NHL Rumor Mill – October 12, 2017

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Latest on the Canadiens plus updates on Kyle Turris and Griffin Reinhart in your NHL rumor mill.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie’s appearance Wednesday on Montreal’s TSN 690 discussing the Canadiens’ salary-cap space. While they have room to pursue someone such as Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene ($6 million cap hit), he doesn’t think that’s a front-burner issue for the Habs or the Avs.

McKenzie doesn’t believe the Canadiens have the available assets to meet the Avalanche’s asking price for Duchene. He also points out that using up most of that cap room to address a short-term need could have long-term consequences when taking on a player who’s signed beyond this season. 

TSN: Darren Dreger thinks it could be time for a change for struggling Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk. He’s recently been demoted to the fourth line and is vulnerable defensively. Dreger doesn’t know what the market could be for Galchenyuk right now but feels like the Habs might have to do something to retrieve an asset in return.

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports the Canadiens are trying to trade defenseman Mark Streit, who signed with the Habs this summer (one year, $700K) but has been disappointing thus far, appearing in just two games. Streit could also be pushed further to the periphery with the imminent return of David Schlemko. To make room for Schlemko, they could demote Victor Mete but that’s unlikely because Mete is playing well. If they return him to the OHL’s London Knights, he cannot be recalled unless it’s an emergency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the Canadiens 1-3-0 start and their offensive struggles, I don’t see general manager Marc Bergevin pulling the trigger on a major move right now, in part because he’s unlikely to find a suitable deal this early in the season. He likely prefers to remain patient and use that cap room later on in the season if required to plug holes in his roster. If the Canadiens overcome their slow start and regain their playoff contending form, Bergevin will likely use that cap room near the Feb. 26 trade deadline for one or two rental players.

Galchenyuk, a former 30-goal scorer, was thought to be trade bait last June and was linked to Duchene in the rumor mill but the Habs opted to re-sign him. I doubt he’s enough to land Duchene, but perhaps he could be swapped for another scoring forward later in the season if an opportunity arises. Unless he changes his style to suit coach Claude Julien, this season could be Galchenyuk’s last in Montreal.

Moving a 39-year-old defenseman who’s well past his prime won’t be easy. Streit carries an affordable contract but I don’t see any takers for his services. I can see him getting demoted. 


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Sportsnet’s John Shannon suggesting Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Griffin Reinhart has no NHL trade value and would clear waivers if sent to the AHL. Shannon said Vegas GM George McPhee is still hoping to find a trade market for some of his excess players, which is why he hasn’t demoted them. They’re carrying nine blueliners and three of them – Reinhart, Brad Hunt and Jon Merrill – have yet to play. 



  1. Cap space grows with each passing day. That 8 million in cap space grows to the equivalent of 35 million on trade deadline day. Why Bergevin didn’t spend that money over the summer to make Montreal a better team is odd. Finding a real trade in season is challenging.

    What’s Bergevin saving all that cap space for, an early summer vacation? His will be starting by Christmas.

    Does anyone know what Bergevin is doing? Does Bergevin even know?

    • I think originally he was saving it for Radulov but that fell through and by that time there was nothing else out there.

    • Yeah. Not much to spend money on this off season and frankly most offseason. True talent is being locked down long before fa.

      • There has been some decent UFA’s in the last 2 summers the big issue is most got overpaid & to much term. Buffalo’s signing of Okposo was a great deal the summer before last, he had just turned 28 got 7 years at 6.

        Hell Jagr would have helped, bringing back Markov at the rumored 4.5 for 2 years, apparently he would have even take a 1 year deal. There are were others available as well.

        They may lynch Bergevin in Mtl. Thankfully he has a great sense of humor. He was the locker rumor jocker when he played.

      • Wouldn’t call any of those names game changers… decent pieces but nothing great. Okposo still out there but he has to stay healthy and produce. Bergivan did spend this offseason… alzner. Seems to be doing a lot of good

      • I never said anything about game changers. Ha-ha! That’s about as subjective as you can get.

        The system isn’t structured to studs ever being available but tons of players that would have helped Mtl are & were. Most good players get signed by their respective teams whether UFA’s or not, with a few exceptions due to the business side of hockey, the cap, a young players pushing them off the roster, a personal choice of where they want to play, etc.

        This summer some were Radulov, Shattenkirk, Alzner, Marleau, Bonino, Hanzal, Daley, Williams, etc., last summer Backes, E. Staal, Okposo, Ladd, Neilsen, Lucic, etc. Those are some decent hockey players any would have helped Mtl.

        Why did Bergevin give Plekanec a 2 year 6 mil deal, Shaw 6 years at 3.9, Petry 6 years at 5.5, these aren’t death nails but aren’t good value.

        Bergevin has been in place for a little over 5 years in Mtl. Price has a new 8 year deal kicking in at 31 next summer for 10.5 mil per. That’s crazy considering where Mtl’s roster is at present & will handcuff Mtls’ efforts down the road. I just can’t get myself to pay a goalie this kind of money even Price who may be the best in the world.

      • with the exception of shat who took less money every other name on there signed a borderline or overtheline toxic deal (this past season… previous one staal was a good deal).

      • THe plan was for both Radulov and Markov to return/ For Markov, I personally believe the big issue for him was the Olympics. If Russia wins,those players get a huge pay check. Four years from now, no way Markov is on the team. No NHLers this year, Markov makes the team and Russia is a favourite to win.

        Radulov was all about the cash. People were making a big deal that he had accepted a one year deal with Mtl instead of a 2 yr offer from the Wings. To me that is proof that Radulov was more about the cash. Think about it, go all out for one year is easier that doing it for two. Every game he played after Dec added years and dollars to his next contract. No guarantee he would produce for the rest of his contract, and when you compared the tax implications, Radulov is taking home more cash.

        I do not blame either player for their decisions. Careful throwing MB under bus for not getting this or that player. Just because they are available does not mean they want to sign with a particular team. The cap means no one can really overspend.
        The Price deal was good in the sense of what he means to the team (he is a key leader of the team) and if he had hit the open market, in terms of real dollars, he would have made the same or more dollars elsewhere.
        As for Plecs, he had a crap season last year. In the playoffs a while back, he put Sidney Crosby in his back pocket and help the Habs win the series. The thinking was he would be key in the playoffs. I would not be surprised if he is traded to a contender for a 1st at the deadline, assuming he has a decent season.

    • how does it grow (the cap space), cannot find much info on that.

      • It doesn’t so much grow the cap space, but it doesn’t shrink, while the remaining cap hit you would have on any player would go down.

        For example, a team with $3M in cap space, can afford a $6M cap hit at the half way point of the season because that player would have only have $3M remaining against the cap for the remainder of the season.

        Essentially, since your cap space does not shrink during the season, but the remaining hit taken when acquiring a player does, your cap space goes up, relatively speaking.

    • He could be saving it for a pitch to get Taveres

    • Maybe he’s hoping Tavares becomes available?

  2. What happened to Jon Merrill’s career? He used to be so promising. Vegas needs to include a good asset to dump some of their crappy players like Sbisa. They should waive Sbisa, Reinhardt and Hunt so they can get Theodore and Shipachayev in their lineup where they belong. The only dmen anyone wants that they should be willing to give up are Miller and McNabb. They have a lot of centres too I still think the Penguins best chance at getting a 3C that works is from LV. Karlson, Lindberg and even Haula would be an improvement.

    • Have you watched Vgs play yet. Sbisa has played well & is logging the 2nd most TOI/GP of the 6 that have dressed. He & Schmidt have played great together. Sbisa, Garrison, McNabb & Engelland are all UFA’s, at some point all but possibly McNabb will be moved for draft picks & middling prospects. Even McNabb may be moved if he is reluctant to resign.

      Vegas is going no where this year, Theodore playing in the minors until the business side of McPhee’s expansion draft decisions hurts no 1 not even Theodore.

      Again 3 games, 2 against Arz is a very small sample size but Vgs has looked good but reality sets in eventually.

      It’s all about the future in Vgs & that future is 5 years out.

      • 5 years a bit long. McPhee is waiting on some slumps and injuries to move d for value. Not a bad strategy with tuch and theodore but could backfire with shipandshove.

      • He plays the hand he dealt himself now. Obviously Shipachyov isn’t happy having to play in the minors but the business side of the game wins most of these decisions.

        Would anyone claim Reinhart if put on waivers or Hunt for that matter?

      • Chrisms.

        Do you think Vgs will make the playoffs in the next 5 years?

      • Yes. Within 3 would be my guess. 5 almost definitely. Big part of that is the conference. Ana is good. Oil and 🦆 only teams that seem locks this year and many teams lack strong youth.

      • I would be shocked if they make it in 5 & not a chance they make it in 3. Even in the Pacific. Anh, Edm & Cal are solid young hockey teams, Arz is coming fast. It will take Vegas years to accumulate the elite talents these 4 teams have compiled.

      • vegas already has a head start on accumulating talent and a great coach. I’d be shocked if they dont make the dance in 5 and suprised if it taks them more than 3. guess time will tell.

      • James Neal would be a solid trade target for Montreal. He sure looked good against Arizona and I imagine he’d love to play in Montreal, not that it hasn’t been fun so far in Vegas.

      • neal will be among the top deadline targets. easy 1st rounder + for him unless some unexpected competition in the market floods it.

  3. Bergevin is a very entertaining manager as he is not afraid to swing big deals; however, are these deals completed to shift the focus away from him to make it look like he is doing something? It’s early, but Montreal’s only real trade piece is Carey Price at least with respect to the type of deals Bergevin is willing to make. I know I will get a lot of heat for this suggestion, but Price’s star power in Montreal is not much different from Subban’s. Bergevin just happens to be the one guy, outside of Poile, to be willing to make these deals.

  4. With Streit signing a 35+ contract is he eligible to be sent down to that AHL? I found the following quote on CapFreindly and it says after the first year.
    “a team will receive a $100,000 relief off of the teams salary cap hit, if a player is playing in the minor leagues after the first year of their contract.”
    So in the first year do they have to stay up in the NHL or can they be sent down but the full cap hit stays with the team?

    • With 8 mil in cap space it’s a non issue if they have to eat his cap hit or not, they have the 8 mil with him on the books. Ha-ha!

      • True, but to activate Schlemko they have to move another d-man and that is why Streit is on the trading block. I know they can move Mete back to junior, but then they will not be able to recall him unless it’s an emergency call up, and from what I have heard that is not what Montreal wants to do. That is why I was wondering if Streit can be sent down to the AHL if they can’t trade him.

      • Although some popped in here after the July 25 signing saying he would help quarterback the PP, I thought it was a questionable signing. The very next day McPhee sent Methot to Dallas for junior goalie Dylan Ferguson and a SECOND round pick in the 2020 Draft!

        If Bergevin has all that cap space to play with are the ubiquitous “they” trying to say Bergevin didn’t – or couldn’t – make a better offer than that for a D who immediately slide into his Top 4, rather than sign someone clearly over the hill?

      • because bergivan knows paying more for methot would have been a ripoff? because they have completely different skill sets? strait once was a good pp qb… age has caught up to him. methot is a guy who can make superstars better but non-superstars worse. they do have weber so maybe a methot weber pairing would have worked… but I’m guessing bergy didnt want methot being an anchor to the rest of the d.

      • I think I found my answer. If I understand this properly Streit can be sent down to the AHL, but because it’s in his first year of his deal, and only year, he can be sent down to the AHL but his whole cap hit will count towards the Canadians cap. Like Striker said, that it’s pretty much a non issue as the Canadians have a healthy amount of cap space available.
        Now IF he had signed a multi year contract in the second year and years after only $100k would come off of his cap hit if he was sent to the AHL.

      • It’s the over 35 rule. Those contracts can’t be buried in anyway.

  5. How about trying Rienhart on the wing? big body, can skate, and a big shot

  6. AA and Sheahan for Galchenyuk, solves 3 problems.

    • How does this solve 3 problems? Galchenyuk has a 4.9 mill cap hit. Sheehan has a 2.075 mill cap hit and the Wings have NO cap space. The only way this works is if Neilson goes to Montreal as well and then send something else back to Detroit. This trade also does not address the Wings need for defense and no, they won’t take back Streit. Would Montreal enterain trading Drouin in the deal if the Wings had Nyquist in the deal with or without Neilson? However, there would still need to be more going back to Detroit if BOTH Neilson AND Nyquist were going with AA and Sheahan. So basically, Galchenyuk and Drouin plus something for AA, Sheahan, Neilson, Nyquist. Keep in mind that this is a bigger deal and the chances are next to none of happening.

      • helm and LGD would also equal the same and then we can take streit back it would be roughly the same and keep it a smaller deal. still solves 3 problems

      • Who is LGD?

      • Who is LGD? Initials do not work for me all the time especially when I have not heard it before.

      • Luke GlenDenning ????

      • Slick, that may be who he is referring to. It confused me because it is Glendening. No second capital letter in the last name.

    • AA is EXACTLY what Canucks need and fits age group Benning is trying to assemble

      • Who is LGD?..

  7. Maybe Bergevin is waiting to make a play for Tavares this summer… One can only hope..

  8. Gosh what happened to Griffin Reinhart?
    4th overall in 2012, this guy is eatin the bust dirt.
    Coilers are kickin themselves over what they coughed up to get him

    • Let Galchenyuk play on the first line he’s been jerked around from winger to centre 1st line to 4th since he’s been in the league. The kids got talent put him with talent. Montreal has taken some skilled offensive players over the years and tried to turn them into defensive specialist’s. Defence is great but you still have to score to win games. As it stands now no one is putting the puck in. Montreal has a chance to let Galchenyuk play his game place him on the first line not just for 1 night but give the kid a chance and he’ll shine.
      Trade him and some other team will make him a star.

    • The oilers did not give up anything those players have done nothing in the NHL