NHL Rumor Mill – November 1, 2017

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Speculation over the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators &  Edmonton Oilers in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Darren Dreger telling Montreal TSN 690 he found it curious so many high profile members of New York Rangers management (including president Glen Sather and assistant general manager Jim Schoenfeld) took in Monday’s game in Ottawa between the Senators and Montreal Canadiens. He believes the Rangers “are definitely interested in doing something. Whatever that something is, I think they’re pretty wide open for business.”

Dreger also notes Senators GM Pierre Dorion was in Brooklyn the same evening scouting the NY Islanders and Vegas Golden Knights. He also feels the Canadiens, despite their recent improvement, still haven’t suitably replaced the absence of Andrei Markov from their blueline. 

Nichols also cites Dreger’s colleague Pierre LeBrun appearance on Vancouver’s TSN 1040, during which he was asked which NHL GMs are making the most calls for trades right now. He believes the Rangers’ Jeff Gorton, the Canadiens’ Marc Bergevin and the Senators’ Dorion could be the most active. He notes how banged-up the Senators are at forward. 

Meanwhile, Elliotte Friedman appeared on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 noting the Canadiens, Rangers and Edmonton Oilers have been busy shopping around for help. He believes the Habs’ Bergevin hasn’t found anything worthwhile and is now putting the focus on improvement from within. He notes the Oilers’ Peter Chiarelli has some balls in the air, including gauging interest in winger Jussi Jokinen and perhaps calling up young winger Jesse Puljujarvi.

As for the Rangers, he doesn’t think they want to tear it down but hope to add young pieces. He expects veteran winger Rick Nash, who’s eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency, could be dealt later this season. He also thinks they will get a lot of questions about winger Chris Kreider. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers may be “open for business” but they’re probably not finding many trade partners willing to make a deal that could immediately improve their roster. Given their concerns at center and on defense, I doubt they’ll find any help from the Habs in that regard. Same goes for the Sens, who could use some healthy bodies at forward. Given Nash’s expensive salary, I think the earliest he could be dealt is in the new year, likely close to the Feb. 26 trade deadline. 

Canadiens GM Bergevin last week claimed he’s not giving up on Galchenyuk, but he’s the same guy who last year said he wasn’t trading P.K. Subban. If he gets a solid offer for Galchenyuk, I think he’ll pull the trigger. 

The Oilers need scoring depth at right wing and more help on the blueline. Dangling a fading veteran such as Jokinen won’t bring in a return that addresses either need. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the “sensible takeaway” for the Rangers scouting the Canadiens-Senators game was doing due diligence on Habs forward Alex Galchenyuk. He also said the Blueshirts are known to like Montreal forward Andrew Shaw. While the narrative out of Montreal claims the Rangers will do anything to land Habs captain Max Pacioretty but wonders why, citing Pacioretty’s poor performance in last spring’s playoff series between the two clubs. 

Brooks cites sources saying Kreider and J.T. Miller aren’t on the trade table. He wonders if the Habs would want winger Mats Zuccarello or perhaps defenseman Brady Skjei. 

TVA SPORTS: Renaud Lavoie and Danny Dube don’t like the idea of the Canadiens trading Shaw. Dube points out the chemistry Shaw’s built with center Phillip Danault. He feels moving the winger could upset that line’s stability. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Rangers are seriously interested in one or two players on the Canadiens. Galchenyuk and Shaw could be the obvious targets. But with Galchenyuk showing improvement of late despite skating on the fourth line and Shaw playing well with Danault and Pacioretty on the second line, Bergevin could be reluctant to move them right now. Of course, it depends on what the Rangers are willing to part with. 



  1. If Montreal expects Skjei in a trade for Shaw or Galxhenyuk. I’m not only hanging up , I’m dropping a flaming bag of dog po on Bergevins doorstep!

    If the Rangers are looking to add younger pieces, Pacioretty shouldn’t be on their radar.

    Zuccarello should not be on the table for Shaw or Galchenyuk. I’m not against trading him. But he is NYs most consistent points guy, and probably their most creative guy. Also his deal is pretty fair. If they put him on the table, they should be looking for picks and prospects. Because putting him out there, means they’ve pretty much abandoned the season.

    • Agreed. Skjei is the only young reliable D on the team.
      Swapping Pacioretty for a similar player for a change of scenery is ok.

      AV would overuse Shaw…..for better or worse

      Galchenyuk for? If off-ice issues are true he is worth a 3rd rounder.

      B Smith looks out of place too often last night

      • I thought by far Mcdavid and Smith were the best pairing last night?

        I really didn’t see Smith out of place? Maybe I missed something. But in all fairness to the guy, he’s playing on his off side and still getting used to Mcdonagh. Not a long term solution, but it sure beats the hell out of Shattenkirk or Deangelo on Mcdonaghs opposite side!

      • Oops Mcdonagh not Mcdavid! Lol

      • There were a few and the goal they gave up was on them.
        Shatty… He really is not smart in his own zone

      • Skjei isn’t getting Galchenyuk on his own Shaw might

      • I’m confused bigbear. Are you saying they’d need to add more than Skjei to get Galchenyuk?

        And that maybe Skjei alone lands Shaw?

      • I could understand resigning Smith but 4 years at 4.35. Terrible signing. May as well simply retained Girardi & not wasted that money nor Girardi’s dead cap space. Add in Girardi’s dead cap space & you could argue Smith is costing NYR 7 mil this year, 8 next.

        I have said it before & I will say it again. Buying out Girardi with so many years left wasn’t smart. The only thing wrong with Girardi was his salary but paying his buy out & signing Smith to that contract makes it worse not better.

        Still not happy with Vigneault. Can we send him packing please. I’d like to see some fresh blood, a coach like David Quinn at Boston U. but bringing in this radical a change midstream probably isn’t logical. Perhaps just hand the reigns to Ruff on an interim basis until the summer & based on how he does he may get to retain the position.

      • NYR isn’t trading Skjei & none of the players that are being mentioned is securing a player of Skjei’s abilities & pedigree.

        1 of the better young developing Dman in the NHL today. Why would NYR trade this asset? There is a reason this player was drafted in the 1st round & NYR has been developing him perfectly. If ever released to add more offense, getting any power play time he has solid offensive abilities, great skater, solid transitional game good defensively.

      • Skjei is a guy I’m building around. Not a guy I’m trading for a Shaw or Galchenyuk. I was a little confused by bigbears comment. I’m thinking he’s confusing the player or the market.

        Skjei’s value is much higher than either of these guys mentioned. No way, zero chance NY has to add anything to that deal…. if anything, Montreal is adding to that deal. And even still it’s a hang up and flaming bag of pooh for Bergevin!

      • No way Montreal is adding to Galcheyuk for Skjei the rangers would be adding for sure

      • So I guess ny can send Hayes to Columbus for Werenski++ at that rate?

        You are either grossly overestimating Galchenyuk, or grossly underestimating Skjei.

        You aren’t finding many people that are going along with that thought process. Habs fans, Ranger fans or impartial….. you’re 100% on your own with that thought.

      • Skjei isn’t getting Galchenyuk! Geez we aren’t talking ps4 hockey are we?

      • gally and skjei could be matched up in a trade value-wise but mont would absolutely have to sweeten that deal. maybe that would change if he started playing like a third overall pick. but young d men are a top commodity.

      • Wow Nyr, way to completely miss the point. It is the Rangers who have been scouting the Habs, meaning the Rangers doing the calling and door knocking. If the Rangers want players off the Habs to make a divison rival better the Rangers are going to have to do some serious prying to make it happen. Shaw,Chucky, and Patches are doing well right now and losing them, especially to a division rival will hurt Montreal. Meaning the Rangers are going to have to pay, a bag of dog poop is not going to cut it. If you are not going to talk about offering up guys like Skjei, McDonagh because that price tag is to scary for you/beyond what the Rangers are willing to discuss, keep walking, cause obviously they are not serious.I totally get why the Rangers would balk at those prices but seriously, do you really expect Montreal to just hand over assets because Sather ask really really nicely?

      • Habsfan. So “chucky” is doing good “right now” so he lands a promising top 4 d-man? Probably a top pairing guy in the next few years? Boy call up LA, Zibanejad for Doughty straight up… because “Zibby” is doing well “right now”

        Montreal by no means has the upper hand in any deal with NY. Last I checked they both suck!

        A team scouting another team…. does not give Montreal the upper hand! That is probably one of the most ridiculous things ever posted on this site.

      • And how did Mcdonagh jump in this conversation of trade with Montreal? If you think Galchenyuk is landing Mcdonagh you’re clearly drunk!

      • Nyr, learn to read. Rangers are scouting Montreal. Read that again, I’ll wait….. Montreal does have the upper hand because the Rangers have GIVEN it to Montreal. If the Rangers want Chucky, there is your price. Don’t want to, fine Montreal is happy to keep things the way they are. New York would be stupid to pay that price, but if they are, have at it,
        Do you really think Montreal has to trade Chucky or anybody else to your precious Ranger? NO! You want Chucky so bad? It will cost you. That is all anybody has said on this thread…..gain I’ll give you sometime to read that over and sound it out……
        Why is it that you seem to feel the Rangers should be gifted Montreal’s players just cause it is the sainted Rangers? You fleeced a previous management when you got McDonnagh, do you think the Rangers are now forever entitled to those kind of lopsided deals?

        No way should the Rangers give up their best assets for Chucky et al. but wake up,Montreal is not giving those guy up to the Ranger (or anyone else) for a bag of pucks and broken hockey sticks like you want us to.

      • Habsfan.

        I think you’re reading into the bag of flaming dog pooh as if it were an offer for Galchenyuk….. not what I said. I used it to say Skjei for Galchenyuk straight up isn’t happening. Nor do I think any other team out there offers similar for Galchenyuk.

        If I said something along the lines of say a Vesey or Kreider for Ellis would anyone think it’s possible?

        Ny scouts for all we know could have been checking in on Ottawa. Not Montreal. But teams scout other teams. It doesn’t mean NY scouting Montreal gives them any leverage. Especially considering the assets we’re talking about. Can you imagine if Montreal was scouting another team and someone said well if Montreal wants our struggling 3rd liner we want Price, or Alzner or Weber? No you can’t. This is why every organization pays a stable of people to go out and scout. To think it adds or subtracts leverage or should somehow alter value is nuts!

        My take on Shaw or Galchenyuk hasn’t changed in the last few days…..yesterday my 1st comment on this…:.:

        “I’m in agreement with Lyle. I don’t see how either one of these guys helps NY. And neither guy is exactly cap friendly, so Holden alone isn’t cutting it. The only way I even consider taking on Shaw for five more years is if Staal is going the other way. Maybe with some retention on Staal”

        That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement or me drooling over yet another winger that NY doesn’t need. If Galchenyuk was playing center and doing so consistently, and consistently well, that would be a different story. Ny does not need Shaw or Galchenyuk period.

        Any talk of “wanting chucky so bad” has certainly never come from me. And again for all we know never from anyone but Larry Brooks brilliant mind. And last I checked, he is employed by the NY post, not the NY Rangers.

        We’re both in agreement that Skjei for Galchenyuk is beyond ridiculous, and Mcdonagh is just more crazy talk.

        If either one of these guys is on the table I’ll go the Duchene route.

        Sergachov landed Drouin…. and they guy never played an NHL game! How on earth would any sane person thinks a struggling guy, with whispers of substance abuse as an added bonus lands Mcdonagh or Skjei?

      • And no, the Mcdonagh deal certainly doesn’t entitle NY to lopsided deals. And equally, it certainly doesn’t mean NY owes Montreal one either.

      • And to be clear….
        Ekblad rookie year 12g 29a +/- +12

        Seth Jones rookie year 6g 19a +/- -23

        Shea Weber rookie year 17g 23a +/- +13

        Pk Subban rookie year 14g 24a +/- -8

        Erik Karlsson rookie year 13g 32a +/- -30

        Kris Letang rookie year 6g 11a +/- -1

        Drew Doughty rookie year 6g 21a +/- -16

        On to Brady Skjei….. rookie year. 5g 34a +/- +11

        Why exactly is ANY GM in their right mind sending him PLUS to Montreal for a problem child?

        The answer, they’re not!

        Even if they scouted you first-est

      • Adam Larson to date….. hasn’t matched Skjeis rookie campaign in any given year!

        And he landed Hall.

        Am I saying Skjei is the next Doughty, Weber, Subban, Karlsson…. not even close! But he sure as hell is not going for a problem child or bad contract!

      • Lol fanragsports!! Lol geez

      • Look at the player comparisons rather than the name of the site! Lol. Stats are stats, regardless of where they come from. Unlike ” well because I said so or like Galchenyuk ” …. lol

    • There are four reasons that I would pull the trigger on a Galchenyuk/Zucc deal if I was NY.

      -Galchenyuk is 7 years younger than Zucc.
      -Galchenyk has a big size advantage.
      -Galchenyuks points per game clip has improved every single year he has been in the league.
      -Despite all of the negativity, Galchenyuk produced a nearly identical amount of points per game last year to Zucc, despite playing nearly 5 less minutes a game, and typically playing on the 3rd line. Galchenyuk has also posted a 30 goal campaign – at an age when Zucc was not even yet an established NHLer.

      If I am going to put money on anything, it is that Galchenyuk is going to provide far more value over the next x years than Zucc. The Rangers would be fools not to make this deal if it was available in my opinion.

      • Totally agree. Fans get attached to certain players. I don’t think as highly about Skjei as others, I seriously don’t see him on PP as Striker harps on. But, I would expect more of a return than Galchenyuk… Zucharello seems beloved more for his size than his play. Yes, he has decent numbers, but expectations allow him to always be better than a bigger player. His age plus Rangers depth at wing would make him trade bait. Galchenyuk could start as 4th line center over Nieves and go from there. Maybe he moves up and Desharnais drops.
        Also, any chance Ranger brass was in Canada for something else and just decided to take in a-game?

  2. I can’t see the teams really doing anything quite yet. Still lots of time for them all to turn it around.

    Probably just planting the seeds for something after the new year, depending on who’s where in the standings.

  3. Why is it speculation almost always involves a player that supporters want to get rid of ?
    I would guess maybe as high as 50% of NHL players have a drinking problem . Ferland quit a couple of seasons ago and look at his turnaround. Others like Ribeiro no so much but I am sure he played under the influence. Derek Sanderson absolutely did.
    Galechenyuk is work way more than a 3 round pick and will stay if that is the case

    • You would trade a 2nd rounder pick for him right now?

      • I’d pay more than a 2nd gladly. I’d happily include a B grade prospect or another decent pick. The chances a 2nd round pick even becomes an NHL player are under 35%.

      • I agree 100% striker. Glad you threw the other names into the mix for comparison.

      • ment to add SilverSeven to the end 😛

    • 50% is a huge exaggeration. Unless for some reason the NHL players are defying all statistical research and fall into a special category?

    • I think 50% is way too high for the NHL. Did you read fluery’s book? He didn’t even party with the team because they all had families to go home to and he didn’t want them to know he was like that. I believe he said the ahl was more of a party though.

      I highly doubt anyone plays drunk. Alcohol is a stimulant, which doesn’t enhance motor-skills. So if they did, it would hurt their play, not help.

      • No one said anything about playing drunk. A great many of players are no different than you or I. They like to have fun. They hit the night spots in any city that the teams frequent if they have time to do so. If you live in an NHL city you know the teams favorite night spot. Look at who’s coming to town & see if they have a layover at the front or back end of that game. You’ll find them out & about. Most keep it fairly tame but sometimes again just like you or I it gets carried away. That’s far easier to do as well when you don’t have any financial pressures.

        I don’t consider most of these players to have a drinking problem, some do but no where near 50%, perhaps 5 to 10. We will never know as this info is confidential.

        I guess it’s a question of what you perceive as a problem.

      • alcohol is a depressant.

      • SilverSeven quote from above: “I am sure he played under the influence. Derek Sanderson absolutely did.”

      • You are correct chrisms, it’s a depressant. I had the right idea, wrong word.

      • Alcohol is a stimulant if you sprinkle some crack in it!

    • your guess wouldn’t be accurate. about 1 in ten americans have either active or history of substance use disorder. why would the nhl attract at a rate 5 times the average? in the nhl, based on the need of athletes to remain in top physical shape I would hazard a guess it would be less than the national average per person.

    • I have no idea if %50 is right or wrong for alcoholism in the NHL or not. What I will say is I cannot imagine a sport more difficult to be an alcoholic and be a professional in. Think about. As an NHL player all your life essentially has been devoted to chasing the Cup. What is the first thing done when the Cup gets to the dressing room? Drink champagne out of the Cup! So the life long goal is to drink exactly what you can’t as an alcoholic. Talk about cruel/painful……

  4. @ Ray and Striker, I certainly hope Sweeney doesn’t share your point of view, these type of personal decision is what makes teams sit in the middle; Ray to your point players want to go to teams that win. Look no further then the Patriots BB has no issues treading or releasing or just letting excellent talent walk out the door, no hard feelings and thank you for your service. Absolutely no problem attracting talent, because they win.
    I respect your opinion, but I certainly hope that Sweeney doesn’t share it.
    This is my last comment on this topic, Unless Chara name is brought up by Lyle.

    • Boston is rebuilding, Chara even at 40 helps that rebuild as they have a ton of rookie Dman coming.

      Everything I have heard or read is that Boston is doing everything they can to get him resigned, I assume it’s a money issue as always.

      I’m very happy with where the Bruins are at. Kids are being introduced consistently each season since Sweeney took over, the prospect pipeline is solid accross the board but especially at D the hardest position to fill in the NHL.

      I hope Sweeney doesn’t share your views nor do I believe he does thank God.

      • That Striker, would make you a poor business manager.

    • The Patriots will not go to Tom Brady in the last year of his deal and advise him they want to trade him for a draft pick. I would be shocked if that happened.
      Now Chara isn’t in Brady’s class as the best of his generation, but he is a HOF player and the captain of the Bruins for their last cup and many very good years since. He is one of the most respected players and people in the NHL.

      • Look, if the Bruins and Chara can’t come to an agreement on a contract, that is a different issue than asking to get out of an existing agreement.

      • Ray the list is too long for me to list here of all the stars that BB let walk. BB would trade TB12 if he felt he didn’t fit the needs of the Patriots anymore, that’s why they won 5 Super Bowls because he’s not tied to emotional attachment; it’s a business.

      • TB12 was the QB for all 5 of those so I don’t get your point? There is no way in hell BB trades TB12 unless TB12 asks for it. Let him walk after the season if they don’t want to sign a new deal with him? Sure. Different conversation. I think you may be misinterpreting what I am saying. Your theory applies 90 % of players. The top 10% are treated differently and in the NHL they have what is called NMC’s.
        Honorable GM’s honor them unless the player wants out to chase a cup, or has a bad attitude, rift with coach, whatever.
        That is not the situation with Chara, the opposite is true. It is the same reason Vancouver has not approached and will not approach the Sedin’s.
        Agree to disagree.

  5. Just curious if the Oilers and Rangers could work something out. Something involving Maroon, Auvitu, and Nash? Now not saying Maroon and Auvitu for Nash, just saying that those players could be part of the deal.

    • I can’t see a fit on this particular trade. I think NY will trade Nash at some point. But more than likely for a pick or prospect. I don’t think they’ll want Maroon. He’s 29, and NY will more than likely be seeking help at center rather than the wings.

    • The Oilers aren’t going to move puljujarvi or RNH in any deal involving Nash, so unless NYR is willing to take a B prospect and a pick I don’t see what the Oilers would give up for Nash.

      I think the Oilers will resign Maroon in the $2.5 – $3 mill range

      • I don’t think any reasonable person out there would expect either one of those guys for Nash.

      • What do you think they are going to ask for on Nash?

        You think a 2nd pick would be enough?

        Maybe the Oilers have seen enough of Ryan Strome and would send him back to NY.

      • I think if NY’s out, take whatever you can get from the highest bidder. And if you can squeeze a little more by retaining 50% of his salary I say go for it. It’s either that or lose him for nothing. a 2nd rounder is more than fair imo.

      • I’m with NYR4life on the Nash issue. If NYR is out of it the trade deadline you move Nash for the best offer. It will be far better than a 2nd round pick. Just go look at what teams have paid for forwards not even in Nash’s class.

        The world isn’t falling for me for NYR. This team has been moving to a younger roster since Gorton took over from Sather.

        Using my roster formation look at their ages.

        Kreider 26, Zibanejad 24, Buchenvich 22.
        Miller 24, Hayes 25, Zuccarello 30.
        Vesey 24, Desharnais 31, Nash 33.
        Grabner 30, Nieves 23/trade, Fast 25.
        Carey 29.

        That’s a ton of youth scattered all over NYR’s 4 lines.

        Nash, Desharnais & Grabner are probably all lost as UFA’s, several replaced by young NYR prospects. Nash’s salary coming off the books simple gets the RFA’s, Miller, Hayes, Vesey & Sjkei resigned.

        McDonagh 28, Smith 28.
        Staal 30, Shattenkirk 28.
        Skjei 23, Holden 30/Kampher 29.

        I haven’t bothered addressing anyone not on NYRs 23 man roster nut NYR’s prospect pipeline is decent. Not steller but their are several solid A class prospects coming in Andersson, Chytil, Day, Pionk, DeAngelo, Bereglazov, Shesterkin & several B’s in Nieves, Graves, Lettieri etc.

        I assume most of you missed the memo. NYR is in a rebuild & has been for 3 years, it’s just not a complete tear down but like most teams a retooling on the fly. Trading Stepan for a 1st & DeAngelo was part of that transition & it will continue next season.

        How much more youth do you want to add to this line up today? Virtually 1/2 the roster at forward have become full time NHL players in the last 3 years.

      • I guess how much youth they should insert should be based on their plans for this team.

        If they’re planing on a heavy rebuild and planning on doing so around guys like Chytil, Andersson, Skjei, Miller, Kreider, Shestyorkin they still need to add youth. Because in 3-5 years guys like Kreider, Miller and Skjei will be in their late 20s and the vets of this team.

        I think this is the route they’ve chosen. I don’t see a quick fix for them unless they go all out on a guy like Tavares. And even then, they’ll need to make some personnel decisions. Adding youth won’t hurt them. They are paper thin on forwards in the system. Past Andersson and Chytil it’s … Gropp? I’d say 5-6 of their highest prospects are D-men , and 1 is a goaltender. It can’t hurt to start building some youth at forward.

      • Gee Striker no loyalty to Nash, get what you can for him. Interesting thought process.

      • Striker talks out of both sides of his mouth a lot

    • NYR doesn’t need a LW. They have Kreider, Miller who has historically been a LW but is currently playing RW, Vesey, Nash has been playing LW also which I don’t like. I don’t like him & Zuccarello on the same line.

      This is what I would like to see but we have yet to see it this season.

      Kreider, Zibanejad, Buchenvich.
      Miller, Hayes, Zuccarello.
      Vesey, Desharnais, Nash.
      Grabner, Nieves/trade, Fast.

      Where does Maroon fit into that mix? What value does Auvitu have? I would say zero.

      Vesey saw some PP time last night for the 1st time really. Hayes notta. No way Desharnais should be getting PP time over Hayes.

      Other than trading for a better 2/3 center so Desharnais can be moved to the #4 spot & Vigneault being fired & want status quo. Just different line combinations, power play units & D pairings. This isn’t a personal issue for me really but the dispersal of what they have.

  6. Galchenyuk hardly represents the non trade status that Subban appeared to have at the time of his trade. Your absolutely correct on that assessment Lyle. If I was the owner of the Canadiens the only players I would question Bergevin on for trading at this point would be Drouin, Shaw, and Weber and only because they have been around for a short period of time. The rest are fair game in my mind including Price. Recent improvements aside there is no way this team is even remotely constructed to win a Cup! It should be no surprise to see Bergevin scouting other teams at this point. Oh and I guess they shouldn’t trade Mete either considering they had to trade Sergechev to get Drouin.

    • Montreal has pieces to build around is what I am saying. They just need to be willing to enter rebuild mode.

  7. Funny how the Metropolitan Division, with so many of the best teams in the league for the last two seasons, has now become so average. With all their problems, the Rangers are only 6 points behind the first-place Devils, who are supposed to have even more problems. I doubt that anyone believes the Devils will be there for long. Is there a division-specific mumps outbreak?

  8. So, with that Ranger contingent in Ottawa to see the Habs-Sens game – if you can call it that – Dorion was in Brooklyn to watch LV and NYI. One can only hope they guy he was looking at was Neal.

    • I wish..Neal would be a sweet addition, but I don’t think he is going anywhere at the moment with that team doing as well as they are. He would want a sweet package coming back the other way, and not sure Ottawa wouuld be up for it.

    • You’re no doubt right – BUT, McPhee has to keep his eye on the future because, nice start aside, he knows there is no way they will be in playoff contention come mid-February and with Neal being a UFA next year, making $5 mil now, and turning 31 next Sept is there any guarantee for LV that he will re-sign there? I would think he will want to test the UFA waters if he isn’t traded to a contender well before the trade deadline, giving him a chance to gauge his future with that new team and what they’re offering in terms of salary and term to re-up.

    • I would assume VGS will hold onto Neil until at least the new year & 1/2 his salary has been paid out to increase the # of teams able to bid for his services.

      That said if McPhee gets an offer he likes now I assume he will take it. Vgs has had a great start but they also had the easiest schedule in their 1st 8 games the NHL could possibly give them. They just headed out on a 6 game road trip in 9 days & are 0-2-0 to start.

      From the start of this 6 game road trip they play 12 of their next 16 on the road. Let’s revisit Vgs success on Dec 2nd. They will have played their 25th game on Friday Dec 1st. If their still above 500 then you’ve sold me.

      This is a very solid team by depth quality of NHL players spread across 4 lines especially at C, Eakin is a solid NHL C just not a #1, Karlsson as well just not ideally a #2.

      Look at this roster.

      Perron UFA, Eakin, Neal UFA.
      Marchesseault UFA, Karlsson, Smith.
      Haula, Lindberg, Tuch.
      Carrier/Leipsic, Bellemare, Nosek.

      Schmidt, Sbisa UFa.
      Thedore, C. Miller.
      McNabb UFA, Engelland UFA.
      Hunt, Merrill.

      Gallant is a great coach, they role 4 lines & 3 D pairs & play a solid hard working 2 way game but please don’t let this start fool you. The schedule gavce them a graet opportunity to start the season & the fact they won as many of those games as the did is impressive. I had them to be the worst team in the league & they still may be but what’s going on in Arz is a joke.

      People thought Colorado was brutal last season. They started the year 5-7. What Arz is doing is amazing & given the personal they have especially at D this team shouldn’t be this bad. Is it Tocchet? Granted it is only Nov 1st but at 1-11-1 not having had a very difficult schedule have played 9 teams that didn’t make the playoffs last season already & the 4 teams they have played that did are Boston, NYR, Anyh & Chi.

      If they don’t finish dead last now I will be shocked. It’s a mess & Tocchet apparently has no idea how to play a team Defensive game. The just matched a 1943-44 record for futility in their 1st 10 games.

      I was wrong about Vgs, they won’t finish dead last just in the bottom 5 which is really very good. Once they start shopping all those UFA’s it’s going to get worse quickly but that’s how it was structured to work.

      • Sorry not a record but a start that hadn’t been accomplished since 1943-44.

      • Why don’t you just say I have no idea what is gonna happen! You are wrong the majority of the time and are constantly flip flopping about what team it’s just early and another team are brutal cause they had a bad start

  9. Perhaps this is typical NYR issue that has gotten this team into so many logjams in the past.
    ALWAYS desire to sign the big name players regardless of talent level, chemistry with the team or age.
    I feel for AV coz when he got there he had some youthful talent to work with. They shipped out top picks, prospects for guys like Yandle, Nash. Now they have an aging Shattenkirk who isn’t nearly as effective as he was while playing for St. Louis.
    Now they wanna move on guys like Zuccarello, Miller and Kreider?
    Loved the gutsy move in going up the draft for Andersson but he is likely another year away and it’s too bad AV will be gone before he gets that good young player to work with.
    You think “Old Man Rupp” is gonna do any better?

    I think the GM and the rest of the old fossils such as Sather, Schoenfeld are just as much to blame. When you get rid of the old world thinking, Rangers might have a better chance of moving forward

    • I’m a little confused.

      “Brooks cites sources saying Kreider and J.T. Miller aren’t on the trade table. He wonders if the Habs would want winger Mats Zuccarello or perhaps defenseman Brady Skjei. ”

      It’s saying Kreider and Miller are off the table and “wonders” if Skjei and Zuccarello would interest the Habs…. not that either one is available…

      Even more confusing, Shattenkirk is 28 and aging, but Zuccarello who is 30 isn’t?

      Shattenkirk is a bad fit in Ny, but has 10 points in 13 games….not exactly any different than his past years. Right now NY is struggling to find d pairs that work.

      When NY traded for Nash, he was 26 -27 years old. They gave up Dubinsky and Anisimov. Dubinsky pretty much priced himself out of NY, and Anisimov was expendable.

      Ny is a very young team, and probably getting younger still in the near future.

      • You need not worry. I think we are all well aware Brooks is an idiot & just makes stuff up to cause a stir.

        You can’t take anything he says or writes as factual nor of sound reasoning.

  10. Shaw for Skej (Wishful Thinking) Why not ,, NYR owes us one for McDonaugh

    • Heh. And then what? Plekanec for Kucherov? After all, TB owes you one for Sergachev.

      • If teams get do-overs for bad trades I have a list! Savard, Zubov, Kovalev, Norstrom, Amonte, Weight…..

  11. How about just swapping captains?

  12. Bruins lose Backes for 2 months to colon surgery to do with his diverticulitis. An endless parade of injury’s. Sitting 4-3-3 after 10. I hope they can continue to tread water until healthy. Their depth is certainly being tested.

    • Injuries are an excuse

    • On the bright side Striker the young guys get a chance to experience some NHL time with more minutes.
      If there was ever a time for Tuuka to step up, it is now.
      My expectations for the B’s this year aren’t very high with all the youth, on the on the low end of the bubble. It’s about 2 years from now.
      I have a buddy with diverticulitis and had to go the surgery route, more than one I think, still has issues from time time and it has never really gone away permanently. Hopefully that isn’t the case for Mr Backes.

  13. Bergevin should be talking to Chayka about Stepan.

  14. Strange VGK haven’t made a trade for a goaltender yet, like Hellebuyck. I know that Hellebuyck is helping the Jets with wins, but he was on the trading block…or still is. Then Boston is now in need for some offensive help, as Backes is set to miss at least 8 weeks. Times are about to get/become quite interesting with players falling left and right around the league. Maybe my Leafs can take advantage of that.

    • Helleybuck was never on the market maybe the Toronto media market

      • Correct BBB Helly was never on the trading block.

    • It sure hels when the ONLY names on their injury list are Lupul and Harpur.