Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 8, 2017

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Latest on Rick Nash, Kyle Turris, Andreas Athanasiou & more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports Rick Nash would like to re-sign with the New York Rangers and the feeling is mutual. The 33-year-old Nash is eligible next July for unrestricted free agency.

Kypreos feels the Rangers would prefer a short-term deal, perhaps equivalent to that of Minnesota’s Eric Staal (three years at $3 million per), but Patrick Marleau this summer signed a three-year contract worth over $6 million annually. If Nash puts up decent numbers this season, Kypreos feels he could command around $5 million.

Despite the shared interest from both sides, Elliotte Friedman reports there’s been “almost no talks” between them regarding a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Nash can stay healthy and nets over 20 goals and 40 points this season, it’ll cost the Rangers much more than $3 million annually to re-sign him. The Leafs signing the 38-year-old Marleau to over $6 million annually really skewed the market for comparable players. 

Friedman also reports Kyle Turris wants to stay with the Ottawa Senators and they want to keep him. He said he’s been told the two sides are close to agreeing on the dollars (somewhere in the $6-million range) but term remains the sticking point. Now that the season has started, Friedman doesn’t feel the Sens are keen to move Turris.

Kypreos, however, said he’s been told by some teams that Turris is available. He expects GM Pierre Dorion to listen to offers as long as the center isn’t under a long-term contract.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Turris hasn’t requested a trade and isn’t concerned about his contract talks with the Senators. He’s focusing on hockey and leaving the contract discussions to his agent.

Garrioch said there was a belief the Turris camp would postpone those talks during the season but that notion was quickly dismissed by the Sens.

If they decide to trade Turris, Garrioch believes the Columbus Blue Jackets could be among the suitors. For now, the Sens aren’t shopping Turris but that won’t stop teams from calling.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect Turris to be moved at this stage of the season, if at all. Both sides have plenty of time to work out a new contract.

The situation could change if the Sens fall out of playoff contention by February, especially if the Turris camp won’t budge from seeking a seven- or eight-year deal. If Dorion faces losing Turris for nothing to free agency in July, he could move the 28-year-old center by the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

In that case, teams with interest in Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene could look at Turris as a more reasonable alternative. 

THE ATHLETIC: Craig Custance reports the Detroit Red Wings could be moving closer to a split with restricted free agent winger Andreas Athanasiou, who’s now skating in Switzerland and mulling his options. The Wings’ offer of a two-year deal worth $1.9 million annually remains on the table, but Athanasiou’s issues with the Wings (Playing time? Issues with the coaching staff?) suggests this goes beyond what he’s earning.

If a trade becomes the only resolution to this impasse, Custance believes both sides will have to be patient. While the Wings aren’t shopping Athanasiou, sources confirm they’re listening to offers. He said a rival GM claims the asking price is high – “a young, top-four defenseman or a young center.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, it appears both sides won’t back down. You can’t expect the Wings to accept a draft pick or prospect for Athanasiou. They’ll want an established young NHL player of comparable skill. If Athanasiou has issues with the Wings’coaching staff or his ice time, perhaps it’s best if Detroit GM Ken Holland moves him in exchange for a good young player better suited to the Wings’ rebuilding process. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports as many as eight teams, including the Columbus Blue Jackets, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins, held trade talks with the Colorado Avalanche regarding center Matt Duchene. However, the Avs high asking price ( a top defenceman, a high-end prospect and a pick) remains the sticking point. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As they say in the Canadian Forces, “SITREP: NO CHANGE”. 

Winger James Neal’s two-goal performance for the Vegas Golden Knights in their inaugural NHL game garnered lots of attention. Garrioch doubts Neal, an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, will finish this season with the Knights. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neal tallied another goal in Vegas’ 2-1 victory over Arizona last night. Barring a significant decline in his play, he’s bound to attract considerable interest by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. If he prefers testing the market this summer, the Knights will shop him in February. 

Should the Red Wings re-sign Andreas Athanasiou, they’ll have to clear some cap space for his contract. It’s believed several teams inquired about center Riley Sheahan, who’s a restricted free agent next summer. 

If the New York Islanders are out of playoff contention by the trade deadline, defenseman Calvin de Haan could become a valuable commodity. He’s slated to become a UFA in July.  



  1. Gee Striker, apparently Detroit value AA much more then you do. Asking for a top 4 dman.
    After reading yesterday comments, I was surprised at how silly Striker and George O were in regard to the salary of NHL players, it’s a sport and pro athletes make more then the everyday citizen. You argue that they should just accept whatever is offered to them and be grateful for it. Once you start referencing food stamps you’ve lost your debate with such silly point of view.
    Striker yesterday you ask either Chrism or myself, not sure who you were directing it at; if you ever run or have your own business with over x amount of employees. Curious of why you asked that question.

    • It relates to the business side of hockey. The NHL & CBA are structured within a framework limiting players rights for 7 or 8 years. AA has zero rights coming out of his ELC, especially with limited NHL experience in that timeline & minor glimpses of ability. He can take what he’s offered or not, that’s his choice but he has no other leverage than to do what he is now doing & this serves no purpose. Nor is he returning a top 4 Dman unless that Dman is a Dman like a K. Miller, Methot type top 4 Dman. I could acre less what the talking bheads say these players are worth, nothing more than rumors most of which are wrong but fun to discuss.

      As leverage changes for players over that time line teams lose the hammer & the players leverage to demand more money increases. Waiver, rights, arbitration rights & UFA eligibility all start coming into play meaning they become more expensive to sign.

      Many here seem to refuse to accept the business side of hockey & just want to look at the players abilities or skill sets in trade. In a cap world you don’t just trade players but cap space, tying in waivers, arbitration & UFA rights, the reason Francis has stated he’s not interested in acquiring players with limited time left on their contracts regardless of ability.

      At no point have I said AA is a bad player nor bright future. This player has skills but the NHL salary structure also falls into the 80/20 rule for me. AA isn’t in the 20 & will have to accept his lot in life on this next contract, on the 1 following he will have more leverage & Detroit will have to pay more when that time comes either by signing or in arbitration.

      The reason I asked if Chrisms has run a business with over 6 employee’s is if anyone has they understand you have to control costs & make hard choices.

      Detroit has no cap space, if they did they could afford to pay AA a little more they don’t so he has to suck it up, it happens all the time, regardless I don’t feel AA is worth what say a player like Bennett just received in Calgary which was 1.9 for 2 years. He is a far better hockey player with a substantially better pedigree, skill set & future than AA.

      • Well articulated point of view.

      • Thank you for your reply, first you should read your comments in regards to AA skill level. Secondly you don’t need to run a business to understand cost control, you learn that in every day life by budgeting your own income, can I afford steak this week or is it Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs.
        I believe most blogger on here understand the salary cap and in regards to AA as stated it may be more about playing time. The reality is there is a compromise to be made by both if they chose to do so. The other reality is as long as the red wings keep winning there is less pressure on them to give in to AA and the other reality is we are not talking a lot of dollars over a 1 or 2 year term but when you are up against the cap every dollar counts.

      • I listed AA’s stats, I have watched him play both live & on TV, I stated his 18 goals in 64 games with less than 14 mins of TOI/GP & 2nd line PP time are impressive, I stated having even been given an opportunity as a 4th round pick is well outside the norm but trying to project this type of player is very difficult & he hasn’t even yet earned his 1.9 2 year offer in my opinion especially when compared to a player like Bennett as a comparable.

        I could find others if you like?

      • Striker I told you I agree with the conclusion aa has no leverage left and should sign. He is obligated to play by the rules of the league he voluntarily is choosing to play for. BUT. He should be upset that he is obligated to play by a cba he didn’t have a part in… he should be upset the team that drafted him restricting his right to sell himself to the highest bidder (necessary for the league but still poopy to the players) has put themselves through poor management in a position to have limited monies to spend. I disagree strongly with people seeing aa’s moves as some kinda of sign of selfishness. At this point it’s not wise but it is his right.

    • On a side note to your comment on lost points early in the season. Winnipeg better fits your example yesterday, as a bubble team the points lost in these 1st 2 games may sting come April but I don’t have the same concerns with Pittsburgh.

      Mason is also showing another thing I have preached endlessly a goalies #’s are incredibly reflective of the play in front of him, see Schneider in NJ last season as well. It’s very early but Winnipeg’s youth is again not committed to picking up their defensive assignments.

      Goaltending isn’t the fundamental problem in Winnipeg, Dallas, nor NJ last season the play of the forwards in Winnipeg’s case & the whole team, D & all for the others. I picked Dallas to just miss the playoffs this season due to this issue, it became a coin toss for me between Dallas, LA & Win, LA won the coin toss. Not very scientific but I couldn’t decide, so I choose to rely on luck. Ha-ha! Lucks a huge part of it.

      • Mason is a backup goalie always has been always will be, still don’t understand that signing? AA has every right to do what he wants, if no one stands up to greedy owners the employees get treated like dirt.. striker I’m betting you don’t like unions?

      • You can add Montreal to that list now as well. after Weber, Petry & Alzner that D is brutal, factor in 2 of those top 3 have been in place for a very limited time, Weber 1 year & Alzner just signed & continuity, familiarity issues come into play as well & I’m a loss to explain what Bergevin is doing.

        I have similiar concerns for Ottawa short term as Cleasson develops & the others, specifically Chabot, but other Dman that have solid NHL futures coming as well are worked into the line up to help solidify Ottawa’s D.

        I do like the fact that Boucher & Ottawa will be required to play Wideman more. Curious to see what he may become, he’s seriously outside the lines for me, a long road to the NHL 4 years in college, 3 full seasons in the AHL. limited sheltered minutes in his 1st 2 NHL seasons. Even though 27 he still falls into the same development timeline for me of needing 400 NHL regular season games. He may be a solid top 4 Dman that leans a little more to offense than defense over the next 3 years of his development. These Dman sneak into the NHL every once in a while, K. Miller followed the exact same path essentially.

        I call it the Dan Boyle path although I don’t expect either of these players to become Dan Boyle just following a very similiar path. Boyle & Miller were both undrafted, 1 difference for Wideman was being a 4th round pick of Ottawa in 09.

        I love the fortitude, determination or grit if you prefer that these players have shown never giving up & pursuing their dream to play in the NHL & earn starting roles & make solid contributions.

      • Agree, what I don’t understand in Winnipeg is why they felt they had to give Paul Maurice an extension before the season started. It’s only 2 games but were already seeing last year team; no discipline and no defensive zone structure. Maurice himself said we good have the greatest players but if you don’t play defense your not going anywhere. If this is true then the players are not getting the message, then he better deliver it a different way.

      • Unions have their place, the pendulum has swung a little to far in their favor but with out them many would suffer.

        I have never worked for a union, my mom was a BCGEU union rep for decades before crossing the floor to the employer side, my father an enlisted man in the airforce.

        With out digressing into a political debate but this is part of hockey now as the NHL, NHLPA & the CBA are part of being a hockey fan today what bothers me is that not only do union members have shop stewards & union representation the have the labour relations board to mediate disputes. Private individuals have to go to court & file writs to protect themselves.Why are all Canadian taxpayers on the hook to pay for the bureaucracy of the labor relations board when it’s only available to unionized employee’s & their respective unions & unionized employers?

        Back to real hockey. I don’t begrudge AA for the path he has chosen, that’s his right, I just think he’s wasting his time & the only person he’s hurting is himself. Both now & long term. Better players have had their careers ended for attitude issues. The great Todd Elik being my favorite, Ha-ha! He was more interested in his favorite bar than the game played or about to be played.

        AA’s situation may just be a business issue, Detroit not even having the space to sign him. I assume something will break soon on this front.

      • You can add the bruins to that list as well that defence is brutal, Sweeney is a terrible gm him and sakic should be the first gms on the outs

    • Again, so according to YOUR opinion, the views expressed by myself and Striker are “silly” – in other words, you know it all and only your opinion counts because it’s the right one??

      A pretty famous person in the world of sports (Grantland Rice) once said “a wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”

      We never described your views (or chrisms) as “silly” – we simply stated OUR opinions. And in the final analysis that’s all that counts.

      • Not at all George. Perhaps it’s my writing style that infuriates you or just that I don’t lie aspects of your favorite team that rile you up. I have stated repeatedly these are just my opinions & or assumptions, that I value your opinions, comments, enjoy this debate & discussion. I’m just expressing me viewpoint.

        I want you to help persuade me. If you can make an argument or present facts that would do so great. It happens here often.

        This is the best hockey chat board on the net. You guys are solid but why resort to name calling & create conflict by making disparaging personal remarks. If you don’t agree, make an argument, rebut, or simply say I disagree. I’m not forcing you to read my posts or comments, you are choosing to. I’m certainly not typing your responses nor do I generally take offense but I do when it becomes increasingly personal & generally warn you if you persist I will respond in kind.

        On the rare occasions I have allowed my temper to surface I have then apologized later. I love you favorite. Me being a narcissist? What’s that got to do with hockey? I have 5 of the 8 things required to be 1 by the way, I think you hit 7. Ha-ha! I’m sorry that was just a joke, I have no idea how many narcissistic traits you may have but the 3 I don’t have make it impossible.

      • Striker, George is referring to my opening comment of some of your and his comments I found silly. Apparently that makes me a know it all. Which is another silly comment. George if you are going to use food stamps when debating whether a player should or shouldn’t sign, yes that is a silly comment and no that doesn’t make me a know it all. Every one on here understand and would love the opportunity to have the style of a pro athlete.
        Your opinion is no different then mine, it’s just that an opinion, sometimes we agree and sometimes you’re wrong.

      • Wrong according to who?

      • And suggesting you’re a know-it-all is only silly if you acknowledge that opinions in such matters are exactly that – opinions – nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, if you believe that only your opinion is the correct one, then – like a political difference of opinion – that indeed makes you a know-it-all. And the sad thing about that attitude is, those who think they know it all have no way of finding out they don’t!

      • George. I value your opinion of the situation but you appear to have crossed from an opinion of the situation to denigrating the individual involved. I don’t like irrational anger.

        And the opinion argument is bunk. Because. By responding with that you are doing the exact same thing.

      • I hear you George as you defined yourself as a know it all. Also I hear as you get older you lose your sense of humour, can you confirm that? In other words lighten up. One last question for you, when you compare and NHL player to needing food stamps, what kind a comment do you call that? a rational, well thought out, great comparison? please explain

      • Read it again. I did NOT suggest an NHL player needed food stamps. What I was doing was poking fun at chrisms suggestion that, in the profits equation, the players are hard done by in comparison to the owners. Read before you jump.

      • “And the opinion argument is bunk. Because. By responding with that you are doing the exact same thing …”

        Well … yeah ! That’s been my point all along. And my opinion is, in the end, no “sillier” than yours. Simply a divergent point of view.

    • Striker i get the business side but you often dismisd the human side.

      • Jeff.

        I hear you & I’m not happy with the fact that the business side is so prevalent, the greed on both sides of the table is unfortunate.

        We have had 1 strike & 2 lock outs to get to where we are with the CBA today. Great inroads have been made but we still have a long way to go, I assume at least 2 more lockouts before a decent structure is in place for both sides.

        Yes I lean more to employer than employee in the NHL today. Simple economics. The NHL’s growth potential is staggering in the next 3 decades, the growth worldwide will be amazing to watch I hope I live long enough to see it unfold. Ha-ha!

        There are a ton of players making more money today in the NHL than 1/2 the teams they play for in the NHL, that doesn’t make sense to me but the fact that the current structure allows the 4 largest teams to profit so significantly has to be balanced out better through a far greater revenue sharing formula.

        These 4 teams couldn’t be making all these monies if not for expansion & the growth of the game & they need to contribute significantly more to balance the playing field.

        why can a team like Green Bay compete in the NFL, shared gate revenue & the largest pro sports TV contract in professional sports of which they get an equal share. When the NHL’s current contract is up with NBC, the NHL will be receiving it’s 1st real US national TV contract, it will pale in comparison to the big 3 but it will be far more significant than anything achieved to date & greatly help the bottom 8 revenue generators in the NHL.

        The players will benefit significantly as well. Times are still very difficult for a 1/3 rd of NHL teams but it’s being fixed with each new CBA & the growth of the game.

  2. On the topic of goalies and the teams in front of them, there’s a great article today in Pension Plan Puppets, a Leafs fan blog, about Calvin Pickard and his time with the Colorado Avalanche.
    Really worth reading.
    By the way, Caper, I agree about the Jets and Maurice’s extension. I think Cheveldayoff has put himself under the microscope with that decision as well as his move to pick up Steve Mason.

  3. My experience is coach dictates ice time and line mates. Nothing to do with the GM and contract amounts . AA can sign and ask for a
    trade . FYI not returning a top 4 Defence with his 29 points.

  4. I think the Sens will cave to a 7 or 8 year term if Turris doesnt also demand a no trade clause

    • I’d gibe him 7 or 8 IF he agreed to front-loaded deal that sees the last 2 years scaled down.

  5. Striker.
    The habs D will be fine.
    I feel bad that you are at a loss to explain what Bergevin is doing, that must be new for you. You never seem to be at a loss for anything.

    • That D group? Fine? They r a disaster, slow, dogs breakfast. Bergivin is burning the franchise down, that’s what he’s doing, Subban Sergachev Petry Beauliue Markov would be a solid group but Marc had other ideas I guess

      • Lol a leaf fan calling someone else’s d group a disaster??? The majority of leafs dmen don’t know where their end is

  6. I like Nash, and a one or two year deal at 3-4 million he’d be welcomed back! Problem is , I don’t see him taking a 3-4 million per. Unfortunately, someone will over pay him. And it’s grossly obvious where NY is headed. So I don’t see a fit at a bigger deal.

    Side note, to the rangers fan that called Deangelo a comparable replacement for Skjei…. uh no thanks. This guy looks more like MDZ part deux than Skjei. Where is Holden? And why do I not see Deangelo headed to Hartford where he belongs and one of Graves or Pionk headed up?

    Deangelo looks nowhere near NHL ready!

    • Chytil should also be headed down.

    • Oh so cause I am a leaf fan I can’t comment on another teams blue line? U defend Marc then Big Bear, which blue line would be better for Mtl, the one they have now or the one they could have if Bergivin had left well enuf alone? Enlighten us all please

      • I’m thinking wrong spot?

  7. If Benning could somehow swing a trade to Detroit for AA to come in and replace Vanek, this Canucks team could look seriously dangerous.
    Despite Canucks fending off McJesus and the Coilers, Vanek looked doubled over trying to keep up with the speedy forwards.
    AA would add that extra dementia of speed for Travis Greens new attack style.
    With the recent addition of Pouliot, surely that makes Hutton available and perhaps the top 4 young D that Holland would like.

    Being personal friends with parts of Turris’ family (friends of aunt/uncle), they say Turris would love to suit up for his boyhood favorite team (Canucks) growing up.

    • Hoo-boy. Someone’s catching Torontitus (and that is a form of dementia).

      • Ya…you eastern guys keep trying to poo-poo on Canucks….

        Don’t reply to the subject….just point out the typo….good job dude

      • “dimension” – “dementia” – that’s some typo.

    • Every player would love to sign up for their boyhood team. Why is turris’s family disclosing his business to someone who would splash that business all over a hockey messaging board?

      • That certainly wouldn’t be the first time…and many players have stated to media that they would love to play for their hometown team whilst playing for another.
        At that point does it matter that it’s thru family and friends or thru the paid media scribes?
        It’s also another for said team to actually sign him. After all, Turris will then be 28/29 and noway does a rebuilding team with young centers such as Pettersson, Gaudette in the pipeline need to commit term and dollars, and likely big dollars to a player at that stage.
        But then again it’s unpredictable what Benning would/will do.

        I would personally like to see him come here with the glut of young exciting forwards we have coming along, but personal feelings aside, I don’t see it happening.

  8. A Red Wings trade of Athanasiou has to be more complex than their getting the top-4 defenseman or center they would seek. Being at the cap limit, they would still have to shed salary to accommodate the player(s) they receive. That may be even more difficult than signing AA.

    Borrowing from Striker’s small-business analogy, the Wings have been penny wise (AA) and dollar foolish (see Trevor Daley). Such mismanaged businesses are usually swallowed by more efficient operations. No matter how you slice it, AA, by himself, is worth what he’s asking on the open market, especially to teams that believe the cap could soon soar to above $80 million, as has been speculated on this site. The Wings have painted themselves into a corner. Maybe, they can get out of it by selling Sheahan at a bargtain price. Maybe AA can get out of Detroit by inviting the Wings to sell him at a bargain price. That’s how capitalism works. Whatever the Wings do, especially tellng AA to play in the KHL their product will be diminished. Each roster downgrade or missing piece could lead to missing playoff money and further fiscal devastation. That’s no way to run a business.

  9. Nash never scores in playoffs! Why would any team want him! Makes no sense if goal is cup