NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 8, 2017

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Alex Ovechkin nets second straight hat trick, Panthers re-sign Michael Matheson & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin become the first NHL player in 100 years to net back-to-back hat tricks to open a season, scoring four times to lead his club to a 6-1 thrashing of the Montreal Canadiens. Teammate Nate Walker also made history, becoming the first Australian to both play an NHL game and score a goal. 

Rookie defenseman Will Butcher made franchise history for the New Jersey Devils, collecting three assists to help his club defeat the Colorado Avalanche 4-1. The Devils got the victory despite losing veteran forwards Drew Stafford and Kyle Palmieri to lower-body injuries. Palmieri left the game following a knee-on-knee hit from Avs defenseman Erik Johnson, but it was ruled unintentional by the league and he won’t face supplemental discipline. 

Third-period goals by Tyler Bozak, Leo Komarov and Nazem Kadri lifted the Toronto Maple Leafs to a wild 8-5 win over the New York Rangers. Zach Hyman also scored twice for the Leafs, who led at one point 5-1 before the Rangers stormed back to tie the game in the second period. Mats Zuccarello netted four points in a losing cause for the Blueshirts. 

T.J. Brodie had a four-point night as the Calgary Flames downed the Winnipeg Jets 6-3. 

Bo Horvat scored twice as the Vancouver Canucks edged the Edmonton Oilers 3-2, holding Oilers captain Connor McDavid off the score sheet. 

John Tavares and Casey Cizikas each scored two goals to lead the New York Islanders to a 6-3 victory over the Buffalo Sabres. Evander Kane also scored twice for the Sabres. 

Anze Kopitar scored twice to lead the Los Angeles Kings to a 4-1 win over the San Jose Sharks. 

Matt Murray turned in a 26-save shutout performance backstopping the Pittsburgh Penguins to a 4-0 blanking of the Nashville Predators. It was a costly win for the Pens, as defenseman Ian Cole left the game after being struck in the mouth by a Roman Josi shot. 

Brandon Saad, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane each had a goal and an assist in the Chicago Blackhawks 5-1 thumping of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Blackhawks forward Nick Schmaltz left the game early in the first period with an upper-body injury and is considered day-to-day. 

James Neal was the offensive hero again for the Vegas Golden Knights, tallying in overtime to give the expansion team their second-straight win by nipping the Arizona Coyotes 2-1. 

Wayne Simmonds was the overtime hero as the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Anaheim Ducks 3-2.

Jake Allen made 38 saves as the St. Louis Blues doubled up the Dallas Stars 4-2. 

Jaccob Slavin’s shootout goal gave the Carolina Hurricanes a 5-4 victory over the Minnesota Wild. 

Frans Nielsen scored the only goal in the shootout to give the Detroit Red Wings a 2-1 win over the Ottawa Senators. 

Evgenii Dadonov and Nick Bjugstad each had a goal and an assist as the Florida Panthers held on for a 5-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. During the pregame anthem, Lightning forward J.T. Brown held a fist aloft in a silent protest against police brutality toward minorities and racial inequality. 

Before the game, the Panthers announced the signing of defenseman Michael Matheson to an eight-year, $39 million contract extension. The annual average value is $4.875 million. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Often overshadowed by teammate Aaron Ekblad, Matheson is a skilled puck-moving defenseman. I’d rank him as comparable to Carolina Hurricanes’ blueliner Jaccob Slavin, who also recently signed a lucrative contract extension. The Panthers obviously see Matheson playing a significant role on their blueline in the coming years.

Some might question why they didn’t sign him to a more affordable bridge deal. However, they’re simply following the recent trend of promising youngsters getting lucrative extensions before they’ve completed their entry-level contracts. Should Matheson develop as expected into a reliable top-pairing rearguard, this could prove to be an affordable long-term deal for the Panthers.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Bruins fourth-line forward Noel Acciari will be sidelined six weeks after fracturing his right index finger blocking a shot during the Bruins’ season-opener against Nashville on Thursday. 

SME SPORT: Former NHL center Zach Boychuk signed with the KHL’s HC Slovan Bratislava. (Stick tap to Alexander Wirdzek for the link). 



  1. Scoring is up. Las Vegas is competitive despite getting lots of futures. Pens bounced back. Life is good.

  2. Really? Really JT Brown? Now the NHL has to be used as the platform to protest Police brutality towards minors. Here’s a better idea JT. Why not do something more impactful and positive with your celebrity in the Tampa Bay community. How about you join some of TB’s Finest and visit local high schools for a “Cops are people to” day. I’m sure the high school kids would love to meet the “great” JT Brown from the Lightning. And when they do, you can then introduce them to the Officers. Let the kids talk to and get to know the Officers. Much better idea than just raising your fist during the National Anthem at an NHL Game, don’t you think, you coward.

    • A guy writing his opinion on a website with a fake name is calling someone a coward? Really?

      • No bbb, its called slacktivism, do something helpful for the community without the cameras in front of you, same with all those damn hypocritical NFL players, do something for the at-risk community many of you came from.

        Take a knee, how bloody liberal.

      • Bang on Gary.

      • Agreed. Put your money, time and effort into doing something to actually make an impact, rather than taking a knee.

        Especially in the wake of what happened last week. People showed that race, religion , gender or political affiliation didn’t matter…. for a day anyway. But the liberal agenda of divide and concur can’t let it be for a week.

      • Very appropriate to call out those that take a stand than do didly but many athletes protesting are out in the communities and donating money. JT’s 👊🏿 should be followed with some palpable action.

      • Gary do you know how much the players give back to their community? The media doesn’t show a quarter of how sports players give back to their communities. Just because you don’t have a main stage to show your opinion doesn’t mean theirs is wrong, you come on here and express yours like everyone else yet what do you do for your community? It’s like white americans get offended when Americans of colour stand up for themselves?

      • I have no doubt that some do plenty in their community. I do doubt that half of these players don’t even know what they’re protesting in the first place. And anyone following a confused idiot like Kapernick…. should just stop! That guy is just the definition of hypocrite.

        Again, let’s see if the owners want to embrace this and hold arms when it’s impacting their bottom line more and more every week… 31% down, sponsors pulling away and getting more and more worried.

      • All America revolves around money maybe things will start to change for the better when the bottom line falls. Look at the gun laws massacre after massacre and nothing is changed because the fat cats in Washington just worry about how much money guns are bringing in for america

      • Are u a US citizen? Tell me , how have strict gun laws worked out in Chicago , NY etc.? Do you honestly believe for one second that the US is #1 banning guns in the near future? # 2 banning guns will stop homocide from guns? #3 are they going door to door taking away the right to bear arms? Lol

        Maybe we should outlaw drunk driving to cure that problem…. oh wait, maybe outlaw illegal drugs to stop that problem…… oh wait….

        There are over 300 million guns in the US. You can’t Take away the 2nd amendment because of the few…. it’s not happening.

        The 1st and 2nd amendment is very confusing to about half of this country, so I could see how confusing it must be to non citizens.

      • Lol wait till someone you know gets mowed down by an assault rifle…… cause you know there are so many uses for an assault rifle lol

      • The exact kind of comment that assures me you have no understanding of the constitution….. what difference does an assault rifle have to do with anything…. or it’s use? Would a shotgun, 45, or 30- 6 kill anyone less?

      • Yes they would do a lot less damage pretty dumb comparison!

      • Really? Again you don’t understand the constitution…. at all. More people are killed by handguns than they are Ar-15’s and Ak-47s…. again, where in the constitution does it state you can only posses certain types of guns? More importantly, where does it state the use of such guns?

        Is an ar-15 designed for deer hunting? No, obviously not. But the 2nd amendment wasn’t put in place to protect us from the tyranny of deer , rabbits and elk either.

        I’ve personally known 3 people murdered. One by a knife, two by a shooting. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Living where I live, I don’t think I know too many people that don’t own some sort of assault rifle. None of which have committed any crimes, or homicides while in possession.

        You obviously have no clue of what the 1st or 2nd amendment mean….. at all!

        But please carry on.

      • I probably also personally known 7-8 people killed by drunk drivers, or died under the influence. Maybe ban cars too? I mean, by my personal statistics and the statistics of the US, you’re probably 2-10 times more likely to die from a drunk driver than a victim of homicide by assault rifle!

      • Kapernick gave big money and time to causes. Bad example.

        I agree with ny. Banning stuff doesn’t work. Guns should be legal. Drugs should be legal. Drunk driving should be legal. Hell. Murder should be legal. Banning it never stopped it anyway.

      • The point, since you missed it completely, is 1.5 million people have been killed by firearms in the US since 1968. You can’t, as a human being, be ok with that. Cars have other uses so that’s a dumb comparison. AR-15s and AK47s kill whatever ends up in front of one and that’s all they do. Your constitution is such an archaic document it’s time to write a new one. One that the whole country needs to vote on not just the people running the country. You can’t just burry your head in the sand and refuse to change.

      • Chrism,
        Kapernick has donated about 750-800k to date. Which is nice. However people seem to forget, he wasn’t kneeling in the beginning he was sitting his lazy ass on the bench. And for a guy that is speaking out against oppression, and civil rights he sure is confused! Wearing the t-shirt commemorating Malcolm X’s meeting with Fidel Castro and trying to defend the meeting or what either stood for is a gross sign of a confused man that truly has no idea what racism or oppression even means!

        You couldn’t pick many worse examples of racism or intolerance…..Hitter& David Duke maybe?

        His explanation was priceless!

      • He stopped sitting and took a knee because service member suggested it would be less insulting to troops so he could get the message he was going for across… this he changed his actions after being confronted by a compelling argument presented by others… something those that toss out labels like right wing kook or left wing nut could learn from.

      • Oh and if we couldn’t separate out a persons message from their history then we would be dereft of most of our valiant leaders… starting from the tippy top. Taking a stand doesn’t mean you have to be perfect across the line. That’s the spin people put on arguments when they can’t successfully address the primary issue

      • Deeeee,

        By “your constitution ” I take it your not a US citizen. No offense , but me and many others don’t want lawmakers or polititions re-writing “our” constitution. So you can only imagine where the opinions of non citizens fall.

        Again, I agree… ak-47s and Ar-15s are meant to kill whatever is in front of them. Is a 9mm, 40, 45, 12 gauge, .380 designed to do different? The hunting thing shows ….once again the lack of understanding of “our ” constitution.

        53 deaths in Chicago, 250+injured by guns in Chicago alone in the month of September…. one of the strictest gun states in the country. Madmen will be madmen . Criminals will be criminals. Period!

        Another great statistic, look up the number of these mass killers being on anti-depression meds or phycshtropics drugs. Let’s start there? Maybe ban those drugs or people on them from owning guns? And cars? Knives? Box cutters, forks and any other sharp instruments!

        How many deaths in the same time frame came from drunk driving, or illegal drugs? Just one of the 2 will do in your response.(1968-present)

        Again, off sheer numbers of the few vs. the many…. it’s an asinine statement….3 people a year commit heinous acts of violence vs 100 million law biding citizens….so we’re re-writing the constitution? No thanks. And especially a no thanks from outsiders having a say or voice in “our ” constitution.

        I must move to this land of no problems to my new ivory tower and talk about other countries problems someday! Congrats!

      • Chrism,

        Castro and Malcolm x? Seriously? Confused, lost soul. No idea of what racism or oppression even means.

      • Nice spin ny. 10/10. Cnn and Fox News caliber.

      • Spin? So you’re saying Castro was all about human rights, and Malcolm X wasn’t a racist? You may want to google both, or wiki both before saying its spin! Unless the teachings of Malcolm X seen somehow about equal rights in your mind?

        I hope Kapernick is in need of medical or police assistance and they take a knee. That would be poetic justice…..

        I mean, did he care when police officers were executed in Dallas (BLM rally), NY etc? Did he represent a peaceful protest? Did he donate any money towards the widows, or to the inner cities about tolerance, or compliance to keep anyone safe? Nah…. take a knee…..

      • You can call a cat a fish if you like all day. It still won’t swim!

      • Nyr4life you wrote: “Again, I agree… ak-47s and Ar-15s are meant to kill whatever is in front of them. Is a 9mm, 40, 45, 12 gauge, .380 designed to do different?”

        Answer: There not, hence why they should also have limits. Your Declaration of Independance seeks the right of all Americans to have the right ‘to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. 58 people lost their lives in Vegas. None of the victims or their friends will ever be fully free of of the effects of Vegas, and their ability to pursue happiness has also been so affected.

        Nyr4life, you have also written extensively on Chicago and their gun laws. What are the gun laws in Indiana like? Wyoming? The gun laws in any lower 48 State are only as good as the weakest laws in any other lower 48 State. With inter-State border patrols, State gun laws are meaningless, hence the gun violence in Chicago.

        Nyr4life you asked : “Another great statistic, look up the number of these mass killers being on anti-depression meds or phycshtropics drugs. Let’s start there? Maybe ban those drugs or people on them from owning guns?”

        Yes. Start there. People who are blind cannot own driving licences. If you are under the influence you are not meant to drive. Can people break the law? Yes. That does not mean we should be trying to make it so easy. Cars have seatbelts and airbags by law. Bartenders and anyone else serving alcohol is liable and responsible for anyone they serve past the legal limit until that person sobers up. The point is how many more drunk driving deaths would their be if none of those laws existed? You should definitely follow-up with inhibiting suspected terrorists from getting guns as well.

        Nyr4life: You brought up box cutters, knives etc.

        Sure, the can kill people too. Could they kill and injure over 500 peopleinI one go? With Any of the various devices you can think of there is a chance to run away or defend/protect yourself. A gun significantly reduces that chance,

        The Akwasasne Native reserve has been a long standing funnel for guns bought in the US to make into Canada because it straddles the border. Four Canadians were killed in Vegas, so Canadians do have a need/right to express our opinion. Of course we cannot write your laws/vote or any of that. We do have a stake in this and a right to voice our ideas and suggestions.

        Congratulations, you got a Habs fan and a Bruins fan to agree on something! 🙂

      • Terrible, 4 Canadians were killed. Beyond ridiculous that you think that entitles you a say in my country…. the rest of your garbled junk! Laughable!

        Learn the constitution! Then … become a citizen! Until then…… stfu!

      • Maybe the rest of the world needs to step in and “ world police “ the states like they do to everyone else! I mean 12000 gun deaths a yr seems like something the world needs help America out with?

      • Honestly NYR don’t you think the constitution is a little outdated? The population was way lower and the guns were a lot weaker. Who really needs assault rifles or even hand guns? They can’t be used for hunting just robberies and murders

      • I’d love to see Canada step in and police the US…. that conflict would last about 6-7 seconds?

        You don’t like our policies? Good, build a wall ! Don’t visit.

        Somali, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghan,WWI,WWII, Korean ( you were a little late to the table, but still involved) wars and conflicts ALL had Canadian involvement…. Was Canada forced into participation, or just The US and your Queens puppets? you may want to pick up a history book instead of daily trolling here. You seem to even know little to nothing about your own country’s history…. let alone ours or our constitutions.

      • 12000 gun deaths a yr but let’s keep selling hand guns and assault rifles to anyone that wants one! You have the typical American attitude you’re wrong I’m right. “ Let’s just say Iran has weapons of mass destruction “ we haven’t killed innocent ppl in a long time! Bomb bomb bomb

      • And Canada is right there too! So again, maybe do a little research before opening your mouth!

      • Maybe you should quit opening your mouth and actually look at what Canada does, quit trying to lower Canada to the states level in world hate

      • Lol… bows to a foreign queen?
        And just blindly follows us into wars then puts it all on us? You don’t even understand your history… nevermind ours.

      • Lol their own government kills 2000 in 9/11 and the sheep still follow them!

      • Lmao! A truther are ya? Yeah, our own government did it because that would be beneficial to who? What a moron! Go lick the boots of a foreign queen!

      • And actually 3000 died that day. Do you get anything right?

        True piece of garbage even going there!

        I literally hope u die! Lmao

      • So you are saying we agree to disagree? Lol too much fun

      • Sorry BBB, if you belive 9/11 was an American conspiracy, you are on your own.

        NYR, a serious and respect ful question for you,. No slam or disrespect meant. here it is: Do you feel a constitutional obligation to have it as easy as possible for mass murderers, terrorists, and criminals to posses guns?

      • Who really knows who did it? No matter who it was an awful event

      • BBB, there is undeniable evidence about 9/11. It was terrorism and it was perpetrated by AL-Quada. Denying that is wrong and a dangerous distortion of history.

      • Habsfan,

        Honestly before I answer your question, I’d like to hear your solution. My answer will be a long one. But I’m curious to know the solution.

        If it’s an all out ban on handguns and assault rifles… you lost me already. Not being sarcastic, I’m being realistic and honest.

      • NYR First off I do not offer a single ‘solution’. It is, frankly, idiocy to think there is a simple fix. My issue is that not trying anything at all is equally wrong.

        It is 2017 so scrap the restrictions on the ATF from using computers with regards to the information they do have. Require all gun owners to take comprehensive gun training universally. Require all gun stores to take and maintain extensive details of all guns sold so that stores selling guns to criminals can be more easily identified and arrested. Mandatory background checks of course for each gun purchased so if someone is creating a massive stockpile it gets flagged. Finally, get rid of the law restricting the CDC from even studying gun violence.

        Look,I actually have no real issue with hunting or owning a gun for self/home protection. It bothers me that there are road blocks put to ANY and ALL attempts to prevent gun violence. I get that most of those ideas will not happen etc. but seriously something has to change. Now there is talk about making silencers legal. Every person I heard interviewed in Vegas all thought the gunfire was fireworks. With a concert going on and a silencer, honestly how many more would have died before people understood they were in danger?
        I do not have a solution but I know doing nothing is not an answer.

      • Okay, I can respect that.

        I believe medication has a large part of the real problem. If you look at these shooters (Vegas, Newtown, Orlando) they all have that in common.

        The United States is the ONLY country in the world that advertises Medication on television. And also suggest “asking your doctor if x-drug is right for you”

        Unfortunately, this is all too much the norm in the states. Feeling sad, take a pill, sniffles? Take a pill, kid is acting up, give him a pill, it’s Wednesday? Take another pill. The listed side effects of these drugs is mind numbing! Depressing, suicidal thoughts, cancer, internal bleeding…. if a prescription drug will make a human lose self preservation…. imagine where other peoples lives may stand in their minds?

        All guns should be registered , and anyone taking this kinds of Psychotropic drugs should be registered as well. If you find your name on both lists , you should have to immediately surrender all fire arms. ( thanks hipaa.). This won’t happen …. unfortunately.

        Moving on to silencers. They are already legal in a lot of states. They require a special license to obtain.
        I have to ask, have you ever fired or heard an AR-15 with a silencer / suppresser on it?

        It’s nowhere what they make it out to be in Hollywood . In movies , a hamster fart would be louder . In reality it’s a loud explosion that even under the Vegas circumstances would have been clearly noticeable. Especially at the rapid rate of fire.

        Other than a look into what meds this guy was on, the Vegas shooting would have been tough to see coming. A legitimate guy, no criminal background, no clear motive, no sign of instability.

        Again, this is not the norm. I can’t think of too many people I know that do not possess a firearm… or an assault rifle. And not one of them has gone on a killing spree. Madmen, will be madmen. I don’t see a clear resolution to this problem without deep digging into someone’s medical background, mental background…. which the laws that restrict access to these records is even more strict than gun laws.

      • So was that a yes or a no to my question?

        What how do you respond to my points about the CDC and the ATF restrictions?

      • Oh and you missed my point regarding the silencers (maybe I was not clear). I know the Hollywood crap is that, crap. Silencers DO reduce noise. In a noisy environment they would make it harder to hear the gun. That is their point, reduce the sound. Impossible to hear/no sound? OF COURSE NOT!!!!! Less though? ABSOLUTELY!!! Hence it is a positive for those wanting to do harm and definitely not a negative

    • Wow Vinny. Way to fully,completely, and absolutely miss the entire point he and the NFL players are making with your ludicrous suggest for how to be more helpful. No, seriously, read up on what the protest is all about and then re-read your post…..do it over and over until you get it. You should figure why your suggestion to hm makes no sense.