Latest on the Oilers and Rangers – October 31, 2017

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Edmonton Oilers reportedly shopping several players plus the New York Rangers were on a scouting trip to Ottawa on Monday.

 SPORTSNET: Mark Spector reports Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli is working the phones in search of help for his struggling club. He cites a source claiming Chiarelli is willing to move left wing Anton Slepyshev to boost his scoring at right wing.

One team has expressed interest in defenseman Matt Benning. While there’s no evidence Chiarelli is shopping Benning, the 23-year-old could be the asking price if the Oilers GM is targeting younger blueliners.

As for forward Ryan Strome, Spector thinks the Oilers would “absolutely” consider moving the 24-year-old, but his current difficulties suggests they won’t get a worthwhile return. 

Spector’s colleague Chris Johnston reports the Oilers are willing to move forward Jussi Jokinen, who joined them in the offseason as a free agent. Jokinen only has one assist in nine games thus far. Johnston cites sources saying the Oilers sent a note to rival clubs to gauge interest in the 34-year-old. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Benning might have a little more value than the rest because of his puckmoving abilities. Jokinen’s best days are behind him and his trade value is probably rock bottom.

Strome is now three seasons removed from his 50-point sophomore campaign and doesn’t look like he’s ever going to regain that form. Slepyshev has some offensive skill but is showing no sign of breaking through as a scorer.

I don’t see see Jokinen, Strome, Slepyshev or Benning fetching much of a return for the Oilers. Whatever they get for any of those guys isn’t likely to immediately improve their defense or boost their secondary scoring.

Johnston also reports the New York Rangers had team president Glen Sather, assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld, consultant Doug Risebrough and scout Gilles Leger taking in Monday night’s Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators game. He wonders if they were scouting Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk, who’s had his struggles early this season with the Habs. While Johnston cautions not to read too much into it, he suggests this could mean the Rangers are looking for help after their terrible start to this season. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks also noted the presence of Sather and company at last night’s Senators-Canadiens match. He also speculates they could’ve been looking at the 23-year-old Galchenyuk. He also suggests gritty winger Andrew Shaw may also be a person of interest for the Blueshirts, as he plays center or wing and has an abrasive, edgy style currently lacking among their forwards. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite being banished to the Habs fourth line, Galchenyuk’s scored in three of their last four games. However, he’s playing solely as a left winger, while the Rangers need depth at center. Perhaps they were eyeing Shaw, though he can at times be a loose cannon who takes bad penalties at the wrong time. I don’t see how either guy can significantly improve the Rangers right now. 



  1. There’s no way Rangers send 4 scouts to watch Shaw! Unless they’re dumping Holden in a swap of useless players, I’d say they’re watching Galchenyuk . Shaw makes no sense, especially considering we just rid ourselves this year of Glass. I’d love to see Galchenyuk for Smith. Put him at center with Buchnevich

    • Galchenyuk is no center.Watch him

      • Smith is getting Galchenyuk even on PlayStation

    • OILERS
      I think the Oilers should try to pry Dylan Strome out of Arizona by offering Jesse Puljujarvi …McDavid and Strome re unite and would help out significantly ..IMO if not just the mood and culture for #97.
      Both players are in limbo and could use a new setting as opposed to the minors.

      If Iam the Habs ..I would do my very best to try a get James Neal out of Vegas ..bigger body always produces and has a great scoring touch…he is a UFA …

      Maybe a swap

      Max Pacioretty
      2nd rounder



      Just a thought ?

      • Shipachyov already heading back to khl. Contract voided

      • Patches has not been great this year, but I would be hesitant to trade him for Neal straight up, let alone with everything else involved. Patches is good for 10+ more goals a year, is two years younger, and has an extra year on his contract. Neals contract is done this year. Such a move would hurt the Habs.

      • Are you from Toronto, Patch, McCarron and a 2nd… For Neal. Maybe the three of them for half of the leafs team.

    • I think players like Tanner Glass , Brandon prust , Andrew Shaw ,Wayne Simmonds are VERY valuable and hard to come by… Mikan Lucia or Tom Wilson would be a great fit for Rangers but no way will they be traded… Chris Kreider is one of the biggest strongest fastest guy in the league but NEVER plays that way… Hey -Sean Avery’s only 33 give him a call

  2. Sam Gagner is on a 1 game scoring streak, perhaps Coilers can trade any of those names for Gagner?

  3. I’m in agreement with Lyle. I don’t see how either one of these guys helps NY. And neither guy is exactly cap friendly, so Holden alone isn’t cutting it. The only way I even consider taking on Shaw for five more years is if Staal is going the other way. Maybe with some retention on Staal.

    Otherwise, why do Montreal any favors? Neither guys contract works for just taking the rest of Holden’s deal that expires this year.

  4. So I guess Slepychev, Strome, Jokinen, and Benning aren’t enough to land Duchene? Sorry, I just could not resist.

    • I’m sure EA sports would take that trade, but there’s no way the avs do that. They aren’t looking for a bunch of spare parts as a return.

      • Benning is a decent developing Dman. He’s not a spare part nor is Slepychev or Strome. They all have limited value at present. Strome’s burning off his 2nd life but has about 4 left. Benning has a bright future & should eventually settle in a s decent 4/5 NHL Dman. He’s playing as Edm’s #5 now. Who knows what Slepychev will be. None are returning anything of sufficient value to help EDM today although if Benning were to be made available there would be teams interested just a question of the return.

      • Are you telling me you would trade Duchene for those three? I would be on board with firing sakic if he did that. I could see one of them being a throw-in to a much bigger deal, but all three of those guys are too risky. The only one with decent pedigree is strome but his value is pretty low right now. That said, it could rise super fast if he could show some consistency. Benning is a little bit of a question mark for me. If he’s really solid as a defensive d-man, he might be worth more, but his offensive numbers aren’t great d-man prospect. I think the avs have already been offered more than this and turned it down.

  5. if the Oilers GM is looking for a young dman, why would he trade Benning ?

    Strome is overrated, way over his head in the NHL last couple of seasons. It’s obvious the Eberle trade was just a salary dump to fit in McDavid & Draisaitl’s contracts

    Jokinen is an old 3rd liner, and hasn’t had a good year in a few seasons. Don’t see any takers for him

    problem is the Oilers didn’t sign any defensive depth in the offseason, the Sekera injury has crushed them

    • maybe they should trade for Galchenyuk to play wing with Draisaitl, and RNH for Kreider

    • That sums it up well mikeP. The Sekera injury has hurt them more than most expected even with Nurse playing well and continuing to progress. In all areas of the ice. He isn’t a number 1 guy but he is solid in every aspect of the game. Only thing I would add is they have a massive hole at RW. The only card PC has to play is to bring up Puljujarvi and hope he somehow matured over the last month into an NHL player. I don’t think that is best for the player or the Oilers long term.
      McLellan is now forced to play Draisaitl on the wing with McDavid to generate offence. Not what they wanted, but he really has no choice. They need offence and wins now.

      • Why not try Strome there? Everyone else seems to have been given a chance.

        Playing McDavid & Draisaitl together makes it easier for teams to shut down their 2 best players making Edm almost a 1 line team like Florida.

        They will get it worked out but it had better start coming together soon. They have about a month to get it figured out.

      • They have Striker, but not for long, might have only been parts of 2 games.
        McLennan must not have liked what he saw. Hell I would throw Kassian up there and give that a go.
        I think that might be part of the problem, the only RW they have given any real time to with McDavid is Yamamoto. I’m with ya, give Strome a real shot and see where it goes.

    • Hey mikeP,

      You hit the nail right on the head! There’s not a lot of trade value with any of the players Charielli is rumoured to be shopping.

    • I think that was a misprint/type by Lyle, Edm is looking for a RW.

    • Edm’s problems aren’t specifically related to stopping others from scoring but scoring. Hard to play a sound defensive game when your always playing from behind, you have to open it up to try & catch up leading to better quality scoring chances for the other team. They have significantly outshout the competition in 6 of the 10 games they have played but like Montreal the quality of those shots hasn’t been great.

      Far to many of those shots coming from the D & those aren’t high quality scoring chances. 70% of NHL goals are scored from the triangle in front of the net. Some like to call it home plate.

      You would think with all those shots from the D someone would be in front of the net to tip or bang in the garbage.

      It’s still way to early to panic but concerns are starting to appear for numerous teams.

      • striker not bad for a bruins fan but add to that with the exception of RNH and the first line no one is doing much Nurse has improved drastically give him a few seasons and he’s a top pairing d man can skate hit and will take on any on anyone

      • Nurse is a stud in the making. Most Dman take a very long time, 4 to 6 years or in or around 400 NHL regular season games to become the player they will be when full developed at the NHL level.

        I really like Nurse.

        I like Benning as well he has been a pleasant surprise & has a long future as a 2nd or 3rd pairing Dman in the NHL, again a 4/5 guy. Surprised Boston didn’t at least sign him & bury him in the minors. Edm signed as a UFA coming out of College at NE. A great find considering he cost them nothing.

      • OIL9911.

        I may be a Bruins fan, age issue there were only 6 teams when I became a hockey fan & I spent 3 years in New Bruinswick in grades 4,5 & 6, we used to go to Bruins games regularly, but I see Edm play far more live than Bos. Hell I see Edm play more live in 1 season than I see Boston play live in 10+ years.

  6. could it be the nyr are scouting turris and not the others in Montreal?

    • Well considering Turris wasn’t slated to play since he got sick last week I would say no. This had been public knowledge for several days.

      That doesn’t mean NYR wasn’t there to scout Ottawa though. Both Ottawa & Montreal have been heavily in the rumor mills since the summer both are looking to do something.

  7. Sather & co. might have also been there to scout Turris

    • I can’t say I hate the idea, I don’t exactly love it either. I’m not really sure what would make sense for Ottawa going the other way.

      With Turris being an UFA at the end of the year, I’m not sure he fits into NY’s long term plan. I’m not even sure that NY could squeeze him in beyond this year without moving large contracts somewhere else.

      One thing I don’t want is NY being stuck in the middle of a rebuild and a quick fix. Go one way or the other. If they have decided they’re rebuilding, Which I believe they have, stay away From RNH, Turris, Duchene etc.

      • Why would you stay away from RNH or Duchesne if your rebuilding? Both are you with tremendous upside. Seems to me they both solve your problem at C.

      • Remember that Rick Nash’s contract comes off the books at the end of this season. So there’s the money for Turris and then some money left over. Like you, I’m not sure what Ottawa would want back.

      • Nash’s 7.8 comes off, but Girardis buy out increases 1 million from this year to 3.6.

        So Nash only opens up 6.8. They have rfa’s to deal with. Skjei, Miller, Fast, Hayes, Vesey, Nieves.Even if one goes the other way, that 6.8 will be chewed up by by the rest.
        Also have to re-sign or replace Grabner, Holden, Desharnais, Pavelec and Nash. The following year, Mcdonagh , Zuccarello.

        What will Turris be seeking? 5.5-6.5? I’m sure they could find a way to make it happen. But it would come with moving out other players.

      • Doubt we’d swap Brassard for younger Zib then turn around and give up youth for Turris. I could see RNH or Galchenyuk, but Oilers have no reason to deal RNH until off season. And I’d want to know more about Galchenyuk and rumors of alcohol problems

      • All good points. I don’t think re-signing Holden,Grabner and some of the others is much of an issue. The rfa’s is a problem. I guess that why Lundqvist’s name has started popping up. Although I might have tried the market last summer and hung onto Raanta. The ranger’s probably be better off from a financial point of view. I’m not hating Lunqvist, I think he’s still one of the best, but look at the problems facing the rangers now. Who knows maybe in time they will move Staal. Anyways they are in trouble from a salary perspective and things aren’t likely to get any better. I hope they continue to get younger & continue to hang on to their draft picks and continue to draft well.

      • @Nitehawkus

        Duchene definitely doesn’t make much sense if NY is rebuilding. He’s 26 now, and will be seeking 7+ per long term. If Ny goes through a 3+ year rebuild, he’ll be 30 years old by the end of that 3 years. Going into the beginning of a long expensive contract.

        RNH is currently making 6 per. And is not an upgrade from Stepan who they just traded. Age is about right, but that’s about it.

        If they’re going to tear it down, tear it down. Build with short term stop gap bandaids while restocking picks and prospects. No sense in getting caught with yet more expensive long term contracts that have them in the bind they currently find themselves.

      • @kevin

        Agreed on Holden , Grabner I’d like to see stick around. Especially with Nash more than likely departing. Either way, both are pretty cheap at the moment and they will be hard pressed to replace them for any cheaper.

        I messed up, Fast doesn’t need to be re-signed.

        Personally, I’d like to have retained Talbot over Lundqvist before they signed that insane deal. I don’t think shopping him on the offseason or in the future was going to work.

    • If they were there to scout Turris they were disappointed – he missed his 3rd game with a severe viral infection. Borowiecki was also out as, of course, was Ryan. Instead they dressed names like McCormicj, DiDomenico and Rodewald on a night when Karlsson (-6) and more than a few others decided to take the night off.

      • I guess that puts the Turris thing to bed!

    • No. Turris didn’t play, he’s been sick for multiple days now.

    • See above.

  8. ****Note late Reply from Yesterday**** This is to Striker and Ray Bark or for anyone else who wants to offer an opinion.
    Reading your reply yesterday in regards to not trading Chara unless he requested and you wouldn’t treat him that way.
    Personally I don’t get that train of thought, Chara is under contract he got paid for his services he provided good services for his earned salary. He’s a 40 year old man at the closing stages of his career, each year he gets a little slower, like last night got burnt twice on the long stretch pass. He makes $4m this season and he is earning his salary.
    It’s paramount that Don Sweeney looks at what is best for the Boston Bruins and keep emotions out of the business side of hockey. If the Bruins are on the outside of the playoffs come trade deadline and doesn’t look like they can get in, no need to be hanging onto any UFA (Loui Eriksson) and getting nothing in return. Sweeney best be approaching big Z and asking him to waive his nmc and his prefer destinations and then trying to work out a deal with one of them team and get as much as possible maybe a 1st round draft pick and a prospect.
    If Chara wants to come back in the offseason then by all means resign him and if he wants to play with his new team, good luck and thank you for your services, we have a spot here for you when you retire.
    It be foolish for the Bruins to potentially lose out on a Charlie McAvoy like prospect (with their own 1st rnd pick) who would be on your team for potentially another 15 years because you don’t want to ask a pending UFA to remove his nmc.
    No guarantee it would be, but by moving Chara you bring up another young dman play the minutes and maybe the bruins slide down the standings and your pick potentially gets better in a strong draft year.
    There is way to many positive for moving Chara if the bruins are not a playoff team, then the one of potential hard feeling, which I don’t believe there would be, Chara would be elated to chase another cup.
    Thank you for your services and best of luck in Edmonton!

    • Hey Caper, I think this is a topic we need to agree to disagree on, but I will try and explain myself one more time.
      From a strictly on ice perspective you could make an argument for trading him, although even in that regard I keep him. He still logs more minutes than any other D-man they have and is there best defender and PK guy. The Bruins want to make the playoffs and “rebuild” at the same time. He is a mentor for the young D they have and have coming, and like I said already their best defender.
      The main reason I don’t trade him is you do not trade guys like him at the end of a storied career unless they want to be traded like Ray Bourque. He wanted to chase a cup and they found a deal with a contender. From all accounts Chara wants to stay so they will treat him with the same class and respect he treats his team mates and everyone in the organization with.
      Being that type of organization retains the best people, attracts the best people and helps to deliver the best results for the organization and the people who work for it. It doesn’t matter if it is an NHL team or or any large business organization.
      Treat your great people great (it isn’t all about money), it pays for itself in spades. Chara fits the bill.

    • I’m with Raybark. We agree to disagree, all good & respect your opinion but we are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this 1.

      Chara will be resigned most likely soon, soon being before year end. Still 1 of the best shut down Dman in the NHL. Perfect? Not a chance, no 1 is. But he should accept a very similiar deal to what he has now. I could even live with a 2 year deal but would prefer consecutive 1 year deals if his play warrants it with 1/2 his actual monies coming as bonus money so as they can be deferred if necessary.

      Eriksson as we discussed at the time was Bostons essential trade deadline acquisition. they came up short the 2nd year in a row in their last game of the season. I don’t care he walked, the rumors were nothing of consequence was offered so they kept him.

  9. I am so tired of the incessant leaves coverage! enough already!

  10. how much is Juicy making? Can the pens get him for free again?

    • $1.1 mil – hell, given his track record in the shoot-out Ottawa should look at getting him too, considering their pathetic display in the SO so far.

  11. What the heck is going on with LV goalies??? Has there ever been an early season when a team has lost not one – not two – but three goalies to injuries? with Dansk going on IR they’ve called up the junior goalie they got in the Methot trade on an emergency basis.

    • Do they have enough goalies? Ha-ha!

      Instead of all those useless Dman the drafted they should have taken a few goalies. Ullmark from Buf for sure they got nothing of value from Buf & took a 5th I believe it was to let Ullmark stay in Buf.

      • Maybe they should trade one of those defensemen to Toronto for Calvin Pickard lol

      • Picard had cleared waivers why not have retained him & let him play in Chicago?

      • They could probably get The Hamburglar out of Ottawa for future considerations in the 7th round. Better than throwing an 18-y-o junior goalie to the wolves in a long road trip, who might suddenly suffer from PTSD.

      • lol George O. Your right on that. Seems George McPhee is unwilling to make a trade to save his club.

      • Their was a rumor floating some where may have heard it on XM91 teams had been inquiring with Winnipeg about Hutchinson.

    • Timing is perfect, well for Vigneaults job anyway!

    • I will get an immense kick if fergy plays good enough to put him in really solid prospect territory. 2nd round pick and a prospect isn’t enough for methot… hurrumph


    On Hockey Central At Noon today Daren Millard went off again on Ottawa’s attendance woes, pointing out that there were just over 15,000 in attendance for the Habs games but once more without mentioning the ongoing Phoenix Pay System fiasco as an integral part of the problem. This has seen upwards of 80,000 public servants NOT GETTING ANY PAY CHEQUES FOR OVER AN EFFING YEAR!!! They claim to have cleared up 51,000 – but that still leaves over 29,000 still dangling, most located in and around Ottawa. In well over a year, with people losing homes and others getting by on emergency funds and/or help from friends and relatives, you have to think that a good many are hockey fans (including those helping out hence the trickle-down effect) who simply could not spend on frivolous crap like hockey when weighed against things like paying mortgages/rent, food, clothing for their kids, etc.

    • Even if you calculate that just 5% of that 80,000 are hockey fans who normally attend the Sens games, that’s 4,000! And 5% of 29,000 is nothing to sneeze at either as those 1,450 arses would help fill those empty seats

      • ESPN is reporting paid attendance at an average on 15,021 this year down from 16,744 last season. That’s only 300 less arses in the seats than a sell out in Winnipeg.

        When Ottawa finally has an arena in the city as opposed to the sticks more people will come. “Build it & they will come”

      • If this effing Federal pay boondoggle was in effect right at the time the new arena was declared open, they’d STILL have empty seats. This is first and foremost a federal government city when it comes to jobs – and by a HUGE margin – so when 80,000 receive NO pay for over a year, and there are still in excess of 29,000 waiting for their pay, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the effect that could have on leisure spending – even if you calculate that only 5% of the total are paying hockey fans. It has eff-all to do with arena location. Hell, it’s been where it is for two decades and they’ve had years of standing room only game in game out.

      • And I hope you don’t think whoever is writing for ESPN is going to dig into the pay – or lack thereof – scandal as part of their surface reporting. All they’re doing is citing attendance figures and cluck-clucking like a worried hen. No depth.

      • ESPN is reporting something about hockey that’s not a week old? Shocking!

        I wish TSN would stop putting everything in video format. I’d never go anywhere else for hockey news.