Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 10, 2017

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A look at Sportsnet’s nine trade candidates to watch this season in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

SPORTSNET; Rory Boylen lists his nine NHL trade candidates to watch this season, including potential destinations for each. Topping the list, of course, is Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene, with Columbus, NY Islanders, Montreal, Boston, Nashville, Pittsburgh as possible landing spots.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boylen also notes Duchene’s topped most trade candidate lists, citing the high asking price by Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic as the main sticking point in efforts to trade the center. He also notes the recent rumblings suggesting Duchene might not report to training camp.

Sakic recently told BSN Denver’s Adrian Dater he expects the 26-year-old center to be there when camp opens on Sept. 14. Of these possible destinations, Columbus and Nashville seem the most likely, as those clubs have the right combination of tradable assets and salary-cap space to acquire him. 

Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk could be among this season’s notable trade candidates.

Toronto Maple Leafs left wing James van Riemsdyk is eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. If the Leafs aren’t able to re-sing him, perhaps he could be shopped for blueline depth. Carolina, Calgary, Florida, Columbus and Anaheim are possible destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carolina’s biggest need is for a playmaking center so van Riemsdyk might not be a fit there. Calgary already has Johnny Gaudreau and promising Matthew Tkachuk as their top-two left wingers, while Artemi Panarin and Nick Foligno patrol the left side for Columbus. Florida and Anaheim could be more promising options. 

Vegas Golden Knights wingers Jonathan Marchessault and James Neal are UFAs next summer and could be shopped near the trade deadline. Boylen doesn’t expect either player to be re-signed by Vegas. Pittsburgh, Calgary, Carolina, Montreal, NY Islanders and Boston are possible options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those destinations will obviously depend upon where those teams are in the playoff chase by the trade deadline. 

Vancouver Canucks winger Thomas Vanek could also be moved by the trade deadline as a rental player. Destinations could include the “NY Islanders, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo — as long as they’re in the playoff race.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While anything’s possible, I don’t see the current managements of the Islanders and Canadiens bringing back Vanek. Buffalo did reacquire winger Jason Pominville in June so maybe they will look at a Vanek redux if they’re in the postseason hunt by February. Vanek could be a fit with the Senators, who seem a little thin at left wing. 

Florida Panthers defenseman Jason Demers surfaced in this summer’s trade rumor mill. He carries an eight-team no-trade clause and there were reports he nixed a trade to the Vancouver Canucks. Boylen lists Colorado, Detroit, Montreal, New Jersey and Dallas as possible options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Demers wants to play on a postseason contender I doubt Colorado, Detroit and New Jersey will be on his list. 

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba’s contract expires after this season and speculation could arise over his future. He requested a trade last summer but eventually rescinded it and signed a two-year deal with the Jets. If he becomes available, Boylen lists Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, New Jersey, Dallas, Vancouver as potential suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One reason Trouba wasn’t dealt last year was the big return sought by the Jets. I doubt their asking price will be lower next summer, especially if he continues to improve. Trouba will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights in line for a big raise so things could again get interesting in his negotiations with the Jets. 

Boylen expects the Hurricanes will eventually have to move a defenseman for a big forward. He considers Justin Faulk as an underrated, big-minute blueliner carrying an affordable ($4.8 million per season) contract for the next three seasons. He thinks Jaccob Slavin and Brett Pesce are less likely to be moved while promising Noah Hanifin has flown under the radar. Boylen suggests “Toronto, Colorado, Winnipeg, Dallas, Boston, Montreal” as destinations. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Faulk tends to get mentioned most in Hurricanes trade speculation.

If the New York Islanders decide to trade pending UFA center John Tavares, Boylen lists  “Montreal, St. Louis, San Jose, Calgary… let’s be honest: anywhere” as possible landing spots. He also points out there’s no certainty Tavares gets traded but the longer he goes unsigned, “the greater chances the team decides to recoup whatever assets it can get.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend upon the Islanders performance this season and their efforts to find a place to build a new arena. Tavares is loyal to the Isles but he also wants to play for a stable Stanley Cup contender. If they’re not heading in the right direction this season, he could decide on continuing his career elsewhere. 



  1. The Penguins are definitely not in the market for wingers. 2 things that are quite obvious after 2 games so far in this years rookie tournament are Daniel Sprong is a man among boys, his all around game has improved so much that he may make the big team out of camp. The second being that Aston-Reese is absolutely not being looked at as a possible 3C or a centre at all. Every shift he has taken has been on the left wing and this is a great place to experiment, which they have not done. Sprong is the right wing and Adam Johnson played centre. The play of Teddy Blueger, however, puts him in the running.

    • The wings mentioned are deadline deals when current depth is not as important as stocking up for a run.

    • After watching one of the games so far in that tournament, one thing is clear to me…the comp on Zach Aston-Reese is Ryan Malone, not Hornqvist. If he wore #12, you’d swear it was Malone.

      Hopefully he can keep his nose clean.

      He and Sprong will be perfect wingers for Malkin.

      • Did you see ZAR get in that scrap at the end of the game. He was throwing bombs. I think he knocked the guy out for a second when he dropped him. Adam Johnson and Teddy Blueger have really impressed me over 2 games. Blueger could be the 2 way dman the Pens need. Bengsston and Taylor have been great too but Lauzon has really surprised me. He looks like a young Vlasic. Drogz looks good too for how young he is. The future is not as bleak as those who make the best prospects list say it is.

      • Yes and I agree with your points.

        Johnson just needs to gain some weight. If he wasn’t 155 lbs. he could play this year.

  2. JVR is a sticky point for leafs. He is a rental as a trade at this point so only contenders would be looking for him. they usually dont trade usable assets, instead moving futures. If leafs are in the hunt then they dont need futures (unless they tur around and flip to another team out of the playoffs for a different rental). They need D and that is an asset a contender will not be willing to give up. their best bet imo is to ride the year out, make some good deadline rental trades for d help, and go for it. revisit jvr in the offseason… if he walks, he walks. the leafs are in a position that they could afford that with how much young talent they have.

    • Sweeney traded Lucic for 13th overall pick, Martin Jones and Colin Miller. If there is that type of deal out there for JVR then maybe the leafs should have a look. But I agree its hard to remove jvr from this lineup and not expect some drop off.

    • I’m at the point now where I would rather just keep him for the year or till the deadline and get whatever you can in the way of future assets.

      I believe the Leafs are now just going to be happy with whatever transpires at camp, what with McDermott, Neilson, Rosen and Borgman.

      I believe they are convinced one or two of those 4 make the team.

    • aren’t we as leaf fans tired of letting our stars walk for nothing ie. sundin—we could of got some good draft picks for him—but he also screwed the leafs by saying he wouldn’t be a rental
      we need to get something for jvr period

      • arn’t you as a leafs fan tired of being sellers and punting towards the future? Thats the mentality that 60 plus years of losing creates. the leafs just spent the past several years moving pieces and taking on bad contracts… that should be a one off, not a way of continually doing business

        caper… boston was initiating a rebuild with the lucic and hamilton trades… leafs should be past that now.

      • Bare in mind I don’t believe in just letting him walk or giving him away but as some folks have mentioned before if we are well on our way into the playoffs JVR ‘could’ be viewed as a free rental.

        I could certainly see a team at the deadline that needs some scoring offering up a second and a rated prospect.

        What I mean about my original post is I believe the management team has decided that teams want far too much or more that the Leafs are willing to give up to get a top 4 dman.

      • If the leafs are in the hunt or fighting for it and they move jvr for a pick and prospect the fans should be livid

    • Here is my dilemma .

      Marleau , Hyman , Komarov , Martin…at left wing

      JVR is for sure expendable , something has to break

  3. I keep seeing JVR as a Duck

    • Why?

      How do the Ducks get a player with that salary & that future salary onto the roster at forward?

  4. Maybe send JVR back to the Flyers for one of their young dmen not named Provorov.

    Sanheim, Hagg or Morin would give the Leafs some cap dollars an van NHL ready defenceman while Philly gets much needed scoring depth on the wing. I think the Flyers would want a sign and trade to do it so JVR couldnt walk after the season. Filipula and McDonalds contracts are expirimg so Flyers would have cap room for JVR.

    • Ron Jull- McDonald’s contact is not expiring. Still 2 years after this season.

  5. With all the documented bad deals the Bruins have done in recent times that Lucic transaction does not look that bad…… Not sure why Calgary is mentioned so much. They do have a great starting defence group with some young depth. I think they want to keep it that way….. JVR is a solid LW and will command a little more than current- may be 6 mil x 6 ?

  6. I think the 6 month injury to Ryan Ellis takes the Preds out of the running for Duchesne, unless Sakic will take one of the Preds’ “D” prospects, instead of one of the guys on their roster

  7. After watching the Hurricanes in their third prospects tournament under Ron Francis its clear that although he is building the team from the back end out, the greatest improvement under his leadership is on offense. They are bigger, more physical and more skilled than the prospects he inherited. There is no doubt that some will see NHL action this season. Some fans tend to forget that Slavin, Pesce and Faulk were all Rutherford picks. Hanifin, Bean and Fleury were his picks.
    Francis does not “need” to trade any of his top 4 defenseman for offense, just stay the course.

    If Francis does make a significant trade I think he would he would trade a defensive prospect, draft picks and a current offensive player but none of their current top 4 defensemen.

  8. Why are there no rumours on drew doughty today? Didn’t he say in an interview yesterday, that he wants to play for a team that’s going to win cups? Thought it would be bigger news, but you didnt mention it lyle

    • Because Doughty’s not going anywhere this season, that’s why. I wanted today’s focus to be upon analysis of the Sportnet trade candidates for this season. Don’t worry, I’ll touch briefly on Doughty’s comments tomorrow.

    • That was an old replay of an interview earlier in the summer btw.

  9. The Leafs should keep JVR unless he goes into a package for a good right Dman. Why trade him for assets then use them for a trade deadline pickup? Keeping him is just like having a deadline pickup. Just what Boston did with Erickson. I would sooner see TO resign him for 6X6 then they have another year to trade him before Matthew’s and Marner’s new contract kick in. By that point they will know how the Swedes, Lilegren, Dermott and Neilson are developing. In the meantime bring in a UFA like Polak if needed or go for Green at the deadline?

  10. I would think Rangers should be looking to deal Skjei + for Trouba… even though Staal and Holden should be gone next year, still have Mac, Smith and prospects Berglazov, Graves and Day as left handed d men. Adding Trouba now would allow Shattenkirk to play on second pair with Smith playing natural left side. Trouba and Macdonaugh would be a solid 1st pair.