Latest on the Penguins and Oilers – November 28, 2017

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Pittsburgh Penguins reportedly shopping Ian Cole plus updates on the Edmonton Oilers in your NHL rumor mill. 


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports multiple sources say the Penguins are actively shopping defenseman Ian Cole, who’s been a healthy scratch in their last three games. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agency in July and carries a $2.1 million salary-cap hit this season. Mackey said that number could double on Cole’s next contract, making him too expensive for the Penguins to re-sign.

It’s unclear if a trade is imminent but Mackey said the Pens want to ensure Cole remains healthy while efforts to move him are ramped up. He believes the Penguins are likely looking to bolster their scoring depth, but they could also seek a third-pairing blueliner to replace Cole, who’s had his ups and downs with Penguins coach Mike Sullivan. 

THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe reports Cole’s agent, Kevin Magnuson, has been involved in the trade talks, suggesting the blueliner “could theoretically have a new contract upon being traded.” It could also make improve Cole’s trade value. If the Penguins don’t get a defenseman in return, Yohe thinks they’ll be left thin on the blueline with Chad Ruhwedel and perhaps Frankie Corrado as their sixth and seventh d-men. He also notes the Pens have too many forwards who aren’t scoring this season and remain weak at center beyond Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Such a move is usually made closer to the trade deadline but Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford evidently feels a potential trade must be made now. It appears he’s more concerned about his club’s offense than his third-pairing blueliners.

Cole’s among the Penguins’ best penalty killers. He leads their defensemen in puck-possession numbers and has a high pain threshold, playing through injuries during the Pens march to the Stanley Cup last spring.

Rutherford could target clubs in need of experienced defensemen, such as the Buffalo Sabres or Toronto Maple Leafs. Whether Cole has sufficient value to land a scorer, however, is another matter. We’ll find out soon enough. 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie’s appearance on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 discussing the latest trade speculation regarding Oilers center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. While Nugent-Hopkins name resurfaced in the trade rumor mill over the weekend, McKenzie expressed doubt that the center is available. He acknowledges perhaps some teams might be calling to express interest. He suggests the Oilers might listen if a rival club offered up a top-pairing defenseman but doesn’t see that happening. 

THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell suggests the Oilers could be sellers by the Feb. 26 trade deadline if they don’t soon reverse their current fortunes. If that happens, Mitchell sees pending UFAs such as winger Patrick Maroon, Mike Cammalleri, Mark Letestu and Yohann Auvitu as possible rental players. The expected return could be a young winger who can play a top-nine role plus two or three draft picks. 

If they trade Nugent-Hopkins, Mitchell feels they could receive a disappointing return “because the value placed on him across the NHL is not commensurate with his skills.” Ryan Strome and Matt Benning could also be available. The Oilers would likely want young, fast NHL-ready players in return.

If they want to shed salary, Mitchell wonders if one of their veterans carrying big contracts and no-trade/no-movement clauses (Milan Lucic, Kris Russell, Andrej Sekera and Cam Talbot) could be convinced to accept a move by the deadline, though in truth he feels the Oilers are likely to retain most or all of them. Moving one or two of them, however, would provide sufficient cap space to retain Nugent-Hopkins and re-sign Maroon. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The month of December could determine what course of action Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli takes in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. As of today, the Oilers are near the bottom of the Western Conference standings but only six points out of playoff contention. If they can string some wins together over the next four weeks, they could rise up the standings and perhaps even get into a wild-card spot. Another month like the last two, however, could kill their postseason hopes and force Chiarelli to shake things up.

Moving pending UFAs is the easy part and I concur with Mitchell’s take on those who fall into that category and what they could receive. Maybe the Oilers wouldn’t get a fair return for RNH but it doesn’t hurt to listen to offers. However, that could be a move that happens in the offseason,when clubs have more cap space and willingness to deal.

Unless the plan with Nugent-Hopkins is simply to shed salary, Chiarelli won’t move him for a lesser return.  Strome could be shopped by the deadline unless he picks up his play. Like Strome, Benning is a restricted free agent, but I think Chiarelli might be keen to retain the 23-year-old, who lacks arbitration rights and would be an affordable re-signing.

As for moving a high-priced veteran like those listed by Mitchell, I don’t think that’s going to happen unless one of them demands to be traded. I don’t see any of them asking to leave.  



  1. Cole is a left shot but plays well enough on the right side. I can see the Leafs trading Bozak for Cole plus. Cole is a better shutdown guy than anyone they have so there is a need there. Rutherford usually likes to make his trades in December. He traded Scuderi for Daley in December and he traded for and away David Perron in December. Nylander can move over to centre and Kapanen can get into the lineup full time. The Penguins can have a new HBK third line and compete for another cup. Everyone wins.

    • I would live with that. I was reading that Sullivan is very high on Hunwick which is who many are musing will be slotted in for Cole after a deal. For me, it is going to be disappointing to move Cole but I understand why they are doing it. I was reading that he was 3rd in the NHL in blocked shots last year behind Russell and Karlsson, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Cole is making 4-4.5 next year – out of our price range. It’ll be interesting to see where JR goes with moving him.

    • Cole and Sheahan for Bozak and Carrick (or McIlhenny)? makes the dollars work for Pittsburgh.Leafs need to test Sparks or pickard at NHL level, need more grit on D…cannot afford to resign Bozak for 4 million or more, and cannot afford to let him walk either…

      • Not interested in moving Sheahan at all and have no interest in Carrick or Mchilenny(the Pens have no need for bad goaltending). I was thinking more like Cole and Kuhnhackle or Archibald for Bozak and nothing more. If you need a centre Gregg McKegg will be infinitely available after this trade and you can have him too.

      • If the Maple Leafs want Cole plus an additional asset for Bozak, they will need to part with an additional asset also.

    • Trading Bozak for Cole leaves the Leafs seriously short handed at center and adds another LHD man to a group that already includes Reilly, Hainsey, Gardner, Borgman, along with prospects, Rosen, Dermot, Neilsen and let’s not forget Marinicin who is having a terrific year with the Marlies. I don’t see how this trade would help the Leafs in any way, though I do see how the Pens would jump all over it.

      • Cole earms almost half of what Bozak earns and Pens would need cap relief. Either Leafs eat salary or someone else comes back with Cole to cancel out the dollars.babcock indicated a while ago long term plan was to move Nylander to Centre. That allows Leivo or Kapanan or Soshnikov a regular spot in the lineup.

  2. Cole to edm for rnh

    • Cole to Edmonton for RNH on paper seems unfair; however, the Oilers still need defensive help. The dollars make sense on this deal for the Oilers. That’s why they consider it.

      • I don’t want to see Cole moved but i do understand why……Bozak for Cole both ufas would work… RNH for Cole I could see that Edmonton would have to eat a little salary. This deal would help the the Oilers who would get a solid penalty killer and a shut down defense man they need! THE pens would get a third line center with offensive prowess…THAT THEY NEED
        Cole was excellent in a last years playoffs but we would need to get another d-man.

        Penguins 5-4 in OT over the hated Flyers good game to watch

        Pens 5-

      • It’s seems more than unfair, and not just on paper. A ufa currently on a healthy scratch streak for a center playing well with 3 years left on his contract after this year?

        Aside from that, how does the money work out? Please don’t say Edmonton retains $$$’s

        This deal is beyond far fetched any way you look at it.

      • I’m with NYR4Life, Cole isn’t getting RNH & certainly not holding salary. This summer the market for RNH will be quite vibrant.

      • RNH for Cole would rank right up there with Hall for Larson, Eberle for Strome and Seguin for a bag of pucks. If it didn’t get Chiarelli fired I would be surprised.

  3. Cole and a 2nd for rnh. Not sure if i like this. Gotta think about it for a min.

    • Don’t think long , makes no sense for the oilers , especially with sekera nearing a return .

      • Not saying anything about the value, like Lyle has said before , hard to put a value on a guy who is not likely to be moved now , in season , but the trade doesn’t make any sense for Edmonton at this point .

      • craig…Cole is a better defender than Sekera who is more offensive minded. Cole is better defensively than anybody on that roster..Russell is offensive minded Klefbomn is inconsistent…so why not. Cole was e

      • Of course he is that’s why has the 5th lowest TOI/GP on PIt’s D & barely makes the op 6 in ES TOI/GP.

      • Haha better defensively than Larsson .. and nurse .. right . Why would Pittsburg trade such a force .

      • Talbots play has made this D look a lot worse than they are , klefbom has struggled and needs some confidence but I don’t think a shutdown d man should be a target near the top of the list . Sekera to run the 2nd pp and solidify the top 4 , dropping Benning/ Russell to 5/6 . Wingers , who can snipe .

      • And black and gold , Russell is a shot blocking stay at home d man ( preferably on 5/6 pair) . When was he ever considered an offensive d man ? Have you watched many oiler games ? Or just stat and media surfing ? The media is sinking there teeth in anything Edmonton right now . It’s all end of the world , on all fronts .

      • Haha, couldn’t agree with you more. Nurse and Larsson are both more complete players than Cole. Klefbom is young and thrust into a role he is not ready for.
        Oilers aren’t making the playoffs by trading RNH for Cole

      • For years they have been wanting to run RNH out of town like they did Eberle and Hall! Now that he is playing really well shouldn’t they keep him?

    • You won’t need to think long as it’s not happening, Ha-ha!

      • CRAIG….NO i haven’t watched many Oliers games they arent worth watching……but i watched Russell for many years in Dallas and he is more offensive than defensive. Russell is like Kris letang offensive with occasional bouts of defense.

      • Years? He played 11 games regular season)in Dallas?

      • Yeah black and gold , not sure what you were watching but Russell stays home , Blocks shots , kills penalties . Never known him as any type of offensive d man . Possibly earlier in his career ? But not that o can recall

    • THEY MIGHT THROW IN HAGELIN….im not sure i even want RNH and that huge salary there are better options.. Edmonton can just keep giving up goals McDavid can score 100 they give up 300….

      • You don’t want that huge salary but you’ll be more than glad to shed Hagelins? Lol

  4. That Lucic contract was nonsense! Never give forwards who are close or over 30 years old a long deal. So many forwards are done at age 31 washed up.

    • NYR FOR LIFE… HAGELIN’S SALARY HELPS BALANCE OUT HOPKINS $6 MILLION SaLARY…. hagelin and Cole make $6.1 to RNH $6.0 gives the Penguins some cap room do you understand now?

      • Yes. I get it. You’d like Edmonton to take a pile of crap for RNH. Lol.

        Do you really think that Edmonton will be caring about Pittsburghs salary cap while taking on that? This is beyond wishful thinking.

      • I’ve been a Penguins fan for over 30 years and even I think a Cole/ Haglen for RNH trade is laughable from the Oilers POV. RNH is very underrated and is very similar a two way player to Jordan Staal. The deal for Bozak makes more sense for both sides as both are UFAs and can be replaced in house by their respective teams. I think Archie or Kuhnhackle would have to go with Cole to make the cap work better. Not like Toronto is going to retain and partially pay 2 of our year players to win another cup.

      • Well put Nyr4life

      • jake guenzel, ian cole, Daniel sprong, Tristan jarry, brian rust for rnh… salary works out black n gold.

  5. Try updating your browsers or try run a anti-malware program. Personally I like Malwarebytes.

  6. Yes

    • cHRISMS…DUDE YOUR DRUNK.. no way is RNH worth Jake Guentzal, Brian Rust Daniel Sprong, Tristan Jarry and Ian cole your an idiot…. screw the salaries I would’t trade those players for anybody on the Oilers rOSter except for maybe Mc david…thats it ANDMAYB NOT EVEN THEN SORRY

      • I guess the art of sarcasm is dead! Rip!

        But I guess that sarcastic comment should show you how Edmonton fans felt for the Cole+Hagelin for RNH deal!

      • 😒

  7. how is RNH at all considered to be traded? Swapping him for a D just creates another problem

    • He’s not . It would take a can’t miss offer for rnh to move in season .


    • It shouldn’t be. Its a matter of time before they move Draisaitl to McDavid’s wing.
      RNH would slot into 2C again.

      If the Oilers are out of the race in Feb then I could see them moving RNH for futures but not a pending UFA.

    • I mean RNH in Columbus makes a world of sense but the Oilers need him now and in the future.
      RNH would be the #1 center on 7+ teams

  8. Craig….the reason they are even considering trading Cole is that he is a UFA and will almost certainly double his $2.1 salary that is why?

    personally i would trade Matta who will get you more but is slow…for Pittsburgh’s system

    • I understand why they may look to trade him black and gold . Just not a fit with Edmonton and rnh .

      • craig you may be right……unless they add maybe carl Hagelin and a pick. Edmonton needs to get faster can you imagine the speedy Hagelin with Mcdavid…wanna talk about defence man backing up…..

      • The next the d will remember to just let Hagelin do his thing because the guy can’t finish! Hagelin on a top line? Lol. This is getting beyond funny!

    • My point was IF he was better defensively than Larsson / nurse , and such a force , in the words of KGB .. pay that man his money ..
      that is not the case .

      • my point that Hagelin will clear even more space for Mc david with his speed. (LIKE HE NEEDS MORE RIGHT) Yes Hagelin cant seem to finish this year especially…but when he is on he is capable of 17 to 20 goals. plus his speed is really valuable…look at what he does in the playoffs kills penalties and more Edmonton looks slow he would help that!

    • maatta has been burghs best d man by a long shot this season…. so yeah… trade him.

      • what have you been watching he is inconsistent… talented offensively yes but slow… most highlight opposing goals against us are guys going around him and Letang this year too..

      • Right now Dumoulin should be playing with Shultz on the top pair because those 2 have been the best 2 dmen on the team this year. Letang can play with Maatta and Hunwick and Rudeweasel can play 10 minutes a game until Sullivan realizes Bengtsson is the best option and is playing well in the AHL and has a great camp and dominates the puck when it’s on his stick. I think the Pedan and Bengtsson pairing has been one of the most solid in the AHL and I would love to see it as our bottom pair.

      • I correct my statement… Schultz definitely pens best d man. But maatta outplaying dumo by a mile. Gotta admit when I’m wrong.

      • I disagree, Dumoulin plays the hardest minutes of any dman on the team. His lack of offensive production and the fact that he does the little so well he doesn’t stand out but he is solid defensively and is still getting better. He is future captain material in my opinion and I shutter to think of what our fortunes may have been had the Leafs chose Dumoulin instead of Harrington in the Kessel deal as was their option. Dumoulin is exactly the dman the Leafs need right now and Harrington is a 7th guy for the BJs. Sometimes the best trades are the ones that didn’t happen. Maatta is much improved though I am not arguing that

    • A couple of years ago Mike Sullivan became the new Penguins head coach. As the new Penguins head coach how many games was Ian Cole a healthy scratch???

  9. I never understood the Hunwick deal instead of just extending Cole, but here we are…

    Word today is Vegas, Colorado and Toronto are in on Cole.

    Vegas is interesting because they could offer Haula (yes, please) or Eakin or Lindberg (meh) plus send back a defenseman like John Merrill, who would be a poor man’s version of the project that Schultz was two years ago.

    The Avs have nothing of interest. I don’t see any fit.

    The deal that makes sense for all involved is Cole to the Leafs for Bozak with the Leafs retaining 50% salary. Cole makes $2.1 M AAV, exactly half of Bozak’s $4.2 M.

    The deal that would make NO sense is getting that overpaid tin man, RNH. Luckily, that was a bad rumor.

    • yes mike… vegas, overflowing on 4-6 d men, is going to go after a ufa d man of the same quality… and give up haula, a guy they aggressively targeted out of minny…

      seriously.. rnh for cole? haula and a d man for cole? who are all you people?

      • They should just help Edmonton out by trading Cole for Mcdavid. But they’ll have to hold 50% on Mcdavid to make it work… both sides win! Maybe throw in a 1st to Pittsburgh as well for being so kind to give them a pending ufa.

      • I wouldn’t trade a replica Ian Cole jersey for RNH.

        And why Vegas would want Cole, don’t ask me, ask Friedman, it’s his list.

    • mg Argeed, I didn’t understand the Hunwich deal either just extend Cole.

      • nyr4life.. we dont need McDavid we already have the best overall player in the world… Thanks but no oh yeah and WE HAVE Malkin too a great 1 2 punch..

    • I would take Lindberg over Haula and Eakin any day of the week. Those 2 are one trick ponies but Lindberg has got real game.

  10. Pens should just ride it out this season with Cole … he is the only Pens d-man who will hit the other team and Kris LeTurnover is due for an injury. Then JR will be looking for a d-man. Dumb

    • Kris LeTurnover that’s classic i love it and so true he is just not playing well yet at all is he?

  11. To TOR: Sheahan + Cole
    To PIT: Bozak + Leivo + Carrick

    • You must be a huge Pens fan to suggest something that lopsided

      • Oh yeah , as well as TML should retain $2.1 of Bozak salary to help Pittsburgh MG suggested.

        Moving on..nothing to see here!

        Might as well throw in Marner and a bunch of picks too..

        “l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” means “what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

        Poor Leafs, no respect!

  12. To NYRs : Mcdavid

    To Edmonton:Nash and Staal and a 3rd round pick in 2027.

    Works for both. Nash 7.8 Staal 5.7=13.5

    Mcdavid 12.5

    Edmonton gets 2 players for one!!! What a steal!

    I figured it out ! player on bad contract + player on a bad contract I no longer want = super return!

  13. My trade is Letang for RNH and Nurse.

    Makes more sense plus more of a hockey trade.

    If the penguins are keen on moving Cole my guess is to Montreal for Max Pacioretty. Depending on what Montreal is looking for.

  14. Cole to Montreal
    Max Pacioretty to Pittsburgh

    Letang to Oilers
    RNH and Nurse to pittsburgh

    • Lol. Cmon. This is just getting out of hand. Cole is not bringing a roster player under contract. Certainly not RNH, or Pacioretty.

      • Laughing out loud, Nyr4life! The return for Cole is a roster player at the minimum.

      • Nick Holden for Cole

      • Brendan Smith, David Desharnais and Anthony DeAngelo for RNH

      • Change that… substitute Lias Anderson for DeAngelo

      • One can dream ice dragon! When is the last time a pending ufa 5-6 d man brought back a guy like RNH or Paches? While u spend a day or 2 googling that, I’ll sit here and wait for the answer.

      • Yandle was worth a b prospect a 1st round pick and conditional 2nd round that became a 1st and Arizona held 1/2 of yandles contract for a year plus. Are people here really seeing Cole (ufa) as worth more than Yandle at that time?

    • what rc21pa ?

  15. Are you sure it’s Keith Magnuson agent ?…

  16. Sorry just made it back to say that was a fake trade that was posted to a Pittsburgh radio stations facebook page. And they believed it and announced it on air. The Cole and a 2nd for rnh. Glad to yinz guys had fun with it though.

  17. shea weber for TOR 2018 1st + jake gardner + B prospect…

    followed up by tavarres free agent signing for leafs lol