NHL Rumor Mill – November 17, 2017

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Updates on the Vegas Golden Knights and Ottawa Senators, and speculation Auston Matthews days with the Toronto Maple Leafs could be numbered (!) in your NHL rumor mill. 


TSN: During Thursday’s edition of “Insider Trading”, Bob McKenzie reported the Vegas Golden Knights are getting lots of calls about scoring forwards James Neal and David Perron. Both players are eligible for unrestricted free agency in July. So many teams are in the market for scoring help that there’s interest in Neal and Perron.

Unless Vegas GM George McPhee gets a significant offer, he’s not moving either guy right now. It’s possible he could look at moving them down the road toward the Feb. 26 trade deadline.  McPhee could also attempt to re-sign them but there’s been no contract extension talks yet. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perron leads the Golden Knights in points (17 in 18 games) while Neal is second in points (15) and their leading goal scorer with 10 in 18 games. Little wonder, then, that there’s significant interest in the two veteran wingers. It’s assumed both will be shopped before the trade deadline but we can’t rule out the possibility of one or both re-signing with the Knights, who are exceeding expectations in their debut season. 


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion’s been in the market for a forward since training camp but he’s in no rush to do anything. Dorion’s pleased with the play of call-up Chris DiDomenico and he also wants to evaluate Bobby Ryan’s performance alongside recently acquired center Matt Duchene.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators are also third in the Atlantic Division with 21 points in 17 games. Unless the Sens drop out of a playoff berth, Dorion will likely wait until closer to the February trade deadline to add a forward.


BETWEEN THE POSTS: Former The Fan 590 reporter Howard Berger yesterday cited an “unimpeachable executive source” speaking for Toronto Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello claiming the club could look to move center Auston Matthews if they win their fourth straight game with Matthews sidelined (Note: the Leafs subsequently beat the Devils 1-0). 

“There are too many challenges with the salary cap in the next few years to keep a player without whom we can win. Matthews will cost us a fortune in the summer of 2019. Better to see if we can get some prospects or high [draft] picks for him now. You never want to risk that a player might sustain a career–threatening injury. Our entire management group agrees that if we win again tonight and improve to 4–0 without Auston, it’ll be time to look for a trade.”

The executive went on to cite the high cost of re-signing William Nylander and Mitch Marner plus the Leafs need to add a stud defenseman. “Matthews is a good scorer, but easily replaceable. We can get lots for him in a trade.”

He also listed the Arizona Coyotes as a potential trade destination, noting Matthews is an Arizona native and the Coyotes have wanted him since Day One.

“Initially, Lou insisted [defenseman] Oliver Ekman–Larsson be the starting point in any trade discussion. But, [Coyotes GM] John Chayka wouldn’t go for it. Not a big deal. I’m pretty sure we can get the Coyotes’ first–round draft pick next June. That will offset the loss of Matthews. One No. 1 pick for another. We think it’s a fair proposition.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Check the comments section of that report. It’s a satire piece by Berger. 




  1. Pretty sure Chayka would give up a first and oel at this point.

    • Chayka would trade OEL to Toronto and the deal would not include Matthews. The Leafs could put together a great package of prospects and picks to get OEL.

      • Which Arizona doesn’t need. They have prospects and picks so oel would have to go for young current nhlers. Not Mathews fo sho though

  2. The idea that Toronto would shop Mathews is absurd. Almost sounds like an April fools joke

    • Slick62,

      It’s the most ridiculous thing out there right now! I provoked much conversation yesterday regarding Price being traded. I won’t even entertain discussion about the merits of trading Price vs trading Matthews. If anybody thinks Lou Lamoriello would trade Matthews then stop bothering with commenting on anything to do with hockey. It’s Lou guys! It’s Lou! That’s all I have to say. I’ve said it many times before that we Leafs fans need to be just as excited about the front as the on ice product. The Leafs have numerous trade options before them none of which include the big three!

      • Front office I meant to say

    • agreed Matthews isn’t going anywhere!

    • Haha. Didn’t get to bottom.

    • unbelievable these reporters go and bug some other teams

  3. Even if it is satire it is stupid! Trading Matthews that is.

    • Guess your not a fan of Mel brooks then

      • Haha

        Well played

      • Love Mel Brooks – Howard Berger, not so much. Remember Brooks’s story of the Ten Commandments? Here’s the 11th – never trade Auston Matthews.

  4. I think if Toronto really wants to trade Matthews, they need to be prepared to take back a bad contract to make up for the future salary demand.

    Arizona cannot afford to add Matthews. Currently Matthews has been proven to cost 0.94 points per game against, or in other words he has a value of -0.94 pts/gm in the stands. Arizona only earns points at a rate of 0.43 pts/gm. Adding Matthews would essentially give them a pts/gm of -0.51. If we calculate that for the remainder of the season, Arizona would finish the year with approximately -22 points. If this happens Arizona would likely get relegated to the AHL.

    This is all based on advanced statistical models, and we all know they are only about 99.9% accurate, so there is some wiggle room, but I don’t believe Chyka can take that chance. If he became the first GM in league history to have his team Relegated to the AHL, that would likely reflect poorly on his resume, and he would likely be added to the statistic of late twenty year olds who struggled in the job market and had to move back in with his parents. Given that they have turned his room into a workout room they never use, this would be awkward, and I think he understands the analytics well enough to avoid taking this chance.

    • Danny,

      Really? Take back a bad contract in a deal where you trade away Matthews! Any team trading for Matthews or McDavid would have to accept relinquishing multiple assets not including relinquishing a bad contract. Slick62 said it best….. absurd!

      • Whoosh!

      • And we have proven some only read the openinf line and akip the rest.

        Now wonder striker gets flak many of you probably only read his opening line then faze out.


      • Geeeeez. Chill out Leaf fans it was a stupid attempt at humor. The rumor does not merit responses. IT WAS A JOKE!!

    • Nice work!
      Excellent point of view.
      Do McDavid next!

    • Gold Danny. Gold.

    • Hey Danny, it’s, “puff puff, pass” ok?

      • Yeah but when you are by yourself it’s just passing it from your right hand to the left sooooooo…… Got any donuts?

    • great comment Danny, loved the analytics slap

  5. Man I wish I could like some of these comments, great job today guys, some coffee came out of my nose on a few

  6. Let’s move on to another topic? Mel Brooks is very funny by the way. And to be honest I didn’t scroll all the way down to the end of the page where Lyle stated it was satire until after my initial rant. That’s what I get for being a Leafs fan who is too used to management doing the wrong thing:)

    • Lolol priceless. I wonder how many times this happens. Lyle should do random satire from time to time.

      • at least we don’t have b ryan for 7 million ha ha

      • Bobby Ryan and his $7 mil helped the Sens go a lot farther in the playoffs last year.

      • keep going you have to pay stone karlson and duchene that’s up to at least 25 million

      • Yeah most teams have a bad contract or two. In ryans case he may not put up pointa like a 7 mill man bit he doea play the reat of the game like one. So its negated a bit.

  7. Hundreds of thousands of TML fans need a change of pants this morning. Sheer brilliance!

  8. But having said all that I do think Montreal trading is possible. But isn’t it too early to panic just yet? If he gets going like he can Montreal could rack up a nifty win streak like the Rangers pulled off recently.

    • Trading Price would be hard to pull off, however it wouldn’t shock me if Bergevin is strongly pursuing or contemplating it. The issue may be actually making it happen. I am not saying I think Price is being shopped, but that it wouldn’t shock me if we found out he was.

      Actually making the deal would then be another animal altogether. Essentially, I believe Montreal would need to find a team with a goalie who is underperforming or very overpaid, who feels like Price could catapult them into contention, and the take that goalie back along with a package of non-NHL or borderline NHL assets.

      The problem with trading goalies is that going from a good Goalie to a Great Goalie isn’t worth parting with a big piece of a current line up for a team close to contention. So if Bergevin wants to make that sort of deal, he would need to be very creative. He hasn’t really been shown to be that creative in the past, (unless you consider getting a #1 center by trading your best trade chip for a winger and then just playing him at center because you have no other options as “creative”) so I don’t know that I think this will happen, even if Price is available. It would be interesting, and I am not trying to shut down the speculation as that is what message boards are for, but that’s the way I see the situation right now.

  9. trading Price that is! Sheesh!

  10. Heard a rumor that Jeremy Roenick has been training hard and wants to make a comeback to play with Marleau in Toronto.

    • HOW OLD IS ROENICK? i remember him as like a rookie in the 1992 stanley cup finals loss to pittsburgh..? Marleau is 40?

      • Marleau just turned 38 in Sept. Roenick will 48 in January. Perhaps he can line up with Jagr in Cal. Ha-ha! Jagr is only 2 years younger than Roenick.

      • I remember seeing Roenick play with the Hull (now Gatineau) Olympiques back in 1988/89. He was pretty good then as well.

      • I recall that was a very good Major Junior team with these players all going on to decent NHL careers

        Stephane Matteau – 548gpo 144g 173a
        Martin Gelinas – 1273gp 309g 351a
        Jeremy Roenick – 1362gp 513g 703a
        Cam Russell – stap-at-home D – 396gp 9g 21a
        Karl Dykhuis D – 644gp 42g 91a

  11. I still remember the time Howard Berger suggested that the Maple Leafs were close to acquiring Rick Nash for Nazem Kadri, Mike Komisarek, and Mikhail Grabovski.

    I stopped listening to Howard Berger after that.

  12. SATIRE

    i first thought Lyle was gettingvokd and dementia was setteling in on the poor guy but he then commented.

    Now im smirking.

  13. Toronto will trade Lamoriello and Austin Matthews to ARZ for OEL and the rights to all of the Coyotes’ players and prospects, with TOR getting the rights to eliminate the Coyotes franchise after this season. Then Matthews and Lou can return to the Leafs next year 🙂

  14. This is the dumbest article. The Maple Leafs would never trade Matthews. Report on real news.

  15. The leivo extension . Any thoughts ? For me he either hates actually playing hockey or he knows the next steps coming in Lou’s plan , as in where he is going , or who is going out to open up a more winnable roster spot? I could be off , but I think he has played well enough to be in and that hasn’t been the case to date , why would he sign on for another year and a half just as he approaches that group 6 free agent clause and babs either has to play him a lot , trade him , or allow him to become a ufa . I don’t think the 925, 000 was more than he could have got elsewhere as a ufa, if that’s an arguement . Something tells me this is the first of a couple moves .

    • Hey why dont they package Lou and Berger off to Arizona they both belong there lol

    • My opinion on the Leivo extension is they have set him to hopefully clear waivers either tomorrow or next week in advance of Mathews returning. I don’t agree with the move, I prefer they cut him loose. I don’t see Leivo as an NHL talent and he isn’t getting any younger. I believe based on observation and my assessment of my observations the Leafs have been working hard to deal Leivo. Given he will likely clear waivers, I just don’t get it.

      • Bad assessment on leivo my friend..he does nothing but put up decent points and plays hard!He’s had a few issues this season..but he doesn’t play!..why?.cause of jvr..once jvr is gone..leivo will be in..sure a few less goals!..but defensively he’s way better,younger and much cheaper! Jvr and bozak will be gone for picks or maybe a prospect. .but they won’t be in toronto much longer!

  16. Rumors in Tampa Koekkoek and a pick for Neal

  17. Lyall please don’t publish anything from Howard Berger again, he’s more of a dimp than Eklund…and that’s saying a lot!!! Not to mention what his (Berger) image will do to yours.

    • Ummm its qas satire and blantantly said to be.

  18. Not only are they keeping Matthews who’s number was just retired in Toronto and added to the hall of fame they will sign Tavares. Trade Matthews lol