NHL Rumor Mill – October 25, 2017

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Updates on Alex Galchenyuk, Sam Bennett, Oliver Ekman-Larsson & more in your NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports not a day goes by without a trade rumor involving Montreal Canadiens struggling forward Alex Galchenyuk. If he’s dealt now, however, Friedman believes it’ll be for “pennies on the dollar.” He thinks the Canadiens would move forward Andrew Shaw, “potentially keeping some part of his salary.” Shaw has four seasons left on his contract at $3.9 million annually and trading term isn’t easy.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports of trade speculation linking Galchenyuk with the New York Rangers. Like the Habs, the Rangers are stumbling through the opening weeks of this season. Cyrgalis points out it’s difficult for the Rangers to absorb the 23-year-old’s $4.9 million annual cap hit for a player who’s never proven himself at center, “the position the Blueshirts need the most.” He also points out the Rangers would have to send some salary the other way to take on Galcheyuk’s cap hit.

THE ATHLETIC: In his latest Calgary Flames mailbag segment, Kent Wilson addressed a reader’s question about pursuing Galchenyuk. While a swap of Galchenyuk for Sam Bennett makes sense for both teams on paper, he’s not sure if he’d make that move just yet. Bennett is something of a “mystery box” right now, who could become a difference maker or a mediocre player. Galchenyuk is slightly older, offensively capable but suspect defensively. 

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Jean-Francois Chaumount cites former Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay telling 98.5 FM Montreal’s Mario Langlois that Galchenyuk twice received treatment in the NHL’s drug and alcohol program. Neither Galchenyuk or the team would comment about the report. ” I do not know what you’re talking about, ” he told reporters yesterday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The report points out a player who takes part in the league’s assistance program has the right to do so on a confidential basis and isn’t obligated to inform his team. If Galchenyuk did receive treatment, Tremblay’s remarks could be considered a violation of the confidentiality policy. If he didn’t take part in the program, Tremblay will be under pressure to explain himself.

I don’t see the Canadiens moving Galchenyuk or Shaw or anyone else right now, simply because they won’t get a return that immediately improves their performance. Unless they opt to go into tear-down mode (and I don’t see that happening), they will likely stick with those two for the time being.

Bennett is a promising young player but, like Galchenyuk, he’s struggled at center. As Wilson notes, he hasn’t developed yet into what he’s going to be. Galchenyuk, despite his current difficulties, has a couple of decent scoring seasons under his belt.

Shaw’s been a significant disappointment for the Habs with his loose-cannon act. I don’t see anyone being keen to take on his contract at this time, even if the Habs pick up part of the cap hit. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman also cites colleague Nick Kypreos recently saying teams are starting to monitor Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson. He’s eligible in 2019 for unrestricted free agency, but Coyotes GM John Chayka told Friedman his captain is not available. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ekman-Larsson won’t be dealt this season. However, speculation over his future with the Coyotes will ramp up in the offseason. He’ll be a year away from UFA eligibility next July. If the Coyotes keep spinning their wheels, it could affect their efforts to re-sign him. 

Friedman also noted Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba was recently dropped to the club’s third defense pairing, suggesting that’s something to watch. 

No contract talks yet between the Detroit Red Wings and pending UFA defenseman Mike Green. There will be a long lineup for Green’s services if the Wings decide to shop him by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. 

TSN: reports the Pittsburgh Penguins won’t rush to trade for a goaltender after placing Antti Niemi on waivers. For now, they’ll attempt to move forward with Casey DeSmith as Matt Murray’s backup. Niemi was winless in three starts with the Penguins and was plucked off waivers yesterday by the Florida Panthers. 



  1. Green will fetch a 1st round pick at the deadline. He should be traded. We do not need to resign him. Wings defense although awful is better with Green however the Wings are not a playoff team and need the picks and/or prospects. Green’s cap hit of 6 million per can be used elsewhere as well.

    • I agree. Green should fetch a decent return from a contending team, and there will be plenty of contending teams who feel they could use another top 4 D. Green is also far better defensively than he gets credit for. He isn’t a shutdown specialist or anything, but teams like Toronto, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Dallas, Edmonton and Washington would all be improved defensively (not just offensively) by adding Green to their top 4. At least a few of those teams are likely to feel like contenders by the deadline, so there will be a pretty competitive market for Green’s services if the Wings go that route.

      • Green only fetched a 1st if there is a bidding war for him. There could be but it will depend on what d are available at the deadline. And unless pens have a major injury Green doesn’t crack the top 5 let alone top 4.

      • I wasn’t so much agreeing about being worth a 1st, just that he should be of interest to a lot of contending teams, and in Detroit’s position, they should be looking to move him, even if they are still around the bubble. Chances are he will be at the higher end of what a rental would be worth. Some years GM’s create a market where that is a 1st+, some years the market isn’t as lucrative and 2nds or mid prospects is the top tier currency. What I think would be certain is that he would be one of the more sought after Rentals.

        I think Mike Green get’s insanely underrated by many. To say he wouldn’t crack Pitt’s top 5 has him rated below Hunwick, which is just flat out wrong. I think he is also quite a bit better than Shultz or Maata. He has been averaging about a half point per game in Detroit, without the help of a ton of PP production, playing #1 D minutes and doing a decent job of playing top competition on a relatively weak team.

        He isn’t a superstar, but he is a bonafide top 4 guy, who would help a lot of teams, and unless someone unexpected is made available, he would likely be the best defensemen available.

      • no it has him rated below cole. properly.if he was coles partner instead of hunwick it would stupendous!

      • Is Green a RH shot? If so then yes he would be an improvement over Hunwick but he would not be top 4 on the Pens. Maatta is back with Shultz and they looked great until Shlutz got hurt and NO ONE is breaking up Letang and Dumoulin who compliment each other perfectly and play the most minutes.

    • Mike Green will net the Wings a 1st round draft pick plus more at the deadline. Top 4 dman, right handed with offense.

      He would slot in the top 4 on all but two teams. Nashville and possibly Calgary.

      • Not accounting for injuries at present he would be hard pressed to dislodge any of these teams top 4.

        Anaheim. Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen & Manson.
        Arizona. OEL, Hjalmarsson, Goligoski, Demers.
        Boston, Chara, Carlo, Krug, McQuad.
        Carolina. Faulk, Pesce, Hanafin, Slavin.
        Columbus. Jones, Werenski, Savard, Johnson.
        Edmonton. Klefbom, Larsson, Sekera, Russell.
        Florida. Yandle, Ekblad, Mattjeson, Pysyk.
        Los Angeles. Doughty, Forbert, Muzzin, Martinez.
        Minnesota. Suter, Spurgeon, Dumba, Brodin.
        NYI. Leddy, Boychuk, de Haan, Peleche.
        Pittsburgh, Leddy, Dumolion, Schultz, Maatta.
        StLouis. Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester, Parayko, Edmundson.
        Winnipeg. Buffy, Trouba, Myers, Enstrom.

        Numerous of these teams still have other solid NHL Dman.

        Green is semi 1 dimensional, not a total lost cause defensively but not exactly proficient either but he isn’t paid to shut people down but drive offense.

        Detroit will get at least a 1st but Green doesn’t make the top 4 for 1/2 the teams in the NHL currently as their top 4 are full not because he doesn’t have the ability to be.

  2. Cola, I don’t disagree. Some lunatic manager WILL give you a 1st round. But they really shouldn’t. His best days are long past.

    • Managers have now gone to the opposite extreme regarding trades. They are almost paralyzed by fear to do so. They realize that in today’s NHL you can keep your job a bit longer if you just ride things out rather than rather than risk a bad trade. Bettman has got his cash cow under his control. Right where he likes it, stale and predictable.

      • It’s a business issue. Making trades after the season starts in a cap world is very challenging.

        The NHL has grown significantly under Bettman. It’s far from stale, the fastest growing professional sport in the world & the grwoyth at the grass roots level due to expansion in the US is staggering.

        Thank you Mr. Bettman.

  3. Not a nice thing to do if you are Tremblay or anyone else for that matter.
    Somethings should be left out of the press.
    I think half the problems in Montreal are created by former players who refuse to ride off into the sunset once their careers are finished.
    Say nice things.
    You can certainly critique a player but dredging up the “news” that a player had received treatment in a drug and alcohol program is uncalled for, and should never happen.
    Tremblay should keep that sort of thing to himself as it will benefit no one.

    • True that Shoreorrpark.
      Is anyone really surprised that Tremblay acted like an A-hole?

      • No

    • Mario Tremblay was a good hockey player, but a terrible coach and a useless hockey analyst.

      • It’s like having Sweeney and Neely good players terrible in the front office

      • Trollerrrrrr

      • .??? Listen striker you might think your opinion is the only one that matters but AGAIN…… you are wrong like usual! I kinda think you’re a keyboard king never played hockey just started talking out of your A**

    • Tremblay (aka worst coach in Habs history) once again shows his lack of class. Bitter know-it-all.

      • With an ego far greater than his abilities.

    • Broken codes of confidentiality in recovery circles can, ultimately, kill people.

  4. Real question: Are buyouts still a thing? If so, I see Shaw as a prime candidate for one whenever Bergevin gets replaced (whether that’s this season or beyond).

    It was a poor trade, even worse signing, both for dollars and term.

  5. Trombley… if someone let slip info about d/a treatment to Mario then it should be a fireable offense. If Mario made it up then he could be looking at being sued. Unfortunately substance use disorder isn’t treated as any other condition by many people and that’s why it has such strong confidentiality tied to it. Shouldn’t effect Galchenyuks value but it likely will

    • If NHL treatment confidentiality was actually in any contract Trombley signed with the league, even if Galchenyuk did use NHL provided treatment Trembley could be sued also.

      But, if Galchenyuk is in actually in recovery, he would also probably forgive Trembley of his faux pas.

      • being in recovery doent make you a sucker… and if these comments adversely effect his career he shouldn’t be afraid to go after the jerk.

  6. Shaw to Chicago for Connor Murphy, mtl retain $50,000 of Shaw contract. MtL gets a young dman and Chicago keeps recycling their old team.

    • Why 50 000$ …better be 35% then it makes sense for the Hawks no?

  7. Mike Green has never been stellar in the defensive end; if a team sends a first to the Wings it will be akin to the Nashville heist of a first for Paul Gausted

  8. Pacioretty for Kreider.
    Imagine the Hab fan reaction!

  9. Butcher’s calder consideration type of season (so far) is gonna make some of the bourgeoisie posters a bit frustrated yes?

    • I’m calling it right now so remember I said it. Sergachev will win ROY this year. He’s just in the perfect position.

      • Keller is too good not to win it, if you haven’t watched him play check it out

      • Not playing under 13 mins a night.

        My Calder candidates to start the season were in no particular order Keller, Barzal, McAvoy & Boeser. I still think 1 of them wins it.

        How did the Canucks choose Juolevi over Sergachev? What a mistake.

        Butcher has shocked me, as has NJ. I expected them to be better but I didn’t see this transformation to a speed game. They are actually fun to watch for about the 1st time in 20 years. Not sure Butcher won’t hit the wall as the grind sets in. NJ hasn’t had to leave their time zone yet. Nor had any form of grueling road trip.

      • Another nice rookie class with some surprises.

        If Sergachev finishes with 50+ points he should be the man to beat. Keller will get loads of ice time to put up points. Arizona players get overlooked

        Tampa must look at their offseason as Drouin for Stamkos with Sergachev as dessert

      • Sergachev has 3 multi point games in a row and is at almost a point per game. Tampas d is good enough that they gave him all the time he needed to get comfortable. I’m not looking at his whole season as much as the last 4 games where he has finally settled in and is getting confident. Keller is the obvious choice. Barzal has what 3 points so far? Sergachev TOI will go up and up.

      • You may well be right & what Sergechev has accomplished is awesome especially considering the limited minutes.

        I really struggle with these rookies that break in earlier than anticipated. They are exceptions to the norm, no pattern, rhyme or reason that my brain can wrap around.

        I hope he continues & helps TB win the cup this year. TB is 1 of the teams I couldn’t pass up the odds to win the cup on in July.

      • I also thought Yzerman might want that conditional 2nd on the table from Mtl in this trade. If Sergachev plays more than 40 games it’s lost.

        That said these situations always remind of a comment by JJ Richards. “There’s always room at the top.” Incredibly true. If your just to good to pass over your staying in the shoe regardless of the business consequences.

        I didn’t see Larkin being the 1st rookie under 20 to crack Detroit’s roster 2 years ago since Lidstrom either.

        My odds of probability brain doesn’t like this 20% of players that buck the odds.

    • Actually most Avs fans are much happier with the Kerfoot swap. But, even before the Avs got Kerfoot, Butcher’s possible departure has always been, meh…
      Only lesser Avs die-hards are upset. But, most of us didn’t bat an eye when he left.

      Kerfoot on the other hand is gonna be awesome for us this year. He has been probably our best and most consistent forward. This kid is no flash in the pan, he is the real deal. If none of you have watched him play, you gotta check this kid out. I would put him in a fantasy pool asap. He is just getting better and better every day. They finally have put him at center going forward and last night he excelled in his natural position. If and when Duchene leaves I have no doubt that Kerfoot will take his spot. Kerfoot has been better and more lethal the MacKinnon and Duchene all season. The kid is all over the ice and backchecks like a maniac. The puck follows him and he just makes things happen every game. He sees the ice so well and his game never lulls, even when most of the team does. The kid is just smart and tenacious. Watch out for Kerfoot. I think the Avs got the better player here. He is certainly more important to us than Butcher would ever be. But, good for Butcher! I hope he keeps it up.

      • Butcher had no intentions of signing in Col, I love the fact they signed NJ’s College UFA, ironic. I have actually watched Colorado play several times. It started with them playing my favorite team early, Boston, twice & has continued.

        I think Kerfoot’s move to C in the short term relates to Compher & Jost both getting injured. Will he stay there when everyone is healthy? Probably not if Duchene is still on the roster & long term with Compher, Jost & Kerfoot someone will have to play the wing as McKinnon is entrenched at #1.

        I have supported Sakic & Colorado endlessly, getting bashed here endlessly by almost everyone but certainly the usual suspects who like to live in the now.

        I have been very impressed with Kerfooot but the rookie that has impressed me the most is Compher. His k check shocked me, I saw him recover for his linemates on 2 breakaways taking away a great scoring chances.

        Just 1 of the 4 assets Sakic acquired when he moved O’Reilly.

      • Sorry should read backchecking not K checking. Having serious issues with this odd site lag, has been going on for months.

  10. Remember when everyone thought the Oilers were crazy for taking Draisaitl over Bennett in that draft? In hindsite Draisaitl should have been first overall and Bennett maybe not even top 10.

    • Re-drafting the top 10 of 2014 would look much different than it does now.
      1 Draisaitl
      2 Ehlers
      3 Nylander
      4 Ekblad
      5 Milano
      6 Dvorak
      7 Reinhart
      8 Kempe
      9 Ho Sang
      10 Ritchie
      Any one of those guys would be making a much bigger impact on the Flames roster right now.

      • I can’t wrap my head around that. We will need at least 5 years to determine who most of these players will really be in the NHL.

        Opportunity plays a huge role in these players production today. I want to see these players from 25 to 28 before ranking them.

        Isn’t hindsight great. Not so easy when your drafting kids that are turning 18 before the end of September intheir draft year.

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure I covered hindsight there Striker. By 25-28 there won’t be much difference. And yes thanks for the revelation that opportunity plays a big part. If Daniel Sprong was given the proper opportunity we would all have him in the Calder race where he belongs.

      • It’s unfortunate the business side of hockey effects many of these players. It’s like Ray Ferraro likes to see. No ones career is hurt by playing in the AHL.

      • Not a revaluation Deeee & not trying to be condescending. Just commenting on the thread.

  11. Vegas 7-1 after 8 games, who had this team playing a min of 500 hockey after 14 games.
    I know on here there was comparison to the Canadian schedule and how bad the habs have it and The Golden Knights an expansion team has it easy. It’s an expansion team! that everyone one said circle the calendar there’s two pts you can afford to lose. The last 2 games beat Chicago and StL. Not bad and 3 different goalies with a win. This isn’t to say I see Vegas going to the playoff but don’t be crapping on them for being 7-1 because of the schedule. My Bruins had the easiest schedule of the season but losses to Vegas, Buff and two to Colorado couldn’t take care of an easy schedule.
    Play the schedule and win your games

    • I certainly didn’t Caper. They are playing great regardless of the easy schedule & have beat some great teams.

      I had Vegas dead last in the NHL this year nor did I see them breaking 65 points. I don’t know what to think now but will wait to hit my markers. They go on a grueling road trip to the east coast on Oct 30 although the level of competition isn’t elite.

      I will reassess my projection for them on Dec 2nd, after they play their 25th game. Also curious to see when they finally start to make some trades. Numerous teams need Dman due to injuries & still nothing being moved out of Vgs at D.

      Are teams trying to stick it to McPhee or are his demands to high?

      • Or Vegas is winning and has no cap issues so they can wait out teams needing help when injuries occur and get better than expected value.

      • Best value is generally achieved at the trade deadline so as you say with no cap issues waiting makes sense. I’d like to see Theodore playing in the NHL but I guess it doesn’t really matter, I have C. Miller & Schmidt in both my fantasy leagues so working for me.

        As well as Marchesseault, Smith & Tuch.

    • As I said at the beginning of the season, Don’t sleep on Vegas.

      • Nobody expected this but anyone who thought they didn’t cobble together a team that could compete with the bottom 1/3rd of the league wasn’t paying attention. Mcphee put together a team that could compete and also added bucu assets for the future.

      • No reference point in this round of expansion. The quality of players was significantly better than in any expansion in the past.

        Very curious to see how this season is gong to play out for Vegas & what their success may mean in the next round of expansion coming soon.

        I’m in Vegas from Nov 6th thru 11th & get to see Winnipeg play them live. My idea of seeing a show well in Vegas. The wife was hoping for the Beatles show. Ha-ha! I’ll sit thru that as well.

      • I’m jealous striker… definitely would be my show of choice. There is no reference point for Vegas but everyone that assumed McPhee passed on better players for futures didn’t get the market.

      • I don’t think it’s that we didn’t get the market. What defines there success won’t be based on what they achieve this season. Drafting so many Dman still doesn’t make sense to me.

        I’ll get to see both shows. If I didn’t hook up with my wife in Vegas that week we won’t have seen each other for almost 2 months. Back on the road & as I was laid up with a back injury far longer than normal in 1 stretch.

  12. Anyone actually watch Bennett & CGY play? On the east coast I never seem him. Does he look lost out there? Or is it he just is not very creative offensively one-on-one ? I know he is not a “prototypical built” center being 6′ around 200….but that cannot be his real drawback right?

    • I see Calgary play a ton live. Bennett is a very responsible player, with the exception of his rookie year, where he occassional got deployed offensively he has seen very limited opportunities, he’s never really been deployed in an offensive role. His TOI/GP & PP TOI/GP are extremely limited.

      If you look at the 2014 draft class with a few minor exceptions the majority of this draft class hasn’t even broken through to the NHL as full time players. Most are just now seeing their 1st real NHL opportunities in very limited games & minutes. Bennett’s already seen 168 NHL regular season games.

      With Jankowski called up he played LW last night, Lazar on RW, saw a whopping 13:23 & 1:39 of PP time good for 10th, just clinging to a 2nd line PP spot with Jagr injured. He sits 11th in PP TOI/GP this season for Calgary.

      Pretty hard to score playing a 3rd line role with limited PP opportunities. Bennett is buried on Calgary’s roster & not breaking into a top 6 role any time soon & I’m talking at least 2 years, probably longer if ever.

      • thank you,…..maybe he is the center the Habs need….without trading Galchenyuk though. Maybe some other deal can be made…. Shaw and a 2nd rd pick and prospect perhaps… Shaw more suited for 3rd line role. Bennett can play 2nd line center instead of Plekanec … along side Patches and Gally.

      • I’d trade Spooner for Bennett.
        He’s been surpassed by Matt Tkach, Thachu,Katchun……..
        Darn it, Keith’s son on the Flames depth chart.
        I for one like his game. I’d like it better if he was in Boston.

  13. If Tremblay knows Galchenyuk took part in an alcohol and drug program and spilled the beans he still has explaining to do whether or not Galchenyuk did. What a big mouth! This puts the debacle he had with Roy into clearer focus. Who the hell would want to play for someone like that?

  14. If Montreal continues to struggle this bad they may very well need to trade more than Shaw and Galchenyuk. Price and even Weber would net the best returns. Can’t trade Drouin as they just got him. Can’t trade Mete because they traded Sergachev to get Drouin! If as presently constructed they continue to falter than established players like Price and Weber are just being wasted. Let youngers players take over so they can grow together.

    • Trade Paccioretty too while you are at it.

      • Hopefully they don’t pull a leafs or pens and disrespect the fans by tanking! That is a classless move that shouldn’t be rewarded but go figure Lou and shanty headed that

  15. Vegas has given Shipachyov permission to seek out a trade. I think MTL (plenty of cap space)should jump on it as he is offensively creative. He would become their best center already and allow Drouin to stay on wing to create more offense. I seriously would put
    as their top 6

    if they can trade for Bennett in CGY…go for it and put him in the 2c slot. You need offensively creative personalities to generate offense…not defensive minded players like Plekanec to create offense which equals GOALS. Best defense is a good offense when Price does not have to make 40 saves plus a game.

  16. Is Matt Dumba a candidate for the Leafs .
    Even Drew Doughty made mention of Leafs having to upgrade their defence before they think they are even close to contention .