NHL Rumor Mill – September 2, 2017

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Should the San Jose Sharks consider signing Jaromir Jagr?

Updates on the San Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning in your NHL rumor mill. 

CSN BAY AREA’s Kevin Kurz, responding to a reader’s question on Twitter, said he wouldn’t be shocked if the San Jose Sharks added another scoring forward. Thus far, however, he hasn’t heard anything. 

SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: Paul Ladewski suggests the Sharks consider signing Jaromir Jagr. He notes the 45-year-old right wing can still contribute offensively, especially on the power play, an area where the Sharks struggled last season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this summer, I also suggested Jagr could help the Sharks power play. They have over $8 million in salary-cap room and could easily afford inking him to a one-year, bonus-laden deal with a $2 million base salary.

It remains to be seen, however, if general manager Doug Wilson will consider that option. I think he intends to evaluate his roster during training camp, especially the play of wingers Mikkel Boedker, Timo Meier, Joonas Donskoi and Melker Karlsson. If those players show improvement, the Sharks won’t need to bring in Jagr. 

SPORTSNET: cites Sport-Express hockey writer Igor Eronko reporting Pittsburgh Penguins star Evgeni Malkin hopes his team will sign countryman and former KHL forward Danis Zariopov. Malkin said he’d enjoy having Zaripov playing on his line. Zaripov was recently banned from playing in the KHL for using the decongestant pseudoephedrine. However, the 36-year-old is allowed to sign with an NHL team because the substance in question isn’t banned in that league. He was also barred from testifying at his own hearing for his KHL suspension. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports Zaripov’s agent, Dan Milstein, said the Lightning are among his client’s preferred NHL destinations. Several clubs, including the New York Rangers, are also believed interested in the Russian forward. Smith notes the Bolts have over $3.25 million in available cap space. While the Bolts seem set at forward, Smith suggests adding a skilled veteran winger such as Zaripov might be intriguing. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins also have over $3 million in salary-cap room, but their priority is addressing their third-line center spot. They’ve offered Jay McClement a professional tryout offer and could go the trade route to bring in help at center. With their depth in young wingers, there might not be enough room for Zaripov on the Penguins’ roster.

As for the Lightning, they might not have room for Zaripov. As Smith notes, they’re well stocked at forward entering this season. Still, after trading away Jonathan Drouin to Montreal this summer, maybe GM Steve Yzerman is keeping his options open. 



  1. The Zaripov comment was taken out of context and there is no chance he’s a Penguin this season. Ditto McClement who brings little to the table. He has no offensive game to speak of and anyone can play PK and signing a PK specialist is a step back into the recent Craig Adams past. A fourth line with McClement and Reeves brings almost nothing of substance to the team. Even if McClement signed a 2 way contract and was an emergency call up it’s not worth it. There are better options in house. If anything I would like to see Teddy Blueger build off his strong season and world championships and slide into that 4C role long term. He has more offensive upside than Rowney and is younger but not as physical.

    • never say never to a team that traded for ryan reaves. Isn’t there a decent center out there in the khl who would want to come to pittsburgh?

      • You keep beating that same drum. With the uptick in slashing on the hands, you know because there is no penalty for that, but you get a penalty for slashing the stick. By having Reaves in the lineup, there will be more space and less crap after the whistle. I’m not a penguin fan but I think this was a positive move. We’ll both know soon enough.

      • The NHL is adopting a new slashing standard for next season. Any slash to the hands now will be called if you are in possesion of the puck.

        Ideally the NHL would just enforce all rules as written but for some reason they create controversy by trying to set standards there by causing penalties even in the same game to go uncalled at some points but not others driving fans crazy.

      • there will not be more space and there will be more crap after the whistle. reaves failed to “protect” players in st. louis so why would he do so in Pitt?

      • Chrisms, I disagree with that, he most certainly did offer protection to them players. Do you think Pitts just traded for this guy because he’s friendly? There is an obvious reason they went and got him. If you don’t like physical hockey that’s fine but Reaves is there for a reason. He also scored 7g and was a +4, which is 1 more goal then Hagelin. Maybe he get 10 in Pitts.

      • During reaves time In St. Louis there were more suspensions against other teams players for terrible illegal plays on St. Louis players than all teams but one. He failed in his role. Why would it start working now

      • Reaves will be a good 4th liner with energy, attitude, an a physical presence in both the fore checking department and sticking up for his teammates.. I want to see dubchinsky take some runs at Crosby now….he still might but he is gonna pay for it now

    • McClement is a decent #4 C opition if push comes to shove. Nor do I agree with your assesment of players whose sgrength is playing a defensive role & killing penalties as easy to acquire as you imply.

      Will Pit sign McClement? Maybe but I believe Anton-Reese will be given every chance to make this roster as the #3 C. The job is his to lose. Rowney plays as the #4.

      If that doesn’t work McClement could be signed to a 1 year deal for chump change until a trade solution is found at which point he gets waived.

      At this point of his career McClement is a borderline NHL player who has decent PK skills. He’ll be playing a 4th line C role for someone in the NHL this year.

      • You can teach any player to kill penalties. Highlighting that is just a nice way of saying he isn’t good 5 on 5

      • If that’s true why do so many teams have brutal PK units. McClement was a decent 5 on 5 player, he can’t score but his job is to make sure the other team doesn’t score.

        Again if Pit signs McClement it’s a stop gap until a better solution can be found as none of the other options being explored worked.

      • poor coaching. poor systems. there is a reason the pk’ers are almost always the bottom rung of the team. some of it is because the risk of injury for blocking shooting lanes but mostly its because they need the least talented players out there for that period of time.

      • Good penalty killers dont fall from trees. You cant teach just anyone the traits of a good penalty killer.

        Strong on their skates and syicks able to win board battles, not get knocked down and simole unendibg persistance.

        Good penalty killets block shots but while doing so direct it to an atea they can turn the play.

        Good penalty killets win faceoffs.

        Good penalty killets jave better than avetage hockey IQs allowing them to read plays and keep their body and sticks in passing lanes.

        Good penalty killers can obtain a puck and make an ibstant play.

        Their not that easy to come by.

      • It’s Aston-Reese and he played wing in college but now he’s going to be a centre in the NHL? Striker you take the know-it-all stance with every team but you don’t know the Penguins better than I do. ZAR will start the season in WBS as a precautionary measure. They learned a lot from Beau Bennett and how they failed him by rushing him. McClement is a Craig Adams retread and that is unacceptable. The Craig Adams bottom 6 days are what prevented Crosby and Malkin from having even more cups than they already do. They can’t go back to having specialty players in the lineup. What won them their last 2 cups was having an injection of kids who can play anywhere in the lineup and perform any function. McClement is a one trick pony. Reeves as well. There is no room for both. I believe Sprong will make the opening day roster but he should already be a full time roster member.

  2. Jagr should sign in San Jose I’m sure he can grow a ridiculous looking beard. I think Jagr will be signed after some contending team has an injury and he will ride in on his white stallion and save the season.

    • I agree Striker not everyone can play on the PK, that’s like saying you can teach anybody where to go, yet they still don’t go. Some players can read plays better then others and know how to position themselves.
      As far as your comment on slashing, what I’m reading is there is an appetite for change but not a real commitment, so we’ll se how it goes.

    • Striker is a know it all…reading his posts he thinks his sh**** don’t stink…i agree with you DEEEE…there are a couple guys on here and it’s like if you question them it’s forbidden.. when they probably haven’t even played the game or skated. LOL

  3. Zaripov is 36 years old, Why would Tampa be interested in an aging forward who might have 2 more seasons left they really don’t need any more forwards here.

    • Baring the promotion of rookies TB looks to need forward help but not necessarily in the top 9 which Jagr or Zairipov would need to play in.

      Move wingers around anyway you like.

      Killron, Stamkos, Point.
      Palat,Johnson, Kucherov.
      Kunitz, Namestnikov, Callahan.
      Brown, Pacquette, Condra.

      Condra is a borderline NHL player & Kuintz & Callahan coukd be pushed down the depth chart if required to allow for a better 3rd line offensive option.

      Not the best use of Callahan’s cap hit but it is what it is.

  4. Well maybe Wings front office recognizes that the Sharks could be interested in Nyquist and Bolts could be interested in Glendening or Sheahan. Oops then we could bring Vanek back and let AA play in the KHL! Pathetic.

    • Too late to get Vanek – he signed with Vancouver.

  5. Sharks will make a trade for Rick Nash cause he’s Thorntons besty,sign Jagr to play alongside Hertl,and, let’s see… pick up GhostBear after he’s put on waivers.

    • Heh. if Ghost is ever put on waivers – which I seriously doubt – there are a lot of other teams below SJ who will get first crack.

    • I see SJ introducing youth, it’s been happening slowly for a few seasons but Sorenson, Leblanc, Meier & Carpenter are all NHL ready, all but Carpenter are waiver exempt so there NHL careers could still be down the road.

      It’s very hard to perceive SJ’s starting roster if all are healthy to start the season. A few RW’s are going to have to move to LW to muddle this roster together.

      Move wingers around anyway you wish.

      Leblanc; RW, Thornton, Pavelski.
      Meier, Couture, Donskoi;LW.
      Hansen; RW, Hertl, Boedker;LW.
      Karlsson, Tierny, Ward.
      Spare. Carpenter.

      That has Sorenson in the AHL to start but it could just as easily be Meier or Leblanc, although Leblanc had a ton of solud games playing LW with Thornton & Pavelski.

      Hertl could also be moved to #1 LW but SJ really appears to want him playing C. This would allow Karlsson to move back to C. He’s also seen games as Thornton & Pavelski’s LW.

      It’s a jumble I can’t quite wrap my head around yet but I don’t see Jagr landing here. As for Nash at tge trade deadline if NYR were out of the playoff race but that chances of that are ZERO for me.

    • Y’all realize I was being sarcastic,right?

    • Nash will never be signed by the Sharks. They may have interest in an incentive-type offer for Jagr, but Nash, no. I’d love to see them get Nyquist, but Wilson will give the newer guys a chance to show their stuff first before adding anyone.

  6. A PTO means nothing. You have to make the team. Many a Russian have needed an adjustment period many.

  7. By season’s end, Malkin’s wingers will be Zach Aston-Reese and Daniel Sprong.

    No need for more wingers.

    • Horny getting traded? Or sheary?

    • I kind of agree about Sprong and Malkin but I would put ZAR with Kessel and whomever they acquire as a 3C on the third line. I’d put Rust or Wilson or even Hornqvist if it’s not he who is traded for the 3C. Sheary and Guentzel will play with Sid and they will get back to dominating like they did at the end of the season. Those 2 are the most skilled players that get how to play with Crosby Sid has ever had. Even better than Kuni and Duper back in the day. If they stay healthy and get rid of Niemi they have a good chance at the 3 peat.

      • deee…i agree with you again o m g why did they sign Neimi! He is horrible has been for two years good thing they have Tristan jarry and that big goalie Gustavson kid too in the minors he is good…

  8. As a Rangers fan I’m wondering what the plan is for Nash. I don’t see them resigning him and although he’s still a top 6 for them they still could use another center. I think SJ is a good fit and probably a team on his partial ntc list. Not sure if SJ has anyone for Rangers though. But, could Rangers pick up some assets to use in a Duchene deal?

    • I don’t understand why folks keep suggesting Nash for SJ, other than he’s Thorton’s buddy. Letting Marleau walk should give a clue that Sharks are looking to open up spots for their younger players. And Marleau can still skate and score, while Nash is slower and would just add cost to the team without adding much improvement imo.

      • Nash could still be a 30 goal scorer if healthy for full season. Even if SJ wants to bring youth into fold, he is still a quality add while they develop. They’re not in rebuild mode. He’s younger than Marleau and in last year of bloated contract. If they feel they can still compete for west, they should be interested

  9. Also, saying Nash is slower than Marleau,doesn’t mean he’s slow. Marleau has always been one of the fastest. Nash is nearly 5 years younger. Nash is a more productive player, but hasn’t been able to stay healthy