Latest on Duchene & Galchenyuk – October 24, 2017

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The latest on Matt Duchene and Alex Galchenyuk in your NHL rumor roundup. 

BSN DENVER: In a recent mailbag segment, Adrian Dater addressed questions over the never-ending trade speculation regarding Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. While Dater believes the 26-year-old center wants a change of scenery and Dater is concerned his status could become a distraction as time goes on, he doesn’t think there’s growing frustration on Duchene’s part that he hasn’t been dealt yet. 

Despite the potential awkwardness of this situation, Dater also doubts a trade is imminent. He believes Avs general manager Joe Sakic won’t trade Duchene until he gets full value in return. At a minimum, that includes “a real good defenseman and/or a real good defensive prospect and probably a draft pick and/or another prospect.”

Duchene’s contract runs through 2018-19 and Dater doesn’t believe the Avs will let him depart via free agency for nothing. Depending upon the Avs record this season, he thinks Duchene will be dealt by the Feb. 26 trade deadline at the latest. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As with most possible trades, we likely won’t have any inkling that a Duchene deal is coming until it actually happens. His eventual destination could even surprise us. For now, however, it certainly doesn’t appear as though the Avs are any closer to moving Duchene.

Like Dater, I can see this dragging on up to the trade deadline. It also wouldn’t surprise me if this carries over into next summer. By that point, Duchene will have one season left on his contract and interested clubs could seek permission to discuss signing him if they acquire him via trade. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports there was some interest in Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk in the trade market. He said the Pittsburgh Penguins looked at the 23-year-old before acquiring Riley Sheahan on Saturday from the Detroit Red Wings. The Canadiens currently can’t seem to find a fit for Galchenyuk as a center or as a scoring-line winger. The Habs are also dealing from a position of weakness right now. Jamie McLennan believes it’s up to Galchenyuk to improve his performance.

As for roster weaknesses, while the Canadiens need help beyond their top defense pairing, center remains the glaring issue. If the Habs don’t improve soon, perhaps by the 20-game mark, Dreger feels Bergevin might have to do something drastic. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Galchenyuk’s trade value has likely plummeted since the summer. Sure, there are probably general managers who believe a trade could help the young forward regain his 30-goal touch. The problem for the Habs right now is they won’t get a return that provides immediate help. If Galchenyuk’s performance improves it will also bolster his trade value, but it could also make Habs management leery of moving him. 



  1. I wonder if Duchene name will be in the rumor mill today?

  2. Just a quick note.

    The Canadiens have invited several Free Agent players to come do medicals.

    Jared Cowen, Mike Weber, Mark Stuart and Dennis Wideman.

    Roman Polak was the first invitee and had his medical on Saturday and passed and Montreal offered him a 1 year 1 Million deal.

    Polak’s agent called Lamoriello and Lamoriello offered 1 year 1.1 Million and Polak signed with Toronto Sunday afternoon.

    Dennis Wideman passed his medical and he might be signing with Montreal in the next few days?

    I have more Habs news but will post at a later time.

    As per usual,

    Your welcome

    • Mark Stuart plays in Germany. He was not invited to Montreal for a medical.

      • Phone call was made.

        Up to him if he accepts or not.

        Not the first time a player under contract in Europe leaves to play in NHL.

    • If ANY of that is true, it can be filed under “Grasping At Straws”

    • If there is one D-man who can make a horrible defense worse its definitely Wideman.

      • He can at least help drive some offense & make an outlet pass, something none of the current Dman can seem to accomplish. Wideman is 1 dimensional but put in an offensive roll he can help a team generate offense. It can’t get any worse & he would be far better than what they are dressing now in the 5 & 6 slots. The Petry Alzner pairing needs to be broken up, it’s a disaster. Alzner with Wideman would be worth a shot.

      • Isn’t that what they were hoping for with Mark Streit?

        I dont think Wideman has it in him, granted he is only 2 years removed from a 50+ point season but those were 2 rough years.

        But GMs have done stranger things to try and save their jobs.

        1 year @ $1mill isn’t going to do any damage

      • Streit is 6 years older & was done at the start of last season. Wideman got burried on Calagry’s D. It’s worth a shot, cost is nothing. If it doesn’t work waive him & send him down. No harm no foul.

        I have no idea what Bergevin is doing. What good is having almost 9 mil in cap space once the season starts. Virtually no trades of consequence are made during the regular season, the few that are come at the trade deadline & then usually for the odd good players on bad teams who will be UFA’s come July 1st. Even those are few & far between. It’s usually just fodder.

        You get players in the summer, that ship has sailed. In fairness few teams have had a tougher schedule to start the season than MTL. 2 at home 6 on the road, 6 of those 8 against solid playoff teams from last season.

        Look at this schedule. @Buf, @Was, @NYR, vsChi, VsTor, @SJ, @LA & @Anh. Was & NYR & SJ & LA on back to back nights. 2 back to backs with a west coast road trip playing 8 games in 16 days.Brutal schedule.

        Compare that to Vgs. 5 at home, 2 on the road, Dal & Arz they could bus to those cities, 2 playoff teams from last season Boston & Stl.

        You need at least 25 games so these scheduling oddities balance out for all teams. Things just have a way of balancing out over the course of the season.

        For bubble teams like NYR, who I had making the playoffs & Mtl who I had missing, these starts are going to be costly. To many points given up far to early & potentially unrecoverable even over an 82 game season.

    • Better put on the hip waders. The BS is getting a little deep around here.

  3. What about Galchenyuk for Bennett in Calgary?

    Maybe add a mid level draft pick from the Flames.

    Both need a change IMO,

    • That is actually not bad. 3rd or 4th round pick + Bennett. That is a way more realistic return for Galchenyuk than a deal involving Duchene.

  4. Enough updates regarding Matt & Alex it is everyday, there must be other topics?

    • If there were, I’d post them.

    • This is a rumors site & we are in the dog days of the season where little to nothing happens before the US Thanksgiving. Come Nov 24th teams are willing to be a little more radical.

  5. I don’t usually side with young players with rumors of entitlement but Mtl’s handling of Galchenyuk is odd. Just turned 23 in February has already played 344 NHL regular season games producing points very consistently but he’s been whipped endlessly for the last 2 years. That is just odd to me.

    Mtl is depreciating this asset at a rapid rate. Soon his value will be virtually zero. If Mtl didn’t want this player the should have traded him before signing him to a 3 year 4.9 mil deal. He will be a UFA coming out of that deal! Who wants that headache now.

    He should have been signed to a 1 year show me deal so the team potentially acquiring him down the road had some business options contractually.

    If this situation isn’t righted soon Galchenyuk will be a buy out candidate in the next 2 summers. Talk about destroying an asset. It happens. Galchenyuk needs a fresh start but the problem is now his value is tainted & teams wanting him will want him at a discount. Same situation to some extent as Duchene last season. Similar but different as Duchene has a far better pedigree.

  6. Bennett is being moved back to LW tonight, the position he played in his rookie season. He has played as Calgary’s #3 C the last year with limited talent. This may free him up to be more creative. I’m not sure at 20 he was ready for playing the shut down C role nor a good use of his talents.

    I don’t see Calgary giving up Bennett. They just got him signed to a cheap 2 year bridge deal. Nor does Calgary need Galchenyuk. This roster has a need for a #1/2 RW the left side & C positions are full.

    Going to be curious to finally get a real look at Jankowski. This kid has been well developed & most of us certainly scratched our heads when Calgary went totally off the board drafting this player in at 21 in 2012. It’s taken a long time to fill out that massive frame & still needs to add another 15 to 20 lbs to it. I really though Jankowski would break camp with Calgary & was surprised when sent down. This kid now 23 has a very bright future as a #2/3 C in 3 to 4 years.

  7. On Tim & Sid yesterday Eliotte Friedman reiterated what he has found to be true over the past bunch of seasons, and that is, if you’re 4 points out of the playoffs after games on November 1 you are in a brutal spot to make it – something like less than 25% do it according to stats.

    • It’s really quite shocking. A couple of teams annually buck the trend with great runs from the new year on but the odds are shocking how hard it is to make up ground in the points system the NHL chooses to use.

      These 3 point games create false parity.

    • It’s the American Thanksgiving they use as a barometer which is November 23rd

  8. IF MB and MTL want to get rid of Galchenyuk…
    and Benn is in the doghouse too…..then here is a nhl18 EA sports trade

    To MTL : Nash (max% retained) & Staal

    To NYR : Galchenyuk & Benn

    Though Staal is playing ok…he will not return on that investment in the next several move him for youth,

    Then Gorts can reevaluate the roster and package a some forwards for a good young center.

    • I think Rangers trading Staal and Nash can’t happen until 12/25. Only Santa can make that happen!!