Latest Duchene Rumors – October 9, 2017

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The latest trade speculation on Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited NHL insider Elliotte Friedman’s appearances Friday on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 and Edmonton’s 630 CHED discussing the trade drama regarding Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. Friedman still believes Duchene will be traded, suggesting it’s just a matter of when. If he plays well it’ll make him easier to move. He also believes the Nashville Predators, Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames, New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators could still be circling. 

TSN: In his recent bold predictions for this season, Frank Seravalli thinks the Montreal Canadiens will address their lack of offense by acquiring Duchene before Christmas. He said Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is keeping tabs on the Avs’ asking price. 

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports former Avalanche great Peter Forsberg believes his former club should bench Duchene and trade him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Forsberg, however, isn’t the Avalanche general manager. His old teammate Joe Sakic holds that honor. Benching Duchene won’t help his trade value. If the center truly wants a change of scenery, he’ll work hard and be a good teammate in order to make himself more enticing to potential suitors in the trade market.

Other than Forsberg’s comments, there’s nothing really new regarding the Duchene story. There are several teams with varying degrees of interest in him, with Columbus likely leading the pack. The Avs’ reported high asking price (young top-four defenseman and/or young forward, first-round pick, top prospect) is the reason why he hasn’t been dealt yet.

The Canadiens certainly have the cap space to absorb Duchene’s $6 million annual cap hit. Unless Sakic lowers his asking price , I don’t think the Habs have sufficient assets to land him. 



  1. I still see Rangers quietly pursuing Duchene. They seem to already have conceded Chytil not ready . (benched in game 2 and healthy scratch last night) surprisingly dressed 7 dmen and 11 forwards last night. I don’t think they want to play Miller at center and I think getting Holden and Kampfer in game last night had as much to do with showcasing them as helping get a win. If Gorton was willing to part with Skjei, would Sakic be willing to take back Holden and maybe retain some of Duchene salary? Rangers need help at center, and if not Duchene, Gorton needs to make a deal somewhere

    • Given Sakic’s stance so far I doubt he’s prepared to hold back a dime of Duchene’s salary. If he gets the D he wants, sure Skjei would be right up there with any of them – but he’s not so head and shoulders above the type of D Sakic is seeking that he’d be willing to hold back salary. Now, IF the Rangers are the only team to offer a young D of that quality, that could certainly change things in a hurry.

      I just don’t see NY willing to relinquish Skjei for a player who could walk in 2 seasons.

      • I agree George. I would take it even further. Even if Duchene had more than 2 years I don’t see NYR giving up Skjei to acquire him.

        This is a solid developing Dman who has been well groomed & appears to have 1st pairing potential down the road in 2 or 3 years.

      • Losing Skjei for Duchene makes no sense for the Rangers. I would not trade Hayes or Miller for Duchene either.

        Good luck Joe

      • Anybody can walk at some point. Skjei could hold out next year. He’s a rfa. Macdonaugh could walk year after, if they overpay Skjei and have nothing left for him.

      • So which is it? Skjei too good to let go or not worth Sakic eating salary? Sakic would be saving cap this year even if he retains some $. Then only one year left.

      • Slick62.

        Not sure who that’s directed at. In my opinion both; let me qualify that for those that take my posts as fact, not a fact just an opinion, an educated guess really based on all available data or facts, you don’t trade young Dman like this as they are virtually irreplaceable unless you are confronted with no choice or have a significant need else where, see Jones for Johansen trade, & Sakic won’t be eating salary if & when he moves Duchene.

      • The Jones for Johansen trade was 1 of the rare occurrences where a Dman that had already shown 1st pairing potential was moved for the next hardest position to fill, a stud young C with size & skill.

        Nashville had a serious need for a #1 C & Nashville had an incredible D allowing them to consider moving Jones. A great trade for both teams but these are incredibly rare.

        This isn’t meant to say Skjei is Jones but Skjei appears to be a solid young Dman in the making that is taking a more conventional path to the NHL. With only 90 games of NHL experience he is just scratching the surface & 4 to 5 years from being fully developed at the NHL level

        It’s early but already he’s been logging the 3rd most TOI/GP. He has seen no PP time as yet this year as DeAngelo is being dressed but that experiment should be over soon & hopefully Skjei will get 2nd line PP time like late last season & join McDonagh in place of DeAngelo on the #2 unit.

    • Skjei is not going no where.

  2. The Canadians definitely could use Duchene; we all know what Sakic asking price is, what does Montreal have to could consummate a deal.
    Sitting Duchene out until a trade is done, accomplishes nothing other then forcing your hand into a trade you might not want, by playing Duchene you run the risk of an injury or poor play both will impact any potential trade. 2 games in he has 1g 1a.
    I know some have called Sakic names and a bad gm but when it comes to Duchene i’ll wait and see what happens and what the return Colorado receives. Maybe he sign an extension with the Av’s.

    • The earliest Duchene could be extended would be July 1st 2018.

      Nothings impossible but certainly appears unlikely at this point but things can change.

      • I’m not in a hurry to get rid of Skjei. But, as you mentioned, the need at another position warrants it. Very obvious we’re weak up the middle. I don’t like trading a young d man but we are in a rare situation where we have too many…Duchene makes us a serious contender with out a huge drop off at left d.

    • We all know what Sakic asking price is? He told you?

      • Slick62 fair point, i’ll rephrase; we all know what Sakic reported asking price is. How accurate that is I don’t know, but the guys reporting it have pretty good established reputations.

      • Most trade rumors reported by “pretty good established reputations” never happen.

        Just saying! 90%+ of the rumors we here never happen regardless of who’s reporting them.

      • Caper, agree it’s maybe safe to assume the ask is close based on sources. I think at some point it will be more realistic. I agree with Strikers assessment of Skjei and I don’t think Rangers would need to add much more…

      • Striker, we’re not talking trade we are talking about reported request of what Sakic potentially wants, not specific players. Yes if Pierre Lebrun and Bob McKenzie are stating what Sakic asking price is, i’ll take that is solid information.

  3. The longer I think about the Duchene situation, the more it seems to me that Sakic has all but guaranteed that he’s going to lose any trade he makes, and the longer he keeps this up the less likely he’s going to get anything resembling fair value for Duchene. Whether Sakic likes it or not, now that the season has started Duchene’s value is going to decline on a near daily basis unless he has something close to a career year. Almost all of the stories we saw about this were, “GM X isn’t going to give up those assets for someone who can walk in two years.” Time keeps rolling, and now Duchene can walk in less than two years, so his value is certainly declining. If he’s still on the roster next offseason, making him a short-term rental, and he didn’t have close to a career year, then Sakic might get a first rounder and a prospect for Duchene. Someone could overpay at the deadline, this is always a possibility and Sakic’s last best hope for anything resembling his desired return, but Duchene’s situation could be cancerous to a rebuilding team which could force a move sooner. In some ways, I guess it’s commendable that Sakic has stuck to his guns, but the longer it goes the more it’s probably just foolish pride on Sakic’s part, and that is making it certain that he’s going to lose this trade so hard he could be out of a job.

    • Sakic has already basically decided he’s gonna roll with the risks. As an Avs fan, at this point I less concerned with a Duchene return of goodies and more and more interested in Sakic and the Avs holding their ground. Everyone wants Duchene, but wants to take advantage of the lowly Colorado Avalanche. They just want to keep rattling the nest hoping to get the player at a discount. It is coming from all angles at Sakic. This is getting insane, and compared this standard trade scenario with all the others and it is baffling why everyone and their dog are are so rankled by it. It is down right bizzare the way a standard trade scenario has garnered such maliciousness for Sakic and the Avs. This is the media and GM wolves working together to try and take down the weak. But Joe ain’t having it. I’m sure he’s pissed off, and rightly so. And he seems willing to go through hell to earn some respect. And after this summer I’m standing right there with him. Regardless of what people think about him as a GM, Sakic doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he has. Other than this Duchene insanity, Joe has actually done a pretty decent job. The madness of the media over this Duchene thing is way over top. Their intentions are glaring.

      Besides, even if Duchene walks for free, it isn’t gonna break the Avs. They have some good prospects and are building a respectable farm system. Sakic has said himself that he wants this team to be competing in the post season in 3 years. That is doable even with no Duchene return. He said he expects Makar will be with the team next year, or soon after. Our D is already improved over last year, and the core is admittedly hungry and excited for this season and beyond. There are no illusions in Colorado that we are going to do anything beyond making a better season than last year. There is no internal pressure felt by this organization to make the playoffs or to trade Duchene. The media has worked them selves into a tizzy and unknowing fans have let themselves be taken in by the whirlwind of hype.

      The media is trying to dislodge an empty nest devoid of sweet honey.

      • Sakic should not trade Duchene unless he gets what “he” believes to be fair value. I agree with Striker there is no need to trade Duchene until after July 1. That being said Sakic should take Duchene off the trade market until after the season is over. Let him focus on playing the game and increasing his value as a team player. These headlines are becoming ridiculous. This has gone far beyond the “its part of the business” excuse being thrown around.

  4. I quite like the young roster Col has iced to start the season, at least at forward, the D is still a mess but youth being sprinkled in every where.

    Andrighetto, McKinnon, Rantanen.
    Yakupov, Duchene, Kerfoot.
    Landeskog, Compher, Wilson.
    Soderberg/Nieto, Jost, Comeau.

    Nemeth, Barrie.
    Zadarov/Mironov, Johnson.
    Bigras, Lindholm/Barberio.

    It’s going to be tough to win games with this roster consistently but at least they will be way more exciting scoring significantly more goals doing so. They should add 40 to 50 goals & finish in about the 70 to 75 point range.

    For what it’s worth I hope they retain Duchene all year & look to potentially trade him next summer. Trading him has never made sense to me.

  5. I don’t see a Duchene deal being struck with either MTL or NYR. I think Calgary has done enough. IF he moves prior to the trade deadline CLB or CAR. At the deadline or after it anyone’s guess.

    • I don’t think Duchene is on Carolina’s radar anymore due to the rapid development of Aho, and Necas being close to NHL ready. Carolina’s prospect pool is now just as deep at forward as it is on defense. They should continue the rebuild from within the organization.

  6. Good news George. Krug returns today with his broken jaw, missed 1 game. Thank God as that could have been far worse. I sure hope the little guy doesn’t refracture it getting nailed coming back so soon.

    • Full-face shield? I remember Bobby Hull trying to play with one of those. Drove him nuts.

      • Boston can’t afford to squander any points. Bubble team to make the playoffs & with Bergeron & Backes, Boston needs as many hands on deck as possible.

        I just hope it doesn’t get re injured.