NHL Rumor Mill – November 22, 2017

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Latest on the Canadiens, Oilers, Sabres, Rangers and more in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: During Tuesday’s “Insider Trading” segment, Pierre LeBrun said he doesn’t foresee any drastic moves by the struggling Montreal Canadiens in the imminent future. He said Canadiens owner Geoff Molson still believes in general manager Marc Bergevin and his front-office staff. LeBrun notes the Canadiens will have three second-round selections in the 2018 NHL Draft. While they could be used as trade chips, Bergevin apparently isn’t inclined to move his high draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe Molson’s confidence in Bergevin changes if the Habs miss the playoffs. Then again, he could give his embattled GM an opportunity next summer to improve the roster. If they decide to start rebuilding before the Feb. 26 trade deadline, they could retain those second-round picks. 

LeBrun also reports Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli is looking around for a defenseman. He was in Buffalo scouting the Sabres and Columbus Blue Jackets. Bob McKenzie observes the Blue Jackets are in the market for a center and blueliner Ryan Murray might be available. McKenzie adds Florida Panthers rearguard Alex Petrovic isn’t playing very much and his name has surfaced in trade talks. He hasn’t requested a trade but is getting frustrated with being a healthy scratch.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oilers center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been linked to the Blue Jackets but there’s no certainty Chiarelli will part with him. Murray isn’t the only defenseman the Jackets could trade. Jack Johnson is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. David Savard, meanwhile, was a healthy scratch in a recent game.

Petrovic recently said he thinks the Panthers’ coaching staff doesn’t have any confidence in him. Sounds like a blueliner who needs a change of scenery.  It could bolster his trade value if the Panthers get him into some games so rival clubs in need of defensive help can evaluate him. 

Darren Dreger reports Buffalo Sabres GM Jason Botterill isn’t in any hurry to move left wing Evander Kane or young forward Sam Reinhart. Kane’s a UFA next summer but Dreger claims nothing to date would encourage Botterill to deal him. The Sabres also want to continue evaluating Reinhart’s performance over the remainder of this season and see how he fits with Jack Eichel and their other young players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Kane is traded I believe it’ll happen closer to the Feb. 26 deadline. Dreger suggests Reinhart might be in play in the offseason. That, of course, will depend upon his performance over the remainder of this season and the club’s ongoing needs heading into next summer. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Jeff Gorton faces a tough call leading up to this season’s trade deadline between taking “a rather far-fetched run at a title with many of the same guys who have come close before or to divest and kick the can down the road by investing in a future that is always more uncertain in practice than presented in theory.”

If they decide to move some of their pending UFAs, Brooks wonders if they could get a first-round pick as part of a return for Rick Nash or if they could wheedle a first-rounder or a high second-rounder for winger Michael Grabner. He suggests defenseman Ryan McDonagh, a UFA in 2019 who’ll be in line for a big raise, could fetch a better return, perhaps Mitch Marner from the Toronto Maple Leafs or Mikhail Sergachev from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Where the Rangers are in the standings by February will determine what course Gorton takes. If they remain a bubble club, perhaps he’ll shop some of those UFAs for the best return he can get.

Parting ways with McDonagh would be a huge move, attracting a number of suitors leading up to the deadline. The Leafs would certainly be among them but they might not be keen to part with Marner. If the Lightning continue to dominate the Eastern Conference, they’ll have no reason to move Sergachev for McDonagh, especially with Nikita Kucherov,  Braydon Point  and Vladislav Namestnikov due for substantial raises themselves by 2019. 




  1. Marner for McDonogh? Dream on folks: McD is the most over-rated d-man in the league and his value to the trained eye might be first round pick but little else. McD is both injury prone and slow, and where he fits must take that into account.

    • McD is an excellent skater. As soon as you said he was ‘slow’ you lost all credibility

    • Marner is a small forward who lacks toughness which is probably why his name is mentioned in every Toronto trade rumor.

      • L m a o….
        Patrick ksme lacks toughness too….no way in hell is a Marner for Mcdonogh trade even close to viable….
        If the Leaf trade and o the big 3 they will dread the day they made that decision …no D man available is worth Nylander or Marner….Erik Karlson hasn’t pushed his group over the top neither and they have a very similar team to the Leafs overall.
        The ONLY D MAN.

        Please stop this nonsense about Marner and Nylnader being traded for fringe used to be elite players.

        Ron Hainsey is playing better than MAC D ..right now.
        Hannafin looks to be another Morgan Riely …..MAYBE !!!

        If anyone is an estute hockey guy….you saw the Penguins win 2 cups with a fast speedy 3 lines and a D Core that had 6 defensemen who were AT BEST …3 4 5 6… D men …especially last year.

        Leafs need to stay this course …keep all the skill upfront that they can sign both Marner and Nylander long term and use extra cap by letting go of JVR Bozak Komorov and dip in with a first rounder to nab another Number D man who is just plain responsible and plays the body.

        The Leafs are # 1 in D offense in the league ….and people want to ship out a potential superstar playmaker for 1 player who may or may not blossom in the Leafs.

        In retrospect the Hall for Larson deal is atrocious ….at best and that’s what this would be.

      • Lacks toughness? Are you kidding. Any player who is built like Marner and goes into the corners and takes hits as he is making plays is plenty tough. This kid gets roughed up every game and yet keeps getting back up looking for more. Not tough, give me a break.

    • what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

      • that is the most over used quote on hockey chat boards in the history of mankind! get some new material!


      • Greg, if you are referring to Kal El’s comment, I for one agree with Kal El, including the Edmonton related comment – which ultimately I care not about. I found his comments to be very coherent and rational.

        So your comments is directed to Kal being idiotic, You obviously have no clue.

      • I for one haven’t listened to any of these comments so who really is dumber. The guys reading the text or the guy trying to hear it.

    • Hahahahhaha

      Yeah sure he is.

      McDonagh is a solid #1 2 way Dman, just a notch below the top tier 2 way Dman of which there may only be 10 or 12 & when deployed in an offensive role getting 1st unit PP very effective offensively. NYR makes him default to defense as they have always had a Shattenkirk, Yandle type player to man the 1st unit with a few rare occasions.

      McDonagh will be extended this summer in NYR. He will get 8 years at 7 mil give or take 1/2 a mil.

      • As a Ranger fan, I seriously doubt Mac gets 8 year 7m per contract. He’ll be 30 years old. Shatty and Smith will both still have 2 years left on their deals…6.5 and 4.3m. Staal one year left at 5.7. Even if they are lucky to trade Staal and/or Smith, Skjei will need a raise next year and if they don’t lick him up long term, they’ll have nothing left when he becomes UFA. I can Definately see Macdonaugh being shopped in off season. (RNH?) I love the guy, but it’s true he’s been injury prone. Not playing tonight with another unknown injury

    • Jon McGill: Put down the controller and pull ye head out from your ass. Watch hockey, not EA Sports.

    • Brooks is such an idiot

    • Why would any NY fan “dream on” about trading their franchise d-man for yet another winger? Talk about over rated! Marner now is worth more than Mcdonagh, OEL , Trouba etc? Lmao! Seriously? I’m guessing some people just live in the fantasy world!

      ” maybe a 1st round pick” lol. If and it’s a big if Mcdonagh ever hits the marker 20+ teams will come calling. Beyond delusional to call this guy overrated and in the same breath say a #1 d-man is barely worth a 1st round pick.

      If that’s the case , Marners value is basically a 4th -5th rounder.

      Holy strapping on those blue and white glasses!

      • Dude. Leafs fans. No point arguing with them. They’re full delusional and homer about the value of their players.

  2. For what it’s worth, the rumors, here in Columbus, suggest that it’s Savard, not Murray, who is likely to be traded.

    • Perfect if I’m any team after what Dman might be had in Columbus it’s Savard I want ahead of Murray or Johnson.

      • I agree, he tends to get underrated a bit. Partially because he has been overshadowed by hype, big acquisitions, and now just plain better defenders. Also, he is a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none type, so he doesn’t always stand out, but a good addition for any team looking to round out their top 4, as he is an easy fit no matter what you are looking for.

    • I would love me some Savard in Ottawa. Replace ceci and make ceci expendable in a trade for a top 6 LW.
      I’m not sure what a reasonable trade would be for Savard though. A decent D prospect like Englund or Harper and a second rounder? He is a healthy scratch

  3. a 1st for nash is feasible… though rangers may have to hold a bit of salary to widen the trade market to those closer to the cap. a 1st for grabner is gwwaa? mcdounagh would garner a decent return… oilers? maybe for JP?

    • Nash or Grabner on the wing with McDavid. If the Rangers are not playing well and out of the playoff picture they can turn some assets into futures this year.

      I think outside of Tampa the Rangers are still close to the pack.

      Ranger coaches ride the captain hard. The hole that it would create by moving him would be massive.

    • If Nash is moved & it’s a big if, it will be at the trade deadline, NYR won’t have to eat salary & the return will be better than just a 1st, a decent prospect or additional picks will be included.

      I don’t see McDonagh being moved but extended this summer for 8 years at 7 mil per give or take. He has been underpaid for years & this sin’t a player NYR wants to lose.

      I agree with few here on where NYR is at. They have been transitioning to youth since Gorton took over & littered with young players on their NHL roster & coming.

      • Nash will bring a late 1st Rounder at best. An over the hill winger, soon to be UFA is not bringing a package of picks and prospects.

    • Vermette moved for a 1st at the trade deadline.

      • so did guestad. but vanek moved for a 2nd and a b prospect… so…

    • Rangers won’t be sellers. Not trading Nash unless it’s for a center for playoff run.

  4. It’s not all gloom for the Oilers, it was reported earlier in the season that PC was in talks with the Maroon camp after coming off a 27 goal season, with only 5 goals so far this season on pace for 19 or 20, this will save Edmonton a few million dollars on a new contract offer.

    • I had the misfortune to be at that game live last night in StL. 1 of my business partners felt that the Oilers looked like they were playing to get McLellan fired. Complete no shows, disinterested, pretty ugly.

      Hopefully Nashville Friday will be a far better game. On a positive Schenn did get me 5 FP’s.

      • Ya Striker, I watched some of that game. The Oil quit, which is shocking to me.
        Their has been a persistent rumor in this town regarding Draisaitl and his mysterious black eye where you can’t find the in game incident it happened. (Rumor is Nurse gave it to him). It is gaining traction because of how the team is playing. I have no idea if it is true or not, but something is wrong with this team, I know that much. Go down the list of players, how many are playing well?

        How about a Draisaitl for Werenski rumor? Add a piece either way to suit your taste.

  5. Buffalo are the Cleveland Browns of the NHL. Nuff said.

    • Greg,

      The NHL is full of “Cleveland Brown” type franchises. There are too many teams so it only stands to reason that many of them are like the “Cleveland Browns”. When you have so many teams you get a mediocre class that revolves the players around from team to team in hopes that these players produce somewhere. The truth is many NHL teams are in need of defence because quite frankly there are not 248 men on the planet that can play true defence at this level. I say 248 because there are 31 teams and to have true success with your defensive core you need to be 8 deep. If this weren’t true every team would have the defenders they need.

  6. Evander Kane is one of the best even strength and short handed goal scorers in the league the last 90-100 games, he’s going to be signed. Buffalo likes Kane. Reinhart I hope they trade him due to his lack of speed, he’s like a three toed sloth. Buffalo needs a goalie and speed on wings. Ristolainen when in the Sabres were 4-5 now he’s hurt they have one win in 6-7 games. Guhle a young D prospect has great speed and he’s playing great in AHL.

    • Yes, Evander has had some off ice problems, Anyone think the issue is Eichel? He seems to have taken his foot off the gas pedal early.

  7. I always love the speculation at what the older declining vets will garnish at the deadline. I guess after the Preds were able to get a first rounder for Paul Gaustad. In my estimation, if a team thinks they are one quality forward away from truly making noise in the playoff, the guy they acquire better be a quicker body who can still move with the youngsters on attack, apply backside pressure and hopefully, be a impact playoff scorer too.
    Is that Ric Nash? If not, there isn’t going to desperation to let a first rounder go elsewhere, b/c it is a pretty solid draft class (if you check my 7 rounds on Draftsite) and teams NEED cap relief by way of these prospects playing, whether they represent bottom six NHLers or impact stars. I am gonna go with the trade dealdine being stingy on first round picks returns.

  8. Black N Gold pitched this idea the other day and I like it more and more as I think about it…

    Pens trade for Max Pacioretty. Hagelin would have to go the other way for cap purposes and then as many draft picks as it takes.

    Pacioretty Crosby Hornqvist
    Guentzel Malkin Kessel
    Sheary ****** Rust

    Assuming they get a decent third line center (I like the idea of getting Adam Henrique) that’s a pretty decent top 9.

    Sprong could come up and take a top 9 job as well and then either Rust or Horny would be on the 4th line. That’s depth.

    • If the old man in Pittsburgh could get Max for Hagelin I will eat Chrisms hat.
      What would you think the cost of acquiring Henrique would be?
      The pens would have to gut roster in WB in order to make those moves happen.
      Some Pens fans should relax. They’ve played a ton of hockey in the last 3 years. Probably just a little tired.
      They’ll be in it at the end, no worries.

      • It would take at least a first and two second round picks or, more likely, two first and a second to both get Patches and get rid of Hagelin. Hardly free.

        Also, I don’t think Montreal will rebuild, even if they should.

        Henrique I think is very realistic. He was playing LW on the 4th line the other day in NJ. They have Hischier, Zajac, Zacha, Boyle, Coleman and a kid in the AHL they really like at center.

        Might have to be a three way deal, Pens offer picks for a D and flip him to NJ. Devils have a good forward group, but that D is still bad.

      • I wear a babushka.

      • mylove is spot on … provided Mike Sullivan wakes up and realizes he has 4 lines to roll, not 3 …

      • Ok, I will eat Chrisms babushka, with some kishka and kissil(not Phil) and wash it down with a little krupnik.
        (not Uwe)

      • Yummy!

    • I hear Steven Tyler singing Dream On.

    • No way MTL takes dollar store cast offs like Hagelin for Pacioretty ; you will have to give up Sprong and a high pick , 1st or 2nd . I love it when people make these trade scenarios that they get a quality player but give up little ….

  9. What has Chia done in Edmonton?
    They were primed for success and now they look a lot like the Sabers.
    In all fairness though, the top line in St.Louis is deadly, and tore them to shreds.
    That line is a close second to the kids in Tampa.

    • That was my first thought today – Edmonton? 8-3? Really? Something’s gotta give there.
      On the flip side, St Louis – wow. Think Brayden Schenn’s a happy guy these days?

    • I’ve been saying for awhile now. For whatever reason Edmonton has become a perimeter team. Soft on there opponent who have no fear to drive their net or go into the hard areas as Edmonton is simply soft

  10. 2 proposals
    A. Galchenyuk to Carolina for N. Roy , Julien Gauthier and a 2nd 2018

    M. Pacioretty for. C Haan,A Beauvillier, B Nelson 1st 2018 and 2nd 2018


    • 1st proposal is a nice deal for Mtl if they go the rebuild route…that being said if they are cashing out now I would go with DalColle,Pullock, Chimera ( just to balance the $ cap hit )+ 2018 2nd from NYI for Pacioretty

    • Hey Tony, Can’t see the Isles giving up anything close to that much for Patches.

      I can see De Haan getting moved as he’s a pending UFA and they are pretty deep on D. Having said that he’s been their best D on many nights this season.

      Beauvilier is still really young, not sure what they have there but the team seems to like him a lot.

      As an Isles fan I really like Nelson, 40 plus points a season over the last two years, nice size and still has some upside at 26. Patches is an upgrade over him in production (60 plus pts per season) right now but the salary and age difference make this a closer comparable than the mere points would suggest.

    • Why would another Eastern team trade away all of those assets for Patches or Gally?
      Trades need to be made so both teams win.
      Not so the Leafs, Pens or Habs rob everyone else blind.
      Ron Francis would never do either of those deals.
      Read your post again, but from Carolinas perspective.
      Both Habs players have decent value, but not that much,Imho.

      • As for Snow?
        We’ll one never knows, but if doubt it.

      • I kind of agree with that….I think Pacioretty to the Isles for Barzal and a 1st maybe more realistic imo…. I have heard Galchenyuk to FLA for Bjugstad , both are falling out of fanfare with their respective teams for various reasons

  11. Are the majority of you all from the east?

  12. Is Brooks on drugs? Which GM in the right mind would give up a first for Nash unless the rangers pay half his salary. Even then it would be a big gamble. Nash’s best years are way behind him. He would be worth the gamble for a playoff rental but not a first rounder.
    A first or second for Grabner? What world are you living on? He could be useful second or third liner and a penalty killer but giving up those picks in what is suppose to be a really good draft is just plain nuts.
    Marner or Sergachev for McDonagh. I could go on a major rant but suffice to say it just wont happen. Marner is a very good player and will be a star in this league.He will be a leaf for a very long time. Why does everyone want to trade him? GIVE IT A BREAK people. Sergachev, a very good young up and coming defensive star for a older, slower and declining defenseman. UMMM let me think now(Yzerman thinking to himself, yes, yes Ill do that, and we will give you a third to just to seal the deal).
    Did Brooks see all this in a dream? I think he was just bored and wanted to see everyones reaction. Come on GM’s make some trades that we can deliberate so we don’t have to read this drivel.

    • Agree on Brooks, he’s essentially a Rangers fan who happens to write (often badly). Much like Mark Spector (no relation to our beloved host I hope) who froths endlessly, and with great bias, for the Oilers. Like many die hard, extremely biased, fans, these guys tend to overvalue their own players and prospects.

      Of course I tend to disagree on the Marner front, I think he’s a solid, skilled winger but believe he’ll only be a “star” if the media makes him one. Of the smaller skilled forwards he doesn’t seem at the same level as Gudreau or as Skinner was prior to the concussions. But hey we can all have different perspectives right?

      • I agree with you on Marner.
        Real nice hockey player, but not a star player but he might be a good second tier guy.
        His level of compete is off the charts though.
        I see why the leaf fans love him.
        He just might be worth a top 3 – 4 defenseman in a little while.

      • Compete level is there in the regular season, but vs. Washington , didn’t see that same level , Babcock noticed that this year already, hence his 4th line demotion for a short time

    • I don’t see how Nash is a gamble. He is a very consistent goal scorer, and while his best days are behind him, big wingers who can skate, play well defensively and safely score and generate offense at a top 6 rate are not easy to get. By the trade deadline a team will only need to have held onto about $2.3M in cap space to afford the remainder of his contract, the actual dollars that team will pay him will be about $2.5M, but honestly, that isn’t going to be a sticking point for many. Teams making money, and making the playoffs won’t care about the difference in actual salary.

      NYR may hold back salary, or they may not. The thing is, with only about 1/3 or less of the final year, neither team is going to draw some hard line in the sand on principle. If a team like Nashville runs tight, and throws in an additional 3rd to hold back 10% to make it work, NYR isn’t going to scoff at it. If a team like LA decides to add him, they aren’t going to squabble over holding back salary they can afford if they feel he is the best shot at taking another run.

      I don’t know why people get bogged down in this part of the deal for pending UFAs. The salary is so inconsequential at this point, and it goes both ways. We have seen teams do weird things with salary retention to smooth out a deal, so it won’t be surprising if a team can squeeze Nash in without it, or if NYR holds back something (and probably something weird) just to make it work.

      • only would need to hold salary for teams near the cap… and it wouldn’t amount to much. But getting much more than a 1st would be a stretch.

  13. Well. Rarely do I chime in here but after watching the start to the Oilers season I really appreciate the birdbrain moves by Chiarelli. No. MCD isn’t overpaid. He was getting that much from anyone just like Matthews will get 12 from the leafs. But all these moves to open up cap space without using that space is killing this team. The Russell signing was atrocious at best. He’s a black hole of hockey. Why does he have 150 more blocked shots over the past 3 yrs than anyone else….bcux he’s fearless! Or is it because he’s he backs off so far that we may as well trade away Talbot ( who is going to climb outta this funk) and.let him play goal. We have no backup goalie. Time to bring in a seasoned veteran to push Talbot. The worst problem we have…..either tune draisaitl on the top line wing and accept u have 20 million on your top line or let him play second line center and get rid of Nuge who has easily been our most MVP this year ( yes, even ahead of mcD). Getting rid of shooting percentage and speed ( Pouliot and EBS) and not using that cap has destroyed us and any hope we had of playoffs. Yesterday was the most embarrassing game since a 5-1 drubbing we took 3 yrs ago when at the game an 81 yr old grandma who has season tickets since ’82 got up in the second period infront of m e, walked out and said ” these guys effing suck!”

    Its not the personnel. The base is there. Its 100 % the management for not giving these guys the support they need and building a team that would’ve competed against the 2010 Bruins. The league has opened up. Speed kills. The Lucic,s and Marion’s of the league, although fantastic team players and serve a great purpose..just don’t play the right game that the new NHL demands anymore.

    Its ugly here in Edmonton guys…what to do?

    Nuge..Amy dman we have cept for Larson and nurse….a couple 2nds..
    And we will take Grabner. Nash. And McDonagh. Now, debate!

    • careful… people In hear actually believe high shot blocking numbers are a good thing!

    • Hey JP, as a long suffering Isles fan, I feel your pain. Mcdavid may be appropriately paid but I’m not sure how teams can stay competitive consistently with extreme salaries like the ones the Oil have. You need those extreme salaried guys to produce at a high level and you need to hit on young players consistently. Young players are notoriously inconsistent and you can expect wild fluctuations.

      Talbot had a career year last year and is terrible this year. Suspect he’s somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Unfortunately the Oil have a history of making goalies look bad.

  14. Cripes .. phone typing while waiting at the doctor’s creates horrible grammar. Sorry guys!

  15. Larry Brooks is delusional …

  16. Where in the hell is George?

  17. any “hasbeen” knows you build with a goalie….then a top 1-2-3 defense…here in edmonton they continually live in the 80’s with those stupid posters and banners at Rodgers place…no wonder this team has no self Identity…and it doesnt help with the “average coaching ” for the past 10 years….how can you f**k up 4 first picks???….now lets talk abotu HALL…yeah maybe a bad liver, but I was around those 80’s oilers and there wasnt a drink or drug they didnt like..If sather was here Hall would be patrolling the wing with connor and the big russian with nuge…oh well the building will always be sold out…the bars will be full with “experts” solving these problem and the world goes on……To all..have a great christmas

  18. Habs need to take one of their second rounders and look at Demers (Ariz), Miller (LV), or Pullock? If they do a complete rebuild Weber, Price, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, and Patches have to go. These guys should bring three or four firsts maybe a couple of young players (like RNH) and some prospects. Price would probably be a draft time move.

    TO needs to stay the course. They have a Russian free agent defenseman coming and they have a ton of dman prospects just about ready. If they can get a top four dman go for it but only if they are moving prospects (Bracco, Johnson, Rychel, Neilsen, Valiev, and/or Sparks), picks, and guys expendable from the roster (Leivo, Soshnikov, Bozak, and/or Moore). They might have to include someone like Gardner or Carrick also but that just defeats the purpose but you need to give something of value to get something of value. The targets should be Manson, Trouba, Dumba, Tanev or even Gudbranson. I think they have made great strides but this is an experience building year with a real runs for the cup starting next year. I do hope they find a way to keep JVR.

  19. Buffalo’s real issue is the damage done by GMTM.
    He spent assets with little regard to their value. He made choices based on players with skills he liked and not based on creating a team that could gel together and go in the same direction.
    He was man crushing on the goalie so, he massively over paid for him.
    NOW GMBot is in a situation where he has to restart the rebuild with an actual focus and direction.
    Buffalo wasted 2-3 years tanking only to have the wrong guy doing the rebuild.
    Makes me wonder if they should have chosen Patty LaFontaine to led the charge instead.