NHL Rumor Mill – October 20, 2017

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Updates on Matt Duchene, Alex Galchenyuk, Andreas Athanasiou and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports some believe Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic is mulling over “some legitimate interest and pieces, part of a package perhaps, that he finds at least enticing at this stage” for center Matt Duchene. However, Sakic also found some offers back in June interesting so it’s hard to say if he’s any closer to trading Duchene. Dreger said the New York Rangers are revisiting their previous interest in Duchene but he doesn’t think there’s anything remotely possible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Same story, different day. You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if it takes until next July to trade Duchene. By then, he’ll be approaching the final year of his contract. I daresay interested parties might find it easier to meet Sakic’s asking price if they know they can re-sign Duchene.  A team is allowed to re-sign a player a year prior to the expiration of his existing contract. By next July, Sakic can also allow teams to talk to Duchene about a contract extension if it will facilitate a trade. 

Speaking of Duchene, Dreger doesn’t think he’s a fit financially with the Pittsburgh Penguins, who’ve been in the market for a third-line center. He wonders if Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk might be an option that makes sense. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Habs are getting back a proven young scorer, it doesn’t make sense for them to trade Galchenyuk. The asking price would likely be Jake Guentzel or Conor Sheary. Both players have benefited from playing alongside Sidney Crosby, so there’s a risk they could struggle if traded to the Canadiens. 

Bob McKenzie reports the Los Angeles Kings signed Brooks Laich to a one-year deal as a short-term measure to address the absence of center Jeff Carter, who’s sidelined indefinitely with a leg injury. McKenzie noted in an earlier Insider Trading segment they talked about the possibility of trading a defenseman, such as Jake Muzzin or Alec Martinez, for a forward. He believes they’ll monitor the situation for the time being. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: When the suggestion of trading Muzzin or Martinez was first raised, I didn’t think it necessary to go that route as long as the Kings kept playing well. There’s no question Carter’s injury could affect their production. It’s worth noting Carter had only three assists in six games before his injury, but at some point he was going to break out offensively. It’ll be interesting to see how long Carter’s sidelined and how the Kings cope with his absence. 

McKenzie reports the Detroit Red Wings current salary-cap situation (“now in LTIR mode”) means they cannot give restricted free agent forward Andreas Athanasiou a two-year deal worth $1.95 million per season. If Athanasiou is to sign with the Wings,  it’ll have to be for one year at slightly more than $1.25 million. 

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz suggests Athanasiou could be a worthwhile option for the San Jose Sharks to bolster their depth on the wings. Word is the Red Wings could be open to trading Athanasiou for the right offer, such as a younger player or two, “including probably a defenseman”, to get the deal done. 

Kurz’s colleague Craig Custance, however, reports the Wings have made it clear to Athanasiou that they want him on their roster this season. They’ve expressed “exactly what his role would be and articulating why the two-year offer is where it currently is.” They’ve also slightly sweetened the $1.25 million offer that was already on the table.

They want the 23-year-old to be playing hockey and continue his development. If it won’t be with the Wings this season, they’re open to him skating in Europe. Under the NHL CBA, he can sign with a team in Switzerland and start playing and still return to the Wings before Dec. 1, provided the contract comes with an NHL out-clause. 

If a deal with the Wings cannot be done, that could be interpreted as meaning he doesn’t want to play in Detroit at all. That would require a trade to resolve the situation but the longer he’s on the shelf the more his trade value lessens. Having him playing somewhere would allow interested teams to scout him. The Wings asking price is high, supposedly a prospect who can become either a top-six forward or top-four defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Athanasiou returns to the Wings this season, it appears it’ll be on that one-year deal unless they can clear sufficient cap space. If he’s pushing for a trade, however, the Wings seem open to letting him play in Europe. They could be reluctant to trade him because it might send the wrong message to their other younger players. However, they might have little choice if he truly wants out of Detroit. It’s assumed this situation could be resolved this week. Perhaps by this weekend we’ll know for certain what Athanasiou intends to do. 



  1. I think I might be OK with a Sheary for Galchenyuk trade as long as Alex can be a centre between Hagelen and Kessel. I’d also be OK with trading for AA for Brian Rust only because AA would be playing centre in Pittsburgh and Rust plays wing(although he is effective on either wing and on any line.) i’d even throw in Matt Hunwick and McKegg if they still wanted to get rid of Sheahan.


    Bergevin has been given a short duration to turn the team around.

    Many phone calls and several face to face meetings have been made with GM’s regarding available players and the interest of their Assistant GM’s.

    He had several GM meetings on the last road trip that internally called disasters. Internally this has sped up his short duration to even less.

    Players asked about have been turned down by Bergevin.
    (Fucale, Weber, Jerabek)

    Players made available by Bergevin have been turned down.
    (Plekanec, Mitchell, Hemsky, Schlemko, Benn)

    Julien may also be fired at the same time.

    A double firing.

    Firing Julien would be completely unfair but internally they want to clean house.

    As always,

    Your welcome

    • You have my attention.
      I will stay tuned.

    • Claude Julien, whom Don Sweeney was taken to task for relieving him of his duties as head coach of the Bruins. MB refer to CJ as a superstar in the coaching ranks, signed him for 5yrs at 5m per. After a slow start in Montreal now talk of letting Claude go, interesting.
      I’m not quite sure of what Marc Bergevin is doing especially what he has done with the defense.
      You know something got to give, this isn’t acceptable in the hot bed of Montreal, all starts tonight in Anaheim. Winning cure all sins.

      • Montreal’s ownership might decide to keep the coach with the five year contract and fire the GM who seems to live day to day.

    • Bergevin has some how completely destroyed his defense, traded his best prospect and still hasn’t fixed the offense … Atleast Drouin speaks french.

      Trading Sergachev was a mistake IMO and will haunt the Habs for years.

      • Agree 100% Dino, puzzling what MB did with the defense.

      • What about a Galchenyuk to the Isles for Anthony Beauvillier + pick? MB was recently scouting the Isles. Change of scenery will benefit Galchenyuk and Beauvillier is an offensive player that may help their offence. Added bonus is he is francophone.

      • Exactly

        Would’ve preferred to keep the young defenceman

    • What r u on exactly Delvecchio? Fucale is an East Coast Leaguer at best, Scherbak is a flop. There was a lousy detective show starring Judd Hirsch in the 70’s called Delvecchio, poorly written, not very well thought out, kinda like your posts. Pure fantasy

  3. Athanasiou could be a fit in Winnipeg. In return Winnipeg could offer Detroit some interesting options. Petan (2nd round pick) and Dano (first round pick) could be a package. Two good two way players with loads of character and upside are Copp and speedy Tanev.

  4. Imagine Habs defence if Bergy does not make bad trades – top pairing – Subban – Sergachev, second pairing – markov – petry third pairing mete – juulsen

    • the best move mb made was letting beaulieu go. ive never seen a defenseman play so poorly as beaulieu does. he turns the puck over constantly, his shots are mostly blocked and he tries to do too much for a very under average dman. this guy is the worst player ive ever seen buffalo use on defense in the 25 years ive watched hockey. hes not even nhl caliber. this guy has skill such as speed and size but he is just so out of place and needs so much more discipline in his game as well as one on one coaching.i dont see this guy lasting in buffalos lineup past this year.

  5. Det is only carrying 22 players on their roster & doing so only has them with a little over 10K in LTIR cap space, it increases nominally with each passing game but unless Detroit makes a trade they can’t afford AA on even a 1 year deal at present at 1.25.

  6. Can Galchenyuk kill penalties? The numbers show he can’t win faceoffs. It’s not really a fit for what the Pens need. He’d have more value to a team looking for offense like the Preds.

    One team that looks like it could be a fit for the Pens’ 3C spot is New Jersey.

    They are currently deploying Hischier, Zacha and Henrique as their top 9 centers. Once Travis Zajac returns, maybe an Adam Henrique becomes available.

    He’d be an excellent fit in Pittsburgh and the Pens’ system likely has pieces that appeal to Shero.

    • Who cares if Galchenyuk can kill penalties? The other day Rutherford said the same thing that I said last week which is the Pens would Rowney and McKegg both on the 4th line. They might have to take Reaves out of the lineup but who would miss his 3mins a night? Then they would still have Kuhnhackle, Wilson, or Archibald on the other wing. Those 3 plus Hagelen are all they need. Galchenyuk would be there so they could role 3 scoring lines and to centre the 2PP. That might be right up his alley plus Sullivan has become the best coach in the league at getting the most out of players. Just look at his track record.

  7. What’s going on in MTL shouldn’t be surprising. This roster hasn’t been able to score in years & Bergevin gutted the D, making Price look average at best. Put a great goalie behind a bad D & what you get is a what you see. It’s early but as I stated 3to 4 months ago Mtl’s in serious trouble.

    Drouin isn’t a C, punishing & constantly hanging Galchenyuk out to dry makes no sense, this D is a mess. Nor I am happy with Julien’s player personal decisions.

    I’d like to see Mtl try something like this.

    Galchenyuk, Danault, Drouin.
    Pacioreety, Plekenec, Gallagher.
    Lehkonen, Shaw/Byron, ideally trade, Byron/Shaw.
    Hudon, De La Rose, Hemsky.

    Danault should be getting offensive looks & PP time. This forward roster is a mess & the D worse.

    Bergevin has left this team devoid of prospects really, his handling of Galchenyuk is a joke, giving Beaulieu away for nothing & not giving Markov 1 year at 4.5 if rumors are to be believed has left Mtl with no Dman to help the transition game & help drive the offense.

    Trading Sergechev for Drouin although in Mtl’s favor in the short term is a trade they can’t win.

  8. The Habs are a tire fire. Why would you ever trade a top prospect like Sergachev for Drouin? Drouin had 53 points last 3 on an offensively talented team, and now on top of that – playing him at centre…
    Just terrible and to quote Dino…haha at least he speaks French…so true…
    You think they would have learned from the leafs- you don’t build around small wingers (kessel).
    What a terrible- terrible deal..but I guess Subban was the problem..lol

    • To be fair, I don’t think Drouin is this team’s issue, and the Drouin- Sergechev trade isn’t bad in terms of overall value.

      The comparison to the Leafs and Kessel is bang on, not so much because of building around a small winger, but both teams did a lot of damage to their franchise by trading away assets that they needed, and not recognizing where their franchise was when they made the trade.

      There is nothing wrong with small wingers who can produce offense. They can be a huge part of a winning team, Kessel being a prime example. But when you misjudge your team, and spend big assets on a component that can’t be fully utilized because of other shortcomings of your team, it will come back to bite you. Most times, leaving a player stuck in a situation where they can never succeed to take most of the heat just for not being what the team needed.

      If your team desparately needs a young mobile defensemen, you don’t trade one to fill another need. It doesn’t matter if the trade is actually fair value, you don’t make that trade unless you are winning out huge.

  9. its funny how losing 1 player (chemistry), in this case as vet dman that apparently cant play no more (markov) makes your team crumble overnight…

    • It’s not just the loss of Markov, but Beaulieu, Emelin & Sergachev as well.

      • sorry striker…..beaulieu has been nothing but a cancer to buffalos defense this year. the turn overs, his blocked shots, his stupid mental errors, poor passes and just trying to do too much for an under average dman is killing buffalos defense. in 25 years of watching buffalo religiously ive never seen a player this bad on defense. yeah he has good size and speed but hes not doing anything right that i see and he needs much more time in the ahl before he should be on an nhl roster again. if mtl wants him back id pay them to take him….hes that bad.

  10. You have to wonder what Sweeney and the bruins are doing? The team is a complete mess, anchors of contracts like Rask,krejci and backes and virtually no good prospects beyond Macavoy. The defense is a mess and a one line group of forwards Sweeney has just destroyed this team and will take a very long time to recover

    • Ha-ha! Trollerrrrrr.

      As stated before the people that make their living identifying prospects don’t agree with you.

      They have 1 of the best prospect pipelines in the NHL across the board, at forward D & even McIntyre is a solid goalie prospect & with Rask signed for 3 more years goaltending just isn’t an issue in the short term.

      • Ha ha!! Hoooooomer!! If you watch so much hockey you shouldn’t need to go off of hockey sites to know about prospects

    • Not even a good job at trolling.
      Get some new material little bear.
      You come off as sad,jealous and pathetic.

      • Lol truth hurt sheeppark?

  11. SJ in Ny area for few days. Judging by how season has started here’s my prediction. Nash will be dealt to Sharks after Tuesday’s game as part of a deal to acquire Duchene. Skjei to AV’s.

  12. Galchenyuk to st.louis for prospects
    Jordan schmaltz and Jordan kyrou and a conditional 2nd rounder if st.louis gets to conference final in 2018 playoffs

  13. Red Wings sign Andreas Athanasiou for one year @ $1.3875 million and then trade Riley Sheahan to the Pittsburgh Penguins+2018 5th round pick for Scott Wilson and Pittsburghs 2018 3rd round pick.