NHL Rumor Mill – November 16, 2017

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Latest on Carey Price, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Alex Galchenyuk, Jason Spezza & more in your NHL rumor mill.  

TSN MONTREAL 690: RDS’ Normand Flynn told host Tony Marinaro he wouldn’t be surprised if the Montreal Canadiens traded goaltender Carey Price soon. He notes the Canadiens and Price haven’t been forthcoming regarding the goaltender’s injury status.

While Flynn didn’t cite any sources and was merely speaking for himself, he nevertheless said it wouldn’t surprise him if Price was traded by as early as next week. He feels Price’s injury status is “mysterious”, noting the goaltender said following his last game on Nov. 2 (against the Minnesota Wild) that he wasn’t hurt, yet he hasn’t played since. Marinaro and Flynn also discussed the possibility Price is suffering from mental fatigue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the best response to this came from ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski: 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie’s Wednesday appearance on Toronto’s TSN 1050 discussing defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson’s future with the Arizona Coyotes. While McKenzie doesn’t believe Coyotes management is contemplating a move of Ekman-Larsson, his eligibility in 2019 for unrestricted free agency raises questions about whether he’ll re-sign with the struggling club.

While Ekman-Larsson is the type of defenseman who would be useful for the Toronto Maple Leafs, he’s not going to be cheap. His annual salary-cap hit is $5.5 million but he’s earning $6.5 million in actual salary this season and $7 million next season. Nichols points out the blueliner lacks no-trade protection.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Coyotes general manager John Chayka has repeatedly stated Ekman-Larsson isn’t available and I believe him…for now. The Coyotes can open contract extension talks with him next July, but if they get a sense that he’s not keen to re-sign and intends to test the market in 2019, I can see him hitting the trade block leading up to next year’s NHL Draft weekend. 

SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports there’s rumbling the Anaheim Ducks could have interest in Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk. However, he doesn’t think that’s a match. “P.J. Stock’s been saying for months Galchenyuk should be with Jonathan Drouin and, so far, it looks good.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A month ago, maybe this would’ve had legs. Given the improvement of Galchenyuk and the Habs in recent weeks, I have to agree with Friedman’s take. 

While there’s been more trade discussion with centers Matt Duchene and Kyle Turris off the trade block, Friedman said a couple of NHL GMs warn teams could simply be trying to determine who’s willing to do what. Much could depend upon what the Vegas Golden Knights do with pending UFA forwards James Neal and David Perron. 

Friedman also wonders if the St. Louis Blues could feel any pressure to do so something after Central Division rival Nashville landed Turris.

Regarding recent trade rumor about Dallas Stars center Jason Spezza, Friedman said there’s a window between when the Stanley Cup is awarded next June up to Sep. 1 when the 34-year-old forward can submit a 10-team no-trade list. Otherwise, he has a full no-movement clause, as well as a $7.5 million annual cap hit through 2018-19. “This is purely guesswork, but we know Columbus is going to look for one more high-level offensive player.:

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And I’m guessing the Blue Jackets won’t be targeting an aging center with an injury history whose best seasons are behind him. 

In the wake of the Edmonton Oilers acquiring winger Mike Cammalleri from the LA Kings, Friedman wondered if they contacted the Toronto Maple Leafs to inquire about Josh Leivo or Nikita Soshnikov. “Both are NHL-ready. Despite their difficulty getting into the lineup full-time, the Maple Leafs have yet to consider discounted prices.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If they did, the Leafs probably weren’t willing to take Jussi Jokinen off the Oilers’ hands. He wound up going to the Kings for Cammalleri. 



  1. Wow! Speculation on trading Price is no small topic. There are two reasons I don’t totally discount this possibility; number 1) Bergevin is not afraid to make trades and, in my opinion, Subban had as much star power; and perhaps more controversy, as Price ever had in Montreal. Subban got traded; number 2) Price would net Montreal a great package of picks, players, and prospects and Montreal has depth in goal with Lindgren, Fucale, and Niemi (sorry I couldn’t resist on that last one).

    • Price would net Montreal a great package of picks, players, and prospects

      yeah, because there are a lot of gm’s out there willing to give that up for an injury prone head case who is owed millions…

      • EdVanImpe,

        What a great handle! Wasn’t it him who sent the Russians home from Philly? I agree with you, there are several gm’s out there willing to sell the farm for Price, despite any issues he might have. That’s why I think it’s worth pondering over.

      • Price would be nearly unmovable without habs holding money and/or taking back bad money. and goalies just don’t garner much return. look at Schneider… when traded was a young, cost controlled number 1 goalie in waiting and he garnered the 9th? overall pick only… Price would not get a package of solid pieces… at best one or two.

      • The time to trade Price was when Fleury was still available from the Pens. A couple of mentoring years of him to Lindgren, before the big contract was signed would have been great. That time has passed. We should not simply dismiss Price’s ability as ‘a headcase’ or ‘injury prone; way too early to do that IMO. A better D corp in front of him and Mtl would be in great shape. He may not be that head and shoulders top goalie in the league but he is still a top #1 goalie and will be again when he gets back.

      • Yes they will goofball

      • Man how quickly we are wroting price off. The guys a great goalie will be a great goalie for years to come. Besides did you miss the bit about him having a complete no mpvement clause. Cant trade something that cant be moved.

      • For me it has nothing to do with his abilities it’s cap hit & t rm starting next season. Non starters for me unless unloading salary like Ott did acquiring Phaneuf. His cost to Ott after factoring in all those contracts sent out is 4.6 per. Sold. I will make that deal every day.

  2. Now let the fun begin; who do people think Price would be traded to if this is worth speculating on? I would gather it would be a Western Conference team and not a Canadian one.

    • Price would have a lot of value, but his market would be extremely thin. To almost non existent. Also his NMC would make it a tough sell to the very small number of teams that could afford his new contract.

      • True Nyr4life,
        But he can waive his NMC and various pieces of in-game footage, albeit played over and over again, point to a pretty disgruntled individual. Carey Price is more than intelligent enough to see how far away he is from a Stanley Cup backstopping this team. Yes, the market is thin but I would suggest more because of the huge salary he receives.

        I don’t necessarily believe a deal gets done in the short term, or long-term for that matter, but it’s worth talking about I guess. We all certainly spent a great deal of time discussing Duchene.

      • Sorry Nyr4life, you were suggesting the NMC would be a barrier to the team receiving him, and I replied to Price’s intentions around the NMC. I suppose a team trading for him would view a NMC as a barrier to making a deal, but I think a team trading for him would likely make the deal if they are a team with an open window to the Cup. If that’s the case they would likely worry about that after. Having said that I suppose that narrows the market even further.

      • I meant that teams that could afford him, are not likely places he’d agree to waive. Honestly, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

      • I agree, it’s a very thin market. I didn’t realize that his salary is 15 mill the next two seasons, 4.5 mill over his cap hit. Most of his salary is structured to be a bonus. Its kind of strange how his salary drops so much in 20-21 only to go up again the following year.

      • GP.

        It ties into the potential lock out seasons. His contract is structured to be lock out proof, both possible windows, 2019-20; Price has 13 mil signing bonus & 2012-22, 11 mil signing bonus, are the years the NHL could lock the players out potentially.

        NHL GM’s have now signed players to contracts totaling over 160 mil to be paid in bonuses whether the NHL plays or not in 2021-22.


  3. There are 10 million reasons Price will not be traded.

    • Agreed, 10.5 Ha-ha!

      I can’t say it won’t happen I just would never do so but you can’t underestimate the momentary lapse or reason or stupidity of a GM.

      IF Mtl didn’t want Galchenyuk & Price why not have traded them before putting their new contracts in place this summer?

      This seems like terrible asset management to me. These 2 contracts, Galchenyuk’s 3 year deal & Price’s 8 year extension are problematic. Galchenyuk’s makes him a UFA a little over 2 years out & Price’s ties up to much money in to long a term.

      Do any of you Montreal fans have anything positive to say about Bergevin’s time with Mtl?

      I finally have 2/3rd’s of the #1 line I have been pining for in Montreal since the summer. Galchenyuk & Drouin. Now we just need Drouin moved to RW & Danault installed as the C on that line.

      • I know you are asking Habs fans this question, therefore an answer from me is not required. I will answer anyway. To most hockey fans Bergevin has to at least be entertaining considering the deals he is willing to make.

      • Striker, as a Hab fan I can answer this. The first couple of years us fans were quite happy with MB. The last 2 not even close!

  4. Before this Price thing becomes the next Stamkos or Duchene speculation circus, pick ONE team that anyone thinks would be willing, starting next season, to fork over $10.5 mil off their cap for a goalie with an injury history and who will be 37 when the deal ends. Just ONE. Then we can debate back and forth on a number of considerations – for example, what would that one team be prepared to give up and how would the players relinquished help or hurt them going forward, or whether Price would be willing to go to a team in a re-building mode – just to name two

    • Price wouldn’t be traded to a rebuilding team George. Remember he has a NMC which Nyr4life asserted might be a barrier to a trade as well. The very reasons you and others, such as EdVaNImpe (love that handle), throw out there are the reason talking about it is interesting. I can’t name a team that might be interested because if I was a GM I would not be interested. Byt don’t be shocked if some would be. That’s the crazy part of the whole thing.

      Bet you any money Striker will be on here before the day is over with one or two examples of who might fit the bill.

    • I have been saying for years that I could see Price being traded.
      He is way over rated in my opinion, he has absolutely no playoff success, his only success comes when playing for team Canada in the world cups or Olympics where quite honestly a chimpanzee could play goal with the amount of talent that team Canada assembles.

      • A chimpanzee! Good one Dr. Pepper!

    • I agree George, it’s tough to find a team where this make sense . NJ could afford him, but they have Schneider, Arizona could afford him, but at this stage I doubt they have any desire to add him , and I doubt he waived to go there.

      Count out Detroit, NYR, Philly, Tampa, Boston, LA, Chicago, Minnesota,Toronto, Washington, St Louis, NYI’s, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Nashville… pretty much everyone! Either due to current cap problems, Current goaltenders or both.

      I seriously can’t come up with ONE team that makes sense or wouldn’t have to gut themselves to make it happen.

      • And especially a “budget” team … like Ottawa 🙂

      • George and Nyr4life,

        We aren’t the managers. All I am saying is several managers around the League will take the time to see what needs to be done to make a trade for Price. If there is a manager who thinks he can do it he will.

      • Steven, I hope that Gm isn’t too comfortable at his desk and opted for a rental home month to month rather than buying a house. Because his desk would more than likely be occupied with another Gm trying to figure out how to build and keep players of value around Price.

        Could Price be traded? Sure he could be . Will he? I seriously doubt it.

      • Vegas could trade MAF, Theodore, and someone like Tuch if they were looking for a brand name to put people in seats. But Price probably wouldn’t agree to the trade. It’s not absolutely impossible to trade him but pretty close.

      • Why are you counting out Det, Dal, Min, or NYI?

      • Setting aside NTC/NMC concerns for the moment, here is some idle speculation (core pieces of trade): Nugent-Hopkins, Lucic & Talbot for Price.

        Edmonton could continue its strategy of investing heavily in a small number of players. Montreal could have another crazy blockbuster trade to ignite its fans and media.

    • The Flames. They already paid the price of a 1st and 2nds for a second pairing injury prone d-man.

    • He’ll actually be 38 upon completion turning 39 shortly there after.

      I agree fully. I’m not touching that contract unless I’m dumping a brutal 1 back.

      Dubnyk & Parise?

      Just an example, as other than dumping Parise’s remaining 7 years after this season of 7.5 per what does Min really gain, Dubnyk has played great for them & has a very cap friendly & salaried contract for 3 more years after this season. I assume Dubnyk will garner 5 to 6 mil per on a 2 to 4 year deal when his current contract expires.

      The only way I see Price moved is in some form of deal like this but by no means implying this is the trade just used as an example of what might have to happen to some way to get it done.

      Mtl will have to take back significant salary on a player that might want Price. Or make a trade similar to the Weber Subban swap.

      Looking at teams doesn’t present many options, look at every teams starter, who really needs Price & would they be willing or can they even accommodate his cap hit & if they can would Price be willing to waive to go there?

      I’m struggling to find the right fit, but there are potentially trade partners but their #1’s would have to move in that trade back to Mtl & Mtl would have to take back a huge contract of a player that team would want to unload to make it work. Buf, Dal, Det, Flo, Min, NYI, Ott, Phi or Vcr could all make it work financial in this scenario if so inclined. I’m not saying any would but could.


      • Just listing Edmonton is insane. Why on earth would we want price !?!? Talbot has been a great addition and we have actual players to sign moving forward. And we sure as heck do NOT need any crazy in the dressing room. I like price right where he is at. Good for you MTL

    • Call me crazy , but i will name two teams ; St. Louis , and San Jose , what they will get ? You tell me….but if you take away trading him to an Eastern Conference team or any Canadian team , and a team with ” some ” potential to win , then MHO , this would be the best case scenario , then again Bergevin has entertained us with his reasoning on why he traded his future for a quick fix

      • St. Louis has Allen (4.35 per) locked up for this year + 3 more.San Jose has Jones (5.75 per)locked up from now until… well eternity. St.Louis has virtually no cap space to speak of, San Jose has about 5 million.

        Either way, both teams would have to ship Allen or Jones back the other way. St.Louis would have to send a lot more $$$’s the other way. I just can’t see it happening.

    • Age and injury doeant bother me. We have Andersson after. Just get him a solid back up.

      Lets see.



    • Winnepeg

    • It will sound crazy, but…..Nashville. With Rinne and a stockpile of picks and prospects going back to Montreal. Nashville is pretty well set up to be a strong contender for the next few seasons at least, but Rinne is what, 36? Montreal gets a serviceable goalie while one of Lindgren or Fucale makes the full time leap to the NHL. I don’t know what picks and prospects would go back to Montreal, I don’t know Nashville very well, but Montreal getting out from that contract would be a boon to them long term. Just my two cents, feel free to offer up opinions…

  5. $10.5 for 8yrs, that kicks in next year. Carey doesn’t need a nmc, his $$$ and term is one.

    • Quite possible Caper. Maybe Montreal keeps some salary or takes on a bad one along with picks, players, and prospects. All I am saying is stranger things have happened.

      • takes on a bad contract I meant to say

      • Steven, there is a lot of variables at play that you quite aware of;
        1. Nmc
        2. Term and Salary
        3. Age
        4. Injury concerns
        5. Assets to acquire

        It only takes one team but it has to be a team that Price is willing to go to.
        I don’t like big contracts for goalies, I don’t like the contract that Rask has in Boston with $7m at 3 more years. Yes Price is a better goalie but other then both players winning the Vezina, neither has lead their team to the Cup.
        Price wouldn’t go to a rebuilding team, it would have to be to a team where he can see himself winning the Cup in the next couple of years. I don’t see Montreal wanting a bad contract back, why would they? The top contenders have an elite goaltender.
        Steven there is ONE team who I think Price could push over the edge to Stanley Cup true contender. Wait for it……TORONTO!

      • For me looking quickly at teams starters in net, current contract situations & could they juggle the roster to make it work I see, Buf, Dal, Det, Flo, Min, NYI, Ott, Phi or Vcr.

        Players shown are just the foundation of some deals, other components would need to be added, initially just trying to address the cap issues for both teams & players they might be willing to move to try to facilitate a trade in our make believe world.

        Buf. Lehner & Okposo, ?.
        Dal. Bishop, Spezza, ?.
        Det. Howard, Helm, Ericsson, ?.
        Flo. Luongo, Bjugstad, ?.
        Min. Dubnyk, Parise, ?.
        NYI, Greiss, Ladd, ?.
        Ott. Anderson, Ryan, ?.
        Phi. Neuvirth, Read, MacDonald, ?.
        Vcr. Markstrom, ?, ?.

        Just showing there are ways for teams to make the cap hits work, total BS trade suggestions just balancing contracts in $. Hell Vcr could afford the contract moving forward with out dumping salary really. Early stages of a rebuild & the only real onerous contract on the horizon at present Boeser & that’s almost 2 years out.

      • Striker, I know you said total BS on trade, but using your list, do you see any team on that list that Price would say yes to? Maybe Dallas or Minny, but why would Montreal take Spezza, they wouldn’t.

      • Salary dump to facilitate the possible trade with other assets.

    • Bingo.

  6. How about Nashville? They have great prospects and they could give us Pikke in a package deal

  7. waiting for the Price to Philly rumours by Eklund any minute now …

  8. This was a terrible signing…. Terrible. Before any Montreal fans start to chase me down with pitchforks and torches… I said and still say the same thing about Lundqvist’s deal.

    Signing ANY player for 8 years over the age of 24 is begging for problems. A goaltender at 10.5 or 8.5 is a bad idea at any age. Honesty, I’m not really liking committing to any player for that long.8 years is just to long for any commitment outside of a mortgage, marriage or raising children imho!

    • Even most marriages don’t last 8 years these days!

      • True Nyr4life….. true

    • Even with a F or D you’d better be damned sure they can continue to produce at or near the same rate as when originally signed. Chicago jumps to mind with their twin $10.5 mil deals with Kane and Toews. Both will be in their mid 30s when the deals end.

      • Yes, and Toews is looking like it may be the worst signed after the fact. He looks horrible this year and last

      • Fd do you actually watch hockey? Geez Toews is a complete player one of the best around

    • Agreed.

      I mean, that cap hit was going to happen with QB taxes and all, but that term..

      Would have no issue trading Price for a decent package. Lindgrin, while a small sample size is doing pretty good.

      Get some scoring/prospects (cupboard is bare) for Price, and I think the Habs are a better team.

    • I agree fully with a few minor exceptions. As always the 80 20 rule is in play for me. There are always exceptions to ever rule or situation.

      My ideal contract structure is 3 year ELC, followed by 2 year bridge & depending upon the player, 2 years from UFA status having seen 5 years to commit long term I sign for 3 to 8 years.

      if a stud they should be playing in the NHL by 19 if not 18. that gets them to 22 coming out of their ELC, 2 year bridge, 24, if a stud 8 years, 32 coming out of that deal. Perfect. The last 3 years of that 8 year deal NMC moves to modified NTC.

      If an average, good or great player after 1st 5 NHL years 3 for the average, 5 for the good & more for the great. I’m not making any great player, star, superstar or stud a UFA at 26 to 28 ever.

  9. I wouldn’t touch Price’s contract unless given significant enticement to do so. He may be the best goalie in the world but no goalie is worth 10.5 mil per season for 8 years & certainly not kicking in at age 31 even though stud goalies have shown they can maintain very high levels of play into their late 30’s.

    That said GM’s have shown time & time again a complete lack of self control, not all but a great many. Anything is possible regardless of how unlikely or smart it is.

    • I think in recent years we’ve seen more and more evidence that GMs don’t do anything that huge without the blessing of the team’s owner (unless it’s a team with ownership by committee).

      • I agree fully.

      • It’s funny hearing ppl bash a contract for the most important player on a team, yet you look at contracts like Ryan,krejci and backes that don’t contribute nearly half as what a goalie does?

      • Ottawa went farther in the playoffs last year with a hot Ryan than Montreal did with Price.

      • Lol nice logic George

  10. Here’s a deal I would do in a minute from Toronto’s perspective:

    Carey Price and his 10.5 million US contract and No. 1 draft 2018 for Tyler Bozak, James van Riemsdyk, Fast Freddie Andersen and a pair of second hand skates.

    • & with Matthew’s, Marner, Nylander & Gardner all coming up very quickly, where is all that money coming from?

      Those 4 players alone are going to eat up 30 to 35 million to extend or retain. Price would mean Tor has 40 to 45 mil tied up in 5 players down the road. Add in Kadri, Reilly & Zaitsev all signed long term, that’s 54 to 59 mil tied up in 8 players. Ouch.

      • Hence the challenge of making such a deal. But I would ask, if Price was the difference for Toronto to win the Cup, doesn’t the leafs owe it to their long suffering fans to do so? Then you deal with the other issues later. There is always a way. This be a case of the leafs going for the cup at all cost.

      • And given their history of flirting with Murphy’s Law, Price would strep in a crack somewhere a few days after joining Toronto and immediately go on long-term IR.

    • No thank you!
      I’d rather be in a position to sign Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Reilly, Gardiner (or replace) plus bring in a #1 D-man

  11. That’s true. I was only looking at short term. Bozak, JVR and Andersen make 13.5 million collectively against Price’s 10.5. That would save Toronto 3 million off the books now, but they’d have to cut elsewhere. I can see them having to shed Komarov and Polak in the short term, and Marleau by the time the others require new contracts. It’s tough but I would still do it. Price is an A goalie. Andersen is a B goalie. Price is more likely going to bring Toronto greater success than the three I would send the other way.

  12. Can’t see Price going anywhere for one overpowering reason- he is injured too much – which is why goalies should not be paid top dollar. As unfair as that is, it is a fact. The game these days is so quick and the players are so big that any goalie is an immediate injury risk. I’d be interested to know the percentage of starting goalies that have been injured to date in the NHL. It’s like being a quarterback in the NFL or CFL – it’s only a matter of time. The most sensible strategy is to build goaltending depth, not pay huge money to a starter.

    • You don’t realize how important a goalie is until you don’t have one.

      • Niemi – Chicago – Stanley cup

      • Maybe look at his playoff stats that year!

      • I agree. I’m not questioning Price’s abilities, I’m just not paying any goalie 10.5 mil per in today’s cap world or the 1 we will be living in for the next 5 years. Nor for 8 years.

        Not questioning his abilities, has been the best goalie in the world for several years.

        I don’t hold any player accountable for a teams performance. This is a team sport & as I have been staying for years. Put a goalie, any goalie in a bad spot & that goalie will suffer.

        See Schneider last season, numerous others in years past. Price in MTL this year, Bishop in Dallas.

  13. Can we please leave Toronto out of the Price conversation? There is not one knowledgeable Leaf fan that wants a 10.5M goalie, regardless of who he is and we certain don’t want Mr headache. Anderson will be just fine and if he is not, we’ll find another 5M goalie to lead us to the promise land or hope to lead us to the promise land. As for Price going anywhere, they were able to trade Suban’s stupid contract but had to take a worse one back. If Montreal thinks they are getting prospects and picks for Price, think again.

    • Lol you can tell an unknowing fan who thinks Weber’s contract is worse than subbans!! Geez

      • Its not that far off BB. Weber contract in 4 years is going to look terrible. Subban is in his playing prime.

        Also, couldn’t agree with Trekkie more, Price is a top 3 goalie in the world and arguably the best but he does not fit the Leafs at all, no way, no chance.
        The Price to Toronto pipedream is a rumor I could live without and I seriously doubt it will gain any traction.
        Leafs need a D, end of story

      • Big bear, Price is a good goalie. I think we can all agree. But for 10.5 million? That we don’t agree on. Look, the habs are in a tough spot. I find it difficult to support a cast around a goalie being paid that much. It just won’t work. So, in light of that….just relax. Let us discuss your goalie like you have discussed players being overpaid in the past.

      • Don’t confuse him with logic FD.

      • Taz I think you have look at the actual contracts between the 2 players before talking about being in there prime Weber’s will be far easier to move than subbans also! And George I think you lost all logic in 1958. Didn’t you?

      • Chicago and Pittsburgh proved you don’t need a great goalie to win the Stanley cup , you need a competent one to make the bigs saves when needed ; 2 strong centers, 2 wingers with decent hands , 2-3 dman with speed , good on the PP , then you have a set piece for a legitimate contender

      • One thing about my age, BigBear, is that when I went to school they taught the differences between their, their and there’re.

      • I would have traded Subban earlier ….he was not liked in the Habs dressing room , Team Canada didn’t really want him , and he was hated in the dressing room in Belleville in the OHL , so what’s the big fuss ? They gave him a chance , his ego became bigger than the team , so it was time to move on , and he is at best # 3 on the Preds behind Josi and Ellis , even Ekholm would give him a run for his money.

      • Are you kidding? Weber is 4 years older, his contract is 4 years longer and only 1.2 mil less per year. Montreal was so desperate to rid themselves of Subban, they took that ridiculous contract back. AS well, a player that has already lost his stride and can’t keep up well with today’s game speed. Give Weber two more years and he’ll become a real albatrous whereby Subban can still play at the pace of today’s game. As bad as both contracts are, Nashville has a far better deal overall.

  14. I could see Colorado internested in Price, but does price want Colorado.

    I feel like this rade has already happened between the two clubs

    • Why would the Avs do that?

      Colorado is the second youngest team in the league with a pretty good goalie already who has two years left on his deal.

      They’re window won’t be starting to open for another year or two, when Price is 30-31. If they made any play for a goalie , he would be the opposite of a Price, as in an up and coming goalie who could grow with the rest of the roster they’re building

  15. I agree, Price is going nowhere (though maybe his mental issues this seasons are for buyer’s remorse of re-signing with the Habs?)

    But a team that makes sense to me is Anaheim. Loads of cap space, and could give up Gibson & one of their D for Price, with moving parts of picks in there. And their window for winning the Cup with Getzlaf, Kesler & Perry is closing quickly.

    I like Gibson as a goalie, but say what you will about Price’s injury & contract, I think most GMs would believe they’re closer to a Cup with Price in net than Gibson.

    And while I agree his $10.5M is almost untradeable, there is always the business side: the amount of money/prestige a team gets from winning one Cup, much less two, is massive. If a GM thinks they can win a Cup or two with Price between the pipes, that is worth a LOT to his team as a business.

    I can see a GM making the trade if they think it pushes them over the top.

    • Or would the Rangers trade Lundqvist+ for Price? Three years of Henrik’s now awful contract for 8 years of Price’s great goaltending and tough contract?

      Habs get Henrik to mentor Lindgren (or whoever) and get a couple of pieces that help. Rangers get one of the world’s best goalies to potentially put them over the top.

      Again, not going to happen. But impossible? I’d say it wasn’t.

      • I don’t see that happening. Ny already has his replacement coming. And it works out perfectly to Lundqvist deal expiring. They have struggled to navigate around his contract for years. I don’t think they’d be willing to put themselves in a worse position for 5 additional years at 2 million more to work around. And having to add pieces to put them in a worse position?

        And honestly, I don’t see Price as a guy with any more success than Lundqvist has had when he was in his prime. I’d argue that he actually has had much less success.

      • And right now, Prices numbers are actually much uglier than Lundqvist’s

      • I’d bet that the chances of NYR trading for Price are less than Nyr4Life becoming a Flyers fan.

      • Price 3-7-1 3.77 ga .877 sv%

        Lundqvist 8-5-2 3.04ga .904sv%

      • Yep, totally agree, re: numbers, NYR4Life. Maybe my Habs bias, but I think there’s the belief that Price will return to being elite (for a couple of years), while Henrik is on the out & out decline.

        Personally, I think Price’s lack of playoff success is more attributable to the Habs GMs who have worked extremely hard to build a non-competitive roster over the years. I wonder what he’d be like on a team with some actually talent & firepower ahead.

        But good point about the Rangers having a replacement on the way (I don’t know teams’ farm systems too well).

        And again, I don’t see any Price trade happening at all. But I still don’t see a trade as an impossibility, either (if not to NYR, then elsewhere).

        The siren song of a possible Cup is too strong for many GMs to resist, even if it means mortgaging some future…

      • HAHaha, I’d be a flyers fan before NJ, NYI’s or Pittsburgh! So I’d say those odds are better than NY trading for Price.

      • Their replacement is Shestyorkin. Who’s they are very high on. He is currently under contract in the KHL until 19-20 which will be perfect to slide in on an elc and give him a year to work under Lundqvist with Benny Allaire.

        Sure, he could bust or regress, but I believe NY thinks he’s their future.

  16. Probably just dreaming here, but wouldn’t this be nice!
    To Habs:
    -1st (lottery protected)
    -mid range prospect

    To Edm:

    -Cap hit after this year is almost even (both teams have plenty of space this year).
    -Habs get big C they have been desperate for since forever, and a goalie to hold down the fort until one of their full pipeline of G prospects are ready to be a starter.
    -Edm gets a proven RW they are desperate for (see Cammalleri trade) with a decent contract and the best goalie in the world for McDavids best Years. They also get a shut down C for this year, so Nuge can play again lesser opponents, as his bloated cap hit is errelevant with their current cap space.
    -If Price does want out, maybe willing to accept trade closer to home on west coast and opportunity to play with one of the best players in the game.

    • As a Habs fan, I’d take it! Which probably means it’s not fair 😛

      But this makes a lot of sense to me. I personally think people are too low on Price. While his cap hit makes him *virtually* untradable, I believe any GM that *would* trade for him would be happy to give up valuable pieces.

      If his problems this season aren’t injury-related, the consensus is that he’s still (probably) the world’s best goalie, and that’s a player who plays more minutes than anyone else over the course of a season. That’s extremely valuable, if you can find a way to make the $$$ work.

      • What have top goalies gone for on the trade market recently? 1st round picks at most? What leads you to believe price with his baggage would go for much more?

      • No idea why Price is worth this.
        He sits 13th on GAA in current goalies and 7th on career save percentage.

        Active goalies who are ahead of him in BOTH categories:


        Yet he has the most expensive and longest contract here.
        Schneider was trade for a 1st round pick and was on a cost controlled contract

    • Draisaitl alone is worth more than all the habs are offering there

      • Yup

    • To be clear I was referring to pleks bloated contract

    • This proposal is so slanted by monitor almost fell from my desk.
      Why would Edmonton trade a PPG guy (or as Striker would say ‘Stud’) and a goalie who had 40+ wins last year, both signed to decent contracts?

      Oh and by the way, Talbot has a better GAA and SV% over his career as compared to price.

      • Price – 520 gp 2:43 GAA .910 save % – $10.5 mil

        Craig Anderson – 519 gp 2:70 GAA – .916 save % – $4,750,000

      • I think price is clearly better than Talbot. If you think Talbot is better because of numbers alone you don’t dont watch hockey. Also they are getting their top 6 RW.

      • And I ain’t paying over twice Anderson’s contract to improve my GAA by 0.17!

      • I have no doubt that Price is better than Talbot. I just provided some basic numbers.
        When you suggest a trade you also have to consider the long term.
        Edmonton loses this trade today and they are absolutely crushed in this trade 5-6-7 years from now.

        You are using Gallagher as a top 6 RW example, he’s not even playing on the top two lines in Montreal a team that can’t score goals to save their lives right now.
        Draisaitl is playing first line RW at the moment and at an elite level.

        So you take their first line RW and give them a quetionable 2nd line RW? How does that help solve their right wing issue?

  17. Before we rag too hard on a Price + Gallagher for Talbot + Draisaitl idea, we can throw some numbers back.

    (Most important: I agree this trade won’t happen, but this is for argument’s sake)

    For those that note Talbot has better career stats than Price, I think any/every GM would trade Talbot for Price, even WITH those contracts, if they thought their team was in the Cup window.

    And as for stats, Gallagher has a higher goals per game average over his career than Draisaitl. (Gallagher = 0.274, Draisaitl = 0.268)

    I would trade three Gallaghers for one Draisaitl, but it goes to show that stats alone can’t tell the story of a player’s value.

    Again, I agree it won’t happen, but there’s maybe more merit here than it being completely outrageous.

    Price > Talbot
    Gallagher < Draisaitl

    It just depends on to what degree each outvalues the other.

    (That said, the Pleks for a protected first sounds like some nice wishful thinking :p )

    • Ultimately I think the biggest problem with Price is his contract. Looking at career stats of other goalies, I don’t think anyone can justify that contract. Looking at his postseason lack of success even makes it worse.

      If Price was at 6-7 per, there wouldn’t be as much negative response to a team taking him on. But given his current deal, it’s almost a lose lose for the team taking him on. Giving up a valuable piece and having to work around his contract for the next 8 years makes it very tough.

      Montreal should have traded him before giving him a new deal. They would have had better luck even with a team knowing he would be expiring, but it would have made it more palatable for a contender. Now, I don’t see a contender that could comfortably take him on and remain a contender. And non contenders it would be hard to justify taking on the deal, giving up young pieces and still being non contenders.

      I believe the only fit for Price, is Montreal.

      • And it’s going to become less of a fit as the years go by – with the only fit being that affecting the Montreal media.

    • @Paddy.
      As I mentioned Price is definitely better than Talbot. No, a price for Talbot straight swap is easier said than done, for example, Edmonton cannot take on that contract with McDavid, Lucic and Draisaitl on the books.

      I think the goal stats comparison is more of the cherry picking nature. Gallagher has never hit 50 points in his career. Draisaitl has 51 in 72 two years ago. 77 in 82 last year and is a PPG player this year. not to mention his 16 points in last year’s playoffs in 2 series.

      Keeping contracts, age and skill in mind I’d say the gap between Draisaitl and Gallagher is a lot larger than the gap between Price and Talbot. The pick + prospect is just overkill

      • @Taz,
        Agree with pick & prospect being huge overkill for Pleks, who is virtually a buyout candidate, if the Habs actually had ANY centres to take his place.

        The Gallagher stat is definitely cherry picking, I only used it to make a point. That said, he’s actually a pretty effective goalscorer in today’s NHL, and with killer work ethic. He has value. (Just nowhere near Draisaitl’s).

        And I agree that I’d take Talbot & Draisaitl over Price & Gallagher. Again, I’m just not sure it’s a slam dunk. Lots of goalies can win Cups, not a lot of goalies can be counted on to win them. Interesting question what GMs feel about Price and their own goalies.

        [Important Note: I’m just playing devil’s advocate here! I wouldn’t make the two player for two player trade if I was the Oilers, either! But I’m not sure that *no* GM would do so.]

    • Paddy, while I appreciate your loyalty to your team, this is completely outrageous IMO. I would take Talbot over price straight up. Better numbers, healthier with fewer miles on him, and a waaaay better contract. The contract part is huge both in $$ and term. Toxic.
      I agree I would take one Draisaitl over 3 Gallagers. Not even in the same class. I would also take a protected first over Pleks.
      0 for 3.
      How is that in any way not outrageous?

      • @Ray Bark
        I understand the argument for preferring Talbot to Price in a cap world. However, if
        NHL were going to PyeongChang, in the summer (before Price’s horror season began), Price would have been their #1, guaranteed. Talbot may/may not have been on their radar. The (perceived) quality difference and pedigree matter.

        I still believe that Price > Talbot for many GMs, even with the contract, IF they think their team is in the Cup window.

        Again, the Oilers would need to weigh out: Which gets them closer to a Cup, Price & Gallagher or Talbot & Draisaitl?

        I’d say Talbot & Draisaitl, but I wouldn’t say that’s a slam dunk, which is why I don’t think it’s outrageous. (Just highly unlikely!)

        And yes, Pleks for a high pick is a Habs fan’s dream, I agree! 😀

      • @Ray Bark
        I understand the argument for preferring Talbot to Price in a cap world. However, if
        NHL were going to PyeongChang, in the summer (before Price’s horror season began), Price would have been their #1, guaranteed. Talbot may/may not have been on their radar. The (perceived) quality difference and pedigree matter.

        I still believe that Price > Talbot for many GMs, even with the contract, IF they think their team is in the Cup window.

        Again, the Oilers would need to weigh out: Which gets them closer to a Cup, Price & Gallagher or Talbot & Draisaitl?

        I’d say Talbot & Draisaitl, but I wouldn’t say that’s a slam dunk, which is why I don’t think it’s outrageous. (Just highly unlikely!)

        And yes, Pleks for a high pick is a Habs fan’s dream, I agree! 😀

    • No they wouldn’t…. ever

  18. I started saying “wait until Prices day comes” 2 years ago here when people discussed Lundqvist. Fast forward, the inks still wet, the deal is considered toxic already, fans and Montreal media clearly see all this, and are looking for a way out, and the guy hasn’t played a single game under this deal yet.

    I guess my point is… how do these GMs get jobs as GMs?

    “Montreal would like to move Price” 10 minutes after they re-sign him
    “Columbus needs a center” 8 minutes after they trade Johansen, “the Rangers need a center” 4 minutes after trading Stepan, on and on this goes.

    • 100% agreed!

  19. When will people realize that in this day and age of the salary cap, that even GOOD players like Price can have NEGATIVE trade value? When trading player, you also move his CONTRACT. Carey Price was signed to a HORRIFIC contract. Yes, he is a terrific player, but he is pretty much stuck on Habs roster even if he wanted to waive his NMC. Throw in the fact that Price has had an uncharacteristic bad start to season, these “rumors” are just silly…

    • I agree & disagree. A player’s value is some combination of his quality and his contract.

      Let’s say Price, assuming he’s valued at his pre-season value, is the following:

      — Skill: 9.5/10 (arguably best goalie in the world)
      — Contract: 2/10 (way too long, way too much money, but at least he’s a valuable player.)

      I don’t know if that averages to a 5.75/10 or how each part should be weighted, but there’s certainly SOME value there.

      You think the Bruins wouldn’t trade Beleskey, Krejci & Rask’s $18M of salary to take $10.5 of Price’s, even if it’s for 8 years? I think they would.

      It’s just about finding that sweet spot.

      • Its much simpler than that. A player is only worth what someone is willing to pay for him. In this case, its only Montreal paying that $$ for Price. If nobody else feels he is worth it, then he has negative value in a trade.

      • Wondering if Edmonton would do..or montreal would want RNH and talbot as center peices..for price? Just spit balling! Lol..

  20. Nobody is going to take Price. A $10 million goalie can’t be traded during the season without Bergevin taking garbage back. Even still, the list of teams wouldn’t be much of a list. Bergevin keeps digging himself and the team deeper and deeper. As soon as that contract was signed I told my buddy that would be his ultimate undoing. Subban was bad but reupping your 30yr old goalie for 8 years at 10 plus when you know he already has injury issues was just plain dumb. At it to the list

  21. Carey Price will be traded to the NY Rangers in a year or two after Henrik Lundqvist develops an allergy to his equipment and goes on LTIR for the rest of his contract.

    • Booooooooo

  22. I read MTL’s problem is they cannot score but how is their defensive core, outside of Weber? Are they contributing on the D side of are they a bunch of pylons this year? I never get to watch them. MTL needs scoring and Chicago from what I read is not high on Connor Murphy.

    Perhaps a swap to help Chi rid Murphy and MTL gain some scoring?

    TO MTL: C. Murphy (30% retained) and Anisimov
    TO CHI: Plekanec & Schlemko plus a 3rd rd pick.

    For Chicago they free up Anisimov cap space for additional moves following the season and future seasons. They get a bottom pairing defenseman (injured currently though) and frees up roster spot as he is on IR since they are carrying 8 D-men currently. Quenneville apparently really is not a fan of Murphy and Schlemko is a reliable veteran defenseman. Plekanec can slot down and play 3C for the D side of the game.

    For MTL they get a #1 or #2 center…depending on how JC makes their line. He is a 2 way player to replace Plekanec and they take on Murphy’s contract. He is only 24 but still risk. MTL can trade Benn or Morrow plus etc. to shore up their forwards.

    • I can’t for the life of me see how or why Chicago makes this deal. Holding money on Murphy AND taking back Plekanec and Schlemko? While sending their 2nd line center on a decent contract and a top 4 d-man back the other way? I do clearly see how it benefits Montreal.

  23. It’s amazing to me how everybody in the Montreal Canadiens’s organization and the media are closing ranks around Carey Price and the real reason he is not playing. I live in Montreal, and everybody is aware of what is said to be really going on with him. If I was another team, I wouldn’t touch Price with a ten foot pole.

  24. You guys talking about Talbots contract get he only has one more year left. Then he will probably want 6-7 Years at $7million+. Also he is only 1 year younger than price. So would you rather price for 8 years at 10 or Talbot at 5 for one and 7 at 7+?

    • if Talbot demands 7 for 7 I can see EDM letting him walk. not so much the $$ but the term.

  25. Trouba++++ Winnipeg’s perfect landing spot. Jets will need to move Trouba eventually

    • Really. Depending on what they have to give up… Can you imagine how good Jets would be with Price???