NHL Rumor Mill – October 27, 2017

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Updated TSN NHL trade-bait list and more in today’s NHL Rumor Mill update. Enjoy!

TSN.CA: Five members of the Vegas Golden Knights, New York Rangers winger Rick Nash and Los Angeles Kings defenseman Alec Martinez make up TSN’s updated Trade Bait list for this season. Of course, the list is topped (as always) by Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene, but center Vadim Shipachyov sits second after his agent confirmed the Golden Knights have allowed him to contact the other 30 NHL clubs to explore trade possibilities.

Other Vegas players on the list include defenseman Luca Sbisa (three), wingers James Neal (five) and David Perron (seven) and blueliner Griffin Reinhart (eight). Sbisa, Neal and Perron are all eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. Shipachyov is signed through 2018-19 with an annual cap hit of $4.5 million while Reinhart’s is $800K

Nash (10), Detroit Red Wings rearguard Mike Green (four) and Vancouver Canucks winger Thomas Vanek (six) are also slated for UFA status next July. Martinez (nine) is signed through 2020-21 with an annual average value of $4 million. He was mentioned as a possible trade candidate if the Kings decide later in the season to shop for more offense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene’s status is well documented so no reason to rehash it here. The Montreal Canadiens and Columbus Blue Jackets reportedly aren’t interested in Shipachyov, whose limited NHL experience and significant salary-cap hit could make him difficult to trade.

The trade status of the pending UFAs on this list will depend in part on where their respective clubs sit in the standings by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. If they’re in playoff contention they could be unwilling to move those players.

Should the Kings’ maintain their strong offensive improvement over the course of this season they’ll have no reason to shop Martinez or anyone else from their blueline. As for Reinhart, I don’t think he’s got any trade value. Given his cap friendly contract, if he was worth pursuing I think he would’ve been moved by now. 

NHL.COM: In his recent mailbag segment, Dan Rosen was asked about what the Washington Capitals might do to improve their defense corps. The offseason departures of Kevin Shattenkirk, Karl Alzner and Nate Schmidt and the recent sidelining of Matt Niskanen with an upper-body injury depleted their blueline depth. It’s an issue he feels must be addressed.

Rosen was asked if he felt Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Andrej Sustr might be dealt to the Capitals. While acknowledging it’s a realistic scenario, given Sustr’s affordable contract ($1.95 million) and likely low return required to get him, Rosen doubts he’d provide a significant upgrade to their defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals are already pressed against the $75 million cap ceiling for this season. To add a skilled defenseman means moving salary via trades or demoting players to the minors. For now, they’ll have to sit tight and ride this out until Niskanen returns from injury. Perhaps later in the season they’ll find a suitable deal to bolster the blueline. 

Rosen was also asked about the possibility of the Toronto Maple Leafs trading forward Mitch Marner for a defenseman later this season. While he doesn’t rule it out, he doesn’t think the Leafs are ready to move out one of their good young forwards while they’re still evaluating young blueliners within their system. However, they’ll eventually have to figure out what their salary cap structure will look like with William Nylander, James van Riemsdyk, Leo Komarov,Tyler Bozak due new contracts this season and Marner and Auston Matthews due at the end of next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If (and it’s only “if” at this point) the Leafs were to shop one of their young forwards for a top-four defenseman, Marner seems the likely candidate. Matthews is their franchise player and Nylander is emerging as a two-way force. I doubt they can address their long-term defensive needs by peddling van Riemsdyk, Komarov or Bozak when the trio are eligible next summer for UFA status. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman’s Wednesday appearance on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 speculating the Edmonton Oilers could attempt to upgrade their team speed via trade. The Oilers lack players to keep up with team captain Connor McDavid.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman didn’t specify who the Oilers might target or who he things could be a good fit. Considering how quiet the trade market usually is at this point in the season, it could take weeks or into the new year before the Oilers find suitable trade options to address this issue. 



  1. $4.5 MIL for KHL D Vadim Shipachyov??? Holy Jeff Finger!

    • Shipachoyov is a C.

      • Even worse.

      • Agreed.

    • Lol, you can say that again!

    • Ha Ha!

      That was insane to us Avs fans. We already knew he wasn’t even an established top six. That’s why we let him go.

    • Omg that’s priceless!!

  2. The Capitals had better figure things out fast because they’re getting perilously close to second-last (ahead of only Montreal) overall in the east). With 7 teams to climb over just to get to the last wild-card spot that’s a deep hole to climb from, especially with the annual glut of 3 point games.

    • A little early to worry about playoffs lol. With over 70 games left, they’re 1 point out! Only 10 out of 1st

      • With the way their D is stumbling they could still find themselves 4 backof a playoff spot by Nov 1 and as Friedman has calculated, less than 25% of teams 4 pts or more out by that date actually make it.Sure it’s early, but do you see anything from that D that makes you think they are capable of going on a long winning streak. And it’s not so much the number of points a team is out by that date but how many they need to climb over to get back in – a task not made easier by those bloody 3-pt games.

      • The measuring stick for the playoffs has always been the US Thanksgiving November which is Thursday November 23rd. Strange that Friedman would say November 1st since he the one who always talks about the US Thanksgiving date. With that said there is always teams that make the playoffs that are not in the playoffs by that date.
        The reality of it generally by then the cream of the crop is already rising to the top and the bottom 25% are fighting for the last spot in their division or WC spot.

      • 4 of Was losses have come against Pit & TB & 2 on the back end of back to backs.

        There D isn’t good & they have lost some forwards as well but Was will make the playoffs comfortably meaning not as a wild card.

        I can’t speak to Freidman’s claim about Nov 1, mine is the last team playing it’s 25th game. I run data from that date & like the US Thanksgiving it’s almost 80% set by then.

      • Not to mention the 6-2 butt-hurt at the hands of Canucks last night.
        Some locals have reported to have seen a few Caps at the local nightclub “The Roxy” the night before.
        Funny how that place always seems to get teams into trouble

    • Was sits 4-5-1 after 10. As you like to say it’s October. Their roster is a bit of a mess to start the year, significant changes due to cap issues & losing your best Dman to injury is never pleasant.

      1 point out of a playoff spot & 2 points out of 2nd to last in the East. Aren’t these 3 point games great.

      • Washington has been disappointing, but not awful. Their PPG pace hasn’t done too much damage, they basically need to play like a borderline playoff team for the rest of the season. I don’t know if I would say they are a lock to make it in one of the three divisional spots though. I didn’t see that much of a gap coming into the season between them and the Islanders, so I could completely see the Islanders claiming that last spot. Also, I just don’t see Washington being so good that they have a ton of room for error, so I think it could be a wildcard berth for them.

        Some teams are not many more bad games from being a write off for this year. Teams that probably are borderline talent wise, and have a horrific start don’t have as much room left for error as they think.

        Arizona would need to play at a winning percentage equivalent to a 107pt team for the next 72 games in order for them to maybe squeak into a wildcard spot.

        Montreal needs to play like a 103pt team, to do the same.

        Basically these teams need to play at the pace of a division winning team for the rest of the year to have a shot at the playoffs. That’s still within the realm of possibility (although really unlikely given the talent assembled), it won’t take many more losses piled up for it to go from possible to pipe dream. The issue isn’t just the total number of points either, it’s also the number of teams they need to pass. They cannot afford to give every team in the division much more of a head start, otherwise it’s better to pack it in and play for the lottery pick.

  3. Lyle, any chatter on Nash? Rangers flew his family in last night for his 1,000 game … nice sentiment for a well liked guy but, Gorton has shown he’s looking to get younger and I don’t see him resigning a guy that’ll still get over 4 mil and will be 34 years old next season. I also still see them as a serious contender if they get Duchene. Nash has 12 team Trade list and could fetch some assets to use for Duchene trade, as well as freeing up cap space

    • Would be great if Sakic would take Nash in deal. Not sure they’d be a team on his list

      • Nothing new on Nash thus far. I daresay the rumors will pick up once the calendar flips to January, especially if the Rangers fail to improve by then.

      • Yikes, not sure they can wait that long. Beat a bad team last night and 4 goals came from 4th line

      • Think young D, Jedi Slick 62… Not old forwards.

      • I don’t see a rebuilding team looking to add an aging forward not to mention his salary, wouldn’t be getting any hopes up.

  4. Nash is the worst playoff scorer in the NHL. Send him to KHL

    • The guy had one bad run in the playoffs. One! The year NY went to the finals…. KHL? That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it?

      Broken record. Scoring or not, Nash many nights has been the best player on the ice in NY.. regular season and playoffs.

      To say he belongs in the KHL is a brutal evaluation of a solid player.

    • Nash averages .53 points per game in the playoffs but from that salary. He was better for the concussions

      • Salary isn’t issue anymore as it’s last year of contract. He has value and Rangers have bigger need at center. Plenty of wingers that make Nash expendable. Last night perfect example as Buchnevich and Grabner had 2 goals each, playing on 4th line!!

      • Who can call any line on the Rangers 1st or 4th right now. It is musical chairs.
        The fact that Nick Holden played more minutes than any other Ranger says the coach has lost his mind.

      • Point with the salary was that he was expecteyd to dominate in the playoffs for how much he has made the past 6 seasons so anything less than that is looked at badly. He does take a lot of shots outside of the danger zones now but he is still controlling his shifts

      • Holden actually played well. It’s funny how him and Staal seem to be playing ok as long as they’re not paired together. I’m hoping it continues as I believe he’ll eventually be traded as well.

      • Ds I’m not arguing your views about Nash. I want him traded now!! Matter of time before he’s hurt again. I think he’s playing well, although not finishing. Same for Holden. Better value if they’re playing. And playing well.

      • Slick62 maybe Holden getting ice time to increase value.

        Not sure which contender can offer the Rangers as anything they need

      • ds… not sure what teams are on Nash list, but my wanting to trade him is two fold. Get something for him before he becomes UFA and create cap space for Duchene. I think SJ is a good fit. They’re still a contender out west and have a need at LW. Nash friends with Thornton. Maybe we retain some salary and get back some draft picks of prospects to use in Duchene deal or to replace what we lose in deal. Buchnevich doesn’t belong on 4th line

      • I think Nash is the perfect replacement for Hossa in Chicago but they cant afford $10 of his salary.

        Rangers could eek out 2 more wins and be stable. Lets see where they are @ xmas

      • Sharks have cap space. I can see us picking up a few wins coming up, but I don’t see Nash and Holden lasting the year. Maybe Holden stays if we move Skjei for Duchene. He’s a small cap hit and we can keep him as an extra D and let him walk after season. Maybe he plays well and a desperate team makes us an offer we can’t refuse!

      • It seems you are thinking NY is still in win mode now. They’re not. They are in rebuild mode. Skjei for Duchene? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one happening.

        The rebuild was grossly obvious by trading their 1-2 center for futures. I don’t see how Duchene fits into a rebuild plan.

        I won’t be shocked to see a real heavy strip down this year and next. Nash, Holden , Grabner, this year and possibly even Mcdonagh this year or next.

      • NYR isn’t pulling the plug at 3-6-2, 2 points out of a playoff spot. DeAngelo has finally been sent down & Holden has seen his minutes & opportunities return from such.

        NYR has struggles to score this season but has been in almost every game played & like a few other teams has faced some sxcheduling oddities. NYR started the season with 4 games in 6 days. Their 1st 6 games in 10 days with 2 sets of back to backs.

        These schedule glitches are hard for any team & we need games so they balance out for all 31 teams.

        NYR will make the playoffs & it will be tight but it was going to be anyway.

      • Striker,

        You’ve gone from they’ll make it to the won’t to they will?

        Even if they do make it, which won’t be shocked if they don’t… how far is the current roster going? Not very.

        This team resembles the team coming out of the 04 lockout. Not the team we’ve seen the last 4-5 years.

        Anyone thinking this is a competitor and isn’t in rebuild mode is dreaming in technicolor.

      • And nobody said anything about pulling the plug after 10 games…. I said this year and next. Not tomorrow. If NY is outside looking in or even on the bubble, I’d say the strip down starts at the deadline, and possibly continues next year.

      • Nyr4life, you said they’re not in win now mode then you say they’re in rebuild then you say maybe if they’re out of it at deadline? Which one is it? Even if it’s not a Duchene deal, Rangers will be making changes as year goes on. Just because players are in AHL now doesn’t mean they won’t be back up. This team is better than one that finished season a couple wins away from going to ECF.

      • Pretty simple slick…. follow me here…. saying they’re in rebuild mode would automatically mean….. they’re not in win now mode ….. wouldn’t it? Not that difficult to follow.

        Also I said “I won’t be shocked to see a real heavy strip down this year and next. “…… meaning furthering what they’ve already started and moving expiring contracts for more futures…… make sense? Or or you also thinking moving Nash in October is an easy thing to do? Even if he was playing at a higher level, the cap makes it difficult, to near impossible in October, November, December.

        As far as AHL players coming back…. who cares! Do you really believe Deangelo is coming to save this team? Lol. You must be seeing a very different player than the rest of the world. Deangelo, Chytil are NOT NHL ready. Trying to force them to be ready would be a huge mistake, and more damaging to these players than helpful.

        This team is NOT good. Not an opinion thing at this point. It’s a fact… it’s all good. They are building for the future. Not the 17-18 cup future. The future of life after Lundqvist.

        This is a rebuild…. not a re-tool. They wouldn’t say it in 05. And they won’t say it now… but on paper, on the ice, in the standings, it’s obvious.

      • And would it be shocking to see a rebuild team on the bubble or in the playoffs? Toronto did it just last year. And ny pretty much did it for 3-4 years coming out of the lockout. Instead of Nash, Shatttenkirk, Mcdonagh, it was guys like Jagr, Straka, Nylander etc. a mediocre team. Not good enough to contend, not bad enough to bottom out like Edmonton etc.

      • Ny4life. As I stated earlier, I don’t believe Nash will be back next year. So it makes perfect sense to pursue a trade. Maybe at deadline, but as I said, if there’s interest in adding Duchene they would need to open up cap space now. Ny is always in win now! I don’t agree with your view of DeAngelo either. He’s in AHL only because they want him playing until they make room by dealing other d men. Saying he’s not NHL ready when he’s pretty much at same point in career that Skjei was last season is unfair.

      • And as far as a rebuild team on bubble? Rangers core players aren’t going anywhere. Team will be in playoffs. The players on expiring contracts won’t be dealt unless it’s to add needs for playoffs. They won’t be sellers. Besides, you’re talking about Grabner and Desharnais ???? Again, Rangers have to figure out what Nash’s future is with team. I find it telling that he’s not wearing the “A”. Maybe they keep him for playoffs and address it in off season

      • Deangelo is nowhere near Skjei. How many brutal turnovers has this guy made that ended up in the back of the net already? Two against Toronto alone. He has promising offensive upside, but he’s god awful in the d-zone.

        He and Skjei are apples and battleships. Deangelo is exactly where he belongs until he can prove he’s a lot more trustworthy. Honestly I don’t even think he is or should be 2nd on the call up list.
        There’s a reason why this guy was traded twice after being drafted. I mean if this guy was a solid top four , no way a team like Arizona is sending him out the door if he had that much promise. Tampa either.

  5. Jakub Vrana is the only asset that could attract some help for the back end for the Caps. Burakovsky is also hurt.
    You can not afford to get too far back otherwise you have to get very hot . It is tough to win in regulation in the NHL. 4 points is more like 8 points prior to the loser point rule.

  6. Not sure who the Oilers could trade for to keep up with McDavid nobody can. Oilers need to grow and mature especially on the back end. In my humble opinion I don’t believe they are a threat for the Stanley Cup. Not yet any way.

    • Ya Obe, the Oilers are interesting. They gambled on somebody stepping up to RW on the top 2 lines as it is no secret they believe Draisaitl as their 2C is preferred over him playing RW with McDavid on the top line. Especially in the playoffs.
      Puljujarvi? Not ready. Tyler Yamamoto, pleasant surprise for a kid his age, but not ready for top 6 ice time and pressure every night. Strome? Hasn’t happened yet. Caggiula? Hope at best. Slepyshev? Hasn’t proven a thing. It’s early but PC’s gamble that somebody internal would step up hasn’t happened yet.
      James Neal would seem to fit the mold wouldn’t he?

      • Too slow imo

    • An interesting option could be Hagelin. Guy is pretty quick and I believe could be cheaply acquired. Not a top liner however, so it would be more of a get him cheap and see if it fits sort of deal.

      • Yeah because the Penguins are just going to throw him away for nothing. You want Hagelen we’ll take RNH. We can throw in Sheahan so he can play on the first PP with Letestu. How do the Oilers expect to score when they have Letestu on the first PP?

      • Letestu was very good on the PP last year, as was the Oilers PP overall.
        He can one time the puck effectively and and actually has good skill when he has time and space. That is why he bumped Eberle out of the first PP unit last year, and then thrived.

      • Pens would love to dump that salary and hags could be had for a replacement 3rd rounder… you can have Detroit 5 th as well!

  7. I know he’s not on the rumor list and that maybe because he just isn’t tradable; But Matt Belesky was a healthy scratch last night the second time this season. With 0 pts in 6 games and a $3.9m cap for two more season after this one.
    Hey Montreal Spooner and Belesky for Galchenyuk, Because we know CJ loves these Canadian Kids, just ask Spooner.

  8. Lyle, what are your thoughts on Eckman Larson. With only one year left on his contract after this year, The coyotes have to consider moving him. As terrible as they are they, are squandering his prime years. And what are the chances of him resigning with Arizona considering how poor the team is.

    • I’d put the chances OEL resigns in Arz as very high, 80%+. Arz is currently 1 of the youngest teams in the NHL. Their future isn’t today but like Buffalo they should have started to get better. Their starts imply Tocchet & Housley may be in over their heads as both have decent tallent to deploy & both should be better than they have shown.

      • Said that 2 years ago!

      • No way Arizona trades OEL . Why would they give up 7 th pick and DeAngelo for Stepan? Then do opposite for OEL?

  9. With Arizona playing as well as they are…….might it be time they do a good thing for a player who has been nothing but good to the organization. Do what is right by OEL and trade him.

    to ARI : Marner & Marincin & a 1st
    to TOR: OEL

    ARI gets another young scoring winger….who will automatically go in their top 6. I think putting him on a line with Keller and STepan would be ideal. Keller needs another offensively minded player on that line, while Stepan keeps them honest defensively. Domi and Duclair go on the 2nd with Dvorak.

    TOR gets a 26yr old Dman who slots in top pair. They can figure out who plays left or right between him and Reilly. OEL can only improve how Reilly plays.

    • That’s a good deal, but How goes that work capwise?

      • They will have to work the cap numbers out. TOR has 4.9 in space now. IF Arizona holds 1 million say for the remaining 2 yrs on his 5.5 deal, they will be fine. OEL is signed this year and next. They still need to have an affordable signing with VanR’s contract but will sea $ by letting Bozak 4.2 walk and Komorov’s 2.95 walk ( or at least bargain for a cap friendly deal ). Matthews has this year and next still at .925…giving them time to maneuver. They can let Marleau walk after his 3 yrs are up…. just in time for Matthews deal to kick in.

    • what does Arizona get for moving for futures at this point?they have plenty… they need good players now

      • they add more scoring depth and creativity. ARIZONA needs 3 scoring lines with how bad their team plays as a 5 man defensive unit. EVEN if OEL is “lights out” on both ends of the ice…they still will be atrocious. OEL will not resign there. Better to move him now for assets who can grow wit the team. Added more scoring NEVER hurts. They give up goals because the team, as a whole, cannot puck manage and score consistently. One more young guy to grow with the core is a good thing, OEL is an amazing talent, but to keep him is doing a disservice to him, knowing you will not be able to sign him in 2 yrs.

      • Exactly Chrisms, that is why they brought in Stephan and Hjalmarsson, to compete now. On paper seemed like a good idea. Tocchet is a well respected coach.
        ZERO wins in 10 games. ZERO. Ouch.
        Now what cause the odds of climbing out of that hole into playoff contention are slim to none?
        They can’t be selling their best player for prospects, even though it’s not like he has played well by any account I have heard.
        Getting a save would help.

      • Tochett wasn’t even a tiny loss to Pittsburgh… he is not head coach material and barely assistant coach material.

    • My goodness, where do the Leafs sign for this one?
      Leafs take this deal anytime any day I think.
      I was of the opinion that the Leafs should have drafted Hanifin ahead of Marner – maybe they should contact Carolina and see if thats still an option.

      That Marleau signing…..which young player will that cost the Leafs? Surely Lou has a plan here that is not immediately obvious.

    • Arizona will want and get a lot more for OEL, Marner is good but he is struggling in his second year. They will get better offers if they decide to trade OEL.

  10. Anyone up for changing the NHL & AHL system to looking more like the European soccer model? Regulate teams that are the worst 4 to the lower league and the best teams get to move up? The AHL cup champions would get a crack at playing in the NHL for a season if they earn it. ( i know nhl teams are linked to ahl teams….talking theory here)

    • What if Utica, New York was one of the 4 – population 60,652.

      Best bet for that formula is to expand into Houston (4th largest in U.S.), San Antonio (7th), San Diego (8th), San Francisco (13th), Seattle (20th), Portland (28th), Quebec City, Toronto’s 2nd team, and Hamilton, turning it into 2 20 team divisions. Forming the 2nd Div would be the foregoing 9 expansion teams plus the bottom 11 of the 31. Then do the relegation/promotion thing following the 1st season under that set-up. Hell, they should do the same with baseball and basketball for that matter. But don’t hold your breath.

      • Not a bad idea….. just spitballing for fun though. Just seeing some god awful hockey from some teams really makes watching prime time not so much fun. Watching the Soccer Euro model…..you see which teams really want to stay and play….

        Surprised Houston has not been rumored for a team…..

        Good points George

      • Never going to happen as the already inflated franchise values would crater massively. Only one rube was willing to pay $500 million for an expansion team? Think anyone is ponying even half that for a team that could be Div B in three seasons? Lol