NHL Rumor Mill – September 6, 2017

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Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene was absent from a pre-training camp practice.

Updates on Matt Duchene, David Pastrnak, Andreas Athanasiou and Cody Franson in your NHL rumor mill.

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene was absent from captain Gabe Landeskog’s pre-training camp practice yesterday. Nathan MacKinnon and Nikita Zadorov also missed the practice. MacKinnon was in New York on an NHL media tour while Zadorov is still without a contract.

Duchene, the subject of trade rumors since last season, was in Vail, Colorado on Saturday attending a wedding. Veterans are expected to report to training camp on Sept. 14. “I talked a little bit with Dutchy. He’s not here; that’s not a secret,” said Landeskog. “As of right now, he’s a part of the Avalanche organization and we all expect him to be here when training camp starts.” 

Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic recently acknowledged fielding trade offers for Duchene. Chambers feels a trade “appears inevitable and the return could fetch a much-needed defenseman or two.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Attending a pre-training camp practice isn’t mandatory for veterans such as Duchene. His absence doesn’t mean he intends to skip training camp, but it certainly stokes the trade speculation.

A trade might seem inevitable but nothing appears imminent. That could change if Sakic can find someone willing to pay his steep asking price (reportedly a young, proven top-four defenseman, an established NHL player, a first-round draft pick and a top prospect) or if he’s willing to reduce it. Media trade chatter linked Duchene to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators, New York Islanders, Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports agent J.P. Barry, who represents winger David Pastrnak, said he and the Bruins recently discussed a new eight-year contract for his client. The Bruins had offered the Pastrnak camp a choice of six- or seven-year contracts worth $6 million annually. If Bruins GM Don Sweeney is willing to offer eight years, Dupont speculates that “perhaps middle ground between $6 million and the recent $8.5 million a year the Oilers recently gave Leon Draisaitl, who is also a 21-year-old forward/center.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Bruins going as high as Draisaitl’s annual average value. I think they’ll look at something close to $7 million. Pastrnak was briefly the subject of trade speculation last month but Sweeney wasted little time dismissing that idea.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports it appears increasingly likely that Red Wings forward Andreas Athanasiou could sign with a KHL team. Athanasiou’s agent Darren Ferris said it’s becoming more of a possibility his client will head to the KHL because of the wide disparity in negotiations with the Wings.

The cap-strapped Wings are offering the restricted free agent a two-year deal worth just under $2 million per season. However, he’s getting offers from multiple KHL teams of one-year deals worth around $3 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the Wings had sufficient salary-cap space, I don’t think they’d be keen to match or exceed those KHL offers. They could let Athanasiou head to Russia for the upcoming season and revisit contract talks with the restricted free agent next summer. 




  1. 2 for 2 for AA is reasonable. He should take it and then look for longer and more next contract. Pastrnak is a tough one. He can’t be the highest paid player on the team after one good year and at his age. He was the youngest in the league as a rookie and maybe one of the youngest ever. Bridge is the only solution.

    • I agree completely Silver Seven! AA is a very good young player but not yet at the status of holding a gun to management’s head.

      • there is such a derth of good young talent on rw that he has more leverage than he should…

      • Det’s top 3 RW’s to end the season were Mantha, Nyquist & Abdelkader. Where does AA fit into this group?

        Tatart, Zetterberg, Matha.
        Larkin, Nielsen, Nyquist.
        Helm, Sheahan, Abdelkader.
        AA, Glendening, ?/Frk; required to clear waivers this season so I assume he sticks but wouldn’t be the 1st waived young redwing.

        Blashill has said Larkin will play C full time this season, that said he said that last season as well. It didn’t work, but should he I assume that moves Sheahan out of the #3 C slot potentially moving AA to the #2 LW spot.

        Just spit balling as I don’t really have a clue just trying to make educated guesses really.

      • clarifying… rw=Red wings in that post

  2. Don’t understand why no one would present an offer sheet to Athanasiou. Seems like a talented kid. What’s wrong with GM’s these days, freaken dinosaurs get with the times….

    • It’s called ‘reprisal’.

      • Hard for cap spending teams to reprise.

    • AA is not worth the penalty of an offer sheet. Too many draft picks to lose. If GMs felt he was worth that they would offer it anyway.

      • An offer sheet between $1,962,986 to $3,925,975 will only cost the offering team a 2nd round pick. With Detroit over the cap by $3mil they are not able to match. I would think that AA is worth a second round pick.

      • AA was a fourth round pick. Why would you give up a second to sign an offer sheet?

      • Kevjam. If at the lower end of that scale Detroit would simply match then trade out of the problem. At or around the threshold of $3,925,975 I think they would simply let him go & take the pick.

        What team would be willing to overpay AA as in or 3.9 he would be overpaid at least in the short term maybe even long term & in today’s cap world few teams can afford that form of luxury.

      • Ya no kidding…a 2nd rounder for a potential already seasoned 20 goal scorer is a no brained. Canucks did the same with Baertschi a few years back and it’s worked out. Hopefully they could do the sa.e with AA. He fits the mold of what they are doing right now

    • How would you structure that offer so your not just wasting your time & AA might actually sign it?

      • Make the offer and then it’s up to the player and his agent to s*^t or get off the pot.

      • What I meant for Greco is what would his suggested offer be, 2.5, 3, 3.5 mil per & for how many years.

        It’s easy to say why hasn’t he gotten an offer sheet. It’s because the rules aren’t structured for it to work & the cost to potentially secure this specific player would mean overpaying him substantially for at least 2 years & unless the deal is held at 5 years as all offer sheets at 5 years or longer are amortized over 5 years for the purposes of determining draft pick compensation.

        It would take at least the max of $3,925,975 for 5 years to not increase the compensation of a 6 or 7 year deal to see Det not match. Would you want to pay AA that much money today? I wouldn’t & what teams can or would?

      • Striker
        A team like Canucks can afford that as they have $14m in Sedins coming off the books next year…
        AA fits the mould of what Benning is trying to build. Young, developed talent that’s ready to go. Same as he did when he easily parted with a 2nd rnd pick for Baertschi.
        AA, like Horvat has been getting his points while being shackled to limited minutes and is ready to break out. He and Horvat also know each other from their time in London before AA was traded.
        Would be a sick line and all for the low price of a 2nd pick and $3.5
        Bo is set to sign an extension for 6yrs. I’m sure Benning does the same with Boeser by the end of the year or perhaps before.
        You now have a set line paid for the next 5-6yrs
        Getting AA also buys time for kids like Dahlen and Gadjovich to develop properly and not be rushed.

  3. Pastrnak should sign a 8 year 7 million per year contract its higher than some of the current roster players Bergeron Marchand but it will be a bargain in 3 or 4 years. He wants to be there and they want and need him so just get it done already.

    • Agreed Obe. He is not at the Draisaitl status in my mind.

    • Ya Obe, seems like this should be easier than it is. Fact is the Bruins traditionally don’t like throwing big $ long term deals at young unproven players that they believe are above market. Is Pastrnak’s great production going to continue?Which I understand, but it can cause friction.
      I don’t agree with the theory above that most players don’t get the fact that the market moves up and their contract from a few years ago might be less than one signed today by a player who is less proven than they are and would feel slighted by that. That is the way it is and has been for years. We the fan understand that and I am sure they do. They have a choice to sign a long term deal that provides security for their family, or roll the dice that they stay healthy and produce at a high level and try to maximize their return on a rising market with shorter term contracts.
      The majority of these guys are not mental or emotional midgets, I am sure they understand.

      • They’ll probably just trade Pastrnak, like they did with Seguin, Hamilton, etc.

      • Kessel for Pasternak. the circle of hockey.

      • I’m a Bruins fan & the only trade that irks me wasn’t even mentioned, the Thornton trade. That was a brutal trade why he wasn’t shopped to the entire league makes no sense. I don’t have any issues with the Kessel, Seguin or Hamilton trades. Would I preferred that someone else be sacrificed? Sure but you play adapt to the cap world as required.

        In today’s cap world hard choices have to be made. Both Seguin & Hamilton were traded for more than just money reasons, their were personality conflicts in place.

        Hamilton didn’t want to be in Boston. He declined essentially the same monies to stay in Boston. Time will tell if Senyshyn, Forsbacka-Karlsson & Lauzon, the players drafted with those 3 picks was fair.

        Boston was in cap hell after winning the cup, something had to give & that was Seguin. Eriksson & R. Smith are solid NHL players that Boston got some good seasons out of, Fraser was a toss in & Morrow played as a depth Dman until this year. People seem to forget that Boston also dumped Peverly’s 2 years & $3,375,000 per cap hit, 3.75 in actual salary for each of those 2 seasons on Dallas as part of that deal.

        As for Kessel, Seguin, Hamilton & Knight was a fabulous return.

        There is a business side to today’s NHL, the cap makes teams that have cup success have to make hard sacrifices. Chicago is still doing so.

        You can’t just look at player X for player Y. There are business issues now in play, personal issues, all these things factor in. Boston isn’t the 1st team to have to make hard choices & they certainly won’t be the last.

  4. Whose Duchene?

    • His mother’s? Oh – did you mean who’s?

  5. Thanks for the details on the offer sheet regarding Athanasiou KevJam. Considering what you are saying I would have to agree AA is definitely second round pick. Maybe it’s the reprisal then?

  6. It’s odd to see the bruins as a destination given their top two C are set. Neither Bergeron or Krejci play the wing at all, but where there is smoke….
    I wonder if there is a chance that Krejci ++ is in play for Duchene?

    From what I understand the Bruins are pretty healthy in defensive prospects any chance they consider Krejci + Krug + pick for Duchene?
    K&K are both really good players but Krejci’s contract is pretty hefty.
    Lots of B’s fans out here so I would be interested in hearing your opinions

    • not enough for duschene from av’s perspective and too much from boston perspective. av’s counter with… krejci is overpaid not top tier centerman, Krug is one dimensional d man, and 1st rounder likely is middle tier. Boston counters with is dusch that much better than krejci? Krug could develop into a top pairing d man, and we like out 1st rounders as we are not quite at the contending point to give them up. no go from both sides.

    • not a chance bruins would do that deal on a two year rental player with declining numbers

    • I would assume if Duchene were acquired by Boston & that’s a big if, he would become the #2 LW with Krejci & Backes potentially playing C if injuries required him to do so.

      I don’t think after Pastrnak is signed that Boston will have the wiggle room to accommodate Duchene’s contract but as a Bruins fan would be happy for them to try depending upon the compensation.

      Boston doesn’t have the assets Sakic wants. If rumors are to be believed Boston doesn’t have available the primary asset sakic wants, a young current top 4 Dman. Neither Carlo or McAvoy are being moved, nor do I see Krug being moved either.

      If Sakic would accept Spooner, 1 of the young D prospects, Lauzon, Lindgren or Zboril, a 1st round pick & 1 of Miller or McQuad the monies could be made to work but it doesn’t really address Sakic’s wants at least in the short term & Spooner doesn’t really fit their need either at C or on the wing.

      • Spooner, Zorbil, Mcquaid and a 1st for Dooshayne? (Preferred sp)
        Waaaaaaaay too much.

  7. if they keep using Driastal for comparison then I’d be using Wenneberg back…Pastrnak should fall in between those two deals which would be $6.5m a year…which is reasonable and would be fair and a friendly cap hit…if it creeps to the $7m or more then this won’t end easily or quickly i’m sure..

    • IMO Draisaitl is not comparable to Pastrnak. Draisaitl has a good defensive game and will be the guy who takes the face-offs in the defensive zone against the other teams top line. Does Pastrnak do that?

      • exactly

      • Draisaitl may eventually perform that role but last year that responsibility fell to Letestu he took 239 DZ faceoffs for Edm. RNH was 2nd at 145, Draisatl 3 behind at 142. league wide Draisatil was 72nd for DZ faceoffs taken.

        Pastrnak should get less than Draisaitl, hell Draisaitl shouldn’t have gotten 8.5. I’ll take Scheifele at 6.125 per for 8 years. For reference he took 182 DZ faceoffs.

        30+ goal scorers are an incredibly rare commodity in the NHL. Pastrnak will hit 40 at least a few times in his career. Neither he nor Draisaitl have shown their top ends yet but Pastrnak doesn’t get to play with McDavid. Bergeron is no slouch but a stud 2 way player who will make the safe play before gambling offensively unless trailing & Boston needs to score.

        Regardless of Edm over paying Draisaitl, he & McDavid have reset the bar for all future studs coming out of their ELC’s producing this quickly at this level. I don’t know what it is with Nordic players but they almost always seem to take less than market value with a few minor exceptions. Wennberg being 1 in a long line to have done so. Arviddson’s was even worse.

        What ever Poille is putting in these players agents coffee is having amazing results.

  8. He Lyle, I am hearing rumours about Cody Franson is signing with either the Oilers or Black Hawks. Is there any truth to this?

  9. AH never mind. I just saw the tweet from Rick Dhaliwal at the bottom there. Sorry. I feel a little embarrassed now.

  10. AH never mind. I just saw the tweet from Rick Rick Dhaliwal at the bottom there. Now I feel a little embarrassed.

    • No need to be. An honest oversight.

  11. The Sakic-Duchene debacle is the equivalent of a guy who needs $50,000 trying to sell his 1988 Buick Skylark for $50,000 because he really needs $50,000.

    • Drouin bolted. He was suspended with out pay & the potential TB would have ported his contract as he didn’t play enough games in the NHL to count as a full year for contractual purposes. Yzerman forced him back to play buu not buckling, then retained him for an entire season before trading him this summer.

      Were you 1 of the many posters here who felt Yzerman should have capitulated & taken a used car for Drouin?

      Duchene has 2 years remaining, he can play for Colorado or hold out & suffer a similiar fate if he chooses. You don’t just give assets away. Colorado & Sakic are far better served to readdress at a later date when the market improves.

      No way Duchene nor Colorado’s season will be as bad as last year. The team will be bad in the win loss column but score 40 to 50 more goals this season than last. Duchene & Barrie are 2 of my biggest bounce back candidates. Both should hit historical norms, for Duchene in today’s NHL that means 20 to 25 goals & 55 to 60 points baring a significant injury in Colorado.

  12. Winnipeg resign Maurice? Uh Ok?

    • Maurice is a good coach, the main reason it didn’t look like it, is because their lack of goaltending…yet he still maintained a team that completed hard. Regarding goaltending, they’re gone back to mediocre with Mason. Mason has his good nights, but not what’s needed to be a powerhouse team. You give Winnipeg a legit #1 goaltender and you’ll see a cup contender.