins should just give, because they screwed up other in the past and you now got the young guy watching what’s going on with Pastrnak. For me one has nothing to do with the other and Sweeney is handling this negotiation correctly and keeping it out of the media. Bold prediction a deal will be in place today.

  2. Pastrnak will be signed today or tomorrow hope its for 8 years the kid is a stud and fits in perfectly unlike Dougie.

    • LOL unlike Dougie??? How does a young amazing defender not fit? The B’s have squandered good young players like Seguin, Kessell and Hamilton and seem to be doing the same with Pasta, after it happens once you can say it’s the player but when it keeps happening you have to start to point the finger elsewhere. The B’s keep screwing things up with young stars, if it’s not management’s fault then something has to be going on in the room with the vets on the team. Boston seems like a place for older guys to go play.

      • Seguin was immature, his off ice activities & serious cap issues lead to his being moved.

        Hamilton didn’t wish to be in Boston & there was a personality conflict with someone in the room.

        I have no issues with what Boston choose to do, nor do I feel the Seguin trade was a lopsided as most of you do. You fail to accept the business sides of this trade the monies involved. 2 of the assets Boston acquired are solid NHL players & were in their time after the were acquired, Eriksson & Smith. Boston dumped Rich Peverly’s contract in this deal, 2 years at 3.5, in today’s cap world you have to pay teams to take cap hit.

        Would I preferred they let Krejci go & retained Seguin? Yes but being a life long Bruins fan I don’t have an issue with this trade, nor Hamiltons nor Kessel’s.

        The 1 that kills me happened a long time ago. The trading of Thorton, that trade was brutal, it shocked everyone as it happened quickly & the return was brutal.

      • Dougie wanted Freddie and Boston said no thanks Seguin was more interested in partying than playing hockey I will say he has matured some but Dallas did sit him a couple times. Pastrnak is signed and for the right number.

      • Striker… I cannot agree that moving a guy who is arguably in the convo as a top 10 center in the league for what they got could in anyway be construed not a big loss. 99/100 times the team that gets the best player wins and dallas won big. dumping money is inconsequential due to the talent of the player moved.

      • Agree with Paul, Ive been a Bees fan for 40 years—91 was a huge mistake that will set franchise back for years to come—Pasta is a solid player with loads of potential but DS better be smart for a change

  3. Well you can take Pittsburgh off of the list for possible destinations for Iginla and any other winger out there. The Penguins are drowning in wingers that are actually useful. Pouliot for Sheahan turns my stomach. Yes Pouliot could use a change if his confidence issues plague him through another training camp but trading a former first round pick, CHL dman of the year for a mediocre 4C is just plain terrible

  4. If the bruins do end up trading pastrnak they might be able to fill the prospect cupboards a bit not a whole lot coming up

    • I disagree there Bigbear, I think Boston have a nice balance of forward, defense and goaltending in their prospect pool with varying degree of upside

    • You may wish to look at some of the reputable prospect sites or publications. They don’t appear to agree with you.

      • So the reputable ones in your mind striker are the ones that say the bruins have good prospects?

      • No. Nothing to do with Boston. The Hockey News is the preeminent hockey publication in the world, they even evaluate their record of projections. There future Watch Publication is incredible accurate.

        Dobber is solid. Then there is TSN, Mckeens, etc.

    • Big Bear Boston has one of the best prospect pools in the NHL McAvoy, Carlo, JFK, Vatrano, Ogara, Bjork, Agostino, Zboril, Senyshyn, Debrusk, Grzelcyk, Gabrielle and I’m tired of typing their pool is full time to let a few play and get rid of Beleskey Nash Postma.

      • Lol ok bruins fan!

      • I agree, Obe. The Bruins are generally ranked in the top ten in terms of their prospects pool. Sweeney has done a good job there and, in so doing, has quickly re-built their defence.

  5. I wonder if Jenner, Murray and A first or maybe Dubois for Duchene and a 2nd could be something they could figure out. I like Dubois but he still seems to be 2 years away from really impacting a team and Columbus in my opinion can win now. I also really like Duchene and feel like he could get them over that hump. Just spit balling my thoughts here guys. Any other ideas?

    • I’m neither an Avs or Jackets fan. But considering the poor year Duchesne had, and is two years away from free agency, if I was GM of CBJ, there is NO chance I offer Dubois in a trade for Duchesne. It should be Jenner/Murray/pick for Duchesne. If Sakic wants more, Columbus should walk away

      • Good point Mike. I was leaning more towards the pick as well.

      • I’d rather have Jenner than Duchene. Jenner’s stats went down when he was taken off the powerplay. 9 PPG the season before and none last season

      • I wouldn’t trade Dubois as well. Nor would I give up Murray & Jenner never mind a 1st.

        The concern with Murray is his long running injury concerns that go right back to his last 2 years in Jr.

        He’s young enough to overcome them but it’s risky as he has been injured & missed significant portions of games in 5 of the last 6 seasons.

        If Sakic would accept this player; Murray, what about a player like Bjorkstrand & a pick?

        Does Bjorkstrand have a better upside than Jenner? I have no idea not the same types of player, Jenner plays are far more complete game, Bjorkstarnd is 1 dimensional currently. Jenner has primarily played LW in his career with periods spent at C. I’m not sure why he struggled so much last season but he did score 30 goals the season prior.

      • I still like NYI as the best landing spot for Duchene but a 3 team deal may have to be found as NYI doesn’t really have the right D asset to send to Col but Duchene could help in NYI’s ability to retain Tavares.

  6. Sheahan for Pouilot, really? Pouilot is still considered one of the top prospects for Pitt, and Sheahan had 0 goals until the final game of the season. Plus the fact that Detroit desperately needs cap space, Sheahan shouldn’t get back much more than a draft pick. OR Detroit should need to have to add in a prospect going to Pit in that deal

    • I wouldn’t give up Pouliot for Sheahan as well considering the circumstances in play with Det.

      A draft pick should suffice.

      I’m not writing Pouliot yet at 23 but starting to have concerns, Pit’s reluctance to get him into the NHL even in a sheltered role concerns me. He was drafted 5 years ago.

      Thankfully the time is now. Pouliot has to clear waivers now so Pit makes room or trades him as no way he clears waivers.

      Rumors were they tried to trade him last season but Mackenzie said no 1 would pay anything of consequence.

      • I am so glad the Leafs settled for Kapenan when they were trying for Pouliot and Pitt said no in the Kessel trade. Then again Babs might have been the tonic Pouliot needed

    • I’d hate to admit defeat in pouliot for a high risk 3rd line center but the pensdont have much trade chips and DP has blown every opportunity he was given by two gm’s and 3 coaches. if they had ANY faith in him the don’t aquire streit or hunwick. he has to pass through waivers and projects as their 8th d man. I think pens would like to see him in camp but moving him for a usable roster piece is not a bad move.

      • Pouliot isn’t going to crack the Penguins line-up…it would have happened by now…Sheahan is young, Pouliot is young, just swap him… I guarantee you Sheahan will score more in Pittsburgh and he can skate and is decent defensively which Sullivan likes..and Pouliot just needs a change of scenery as well. might fit in well in Detroit’s 3rd pairing.
        People Pouliot isnt making it in Pittsburgh move him..

  7. Patrnak just signed a 6 year deal for $40 million, averaging him $6.67 million. He’s behind Krejci, Rask, and Bergeron, but higher then Marchand.

    • New contract year at 27. Smart for him he is going to get paid big time then. Well if he continues to play well.

    • It’s good to see the B’s didn’t give out an crazy contract and could keep Pasta. It’s a really good contract and shows you don’t have to throw 9 mill at every good young player.

      I’m wondering if Iggy signs with the B’s today too…

  8. Players aren’t paid to attend training camp so why would 1 choose to do so if unsigned. I wouldn’t, I would use the leverage I have to try & get the best deal possible.

    It’s not ideal missing camp for any player but most veterans aren’t put seriously behind the 8 ball missing camp, young players missing could lead to starting the season in the minors losing what opportunity may have existed. NHL players report to camp in exceptional condition, preseason games certainly help learn new systems if being implemented or help to start building chemistry with new linemates & get your timing, familiarity back with historical linemates.

    Only 4 RFA’s to go, Foligno, Anderson, AA & Zadarov.

  9. Congratulations Winnipeg fans, Little 6 years at 5.291 1 of the most underrated 2 way C’s in the NHL. A great extension & cap hit. I love this player. My type of hockey player.

    • I’m a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan but congrats to Little of Winnipeg on his extension he is a terrific NHl player…

  10. Well done Don Sweeney. Pastrnak brought in under Bergeron for cap hit. This is great value. The only down side is Pastrnak will now be an RFA & only 27 when this contract expires.

    • Sorry UFA.

    • Well done ? Wasn’t your stance bridging all players ? Before max 8 to get them locked up as long as possible ?

      • Ya he seems to flip flop a lot doesn’t he!

      • Yes. I would far prefer he be bridged then signed long term but 6 years a under 6 is solid.

        I then went on to state. The only downside is this contract makes him a UFA at 27.

        I would far prefer a team play hardball force a 2 year deal at solid money not low balled & then signed for 8 years at fair market value carrying in this case Pastrnak to 31.

        Ideally that’s what I would prefer. It concerns me that Pastrnak could walk in 6 years & I hope the next CBA will address 2nd contracts coming out of your ELC.

        The CBA as currently structured is forcing these long term deals. They aren’t ideal, hopefully garunteed contracts will be eliminated.

        I don’t know what the solution is but this buusiness model is seriously flawed. 28 to 31 year old UFA’s demandng 5 to 8 year deals carying them to almost 40 are a serious problem.

      • Sorry under 7.

      • No I don’t. I prefer all players be bridged. That’s my preference. There are ways to force it but it comes with risks.

        Lets use Trouba as an example. This could play out very poorly for Winnipeg. By bridging him & his not wanting to be there, he could elect arribration this summer, take a 2 year award & be a UFA upon completion. How would that effect his trade value & return in trade?

        There are no absolutes. As always I live by the 80/20 rule. The 20% can swing either way.

        Bigbear do you have nothing better to do than be confrontational?

        Read my posts or not. I’m not forcing you to. If you can’t discuss & debate the topic stay away from the personal barbs. What relavance do they have?

        I can take a fair amount of BS but sooner or later I fire back.

      • striker.. people have been a bit snarky with you recently and it is kinda lame. people needing to get their panties unbunched… that being said…

        I don’t think anyone is really overly concerned about you firing back either.

      • I do get snarky with Striker once in a while for fun. He knows however that I respect his opinion and as I’ve told him before I rely on him for a bunch of hockey intelligence.

        Which reminds me, Lyle, any chance you would like to run a hockey pool with your regular members here? I imagine you may be too busy to partake but it’ll may be fun for the forum members?

      • Hi, Taz. Interesting suggestion about a hockey pool but unfortunately I’m rather busy as you noted to host one at the present time. Still, food for thought for the future.

      • Like you said in yesterday’s comments you are allowed to comment whenever you like! So am I not allowed? Like you said don’t read them if you don’t want

      • Here is the problem…. when you come off like you know better than anybody… about every team, player, gm, market, demographics within markets, fantasy hockey ” making 6 figures ” , …..
        When you say things like ” never will happen” ” I’ve stated repeatedly ” and throw these numbers out there ” he needs 447 and 1/2 games to before he can be considered ” , “2.5 of players have ever……”

        It gets old! It gets annoying! Striker is probably an okay guy, but considers himself the be all end all of hockey knowledge. Which is extremely annoying and condescending….. I’m sorry, if he had half knowledge he thinks he has…. he’d be in the NHL!

        And don’t get me started on the ” end of discussion ” won’t happen” , not worth discussing “….. yet his trip to the alps with Donald Trump, Mickey Mouse and His Elvis make for great conversation!

      • you know ny… I used to poke fun at a lot of know it alls that would spend hours and hours and hours in their parents basements timing zone entries, and possession stats and blah blah blah… they would even run websites with the nonsense…. then slowly but surely they started getting hired by nhl teams. be careful who you poke at

      • Stop chism…. just stop! You or striker aren’t getting NHL jobs in the near future!

        I mean striker as a scout will return “they’re all studs ” and you’ll come out..” will be a pen? SUPERSTAR! No? Piece of trash, already overpaid on his ecl”!

  11. NHL games only 2 days away. Early preseason games but better than no games at all.

    Hockey pool draft days fast approaching. 1 of my favorite times of year.

  12. Under the radar team going into the new season has to be the flyers. With the potential of up to four rookies making the team.
    Along with the well documented best prospect pool in the league. This could be the start of a long run for Hextall and the playoffs.

    • I like what Hextall is building & just symaantics really but with 88 points last season hanging in the playoff race for most of the season not certain they can be conred under the radar.

      If everything goes well they could make the playoffs. My concern is goaltending & that additional youth. Kids make mistakes.

      Great time to be a flyers fan. Their furure D & goaltending is exceptional. Building from the net out is a great rebuilding model.

      • I agree with Striker, it seems like the Flyers have been cursed at the goaltending position since Lindbergh/ Hextall.

  13. The Pastrnak talk does nothing more, but give people someone to talk about other than that Duchene guy. The Bruins are not trading him or even considering it!

  14. I’m with you on Sheahan, I wouldn’t take him if they gave him to me,so he’s big,so is the big show,wouldn’t do much on the ice though. 0 goals in 81 games? Why are we even talking about him .

  15. Very good signing on Boston’s part, never over-paid for someone who is extremely talented…yet is really unknown if he’ll continue to be this good, or if what we saw was his best year of his career. With the tools he has he could most certainly be a force to reckon with. I also love this contract, because it’ll now factor highly into Nylander re-signing with the Leafs! I’m now guessing Nylander will sign a 6-7 year contract, paying him roughly $6.25M-$6.5M annually.

  16. If Columbus includes Dubois then it should be him and Murray for Duchene and a conditional second if Duchene does not resign.

    In regard to Pitsburg they should get Bozak from TO and get TO to hold 2 million in salary. The return could just be picks such as a first or second if TO throws in a third?

    Then TO can look at Sheehan or move Nylander to center. It would help with the excess winger problem either way because a winger would have to be part of the trade. Leivo and/or Kapenin need to get into the top nine.

  17. Not really sure how Detroit can fit Pouliot in? Detroit already has 9 D men listed Witkowski will be our 13th forward plus Sproul goes on LTIR or is put on waivers to give us 7 D men unless one of either Kronwall or Ericsson get put on LTIR i just don’t see how we can fit Pouliot on the team plus we already have tons of D men that will need a spot in a few years possibly Russo, Hronek, Saarijarvi possibly Hickets. Just can’t see Pouliot being a fit Sheahan for Pittsburghs 2018 3rd round pick should be more then enough.

  18. Big Bear bleacher report has Bruins at number 4 here’s what they say but there probably Boston fans to…….Boston has one of the best talent pools in the NHL, including McAvoy and six first-round picks in the last three summers. By sheer number, and by early signals, the Bruins have cobbled together one of the NHL’s best feeder systems in a short period of time.

    • And thehickeywriters have them at 13 but if a difference wouldn’t you say?

      • Hey BB I enjoyed your posts! Lol…telling it like it is! What do you think about the pasta deal and boston PTOs?..I’ll obviously come back later,lol check for your response, have a great day!

  19. No one has pounded the “Pouliot is a bust” drum longer, louder or earlier than I have, but even I wouldn’t trade him for Riley Sheahan.

    Realistically at this point, given his minimal trade value and the Pen’s total lack of depth on defense, their best move is to keep him and hope Sergei Gonchar can somehow make something click for him.

    • They either play him,or trade him!Cause if pouliot is put on waivers,the avalanche will claim him! If not then the devils/detroit? but imho he definitely will not pass though