NHL Rumor Mill – October 13, 2017

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Updates on Matt Duchene, Kyle Turris, Alex Galchenyuk and Andreas Athanasiou in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL analyst Pierre McGuire telling Ottawa’s TSN 1200 that he’d recently spoken with an NHL general manager who  “a substantial offer” to the Colorado Avalanche for center Matt Duchene. McGuire said he doesn’t know what the offer is but it could involve a third NHL club. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Columbus Blue Jackets and Nashville Predators were reportedly the two clubs with the most interest in Duchene this summer. Perhaps McGuire spoke to one of them. It could take a three-way trade to secure the type of return the Avalanche seek for Duchene. 

McGuire was also asked if the Nashville Predators, who had interest in Duchene earlier in the summer, might target Ottawa Senators center Kyle Turris as a fallback plan. McGuire said he could see that happening, though he knows the Senators and Turris are talking contract and Turris’ name hasn’t come up linking him to the Predators. He knows the Predators would like to add another center. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay a number of clubs are following Turris’ contract talks in hopes of pouncing if the Sens decide to move him before the trade deadline. However, I think everyone knows the Sens won’t move him at this point in the season. Indeed, it’s possible he won’t be dealt at all. Plenty of time yet for both sides to work out a new contract. 

Nichols also cites NHL insider Pierre LeBrun’s appearance on Toronto’s TSN 1050 discussing the status of Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk, who’s struggled so far this season and has been dropped to the Habs fourth line during a recent practice. While LeBrun notes some are saying Galchenyuk should be traded and given a fresh start elsewhere, he believes the Canadiens intend to remain patient with the 23-year-old forward. He also feels Galchenyuk’s trade value is low right now so it makes no sense for the Habs to peddle him now. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve read some fans suggest packaging Galchenyuk to the Avalanche for Duchene but the Avs also want a young top-four defenseman plus a first-round draft pick and a prospect. I don’t see the Habs making that deal. As LeBrun notes, Galchenyuk’s trade value is probably low right now so the Habs won’t get a good asset back. Better to stay patient with Galchenyuk in hopes he’ll bounce back as the season progresses. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell reported Wednesday the Detroit Red Wings aren’t shopping restricted free agent forward Andreas Athanasiou, who’s now in Switzerland considering his options. Contract talks between the two sides remain at an impasse. Teams are calling to inquire about Athanasiou, with “the Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Los Angeles Kings displaying the most interest in him.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise those clubs are pursuing Athanasiou as they’re in need of scoring depth. So far, Red Wings general manager Ken Holland doesn’t appear keen to move the young winger, who must be under contract by Dec. 1 or become ineligible to play the remainder of this season. The asking price for Athanasiou is reportedly a young player of comparable skill. The Wings also don’t want to send the wrong message to their other young players that they could be traded if contract negotiations stall. 



  1. In the Athanasiou case you have to wonder who will blink first – Holland or the kid and his agent. My monery’s on Athanasiou to cave because, sitting out (of the NHL) for a full season does nothing for him, whereas Holland likely figures they are not a playoff team with or without him anyway.

    • The longer this plays out and if the wings can continue to win without him than AA should be in a hurry to return at Holland’s terms. The way Frk has played has made AA somewhat expendable. The big question is when will Jimmy Howard falter and return to his old ways and how long can they mask the glaring holes at defense. If i’m Holland I try and deal AA for defensive help as long as Frk continues to produce.

      • That makes some sense, but as Lyle points out “The Wings also don’t want to send the wrong message to their other young players that they could be traded if contract negotiations stall.”

        All bad precedents begin as justifiable measures (attributed to Julius Caesar).

      • Very true George. I didn’t consider that angle. AA doesn’t have the leverage much like Trouba a few years ago, he put a long fight but ultimately settled right back into Winnipeg. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

    • George. If Ottawa is one of the interested parties could you see AA in your lineup for someone like Claesson or Wideman? There would be some other parts likely.

      • Claesson is not going anywhere , not convinced the Wings are looking for D anyways

      • Cleassen olay 24 mins the other night. He isnt going anywhere right now. Wideman could be traded though.

        But perhaps someone like dzingle and a draft pick.

      • @fergie22 The oft injured Kronwall,a declining Ericsson and pending UFA Green would probably say otherwise. A solid d-man should be the top of Holland’s wish list.

      • Wideman is a 5-6 @affordable .8 cap hit but is 28 and a UFA so… short term fix, more likely a trade candidate at the deadline. Senators have a couple of hurts on D right now so I do not believe they would be willing to part with D today but if the Wings want prospects in return perhaps Englund or Harpur (IR) and another piece

      • I don’t see Claesson for Athanasiou as an option for Ottawa. But – as Striker asked the other day (too late in the day to respond there), I COULD see Claesson as part of a deal for Duchene along with, say, a Logan Brown or maybe a Formenton (there’s a reason that 18 y/o has been kept on the roster so far – is it a showcasing for Sakic’s benefit? Stab-in-the-dark, I know, but stranger things have happened).

    • Also wonder the closer it gets to December 1st how much if any will Holland reduce his offer.

      • Given Detroit’s almost non-existent playoff aspirations, I’d say Holland doesn’t budge an inch.

      • Holland stands to gain more by staying pat. He is already walking a fine line balancing his resolve vs being perceived as an obstinate d bag. He starts acting like an jerk lowering his offer and it gets out look for young players to look elsewhere to sign on.

  2. All Colorado need to do is play the Bruins another 20 times and everybody (outside of Boston and Fans) will be happy.

  3. So who predicted the Golden nights and Devils being the last two undefeated teams?

    • Still early Jeff. However the Knights shouldn’t be seen as a true expansion team as they were able to cherry pick so notable names. NJ on the other hand is very surprising and frankly exciting to watch early on.

      • Agreed Vegas is not a true expansion team and they picked some good talent….hopefully they keep some and don’t just sell guys like Neal, Schmidt, Haula. Garrison, Fluery, McNabb at the deadline

    • Not me, thats for sure.
      Obviously Striker this and earned a cool million for his 50K bet

      • striker did*

      • I didn’t bet NJ or Vgs to do anything I can assure you. I could care less about rho’s doing what 3 games into the season. Let the grind kick in.

        That said NJ looks like a completely different team, the increase in speed & creativity is astounding. This isn’t last seasons NJ team that I argued would be brutal & have a terrible season. They were worse than even I thought they would be.

        I have 3 markers for tweaking my predictions & bets before the season starts. The last team in the league playing it’s 6th game. I take a snap shot & start to process the data. The last team in the league playing it’s 12th game. I start to accept some of what I see & may hedge some of my bets. The 1st real meaningful marker is the last team in the league playing it’s 25th game. By this point everyone has had a brutal road trip, the grind has set in the young players are breaking down under the pressure in most cases & the cream starts rising to the top.

        From a fantasy hockey pool perspective I’m all over a hole range of players some that haven’t even started putting up points yet as you can see them coming when things start to balance out based on their play.

        If you haven’t watched Compher in Colorado play yet treat yourself, what a diligent worker & amazing backchecker & penalty killer. This kid in Carolina to Kuokkonen has really impressed me in limited minutes. He has solid skill set. Numerous others as well, but still just a little over a week in so only so many games can be watched so far.

        My travel schedule started this week & now runs till next summer. Love hockey am watching as much as able, I bought the Rogers live NHL package this year so I can watch on any device anywhere.

        Go Bruins.

    • Strangely enough, something like that was predictable. Teams like that, especially those with players seeking to solidify jobs, have the adrenaline flowing early and, in addition, are playing ultra-careful D. But like April-May baseball where also-rans frequently lead their divisions, Oct-Nov hockey standings are often upside-down from that at season’s end.

    • Not me…..I thought both would be better and Vegas would win a few on Adrenalin..but hell no i dint see it.

      • black N gold.

        Not directed at you just on topic & thread & have to chime in some where.

        Vgs has played Arz twice, Dal once. Big deal they beat 1 of the worst teams in the league last season & they will be again this season twice in Arz.

        Lets see what Vgs looks like on Nov 17th. The day the return from a horrendous 6 games in 8 day road trip to the east coast. The NHL gave Vgs as favorable a schedule as possible out of the gate for obvious reasons.

        No this isn’t like past expansion drafts the NHL at least allowed Vgs something to draft as opposed to all past expansion drafts.

        I’m not drinking the elixir. They will work hard stay competitive in most games but be lucky to put up more than 65 points in the standings. I didn’t bet the over or under as I like facts & there aren’t any as this is the 1st time an expansion team has had this opportunity. No reference point to draw on.

        I think Vgs will start trading some of these UFA veterans as soon as they can garner significant returns, that could start at any time not all will necessarily be with Vgs until the trade deadline especially on D.

  4. Bleh.. Montreal’s coaching staff is like they’re all lighting up the lamp or something. Put them all on the forth line.

    Galchenyuk is top 6, not forth line.

    • No coach – especially one with an offensively-challenged and struggling team – is going to commit suicide by consistently playing a T op 6 F on the 4th line. Clearly, Julien doesn’t like Galchenyuk’s game.

      • Agree with both of you. That was a Wednesday practice for a Saturday game….Let’s see what happens when it is game time, then call folks out as required….

      • Let’s face it, our views as expressed here is the old armchair quarterback situation whereby we fans can be a better coach or better GM than the guys in charge. In the final analysis it only serves to give us the opportunity to prove we know the game better than those getting the big bucks to do so.

  5. The Red Wings and AA is all about semantics and sticking to your word and ideological beliefs in terms of pay scale.

    This is all about Holland proving a point. He’s playing hardball while Mantha, Larkin, Frk and the other young prospects continue to develop and take note.

    If you want to play hockey and be a long term part of the Red Wings it’s all about loyalty. Holland typically rewards his RFAs and UFAs for playing along with their internal pay scale.

  6. Bcola

    AA is a sore spot everywhere he goes, even in Junior was all about himself and not a team player. Not many teams want someone like that. He’s got speed, but the attitude far outweighs the speed. I say a bag of pucks a few water bottles and an 5th rounder will do.

    • I didn’t know that about Athanasiou. Where did you hear that?

      • I read articles about it, most specifically when he played for the London Knights and didn’t get along with the coaching staff. Rumour was he got traded to the Barrie Colts from London due to attitude issues. AA also thought he should have got more ice time, but he played for a exceptional Knights team with Domi on it. There’s a reason why he constantly gets knocked down the line up and doesn’t get the minutes he feels he deserves.