NHL Rumor Mill – October 30, 2017

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Latest on the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers in your NHL rumor mill.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports there’s “considerable chatter” the Rangers’ upcoming game on Tuesday could determine the fate of head coach Alain Vigneault. The Blueshirts slipped to 3-7-2 after dropping a 5-4 decision Saturday to the Montreal Canadiens.

Brooks believes if a “transformative trade that might include Ryan McDonagh, Chris Kreider or Mats Zuccarello — marquee names united in falling far below expectations, but hardly the only guilty parties — were available to Jeff Gorton, the GM could choose to go that route rather than dismiss Vigneault.” Such a significant early-season move, however, seems a long shot in today’s salary-cap world.

If Vigneault gets fired, Brooks speculates promoting assistant coach Lindy Ruff seems the most likely move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Vigneault is sent packing, he’ll be paying the price for Gorton’s offseason moves. The Rangers GM weakened his depth at center and in goal by shipping Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta to the Arizona Coyotes to clear cap space to sign free-agent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, who’s bounced around their blueline this season. 

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy suggests the Bruins use their depth in prospects as trade bait to accelerate their quest to become an elite team again. Given David Krejci’s injury history, Conroy believes the Bruins biggest need is at center. While Colorado’s Matt Duchene is the big fish in the trade market, the Bruins would have to shed a lot of salary to take on his $6 million cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney will likely remain patient with his roster. As long as they remain in playoff contention he won’t be under pressure to swing a major move. He could wait until the weeks leading up to the Feb. 26 trade deadline to make a significant deal. 

THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell examines the internal and external options facing Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli in his quest to improve his club. Facing high expectations this season, the Oilers lurched from the gate with a 3-6-1 record. The Oilers still need help on defense, center and right wing. Among the internal options could be recalling right wing Jesse Puljujarvi. If Chiarelli goes the trade route, Mitchell believes draft picks and young players will be the currency used. Puljujarvi, a former first-round pick, could have value as a trade chip. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Draft picks and prospects are pretty much all Chiarelli can use to bring in immediate help via trade. He could dangle center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins but that move wouldn’t address their need for help at center. They could shop left wing Patrick Maroon if they feel they cannot afford to re-sign him but that could weaken their depth at left wing. Ryan Strome could be a trade candidate but his stock has significantly dropped. 



  1. Agreed. AV will be a victim of Gortons decisions. Shattenkirk was a mistake from the get go. Money on the table , points , yada yada yada …. aside. This was not a good swap. At least for the immediate future.

    This is not a case of a guy that’s lost his team, this is a case of a guy that’s been dealt 2-7 off suit and still expected to win. I’m also not trying to throw Gorton completely under the bus here. If you’re “re-tooling” I get sending Stepan and Raanta for a 1st and a prospect. But using that cap space to sign a guy they ultimately already had a couple of years ago? Not so brilliant.

    Now, whether it was his intention or not, he’s thrusted them into a full on rebuild. He’s just given them yet another contract that will be hard to move until the deadline.

    All of this aside, I like what they’re doing for the long term. They tried to go for it for a while, they failed. Just came up short. Now Rangers fans have no room to complain about trading away draft picks…. my gut tells me they’ll be accumulated a lot more over the next 2 years.

    Maybe come deadline time , Tampa will revisit their interest in shattenkirk….. maybe send Girardi back? Lol

    • One more thing, why was Lindberg unprotected when the intention was to trade Stepan all along? Seems like a bad decision.

      • I think the Rangers thought they were going to be able to land Kerfoot and it didn’t pan out.

      • Perhaps James Dolan is done destroying the knicks, so he’s moved on to the Rangers? Kerfoot took his talents elsewhere much like Lebron did when he gutted the knicks in anticipation for Lebron?

      • I’m surprise no mention of Jimmy Vesey, is he now an after thought? 1g 1a in 12 games just a slow start like so many others.
        I don’t find there is a big separation from the teams in the east other then TB, Pitts (who has had a brutal schedule so far 4 b2b already and no back up goaltender. Went to the game last night, they had to pull him with 1:48 seconds left in the first because they couldn’t risk another goal before the end of the period and then brought him back to start the third) anyway back to my original thought, in the East just need to get an go from there just don’t fall too far behind.

      • Vesey is playing on what Vigneault is deploying as the shut down checking line with Hayes & Fast. Seeing no PP time. Vesey & Desharnais should be seeing PP time in the 11, 12 slots essentially only if NYR gets a bunch of PP time.

        Ideally Nash or Zuccarrello would play RW on this line. No slight to Fast but he’s a defensive specialist not a scorer.

    • What about trading Lundqvist at the deadline? The Rangers are going nowhere this year. Get more picks for your aging goalie and give him an opportunity to backstop another team on a legitimate playoff run. Is he the equivalent to the Sedins in Vancouver? Too many teams in this League fall in love with aging veterans. When you rebuild you trade all of your best assets.

      • Personally, I love the idea. But it’s a tough sell without holding a lot of money for this year and 3 more. I also doubt he is willing to waive to go anywhere. Ny would be strapped with retention on him (at least 3 million) and Girardi buyout (3.6 next year and the year after followed by 1.1 for 3 more years 2022-23), The guy loves living in NY. I can’t see him agreeing to go too far away.

      • I will go back to why the Rangers lost the Senators series- Powerplay. Lack of fire in the young forwards. Blown leads with pylon defensemen not being able to keep up.

        Only the powerplay has improved and the other two issues have grown in the wrong direction.

        You can also say the Rangers have overachieved for years on Hanks back. His back is tired now

      • The earlier years I’d agree that Lundqvist carried them. The last couple of years he’s enjoyed much more offensive support than he ever did under Tortarella.

        4th in goals for last year, and 7th the year before, 3rd the year before that. And that was the year Lundqvist problems started. Missing starts in favor of Talbot, then Raanta.

    • Hard to ‘re-tool’ when you have most of your core in their primes. Henrik is the only key player not in his prime. Hayes+Zib have not replaced Stepan and the D is even more suspect than last season.

      I agree with whoever wrote you could hide Deangelo on the 3rd pair and use him on 1st PP-why sign Shattenkirk and tie your hands. Heck-Mike Green is better 5 on 5.

      • I like Deangelo exactly where he is, the AHL. I don’t trust him defensively against 3rd-4th liners. And how long before teams start exploiting him out there? Especially when NY doesn’t have the final line change away from home.

        You’d be seeing a lot of Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby type matchups against a guy who can barely handle 3rd and 4th line assignments.

        You cannot hide this guy or his flaws. And can’t hide that he isn’t an NHL ready d-man for long.

      • I would much rather have DeAngelo up… Smith and Holden are awful. Biggest mistake of off season was giving Smith a 4 year deal. At least ADA has upside and gives you offense and quicker outlets.

  2. I’m all in for firing Vigneault, not hiring him would have been a better. Not a Vigneault fan never have been.

    His player personal choices, line combinations & PP deployment have been the biggest issues for me. Losing Stepan & Raanta isn’t the end of the world no slight to Stepan he’s a solid soft #1 C. & a player I have defined here endlessly, Raanta has barely played in Arz due to injury.

    I didn’t like the Girardi buyout, the only problem with Girardi was his salary, his shot blocking abilities are missed. That was to long a buy out for my liking. Shattenkirk is a train wreck defensively & needs to be partnered with a shut down guy, NYR’s best option is Staal.

    NYR will be fine, very little has changed they were already young & have been getting younger since Gorton took over. The biggest issue has been secondary scoring, Miller 2 goals, Zuccarello 2 goals, Kreider 2 goals, Nash 2 goals. You get the picture.

    Vigneaults lines aren’t working yet he keeps rolling them out. I’m fairly certain that’s the definition on insanity. Repeating the same action but expecting a different result.

    I gave you my ideal forward lines & PP units yesterday, nothing is carved in stone, move players around as necessary but Desharnais shouldn’t be getting PP over Hayes, Hayes has 3 goals with no PP time & please get Skjei on the #2 PP please.

    Here are ny D pairs.

    McDonagh, Holden.
    Stall, Shattenkirk.
    Skjei, Smith.

    The pairing of McDonagh & Holden played great last season, he was sitting over DeAngelo for 4 games & even in the 8 he’s played he’s barely played. He’s played 5 mins less per game than last season he has gone from 2nd in TOI/GP last season at D to 7th this year.

    That’s just 1 example there are many. Lossing Girardi’s hitting, shot blocking a fairly sound defensive game & substitutaing Shattenkirk on the 1st PP unit for McDonagh isn’t a net gain.

    Desharnais has played well & was a great addition for a 3rd line C on the cheap but he shouldn’t be playing ahead of Hayes especially on the PP.

    Most of my issues relate to coaching, although Gorton doesn’t get off scott free. I suggest you go lock at the ESPN box scores & distribution of minutes in all situations for NYR’s 12 games, you will see the problem as clearly as I do. I have only watched NYR play twice & they played well in both but lost as they just couldn’t score for what ever reason.

    • There is no chatter in Ranger org. It’s all in Brooksie world. They’re not firing AV. As mentioned there is nobody other than Tampa distinguishing themselves from pack. Rangers can easily go on a test. Also, large group of Ranger brass at Montreal/Ottowa game. Trade coming!

      • Tear, not test

  3. I assume Barroch’s article posted to late Lyle. No mention of SJ rumors. Boedker, Tierney & Martin.

    I can understand why you would want to trade Boedker, he can’t score seeing quality power play time, not certain why they would want to move Tierny he fits the transition to youth & with Ryan & Heed ready for full time NHL duty no need to retain Martin.

    It will be challenging to move Boedker & Martin’s salaries.

    Tierny has a great contract & isn’t breaking the bank on his next 1 his being moved would be surprising a solid 3rd line checking C with good face off skills.

    • Sorry Garrioch.

    • Garrioch’s column was posted in Sunday’s rumor roundup.

      • I missed it some how. May have been the Halloween festivities. Day 2 of a bad hang over!

      • I had to go back & look. Apparently I didn’t make it all the way to the bottom before joining the discussion. Ha-ha!

      • a man focused only of the finish line.

      • I lost the line, it got pretty fuzzy.

      • your into that 70’s look… ok… I can dig it.

      • Ha-ha!

    • Nash for Tierney and a pick!
      Thornton gets his buddy on his left, Rangers get a much needed center.

  4. As for Conroy’s suggestion for Boston to make trades to try & become elite. No thank you. Stay the course, continue the rebuild & you will be elite soon enough. Give Carlo, McAvoy, Bjork, Debrusk, & the other prospects Sweeney has drafted to become NHL players. When surrounded with Bergeron, Marchand, Backes, Pastrnak, Krejci, etc. all will be well.

    Boston has yet to ice anything close to a healthy roster this season & are hanging in there regardless. They are a bubble team but I think they can squeak into the playoffs, especially if NYR can’t.

    I had them making it this year in the top 3 in the Atlantic but barely may come down to as little as the tie breaker.

    • Ya, not sure what Conroy is smoking to think that going after Duchene is a good idea.
      If you could trade Krecji for Duchene, of course you do it as Krecji is having a hard time staying healthy and I have a feeling this will continue. But it maybe it is just a tough stretch for him.
      Staying the course is the only option that makes sense.
      The million dollar question is will the kids be established contributors before the inevitable decline of their current core. Bergeron? Ya he is a machine and will be elite till he is 35. Krecji and Backes? Krecji is already having health issues and Backes has another year or 2 before the decline is even more noticeable. McAvoy will and already has started to eat major minutes but Chara can’t possibly continue to play 23 plus minutes a night much longer and be effective so you need Lauzon and Zboril to develop quickly? Both have played well in their first season in Prov, especially Lauzon. I thought he would take longer than Zboril. All that said, they are still 2-3 years from playing the tough minutes at the NHL level.
      That leaves a small window of high end play from the current core to go for another cup run.
      I’m hoping it happens and the young guys seem to develop faster today than ever, so maybe the timeline I have is too long.

    • Striker, we agree!!!! stay the course; however if the Bruins can move Belesky and Spooner, I be on board with that, depending where they are come trade deadline if well outside the playoff bubble, then Chara need to be traded (something you don’t agree with).

      • Only if Chara wants to go. Otherwise resign soon & monster defensively & a great mentor for Carlo, McAvoy & the other young D coming.

        I’m all for trading Spooner but not just giving him away. 1 dimensional PP specialist but decent contract & an RFA next summer. Still not fully developed so would prefer to see what he is before expended but the clock is ticking & the return isn’t going to be great.

        Can’t see anyone taking Belesky, I think the Bruins simple waive him this year, & look to potentially buy him out next summer.

      • It’s the only way he can go because he has a nmc. But if didn’t the only question I be asking is where is his prefer destination.

      • I see Boston making the playoffs so I doubt Chara is going any where, even if they don’t which is quite possible considering the numerous injuries I think he still stays.

        Sign him to a series of 1 year over 35 bonus laden deals for as long as can can stay effective, or at least a couple more seasons until some of the other kids are ready to play meaningful roles in the NHL.

        Chara is like having a coach on the ice 20+ minutes a night. Sitting at 23:02 in TOI/GP as I write this, ranking him 35th in the entire NHL for Dman, seeing no PP time & logging the hardest minutes & competition. He sits 6th in the entire NHL for Dman in SH TOI/GP.

        Boston has no 1 ready to assume that role at present at least not as effectively.

      • The Bruins are not asking Chara for a list or to waive his NMC. The only way Chara gets moved is if he asked to be traded. I don’t know him personally, but, from everything I have read, he wants to stay, so highly unlikely that happens.
        They will not treat their captain and future HOFer that way.

      • Nor should they. Lets get him resigned & be happy. I like the over 35 1 year bonus deals as those monies are deferrable in necessary.

  5. Curious to see the standings at the end of this week. Bos, Min & Vgs will have all hit the 12 game mark, Vegas plays it’s 12th game on Thursday, Bos & Min play their 12th’s on Saturday.

    Vgs final heads out on a brutal road trip, 4 games in 6 nights this week all on the East coast, 6 in 9 days with 2 sets of back to backs. Really curios to see how they fair in those 6 games.

  6. Yesterday someone mentioned that Carolina trading Hanifin would depend on Haydn Fleury’s development. Fleury has progressed very well in his first 10 games. Last night the Faulk, Hanifin pairing was struggling defensively and Fleury was paired with Faulk the last two periods. Hanifin played with Trevor Van Riemsdyk. Both played much better with different partners. Faulk playing with Hanifin reminds me a little of when he played with Sakera and was not as confident to be aggressive offensively. By the end of the season, or sooner, Carolina should have 5 very good top 4 defensemen with Bean being added to the mix next year. Carolina really likes to match up right and left shot defensemen. Slavin, Hannifin, Fleury and Bean are all have left shots.
    My guess is Ron Francis will attempt to get a number 1 center via free agency and if that doesn’t work he will trade a defenseman as part of a package to get one. If Carolina makes the playoffs I don’t think they will make any significant changes during the off season.

    One other item is that Stempniak is now practicing. I’m having trouble seeing where he fits when he comes off IR. Carolina finally has good depth.

    • Staal is Car’s #1 C. His offensive abilities are limited but he faces off against the other teams best players & logs the most minutes for forwards in all situations. His minutes are slightly below his linemates Lindholm’s currently in TOI/GP but when all is said & done he will lead this team in TOI/GP baring injuries.

      Stemponiak will slot into the #3 RW slot, Jooris or Kuokkounen will come out of the line up & Teravainen will return to LW from RW.

      Carloina has Staal, Rask, Ryan & Kruger playing C currently. Lindholm has moved to RW from C which I love, I like him much better as a RW than a C.

      The long term C position will be filled from with in. Aho, Lindholm, Teravainen can all play C if needed & you have Saarela, Roy, Necas, Kuokkonen; has flashed some interesting skills in his brief appearnaces as a winger, Luostarinen, Wallmark, etc. coming that can all play C.

      My concern is Darling. I didn’t like his contract, nothing against Darling but he should have been given a 1 year show me deal not 4 years at 4.15 with under 80 games of NHL experience playing as a back up for 1 of the best teams in the NHL.

      I have watched Carolina play often this year & Darling hasn’t played well. All 3 goals yesterday were soft & he has let in numerous others that have me shaking my head. He’s the weak link on this roster at present. I hope I’m wrong but he has never had to sustain the pressure & starts of being a #1. I hope he doesn’t hamper what is a solid roster & should be a playoff team as now constructed.

      • Darling although 29 in December may just need a year or 2 to develop into a decent #1. I would have far preferred Carolina traded for a MAF, Smith, type goalie.

      • I agree with your comments regarding Darling’s contract. His performance has been inconsistent but much better than what his numbers indicate. Cam Ward has been great in the two games he’s played. I think the duo is good enough to get them in the playoffs. Carolina will play better once they are playing more frequently. Their style of play relies on speed and timing and its been off most of the season. They are just not executing for 60 minutes. Once they do we will be able to properly evaluate Darling as a starter.

        Lindholm playing the wing is not a recent change he played wing most of the time last year.

        Aho has been described by Bill Peters as a future “dominant” number 1 center that he didn’t want to rush. That is one of the reasons why I said they wouldn’t make any significant off season moves if they made the playoffs.

  7. I was going to respond to Striker’s comment about the Girardi buyout, but realized I kind of went off on a tangent. So I will post most of that thought here.

    To be clear, I don’t think the Rangers should have bought out Girardi, and the fact that he was signed to a 2 year, $6M contract tells me a trade with salary retained could likely have been worked out instead.

    I wanted to get people’s opinions/thoughts on what they think is the most useful defensive skill for a defensemen in the NHL currently. I find that in general, it’s the most dividing topic in hockey, as the opinion on different Defensemen’s defensive ability varies more than opinions on just about any other topic. For instance, nobody would say McDavid isn’t one of the top centers in the league, or Price isn’t an elite goaltender, but plenty of people will say Karlsson isn’t great defensively, and for some reason it’s pretty much universally believed that Roman Josi is far better defensively than P.K. Subban despite much evidence to support it.

    We know that in general that Scouts have a harder time predicting the future impact of defensemen in the NHL, as is pretty clear to see from draft results. A lot of this is definitely caused because it’s hard to rate pure defensive ability definitively, when not playing top tier competition. But I think an element of it is that sometimes there is not a lot of consensus around what skills are important to play defense.

    For instance, shot blocking gets brought up a lot. However Shot blocking is one of the least useful stats to try and use to gauge a players ability, or at least on it’s own it is. There isn’t much correlation between defensive ability, and blocking a lot of shots. Some players blocking a ton of shots are very good defensively, and it can be easily seen that they have an effect on getting scored on less, and letting fewer shots through. Some Defensemen only block a lot of shots because their team gets peppered whenever they are on the ice. This doesn’t mean the act of blocking a shot is useless, but you can’t evaluate defensive ability by the total number of shots a player blocks.

    Just as an example, if you gave me a choice between taking the top 10 shot blocking defensemen in the league versus the defensemen with the top 10 most give aways, I will take the defensemen with the give aways all day. Obviously this isn’t because give aways are a better play than blocking a shot, but because the list of top 10 GV is always more talent laden (offensively and defensively) than the top 10 shot blockers.

    To me, the two most important things a defensemen can do, are deny the zone, and exit the zone with control. Drew Doughty is one of the best in the league at denying the zone (also great at exiting). He creates a ton of offsides and icing’s by attacking players right at one of the lines. This play doesn’t usually look like much, but it stops any shots from being taken, and either causes a faceoff just outside the line, or creates an offensive zone draw. Both results are far more favourable than even letting a team get one weak shot through so the goalie can cleanly glove and freeze it. The other thing is that this play doesn’t show up on the score sheet, but is vastly more effective than a shift where a defender blocks 3 shots but lets one through.

    I wanted to get other people’s input, as I think it’s interesting to see what people look for in a good defensive D-man. Also, what types of stats do you think would be most useful to try and evaluate defensive ability?

    • There are a lot of little things that you want in a dman. Skating ability and speed, strength, and agility. Gap control and stick positioning. A guy who can carry the puck out of the zone or make a proper outlet pass, the days of blasting it around the dasher are over. You need a little of all of it to be effective. Someone like Brian Dumoulin will become the archetype when he gets a little stronger and more seasoned.

    • Shot blocking has it’s place, it’s not a be all & end all, a teams D needs to encompass all strength’s not just 1.

      Using Doughty the best, most complete 2 way Dman on the planet isn’t realistic for me. 1 of the talking heads stated early this summer there may only be 12 truly solid #1 Dman in the entire NHL. My brain doesn’t work that way as there are 31 teams so at a bare minimum there needs to be 31.

      No 1 catagory defines a Dman. To be a good team you need Dman that hit, can clear the crease, block shots but then you also need Dman that can help drive offense & have a solid transitional game. A few maybe 1/2 a dozen can do it all. Another 30 to 40 are good in many aspects & then it really starts to get blurry.

      I love what I heard on XM91 this morning. The fancy stats, possession #’s have almost every Arz player well above 50% but here they sit at 0-10-1!

      People complain about certain players especially at D & say they are a 6 or 7 guy yet they play top 4 TOI/GP for their respective teams endlessly. Mtl fan’s said losing Markov, Beaulieu & Emelin wouldn’t be a problem I didn’t agree then & I don’t agree now. Cotinuity in it self has value, Markov & Beaulieu both played a solid transtional game & helped drive offense, Beaulieu at least on their rare occasion he was given PP time.

      Price looks pretty average playing behind this group of misfits after Weber, Petry & Alzner & Alzner & Petry better find some chemistry soon as they have played poorly together. A continuity issue which will hopefully start to come around soon.

  8. The other error in judgement for me with NYR was Gorton choosing to protect Nash over Lindberg. I don’t think Nash would have been selected & had he so be it.

    Lindberg is a solid 2 way player with untapped offensive potential if ever given the opportunity. His loss has hurt NYR’s defensive game just as much as the loss of Girardi & Stepan.

    • AV was not moving Lindberg up in the lineup and DD replacing him has been the only move that has worked out.

      Time to send some wings to Edmonton for RNH IF the plan is to push this season. If not send Nash and other bits away to plan for next season.

      AV needs to leave either way

      • Desharnais has been a decent acquisition on the cheap but hasn’t replaced Lindberg, apples & oranges. Lindberg is a defensive specialist great skater very good size about the only thing they have in coomon is both are good in the faceoff circle. Linberg will be a far better player than Desharnais ever was when finally fully developed.

        NYR doesn’t need RNH & certainly not at 6 million per, they sent a better C away in Stepan to manage the cap & deal with pending contract issues. They maybe losing Nash’s cap hit next season but Miller, Hayes & Skjei are all RFA’s & Nash, Grabner, Holden & a back up goalie all need to be resigned or replaced.

        What ails NYR isn’t at C. Zibanejad, Hayes & Desharnais are fine, it’s the wingers that aren’t scoring all 3 of these C’s are. NYR just needs Vigneault to pull his head out of his ass or send him packing before it’s to late.

      • Yes but AV was messing with Lindbergs minutes last season.
        Cannot agree with ‘What ails NYR isn’t at C. Zibanejad, Hayes & Desharnais are fine’

        Hayes is inconsistent both ends of the ice. Zib backchecking is horrific in spurts. DD is undersized for the role of checking yes 100%. Unless the 2nd coming of Jere Lehtinen appears not many wingers can make up for the center position issues. Wing position WAS this teams strong spot going into the off-season.
        And I’d take RNH over Stepan in 17-18. Maybe my RNH watching is limited though

    • Nash has a nmc, I doubt he was waiving it, even if it was a slim chance Vegas bit.

      • Nash has a limited NTC, 12 teams he can accept a trade to, his NMC is just for waivers.

        The only way I see Nash traded is at the trade deadline if NYR is out of the playoff picture.

      • If the Rangers are considering a shake up would it be beneficial to call EDM about a prospect and draft pick for NASH? Nash taking pucks from McDavid will help them both. Nash is a McLellan type of player.
        What can they reasonably swap with one another? Would a Puljujarvi be available?

      • Ny isn’t getting Puljujarvi for Nash. That is not happening.

        Aside from that, can Edmonton even afford Nash without NY holding some serious $$’s?

        Striker, I’m positive LV wasn’t on that list. So he was still being protected against draft expansion.

  9. it s too bad a good coach may take the fall for a gms mistakes Vigneault is a good coach shattenkirk over rated and over paid poor trade with Arizona as well

    • Ihatecrosby are you out of your mind Pulijujarvi for Nash? the only way Nash could keep up with McDavid is if he had rockets like the coyote chasing the road runner

      • Not suggesting Nash for Puljujarvi. I was making a remark about Nash to EDM to play with McDavid. I was making a second, separate, inquiry about Puljujarvi’s availability and what it would take.

    • You won’t know what NYR got in trade for Stepan & Raanta for about 5 years. They also freed up a ton up cap space moving out Stepan.

      Very few trades in today’s NHL can solely be looked at based on players abilities. The business side of the game plays huge as you as an Edm fan will discover in 2 years & they are confronted with making hard choices for no reason but salaries.

      As George has stated it’s October, lets revisit this discussion on Dec 2nd & see what the standings look like then when the shcedule has balanced out & all teams have had to take horrendous road trips & played numerous back to backs. Talking apples & oranges today.

      • After NY enjoying all these games at home, I can’t wait to see how impressive they are on the road! Lol

        Last year NY was one of, if not the best road teams . This year…. I doubt it.

        As I pointed out yesterday, ny is approaching a point where they’ll need to win 60-70% of their remaining games just to reach a wild card spot.

        Up coming… red hot vegas, Pittsburgh,Columbus twice….. their next 10 games, look like 7-8 losses. Which will jack having to win 60-70% of the remaining games a bit. Tall order! Not happening.

        October or not, NY is heading to the point of making the playoffs highly improbable. Barring miraculous win streaks, and some other teams nose diving. Possible? Yes, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • To steal Strikers favourite line I personally had the Rangers to finish second last in the Met, only ahead of the Devils. I am not a fan so I don’t see them play all that much but I have seen the Pens chase Lundqvist 6 of the last 10 or 11 times they have played them(including the playoffs). Trading Stepan was a good long term/ bad short term move and Shattenkirk(as he proved to caps fans last year) is not a difference maker. If this keeps up they should trade everyone over 26 and start a full rebuild. The Leafs, with a lot of luck, did it in 3 years. The Rags are already on their way.

      • The Leafs were skilled in their rebuild so far, competent people with a solid strategy. Also very fortunate.
        1 – they won the lottery.
        2 – Austin Mathews was there the year they won the lottery. That is the really fortunate part.

  10. Alright NY fans. Let’s not be “those guys” with insane trade scenarios and quick fix lopsided trades. NY is rebuilding. Relax and enjoy. I’ll embrace a ny rebuild. I won’t embrace another 90s version of NY.

    Help isn’t coming. Certainly not in the form of RNH, Duchene etc. Let it play out, and be patient.

    • NYR4life, as the most die hard Ranger fan on this site would you be in for a full tear down like the Leafs did if the Rangers have a really tough year?
      IMO you don’t win cups (other than the very rare exceptions) without the very best players and you don’t get those unless you draft at the top and you don’t draft at the top unless you finish at the bottom.