NHL Rumor Mill – October 3, 2017

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Latest on Matt Duchene and Andreas Athanasiou plus updates on the Oilers in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports there was something close regarding a trade of Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene as early as a couple of weeks ago. He feels the best scenario for the Duchene camp is a poor start to this season by a team could elevate interest in the center. A bad start by the Avs could put more pressure on general manager Joe Sakic to swing a deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Sakic moves Duchene before the season opens tomorrow. At this stage, it appears the Avs GM will continue playing the waiting game in hopes a rival club gets desperate enough to meet his asking price.

As Dreger points out, Sakic will face increased pressure if the Avs have a poor start. If they’re at least playing .500 hockey, he can afford to be patient.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are believed most interested in Duchene.  I wonder if they were the club that was involved in that possible move Dreger alluded to. 

Bob McKenzie reports the stalemate continues between the Detroit Red Wings and restricted free agent forward Andreas Athanasiou. The Wings are budging from their two-year offer of $1.9 million per year. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McKenzie also noted the impasse between the Columbus Blue Jackets and winger Josh Anderson but that was resolved overnight with Anderson accepting a three-year deal worth $1.8 million annually. Perhaps that spurs Athanasiou to accept the Wings’ offer. 

Pierre LeBrun speculates the Edmonton Oilers might have to add some blueline depth with veteran Andrej Sekera still recovering from a torn ACL suffered during last spring’s playoffs. He feels the bottom half of their defense could be an area of scrutiny. They’ll start the year with their internal options but over the course of time GM Peter Chiarelli could take a look at the trade market. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Vegas Golden Knights could be a prime trade target for Chiarelli. They’re still carrying a lot of defensemen and GM George McPhee last week said he’s been getting back to clubs expressing interest in a blueliner. 



  1. I wonder if Chiarelli would pay another Barzal and Carlo to get Reinhardt back? That was a bad bad trade. I know they were just picks at the time but Griffen was hardly a known commodity. Jon Merrill would be good for the Oilers though.

    • Who’s Carlo?

      • Or is that where’s Waldo?

      • Booooooo

    • Uh Brandon Carlo, I think he plays for the Bruins. That was the player drafted with that pick right?

      • No the pick Chiraelli sent to NYI was 33rd that same year, Snow flipped it to TB for the 28th pick to draft Beaulvillier sending TB Flo 73rd pick to move up 5 spots.

  2. Anderson deal took that long for that- wow.

    Is Alex Tuch sticking with VGK ?

  3. This Colorado situation is a joke now !

    To even suggest that Duchene at this poiunt has to come out of the gate and have a good start to increase his value to be traded is an absolute joke !

    He is as good as he is going to get …his value will never be higher …and he will only get older it all means a bunch of
    BULL &^%$#….he should have been gone by end of Sept plain and simple …the AVS are going no where with or without him now or long term …his trade what ever is in return will not put the Avs in any position of power long term …

    Essentially Sakic has now turned down Hamonic a first rounder and player …OR Sergechev and whatever else was in that deal to keep Duchene …for WHAT ???
    What is Duchene going to get that will be better than that now that all GMs have Sakic in a corner …Go ahead Joe keep him …keep him …he wont resign after 2 years …LMAO
    And next year YOU HAVE NO LEVERAGE like now!

    The Avs missed the boat on O’Rielly …Stastny and Hischier and now have botched the Duchene deal …if they are trying to make up for there mistakes with the other 2 players ..aint going to happen!

    Landeskog has serious concussion issues …they have no stud on D and have no potential #1 Goalie in the pipelines …they need draft picks draft picks draft picks …tear it down and start from the bottom and it should have been this year!

    Absolute disgrace of an organization and reading the future of the potential of the team! There is NONE!

    Even with the terrible bridge process that the Canucks are doing …they look better on paper and have better prospects than the Avs in the West …and thats what the Avs should be worried about.

    • As I keep saying, Clueless Joe.

      • I’ll go with clueless Roy as I like what I know Sakic has been responsible for.

    • I’m in the minority, the minority of 1 on this chat board that disagree’s with you.

      Sakic came out & said NYI never offered Hamonic & a 1st. This is the 1st time I have ever heard Sergachev was offered for Duchene all rumors centered around Galchenyuk.

      Colorado is in a rebuild. It’s the end of year 1 or 2 depending upon your perspective.The start of year 2 with out Roy. Good bye & good riddance.

      O’Reilly wasn’t staying in Colorado, Colorado will win this trade, it starts swinging in their favor in a few years, Zadarov is a solid young Dman that should easily play a top 4 role this year & has #1 potential, he did play a top 4 role last year at 21, still 3+ years from being fully developed at the NHL level, the other assets acquired haven’t even started their NHL careers yet.

      2 years is a long time, Duchene is a 20 to 25 goal scorer & 55 to 55 point player this season in Colorado if he plays at least 75 games. That will help his trade value. I would prefer Colorado just retained Duchene, trading him has never made sense to me at this time.

      Colorado retained Stastny as they won the Central, were 2nd in the West in 2013-14 & had playoff aspirations. That year was the worst thing that could have happened to Colorado. Everything went right, this team was bad the year before & returned to being bad the season following. It gave everyone a false sense of where this team was at. After the 2014-15 season the rebuild started.

      The dual headed monster of Sakic & Roy was a huge mess. You can’t judge Sakic for at least 2 more years & his time spent with Roy clouds who made what decisions.

      Sakic isn’t clueless, you will get to see several more of his kids he drafted this season. Compher; acquired in O’Reilly trade, Bigras & Jost. His acquisitions in trade or via the UFA market have & will help, Nieto, Andrighetto, Kerfoot, Wilson & Yakupov.

    • its normal for trade talks to begin 2 years before UFA, at which point the most serious teams will be ready to deal at last year/min. Its also normal for a team to wait until the last year or minute to sign a deal. The newspapers have leaked talks / rumors and is making everyone freak out. Reminds me of trump and fake news. PS The new nhl sucks & your biggest news will be waiver players and minor trades until christmas..

  4. Why would a bad start put pressure on Colorado. This team wast terrible last season, like historically bad, this season they will score substantially more goals 40 to 50 but they will still be the 2nd worst team in the West bottom 3 or 4 in the entire NHL so what difference does there start make?

  5. Kal El

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Your level of frustration with this makes it seem like you are an Avs fan.

    But I do think Duchene owes it to himself, if not the Avs, to in fact come out strong and make some other GMs want to trade for him. That way he gets to leave Colorado which by all accounts he seems to want.

    I do agree with you that Joe has screwed this up.

    • Did you feel Yzerman should have moved Drouin when he packed up his toys & walked out on TB? He didn’t capitulate to pressure & did what was best for TB. Drouin returned completed the season & played an entire 2nd year after this mess before Yzerman could maximize his trade value & get that cancer off his team.

      He moved a fairly established proven talent with character issues for a prospect Dman, granted a stud prospect but a prospect none the less that is years from being developed & making a significant contribution at the NHL level.

      Sakic & Roy moved O’Reilly with 1 year remaining to UFA status & they got far more for O’Reilly than TB got for Drouin. There is a reason Zadarov was chosen 13th overall in 2013. This kid is a monster at 6’5 230 lbs, going to be a stud Dman in 4 years.

      I will ask the same question I asked the other day. How many NHL Dman have played 145 regular season games before their 22nd birthday? The answer is virtually none, there are some but all share a common trait. They are great NHL Dman now or like Zadarov will be when they reach 26 & enter their prime for NHL Dman.

      • I thought Yzerman should of moved Drouin. Still do. Turns out he didn’t have room for Drouin on his roster when it was all said and done and was forced to move him anyways.

  6. Colorado will be in NY Thursday night where Sakic and Gorton will finalize deal involving Duchene for Skjei and Nash!! (Ok, maybe not Nash because ntc.. but some salary will need to go back)

    • I seriously doubt Duchene is the answer NY is looking for, and I doubt even more NY has any interest in moving Skjei at this point. Last year, NY would not even discuss Skjei, I don’t think that’s changed since then. If anything, with Mcdonagh headed toward uncertainty, Skjei is even more off the board than he was last year.

      • Any more shocked than Stepan getting moved?

      • Last year we where very thin on blue line. Look what we’ve added since. Smith,DeAngelo, Shattenkirk, Pionk. We just signed Crawley. I agree Mac would make more sense, but I don’t think that’s what Sakic looking for.

      • I don’t think Stepan was shocking at all. He was bouncing around rumor mills since last years deadline. I like what NY has done adding a bunch of d prospects. But they are all just prospects. Gorton or Sather didn’t feel Pionk was ready, Ditto Bereglazov, Day is way too young and found himself heading back to the o. Deangelo is a work in progress. I’d say Graves is more than likely ahead of most of these prospects as far as NHL ready.

        I’d say zero chance Skjei is going anywhere in the near future. Certainly not for Duchene who is a lateral move from Stepan. Why not just have kept Stepan in the first place?

    • I would be shocked if NYR trades Skjei.

      • Previous reply was for you. Stepan was moved, I don’t think Skjei would be a shock.

      • I don’t get the comparison of stepan and skeji. Studly d prospect vs overpaid center.

      • Nor I. Stepan is a soft #1 C making about 1.5 mil to much per season for 4 more years. NYR did very well getting the 7th overall pick & a replacement for Shattenkirk down the road in DeAngelo.

        Cap management forces teams to make trades that ideally they may not want to. With Zibanejad & Hayes both of who are just kids having turned 24 & 25 respectively after last season NYR’s top 2 C’s are set for the next 5+ years.

        Again I would be shocked if NYR trades Skjei. Teams rarely, & I mean shockingly rarely trade this type of asset if not forced to & even then they are the rarest trades in the NHL.

      • I think Duchene is an upgrade over Stepan, who isn’t nearly as good a skater. I see DeAngelo pretty much right where Skjei was last season. I agree Day and Berglazov aren’t ready, but they’re not needed right now. We still have 4 left handed d men on roster besides Skjei! Pionk sent down because he didn’t need to clear waivers and there’s no immediate need. I think Kampfer was kept only because they didn’t want to lose him to waivers and they are working the trade lines.

      • Striker, as you said, teams make hard decisions because of cap. Allocating money is part of that. Signing both Smith and Shatty this past summer on top of being stuck with Staal, makes Skjei expendable. Mac will be a UFA year after next and will be hard to keep if they have to cough up 4-5 mil for Skjei next year, even if they buyout Staal. I agree Hayes and Zibinejad are locks for next few years. Hayes is rfa next year but shouldn’t cost too much. But, AV has him on 3rd line. He likes that line!! They had good offensive production even while being matched up against other teams top lines. As is right now, Duchene would slide into top 6 spot and immediately make Rangers a top contender. Desharnais only signed for one year and having Duchene for at least next 2 years gives both 1st round picks time to develop

      • Kampher is payed to be a Black Ace. His development isn’t hampered practicing & rarely playing as he has no future in the NHL other than this role.

        DeAngelo is 1 dimensional, has character flaws & isn’t in Skjei’s class. Total apples & oranges except being young NHL Dman. DeAngelo has world class offensive skills & unfortunately thinks that’s all he needs. Wrong. He needs to develop some semblance of a defensive game to have an NHL future.

        Will he? Time will tell. We shouldn’t judge 18 to 23 year old kids how have been fed the tonic their entire lives & all of a sudden have more money than many will make in a life time. Some take far longer to mature, some never do, will DeAngelo? Again time will tell.

      • Skjei isn’t expendable he’s NYR’s future #2 behind McDonagh, eventually replacing him at #1. NYR will extend McDonagh next summer.

        Tons of salary coming off the books next summer & beyond. Gorton has been very smart with cap allocation both in dollars & term spreading out his options over successive years.

      • I`m in the minority here as I like Stepan more so than either Zbad or Duchene

  7. I think Andreas Athanasiou is making a mistake if he thinks 1.9 million per for 2 seasons is beneath him. He is a good player who will only get better and to get better needs to stay the course and remain in the NHL. I think Detroit has been more than fair during this process.

    • Yup considering that Josh Anderson just signed for 3 years $5.5M or a AAV of $1.85M and Anderson and Athanasiou are basically the same kind of player. Ferris just lost any leverage here thinking that Athanasiou is worth $2.5M if any thing it proves that the 2 year $3.8M offer that Holland gave AA is way more then fair.

      • 2 completely different styles of player but in the same boat. ZERO leverage you take what your offered like it or not. Both of these players could have accepted their qualifying offers back before July 15th although that would have solved nothing for Anderson still wouldn’t have had arbitration rights coming out of a 1 year deal, AA would, he only has 1 year to arbitration eligibility.

        Both players should fire Ferris their agent, as he’s done both an injustice. Missing all of camp & the preseason as young players is far from ideal.

    • Holland now wants to pay hard all with AA when he gave huge contract to Helm, Abdelkader and Ericcson. Those three are killing the Wings on their cap and when he has a young talented winger who can score he wants to change his style of signing players. Just does not make sense and why Holland has outlived his good by date.

      • You can’t compare a player coming out of his ELC with no leverage limited NHL playing experience to 3 veterans that were all pending UFA’s when signed to their current deals.

        Yes Holland erred in paying these 3 players that much money & term but Detroit’s cap issues are far greater than just those 3 players.

        Holland has struggled to manage this roster since the cap was implemented. Losing Lidstrom, Rafalsi & Stuart in 2 year window was unrecoverable & Detroit’s D has been a mess ever since.

    • I think this has more to do with Detroit’s roster predicament, cap & waiver issues for todays 5PM eastern 23 man roster deadline than AA refusing a 2 year deal at 1.9. This deal will be signed by Friday, Detroit just needs to solve their roster issue 1st.

  8. Seriously, why isn’t anyone connecting Rangers to Duchene? If you look at roster, they currently have Chytil as 2c. They’re keeping last years 3rd line of Hayes between Miller and Grabner. There’s no way a team that has cup aspirations is going to keep a kid that just turned 18 past 9 games. No knock on him but no way he endures the grind of 82 games plus playoffs. Other alternative right now is Desharnais (who’s coming off a poor injury filled season)moving up to 2nd line and Desharden taking 4th line role. If Rangers are serious about winning before Lundquist fades, trading for Duchene now makes sense. Skjei is exactly the player Sakic is looking for in return. Considering the amount of left D men they have, and the fact Skjei will be needing a big raise next year, and Macdonaugh the year after…They acquired DeAngelo to be a top 4 D before they where able to get Shattenkirk on ridiculous terms. Considering Skjei and Smith are currently projected as 2nd pair, would DeAmdelo- Smith be much of a drop off? Obviously adding Duchene fills biggest need and trade would depend on what else Sakic wants. Nash has a 10 or 15 team list limited trade clause. He’s on expiring contract and I don’t see Rangers re signing him. Trading him will put Vesey in top 9. He’s currently skating on 4th line

    • After moving Stepan out, buying Girardi out, currently trying to figure out how or where Staal fits in, drafting 2 centers in the 1st round , and stockpiling a bunch of young d-men…..I’d say NY doesn’t look like a team with championship aspersions.

      I know they won’t say it out loud, but they look more like a team in a rebuild or at least mini rebuild than they do cup contenders.

      As I said a few months ago, they look like a team thinking more about life after Lundqvist than they do a team trying to win one for Lundqvist. It just so happens his replacement falls right in line with the end of his contract.

      I won’t be shocked to see Lundqvist an 8.5 million dollar back up to Shestyorkin in three years from now.

      • Oops “aspirations” not “aspersions”!

      • Trading Stepan was a way of immediately upgrading their biggest weakness. A right shot , puck moving D man and an extra prospect in Anderson. Wisely used extra cap space on Shatty. There’s no doubt they’re not a better team. I’m not in a hurry to deal Skjei, but if Duchene is available, I think we need to go for it. As I said, I don’t see a huge drop off between Skjei-smith and DeAngelo-Smith on 2nd pair. I see a huge upgrade at center with Duchene. I think he’s easily a 60 pt guy in AV’s offense. If they do nothing, I still think they’re a better team than one that finished season. I think Pitt lost more than we did. Could still use our new surplus of D to make a smaller deal for a center.

      • Not sure if that came out right, but they “are” a better team after Step Trade and Shatty signing

      • Deangelo is on his 3rd team since being drafted. Maybe it’s a behavioral thing, maybe it’s not? It’s not often you see a good young 1st round draft pick traded once, nevermind twice on their elc.

        But he without question is a drop off from Skjei. And certainly on the d-side of the puck.

        Let me ask , have you watched how Vigneult operates? He’s a guy that rode Girardi on the 1st pair, or used Staal & Holden over Smith and Skjei even when they were WAY ahead of Staal & Holden. What are the odds he rides a very green Deangelo in the top 4 barring injury?

      • Also, I don’t see Shattenkirk as a 2 guy long term. Honestly, I don’t see him as a top pair guy on most teams. I say by November he and Mcdonagh will no longer be 1st pairing.

      • Agree, seems they are being quiet about what the plan is. Almost staying in the shadows this off season

      • Again, deAngelo is just as green as Skjei was last year. Agree he has had some immaturity issues that probably led to him being traded, but make no mistake, he was acquired to play before they got Shatty. Not to ride bench. Nobody has said he doesn’t have the talent and from what I saw in preseason he should be playing every night

      • DeAngelo will be lucky to stay up in the NHL at present. NYR can move Shattenkirk at any point if so inclined, he has a 10 team no trade list now & an 8 team in the final year. Should NYR need to clear cap space off in 2 or 3 years moving Shattenkirk will be a walk in the park if so inclined.

        His contract actually pays 8 mil, 8 mil, 6.6 & then 4, of that 2 mil is a signing bonus & due & payable on July 1st.

        There is no room for DeAngelo on NYR’s active roster ideally. He doesn’t develop sitting with the Black Aces, he needs to play, learn & continue developing. Ideally he is only recalled to replace Shattenkirk if he were to get injured as Shattenkirk himself is pretty 1 dimensional.

        I see Holden back with McDonagh very soon. It doesn’t make sense to limit McDonagh’s offensive contributions 5 on 5 having to try ^ cover for Shattenkirk defensively, a role Staal is far better suited to.

        I don’t have an issue with a Dman playing his off side, in todays faster game it has become more of a concern but Smith looked good playing his offside with Skjei.

      • Sorry should read of that 4, 2 mil is a signing bonus.

    • Hayes is the #2 C. Think of it like J. Staal who centers the 3rd line in Carolina. He still leads all forwards in TOI/GP in Carolina regardless.

      Who knows what Vigneault will do as the season progresses. He will try to ice 3 scoring lines, Chytil isn’t the #2, 3 at best. Will he stick past 9 games? Depends on his play but history doesn’t bode well for him. Vigneault is loathe to play kids.

      Desharnais will log the 3rd most TOI/GP at C even if playing as the #4 baring a trade.

      I assume a trade will be found eventually to address the hole at C but very little cap space to do so & moving a player with salary to accommodate it not easily achieved.

      • What you say makes sense, but… I think Duchene is getting moved. And I think Rangers would be stupid not to consider. Opportunity to get a player of his caliber wont come around again this year. Anderson was the one considered to be the favorite to make team. I think Chytil still with team because they’re still not sure where to send him and they have those 9 games to play with. NY is always in win now mode.

      • I also agree that, if healthy, Desharnais will get minutes. Even as a 4c. Vigneault has already been using him on both pk and pp. I have no problem with him in top 9. I just don’t see Chytil playing whole year in top 9. And he’s not a 4th line type.

      • For what its worth Jordan Staal has never been considered the 3rd line center in Carolina.

      • No cap space in NYR to take on Duchene. Nor will NYR be moving Skjei to accommodate such a trade some how.

        NYR is going to win but this team is very young & Gorton has been adding a ton of youth. Only Nash, Desharnais & Lundqvist are over 31, Nash & Desharnais both UFA’s at seasons end.

        A significant portion of NYR’s roster are just kids. Kreider, Zibby, Hayes, Miller, Fast, Vesey, Buchenvich, Skjei now & by next season, Andersson, Chytil, DeAngelo & others will be added successively.

        Gorton has done an amazing job of structuring & rebuilding this roster. Not only are they 1 of the most winning teams in the NHL in that last 6 years both in the regular season & playoffs they will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

      • Striker, I agree on most parts of what you’re saying. But I don’t see them being a team with a legitimate chance this year. A playoff team maybe, but not a true contender without some players seriously stepping up big.

        If Kreider plays every game the way he played his final game against Ottawa, If Nash has a productive healthy year, if Grabner can come even close to his production from last year, etc.

        Biggest question mark, Lundqvist. They don’t have a Talbot or Raanta if he again has a mid season hiccup.

      • GP.

        He has played as the 3rd line C 5 on 5 2 years now. Rask & Lindholm have gotten the better wingers but Staal’s 1st unit PP & PK time have him 1st in TOI/GP.

        I would much prefer to see Lindholm play RW than C & perhaps he does so this season as he did early in his career.

  9. Hossa & Lupul failed their 2nd fizzies. LTIR. Put that to bed!

    • & you expected a different outcome? I had no doubts the NHL would uphold their respective teams stance. I agree lets put to bed & move on.

      • Says the man wearing a tinfoil hat

  10. Pouliot to Vancouver for a 4th & a career minor league Dman that already cleared waivers. On a positive almost the identical compensation MtL got for Beaulieu out of Buffalo.

    • I cant help but feel disappointed in the return but I would also have thought a 3rd rounder was a great return… pens should have gotten a 3 1/2 rounder for him.

      • Ha-ha! I guess Pit didn’t want to expose 1 of forwards that would have had to be waived to protect Pouliot.

        Pouliot played for Green in Portland so perhaps he will finally get an NHL shot. Still no room on Vancouver’s D at present. Don’t see Poiliot playing over any of these 6.

        Edler, Stecher.
        Hutton, Tanev.
        Del Zotto, Gubranson.

        1 injury & he should be ahead of; I’m going to assume Biega at #8, as Wiercioch was waived after this trade.

        Solid prospects don’t move for 4th round picks, that’s essentially nothing.

      • Pedan is a career minor league player (?23 or 24 yo), but he had a really good camp, and still could develop into a career 4 thru 6 nhl defence man.

      • So DP and” horny, or hags” isn’t getting Duchene? Shocking!

      • Who said that ny? Not me fo sho.

        Striker a fourth rounder may be essentially nothing but if pens can use that early fourth to move into the third? Gold! Letang rust Murray guentzel maybe more were third rounders on the champs

  11. Travis Green sat Pedan in Utica.
    That says it all.

    • Test? Am I banned?

      • No😂

  12. Eichel 8 years 10 per?lol! Mathews welcome to 10 years 12 per!

    • You’ve given Loophole Lou nightmares.