NHL Rumor Mill – November 10, 2017

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Updates on the Los Angeles Kings, Columbus Blue Jackets, Calgary Flames and Anaheim Ducks in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Los Angeles Kings’ strong start to this season has quieted speculation suggesting they could draw upon their blueline depth for scoring punch. Thanks to bounce-back performances from Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown plus contributions from rookies Alex Iafello and Adrian Kempe, the Kings are now in the top-10 in goals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blueliners Alec Martinez and Jake Muzzin were mentioned as possible Kings’ trade candidates. Given the club’s current performance, which is all the more notable with forward Jeff Carter currently sidelined, they have no reason to move a defenseman for more scoring. 

LeBrun also reports the Columbus Blue Jackets remain in the market for a top-six forward, preferably a center. Defenseman Ryan Murray was mentioned in speculation linking the Jackets to Matt Duchene prior to his recent trade to Ottawa. LeBrun said that doesn’t mean they’re shopping Murray. However, the Jackets have depth on defense and are willing to move a blueliner to add a scorer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rule out Seth Jones and Zach Werenski as trade candidates as they’re obviously not moving. I expect they’ll also retain David Savard, who’s in the second season of a five-year, $21.2 million contract. Jack Johnson is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. If he and the Jackets can’t reach an agreement on a new contract, perhaps he’ll be shopped before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. 

NBC SPORTS: Joey Alfieri cites a recent report  by TSN’s Bob McKenzie claiming Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett’s slow start has prompted some NHL general managers to inquire about his availability. While the Flames aren’t keen to part with Bennett, McKenzie said they aren’t hanging up on calls for the 21-year-old center. 

SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen wonders when the right time will be for the Flames to consider trading Bennett. He notes the problem with moving the youngster is establishing his value. Bennett still has plenty of upside and time to blossom into a quality player, but his current struggles means rival clubs are hoping to steal him away at a reduced rate. The longer his difficulties continue, the lower his trade value. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bennett’s situation could soon start to mirror that of former Edmonton Oilers winger Nail Yakupov, who was also a high draft pick who failed to pan out as expected. His value in the trade market plummeted. When the Oilers traded him to St. Louis last year, they got a prospect (Zach Pochiro) and a conditional third-round pick.

Right now, the Flames might get a serviceable player for Bennett, but as Boylen suggests, it could be a pending UFA that the Flames might be unable tor re-sign. Another scenario is swapping him for another struggling young player. Either way, the trade options aren’t that great right now. 

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports the injury-plagued Anaheim Ducks aren’t ruling out seeking help in the trade market. Center Matt Duchene was a target before he was traded to Ottawa. They also made a failed attempt to acquire center Vadim Shipachyov from the Vegas Golden Knights. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With such notables as Ryan Getzlaf, Cam Fowler, Ryan Kesler and Patrick Eaves on the shelf, the Ducks need to bolster their depth, especially at forward. However, rival clubs could target one of their young defensemen, such as Hampus Lindholm, Brandon Montour or Josh Manson. Sami Vatanen was frequently mentioned in last season’s trade rumor mill. 



  1. Not going to happen, but…

    To TML: Vatanen + Megna
    To ANA: JvR + Soshnikov + 2018 2nd Round Pick

    • You got that first part right. No way Van R
      iemsdyk, an AHLer and what figures to be a low pick in the 2nd round lands y ou a Top 4 D.

      • Lame comment. Your opinion on this sucks, sorry. Yes a top six player never nets you a top 4 defenseman…your hockey insight is invaluable.

      • OK Mr. Moore – should we have just let it go without a comment simply because it was put forth by a Leafs fan? Are those the new rules in here? Leafs comments are off limits – must let them go without response?

        If anything was lame it was the suggestion that a Top 4 D could be had for a one-dimensional F, a so-so prospect and a low 2nd round pick.

      • lame comment mr moore. you think a top 6 rental winger gets a top 4 signed d man? your hockey insight is invaluable.

      • I don’t know much about Megna but Vatanen is worth more than JvR. Soshnikov however is more than just a so-so prospect and I don’t believe the Leafs have any intentions of moving him.

        Also, any deal between the Leafs & ducks would need to include Bozak – not JvR. It’ll be Bozak plus plus (and plus)

        But to agree with the other JvR + soshnikov wont be enough for Vatanen

    • Marner, Gardiner, Bozak and a 1st

      To Toronto, OEL and Domi

      • You’re paying way too much for both ! Reality , please !!!!
        Best fit for T.O. is either trading with Carolina or Anaheim , you need a stud 23-25 min dman like Slavin , but that will cost you Marner and a high pick , Hanifan is an offensive dman , you need defensive zone stability ; best bet would be Pesce for Soshnikov and maybe Bracco….As for the Ducks , well , Vatanen i think could be had for a high end prospect and a 1st or 2nd rounder; trading JVR or Marner now would defeat the purpose of trying to win now , just my 2 cents

      • @krw, the point of my deal is the package, Domi is no slouch and a hometown boy as well and precisely what we need in a forward if we are going to go 4 rounds in the playoffs and the best offense is keeping the puck in the other end and having a dman like OEL who fits Babs system perfectly is almost as valuable as a strong defensive dman.

        Sure teams have won the cup without a top dman but they really are few and far between…I like Carlinas Slavin very much but I don’t see them trading him for anybody and I would prefer to not trade a guy like Marner to a division rival of sorts.

        I like Marner a lot but you have to give something up to get something.

        Better to be out west lol.

    • Isn’t Megna on the Canucks? How can he be part of this deal?

  2. Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett would only be moved for a direct comparable. A young first round draft pick that isn’t performing at an elite level. Maybe a Zacha or Lindholm or similar. They are not giving him away.

    • At this point Yakupov is a direct comparable, 1 assist in 16 games is no where near elite.

      I don’t understand the love affair with Bennett or the thought process that any game now he is going to break out and tear up the league.

      IMO you move him now and try to maximize the return, the longer you wait the worse it is going to get. And I wouldn’t be in a rush to take on another Lazar type player I would be looking for an established mid 20s winger and I would be willing to add picks if required.

      • Lazar is doing what he did in Ottawa – zilch.

    • I’d say go down with the ship. Some guys just take a while to fit in. D men get the leeway, why not F? Dubois is starting slow, Dylan Strome didn’t even make the NHL yet.

      Flames have already screwed up on Baertschi. He should never have been sent down when he was, let alone get traded.

      • Lets see how Andresson turns out before we say the flames screwed up with the Baertschi trade.

        From the game last night the kids looks really good.

      • OK. But they didn’t have to give up on Baertschi to get him. The filthy marmot who can’t tie a tie got rid of him on a power trip over Easter Feaster, not to draft Andersson.
        Aside from that, he looked good eh?

  3. I don’t understand why the Leafs aren’t being more proactive in trying to improve on their dismal Defense. They have the worst goals against in the East, which is no surprise when they are icing an over abundance of offensive D men.
    And they have been going the cheap route the past year in signing European players who are 5-6 D men.
    And they choose to sit & hoard a surplus of forwards, it’s bad when I hear that 20 year old RW Jeremy Bracco has been a healthy scratch with the Marlies majority of this year.
    There is ANA hit hard with the injury bug, & desperate for forwards.
    It’s one thing to load up on draft picks & prospects as they did the past couple years, but to mismanage their assets is defeating the purpose.
    It’s obvious their Defence needs a big makeover, they aren’t going to get very far with an overload of offensive D men.

    • I have to agree with you. Toronto knows its best window to win the Cup is now, and they have to take advantage of their forward depth. If I were Soshnikov, Kapenen, heck even Leivo, I’d really think twice about re-signing with Toronto when my contract with TO because of the lack of opportunity to actually play on the team. Toronto needs to make some room for them while addressing their glaringly obvious deficiency.

      • Those are 3 young players who are contracrually bound to Tor for 7 years from the date they were drafted.

        Holding out or choosing to go play in Europe or worse Russia serves what purpose?

        They do what all ypung players do wait for the business side of hockey to solve their problems. Waiver rights get players with NHL ability on an NHL roster eventually but even then don’t garuntee playing time.

        Leivo sits as a blackace endlessly. Shoshnikov has a provission that he can return to the KHL in 4 days if so inclined, 3 games from having to clear waivers, Kapanen has 2 years essentially or 136 games before he’s waiver elligable.

      • Wouldn’t that be your fault? I mean what have you or any of those players mentioned done to displace the players currently on the team as regulars? This is privileged type thinking… players like the ones you mentioned have to be better than what they have, and not just as good. When teams make lateral moves it goes nowhere. I say no free rides, earn your salt!

      • dubas obviously isn’t doing his job—with bozak close to having the worst plus minus in the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs and them not getting a real defensive defenseman

      • The best window is NOW? wow, I think the window might be open when the kids are mid – 20s and the blueline prospects have more experience. When you’ve waited 50 years, what’s another two or three?

    • Agree they should be proactive Greg, but I bet that they are and we just don’t hear about. Lou is the best at keeping this quiet internally. If you don’t, you don’t work there. If a rumor gets leaked by the team he is trying to make a deal with, it is off the table.
      He hates the distraction it causes in the room.
      Sucks for us, the fans, but I get it.
      The Leafs are hanging in there and will likely continue to do so until the deadline where there will likely be more options out there.
      They have also drafted 12 D in the last 3 years including rounds 1 & 2 last year. So they may not try and force a home run.
      They said they would build through the draft, so it will likely be complimentary parts until the young guys are ready.

      • You know what’s kind of ironic? I’m the Kessel deal the Leafs were given the choice between Kapanen and Sprong and between Harrington and Dumoulin. Hunter wanted Harrington because he coached him when Harrington was captain of the London Knights. If the Leafs picked Dumoulin they would have the dman they need and the Penguins might not have won 2 cups. Hindsight is indeed a mother.

      • In not I’m.

    • Your not drinking the Koolaid that Tor is the favorite to win the cup as many odds makers in Vegas are? Ha-ha!

      I’m still trying to figure out why Tor didn’t stay the course with their rebuild. I get why Tor signed Hainsey, their D needed help & you do what you can but signing Marleau for huge money for 3 years with JvR, Boazk & Komorov all facing UFA status & Moore just blocked opportunities for a few kids.

      Didn’t most here including Lyle have Marleau written off early last season? I remember those debates.

      What happened to the proper long term rebuild? Looks like a short cut may in the process.

      • Not yet Striker!
        I think winning the lottery and getting Matthews, then seeing how good he was so soon, changed there thinking slightly? I witnessed it first hand here in EDM.
        PIT and CHI won cups with great young players on ELC’s. So the thinking is go for it while they are cheap. I would have to look back to see what the Hawks and Pens added to compliment those guys. Difference is the Hawks had Keith and Seabrook and the Pens had Letang and Gonchar.
        I don’t like the Marleau signing either, but that is my theory on why they did it. But if they don’t add a D like Greg said it is only a half ass’d attempt.

      • Sticker, nothing has changed in terms of the long term plan. It was apparent Reilly needed a proper mentor, so they signed Hainsey. All three 20 year old star hopefulls need a very experienced Marleau. The other reason Marleau was brought in as a replacement for JVR and Bozak who are both absolutely gone after this year. Marleau, btw, at 38 is the fastest guy on the team and the Leafs were a fast team before he got here. He is always in the right spot and has 6 goals already – playing PP and PK. His signing and Hainsey’s signing augment the rebuilt by providing the right type of mentoring.

      • i agree—they should never have gotten anderson last year and had tanked to get good pick in draft–ie. solid defenseman —instead of losing in first round now they are resorting back to old ways again —-seen this for the last 30 years watching every other game

    • I agree, Leafs should build a package that includes JVR, a first rounder plus prospects nab Vantanen … Anaheim likely needs to take quantity over quality given their lack of depth.

    • And by the way, no thanks to the influence from Hunter in the 2015 draft when they took smurf Marner 4th overall, they bypassed two potential blue chip D men in Werenski (CBJ), & Provorov (PHI.)

      • Babcock wanted Hanifin, not Marner.

    • Tell that to James Tanner over at EIL.

  4. It will be interesting too see if the flames ruin Bennett. Good point Lyle on the Yakupov comparison. What does everyone think of a Marner for Bennett swap?

    Although both young with time, they may come around with a change of scenery. Things look a lot worse with their high draft spots and the amount of players that have surpassed them and have been given more leash off the 4th line

    • If Toronto was going to move Marner IMO it would be for help on defense, I don’t think they have any need for Bennett. As a Flames I would take that deal all day long.

      • Fair enough. I highly doubt Marner alone nets you a top 4 d.

        How much of an add would Columbus receive for savard for Marner? 2nd rounder? Or any that might help both teams.

        Nylander on the other hand could be a centrepiece for a jones, Manson nurse with a draft pick

    • I was thinking about a swap of Sam’s between Calgary and Buffalo. Reinhart has played well at RW when with Eichel, but has struggled this year at 3C. Maybe a swap of scenery would benefit both players. Bennett being able to play LW also could be beneficial to Buffalo.

      • That’s exactly the kind of deal for the “Sams”. A direct comparison . Yakupov is not . At least Bennett will grind and battle . He is only 21 and his 19th year was lost to injury. Is Yakupov done ? There is a saying “a one is never done”

      • Sam reinhart is a usefull top 6 center, bennett as of right now is not. Not saying he wont be but theres a plus going to Buffalo and Calgary traded their first and second rounders this year. Bennett for benning anyone?

      • Yup that could work, the flames need help on right wing and he could fit the bill. The Flames would probably need to add a draft pick.

        Not sure Buffalo would be interested in that deal though,

      • Calgary is slow enough. They don’t want Reinhart.

    • The phone would be hung up so hard by Lou that treliving might get a concussion from the sound.

    • It would have to be Bennett plus more. Otherwise, I don’t see Toronto making that deal. At this point, Marner has a much better chance of becoming something. Bennett is too much of a risk. I personally wouldn’t do it at all unless much more was included. That’s just me though.

    • Marner for Bennet? You serious?

  5. why not just send Sam Bennett down to the AHL so he can regain his confidence? Flames have to stop being so stubborn. better players have had to spend time in the AHL, see Leon Draisaitl

    • Cause he is on a 1 way contract and would get claimed

    • He would have to clear waivers. Not a chance that happens. Bennett is playing well as a 3rd line checker & for the most part that is how he is being deployed but certainly mot what he was drafted to be. I see Calgary play live frequently, it’s npt like he isn’t playing tgat role well again just npt what he was drafted to be.

    • Is Bennett waiver exempt mikeP? If not, someone would snap him up.

  6. Trouba’s situation comes to a head soon. He will be an RFA with arbitration rights & 2 years from fully controlling his future.

    I assume numerous teams including Tor don’t want to do anything rash before bidding on this asset.

    Will be an interesting summer to see how his situation in Win plays out. The only way this type of asset becomes available is extenuating circumstances & this situation has them in spades.

    • I agree with you on this, Trouba not being signed already indicates that he has no interest staying long term.

      Maybe Winnipeg can be proactive and ship him to Arizona for OEL. Not saying that Arizona is shopping him or even willing to move him but thats probably along the lines of what Winnipeg will be expecting in return.

      • But only if Arizona was certain they could get Trouba to sign there.

    • Ya, good point Striker. Wonder what it would take to get him out of WPG. Chevvy was adamant, publicly at least that he wanted a similar player in return, which will be a tough chore.
      I always go to my Bruins first plus they have plenty of quality young D – Carlo and a first?

      • As much as it would be awesome to see Troubadour as a Bruin I’ll pass. Boston doesn’t need to incur the cost to acquire such an asset. Their D is a t for the next decade.

  7. Amazing Anaheim did not make a move to try Shipachyov….

  8. Let me try to put some of this Marner for next to nothing trade talk you guys are throwing around to bed. Marner, at 19, was the catalyst and drove the Bozak, JVR, Marner line to success last year. Marner’s move off that line had less to do with Marner and more to do with the ineffective play of JVR and Bozak, especially on the defensive side. Babcock made it very clear that he stays committed to his veterans, so it was Marner that was moved off. Marner still has alot to learn regarding the 200 foot game and he’ll get there.

    Marner is two years removed from being Mark Hunter’s selection ahead of Hanafin. Understand, the Leafs were in a much poorer state two years ago with defensive prospective then they are today and still picked Marner over Hanafin. Now if you’re thinking Hunter is an idiot, guess again. Hunter is well regarded as one of the top player assessment people in the game. If you’re not sure, google the London Knights. Teams have been after Hunter to leave the knights for years. He joined Toronto just over two years ago.

  9. No one has mentioned Lebanc and Meier as pieces. As for the other sharks, bodker, Ward and Hansen need to go.

  10. Buffalo and Calgary look to be a good option as trading partners. Bennett from CGY has potential. Kane will be a UFA. Perhaps a swap of the 2 as the foundation of a bigger trade between the two teams?

    to BUF: Bennett plus
    to CGY: Kane plus

    what the plus is I am not sure. maybe veteran swaps like a Moulson (MTC) for Brouwer (NTC). Salary is only 500k difference with Brouwer having an additional year at 4.5 but gives rooms for signing Kane. Pominville will be off the books by then and they now have a younger cost controlled player like Bennett (upside)
    Throw in some picks or nominal prospect swap too.

    • That’s 10.2 cap hit from Buffalo and only 6.4 from Calgary. The Flames have 2.4 mill in cap space. Buffalo has 5.05 mill not that it matters. This deal already does not work. Not to mention no one wants Moulson even at half the price. This is a no go.

      • taking Moulson absolves CGY from the extra year of contract to Brouwer. Currently Brouwer has 3 yrs while Moulson has 2 years remaining. Freeing up a year of salary allows them to work Kane into their budget restraints. Of course salary retention on both sides can be made but I was merely suggesting it as an example and not a definitive proposal.

  11. Good grief! The toronto hate .lol