Latest Senators & Golden Knights Rumors – October 6, 2017

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Speculation over Kyle Turris’ future with the Ottawa Senators and the Vegas Golden Knights could soon get busy in the trade market.

TSN: Darren Dreger believes contract discussions between the Ottawa Senators and center Kyle Turris could be headed to a trade by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Turris, 28, is eligible for unrestricted free agency next July. Dreger said there’s been “a fair bit of dialogue” between Senators management and Turris’ agent stretching back to early summer.

Turris seeks a seven- or eight-year deal but Dreger said the Sens “so far” aren’t willing to do that. He also notes the Senators simply cannot allow such an important player to simply walk away as a free agent. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Turris is completing a five-year contract worth an annual average salary of $3.5 million. He’s become a reliable 50-point center for the Senators.

Term, not dollars, appears to be the issue here.  If Turris cannot be re-signed the Senators will have to find a suitable replacement and that won’t be easy.

It’s still early days and it’s possible the two sides could work something out before the trade deadline. Perhaps the Sens might offer to pay him a little more in actual salary up front to accept, say, a four- or five-year deal. 

TSN: The Vegas Golden Knights are expected to be busy in the trade market before their inaugural game on Friday night. Bob McKenzie recently reported the Knights are expected to retain defensemen Deryk Engelland, Jason Garrison, Luca Sbisa, Shea Theodore, Nate Schmidt and Colin Miller. That could leave Brad Hunt, Griffin Reinhart and Jon Merrill as trade candidates.  

McKenzie also speculated the Golden Knights could shop a goaltender. On Thursday, they placed Calvin Pickard on waivers. He’s become the odd man out after the Knights claimed Malcolm Subban off waivers from the Boston Bruins earlier this week. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pickard hitting the waiver wire and being mentioned as a trade candidate caught a lot of NHL observers by surprise. He showed some promise with the Colorado Avalanche and was outstanding for Team Canada at this year’s World Championships. However, Pickard struggled last season with the Avs and didn’t have a good preseason with the Knights. If Pickard goes unclaimed today, he could still end up being moved via trade in the next day or two. 



  1. A young goalie playing with the Avalanche and then getting picked up by the Knights would struggle. If the Knights are lucky he clears waivers and goes to the AHL. They are quite in this position. I would expect to see extra defensemen be traded before Pickard. The Knights are deeper in goal than most established clubs, in my opinion. Don’t you build from the net out? And from there they look pretty solid defensively. I think this team is going to be competitive.

    • Maybe the Penguins should see what it would take to land him – can’t be any worse than Niemi if last night’s opener is any indication. THAT was an old-fashioned s^*t-kicking.

      • He only has a 25.90 gaa …. seems like just a short while back he was “the steal ” of free agency!

      • Niemi

        A Crazy stat that is always missed about Niemi …is that when Chicago won the first cup …it was with a goalie that had the highest GAA in modern history to ever win the cup …while he may had made a few timely saves that year …it wasn’t because of his services they won thats for sure hence why he has done nothing since then!

        Hes done !

      • 😢

      • I said this last night on a different board that the Oens should grab Pickard and waive Niemi or make a bigger trade with LV and get William Karlson and Brayden McNabb or Jon Merrill and dump Niemi and Hunwick who were both terrible signings. Hunwick looks like hes about the same size as Krug and that’s not good enough to play PK.

      • Niemi is being paid 700K waiving him would be fine but Niemi wasn’t the issue last night. I saw the 1st 4 goals against, the coverage was terrible. 2 games in 2 nights to open the season is as much to blame as anything. Murray didn’t look much better giving up 6 in 31 shots. The skaters were far worse than the goalies in this game on the 4 goals I watched & the highlights or low lights if you prefer following.

        It’s so early it’s almost meaningless except they have given up a few points, who cares go win the cup again. Does anyone really care what happens in games 1 & 2?

      • Striker, when the end of the season approaches and your on the outside looking in by 1 or 2 points then yea, you’ll care about them 1 to 4 pts that you didn’t get in the first few games because you were not ready to play. Points are just as important now as the end of the season.

      • Why would they do that though, if they could have had him for free yesterday?

      • Caper.

        I agree for many teams even most but Pit & a few others aren’t missing the playoffs even by a few points. Having played 49 playoff games in the last 2 years with little to no down time, the loss of Kunitz, Bonino, Cullen & Fleury struggles are expected.

      • Niemi is bad, I hated that signing from the second it happened. Hunwick too. He should have stopped at least 2 of those goals. He’s out wandering behind the net and gets picked off and can’t get back. Murray wasn’t ready to play and had just played an or game the night before. Every game matters, especially when the team is in the most competitive division in the league. They have 1 of a possible 4 points and have allowed 15 goals against in the first 2 games. That should be happening to Vegas not the Penguins. The centre depth is just lacking any kind of help right now. McKegg is better than I thought he would be. He reminds me of Cullen. He’s fast and can play a2 way game and he’s good on the dot. But he’s best suited in the 4C spot. Rowney has been ok but he’s also best suited in the 4C spot. And there is just no scoring in the bottom 6 right now. Having a bad bottom 6 has killed this teamninvthe past. They need one big dman too. A guy who can push the 4 Blackhawks that stood in the crease last night and whacked away at the goalie. Right now I would play Pedan or Tinordi(if he wasn’t injured) over Hunwick just to get some size and muscle out there. But my main point is Niemi has to go. Murray can’t play 70 games this year. They need someone they can trust.

      • yes it was wow…Niemi is terrible but 10 goals againt…the whole team was awful. My Penguins did’t look that great all pre-season, didn’t look that sharp in the home opener against st.Louis and sucked at Chicago

    • Vegas will be the worst team in the league by at least 20 points. Their goaltending depth in the association isn’t good nor their depth any where for that matter. McPhee built this team to compete 5 plus years out.

      • You know something Striker I have to disagree with you on this one, which I rarely do. And when I say competitive I mean they are going to lose a lot of close games. And yes I agree they may very well be back 20 or more points, but they are going to compete. Fleury, Subban, and Pickard represent more NHL ready depth at goal than many other teams in the League. And, just for the record, I didn’t even want them in the League in the first place. I am just trying to be objective. If I was MacPhee and represented a guy who paid half a billion dollars to enter the least significant League of the big four within the US market I would have taken the best available player from every team. He clearly didn’t do that. He could have done that to make better trades for picks or to be more competitive from the outset. Just my take on it.

      • I don’t see anything about Subban that makes him desirable. Other than his last name. I don’t think anyone will be kicking themselves over passing him up. Fleury and Pickard are a nice tandem, Subban hasn’t shown anybody anything.

      • I’m not convinced Picard or Subban are or will ever be NHL goalies certainly mot starters, might they be? Sure anything is possible but with only 31 starting jobs available there are significantly better goalies in the NHL buried on other teams rosters.

        LV goalie depth after this is Dansk, Ferguson & Legace. Zhuhkov is 6+ years away if even an NHL goalie. Will any of these goalies be NHL starters? hell will they even achieve back up status?

        This may be the worst goalie depth in the NHL.

        I’m all for expansion & looking forward to the 32nd team being added before the current CBA expires, ideally in 2 years, Quebec or Seattle.

        I do agree with you that McPhee should have drafted the best player available & traded out of it for the most part as opposed to taking picks to avoid players. In a few situations I would have drafted younger players, example I would have passed on Neal from Nashville & selected Aberg. I would have negotiated a deal with Ott to pass on Methot & take Ryan in Neals place if able.

        I would have drafted Grubauer over Schultz in Was squeezing them for picks to do so ideally if they wouldn’t have payed I would have selected Grubauer regardless.

      • I agree that they won’t do well, but for the opposite reason. I feel like they have decent depth everywhere, but no high-end talent. Avalanche have poor depth, but they have high-end talent.

      • There’s no Shultz on Vegas.

      • This may just be my Bruin bias but I get why LV picked up Subban, and mentioned on this site previously that I thought a team with no playoff aspirations would. He is a top level athlete who has had some injury problems that have limited his growth.
        Agree with Nyr4life that he has proven nothing, hard to dispute that, but LV is about 5 years from now not today. Will he learn the position and be a starter? Who knows, but definitely has the potential and played really well once he got healthy last year in PRO and found a groove. LV just picked up a former 1st round pick with a very high ceiling for nothing.
        The problem is that he he needs to play a lot, and is the NHL on a bad team the place to do that? Sure doesn’t seem like it, which is likely why the Bruins took the chance on sending him down.

      • Not the way the vegas knights played tonight 2-1 win in Dallas. James neal 2 goals and MAF 45 saves.. They will be better than expected.

    • TURRIS

      If Iam Turris ..Iam absolutely steaming mad about this contract B.S. he had been brought in to do exactly what he did …he in that time became pretty much the #1 Play making Center they needed …and these type of players are hard to find.

      The Sens have an aging Center core and it doesn’t seem like these guys grow on trees as we all very well know …he has warranted at least an 8 year deal at $8 million a season as this seems to be the going rate for a top line Center not named McDavid Eichel Matthews.

      Would he sign for an 8 year at $6.75 $7.25 with a 10 team trade list to help out …thats where I feel helps both teams in long term and short term …thats where I see this going I think that makes sense but the Sens could botch this and end up loosing a real quality player here ….

      I have to say though …Logan Brown long term might be the BIG man on campus …boy did he look good and hes right there !

      By not signing Turris the Sens might put themselves into the present situation of the Pitt Pengs or worse …unless they get Duchene.

      • I sure hope Ott can get Turris resigned & their internal budget doesn’t cost them this player. I’m not in for 8 years at 8 mil though. 6 years at or around 6 is fair, shorter term higher salary, longer term lower salary.

        Pageau is 24, White & Brown are coming & coming fast, Chlapik will be at least a 3rd line C in 2 or 3 years & Bowers is coming later.

        White & Brown will be the Sen’s top 2 C’s in the next 2 to 4 years & Turris’s role reduced to accommodate them. That has to factor in today some how. Term is a serious issue. At 28 this isn’t an 8 year deal, ideally 5 tops.

      • If Turris wants $8M per year, I definitely trade him. He is more in line for the 6 years at $6M/year that Striker suggested. A 55-60 point/year player is not worth that kind of dough. Nashville overpaid Johansen, but Johansen is 3 years younger than Turris and also a better player.

  2. They are quite strong in this position is what I meant to say. Sheesh!

  3. Explain how: “if Pickard goes unclaimed today, he could still end up being moved via trade in the next day or two. ” makes any sense?

    Why would a team that could have had Pickard for nothing suddenly trade an asset for Pickard a day or two later? Unless they were trading away a liability. But Pickard’s contract is not something the Knights would be desperate enough to pay someone to take.

    • Do they employ “recallable” waivers in the NHL, i.e., someone is placed on waivers and if a claim is made the waiver is withdrawn and the two teams talk trade. It’s used in baseball – or was – but not so sure about the NHL.

      • Come on George! I want to hear your comments on Turris, would you sign him for 7 or 8 years or trade him? If trade, what would you expect in return?

      • I like Turris, but no – not for 8 years at $8 mil per which would end when he’s 37 (unless, of course) he develops a skin disorder at 34/35 which allows them to hide it, or is deemed “unfit to play?). I agree with Striker’s take and if he and his agent insist on that longer term, then I deal him when the best offer comes along. Rick DiPietro, Ilya Bryzgalov, Scott Gomez, Vincent Lecavalier, Roberto Luongo, Jordan Staal are just some of those signed to long-term deals that wound up being problematic (albeit for different reasons).

      • As for WHAT I’d ask, it wouldn’t be as dogmatic a stance as employed in Colorado. Brown, White and Chlapik are on the verge of being full-time and all can play C. Pageau and Brassard are still relatively young, so the C position seems solid down the line. I guess I’d seek a Top 4 D and maybe a high pick.

    • Because he only has to clear waivers once. The team acquiring him doesn’t have to put him on their NHL lineup, they can send him directly to the AHL.

    • Number of contracts?

    • It’s all about the 50 player contract limit and cap management.

    • Very true Mst

    • There are a few teams that might want to take a chance on him but either already have 2 goalies or the max amount of contracts or the team needs to send some money back. I’m not saying it will happen but it does happen often that a player is waived, not claimed and then traded to another team.

    • Kal El

      Having to many NHL contracts is sometimes an issue so trading away one for another one can be beneficial as opposed taking on another one over the course of the season….especially a back up goalie!…or back, up back up goalie LOL

    • Teams don’t only have the cap to worry about but the 23 man roster limit, and 50 contract cap as well as waiver eligibility.

      Given that every team in the league has a back up goalie on their roster, and pretty much no team wants to use 3 slots of 23 on goalies, most teams wouldn’t claim him unless they see him as an obvious upgrade since it means putting their current back up on waivers in most cases.

      So Pickard has more value, to most clubs, after he clears waivers, since teams with a suspect back up goalie can then trade for him and have him report directly to their AHL affiliate, which would then mean he actually increases their goaltending depth and options. They can continue to test the waters with their current back up, but have another option ready to go.

      Also, the return for Pickard in a trade would likely be another waiver type cast off, so it isn’t as if he would clear waivers then get traded for a decent prospect and a pick. He may get some value, but it will probably be for another player with NHL talent that is on the bubble of a team deep in a position. Any picks involved would likely be 4th round or later, which turn into NHL players somewhere around 5% of the time, so not insanely valuable.

    • These trades happen occasionally 1 just happened with Martinsen. Mtl traded him to Chicago, Chicago wanted a contract moved so as not to hamper their 50 NHL contracts. Nothing to do with money of assets but another business aspect.

    • This blurb just appeared:

      “Calvin Pickard went unclaimed on waivers.
      That’s interesting given that Pickard comes with a reasonable $1 million cap hit for the 2017-18 campaign and would be an upgrade in the backup gig for several teams. That being said, Pickard clearing waivers doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll stay within Vegas’ organization. Teams might actually be more willing to acquire him now because they can trade for him and then safely store him in the AHL. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights have Malcolm Subban as their backup goaltender.”

      • Just saw The Leafs picked CP off waivers. Those D-men that are left out of the Vegas top 6 (Hunt, Reinhart & Merril) aren’t gonna crack anyone else’s NHL roster either. I see them flowing through waivers no problem…

      • My bad – he was traded for Lindberg and a pick… Thanks Deon!

      • So that blurb from Rotoworld had it bang on.

      • Still think that if Vegas is gonna deal a D-man it’ll be Schmidt or White. Maybe McNabb. They got to deal one of them to get Theodore back in the lineup – no sense wasting him away in the AHL… Wasted draft pick in my Yahoo Pool if they don’t damnit! LOL…

      • Oops (part deux)… That’s MILLER not White.

  4. The beginning of the season is always wonky, until the last team in the league plays it’s 6th game we see some odd games, a few teams even can stumble till about their 10 game mark before they finally cut their rookie before the 10 game mark & start getting their proper rosters & lines set in.

    I watched the 1st to periods of Nas/Bos & then caught the 1st period of the Chi/Pit game. Niemi was bad but the D coverage of Pit not just the D but the whole team was a mess. After Nas/Bos caught the tail end of Mtl/Buf & finally watching the Arz/Anh game.

    Pretty sloppy hockey this early in the season but Christmas is in full swing.

    Nice to see Colorado & Duchene match 5% of last seasons production; wins for Col, pts for Duchene, in 1 game, game 1.

    • While I don’t see Niemi staying that horrible, I’d be worried if he ever has take over as the starter. Murray hasn’t exactly been the picture of good health, and Niemi hasn’t really been the picture of consistency. Well, maybe consistently bad.

      • NYR4Life.

        Did you watch the Col/NYR game last night?

        I didn’t, I choose to watch Nas/Bos. Would like someones assessment that watched the game.

        How did the McDonagh/Shattenkirk pairing look. Reading the boxscores they came off -3. I don’t like this pairing, McDonagh having to try & carry Shattenkirk doesn’t work for me, I would prefer to see Shatty play with Staal & sitting Holden who played great with McDonagh last season doesn’t make sense to me.

      • I did watch some of it, I was flipping between that and the Yankee game. From what I saw, I hate the pairing. But I think I hated the idea of the pairing before it happened.

        I don’t think any of Skjei, Shatternkirk, or Mcdonagh should be paired together other than on the power play. Spread it out. Not ideal, but if they even out the minutes, I think it could work. I wonder how long until shattenkirk finds himself on the 3rd pairing like Yandle 2.0?

        Side note, dressing Deangelo over Holden is just strange! I didn’t see that coming. Maybe he’s dealing with some kind of injury? Never heard the explanation.

      • In total agreement on all points. I like DeAngelo just not today. He is a replacement for Shattenkirk if lost to injury now or down the road as a roster spot opens up, Holden lost as a UFA next season or moved in trade with a pick or prospect to fill the #3/4 C spot. Chytil isn’t ready for the NHL.

        I can live with Desharnais at #3 if necessary. Might Grabner or Fast be able to play as the #4 C?

        NYR has limited cap space to address but removing Chytil from the roster would give NYR about 2.5 mil to play with. Chytil could go down to the AHL & return after some seasoning for 1/2 a season or so or as an injury replacement.

        Nor do I like Zuccarello & Nash on the same line both should play RW to help balance out 3 scoring lines not loading up 2.

      • Sorry thank you NYR4life.

        I assumed you watched some or most. Tough time of year with baseball playoffs in full swing. I don’t really watch baseball playoffs unless Tor is in the mix.

        NHL Hockey 24/7/365.

  5. With a couple of games in the books, there isn’t too many conclusions people can draw, but maybe some trends we can watch to see if they develop into something more.

    So far I watched the Toronto/Winnipeg, Edmonton/Calgary, and Montreal/Buffalo games. Edmonton looked lethal, and like a well oiled Machine. If am not sold on their D-Core being Elite on it’s own, but its definitely not a weakness, Talbot is excellent, and if they play a Team defensive game, and let McDavid and Draistl dictate the offense, I can see them winning a lot of 3-2, 2-1 type games, which also bodes really well for playoff hockey. The team will be heavily reliant on McDavid and Talbot being healthy to win if this is the strategy, but McDavid sure does seem talented enough to completely build your offense around, and Talbot is a work horse.

    Toronto weathered a storm and then overwhelmed Winnipeg. The PK and Andersen were excellent, and 5 on 5 or on the PP Winnipeg was just undersiege after the 1st. Toronto really didn’t have too many defensive miscues until the game was well out of hand, and Winnipeg may have seemed like they were getting shots, but they weren’t getting rebound attempts and about 60% of their shots came on their 8 powerplays. That isn’t something that is likely to happen on a regular basis, so they need to figure out a way to stop other teams PP, and generate offense more consistently 5 on 5.

    Montreal and Buffalo played the most entertaining game. Both teams forwards looked quicker than I would have guessed and took turns carrying the play. Both teams had some question marks around their forward and D depth, but looked pretty solid. Hard to draw much from that since it’s two teams that have some question marks and some reasons for optimism playing a close game against each other, but if nothing Else Drouin looked like a Center, and Pominville looks like he has a lot of game left for a guy acquired as a salary dump.

    It’s so good to have hockey back, and it’s interesting to have so many Canadian teams in the mix and competitive.

    • Thanks Danny.

      I like getting other people reviews early in the season. I had my last regular draft pool on opening night. I kind of watched the Tor/Win & Cal/Edm games during but distracted, we only had 30 seconds for the 1st 4 rounds & 45 for the remaining so hard to focus on the real games.

      Solid review.

      • I watched parts of all those games (watched all of the TOR game)
        Some guys who were very impressive
        Zaitsev – Great on PK and using his stick very effectively
        Lehner – Great saves and seems to get stronger and stronger on positional saves, watch out for him this season
        Larsson – We all know he can hit, block and be very defensively sound. He is showing off some offensive dynamic as well, think as time goes on people will say that Edmonton got a steal from New Jersey

      • Avs and Rangers was an exciting game. Lots of missed assignments and young mistakes by both teams.

        Mackinnon-Andrighetto-Rantanen line was the best for us. They are going to be good and picked up last years chemistry. Kerfoot is going to be awesome. That pass he made to Barrie was so good. And Bigras was very good. But Johnson was excellent. Duchene was motivated and skating like the wind. And don’t sleep on Yakopov, he is hungry, super skilled and has looked really good all throughout camp and last night’s game. He is driving the play up the ice and is skating hard and competing physically. The man is showing his elite playmaking skills in Colorado so far. Whatever negatives people were saying about Yakopov before, haven’t shown up here so far. I expect him to have his best year ever if he continues to play like he has so far. That Kerfoot-Duchene-Yakopov line is really growing chemistry and looks good and fast and they are all equally carrying that line so far. And Varly, what needs to be said?…

        I have the game DVR’d and I’m going to watch it again this afternoon. This was a good game to build on for the Avs

  6. Are the Canucks and Devils still in the NHL or were they relegated?

    • Ha-ha!

    • Nice one MG – I’ve always maintained that the soccer relegation and promotion system is exactly what the NHL needs to keep teams competitive. The Leafs would have spent years in the AHL but they would have been forced to get better or get buried. Better late than never, I guess.

      • I just think it’s odd scheduling that the Pens will play 3 games before the Canucks play their first.

        OK, that the Pens will have had 3 games on their schedule. They have yet to play a game this year.

  7. I’m curious to see if McPhee can get his roster problem solved before game time tonight or if this is going to drag well into the season. Drafting so many Dman was a mistake.

    • Sending arguably their best dman down because that was their only option isn’t the best way to assemble your team. These issues should’ve been already taken care of. I guess McPhee is now seeing how it feels to be squeezed by other GMs

  8. Turris has been a loyal soldier in the Poor Man’s Brigade. He deserves the raise. Sadly he’ll probably get traded. The fans are fed up with one quality second line, and 3 third lines. Melnyk is cheap. He’ll buy a liver but Sens fans are paying for it with increased parking/concession prices. ENOUGH – last night and Saturday night the building is being wallpapered with free tickets. Every radio station in the city is giving away tickets hourly. Even to opening night – which should have been a hot ticket. It wasn’t. And Lebreton….sigh….what a farce asinine notion that is…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Go Red Blacks.

    • Ottawa won’t be able to afford to resign all of Karlsson, Stone, Turris and Ceci over the next 2 years as long as they are burdened with Phaneuf and Ryan cap hits. I believe they will have a good look at the Stone,Brassard,Ryan line and determine if Brassard is really a #1 and his shoulder is stable. Put Hoffman and Turris together, Turris wont put up numbers playing with Smith and Dzingel, ditto for Hoffman on the 3rd line. However Boucher likes balanced trios.

  9. Hey Striker,

    I missed your earlier post on the Hawks/ Pens game, and must say I agree the Pens looked awful all the way around! Can’t pin that on the goalies alone. It was UGLY!

    • It certainly was, it happens & shouldn’t shake anyone’s confidence in the Pen’s. A serious cup contender & 80 games to go, again losing Kunitz, Cullen, Bonino & Fleury hurts but in today’s cap world success leads to personal changes. Best team in the East. Only 2 real challengers Clb & Was & a maybe another 3 that if everything went perfectly can compete with Pit in a 7 game series baring significant injuries.

  10. Just a question for Lyle or any other regular poster with knowledge of this. What is the stipulation regarding the waiver wire? When can a team demote a player to the AHL without putting them on waivers? Do they always have to clear waivers before reporting to the AHL? Seems like an easy way to acquire other team’s prospects.

    • There is a formula based on how old you were when signed. The easiest thing to do is to go to Capfriendly, then you can look at each roster & see who is or isn’t waiver eligible. From there you can click on specific players & see how many years or games are needed to have to clear waivers.

      Once waved & cleared they can be retained or sent down, if they stay or return & play if they play in more than 10 games I believe they would be required to clear waivers again.

      I think 1 of the Jeff’s/Geoff’s cleared that up for us last season. Lyle will know.

      • Did Lyle change his name to Striker?

  11. The problem with Vegas is that they gambled (no pun intended)that they would collect all these valuable players and then turn them into something. Their d is full of mostly 4-6 d men. Most teams have lots of them already.
    All Vegas has to offer that has value is their first round picks.
    They could have chosen a much better team.
    Example the Oiler’s have some young forwards that could help them now instead they chose a d man who cant make their line up which is very below average.
    For their owner to say they will win the cup in 3-4 years. No chance.
    They have no #1 or #2 d man and no #1 and #2 center. That’s 4 very high end players that are very hard to find.