NHL Rumor Mill – November 30, 2017

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Latest on the Oilers, Penguins and Flyers in your NHL rumor mill.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson covered the Tuesday press conference by Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli where he discussed the state of his struggling club. Asked about how to fix the roster’s problems midseason, Chiarelli didn’t sound optimistic. “You look at a lot of different things,” from coaching, to management, to players,” said the Oilers GM. “There’s no easy answer. No one is going to help us.”

Regarding external solutions, Bruce McCurdy noted Chiarelli admitted he’s “beating the bushes a little bit”. He said he has salary cap space and intends to use it, but cautioned about contracts that extend beyond this season.


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie’s Tuesday appearance on TSN 1050 where he also said the Oilers have interest in Cole. However, any Penguins fans believing the blueliner can fetch Edmonton center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins via trade is “dreaming in Technicolor,” adding that deal is not going to happen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also think Chiarelli’s calling around but he’s probably not going to find a season-saving deal. If the Oilers have interest in Cole they aren’t the only ones. Toronto, Colorado and Vegas are reportedly linked to the Penguins defenseman. The problem, however, is meeting the Penguins’ asking price. It’s felt they could use Cole to add a scoring forward, preferably a center, but as McKenzie points out, anyone who thinks a swap of Cole for Nugent-Hopkins is dreaming. 

Speaking of Cole, I don’t think he’s the type of trade chip to bring a scorer to the Penguins. I know, stranger things have happened and if Penguins GM Jim Rutherford can pull it off it’ll be a significant accomplishment, but I just can’t envision a suitable scenario where this takes place. 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites McKenzie’s appearance Wednesday on NBCSN discussing the state of the struggling Philadelphia Flyers. He doesn’t believe GM Ron Hextall will fire head coach Dave Hakstol, preferring to remain patient and giving his bench boss a full vote of confidence.

As for possible trades, McKenzie thinks Hextall is making calls but if a trade is made it won’t be a seismic one. He doesn’t see anything involving their top-line players, goaltending or defense. McKenzie suggests Hextall might consider looking at adding a player to bring some chemistry to their second or third lines. He doesn’t see a trade involving Nolan Patrick, Travis Konecny or Wayne Simmonds.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hextall noted his club didn’t play that poorly through November, pointing out there were a lot of close games during that stretch. Like McKenzie, I don’t see a major shakeup happening with their roster. Hextall may be sticking with Hakstol, but I have to wonder how long he’ll stay patient with his coach if they don’t soon string together some victories.



  1. As far as trading Ian Cole for a scoring center. Envision a package deal. Penguins’ players traded for a scoring center could include Cole, a young forward, a prospect, a draft pick, etc.

    • Imagine Ian Cole simply not being that good;he blocks shots he throws his weight, but by and large, he hold the puck in his end, reads plays poorly and just hasn’t grown in understanding playing his end. The team interested in acquiring him must understand he’s looking for a lot fatter long term deal. It’s not like the Pittsburgh farm is bursting with plethora of extra minor pros or prospects that the Pens see as expendable to deal, because teams are looking for prospects that will actually make their NHL teams as Cap relief.
      Sure, Cole is a pro defenseman, so he brings in something, but I don’t think sellers are taking three Pens for one and aiding the Penquin’s problem out of good will.

      • This is nonsense. Fact is that Cole has been a strong contributor on two teams that won the Stanley Cup. You characterization of him is ridiculous.

      • Bill playjerk…. awesome 👏

      • This is Stevie Wonder level scouting.

      • This is Pens fans fantasizing about a Doughty return for a 5-6-7 f man! On Pittsburgh! Lol , and not even the biggest Pittsburgh black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow fan can even dream…. that this d core is remotely deep…. Cole is not even remotely getting you anything of value…. stop!

  2. A coach vote of confidence is a kiss of death. Hakstol will not make the season’s end.

    What a difference a couple of months make. Edmonton was planning the parade route in September.

    Like it was said yesterday if Cole is that good he should be playing. Players are only sat if a deal is close. He will have interest and makes sense to a few teams. I bet it is one that is not mentioned.

    • Hakstol reminds me so much of former Pens coach Mike Johnston both in tactics and demeanour and we all know how that worked out.

  3. I agree with McKenzie as he is the godfather of hockey insiders. But a few of the flyer Writers have mentioned Wayne Simmons. With his contract being up next year and currently on our team friendly contract. It makes you wonder if the flyers would deal him. As he is reaching 30 years old and in all likelihood on the downside. looking probably at a long-term contract at 6 million per year plus. I am thinking any contender iwould have to be interested in him, also a team like Oilers who are under achieving could use his grit and leadership to work with their young forwards.
    Not sure what Simmonds would bring back but it would have to be substantial. The deal would have include young forwards with scoring punch and offensive upside

  4. Rumors are there is a rift between cole and sully. Pens only real depth area is wing so trading cole don’t make much sense. They should still be in win it all mode. Either Rutherford really sees this team struggling to make playoffs and is moving ufa for signed players or something else is up. Cole should bring back a decent return but there wasn’t one proposal by a pens fan on here yesterday that wasn’t incredibly skewed in pens favor

    • How about Cole for Johnathan Marchessault? He plays centre and wing and is FA this summer. His contract is peanuts as well. Vegas has to come back down to earth first for them to consider this deal though. If they are playing for the playoffs then they are keeping all the players they have.

      • I think that works for both teams…We need a ceneter and they seem to want Ian Cole who is gritty and solid. Vegas will move those other extra d-man in separate deals.
        Marchessault to Pittsburgh
        Cole to Vegas

      • Cole wouldn’t upgrade the knights defense, the way they’re playing another team would move for cole earlier. Being a healthy scratch of late cole isn’t gonna return a whole lot

      • Marchessault is a 30 goal scorer and has done his reputation no harm this year either. Vegas needs him for socring if they are to compete for a playoff spot, if they are sellers at the deadline then Marchy brings more in return than cole. I doubt you land him with just cole.

        Bozak is a more realistic target as the Leafs can run with Matthews, Kadri and Marleau as their top 3 C

      • still don’t get why vegas would want cole. it seems close to a fair trade though pens might have to toss in a pick. but doesn’t make sense for vegas. cole has value and only healthy scratch cause of them trying to move him… but you’d need to pay attention to realize that.

      • Cause a team that is struggling on defense would sit a guy this early in the season to trade him? Lol that makes a ton of sense, ppl will believe anything in the media! Start paying a bit more attention chris

      • people can also choose to spin anything if it helps feed their bias… in this case based in jealousy.

      • You know keyboard wizards like yourself come on everyday from their basement and talk about jealousy on a chat forum! Lol

  5. Wonder if Oilers would be interested in Brendan Smith? A little better offensively and under contract for 3 more years at about salary Cole will be looking for. Can play right both sides. Really think Rangers would’ve passed if they where sure they where getting Shattenkirk. Skjei a rfa next year and Macdonaugh UFA year after. No way they can allocate so much money on defense. Would be great if players with partial ntc contracts have their lists of teams made public. Great for blogs anyway. Lol

  6. Vatanen for Henrique pretty surprising

    • With montour stepping in it made vatenan available, good trade for both teams. Does anyone think duschene could be traded twice this season? The sens could struggle to make the playoffs this and could recoup some picks/prospects back if they moved him by the deadline

    • I get the trade. Henrique slides into 1C for now and then moves to wing once the big boys at C are back.
      This trade helps the Ducks be relevant this year and they could afford to lose Vatanen.
      Vatanen is a nice fit in NJ too, they have their C’s in Hischier, Zacha, Zajac and Gibbons deserves to be in the top 6 as well and can play C.

      • love the teeny tiny twine tickler gibbons but top 6? eh

      • winning the draft lottery has jumped this rebuild ahead by 1-2 years at least… no hirshler, no vatanan…

    • It wasn’t just Henrique, Blandisi has some form of NHL future the 3rd has some form of value but really not much, you could get lucky.

  7. Yea thats true about Montour. Good trade for both teams for sure. I don’t personally think Duchene will get traded. I think the sens can right the ship soon. If not though I could see them trading depth at the deadline for picks. Like Burrows, Pyatt, Thompson.

    • That is a lot of fourth, fifth, and sixth round picks then.

      • I agree drew not much of a return for those guys! I think duschene will turn it around this yr but I don’t think Ottawa will get back in the playoffs

    • Burrows has a full no movement clause and he signed an extension with Ottawa with the understanding that he wont be traded.
      He was pretty vocal about this at signing and I dont see him going anywhere.

      Is Bobby Ryan the worst contract in the NHL now? I think he’s close

  8. What about the idea of Cole being traded to vegas from fleury and address the issue of Murray being out

    • LOL I needed that today.

    • No……..

  9. I’m not saying Cole is worth nothing, but I think most fans are way over valuing his return and what he is.
    He ranks 7th in es toi among Pittsburghs defenders. (13:59) this does not translate to him bringing back anything of any real value.

    Honestly, I’d be shocked if this even translates into any roster player at all.

    Nobody, and I do mean nobody is trading an RNH, Patches, Marchessault etc. for a bottom pairing soon to be Ufa… apparently looking for 4+per.

    And no, his cups don’t add any value… broken record Mike Rupp not only won a cup, but scored the cup clinching goal …. was that making anyone trade a top 6 forward for him? I don’t think so.

    • This coming from a fan of a team that knows how to overpay and over value players.

  10. I know that Edmonton would not trade RNH for UFA Cole, but I’ll say again…I wouldn’t trade an Ian Cole replica jersey for RNH. Not a player you win with.

    And anyone who doesn’t understand how good Ian Cole is must have turned off the TV after their teams lost the past two springs.

    I still hold out hope they’ll pull the plug on the Hunwick experiment and just extend Cole.

    • lol. Nobody is parading Ian Cole as a savior. An Ian Cole Jersey may have more value than an Ian Cole himself! Seriously. He ranks SEVENTH (7th)among Pittsburgh d-men on es time on ice….. PP specialist? NO! PK specialist Not so much! Is anyone really thinking This is Nashville, Minny, Or Anaheim?

      Lets just stop parading him around like Drew EFFIN Doughty !

      This guy is a pending ufa ,,,,,, expecting 4+ with 5-6 pairing credentials!!!!! NO…. He’s NOT a 3-4….. in Pittsburgh !!!!!

      In TOTAL desperation mode a team pays a 1st…… And I mean TOTAL desperation !
      This return of a solid player really need to stop!

      • After all NYC fans knows about players value.

        Oh wait a minute.

        Maybe not.

    • I’ll say it again there is no way in the position the pens are in that they sit Ian cole to trade him! Cole is an nhl dman but he is not getting a great return he is not even close to a great defender

      • He is a healthy scratch because he is hurting the team more than helping

      • TAZ ..I didnt say just COLE only Pittsburgh WILL HAVE TO add but there is a deal there Pittsburgh has wingers and Vegas doesn’t. Non sense Cole is a solid defence man and a huge part of the back to back runs for the Cup. Especially last year when Letang missed the when playoffs completely…

        Don’t be too sure Marchaseault is staying in vegas they already are 4 deep at center and he will cost them to keep as an unrestricted UFA.

  11. I love the bashing fron other teams fans undervaluing penguins players.

    Is Cole for RNH a possibility. Not unless the Oilers GM turns into the Vancouver GM over night.

    But can Cole be a starting point for a package deal that has RNH on the other side. Hell yes he can.

    First off Cole isn’t a 7th man on the penguins. He is a bottom four d-man on the penguins. Meaning he pairs with Matta, Shultz, and whomever he needs too. One night he might be scratched the next he is at 3-4 pairing.

    He is gritty and physical in his play.

    On a penguin team he is usually a 4,5,6 man which means on a team greatly lacking d-men he is a easy 3rd d-man with valuable experience.

    So if the haters want to keep undervaluing a player like Cole. Go ahead be jealous.

    Truth is Rutherford will make the best hockey trade he can make with true value of players and have other GM’S overpay. Making the penguins that much more dangerous in the end.

    After all I keep hearing on here year in year out no one is going to hold salery and give the penguins a good player for nothing. Yet Rutherford did it every year sense taking over as penguins GM.