Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 29, 2017

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Latest on Ryan Strome, Chris Kreider, Jason Garrison, Joshua Ho-Sang & more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports the Edmonton Oilers are looking for scoring at right wing. They’re disappointed in the play of Ryan Strome, who was acquired in June in a trade that sent Jordan Eberle to the New York Islanders. He believes the Oilers would move Strome if they could but the question is whether he’d fetch anything significant in return. Elliotte Friedman said the Oilers are seeking speed and wonders if New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider might be a fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With just three points in 10 games, Strome is falling down the Oilers’ depth chart. Right now, the Oilers would have difficulty getting a decent return for him. Strome’s only 24 but his stock has significantly tumbled.

Kreider’s reached 20 goals and 40 points in each of the last three seasons but he’s a streaky winger off to a slow start (five points in 12 games) this season. He might be a good fit with the Oilers but the Rangers won’t just give him away. They need depth at center. Perhaps they might eyeball Ryan Nugent-Hopkins if the Oilers agreed to pick up a significant chunk of his $6 million annual cap hit.

Perhaps New York Islanders winger Joshua Ho-sang could be an option? The Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons observes Ho-Sang was recently demoted to the minors and suggests Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli should contact Isles GM Garth Snow to inquire into the asking price to get him. Snow could be reluctant to part with Ho-Sang but it wouldn’t hurt to call. 

Chris Johnston reports the Winnipeg Jets are receiving calls about third-string goaltender Michael Hutchinson. A number of goalies are injured around the league and some are under-performing. He notes Hutchinson is earning $1.3 million playing in the AHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets could move Hutchinson to clear his salary from their ledger, though it presently only counts as $125K against their cap payroll for this season. They likely won’t get much in return. The New Jersey Devils got back a fifth-round pick yesterday from Arizona for Scott Wedgewood. Perhaps Hutchinson might garner a third rounder.

Friedman speculates if the Detroit Red Wings consider a coaching change perhaps they’ll consider hiring Dave Tippett. Chris Johnston reports of casual speculation wondering if the Wings might consider wooing Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman to replace GM Ken Holland, who’s not under contract after this season. Friedman said he asked Yzerman that question last year and he stated he’s the GM of the Lightning and that’s it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman’s not saying the Wings are looking to replace Jeff Blashill but merely wondering if Tippett might be an option for them if they decide to go that route. As for Yzerman coming back to Detroit as GM, he seems committed to his job with the Lightning. If he’s under contract with them beyond this season the Wings would need permission to speak with him. Given the fine work he’s done with the Lightning, I doubt he’ll jump ship after this season to return to Detroit, despite his loyalty to the Ilitch family. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Vegas Golden Knights could still attempt to trade defenseman Jason Garrison, who cleared waivers yesterday and can be sent to the AHL. He carries a $4.6 million cap hit ($2.5 million in actual salary), but if the Knights pick up part of that cap hit they might find a taker. 

Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman could seek a blueliner who could add some offense but they’re in a difficult salary-cap situation. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bowman recently told the Chicago Tribune he’s not itching to make a trade despite carrying $2.5 million in cap relief from placing sidelined winger Marian Hossa on long-term injury reserve. That doesn’t mean he won’t eventually make a move to perhaps add more offense to his blueline. Now, however, doesn’t seem like the right time to do so. 

The Philadelphia Flyers are shopping for a defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers have been dipping into the depth within their system to address their blueline needs. That could change with Andrew MacDonald sidelined and Shayne Gostisbehere leaving Saturday’s game.

Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff could have some extra forwards to move. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They’re obviously not anyone from his top two lines. Perhaps little-used Marko Dano is one of them, or maybe a veteran such as Shawn Mathias ($2.125 million cap hit). 

Garrioch also speculates Dave Tippett could be a possible candidate to replace Jeff Blashill if the Red Wings decide to hire a new head coach. 

There’s talk San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson is shopping forwards Chris Tierney and Mikkel Boedker and defenseman Paul Martin. There’s “mild interest” in Tierney but Boedker and Martin both carry cap hits over $4 million annually beyond this season. Martin’s also on injured reserve while Boedker had just four points in 10 games. If Wilson can’t swing a trade, Garrioch wonders if coach Pete DeBoer gets replaced.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t see much of a market for Boedker unless Wilson absorbs part of his annual cap hit. Ditto Martin, who also carries a modified no-trade clause.  

Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin last week said the answers to his club’s woes must come from within but league executives claim he’s still working the phones in search of a deal. 



  1. A couple notes from last nights hockey night in Canada viewing. The leafs have to get some defendive structure. The genius Babcock Will have to get his forwards buying in and Lou has to look at getting a 5/6 D man. Flyers with their speed capitalized on Pulock in Boagman all night.

    Oilers look like a mess. Although they have attempted to shore up their defence the forwards look really slow and have no depth. Other than Connor, Dryseidle and RNH there’s nobody upfront who looks like a top player.
    It looks like Garth Snow had fleeced Chiarelli on Strome and Griffin Reinhart.

    For the flyers depending on how long ghost is out I can see them sending a mid round draft pick to somebody for a depth defenseman on a short term contract. Possibly Vegas? They have cap Room and are starting to look awful thin with a lot of dependence on their young defenceman. The next one called up will be Sam Moran which will mean three rookies out of the six in the starting lineup.

    • to be honest….why not push for Streit (MTL). Cheaper than Garrison in VGS… sign him till the end of the year, When everyone becomes healthy again, he becomes the press box guy. He is a good team player. Offensively minded (albeit a slow skater) and can help their young Dmen.

    • The Flyers will certainly feel the pain if Gostisbehere is out for any lengthy time. This is a D who has given them 2 productive seasons of 17g 29a 46 pts +8 and 7g 32a 39 pts (albeit a horrible -21 last season) and was off to a decent start this year with1g 12a 13 pts and a +3.

      Before someone jumps on my frequent observations about the merits-non-merits of small players, this could this be another case of a smallish (5′ 11″ 180 lb) D unable to take the constant pounding from big forwards (in this case Komarov – no taller but almost 30 lbs heavier and a known physical presence).

      • I was also wondering if this was going to happen.
        Teams clamour to go with the smallish skilled D to find success only to get pounded on by bigger, heavier forechecking forwards.

      • fact is Komarov hit on ghost was dirty. Not only should it be a five-minute major probably carry a suspension. No matter the size, the players was going to get concussed. Sidney Crosby took less than a hit to get his concussions

  2. Not knocking the analysis but I do not see NYR considering RNH as a center option, even if they absorb some of his contract. The NYR need a reliable AND dynamic offensively minded center who can create and generate offense. Mika Zib started off strong but now he barely shoots the puck. RNH is not an upgrade over Hayes nor Mika Zib.

    the fact Buch is on the 4th line with Boo and Grabs says all about how much they want to really generate offense vs. taking care of the coaching staffs fav players like Kreids who never seems to get demoted to a lower line, regardless of how uninvolved he appears to play.

    • Considering all factors, including tenure and the “stale” factors, I would venture a guess that Vigneault might not be around much longer. The question is, who would be his replacement? Tippet? Sutter?

      • only in toronto can a player get blindsided face first into the glass and surprise surprise refs didnt see it so no call….if that was a leaf on the other end heads would roll the this site would be lit right up….pretty quiet out there tho……

      • And in the video the bloody ref was 2 feet away and HAD to see the start of that infraction (or was that a useless linesman?).

      • Perhaps a third option is assistant coach Lundy Ruff. AV has never wowwed me as a coach.

        One of the issues the Rangers need to address is goaltending. Lundqvist looks remarkably human this year, and age never makes it easier. I really disliked moving Raanta in the summer, or moving cam the year before. Having a goalie that can timeshare when Lundqvist can’t do it would be really wonderful right now. Can anyone sell me on Pavelec?

      • No one in Winnipeg will try to sell you on Pavelec that’s for sure – well, maybe when he was still in their employ.

      • It’s hard to put blame on Pavelec for last nights game. Outshot 19-2 in the 1st period and 43-26 in the game. All this by another struggling team not really scoring. October or not, this team has been miserable in front of both net minders.

        Anyone still want to convince me they’re on the brink of turning things around? A wild card team? Or a competitor? 12 games …. 25 games ….. what’s the difference? They’re quickly becoming a team that will need to win 60-70% of their remaining games just to qualify for the wild card. What are the odds of that happening?…. right now they can’t string 2 wins together.

        Hard to blame AV with this mess. This team was doomed in June. Not October. And they are nowhere near a Duchene, Thornton away from turning it around. And certainly not RNH away. Help is not coming from within this year either. It is what it is….. and what it is, was constructedin the offseason.

        At this point, I don’t blame Gorton, or AV. Gorton was dealt Lundqvist, Staal , Girardis buyout etc. which are making things extremely hard to work around.

        They’ll be back to a competitor in 19-20-21. Not this or next year.

      • *** not handed Girardi’s buy out, more forced with a choice of buying out his or Staals contract***

      • Not questioning Vigneault’s coaching abilities Nyr4life – which is why is used the “tenure/stale” references. Sometimes the mantra of a coach – even a great one – is perceived as having become “stale” OR, the management simply feels it’s time for a new approach based solely on being there for a long time. It isn’t necessarily the right decision – but it’s been done often enough.

      • Nyr4 You must’ve been a huge Stepan since he’s only real loss in offseason. Buchnevich on 4th line highlights fact we need to deal a forward for a legit center. Hypothetically speaking, if Rangers made a deal swapping Kreider for RNH, would you not agree that center position is arguably better this year than last? RNH and DD over Step and Oscar? And having Shattenkirk instead of Girardi isn’t a better D? I don’t get your pessimism. Rangers are better than record shows. Maybe AV has been around too long. Maybe a couple moves to light a fire.

      • Do you truly see RNH as an upgrade over Stepan? I don’t. And it’s not about just Stepan leaving. It was the trickle down effect of chemistry. Stepan could play with any winger on the team and make it work. Trading him for essentially 2 players that aren’t anywhere near NHL ready was going to hurt. As far as DD goes, I wasn’t thrilled with him playing the 3rd line center role, nevermind splitting the 2nd line role. Or on the PP.

        Shattenkirk is essentially Yandle 2.0, which is exactly what I called he would be. Have you seen his brutal defensive gaffs? Look at the last game against Pittsburgh and tell me what a defensive upgrade he is over Girardi… offensively much better , defensively…. not so much. Losing Girardi hurts more than you think. Capwise, minute-wise etc.

        Having Hayes basically replace Stepan as the guy taking defensive zone starts and killing penalties was or is not ideal.

        We can argue all day on hypotheticals. But as of today, there is no arguing on where this team is….. and where they are is not good… at all. Defense is a mess, including the play of Mcdonagh and Skjei. Goaltending is less than good, 5-5 scoring is terrible.

        This is not a team you’re going to enjoy watching. As they sit, or even with a Duchene, or RNH. The probability of them winning 60-70% of their remaining games is extremely unlikely. Even with a major overhaul. It’s just time all Rangers fans buy on to the reality…… this team IS rebuilding! No matter how management try’s to convince everyone otherwise.

      • I’m still not writing NYR off & Lundqvist’s struggles are a significant factor but the biggest issues for me are coaching, specifically line combinations & PP deployment.

        That said if this ship isn’t righted soon, making the playoffs will be a significant challenge. NYR has a month to get themselves back in the playoff picture. They are 4 points out of a playoff spot today.

        Skjei is seeing no PP time even with DeAngelo now in the minors where he should have been off the hop. Desharnais is playing ahead of Hayes on the PP & has better linemates. NYR can’t find a 4th C, nothing they have tried has worked.

        Here is what I would like to see.

        Kredier, Zibanejad, Buchnevich.
        Miller, Hayes, Nash/Zuccarello.
        Vesey, Desharnais, Zuccarello/Nash.
        Grabner, Trade, Fast.

        McDonagh, Holden.
        Staal, Shattenkirk.
        Skjei, Smith.

        1st PP unit. Zibanejad, Zuccarello, Kredier, Buchnevich, Shattenkirk.

        2nd PP unit. Miller, Nash, Hayes, McDonagh, Skjei.

      • Point of interest. Last season Hayes SH TOI/GP was slightly higher than Stepan’s, 3 seconds a game played. By short handed face offs. Stepan was 1st in FO taken with 159, Hayes was 2nd with 111, Stepan won 37.7% of his short handed draws, Hayes 46.8%

      • So Hayes is the better option? Lol. Go into deployment and quality of competition. Hayes was or is not made to replace Stepan. It’s not just about winning the face off, it’s what you do or don’t do after the win or loss.

        Striker, you’ve done nothing but praise this team as if they were still what they were 2-3 years ago. It’s time to let reality soak in and understand what they truly are.

        As a Rangers fan, I’ve embraced the plan. I suggest everyone else get with the reality of what this team is today. You can shake your Pom poms all day. Reality is reality! This team is rebuilding, and nowhere near competitive.

        It doesn’t make you less of a fan to admit, they are just not good!

      • Nyr4… my “hypothetical” of trading for RNH is replying to Lyles post. I’m not arguing DD belongs at 2c,… and I won’t argue if RNH is an upgrade or not over Step. But just looking at where we are today… trading from our wing depth for 24 year old RNH gives us a pretty good group of centers for years. And it pushes DD to 4th line. Personally, I wouldn’t want to lose Kreider. I’d rather trade the older Zucharello.
        Striker, I’d rather trade for a top 6 center than a 4th liner. And I don’t agree about Skjei being on PP. I think he has good straight line speed but not really a skill guy on point. Most of his points are in transition where he joins rush.
        As far as Rangers start, I don’t see anyone other than Tampa standing out in the east… Montreal has had same type of start as Rangers and other teams ahead of us are capable of going through bad stretches as well

      • NYR4life.

        Yes NYR has been transforming to a younger roster since Gorton has taken over. I’m not claiming NYR is an elite cup contender but this is still a very good team.

        No Hayes isn’t Stepan, he has a whopping 246 NHL regular season games played to date. Stepan 526. Hayes may well be better than Stepan by the time he is fully developed. This roster has a ton of kids scatered all over the line up, all will get better as they develop.

        Are there issues? Sure who doesn’t in today’s cap world. I still have NYR to make the playoffs as a wild card team will it be as the #1 wildcard? Probably not but still not writing them off 12 games into the season 4 points out of a playoff spot.

        I don’t like how Vigneault is deploying his players nor his PP units. The results of those choices appear obvious to me, it’s not working so try something else.

        Julien finally must have gotten my memo to start giving Danault far better quantity & quality icetime. I had been preaching for such since day 1 of the season. He should be playing as Mtl’s #1 C & ideally Drouin would be moved to RW with him & Galchenyuk.

        What ails NYR to date is Lundqvis’ts play, Vigneault’s odd choices & a pretty tough schedule out of the gate. Vigneault’s line combinations aren’t working, try something else.

    • NYR..agreed. Not entirely AV’s fault….though he could have told Gorts to just trade Holden and give DeAngelo playing time. They both are playing horribly…I rather ToniD getting a chance to generate offense than slow foot Holden. Av, at times, has questionable deployment of the roster…..especially never taking away playing time from “his boys” like Kreids (who deserves it at times). Putting Desharnais as the 2c is mind blowing…. BUT RUFF is a worse option.

      Once Chytil showed signs of being decent….should have made more of an effort to clear out Grabs or even dependable but not really scoring Nash to give the kid some room to grow.

      • Throwing Chytil out there after he just turned 18 is ludicrous. Desharnais is a proven top 9 NHL centerman. Ideally, we get another center. No knock on Chytil but he’s not ready. Yes he’s skilled, but he’s not on level of a Matthews or McDavid. He’s a prospect. That’s it. He’s not the answer.

      • Chytil is not NHL ready. And trying to force that hurts more than helps. In the past NY has been pretty patient with player development. And I don’t see that changing. Andersson, Deangelo and Chytil are not near NHL ready. Deangelo has been nothing shy of a train wreck defensively.

      • Nyr4. Although DeAngelo not a seasoned d man yet, he was brought in to be a puck moving offensive defenseman. I believe that Trade plus Smith signing where both done not thinking we’d actually get Shatty on deal we did. We agree on the young draft picks but I disagree with you on ADA. I’d rather suffer through his d lapses and have his o abilities than stick with Smith and Holden. One or both need to be traded

      • DeAngelo was brought in to be a long term replacement for Shattenkirk, he needs at least 1 more full season in the AHL. You can’t have him & Shattenkrik both playing meaningful minutes on NYR’s D yet.

        DeAngelo needs to go down & learn some semblance of a defensive game. He only comes back up as an injury replacement for Shattenkirk, ideally not if another Dman is lost.

        I don’t see Shattenkirk completing all 4 years of this deal. He will be traded in year 3 of his deal, if not during the season then at seasons end with 1 year remaining & be replaced by DeAngleo.

        I want Skjei on the 2nd PP unit. He has solid skills but for some reason Vigneault isn’t giving him any PP minutes.

  3. he was too worried whether or not the hotdog vendor in the crowd was old out or not….4 of them on the ice and nobody was watching the play where the puck was…

  4. Not sure how Wilson still has a job if SJ messes the bed this year. How many coaches has he hired and fired?

    Peter Chiarelli… if Connor McDavid didn’t land in his lap, I’m curious to see how the Coilers would look like. The fact he is looking for a scoring winger after trading one for a soft 5th overall bust has made fans there furious. This after shipping out a 1st and other assets for Bust Reinhart only to let him go to expansion.

    Bergavin has made a complete mess of the Habs.
    Something I like to point out in Mtl is.. with the age of racism issues why hasn’t anyone ever called out that organization for their desire to hire ONLY French coaches despite legit coaching abilities?
    If AV gets canned in NY, does he instantly get snapped up AGAIN by MTL? Lol. Or perhaps there is a chance for that nut ball Trembley to get hired again lol.
    No way will you ever see Torts, Sutter or any other coach worth his salt become coach there coz they don’t “parlez vous”

    • You are absolutely right. I live in Montreal (but am a Red Wings fan), but I can tell you that the Montreal Canadiens’ organization and francophone fans would rather have a less talented french-speaking coach and general manager than one that is more qualified, achieved more success, but only speaks english. I remember when then team president Pierre Boivin hired Pierre Gauthier as GM when Steve Yzerman was available and had already achieved success as a GM at the International level/ Boivin said that he had searched high and low around the league, and the best man available was already in the Canadien’s organization. I knew then that it was entirely a decision based on language and spurred on by the french media that manipulated its readers and listeners so that they can continue to get their “sound bytes” and interviews in french. Why do the extra work in translation, right? The Habs have really become a bush league organization, and Yzerman’s Tampa Bay Ligtning?… well, just look at the standings and players on that team.

      • It cost Al MacNeil his job as coach a year after he took a floundering team to the Stanley Cup. which is why I repeatedly say Quebec City should not get another franchise. It would be even worse there – right down to a demand for francophone players in a “respectable” representation – abilities be damned.

        What you see in Montreal is a microcosm of what you see in the federal public service when it comes to hiring when bilingualism trumps all other qualifications.

    • Lou has made a mess of the leafs also,with the Marleau and hainsey signing that made no sense at all. Maybe AV ends up in Toronto Babcock has been getting out coached all yr they should be 4-7 they won games early that they won’t win 20 games in. Babcock really needs to change the run and gun style they’re giving up great scoring chances like it’s the 80s

      • Hey now – easy now. Las Vegas has them as odds-on favourites to win the cup don’t you know.

    • Wilson has hired & fired very few coaches. Sutter was in place for 5 years, then Wilson for 5 years, McLellan 7 years, Deboer is now in year 3. So probably less coaches than almost any team in the league but Chicago.

      Edm will be fine & Chiarelli although lucky to win the McDavid sweepstakes has built a solid team but not with out having made a few head scratchers not the least of which was the trade for Reinhart.

      I couldn’t agree with you more about Bergevin. Mtl is a total mess.

      • It’s hard to here you other teams are a mess when Sweeney has destroyed the bruins for the foreseeable future

  5. Dave Tippet should not be a coach anywhere except maybe 1985. He is terrible, as terrible as the Whalers were.

    • Tippett (like older generation coaches) do not allow younger guys to make mistakes…..every mistake is a guarantee of getting less ice time. Tippet was TERRIBLE wit this in AZ. “Dependeable” defensive forwards (comparably) like Vermette and Richardson would get more playing time than Domi, DUclair(who was demoted) etc….

      • And now that the “kids” are getting all that ice time they’re doing SO much better/

      • Dan Bylsma has coached 565 games and has a .551pct and I wouldn’t hire him either. And a Stanley Cup. What’s your point?

    • Since becoming a head coach in 2002-03 Tippet has coached 1114 games and boasts a winning % of .527 – including 8 years running that idiotic Arizona franchise. He also played in 721 NHL games as a lightweight F (5′ 10″ 175 lbs) in an era when lightweights took their lives in their hands every time they skated onto the ice.

      • My point is, from your comments off-handedly dismissing a coach who compiled a pretty good record while coaching one of the most dysfunctional pro teams ever over a period of 8 seasons, I’d say you don’t know your butt from your elbow. Here’s a hint – your elbow is located about midway between your shoulder and your wrist.

      • MAYBE the reason they were so bad for the entire time he was there is because he’s not very good at his job. He was also very involved in managing the team and roster decisions. His coaching methods are very antiquated putting too much value on things like grit and toughness and not enough on skill. And thanks for the elbow tip I had been looking for it. Let me return the favour, your butt is located right above your neck and just below your silver, receding hair line. In this way you are unique.

      • But they weren’t bad for the entire time he was there – instead, they had a far better record than the talent indicated, and that was due to his capable handling of the crap handed to him. And believe me, as you get older (it’s inevitable) – IF you’re lucky enough to get older that is – you’ll get to know the locations of those parts of your body. Right now you’re simply another who fits the adage “youth is wasted on the young” – in your case a complete throwaway.

  6. Here’s a thought.
    Arizona needs a goalie in the worst way, Canadiens need a center and a PMD.
    What do you think of Price to Arz for Dylan Strome and OEL?

    • You really think Price would waive his NM/NT to go THERE?

      • Price currently has a modified NTC, 15 teams he would accept a trade to, moves to full NMC next season.

        I doubt Arizona would be on said list.

        Not directed at you George but to Gally#1 but on topic. Mtl isn’t moving Price, nor is anyone taking that contract. Arz isn’t moving OEL, they will make every effort to resign him & I don’t see him wanting to leave Arz.

        Arz is struggling but the future is in place it just needs time for all that youth to develop. I had Arz to be better but like Col that’s all relative they are still going to be bad. I had them as the 3rd worst team in the west.

  7. Galchenyuk for Strome

    • does Stome speak french? Media wants to know …. lol

      • Does 1/2 of the players on the team speak french?

  8. Fast Freddie Anderson reminds me of a former pylon that used to play for the Leafs. Opponents have figured out the majority of his saves are ones that hit his chest or fall directly in his glove. While he is good with limiting rebounds he drops to his knees with no reason and can’t close the space between his legs fast enough nor can he accurately assess shots above his shoulders from 20-40 feet out from the sides. He is a B minus goalie with potential of a B but letting in 3-6 soft goals a game negates any chance his team can have to win games over the long haul and in particular the playoffs. I appreciate that he is facing 30 shots a game but he could face 29 and still let in 3-6 soft ones anyway. He is no Eddie Belfour.

    • It’s ANDERSEN, not “Anderson”!!!