NHL Rumor Mill – October 10, 2017

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The latest on Joe Thornton, Matt Duchene and Andreas Athanasiou in your NHL rumor mill. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the inability of Rangers rookie Filip Chytil to become a reliable full-time center could force Blueshirts GM Jeff Gorton into the trade market later this season for “an upper-echelon veteran rental center”.

Brooks believes San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton fits that role perfectly. He notes Thornton and the Rangers had “several productive conversations” before the club signed UFA defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk and Thornton opted to re-sign with the Sharks. 

Brooks admits a lot will have to happen over the next four months to bring this type of move to fruition. The Sharks will have to acknowledge they’re not Stanley Cup contenders, Thornton must stay healthy, the Rangers would have to find sufficient room to absorb the remainder of his $8 million salary and the two sides would have to work out the return for the Sharks. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thornton is old friends with Rangers winger Rick Nash. The pair played together in Switzerland during the last two NHL lockouts. If the Sharks are struggling to reach the playoffs by February and if the Rangers remain in contention, perhaps a Thornton-to-New York deal could be worked out, provided the 38-year-old center is willing to accept a trade.

There’s no question the Rangers need experienced depth at center. For now, however, they seem content to stick with small moves, like claiming Adam Cracknell off waivers yesterday. That could change in the coming weeks if they’re struggling to address that need, especially if it threatens their playoff chances. 

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene isn’t upset by former Avs star Peter Forsberg’s comments on Swedish television over the weekend suggesting the club should bench and trade him. Duchene said he’s not taking the remarks personally and suggested the comments may have been lost in translation.

Avs coach Jared Bednar, meanwhile, complimented Duchene’s performance and professionalism. He also suggest the club is handling Duchene differently from last season, putting more focus on hockey and ignoring the ongoing trade rumors. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene and the Avs front office understand the center needs to be playing, and playing well, in order to bolster his trade value. Benching him does nothing to encourage interest from rival general managers. If Duchene’s playing well and the team’s performance improves, maybe it repairs the strained relationship between player and management, eliminating the need for a trade. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan believes the Detroit Red Wings aren’t inclined to trade restricted free agent winger Andreas Athanasiou, who’s currently in Switzerland evaluating his options. Contract talks between the two sides remain deadlocked. He feels they won’t move Athanasiou unless they get “a tremendous offer (top-four defenseman, similar young forward with high upside)” and that’s not likely to happen.

Khan also reports the Wings are concerned about the message that would send to their other young players when they’re due for new contracts, “that if they don’t get what they want the Red Wings also will accommodate them with a move.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Wings GM Ken Holland maintains that view, he won’t be feeling pressured to move Athanasiou before the Dec. 1 deadline to re-sign him. The better the Wings play in the coming weeks, the less leverage Athanasiou has. 



  1. Maybe Forsberg has put his foot in his mouth! Pun intended.

    • not bad.

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      • The homage paid was greatly appreciated!

      • Anytime friend.

  2. Athanasiou has accomplished one thing with his negotiations. He is now talked about as much as Duchene. That in itself is impressive.

  3. I don’t know Lyle about a trade not happening at all for Duchene, stranger things have happen.
    True we don’t know the relationship between Duchene and Sakic and maybe they have a ton of respect for each other and the media has over hyped things. If that the case sure he could resign with the Av’s; but if the rumours are true, I don’t see Duchene wanting to stay in Colorado pass his expiring contract therefore I think a trade will be coming.

    • Finding humility through adversity can change perceptions and has the power to transform relationships. We’ll see how humbled everyone has become in the months ahead. But, I can already sense that Duchene is a different player already. We’ll see if success changes that, or the organization as a whole. I think only a deep sense of actual personal humilty of all parties can repair these relationships between players, team, coach and the upper eschelons. We will just have to wait and see.

      • This breakdown in the relationship between Colorado & Duchene started for me when he scored his 30th goal in a 5-1 loss to STL on April 3rd 2016. Roy ripped him a new 1 in the press following his goal celebration both in print & on TV.

        The dual headed monster ownership put in place was at odds with 1 & other. It’s obvious Sakic & Roy weren’t on the same page with Sakic eventually winning the power struggle. No other team had or has had this management structure & it was doomed to fail, someone has to have the final say on player personal decisions. That was supposed to be with Roy but something happened to force him to quit just before the season was due to start last season.

        Being part of that for any player couldn’t have been fun & I would have wanted out to.

        Can this situation be salvaged & Duchene extended next summer? Highly unlikely but not impossible. I assume he is moved eventually for at or near what Sakic wants what ever that may truly be.

  4. Schticky and Dan39 It be nice if you guys would start commenting again, enjoyed reading your comments, didn’t always agree but no one on here ever does or will, that’s the beauty of it.

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    • I miss debating with Shticky, he had solid knowledge. I assume it’s a work thing, life issue.

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      • Ha-ha! I’m fairly certain he didn’t like me but I really enjoyed the debates, they certainly got heated on occasion but all good but no ill will intended.

        I’m an opinion dickhead.

      • Everyone on here is striker lol

      • Only 1 handle for me on this site, Striker, Striker777 on Dobber.

        There are some people here I would never want to be. I’m a generally a glass 1/2 empty guy but some here are depressing they are so negative on just about everything. I domn’t want to be that upset about hockey. Ha-ha!

  5. You should really avoid Mike Chambers

    • Agreed Justin. Avoid the Denver Post entirely concerning the Avs. I have honestly never read a more negative, “Debby Downer” bunch of writers in my entire life. It’s embarrassing to Avs fans, and all Denver sports fans that this paper only hurls bombs at it’s home town teams. Only Terri Frei has any credible takes on the Avs, when he even bothers to write about them. And Mike Chambers isnt even knowledgeable on hockey. He can’t even bother to report Avs news before everyone else does. The Denver Post hasn’t had a hockey beat writer since Adrien Dater was parted with.

      If anyone wants to get in on any Avs news, I suggest visiting BSN Denver. They actually cover the team. They get lockerroom access and Adrien Dater writes for them too. Dater actual covers the Avs on the road too. And has been at every game this season. You can always hear him asking coach Bednar questions after every game. The Denver Post won’t even send Chambers to the games, and are currently deciding on if they want to cover hockey at all.
      The Denver Post is just embarrasing.

      Also for Avs news, Former Rocky Mountain News writer Rick Sadowski now writes an Avs blog on hockeybuzz’s site. And unlike that site, Rick Sadowski is a good, reliable, legitimate Avs coverer, as he has been for years.

  6. I had no idea Shattenkirk was a centre?

    • Fixed.

  7. Interesting game yesterday in that Duchene played just 12:09, which usually indicates 3rd or 4th line work, and that the much=maligned (me included) Nail Yakopov potted 2 while playing just 10:09.

    Looks like Striker might be right about Colorado coming together significantly better than last season – but not sure he wanted to see evidence of that against his Bruins.

    • Good analysis George. But remember it’s early and Vegas is 2-0 also!

      • Oh yeah. I don’t get excited over Oct-Nov hockey. There have been many hearts broken over “encouraging” starts before tighter hockey takes over, as many Leafs will attest.

      • To put things in perspective, NJ, Detroit, and Vegas are all undefeated. While Pittsburgh and Nashville have one regulation win combined.
        It’s a long season.

      • Things start to stabilize between between games 13 & 25. The level of competition, travel & systems not in sync play huge early in the season. NJ has played 2 games, Col at home & Buf on the road. Not exactly they NHL’s elite. They get a tired team on an East coast trip coming off a big win in NYR.

        Nashville had a brutal start last season. Chi, @Chi, Dal, @Det, Pit, @Anh, @LA & @SJ. 8 games in 15 days against what were all playoff teams teams the season prior most in the elite with a west coast trip thrown in. They went 2-5-1.

        They battled all year to recover those lost points slipping in as the 2nd wildcard in the West. I don’t care who you are that schedule is brutal & your lucky if you can come out if it 500.

        Pit has 19 back to backs this season. That’s brutal as well going to be curious to see how those play out, I haven’t checked yet to see if they tie into serious road swings or are against top flight competition but even playing Vegas isn’t a gimme.

    • It was a great game George, I’ve watched both Boston games obviously, but know Bergeron & Backes were both missing, Krug just returned & losing a player like Bergeron can’t be overcome.

      Duchene has been centering the 3rd line since the start of the season & is seeing 2nd line PP time. The added depth acquired late in trade last year, Andrighetto, the addition of youth; Kerfoot, Compher, Bigras, Jost, UFA signings, Nieto, Yakupov, the acquisition of Wilson & getting Nemeth on the waiver wire has given Colorado the ability to ice 3 lines with scoring potential. They couldn’t even ice 2 last season.

      Did everyone see Zadarov dive accross & take away a freebee killing a penalty last night. He’s behind the eight ball getting to camp late but Colorado is actually icing a respectable although very young top 4 D of Nemeth/Barrie & Zadarov/Johnson.

      You can bet on anything today & my bet the over on Colorado getting 70 points this season looks solid.

      • I would argue that Duchene is actually centering the 2nd line. Though, that line didn’t get as much time because they were playing with a lead. Besides, Duchene, that line isn’t going to be the line to ice then. But, when they are playing from behind, they’ll see a lot more time. I would say Colorado is a completely different team this year. Sure they have the same core, but the bottom two lines are 100% better, and the defense has improved as well. Varlamov seems to be healthy and back to his old tricks, and Bernier is a big upgrade. Not sure if they can make the playoffs, but I could see them as a bubble team. I think Sakic maybe seriously re-considering a Duchene trade because he fits in really well with this group.

      • Matt.

        I agree with everything but the bubble team. When the dust settles they will miss by 16 to 25 points.

        Although stranger things have happened. I think they shocked everyone in 2013-14 coming out of the lockout & winning the Central finishing 2nd in the west & 3rd overall in the entire NHL.

        1 of the great things about hockey, with a little luck, everything falling right & your goalie playing lights out & anything can happen.

        Who had Carolina winning the cup in 06? I didn’t.

      • To illustrate how Oct-Nov hockey van be illusory at times, on Nov 30 last year, Boston was 1st in the Atlantic with 38 pts, while TB, Mtl and Detroit had 33 each, and Toronto with 31. Ottawa had 24 pts – 14 back of the Bruins.

        By Dec 30, Mtl and TB had 50 each, Detroit 47, Toronto 43, Boston 41 and Ottawa 37 – 13 back of the leaders.

        By season’s end, Mtl sat with 103, Ottawa was at 98 – just 5 back – Boston and Toronto were both 8 back at 95 each while the Lightning were 9 off the pace with 94. Detroit was 1 up on the last place Sabres with 79 – 24 off the pace.

    • I had Colorado doing better as well but strictly based on the offseason work with his original goalie coach.

      “arly and Parkkila have been working with one another for around ten years, since Parkkila started coaching Varlamov in the KHL for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl during the 2007-08 season. Since then, Varlamov has returned to Russia to work with Parkkila during the offseason, attending some of his goalie camps.”


  8. Moving Thornton and another asset at center would free up a lot of cap space for Sharks to pursue tavarez

  9. The Duchene Saga is dragging on, but once you go by the draft and free agency without a trade, teams typically don’t get desperate again until they a strong team struggles and wants a shake up, or a mediocre team sees an opportunity to do more than expected.

    So I have watched every Canadian Team play at least once, and have seen some of every Leafs, Oilers, Habs and Jets game.

    The Leafs have looked the scariest in very small sample size, but their forward depth is tough to play against, and likely will be all year. They managed 8 goals in a game where Matthews and Nylander played a “meh” game. Surprisingly their defense core has seldom seemed like an issue, rather it’s their 3rd line of Bozak, Marner and JVR that has been the biggest culprit in breakdowns. They have been on for 5 of the 8 EV goals given up, and they typically seem to be the line the opposition targets as an opportunity to change the momentum. They aren’t terrible as a whole, but they are the only forward group that doesn’t seem capable of sheltering the D. On the bright side, all 3 have produced offense, and if the leafs move on from JVR or Bozak, that will help their value.

    The Oilers haven’t looked as good as hoped after that first game, they look relatively tight defensively, but they suffer from a lack of forward depth. McDavid, Draistl are great, RNH and Maroon have had good starts, but after that is a bunch of meh. This lack of forward pressure puts pressure on the D, and while they hold up ok they really seem like a one trick pony. Slow McDavid down, and you beat the Oilers. I still think their style will lend to playoff hockey, as low scoring games with your stars producing is typically what wins cups, but they do need to get more out of their other forwards.

    The Canadiens have played better than a 1-2 record with only a shootout win would suggest, but their lack of offensive punch will likely mean they will need to outplay their opponents by a wide margin a lot of the time to stand a chance. Over the course of a full season, I woudln’t be too worried, as I don’t think Price will go a full season with a .905 save percentage, and if they continue to carry play, and have price in net, that is a playoff team all day. As much as forward skill would be nice, their D might be a bigger issue. Alzner has looked like a black hole, and has been just awful thus far, and he is being used with Petry (who hasn’t been great either) in a shut down role. Alzner is not a great shutdown D at the best of times, but if this doens’t improve, Montreal might be a team that gets in the playoffs still, but won’t last long.

    The Jets look like an entertaining mess. They take penalties, can’t kill them, and play a run and gun offense, but don’t sustain pressure very well. They should have the talent to play a high pressure game like the Leafs, and they have far too much individual talent on D to be so bad defensively. I don’t know if it’s systems, or coaching, or everybody just playing for individual stats, but this team is not as good as the sum of it’s parts. Goaltending hasn’t been great again, but this team has enough talent that they should be making life pretty easy for their goalie. They check a lot of boxes in terms of having the pieces to build a good team around, yet they just seem lost a lot of the time. The top line will put up numbers, but it’s been more of the same in terms of the way the team plays as a whole.

    Ottawa looks like Ottawa without Karlsson. That is they don’t look good, but seem to hang on until Karlsson is back on. Normally there is no team in the league that looks so different with and without just one player. Not pittsburgh, not even the Oilers vary so wildly with just one player on and off the ice. I think Ottawa’s style even is to just survive until Karlsson’s next shift (or at least it sometimes looks like it). They seem to be doing that with their whole game right now. If they can keep putting some points on the board until Karlsson returns, they will likely be just fine.

    Calgary is the hardest to peg. They got outplayed handily by Edmonton, and generated very little offense. They looked better against Winnipeg, but Winnipeg looked like a mess and gave up 13 goals in their first two games of the season. I didn’t see last nights game, but the Ducks should have been a good test, and from the game sheets, highlights, and stat lines it looks like they played a very good game against one of the teams that should be a contender. Anaheim isn’t off to a flying start, but overall the Flames have 2 wins, and seemingly looked good against a good team. Hard to draw many more conclusions that that.

    The Canucks have only played the one game, and I did watch the full thing, it was like watching paint dry. Edmonton didn’t play well, and the Canucks looked like the plucky underdog who could, but there was nothing in their game that stood out that makes me think differently. I openly admit that my lack of interest in the Canucks prior to the season and what was a relatively boring game (and late for me as I live on the East Coast) led to me not paying as much attention or even looking for positives as much as you do with teams you are more interested in watching, so it’s not fair for me to draw any conclusions about them. I was kind of hoping to see McDavid just come out flying against a weak team after netting a hat trick in his first game, so when he was pretty quiet, I lost some interest and the game became background noise.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on what I have watched, I did watch a few other games, but decided to focus on the Canadian teams. Feel free to tear apart anything I said I noticed, or point out anything I didn’t as I it’s very easy to not notice something, especially when a lot of these games were watched trying to alternate back and forth to another game.

    • Danny

      Canucks will be exciting once the aged and slower guys like Sedins, Vanek are out in lieu of quicker forwards. Vanek looked doubled over trying to keep up with the team speed. Remove him and add Boeser and you will have that much more excitement.
      Benning is being aggressive in searching for quick forwards such as that.
      Guys like Athanisiou and Jayce Hawryluk are examples of guys Benning and his pro-scouts are trying to add or get Goldobin back up from Utica.
      The excitement will come.
      Try stay awake for Van-Ott tonite….it should be a great game

      • Tyler, Thanks for the assessment. I am totally willing to admit that I am much less familiar with the Canucks organizational depth and even on ice product as I know I won’t get to watch a ton of their games, and it’s hard to get interested in a team that right now, isn’t going to be great. I didn’t like some of the signings over the past few years (Vanek, Eriksson) as I saw them as a team that should be more focused on clearing space and adding youth, but again, there is a lot of bias in my assessment as I don’t get to watch them, and am not excited enough about anyone they have currently to force me to stay up. Most of their games come on at Midnight here in NL, and even though the same is true for a lot of Calgary and Edmonton games, I always end up seeing some of their games live and they have had more compelling reasons for me to watch.

        I will try and catch a little of the Van-Ott game tonight though.

        Also, when I re-read my assessment of Ottawa, it sounded more negative than I meant. I really like Ottawa, and I enjoy watching a team that knows they are a bit of an underdog without their big gun. I think they accomplish a lot considering I don’t think there is another good team in the league with such a wide gap between their best player and 2nd best player. That’s not to say that Ottawa doesn’t have other good players, but most teams now need multiple star players to compete, Ottawa doesn’t. Boucher seems to get the most out of what he has, and then let’s Karlsson just go out and do his thing. It’s very entertaining, and they are an easy team to like because of it.

    • That’s quite the write up. Alzner’s claim to fame is that he is a shut down Dman, that’s the role he played in Washington. No player logged more short handed minutes nor played against stronger competition & started more shifts in the D zone.

      I haven’t watched Montreal play so I can’t speak to his play but certainly the box scores haven’t liked him.

      It’s way to early to read much into anything, we need to get the 9 game trial players off rosters, proper line combinations need to be found.

      I think Edm has great scoring depth. They can easily ice 3 scoring lines & that still puts Letestu as the 4th line C.

      I read nothing into week #1, not meaningless but snippets at best.

    • Anh played with out Vitanen, Lindholm, Getzlaf, Kesler, Eaves & Ritchie for their 1st 2 games & Getzlaf returned briefly in game 3 as did Ritchie. You can’t read anything into their start.

      I don’t even really look at the standings until the last team in the league has played it’s 6th game & don’t even start to make assumptions till the last team has played it’s 12th, by the time the last team in the league plays it’s 25th game you can start to hedge your bets as things have finally started to balance out.

      You can have teams that have played 25 to 30% more games even by the 12 game mark.

      Solid write up Danny, well done.

    • The only thing standings between a 2-0 start for Ottawa is an inability to score in the SO – or, conversely, an inability to stop the other guy (lol). Ahh well – practice, practice, practice and while they’re at it, just SHOOT the effing puck rather than try and introduce Pat Quinn’s favorite patsy – Dick Around.

    • I think Calgary will be exciting to watch, Winnipeg is the same damn mess year after year, Toronto will excite people all year but need defensive improvement to become a true contender, Ottawa always does more with less, Montreal has Price, Edmonton will need to learn not to rely solely on McDavid, and Vancouver just needs to move on from the Sedins! If they re-sign them after this year then they do not deserve anybody’s attention!

      • I’m all for bringing the Sedin’s back for at least 1 if not 2 more years, ideally on 1 year deals as long as their roles are reduced & if necessary. There isn’t enough ready to replace them next season but by the season following 2019-20 there may be if Dahlen & Petterson are ready to play full time.

        The business side also playing a significant role in that decision they would need to be willing to play for significantly less declining in each of those 2 seasons. 4.5 to 5 next season & less the season following.

        Their roles out of the gate have been reduced except on the PP & it will be interesting to see if Vancouver can role 4 lines like they did against EDM all year or the bench gets shorter. They added a ton of NHL quality 3rd & 4th line depth & if out of the playoff race signed Vanek & Gubranson; if an acceptable contract can’t be found, although I see him lost as his contract demands are out of wack, the reason I think Van signed Del Zotto for 2 years to buy time for the young D prospects to be ready to play.

        I think like Colorado Vancouver will surprise many this year & actually be a bubble playoff team coming up 6 to 8 points short when the dust settles.

  10. George O.

    Believe when I tell how excited I am about the Leafs right now; however, I am reminding other fans of Leaf Nation to be cautiously optimistic. No parade planning just yet. But the difference with the Leafs, in my opinion, is really in the front office. They are committed to a process; Marleau aside, that we have not seen in past years. Everyone talks about Babs and the Red Wings, but let’s not forget Lou and his patience with the Devils also.

    Fellow Leaf fans seem disgruntled with me when I poo-poo the Marleau deal, and point to the needed improvement on the blue line. So far Marleau looks impressive and I would love to be wrong; however, when watching the Ranger game nobody can say I am wrong about the defense. Nor am I claiming exclusivity in my assessment of the defense.

    Winning takes time, commitment, and developing a culture of success. These were cornerstones within the Devils and Red Wings organizations and I am hoping they become firmly established within the Leafs organization. They showed well against Chicago last night; another team in the mold they are looking to attain.

    • I agree with your assessment of the Marleau trade. It isn’t about Marleau, it’s about tying up a large asset (3 years of significant cap space) for an area they didn’t really need an upgrade in, while leaving other areas a bit more exposed.

      I don’t think their defense core is the culprit on it’s own though. They are by no means top tier, but they support the forwards well, and when the forwards support them, they are effective as a 5 man unit. Matthews and Kadri’s line is difficult to get much going against, and the the group is capable of being a very good penalty killing group. This year their 4th line is very improved by having the depth to push Brown onto it, and having better centers than Gauthier, Griffith or Smith. But the problem’s in their own end always seem to start after a shift from the Bozak line.

      Also, I didn’t like that they didn’t get a better back up for Andersen, though they have at least addressed the depth in that area, and did quitely go from a team that couldn’t sustain much in the way of injuries, to having several legitimate NHLers that can’t even crack the line up. They also seem to be vastly improved in the faceoff circle. Largely due to giving Nylander a lot of his strong side faceoffs, adding another center as a winger in Marleau, and Moore is very good as well.

      The Leafs are definitely one of the more interesting teams to watch. They were a top 10 team in the NHL from January 1st onward last year, and they are deeper and more experienced and off to a great start so the optimism is very warranted.

  11. & that’s why Forsberg isn’t working in player management in the NHL. That would be brutal asset management & reduce Duchene’s trade value & help Colorado in know way.

    It’s early but Colorado has now won 10% as many games as last season, Duchene has 3 points in 3 games winning 54% of his faceoffs centering Colrado’s 3rd line, Barrie 2 points & these wins didn’t come against slouches. They beat NYR & Bos.

    They played very well in the game I watched yesterday. This isn’t last seasons Colorado Avalanche.

    • I agree completely, although hopefully the diminished role doesn’t effect Duchene’s performance over a longer period. I get why you keep him there, he isn’t in the long term plans, so no sense developing Chemistry with him and players you do plan to keep, but hopefully they can maximize his value in the role he is getting, because it will be hard to keep great numbers with 12-13 minutes of ice time.

      I think the Forsberg comments are blown out of proportion. He could very well have been commenting on how he would feel as a player playing with a guy you know wants to leave. That context is very different than saying anything about Duchene specifically, or even Avs Management. The players playing with Duchene probably would prefer to just have the circus overwith, that doesn’t mean Sakic should make a snap decision. Once the draft and first few days of free agency pass, you have no choice but wait for a team to struggle, or an injury, or maybe even a team to out perform their projections and feel like it’s worth a gamble. He’s waited this long, he can’t just sell him for magic beans now.

      • Duchene hasn’t played 12 mins in all 3 games, he had 17:33 against NJ as they were behind & they needed his skills, in the NYR game he played 13:58. He sits 6th in TOI/GP at forward, 35 seconds behind Compher that bum Colorado got in trade for O’Reilly, who’s killing penalties on the #1 PK unit & logging tough assignments.

        Again lines aren’t set yet & you can’t read much into these things until injuries & fatigue set in. Things have away of balancing out & being what they should be by the time the last team in the league plays it’s 25th game.

        To be successful in today’s NHL you need to play 4 lines, 3 need to generate offense & the difference in ES icetime would be within 2 mins from 1 to 2 & 2 to 3, ideally less & only special teams, the PP & the PK would differentiate a players TOI/GP.

        Get way ahead & stars see less icetime, get behind & they see more.

      • The other dynamic in Duchene’s minutes early is he doesn’t kill penalties & Colorado took 4 minors yesterday afternoon.

    • Duchene is centering the second line Striker.

      1) Andrighetto-Mackinnon-Rantenen

      2) Kerfoot-Duchene-Yakopov

      3) Landeskog-Compher-Wilson

      4) Comeau-Jost-Soderberg

      Its been the the same lineup all through camp and to start the season.
      Although last night the 3rd and 4th were:

      3) Landeskog-Jost-Compher

      • I guess it’s a question of your perception as your 3rd line is seeing more ice time than your 2nd line both in TOI/GP & ES TOI/GP.

        Landeskog 18:43, Compher 15:08, Wilson 13:21.
        Yakupov 11:59, Duchene 14:33, Kerfoot 12:40.

        ES TOI/GP.
        Landeskog 11:29, Compher 11:24, Wilson 11:06.
        Yakupov 9:57, Duchene 11:33, Kerfoot 10:17.

        Based on ice time Duchene’s line is currently the 3rd line. Although it doesn’t really matter. As stated ideally your top 3 lines at ES would log very similiar ice time & only PK & PP TOI/GP would alter total TOI/GP.

        Interestingly enough by face-offs Duchene is 2nd in draws taken with 37; winning 54%, to McKinnon’s 45; 37.8%, Jost is 3rd with 22; 27.3%, & Compher with 15, 26.7%. Although teams often deploy 2 C’s for D zone draws & on the PP.

        I lean solely to ice time for trying to determine a players role with his team. You play more you are higher for me in ranking, I lean to TOI/GP & secondary ES TOI/GP. A ton of offensive players in the league don’t kill penalties & many teams that falls to 3rd & 4th liners at forward & then those players rarely see any real PP time.

      • Unless of course your Mark Letestu who gets 1st line PP time in Edm even though he plays as their 4th line C. He is truly a special teams player both on the PP & PK. Ha-ha! It’s incredibly odd.

  12. I don’t put any merit in anything Larry Brooks says. I took SJ to miss the playoffs at the expense of 1 of Dal, LA or Win. I couldn’t decide so I did coin tosses & let luck decide.

    I’m not certain Thornton would agree to be traded even if SJ is out of the playoff picture. It’s not impossible & if it were to happen I think it would be to a legitimate contender at the trade deadline & he returns & signs another 1 year deal next summer.

    NYR although I have making the playoffs as the 1st wildcard isn’t really a legitimate contender as now constructed, would Thornton make them 1? Maybe but again I just don’t see it happening.

    As we discussed early this summer NYR starts picking the waiver wire until a solution can be found for their 3/4 C spot, Desharnais is capable of playing as a #3 C not ideal but not the end of the world.

    At least in my opinion. Which is worth diddly. Ha-ha!

    • I don’t see Thornton fitting in, and I’m not sure I see NY in the playoffs at all. I think even if they sneak in, Thornton isn’t helping them go past the 1st round anyway.

      Why bother giving out assets imo. Unless of course it’s something 3rd round or below which is doubtful.

      • It always strikes me as odd your not buying what NYR has going. I love what is being built, this team has a ton of youth sprinkled through out the line up.

        Shattenkirk is going to help the PP, much of that youth still has significant development ahead of them.

        I’m not certain they can crack 100 points again as everyone has gotten better almost across the board & with the new lottery rules making tanking it almost pointless teams that might otherwise try to have no real motivation to do so. Your chances of not picking 1st are over 80% as Colorado learned the hard-way although getting Makar was a great consolation prize.

        If you have to play in this stupid bracket system better to slide into the Altlantic as the #1 wildcard which is exactly where I see them finishing although they will have more points than 2 teams from the Atlantic.

      • It’s definitely not that I’m not buying in, I’m just not convinced they’re good enough to compete this year.
        I still think they are looking to the future and not the win now as they have been. And I’m okay with it. They appear to be looking ahead.

        They have been one of the most successful teams in the cap era. Without the luxury of tanking and benefiting from the draft.

        They kicked the can , but failed. Maybe they have a plan I’m not seeing? Maybe hey can do some things in the next year that completely change the make up of the team.

        I love how they’ve completely restocked on young D-men, have a pretty good looking goaltender that hopefully takes the reigns in the next few years. A couple of promising centers in Chytil, and Andersson.

        To me, they look like they did coming out of the lockout in 2005. Building for the future from the back end out. Not the team that has been a contender for the last 4-5 years.

        I’m not really displeased in the direction, but I’m also not seeing a team good enough to be a true contender for 2-3 years. Assuming 2 of those d prospects, Shestyorkin, and Andersson, Chytil work out on an NHL level.

        Bottom line, I don’t see them being a Thornton or Duchene away from competing. ….. now Tavares….. hahahaha. I can dream can’t I? But his move would be pretty cheap and quick!

      • How do you not think Rangers are in “win now”? They went out and got top FA available. Only real loss is Stepan, which was a move that as you say was good for future,(Anderson) but also now (DeAngelo) besides freeing up cap space for Shatty, DeAngelo is an upgrade over Girardi. Losing 4th line center and back up goalie isn’t a big deal. Just comparing team now to one that ended season, I don’t get pessimism? If they where to go out and get Duchene, even if it meant giving up Skjei, defense would still be better than group that finished season.

    • Striker, I’m not sure why Lyle pays more attention to Brooks than me. Lol. I’ve been saying since training camp that Chytil won’t be answer and we need to make a deal sooner or later. There’s no way they bring in an aging, over paid Thornton! Goes against everything Gorton has been doing. More a chance Nash goes to SJ for cap space…as I’ve been saying, Duchene would be the better target and would Definately put them in the contender category.

  13. If you want to win a cup that last two guys you want are Nash and Thornton,two very poor playoff scorers.