NHL Rumor Mill – September 24, 2017

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Ottawa Senators defenseman Cody Ceci has occasionally popped up in the NHL trade rumor mill.

Latest on the Ottawa Senators and Dallas Stars in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Elliotte Friedman’s appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 during which he discussed the Ottawa Senators’ rumored interest in Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. He doubts they have the assets to meet the Avs high asking price.

Friedman doesn’t believe they’ll part with promising defenseman Thomas Chabot and doesn’t think they want to move blueliner Cody Ceci.

“I think they’re interested, I just don’t know if they have what – like, they’re not going to trade Chabot. And you know what? They shouldn’t. They really shouldn’t,” said Friedman. “I’m not sure they want to trade Ceci either.

He notes the Sens have had inquiries about Ceci in recent years. While his advanced stats aren’t that good, Friedman still thinks he’s a pretty good player. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I understand why the Senators are reportedly interested in Duchene but I don’t believe they’ll part with Chabot or Ceci to get him. Ceci’s stats suffered last season, his first under head coach Guy Boucher. The Sens’ reluctance to move him, however, is understandable. He’s only 23 with solid puck-moving skills and plenty of time ahead of him to fully develop his game. 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Replying to a reader’s recent question on the Dallas Stars possibly shopping goaltender Kari Lehtonen, Mike Heika doubts this will happen. Lehtonen’s $5 million salary is a sticking point, but Heika thinks the Stars might not want to part with the veteran netminder. He points outs Lehtonen provides “great depth” if new starter Ben Bishop gets hurt, plus the Stars lack depth NHL-ready goalies in their system. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe they’ll stick with the tandem of Bishop and Lehtonen for this season. However, if the Stars were to shop Lehtonen, they’ll likely wait until January or February to do so. He also carries a modified no-trade clause, which potentially hampers where they could trade him. 



  1. with ott’s depth on d I would move ceci in a heart beat depending on what else col wants. if it is also a good prospect and 1st rounder I wouldn’t. I might move a first and ceci if there was a clause that a pick comes back if duschene doesnt resign. would remind me of the jones for johanson trade. except with lesser tiered players. ultimately the team getting the better player wins and hard to argue ceci is better than duschene.

    • Good point chrisms. But maybe not being willing to give up on Ceci shows how much regard, or lack thereof, the Sens have for Duchene? If that’s the case, why even bother?

      • fair enough… but with the development of ott youngsters on d, a shout out to georgie for his insight into that, and the loss of macarthur this seems like a good deal for the sens. but again its likely col is pushing for those other assets and depending on that cost it is likely the deal breaker.

      • I said in here a few days ago that I’d relinquish Ceci in a heartbeat, along with someone like Chlapik and a pick -0 but NOT a first. If Sakic says no, then look elsewhere for help on the left side. Having said that, the Sens’ performance so far in the exhibition games has revealed some eye-opening performances by some of the kids in their organization, so maybe Dorion holds off on doing anything to that end at least through Oct-Nov to see hoe some of them do when the games get real.

      • I don’t trade Ceci for Duchene.

        Oduya & Barowiecki are stop gaps, I’m not sold on Wideman as more than a 6/7 guy.

        Chabot is going to be a stud but a rookie, Cleasson has 49 games of NHL regular season experience.

        Learning to play a solid game at the NHL level is a l9ng process, even Ceci still has at least 2 more years before he’s fully devloped.

        It always reminds me of Babcock’s comments at this years World Cup talking about the young stars team.

        “I love watching these young kids play, it’s incredibly exciting. I just like winning better.”

        With youth comes mistakes costing games. Good teams generally aren’t dressing significant youth at D. The only team i can think of that has had success doing so consistently is Nas.

        Move Ceci, dress another rookie at D & this is going to cost Ott wins. It’s not that I don’t share George’s enthusiasm but it takes years for young D to make meangful contributions & trying to integrate to many to quickly is a recipy for disaster.

      • lack of scoring can cost wins too striker. for a self-imposed below cap team you have to rely on rookies somewhere. if the d are where its at then trading one for a forward makes sense.

        george. the first shouldnt be the conversation ender… as you are fond of saying this team was one overtime goal from the cup finals… if you have the same faith in the team then a late 20’s or early thirties pick shouldnt be a huge deal.

      • You’re right about the low 1st round pick chrisms. My objection to a 1st isn’t so much the potential loss of a superstar – but simply telling Clueless Joe that, ok, I’ll give you a good young Top 4 D and a pretty damned good prospect in Chlapik, but if you want my 1st round pick then I want your 2nd in whatever draft is negotiated.

      • yeah but really thats most likely the avs just moving up in the draft 5-10 spots. not really a whole lot of value there. I think the conditional 2nd if dusch doesnt resign is reasonable. ceci and good but not top 3 prospect, and a 1st with a conditional 2nd and dusch coming back seems to make sense.

      • Ottawa will already be dressing 1 rookie D in Chabot another with incredibly limited experience in Claesson. Dressing a 3rd to replace Ceci is a terrible idea in my opinion.

        Nor am I moving a 23 year old Dman with 284 games of NHL regular season experience contract contolled for years for Duchene who is 2 years from UFA status.

        Who many Dman drafted since 2012 the year ceci was drafted have this many NHL games & are logging the 2nd most TOI/GP for their D?

        Ceci is a #2 now & will get better. In 2 years he will be fully devoloped & you can almost never acquire this player in trade. As Taz showed us the other day Duchene isn’t really any different than Bozak except for age & pedigree, statiticly they are the same player.

        I value this type of asset far greater than either of you in Ce i, another & incredibly similiar is Maatta. I defended Gardner for years as well as Shultz.

        Until a Dman reaches the 400 regular season games played they are still developing in almost 80% of all Dman. Dman reach their prime at 27 or 28. That’s a long way off for Ceci.

        This is a solid future 1st pairing Dman, he is a 2nd pairing #2 now & just scratching the surface of his abilities. You shouldn’t trade this type of player. Virtually irreplacable.

      • Duschane > ceci

      • sorry striker… but that is the mentality of a team looking past the next couple years… not one that was close to the cup final. ott could flip a pick to vegas for another vet d if they were concerned. ceci may develop into a solid d man… that is up in the air yet. as a pens fan I would make the same argument for pens moving maatta for dusch except pens dont have the d depth in youth ott does to accommodate it.

      • Everyone ripped on Gardiner I his early years and he blossomed last year. Maybe Ceci is a mid 20s bloomer. Nothing wrong with that

    • They don’t really have much depth on the right side. They are already trying Chabot out on the right. Maybe in an attempt to make Ceci available. Getting rid of a right handed defensemen seems fool hardy from this Sens fans point of view. If a team is interested in one of our lefties then yeah by all means. That is where our depth truly lies.

  2. I pretty serious goalie injury would have to occur for a team to take on lehtonen right now.

  3. Elliotte Friedman doubts the Senators “have the assets to meet the Avs high asking price” – then in the same breath cites two assets that could swing the trade in Chabot and Ceci!

    Talk about a contradiction in terms. Doesn’t that same “analysis” apply to ANY of the other 30 teams who probably don’t want to relinquish their equivalents of Chabot and Ceci?

    • Agree George O. I personally don’t regard most of Friedman’s opinions very highly. In my personal opinion Bob MacKenzie usually provides the most sensible analysis of all the hockey pundits.

      • I’m not a Freidman fan specificly either. With the internet so entrenched in our lives now & social media a huge revenue source numerous journalists & broadcasters have developed a semi sensational approach to their reporting.

        We have always had the Larry Brooks, Neal Macrae’s of the world but guys liks Friedaman & Dreger have crossed the line into sensationalism often to generate hits & increase their revenue streams. I don’t begrudge them for doing so I just don’t hold them in as high regard as MacKenzie, Lebrun or even Lyle & a few select others.

    • Saw what you wrote, George, and realized I took Friedman’s comments out of context. I’ve added his actual quote. He doesn’t think they have what the Avs want if they’re unwilling to part with Chabot and Ceci. My apologies for the confusion.

      • Thanks Lyle. That makes a difference for sure.

      • Even then, however, his point would still apply to any of the other 30 teams

      • OH guess I should of read further. ignore my facepalm comment. perhaps I need to read all the comments before I post a response. lol

        facepalm to my ownself

    • I think he meant other than those 2 at D at D George. Unless 1 of those D is part of the deal there is going to be no deal with Col for Duchene.

      If rumors are to be believed the cornerstone of a deal to get Duchene is a young established top 4 D.

      I have no doubt Chabot is a stud. I believe the prospect reports from reputable sources I read, but other than Ceci Ott doesn’t have another Dman meeting the criteria at present.

      This isn’t to disparage Claesson, Harpur, Englund, etc. But none are the cornerstone of a trade for Duchene today.

      • Not to mention watching Chabot play in the WJC’s was a pleasure, although some of those gambles we enjoy watching those young players make will get you benched in the NHL, especially playing for a defensive 1st couch like Boucher.

        I remember saying to my buddy whoa that’s dangerous. Chabot stepping around an attacker at the point on tbe PP in a 1 goal game, thankfully he wasn’t stripped of the puck & turned over for a clean breakaway.

        That’s what young players do or 1 dimensional players. Do that in the NHL consistently & you will be stripped & then benched to learn their is a time & place for that gamble & it’s rare, certainly not in a 1 goal game your winning on the PP in the offensive zone. Dump it in, pass it to the other point but don’t do that.

        The exuburence of youth. 1 of tbe reasons the WJC’s is my favorite hockey. Skill on display, the kids haven’t been turned into autobots yet. Over coaching is alive & well in the NHL.

        Ottawa is a perfect model of playing a system doing exactly what Boucher wants you to do. Again I don’t begrudge him for doing so, it’s incredibly effective just not overly entertaining.

      • Not “overly entertaining”??? Did you watch that 7 game series with Pittsburgh? There weren’t too many series as entertaining as that one.

      • Yes George as there wasn’t another choice. It was a great game.

        I expect all games to be tighter come playoff time & part of the entertainment come playoff time is just that, it’s a playoff game & in this situation game 7.

        I didn’t say all games were hard to watch or lacked entertainment valut but let me be clear just most were, worse than watching NJ play.

        In the Ottawa games I did sit through I prayed they got down early so they had to open it up & getting to watch Karlsson play is great anytime even in that system.

        I like Ottawa, they have a ton of players I like, several of who play on my fantasy teams, I even selected Karlsson 1st overall twice in 1 of my 1 year draft leagues, scoring system favors dman & I was lucky enough to win the lottery 2 years in row.

        Not trying to disparage the team, in fact I’m the 1 advocating they retain Ceci, moving him for Duchene would be a serious mistake not only today but definitely down the road.

      • Spoken like someone who watched an “upstart knock off their favorite team in 6 games. Give me a freaking break!

      • No breaks for the wicked George.

        Take a couple of deep breaths. I don’t know why you get so upset. I have supported Ottawa in a positive way. Just because we don’t agree on style of play is no reason to get so frustrated & upset. Keep Ceci be happy & throwing out a give me a freaking break is pointless.

        Ottawa wasn’t an upstart. As we discussed numerous times prior right after Phaneuf was acquired I had Ottawa to make the playoffs ahead of Boston last season. That top 4 gave them enough strength at D on their top 4 with Boucher’s system to be a playoff team

        I was happy Boston even made the playoffs, I didn’t have them to but injuries at the wrong time doomed them before they even started. What team can overcome those losses?

        No Krug, Carlo, or Krejci in game 1. No Krug, Carlo, Krejci or C. Miller in game 2, lost McQuad after 2:47 seconds of ice time. Lost 4-3 in OT. Great game Rask didn’t play well. No Krug, Carlo, McQuad, or C. Miller in game 2. Krejci played sparingly, 14:38, Boston lost in OT again, same score 4-3 Ottawa out played them in Boston! Game 4 1-0 loss. C. Miller returned played sparingly Krejci’s minutes up. Game 5 Bos wins in OT 3-2 Krejci can’t finish the game after 6:21 of icetime. Great game. Game 6 Krejci gone again to injury, Krug, Carlo & McQuad never able to return Boston loses again in OT 3-2.The better the better team won, Ottawa. Had Boston been even remotely healthy things may have been different, but you play the hand your dealt.

        I have made them same arguments for any player on any team including Boston’s player. Whether they wear Bruins uniforms is of no consequence to me. I don’t draft or speak from my heart but with my head.

    • Ghosh everybody can’t you understand a guy. Friedman says he doesn’t think Ottawa has the assets because he doesn’t believe Ottawa is willing to trade either Chabot or Ceci.


  4. Chabot moves nowhere for no one. Reminded me of NYR’s Brian Leech at the World Juniors.
    Ceci and a conditional first and a prospect . I think CLB has more to offer.

  5. I personally think that Buffalo should be all over Duchene, if they’re to try and be competitive for years. If not, they’ll have a Tavares/NYI 2.0 situation. Sure they have filled the team with decent players, but the likes of; Kane, Okposo, Pominville, Moulson, etc. are what the Leafs would always do before the salary cap era, throw the fans some familiar names and try to win with 1 star.


    This would be a nice starting point in trying to be more competitive and show Eichel and the fans that the team wants to win.

  6. Seeing teams like Ottowa, Colombus, and even Montreal having interest makes me wonder how Rangers could not be all over this? Brady Skjei would be exactly the type of player Sakic would want. Again, like others mentioned, depending on what else it takes I’d give a 1st rounder. With additions of Shattenkirk, DeAngelo and possibly Pionk, they could slide Smith back to left side to take Skjei place on 2nd pair. Still have Day and Bereglazov as 2 left handed guys for future. Skjei will be an rfa looking for a big raise next year and Macdonaugh will also need to be signed year after. Duchene would immediately be an upgrade over Stepan and should easily put up 60 points in Vigneaults high tempo offense. Not only are you getting the one perceived need, you’re keeping him from going to an Eastern conf rival.

    • He has only 2 years left on his contract, and no team (in their right mind) will make a move w/out a promise of a contract. Then, what do you pay this guy, and what term? I see where Sakic is having a very hard time moving, because, Duchene can turn down signing with a team he doesn’t want to go to.
      Sadly for Sakic, he will never get what he thinks he deserves for him.

      • You sign the guy if you believe he puts you in the cup discussion. You sign him when your goalie only has possibly 2 good years left. At the end of the day, somebody always needs a new contract and you make the decisions when the time comes.

  7. I meant trade for him. Not sign him