Duchene To Senators, Turris to Predators in 3-Team Deal

by | Nov 5, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 46 comments

Various reports indicate the Colorado Avalanche have traded center Matt Duchene to the Ottawa Senators in a three-team deal that sees the Senators ship center Kyle Turris to the Nashville Predators. 

The Avalanche received ” prospects Samuel Girard, Vladislav Kamenev and a second-round pick from the Predators, and forward Shane Bowers, goaltender Andrew Hammond and a first- and third-round pick from the Senators.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not since October 27, 2013, when the Buffalo Sabres dealt Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders for Matt Moulson and two draft picks, has there been an early-season trade involving such notable players. Rarer still is it’s a three-way deal. The move came as Duchene was playing with the Avalanche against the New York Islanders, reportedly leaving the game as he was informed he’d been traded.

So, after months of speculation, the Duchene trade watch mercifully comes to an end. So what about what each team gets?

Well, the Senators get a center in Duchene who’s two years younger than the 28-year-old Turris and under contract through 2018-19 at an annual cap hit of $6 million. They also get a guy who’s exceeded 20 goals and 50 points five times since joining the NHL in 2009-10 who will also likely be feeling liberated after getting out of an unhappy situation with the Avalanche.

If that translates into improved performance by Duchene that bolsters the Senators offensive punch, it’ll be a worthwhile move for Ottawa. However, they could face difficulty in re-signing the 26-year-old center, who’s eligible for UFA status in 2019, if he seeks a long-term extension worth over $6 million annually. If so, he could be on the move again by sometime next season. 

As for Turris, his demands for a seven- or eight-year deal reportedly didn’t sit well with the Sens front office, forcing them to trade him rather than risk losing him for nothing to next summer’s free agent market. The Predators were reportedly interested in Duchene but unwilling to part with one of their top-four defensemen to get him. In landing Turris, they get a quality center with a strong two-way game at an affordable return. 

It took Turris a little longer to blossom than Duchene, but he’s reached 20 goals and 50 points in three of the last four seasons. He should bolster their depth at center and potentially improve their chances of staging another run for the Stanley Cup next spring. Given his UFA status next summer, I daresay the Turris camp was agreeable to re-signing with the Preds to allow this trade to take place, perhaps along the lines of what he sought from the Senators. 

The Avs, meanwhile, didn’t get a young, established top-four defenseman but they land one with considerable promise in Girard, who has three points in five games with the Preds this season. Though on the small side (5’10”, 162 lbs), the 19-year-old has potential as a top-four puck-moving blueliner.

Hammond rose to prominence late in 2014-15 as the beloved “Hamburgler” who carried the injury-ravaged Sens into the 2015 playoffs. He’s since struggled to regain that form and lost the backup job last year to Mike Condon, but was playing well on their farm team this season. He’s unlikely to unseat Jonathan Bernier as Semyon Varlamov’s backup this season but will provide the Avs with some necessary insurance should injuries strike between the pipes. 

Kamenev, 21, is an offensive center who’ll likely report to the Avs farm club and should factor into their future plans soon. Bowers,18 is a center currently playing for Boston University. 

Was this return worth it for the Avs? They certainly got quantity with this return, but time will tell if those players and prospects turn into quality. It could prove to be the defining move – for good or ill – in Joe Sakic’s tenure as Avalanche general manager. 




    • Lol black professor striker was wrong AGAIN go figure

      • No you are, as I never made any such comment. Did you never learn to read either?

      • You just can’t admit when you’re wrong can you! Lol everyone knows it on here but you won’t admit grow up you troll

    • I never said any such thing. I pegged the odds at 30% that Duchene would still be with Colorado come the trade deadline just yesterday. Can you not read? I said unless Sakic gets a deal to his liking. How can you not like this deal for Colorado!

      This a great deal for Colorado, I even like the deal for Nashville but curious that if they could get Turris signed for 6 years at 6 mil per why Ottawa couldn’t? If Duchene gets extended in Ottawa all are served well I guess.

      I also asked the day before yesterday is Girard still in the NHL being show cased for a Duchene trade in some way, would Sakic accept him as the Dman he covets?

      Well done Black n Gold.

      Thank God we can put this to bed.

      I just wished I had added Kerfoot on waivers in the 1 pool he’s still available in last night as his role & responsibilities will increase significantly with Duchene gone.

      Now I wonder if Girard gets to stay in the NHL & how long before Kamenev is playing in Colorado?

      • Striker…dude your a mess you said he wouldn’t be traded until the deadline period..anyway you look at it the great striker missed this one…wow

    • And I said I wanted Turris gone sooner rather than later. Lifts the distraction for both teams.


  2. Say what you will about Sakic, but the return he got was excellent! Girard is the real deal and kamenev is an excellent prospect Who should step right in and add in the picks and you couldn’t ask for a better return given the situation. Turris has also reportedly signed a 6 year 36 mil extension with Nashville.

    • Looks like a great return for an outgoing asset.I thought he was waiting too long.
      Good on Sakic for getting that much for Duchene.

  3. i said actually Tuesday so close….

    • Well done & I’m not being factious. I thought it would take longer, that cap issues would have to be managed.


        i’m thinking Galgenyuk or a d-man from Vegas.

        who do you think?

  4. Turris helps the Preds big time and gives them a proper 2C so they can move Big Game Bones to 3C where he is most effective. Duchene gets to move much closer to home and his cottage in Muskoka(gods country in the summer and a hellish wasteland in the winter.) After all the Sakic posturing he really doesn’t get much at all that is a know entity. Kamanev, Girard, Bowers, a 1,2,3 pick next draft, and those will be like 2,3,4 if the Sens and Preds go far in the playoffs. Are any of those guys men? I haven’t looked yet.

    • *dmen, I know they are all men or are on their way to becoming men.

      • Ok Girard is a dman but he is not a top dman prospect. He seems to project to a 4-5 ceiling. So a centre, a LW, and a 4-5 dman and 3 high picks. So Nash got Turris for Kamenev, Bowers and a 2nd.

      • Who knows what Girard will be. He has displayed elite level offensive skills in major JR.

        Just break it down top picks expended by their respective teams to acquire these players. Bower; 1st, Girard; 2nd, Kenenev; 2nd, another 1st, 2nd & 3rd & Hammond.

        For those of you that felt Sakic should just bite the bullet & take what ever & move on. Not!

        It will take over 5 years to determine what all these assets will be. Bower could be in University for 2 to 3 more years before entering the NHL, Hell he could even choose the UFA route.

        I like this deal for Colorado< Nashville & I hope Ottawa as well but we will need to wait & see what happens with Duchene's contract situation with Ottawa to possibly grade it for them.

    • Girard is a d man ….offensive d man -2nd round pick in 2016. Has looked very impressive in the limited amount of games he’s played. Kamenev is a forward-2014 2nd round pick. Big body with excellent offensive skills. These 2 players plus 1,2,3 round picks was a great haul. What do you expect to get for Duchene who is a Ufa after next year and clearly was unhappy in Colorado. Great deal for Sakic!

      • ….and Bowers was Ottawa’s 2017 1st round pick

  5. Can’t wait to hear striker talk his way out of this one! Lol so much for the summer eh striker

    • Bigbadbruins all you need do is go back & read the threads as apparently you din’t if you read them the 1st time.

  6. You knew sakic was gonna have to lower his cost but still did pretty good! Like giradi but you have to wonder if matty said enough is enough get the trade done or I’m going public of demanding a trade?

    • What would it matter, most thought he was already demanding a trade? Sounds like it’s not the case though, the sticking point was the predators signing Turris.

      • He did demand a trade. He and his agent asked Sakic last December. The kid is a head case and a quitter. I’m glad he’s someone else’s problem now.

  7. I think this is a good deal for all the teams. Maybe iffy for the Sens if they can’t resign Duchene. Smashville gets the 2nd line center they need. If they had Turris last spring when Johansen went down maybe they win the cup. The Avs get Girard an up and coming young defenseman to go along with Maker who they drafted in the 1st round this year. They get Kamanev and Browers, 2 excellent center prospects as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. The loss of Duchene should also assure the Avs of another to 10 pick (maybe top 5) this year in a very deep draft. IMHO Joe Sakic did very well with this deal. It doesn’t quite make up for losing Ryan O’Reily in a bad deal with Buffalo instead of resigning him but it helps.

    • Well if they can’t resign Duchene it would depend on what they receive from trading him to determine the benefit of this trade for Ottawa. OH of coarse if they win the cup then well it was a great move lol even if they lose Duchene for nothing

  8. Life long Senators fan, but I’m really not big on this deal. It isn’t so much what we gave up, but more what we got back. I have no issue with Duchene, he is a great player with a higher ceiling than Turris, but his addition doesn’t help the team. Turris was superior in the face off circle and on defense. We are already the third highest scoring team in the league.

    We fail because we have wingers playing in the top 6 that shouldn’t be there and our defensive core isn’t up to snuff right now (plus some unnatural poor play from Anderson). I get that we likely couldn’t resign Turris, but this team is supposed to be gunning for the playoffs and Brown/White are there for the future at centre ice. I don’t mind the deal it just seems to be a lateral move that doesn’t do much to improve the team overall and could cause us bigger headaches if we can’t resign Duchene.

    • Well said I agree about matty and turris,I personally like matty better but you’re right turris is better defensively

    • Well another Sen fan here.

      Ottawa could play Duchene on the wing. Making room for white to join the team.

      Hoffman and Duchene on the left side
      Ryan and Stone on the right side

      Brassard, Pageau and White down the middle

      This move may better round out the Sens roster and make them a better team.

    • Duchene has more faceoff wins than Turris this year and last. So, you probably don’t need to worry about that. He’s quite good at it now.

    • I mirror your opinion on this. Much of the office scuttlebutt was surrounding that this is really a hat tip by Melnyk that he is going to cheap out by not meeting Turris’ demands (and then trading him) for someone making identical money and kicking the can down the road. We were wondering if he is going to shell out to pay Duchene (we figure he goes for a raise to $7m+) when he is due after next year and then what he would do with Karlsson the following year who likely commands $10m. It is possible they didn’t feel they could re-sign him, which makes this a smart move, but why pull the trigger now and not wait until closer to the deadline to see if Duchene’s price comes down or you could work on the Turris camp (especially if he has a mediocre season)?

  9. I’m in no position to critique

    Yet Lyle

    Your 5th Paragraph states the Aves receive Duchene. Simple mistake and just and FYI from me if you choose to correct it.

    • Fixed, thanks.

  10. Turris signing at 6 mill for 6 yrs makes me wonder if there was more motivating him to move than contract term. Or if Ottawa’s rumoured offer was completely wrong and the Sens never went above 5yrs.

    • It kinda seems to me jeff that turris didn’t want to resign in Ottawa? All of a sudden he takes a 6 yr deal when it sounded like he wanted 8 or nothing?

      • Yeah. it certainly fails other smell tests

      • Basically what I said yesterday – one of the speculations that was going unanswered and so, a team distraction.

  11. Man I am amazed at the animosity Striker attracts. Lyle should change the name of his page to Striker’s roast or something.

    • When you write a novel on everyone’s comment you are asking for it! Lol

      • LOL.

        I’m wondering where NYR4life is. He used to give me such a hard time. But its all good.

  12. Now to go to my 3 fanstasy leagues and see if I can pick up Duchene in one of them. haha

    • You must have a small league, if he’s been available. In a deep league, it might be worth looking into kerfoot or Jost. Duchene’s spot will likely be filed by one of them.

      • My leagues are 12 teams 18 players.

        I will need to trade for him.

      • Thanks for that tip though

  13. “I think Jack Dougherty should check one box on the list and Pontus Aberg another”
    Striker on November 5, 2017 at 1:24 pm
    “Jack Dougherty checks which box? I assume you mean for Colorado? Is he a top 4 established young Dman?
    Moving Duchene at this point in the season is a serious challenge.”

    I would think that Samuel Girard & Vladislav Kamenev from the Predators are similar players in fact maybe inferior players

  14. You would think some of you guys personally made the trade! I consider myself an ardent hockey fan; however, you guys take it to a whole new level. Just enjoy the game fellas! Sheesh!


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