NHL Rumor Mill – October 26, 2017

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Latest on the Blue Jackets, Canadiens, Golden Knights, Senators and Canucks in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace recently wondered if the loss of Lukas Sedlak to injury might force the Blue Jackets into the trade market to bolster their depth at center. He noted Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen was among several GMs who’ve made pitches in recent months to the Colorado Avalanche for center Matt Duchene. However, the Avs asking price is high, reportedly a current player , a draft pick and a blue-chip prospect.

Arace said Ryan Murray and Sonny Milano are rumored to be part of the Jackets’ offer. “Would you give up Murray, Milano and a first-rounder for Duchene?”

THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Aaron Portzline was asked if there’s a possibility the Jackets trade for Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk. he doesn’t rule it out of the realm of possibility though he doesn’t know if Galchenyuk is seen as a proven center or a more capable winger.

Portzline was also asked if investing in a return of Artem Anisimov would be worthwhile for the Jackets. Given Anisimov’s contract ($4.55 million annually through 2020-21), it’s not something that makes long-term sense for the Jackets. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the teams linked to Duchene in his never-ending rumor mill, the Blue Jackets seem the best fit. The sticking point, as always, is the Avs asking price. If an offer of Murray, Milano and a first-round pick for Duchene was acceptable to Colorado GM Joe Sakic, Duchene would be skating with the Jackets today.

I don’t think Galchenyuk is a worthwhile gamble for the Jackets. He’s yet to prove himself as a center.

Anisimov would be a better fit skill-wise but, as Portzline points out, his contract doesn’t fit within the Jackets budget. Cam Atkinson, Boone Jenner and Jack Johnson are eligible for free agent status next summer and Sergei Bobrovsky, Artemi Panarin and Zach Werenski are up for new deals the following year. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports anyone expecting Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin to swing a trade to help his struggling team will be disappointed. Bergevin said the answers to his club’s woes rest with the current roster. He adds they’re not giving up on forward Alex Galchenyuk, who’s been demoted to the fourth line. 

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: David Schoen cites reports from TSN and Sportsnet indicating the agent for Vegas Golden Knights center Vadim Shipachyov was given permission to seek a trade. One reports claimed Vegas GM George McPhee contacted the Canadiens’ Marc Bergervin but the latter wasn’t interested. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if Bergervin was looking for roster help via trade (and I think he was), there’s simply no offers he’ll get right now that can provide immediate help for the Canadiens. I’m sure his critics probably think Shipachyov would’ve been an affordable gamble, but he’s carrying a $4.5 million annual cap hit through 2018-19. That’s a lot of coin to invest in a 30-year-old center who’s struggling to adjust to the North American game after playing his entire career in Russia. 

THE ATLANTIC: Pierre LeBrun recently reported on the contract stalemate between the Ottawa Senators and center Kyle Turris. The 28-year-old Turris seeks an eight-year deal but the Senators don’t want to go that high. He wonders what Sens GM Pierre Dorion will do by the Feb. 26 trade deadline if his club is in playoff contention but Turris remains unsigned.

He doesn’t think Dorion wants to move his top-line center and the only acceptable return would be getting another first-line center in return. That deal won’t be easy to make. Should Turris hit the free-agent market this summer, LeBrun wonders if the New Westminster, BC native might be a fit for the Vancouver Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators were reportedly interested in Matt Duchene, so why not swap Turris for Duchene? Because, as we’ve heard ad nauseum for months, the Avalanche want a hefty return based on promising young players. The 28-year-old Turris is two years older than Duchene and believed seeking around $6 million annually on a long-term deal. I don’t think the Avs are interested.

As for Turris going to the Canucks, that depends upon the play of Bo Horvat and if they intend to bring the Sedins back for another year. 

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford recently reported defenseman Troy Stecher joining Alex Edler on the injury list won’t force Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning into the trade market. Strecher will be sidelined weeks, not months. Benning said he’s called up Patrick Wiercioch and currently has seven defensemen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With 11 points in nine games, the Canucks are also off to a better-than-expected start. Benning isn’t under any pressure right now to swing a deal. 



  1. Canucks have played better so far than I thought they would.

    • The same can be said of Las Vegas, Colorado and New Jersey – but it’s still October.

    • Amazing what a real coach can do for a team.

      • So the Avalanche have a real coach this year?

  2. Maybe Ryan Murray and Sonny Milano AND multiple picks for Duchene
    The Habs can afford Vadim Shipachyov . A mid to late draft pick only.
    Imports have done well in Montreal historically . If he doesn’t pan out, buy him out

    • Easier said than done regarding Shipachyov, SilverSeven. Remember, he’s earning $4.5 million annually through 2018-19. The Habs obviously don’t want to waste their cap space on an largely unproven player carrying that much salary. Buying him out still leaves them with dead cap space they can’t afford to carry beyond next season.

    • If LV eats some good salary there will be many teams inquiring

      • Bergevin is going to get ripped for this. All that cap space and not using it on a guy who could be the number one center they need. Of course if he makes the deal and Shippy does not win the scoring title and the Stanley cup MB will also get ripped – should have saved the space for Tavares.

  3. I would maybe trade Sonny Milano +3rd rounder for Duchene. Adding in a solid depth D like Murrray? and a 1st? for a 2 year contract. I guess Columbus should be all in this season but I would think you can get a better playoff player for that package than Duchene. The Habs might take that package for Patches

  4. Thanks for the Matt & Alex updates I’ve been wondering what the status was on them.

    • What were you hoping for today in the rumor mill?

      Are you new to hockey and trade rumors?

  5. Just read yesterday post of redrafting the top 10 of 2014. Seem someone forgot about David Pastrnak who would be top 3 and also for top 10 consideration would be Brayden Point and Victor Arvidsson. This list will probably change in another 5 years.

    • You’re right I did forget about Pastrnak. Point would have been top 12. Also Montour and Kapanan could easily be top 10 one day soon. My point was that Bennet was not a top 10 pick from that draft, which produced a lot of talent. I remember at the time of the draft that Ekblad was the consensus number 1 pick and then it was Sam vs Sam for 2 and 3 and everyone thought Edmonton was crazy for taking Draisaitl. Sam and Sam have yet to live up to the hype and a lot of players have passed them both:

  6. I thought Plekanec’s 6 million is off the books next year? I also thought the demoting of Ship in LV was more due to cap/roster issues and not wanting to lose a Dman for nothing on waiver wires? If Ship earns 4.5 next year…..is it that bad a gamble? He earns less than Plekanec and 4 yrs younger. Not as good defensively, but what good is defense if you cannot score…….

    still leaves them with plenty of cap space next year to make a pitch for JT

    • You’re forgetting Price’s $10 million annual cap hit kicks in next season. Habs have over $61 million invested in 17 players. If they make a pitch for Tavares it’ll cost ’em another $10 million annually. Assuming the cap rises to $77 million next season, that won’t leave much space for other signings or additions. Adding Shipachyov’s $4.5 million would take up valuable space to be used elsewhere.

      • Ooops. I forgot about Carey. Thank you. Plekanec not being resigned is to give them room for Price’s contract….

    • If Shipachoyov can’t make an expansion team what does that say about his ability to play in the NHL. What’s odd is Vegas hasn’t really given him a chance but nor has he earned it.

      I’m going to wager this ends up with Shipachoyov & Vegas mutually agreeing to terminate his contract so he can return to the KHL.

      How many veteran Russians, undrafted & not developed in NA, have successful transferred to the NHL? The sample size is small as the NHL garners almost all the best players in the world at at a very young age.

      Philly’s experiment with Medvedev failed as well. If these were really NHL players they would have come over a long time ago.

      • It’s not that Shipachayev can’t make the team. He can go to the AHL without waivers. That’s the only reason he’s back there. Marcheseault came off of the DL and they needed the roster spot. He hasn’t even been given any kind of a chance yet. If he went to a team like the Penguins that has star players and his tempo of a game the story would be much different. LV is too worried about losing bad dmen on waivers to give up roster spots they need for 3 players that should be on their team but are waiver exempt.

      • Vgs could have sent Tuch down instead of Shipachoyov. Nor is anyone taking Merrill or Hunt in trade. I’m not certain they would even be selected off the waiver wire.

        We all assumed this issue related to a waivers issue but as McKenzie raised the other day, really this is just a hockey issue, those ahead of him on the NHL roster have played better.

        Haula was thought to be returning the other night but wasn’t activated. If he is for Fridays game then a roster spot will need to be cleared & the only other player that can clear waivers is Tuch.

      • and its really hurting them bad in the standings. they can afford to wait.

      • Agreed.

      • McPhee on record recently stating they’re not going to play Shipachyov just because of contract. Others are playing better… He’s not adjusting and was sent back to AHL and has asked permission to speak with other teams. So, besides the fact he’s not an NHL player, he’s got an attitude also! Wouldn’t gamble on a guy like that.

  7. Adding Turris to Canucks would be great but need to dump dead weight contracts like:
    Eriksson $6m
    Gagner $3.15m

    I know for a fact Turris would do cartwheels to play for Vancouver if they cam calling for him.

    A nice 1-2 punch of Turris/Horvat could go a long way as Horvat seems destined to be a great #2 center locked up to a great contract.

    Turris/Boeser could also become a great pairing as well

    But does adding Turris help the long term goal of their center position?
    We just drafted Petterssen but he is realistically 3 yrs away from making an impact.
    NCAA stud Adam Gaudette will hopefully sign at the end of his Junior year and hopefully get a full year in Utica.

    • You know for a fact?? Are you a personal acquaintance or one of those who frequents the same bar as his cousin’s uncles girlfriend? Or perhaps you simply studied at the feet of certain members of Leafs Nations who had everyone from Jean Beliveau to Eric Stamkos salivating at donning the blue-and-white? Unless you have something substantial (and believable) to quote, those kind of remarks belong in a fan blog.

      • George O
        Oh…I’m sorry…are you the comment police now? You can pound sand if you figure I should whip out a tape recorder and post a quite on here for your enjoyment.
        I will write whatever I want in my comments and yes I’m personal friends with a very close member of that family. Athletes talk all the time about where they wish to one day hope to play. Heck, Evander Kane has made it known that he too would love to play here. Doesn’t mean he and every other athlete wont remain professional and not give 110% wherever he ends up playing.
        I’m sure Tavares would LOVE to play for his hometown Leafs but its up to Leafs to sign him or not or if Tavares will lower his salary expectations to a certain level.
        Who knows if Canucks want to sign Turris. After all he will be 28/29 and no way do Canucks wish to dump big term and dollars to another player of that age after getting stung by Eriksson.
        Would Turris help this club? Damn rights he would…but until he is 35/36? Probably not.

  8. Of course Galchenyuk isn’t gonna be traded, his trade value is worth that of a 5th-7th rounder.

    • Ouch. It’s not great but it’s certainly higher than that. Ha-ha!

      Hard for any team to take on a 4.9 mil cap hit for a player in a terrible situation like this with rumors about attitude issues & now potentially a drug or alcohol problem.

      • I agree Striker. He is deff worth more then that. He is starting to remind me quite a bit of yakupov’s situation and now look 5 points in 9 games and a +4 on Colorado. I know its only 9 games. But Gally to me seems like he just needs that change of scenery. Unless of course there really is something behind the drugs/alcohol rumours.

      • Ya, Gally is going to have to figure this out in MTL, which will be difficult with the media attention that will only get worse. Hopefully they cut the kid some slack and he gets a chance to just play and get his act together, but I doubt it.
        Yakupov – I will go out on a limb and predict 30 points or less, and minus 10 or worse for the season.

  9. Here ya go Sakic (sarcasm)

    To TOR: Duchene
    To COL: Bozak + Kapanen + Bracco + 2018 1st Rounder

    Bozak is a good 2nd/3rd line Centerman, Kapanen is unproven but showed high value in the playoffs and is young. Bracco is a VERY skilled prospect and a 1st would merely top off the deal.

    In turn, this would be the new Leafs lineup:


    • Which 1 of those 3 players is a defensemen? Ha-ha!

      Decent offer even with out Bozak a pending UFA in the equation. Kapanen, Bracco & a 1st but if Sakic wasn’t holding firm on the Dman a trade would have been found by now.

      You can never say never but don’t see Tor as a fit.

      • While Duchene would be a nice to have, it would be nearly impossible for Toronto to fit him in their line up long term, and I don’t think Toronto can afford to give up what it would take to get him. Also, as much as it’s great that Kadri has a good enough contract that he could be an excellent 3C and not be overpaid for that role, it isn’t happening unless they do so internally by moving Nylander to C as well.

        I will give it creativity points though haha. I also think that given the fact that adding the defender they need is nearly impossible, the next best thing to do to improve team Defense is add a center who is better defensively and better at playing Babcock’s style and system in the 3C spot. If their 3rd line could keep up cycle pressure on opponents more often, it would take pressure off the D. Bozak has never played well in that sort of system. He is more of a go out there and trade chances and create choas.. at both ends.

  10. Lyle.

    I thought the NHL demands that any player designated to a member teams AHL affiliate had to actually report to qualify as having been sent down?

  11. Victor Rask for Galchenyuk may be a trade that helps both Carolina and Montreal.

  12. Galchenyuk and Shipachyov are both damaged goods and will not bring back much in return.